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Pokemon Emerald: FAQ/Walkthrough by dmon2 Version 0.

42, Last Updated 2006-06-12 View/Download Original File Hosted by Game FAQs Return to Pokemon Emerald (GBA) FAQs & Guides Liked this FAQ? Click to recommend it to other GameFAQs users. Pokemon Emerald V ersion FAQ/Walkthrough Version 0.42 - January 10, 2006 by Matt Johnson - shika at mail dot com o----------------------------------------------------------------------o / Use the shortcut codes to quickly access parts of this document. Hold / / the Ctrl key and press F to bring up the Find menu. Type in the code, / / then use that to instantly go to that section. If you're looking for / / a specific item, type in the item name instead. / o-----------------------------------------------------------------------o ==================== 0. Table of Contents ==================== 0. Table of Contents 1. Legal Info...........................................................[isuyu] 2. Things You Should Know 2a. Controls............................................................[movey] 2b. Abilities...........................................................[sppow] 2c. Contact Moves.......................................................[ctmov] 2d. Ability: Soundproof.................................................[urdef] 2e. Special Conditions..................................................[mjsts] 2f. Evil Status Effects.................................................[mnsts] 2g. Weakness List.......................................................[nowek] 2h. Nature List.........................................................[pom10] 2i. Frequently Asked Questions..........................................[dafaq] 2j. Game Options........................................................[howto] 3. Welcome to Hoenn.....................................................[wasup] 3a. Pokemon, Go!........................................................[chsds] 3b. The Adventure Begins................................................[wstnw] 3c. Oldale Town.........................................................[wtsos] 3d. May Battle 1........................................................[mf103] 3e. Leaving Home........................................................[psout] 4. The First Badge......................................................[stbaj] 4a. Petalburg City......................................................[dadeo] 4b. Into the Woods......................................................[bugsy] 4c. To Rustboro.........................................................[scysf] 4d. Rustboro City.......................................................[grfbo] 4e. Boss: Roxanne.......................................................[oleem] 5. The Second Badge.....................................................[nkbaj] 5a. Brendan the Savior..................................................[pekoh] 5b. May Battle 2........................................................[mfrbc] 5c. Mr. Briney's Compassion.............................................[87/97] 5d. Dewford Town........................................................[tinpm] 5e. Boss: Brawly........................................................[rochf] 6. The Third Badge......................................................[dybaj] 6a. Granite Cave........................................................[dltss] 6b. Life's a Beach......................................................[dnudy]

6c. 6d. 6e. 6f. 6g. 6h. 6i. 6j.

Slateport City......................................................[hsbc?] Oceanic Museum......................................................[fmtgi] Route 110 (1 of 2)..................................................[tvlc1] May Battle 3........................................................[mf110] Route 110 (2 of 2)..................................................[tvlc2] Mauville City.......................................................[gfqlb] Cycling Road........................................................[vrum!] Boss: Wattson.......................................................[pitaf]

7. The Fourth Badge.....................................................[htbaj] 7a. Operation Tunnel Completion.........................................[mbltn] 7b. Verdanturf Town.....................................................[tditl] 7c. Route 111...........................................................[hm6fn] 7d. "Colorless?"........................................................[tincg] 7e. Fallarbor Town......................................................[noghe] 7f. Meteor Falls........................................................[kexdr] 7g. Maxie Battle 1......................................................[ffttg] 7h. Lavaridge Town......................................................[y?ynt] 7i. Boss: Flannery......................................................[jisth] 8. The Fifth Badge......................................................[blbaj] 8a. Mirage Tower........................................................[nsind] 8b. Whirling Heat!......................................................[so3rg] 8c. Petalburg Revisited.................................................[ttsyd] 8d. Boss: Norman........................................................[bptaf] 9. The Sixth Badge......................................................[ftbaj] 9a. The Very Taaaaaall Grass............................................[yshil] 9b. Weather Institute...................................................[ctwtw] 9c. May Battle 4........................................................[mf119] 9d. Fortree City........................................................[mgcpw] 9e. Another Invention of Devon..........................................[nwuh3] 9f. Boss: Winona........................................................[ctoam] 10. Shoifin'............................................................[brktm] 10a. Route 115..........................................................[wbhb4] 10b. Routes 105 & 106...................................................[wsptr] 10c. Routes 107-109.....................................................[ddtas] 11. The Seventh Badge...................................................[mnbaj] 11a. Lilycove City......................................................[tpifh] 11b. May Battle 5.......................................................[mflcc] 11c. Lilycove Department Store..........................................[tabpm] 11d. Mt. Pyre...........................................................[gosty] 11e. Magma Hideout......................................................[mghdt] 11f. Maxie Battle 2.....................................................[rghlm] 11g. Aqua Hideout.......................................................[fafft] 11h. Eastward...........................................................[124n5] 11i. Mossdeep City......................................................[sctof] 11j. Boss: Liza & Tate..................................................[b2tpt] 12. The Eighth Badge....................................................[rnbaj] 12a. Space Center.......................................................[mgagn] 12b. Fiery Fury! Magma Showdown.........................................[huxly] 12c. Treasure Hunting...................................................[ilfs.] 12d. Seafloor Cavern....................................................[wihlc] 12e. Watery Wrath! Aqua Showdown........................................[ttrrs] 12f. Sky Pillar.........................................................[gggrn] 12g. Pacifidlog Town....................................................[ew!bi] 12h. Protractor Path....................................................[rntig]

12i. Sootopolis City....................................................[cttap] 12j. Boss: Juan.........................................................[wkdmf] 13. The Pokemon League..................................................[t2wef] 13a. Explore Hoenn......................................................[sgdlk] 13a1. Abandoned Ship....................................................[ntssa] 13b. Ever Grande City...................................................[gplhx] 13c. Duel of Friends....................................................[syipe] 13d. Victory Road.......................................................[wiate] 13e. Elite Four - Sidney................................................[sidip] 13f. Elite Four - Phoebe................................................[fiebs] 13g. Elite Four - Glacia................................................[olbdy] 13h. Elite Four - Drake.................................................[abalr] 13i. The Champion.......................................................[ntstv] 14. Fit For a Champion..................................................[perxy] 14a. BZZT-Colored Dragons...............................................[mtrxy] 14b. S.S. Tidal.........................................................[koppl] 14c. Altering Cave......................................................[woops] 15. Special Pokemon.....................................................[wupsy] 15a. Beldum - Take Down Sucks...........................................[yiduz] 15b. Desert Underpass...................................................[dthoy] 15c. Marine Cave........................................................[korge] 15d. Terra Cave.........................................................[crunk] 15e. Sky Pillar Redux...................................................[fstbk] 15f. The Regis..........................................................[hsfww] 15g. Dances With Steel..................................................[wlvs2] 16. Battle Tent.........................................................[btltn] 16a. Slateport Battle Tent..............................................[sbtlt] 16b. Verdanturf Battle Tent.............................................[vbtlt] 16c. Fallarbor Battle Tent..............................................[fbtlt] 17. The Trick House.....................................................[wlttm] 17a. Trick 1............................................................[cutty] 17b. Trick 2............................................................[butny] 17c. Trick 3............................................................[smshy] 17d. Trick 4............................................................[musly] 17e. Trick 5............................................................[dalzy] 17f. Trick 6............................................................[dorzy] 17g. Trick 7............................................................[warpy] 17h. Trick 8............................................................[slidy] 18. Mauville Game Corner................................................[spdwl] 18a. New Mauville.......................................................[sthvn] 19. Shoal Cave..........................................................[shlbl] 20. The Battle Frontier.................................................[oatef] 20a. Battle Tower.......................................................[povwe] 20b. Battle Dome........................................................[trney] 20c. Battle Palace......................................................[ih8it] 20d. Battle Arena.......................................................[stkao] 20e. Battle Factory.....................................................[nalss] 20f. Battle Pike........................................................[lsisx] 20g. Battle Pyramid.....................................................[gipih] 21. The Safari Zone.....................................................[nohrt] 21a. Safari Zone Expansion Project......................................[zpijd]

22. Trainer Hill........................................................[tagui] 23. Pokemon Contests....................................................[dudah] 23a. PokeBlocks 101.....................................................[goshp] 23b. Commanding Round 1.................................................[z;lkd] 23c. Dominating Round 2.................................................[rtios] 23d. Contest Combos.....................................................[tjcki] 23e. Paint It!..........................................................[crwr2] 23f. Claydol, Lord of Contests..........................................[ph33r] 24. Pokemon News........................................................[ontv7] 25. Match Call..........................................................[lrody] 26. Effort Values.......................................................[trngi] 27. Mirage Island.......................................................[sikrt] 28. Record Corner.......................................................[mixit] 29. Berry Crush.........................................................[lkhgz] 30. In-Game Trades......................................................[tta43] 31. Version History.....................................................[wendi] 32. Acknowledgements....................................................[helpr] ============= 1. Legal Info ============= [isuyu]

Hamha! This document is copyright (c)2005-2006 by Matt Johnson, aka "dmon2" and "MJShika." However, all trademarks and copyrights found in this document are owned by their respective copyright and trademark holders. No infringement of copyright is intended. This document may be printed, in part or in whole, for personal use ONLY. You may not take any part of this document and display it anywhere without written consent from me, in the form of an e-mail. My e-mail address is at the top and bottom of this document. The following sites have my permission to post this walkthrough: GameFAQs Gamer's Temple Cheat Planet GamePlayWorld Super Cheats Team Rocket HQ Pokemon246

Check GameFAQs for the most recent updates. Also, please include in your e-mail which site you saw my walkthrough on. Since I also have a FAQ/Walkthrough for Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen as well as for Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, please specify which game you need help with if you decide to e-mail me. ========================= 2. Things You Should Know ========================= Should Pokemon Emerald be your first Pokemon adventure, or if you just need a

refresher, this section is dedicated to helping you get started. ============ 2a. Controls ============ How to enjoy your Pokemon adventure. D-Pad - Move around. Also used to navigate menus. A B L R - Used to confirm a command, talk to people, scroll through text, and check signs and items. - Used to cancel a command. When the Running Shoes are obtained, can be held to run. If you have the Acro Bike, can be used to perform tricks. - If Button Mode is set as L=A, L can function as A. If Button Mode is set as LR, can function as Left on the D-Pad when navigating menus and boxex. - Change text characters when chatting in the Union Room. If Button Mode is set as LR, can function as Right on the D-Pad when navigating menus and boxes. [movey]

Start - Out of battle, brings up the main menu. Select - Uses registered Key Item (if one is assigned). Changes order of a Pokemon's moves. ============= 2b. Abilities ============= [sppow]

Each specie of Pokemon has one (sometimes two, but only one of the two at a time) of 76 different Abilities (plus two you can only get through using a cheat device, so 78 if you count that) that are designed to help it in battle. This is a list of each and every one of them. o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | AIR LOCK | Weather effects are cancelled. This means that Solarbeam | o----------o still requires a charge, Thunder can miss in rain, etc. | | | | Available To: Rayquaza | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | ARENA TRAP | Your current Pokemon cannot flee unless they are Flying| o------------o type or have either the Levitate or Run Away Abilities. If | | none are true, the only way to escape is to faint, use | | Baton Pass, or defeat whatever it is that's Trapped you. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, encounter rate goes up. | | | | Available To: Trapinch, Diglett, Dugtrio | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | BATTLE ARMOR | Your foe's moves will never land a critical strike. | o--------------o | | | | Available To: Anorith, Armaldo, Kabuto, Kabutops | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o

o-------o---------------------------------------------------------------------o | BLAZE | When this Pokemon's HP fall below 1/3, Fire-type moves deal | o-------o 1.5x normal damage. | | | | Available To: Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken, Charmander, Charmeleon, | | Charizard, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | CACOPHONY | Sound moves fail when used with this Pokemon in play. See | o-----------o the "Ability: Soundproof" section for a list of all such | | moves. | | | | Available To: None. Nobody's got it, but it IS there... | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | CHLOROPHYLL | While Sunny Day is in effect, this Pokemon's speed will | o-------------o rise. This does not mean "Speed goes up by 1 level" and | | will still allow you to boost it up six times. | | | | Available To: Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, | | Bellossom, Tropius, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel, | | Tangela, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Sunkern, Sunflora, | | Exeggcute, Exeggutor | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | CLEAR BODY | The Intimidate Ability and moves that lower stats, such as | o------------o Growl or Leer, fail when used on this Pokemon. | | | | Available To: Tentacool, Tentacruel, Beldum, Metang, Metagross, Regirock, | | Regice, Registeel | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | CLOUD NINE | Weather effects are cancelled. This means that Solarbeam | o------------o still requires a charge, Thunder can miss in rain, etc. | | | | Available To: Psyduck, Golduck | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | COLOR CHANGE | Pokemon's type changes to the type of move that directly | o--------------o damaged it last. | | | | Available To: Kecleon | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | COMPOUNDEYES | Accuracy of this Pokemon's attacks is multiplied by 130%. | o--------------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, chances increase that a wild Pokemon | | will hold an item. | | | | Available To: Nincada, Venonat, Venomoth, Yanma, Butterfree | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o

| CUTE CHARM | When a contact move is done to this Pokemon, and the foe is | o------------o of the opposite gender, there is a 30% chance the foe will | | be inflicted with Attract. See the "Contact Moves" section | | for a list of all such moves. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, chances that wild Pokemon are the | | opposite gender will increase. | | | | Available To: Skitty, Delcatty, Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, | | Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------o----------------------------------------------------------------------o | DAMP | This awkward Ability forbids self-destruction. | o------o | | | | Available To: Psyduck, Golduck, Wooper, Quagsire, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, | | Poliwrath, Politoed | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o---------o-------------------------------------------------------------------o | DRIZZLE | Rain Dance starts when this Pokemon enters battle. This | o---------o lasts the entire battle, unless Sandstorm, Hail, or Day is | | used, or a Pokemon with the Sand Stream or Drought | | Abilities is brought into play. | | | | Available To: Kyogre | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o---------o-------------------------------------------------------------------o | DROUGHT | Sunny Day starts when this Pokemon enters battle. This | o---------o lasts the entire battle, unless Rain Dance, Hail, or | | Sandstorm is used, or a Pokemon with the Drizzle or Sand | | Stream Abilities is brought into play. | | | | Available To: Groudon | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | EARLY BIRD | Sleep lasts for half the duration it normally would. | o------------o | | | | Available To: Girafarig, Doduo, Dodrio, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Natu, | | Xatu, Ledyba, Ledian, Houndour, Houndoom, Kangaskhan | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | EFFECT SPORE | When a contact move is done to this Pokemon, there is a 10% | o--------------o chance the foe will be inflicted with Sleep, Poison, or | | Paralyze. See the "Contact Moves" section for a list of all | | such moves. | | | | Available To: Shroomish, Breloom, Paras, Parasect | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | FLAME BODY | When a contact move is done to this Pokemon, there is a 30% | o------------o chance the foe will become Burned. See the "Contact Moves" | | section for a list of all such moves. |

| | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, egg hatch steps are cut in half. | | | | Available To: Slugma, Magcargo, Magby, Magmar | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | FLASH FIRE | When a Fire-type move is done to this Pokemon, Flash Fire | o------------o will activate, granting immunity to direct Fire-type | | damage, as well as making all Fire damage from this Pokemon | | multiply by 150%. | | | | Available To: Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Arcanine, Houndour, Houndoom, | | Ponyta, Rapidash, Flareon | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | FORECAST | Type changes depending on the weather. No weather = Normal, | o----------o Hail = Ice, Sunny Day = Fire, Rain Dance = Water. Sandstorm | | does not change this Pokemon's type. | | | | Available To: Castform | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------o----------------------------------------------------------------------o | GUTS | Attack is multiplied by 150% if this Pokemon is affected by | o------o a Special Condition. | | | | Available To: Taillow, Swellow, Makuhita, Hariyama, Machop, Machoke, | | Machamp, Heracross, Tyrogue, Larvitar, Rattata, Raticate, | | Ursaring | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | HUGE POWER | Doubles Attack in battle. If this Ability is Skill Swapped, | o------------o Attack is returned to normal. | | | | Available To: Azurill, Marill, Azumarill | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------o--------------------------------------------------------------------o | HUSTLE | All damage from this Pokemon is multiplied by 150%. | o--------o Accuracy for this Pokemon's moves is multiplied by 80%. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, higher-level wild Pokemon become more | | common. | | | | Available To: Corsola, Delibird, Togepi, Togetic, Remoraid | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | HYPER CUTTER | This Pokemon's Attack can not be lowered. If Haze is used, | o--------------o Attack will still be set at +0. | | | | Available To: Mawile, Trapinch, Pinsir, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Gligar, | | Krabby, Kingler | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o

o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | ILLUMINATE | If this Pokemon leads your party, encounter rate goes up. | o------------o | | | | Available To: Chinchou, Lanturn, Volbeat, Staryu, Starmie | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | IMMUNITY | This Pokemon cannot be Poisoned by any means. | o----------o | | | | Available To: Zangoose, Snorlax | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | INNER FOCUS | This Pokemon cannot flinch by any means, even by Fake Out. | o-------------o | | | | Available To: Girafarig, Snorunt, Glalie, Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Abra, | | Kadabra, Alakazam, Dragonite, Farfetch'd, Sneasel | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | INSOMNIA | This Pokemon cannot fall asleep by any means, even by Rest. | o----------o | | | | Available To: Shuppet, Banette, Murkrow, Spinarak, Ariados, Drowzee, | | Hypno, Hoothoot, Noctowl | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | INTIMIDATE | Any foes that are on the field when this Pokemon is first | o------------o brought into battle will have their Attack dropped by 1 | | level. Pokemon with the Hyper Cutter, White Smoke, or Clear | | Body Abilities are immune to this effect. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, lower-level wild Pokemon become scarce. | | | | Available To: Mightyena, Gyarados, Mawile, Salamence, Masquerain, | | Hitmontop, Arcanine, Ekans, Arbok, Stantler, Tauros, | | Snubbull, Granbull | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | KEEN EYE | Accuracy of this Pokemon cannot be lowered. | o----------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, lower-level wild Pokemon become scarce. | | | | Available To: Skarmory, Wingull, Pelipper, Sableye, Hoothoot, Noctowl, | | Sneasel, Hitmonchan, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Spearow, | | Fearow, Farfetch'd, Sentret, Furret | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | LEVITATE | Damage-dealing Ground moves fail when used on this Pokemon. | o----------o | | | | Available To: Solrock, Lunatone, Baltoy, Claydol, Vibrava, Flygon, |

| Koffing, Weezing, Chimecho, Latias, Latios, Duskull, | | Unown, Misdreavus, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | LIGHTNINGROD | In a 2-on-2 battle, all Electric attacks done to your team | o--------------o will target this Pokemon, regardless of whether or not it | | was the original target. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, you will receive calls more often. | | | | Available To: Electrike, Manectric, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Cubone, Marowak | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------o--------------------------------------------------------------------o | LIMBER | This Pokemon cannot become Paralyzed by any means. | o--------o | | | | Available To: Persian, Hitmonlee, Ditto | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | LIQUID OOZE | When HP are absorbed (moves like Mega Drain, etc.), the foe | o-------------o loses HP equal to the amount that would have been gained. | | | | Available To: Tentacool, Tentacruel, Gulpin, Swalot | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | MAGMA ARMOR | This Pokemon cannot be Frozen by any means. | o-------------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, egg hatch steps are cut in half. | | | | Available To: Slugma, Magcargo, Camerupt | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | MAGNET PULL | If their Pokemon is Steel-type, it can not escape battle. | o-------------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, Steel-type wild Pokemon appear more. | | | | Available To: Magnemite, Magneton, Nosepass | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | MARVEL SCALE | Defense is multiplied by 150% if this Pokemon is affected | o--------------o by a Special Condition. | | | | Available To: Milotic | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------o---------------------------------------------------------------------o | MINUS | If a Pokemon with the Plus Ability is this Pokemon's | o-------o partner in 2-on-2, this Pokemon's Special Attack is | | multiplied by 150%. | | | | Available To: Minun |

o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | NATURAL CURE | Upon being recalled, all Special Conditions are healed. | o--------------o | | | | Available To: Roselia, Swablu, Altaria, Corsola, Staryu, Starmie, Celebi, | | Chansey, Blissey | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | OBLIVIOUS | This Pokemon cannot be Attracted by any means. | o-----------o | | | | Available To: Wailmer, Wailord, Illumise, Numel, Barboach, Whiscash, | | Lickitung, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, Smoochum, Jynx, | | Swinub, Piloswine | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | OVERGROW | When this Pokemon's HP fall below 1/3, Grass-type moves | o----------o deal 1.5x normal damage. | | | | Available To: Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, | | Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | OWN TEMPO | This Pokemon cannot become Confused by any means. | o-----------o | | | | Available To: Spoink, Grumpig, Spinda, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, | | Lickitung, Smeargle | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------o--------------------------------------------------------------------o | PICKUP | May pick up an item after a battle. | o--------o | | | | Available To: Zigzagoon, Linoone, Phanpy, Meowth, Aipom, Teddiursa | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------o----------------------------------------------------------------------o | PLUS | If a Pokemon with the Minus Ability is this Pokemon's | o------o partner in 2-on-2, this Pokemon's Special Attack is | | multiplied by 150%. | | | | Available To: Plusle | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | POISON POINT | When a contact move is done to this Pokemon, there is a 30% | o--------------o chance the foe will become Poisoned. Poison-types and | | Pokemon with the Immunity Ability are immune to this | | effect. See the "Contact Moves" section for a list of all | | such moves. | | | | Available To: Roselia, Seadra, Qwilfish, Nidoran(F), Nidoran(M), | | Nidorina, Nidorino, Nidoqueen, Nidoking | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o

o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | PRESSURE | When a move is used on this Pokemon, an extra PP is used. | o----------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, encounter rate goes up. | | | | Available To: Absol, Deoxys, Dusclops, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, | | Lugia, Ho-oh, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Aerodactyl | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | PURE POWER | Doubles Attack in battle. If this Ability is Skill Swapped, | o------------o Attack power is returned to normal. | | | | Available To: Meditite, Medicham | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | RAIN DISH | This Pokemon recovers 1/16 its max HP between turns as long | o-----------o as rain continues to fall. | | | | Available To: Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | ROCK HEAD | This Pokemon takes no recoil damage. | o-----------o | | | | Available To: Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Geodude, Graveler, | | Golem, Bagon, Shelgon, Relicanth, Cubone, Marowak, Onix, | | Steelix, Sudowoodo, Aerodactyl | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | ROUGH SKIN | When a contact move is done to this Pokemon, the foe will | o------------o be damaged by 1/16 their max HP. See the "Contact Moves" | | section for a list of all such moves. | | | | Available To: Carvanha, Sharpedo | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o----------o------------------------------------------------------------------o | RUN AWAY | This Pokemon will always be able to flee or switch out, | o----------o even if the foe has used Mean Look or has otherwise trapped | | it. | | | | Available To: Poochyena, Doduo, Dodrio, Aipom, Dunsparce, Ponyta, | | Rapidash, Rattata, Raticate, Sentret, Furret, Snubbull, | | Eevee | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | SAND STREAM | Sandstorm starts when this Pokemon enters battle. This | o-------------o lasts the entire battle, unless Rain Dance or Sunny Day is | | used, or a Pokemon with the Drizzle or Drought Abilities is | | brought into play. | | | | Available To: Tyranitar |

o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | SAND VEIL | While Sandstorm is in effect, this Pokemon's evasion will | o-----------o rise. This does not mean "Evasion goes up by 1 level" and | | will still allow you to boost it up six times. Pokemon with | | this Ability are protected from Sandstorm damage. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, encounter rate goes down in sandstorm. | | | | Available To: Sandshrew, Sandslash, Cacnea, Cacturne, Gligar, Diglett, | | Dugtrio | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | SERENE GRACE | Effect percentages double. | o--------------o | | | | Available To: Jirachi, Chansey, Blissey, Togepi, Togetic, Dunsparce | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | SHADOW TAG | Foe's switching and fleeing is prevented. | o------------o | | | | Available To: Wynaut, Wobbuffet | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | SHED SKIN | Between turns, if this Pokemon is affected by a Special | o-----------o Condition, there is a 1-in-3 chance that it will be healed. | | | | Available To: Silcoon, Cascoon, Seviper, Ekans, Arbok, Metapod, Kakuna, | | Dratini, Dragonair, Pupitar | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | SHELL ARMOR | Your foe's moves will never land a critical strike. | o-------------o | | | | Available To: Shellder, Cloyster, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Omanyte, Omastar, | | Krabby, Kingler, Lapras, Clamperl | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | SHIELD DUST | Effect percentages are reduced to zero. | o-------------o | | | | Available To: Wurmple, Dustox, Weedle, Caterpie, Venomoth | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | SOUNDPROOF | Sound moves fail when used with this Pokemon in play. See | o------------o the "Ability: Soundproof" section for a list of all such | | moves. | | | | Available To: Mr. Mime, Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Voltorb, Electrode | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o

o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | SPEED BOOST | Speed goes up by 1 level between turns. | o-------------o | | | | Available To: Ninjask, Yanma | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------o--------------------------------------------------------------------o | STATIC | When a contact move is done to this Pokemon, there is a 30% | o--------o chance the foe will become Paralyzed. Those with the Limber | | Ability are immune to this effect. See the "Contact Moves" | | section for a list of all such moves. | | | | Available To: Electrike, Manectric, Voltorb, Electrode, Pichu, Pikachu, | | Raichu, Elekid, Electabuzz, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------o--------------------------------------------------------------------o | STENCH | If this Pokemon leads your party, encounter rate goes down. | o--------o | | | | Available To: Grimer, Muk | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | STICKY HOLD | Held item cannot be stolen. | o-------------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, fishing for Pokemon becomes easier. | | | | Available To: Grimer, Muk, Gulpin, Swalot | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------o--------------------------------------------------------------------o | STURDY | One-hit KO moves fail when used against this Pokemon. | o--------o | | | | Available To: Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Skarmory, Donphan, Nosepass. | | Magnemite, Magneton, Onix, Steelix, Pineco, Forretress, | | Shuckle, Geodude, Graveler, Golem | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | SUCTION CUPS | Forced switching (Roar/Whirlwind) is prevented. | o--------------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, fishing for Pokemon becomes easier. | | | | Available To: Lileep, Cradily, Octillery | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------o---------------------------------------------------------------------o | SWARM | When your HP fall below 1/3, Bug-type moves deal 1.5x | o-------o normal damage. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, you'll hear Pokemon's cries in the | | wild more often. | | | | Available To: Volbeat, Heracross, Beautifly, Ledyba, Ledian, Scyther, |

| Scizor, Spinarak, Ariados, Beedrill | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | SWIFT SWIM | While Rain Dance is in effect, your Pokemon's speed will | o------------o rise. This does not mean "Speed goes up by 1 level" and | | will still allow you to boost it up six times. | | | | Available To: Magikarp, Luvdisc, Feebas, Horsea, Kingdra, Lotad, Lombre, | | Ludicolo, Surskit, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, Relicanth, | | Goldeen, Seaking, Omanyte, Omastar, Qwilfish, Mantine, | | Kabuto, Kabutops | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | SYNCHRONIZE | When this Pokemon becomes poisoned, burned, or paralyzed, | o-------------o that Special Condition is mirrored on the foe. Poison-types | | cannot be poisoned, and Fire-types cannot be burned. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, chances that wild Pokemon will have the | | same nature as this Pokemon are increased. | | | | Available To: Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Natu, Xatu, Abra, Kadabra, | | Alakazam, Mew, Espeon, Umbreon | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-----------o-----------------------------------------------------------------o | THICK FAT | Fire- and Ice-type moves deal half their normal damage when | o-----------o used on this Pokemon. | | | | Available To: Azurill, Marill, Azumarill, Makuhita, Hariyama, Spheal, | | Sealeo, Walrein, Spoink, Grumpig, Snorlax, Miltank, Seel, | | Dewgong | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o---------o-------------------------------------------------------------------o | TORRENT | When your HP fall below 1/3, Water-type moves deal 1.5x | o---------o normal damage. | | | | Available To: Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert, Squirtle, Wartortle, | | Blastoise, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------o---------------------------------------------------------------------o | TRACE | Copy the foe's Ability until this Pokemon is recalled. | o-------o | | | | Available To: Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Porygon, Porygon2 | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------o--------------------------------------------------------------------o | TRUANT | This Pokemon cannot attack twice in a row. | o--------o | | | | Available To: Slakoth, Slaking | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | VITAL SPIRIT | This Pokemon cannot fall asleep by any means, even by Rest. |

o--------------o | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, higher-level wild Pokemon become more | | common. | | | | Available To: Vigoroth, Mankey, Primeape, Delibird | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | VOLT ABSORB | Whenever an Electric-type move strikes this Pokemon, it is | o-------------o healed by up to 1/4 its maximum HP instead of losing HP. | | | | Available To: Chinchou, Lanturn, Jolteon | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | WATER ABSORB | Whenever a Water-type move strikes this Pokemon, it will be | o--------------o healed by up to 1/4 its maximum HP instead of losing HP. | | | | Available To: Vaporeon, Wooper, Quagsire, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, | | Politoed, Lapras, Mantine | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------o----------------------------------------------------------------o | WATER VEIL | This Pokemon cannot be Burned by any means. | o------------o | | | | Available To: Wailmer, Wailord, Goldeen, Seaking | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------o---------------------------------------------------------------o | WHITE SMOKE | The Intimidate Ability and moves that lower stats, such as | o-------------o Growl or Leer, fail when used on this Pokemon. | | | | Emerald only: If a Pokemon with this Ability is on your | | team, encounter rate goes down. | | | | Available To: Torkoal | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o--------------o--------------------------------------------------------------o | WONDER GUARD | This Pokemon can only be directly damaged by weaknesses. | o--------------o | | | | Available To: Shedinja | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o o---------o-------------------------------------------------------------------o | ------- | No special ability. | o---------o | | | | Available To: None. Nobody's got it, but it IS there... | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o ================= 2c. Contact Moves ================= [ctmov]

These moves are classified as contact moves; that is, certain things may happen due to your Pokemon coming in contact with the foe, or touching them in some

way. The following Abilities are affected by contact moves: o------------o--------------o------------o--------------o------------o--------o | Cute Charm | Effect Spore | Flame Body | Poison Point | Rough Skin | Static | o------------o--------------o------------o--------------o------------o--------o CONTACT MOVE LIST ----------------o--------------------------------------------------------------------------o | Aerial Ace Drill Peck Leaf Blade Rollout | | Ancientpower Dynamicpunch Leech Life Scratch | | Arm Thrust Endeavor Lick Seismic Toss | | Astonish Extremespeed Low Kick Shadow Punch | | Bide Facade Mach Punch Skull Bash | | Bind False Swipe Mega Kick Sky Uppercut | | Bite Fire Punch Mega Punch Slam | | Blaze Kick Flail Megahorn Slash | | Body Slam Fly Metal Claw Smellingsalt | | Bounce Focus Punch Meteor Mash Spark | | Clamp Frustration Needle Arm Steel Wing | | Constrict Fury Attack Outrage Stomp | | Counter Fury Cutter Overheat Strength | | Crabhammer Fury Swipes Peck Submission | | Cross Chop Future Sight Petal Dance Superpower | | Crunch Guillotine Poison Fang Tackle | | Crush Claw Headbutt Poison Tail Take Down | | Cut Hi Jump Kick Pound Thief | | Dig Horn Attack Pursuit Thrash | | Dive Horn Drill Quick Attack Thunderpunch | | Dizzy Punch Ice Ball Rage Tickle | | Double Kick Ice Punch Rapid Spin Vicegrip | | Double-Edge Iron Tail Return Vital Throw | | Doubleslap Jump Kick Revenge Waterfall | | Dragon Claw Karate Chop Reversal Wing Attack | | Drill Peck Knock Off Rock Smash Wrap | o--------------------------------------------------------------------------o ======================= 2d. Ability: Soundproof ======================= o------------------------------------------------o | The Soundproof Ability negates all moves that | | are based on sound. It's helpful to know which | | moves fall into this category, so I've taken | | the liberty of composing this list of moves. | | Each attack listed to the right is sound-based | | and will fail if used on a Pokemon that sports | | the Soundproof Ability. Although no Pokemon so | | far can naturally have the Cacophony Ability, | | it works just like Soundproof. If none of the | | blocked moves are different, why did they | | exclude it? Will it be in Diamond and Pearl? | o------------------------------------------------o ====================== 2e. Special Conditions Grasswhistle Growl Heal Bell Howl Hyper Voice Metal Sound Perish Song Roar Screech Sing Snore Supersonic Uproar [mjsts] [urdef]

====================== Taken from the Pokemon TCG, I use the term "Special Condition" to refer to major status effects. These can only be inflicted one at a time. BRN - Burn. Attack stat is cut in half. Damaged by 1/8 max HP between turns. Go to a Pokemon Center or use a Rawst Berry, Lum Berry, Burn Heal, Full Heal, or Full Restore to cure this condition. FNT - Faint. Cannot be used in battle. Go to a Pokemon Center or use a Revive, Rare Candy (at Lv.99 or lower), Revival Herb, or Max Revive to cure this condition.* FRZ - Freeze. Cannot attack. If Flamethrower or Fire Blast is used on the Frozen Pokemon, said Pokemon will defrost. Also, if said Pokemon uses Flame Wheel or Sacred Fire, user will also defrost. May defrost after a random number of turns. Go to a Pokemon Center or use an Aspear Berry, Lum Berry, Ice Heal, Full Heal, or Full Restore to cure this condition. PAR - Paralyze. Speed is cut by 75%, 20% chance per turn of being immobilized. Have the move Smellingsalt used on you, go to a Pokemon Center, or use a Cheri Berry, Lum Berry, Parlyz Heal, Full Heal, or Full Restore to cure this condition. PSN - Poison. HP will drop by 1/16 between turns. The exception to this is if the PSN status is inflicted by the use of Toxic or Poison Fang, in which case poison damage begins at 1/16 max HP and increases between turns. Outside of battle, each Pokemon inflicted with the PSN status will lose 1 HP for every four steps taken by the Trainer, regardless of how the status was inflicted. Go to a Pokemon Center, or use a Pecha Berry, Lum Berry, Full Heal, Full Restore, or an Antidote to cure this condition. SLP - Sleep. Cannot attack unless Sleep Talk or Snore is used. Will wear off in battle after a random amount of turns. If the SLP status is inflicted by use of Rest, it will wear off in two turns (one if the Pokemon has the Early Bird Ability). Go to a Pokemon Center, or use a Blue Flute, Chesto Berry, Lum Berry, Full Heal, Poke Flute, Full Restore, or an Awakening to cure this condition. * - While FNT can be considered a Special Condition, when I tell you to inflict a Special Condition (like for catching legendaries), I do not mean to inflict the FNT status, even though a few moves do just that (Horn Drill, for example). ======================= 2f. Evil Status Effects ======================= [mnsts]

These status effects are evil because there's no limit to how many you can put on a Pokemon. To cure the evil status effects, simply switch out... if you can. They have no abbreviations, but the list goes like this: 1. Attract. The foe of the opposite gender falls in love with the user. As a result, they have a 50% chance of not attacking. Don't want to hurt the ones you love, right? Use the move Attract to obtain this effect. Wears off when the user of Attract is recalled. Can also be cured by use of Mental Herb or Red Flute. The foe becomes more confused than a hungry baby at a topless club, which means there's a 50% that the foe will hurt itself. Use Swagger, Flatter, Confuse Ray, Supersonic, Confusion,

2. Confuse.

Psybeam, or Water Pulse to inflict this effect. Will wear off after a random amount of turns. You may also use a Yellow Flute, Persim Berry, Lum Berry, Full Heal, or Full Restore to cure this condition. Note that you can also confuse yourself by using Petal Dance, Outrage, or Thrash. 3. Curse. The foe is afflicted by a vicious curse that takes 1/4 of a foe's max HP between turns at a one-time cost of 50% the user's max HP. Have a Ghost-type use the move Curse to obtain this effect. The foe's last successfully performed move is disabled, preventing its use for a random number of turns. Use the move Disable to obtain this effect. Only one move can be Disabled per Pokemon at any given time. The last move the foe used will be repeated over 2-6 turns. Use the move Encore to obtain this effect. This effect can only be seen if the Pokemon trying to obtain this effect is faster than its foe. The foe will retract in fear for one turn, preventing them from attacking. Equip a Pokemon with a King's Rock item or use Astonish, Bite, Extrasensory, Fake Out (your Pokemon's first turn only), Headbutt, Hyper Fang, Needle Arm, Rock Slide, Sky Attack, Secret Power inside a cave, Snore, Stomp, or Twister to obtain this effect. The foe can no longer use moves the user knows. Use Imprison to obtain this effect. Sleeping Pokemon are tormented by a frightening nightmare that will take 1/4 their max HP away between turns as long as they sleep. Use Nightmare on a Pokemon inflicted with SLP to obtain this effect. Seeds are planted on the foe's body, sucking their life away at a rate of 1/16 the foe's max HP between turns. Note that Grasstypes cannot be seeded. Use Leech Seed to obtain this effect. The foe becomes enraged, and in their blind fury can only use moves that cause direct damage for two turns. Use Taunt to obtain this effect.

4. Disable.

5. Encore. 6. Flinch.

7. Imprison. 8. Haunted.

9. Seeded.

10. Taunted.

11. Tormented. The Pokemon cannot use the same move twice in a row. Use the move Torment to obtain this effect. 12. Trapped. The Pokemon cannot escape battle. Most will wear off between 3-5 turns after use. Have either the Arena Trap* or Shadow Tag Ability, be a Metal-type against a Pokemon with the Magnet Pull Ability, or use Bind, Fire Spin, Ingrain, Mean Look, Sand Tomb, Spider Web, Whirlpool, or Wrap to obtain this effect. * Flying-types, as well as those with the Levitate and Run Away Abilities, are not affected by Arena Trap. ================= 2g. Weakness List ================= o----------o------------o-------------o------------o [nowek]

| TYPE | WEAKNESSES | RESISTANCES | IMMUNITIES | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | NORMAL | FIGHTING | | GHOST | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | FIGHTING | PSYCHIC | ROCK | | | | FLYING | DARK | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | GHOST | PSYCHIC | | | PSYCHIC | BUG | FIGHTING | | | | DARK | | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | ELECTRIC | FIGHTING | | | FLYING | ROCK | BUG | GROUND | | | ICE | GRASS | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | GHOST | GHOST | BUG | NORMAL | | | DARK | POISON | FIGHTING | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | FIRE | FIGHTING | | | BUG | FLYING | GROUND | | | | ROCK | GRASS | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | DARK | FIGHTING | GHOST | PSYCHIC | | | BUG | DARK | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | | FLYING | | | ELECTRIC | GROUND | ELECTRIC | | | | | STEEL | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | GROUND | | | | | WATER | NORMAL | | | ROCK | STEEL | FLYING | | | | GRASS | FIRE | | | | FIGHTING | | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | FIRE | | | | ICE | ROCK | ICE | | | | STEEL | | | | | FIGHTING | | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | | FIRE | | | | ROCK | ICE | | | FIRE | WATER | STEEL | + | | | GROUND | BUG | | | | | GRASS | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | WATER | ROCK | | | GROUND | GRASS | POISON | ELECTRIC | | | ICE | | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | | FIRE | | | WATER | ELECTRIC | ICE | | | | GRASS | STEEL | | | | | WATER | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | | GHOST | | Key | | | DARK | | --| | | FIGHTING | | * Can't be Poisoned.

| | | PSYCHIC | | + Can't be Burned. | | | FLYING | | | | FIRE | BUG | | | STEEL | FIGHTING | ROCK | POISON | | | GROUND | ICE | | | | | DRAGON | | | | | NORMAL | | | | | STEEL | | | | | GRASS | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | FIRE | WATER | | | | BUG | GRASS | | | GRASS | FLYING | GROUND | | | | POISON | ELECTRIC | | | | ICE | | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | POISON | PSYCHIC | FIGHTING | * | | | GROUND | BUG | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o | | | FIRE | | | | ICE | ELECTRIC | | | DRAGON | DRAGON | WATER | | | | | GRASS | | o----------o------------o-------------o------------o =============== 2h. Nature List =============== Hardy: Lonely: Brave: Adamant: Naughty: (no change) +ATK, -DEF +ATK, -SPD +ATK, -SP.ATK +ATK, -SP.DEF Modest: Mild: Quiet: Bashful: Rash: Bold: Docile: Relaxed: Impish: Lax: +DEF, -ATK (no change) +DEF, -SPD +DEF, -SP.ATK +DEF, -SP.DEF Calm: Gentle: Sassy: Careful: Quirky: Timid: Hasty: Serious: Jolly: Naive: [pom10] +SPD, -ATK +SPD, -DEF (no change) +SPD, -SP.ATK +SPD, -SP.DEF

+SP.ATK, -ATK +SP.ATK, -DEF +SP.ATK, -SPD (no change) +SP.ATK, -SP.DEF

+SP.DEF, -ATK +SP.DEF, -DEF +SP.DEF, -SPD +SP.DEF, -SP.ATK (no change) [dafaq]

============================== 2i. Frequently Asked Questions ============================== Question: WHICH ONE IS THE BEST STARTER?

Answer: Torchic was very popular in Ruby & Sapphire because of its ability to sweep the entire Elite Four. Well, the Elite Four's been changed around a little in Emerald, and so where Torchic shined most, she now fails at life. To that extent, Treecko would serve better. It fares pretty well against the Elite Four, but if you don't choose Treecko, that means you're stuck with Torkoal (ew), Magcargo (double ew), and Ninetales for Fire-types... unless you've got Colosseum. Question: WHAT DOES POKEMON COLOSSEUM HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? Answer: Colosseum has no trading restrictions. Once a Colosseum file has cleared Story Mode, that file can trade with Emerald. Under normal circumstances, Emerald could only trade with Ruby, Sapphire, and

Emerald until the Emerald player entered the Hall of Fame and received the National Pokedex. Let's say you have a Furret in LeafGreen you want to raise in Emerald. You have no Badges in Emerald, so you can't trade directly between Emerald and LeafGreen. But wait! If you trade Furret into Colosseum from LeafGreen, you will be able to put it into Emerald, as long as it comes directly from Colosseum! How cool is that? Question: HOW DO I GET JIRACHI AND DEOXYS? Answer: You can get Jirachi by using the bonus disc that came with the English version of Pokemon Colosseum. To get Deoxys, you'll have to trade it from FireRed or LeafGreen. Question: HOW DO I GET TO SOUTHERN ISLAND? Answer: Did you ever do it for your copy of Ruby & Sapphire? The same thing applies for Emerald, but what I said was totally off. Apparently, all you have to do is mix records with a Ruby or Sapphire cartridge that has the Eon Ticket in it, and it should appear in your game. Take this ticket to Slateport City's Harbor and talk to the lady in front of the ferry. She'll introduce you to a sailor who will tell you a little about nothing, and then take you there. Upon arriving, you'll notice that the outside is just trees, except for one sign that reads: "Those whose memories fade seek to carve them in their hearts..." Anyway, the real reason you're here is what's inside. Walk inside, and you'll encounter a weird object. What is it? Some say it's an egg, others say it's a stone. Nobody really knows for sure. Save before examining the stone. Once you do, Latios or Latias will appear. The one that appears depends on the color you told your mother. The color you didn't choose determines what dragon is here. If you told your mom a red thing was flying around, Latios will be here. A blue thing flying around means Latias. Each of them are Lv.50, and he/she carries the Soul Dew item, which increases his/her Special Attack and Special Defense. This is the ONLY opportunity you have to catch the other one because you can only examine the stone once, so just reset if you kill him/her. Question: HOW DO I GET MEW? Answer: Mew is found on "World's Edge Island," and you need some sort of Old Sea Chart item to get there. I know nothing of this place, don't ask me about it. Question: CAN YOU RATE MY TEAM? Answer: I don't rate teams, sorry. Question: PLEASE SUPPLY ME WITH CODES FOR THIS GAME. Answer: No. I'd ask you not to e-mail me asking for codes, but I'm sure some yutz is going to anyway, so I will. **** DO NOT E-MAIL ME ASKING FOR CODES, I WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY. ****

Question: WHAT IS ITEM FARMING? Answer: Item farming is quite simple. All you need to do is carry five or six Pokemon on your team that have the Pickup Ability, then do some fights. The idea is that with so many Pokemon who have Pickup, one or more of them will have an item when the battle ends. These items can then be dequipped and sold for quick, easy cash. In Ruby & Sapphire, this was easy. Nuggets were a fairly common item to be found on Zigzagoon (earliest Pokemon with Pickup). They changed it in Emerald, though. Normally, one would walk around with a few Lv.3 Zigzagoon and start raking in the items. Now, if you want the good items, you're going to have to start raising those Pokemon that can Pickup. And I mean a lot. I had a Lv.49 Teddiursa that started bringing me Rare Candies, but then started to get lame by bringing home X Attack and Repel. Ew. The best items are, of course, brought by Lv.91-100 Pokemon. Have fun. Question: WHAT POKEMON HAVE THE PICKUP ABILITY? Answer: Zigzagoon, Linoone, Phanpy, Meowth, Aipom, and Teddiursa. Question: IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, WHERE IS FEEBAS? Answer: Ok, good news/bad news time. The good news: It's only on one route, which makes it easier to find. The bad news? It's on Route 119. Have you ever actually taken the time to walk through it? It takes quite a while, and there's lots of water to search. You'll have to search each and every square of water if you want to find Feebas. When you fish, you may want to fish around 4 or 5 times in each square before moving on. Magikarp and Feebas CAN and WILL appear on the same tile, along with Tentacool and Carvanha. I would estimate that the chances of finding a Feebas are 40-60%, assuming the given square actually supplies a Feebas. Question: HOORAY, FEEBAS I HAVE. WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE? Answer: Feebas is like Magikarp that it evolves from a sucky creature into a powerful one. Feebas, unlike Magikarp, can actually learn techniques. This is mainly because Feebas is a lot harder to evolve. Use the 31-35 berries (whichever makes Dry and something else) and make PokeBlocks like whoa. Feebas requires 170 Beauty points to evolve. You can't tell by yourself, but the Dry+ berry is best. Only three or four should be needed. Once you think Feebas has 170 Beauty, level it up. If it doesn't evolve, you still need to feed it more. If it won't eat, you screwed up somewhere, and you need to start over with a brand new Feebas. I suggest breeding. Milotic, Feebas' evolution, is pretty solid as a Water-type. It learns Mirror Coat and Recover, which is always nice. It also has a respectable Special Defense stat, which means it can survive a couple weakness hits. Question: WHERE IS THE NAME RATER? Answer: Slateport City, in the building to the left of the Pokemon Center. Question: WHERE IS THE MOVE DELETER?

Answer: Lilycove City, in the house to the right of the Department Store. Question: WHERE IS THE MOVE TUTOR, THE ONE THAT KNOWS EVERYTHING? Answer: Fallarbor Town, west of the Battle Tent. Question: I NEED THE _____ ROD, WHERE IS IT? Answer: Old Rod - Dewford Town. Good Rod - Fisherman east of Mauville, just after the water. Super Rod - Mossdeep City. Question: WHERE CAN I GET A BAGON? Answer: Bagon is in Meteor Falls. You need Waterfall to reach her, and she only appears in the spot where you get TM02, Dragon Claw. Question: I NEED THE DIG TM! WHERE CAN I GET ONE? Answer: Nowhere. There's only one Dig TM in the entire game. Now hold on a second. Don't hang yourself just yet. There IS hope, if you've got patience. There are only two Pokemon in Emerald that can naturally learn Dig: Trapinch and Nincada. They learn Dig at Levels 41 and 45, respectively. Don't e-mail asking me if I possibly missed one, those two are it as far as Hoenn is concerned. However, those with FRLG can catch a Diglett in Diglett's Cave. They already know Dig. Question: HOW DO I GET AZURILL? Answer: Breed two Marill. Make the male hold the Sea Incense, found in Mt. Pyre. You need to ascend the tower from the inside, then drop through the bottom hole to get them. Question: HOW DO I GET WYNAUT? Answer: There are two ways. One is to hatch the egg the old woman in Lavaridge gives you. The other is to breed two Wobbuffet, and have the male hold the Lax Incense, also found in Mt. Pyre. See instructions on the Sea Incense to get the Lax's on the floor above it. Question: I WANT ANOTHER MASTER BALL. HOW DO I GO ABOUT GETTING ONE? Answer: Win the lottery. No, seriously. Once each day, you can go to the ground floor of the Lilycove City Department Store, and talk to the lady on the right. She will tell you that you can pick a Loto Ticket. If the numbers on the aforementioned ticket match the ID of any of your Pokemon, you win a prize. Match all five numbers, and you will walk out of there one Master Ball richer (unless you drop it). Question: WHAT DO I USE THE MASTER BALL ON? YOU CONVENIENTLY DID NOT SAY. Answer: Sorry about that. Use it on the BZZT-colored dragon that roams Hoenn. Question: WHAT IS MIRAGE ISLAND? Answer: A mystical island found in the big empty space on Route 131. Question: HOW DO I GET TO MIRAGE ISLAND?

Answer: There's a man in Pacifidlog Town in the house southeast of the Pokemon Center who will tell you if he can see Mirage Island. If he sees it, it's there. Take each and every one of your Pokemon to this man every single day until he sees Mirage Island. Then go splurge. Question: WHAT IS ON MIRAGE ISLAND? Answer: Wynaut. Lots and lots of Wynaut. Oh, and a Liechi Berry. It's one of a kind, so plant it and grow some more! In battle, it raises Attack when HP get low. Question: I CANNOT FIND TM22, SOLARBEAM! WHERE IS IT? Answer: The Safari Zone. See the Safari Zone Section for details. Question: I SUCK AT FISHING, PLEASE EXPLAIN IT TO ME! Answer: No more free fish in this game. No, they make you work for your Pokemon in this version. An improvement, if you ask me. Anyway, when you fish, you will see a series of dots. When it says "Oh! A bite!", press A. If you're fast enough, you'll hook it and start a battle. If you're too slow, you'll lose the fish and have to start again. If you're not fast enough, but not too slow, you'll start with the dots again. Note that sometimes you won't get a bite. Question: TIMER BALLS? REPEAT BALLS? WHERE DO I GET THOSE? Answer: Head to the Rustboro side of Rusturf Tunnel and talk to the Devon Researcher. He will give you a Repeat Ball, as well as tell you that they will now be selling them (as well as Timer Balls) in Rustboro City's PokeMart. Question: NO ONE WILL REMATCH ME! WHY NOT? Answer: It's random when someone wants to rematch you, but the rematches won't start until you defeat Norman. Question: WHAT IS POKERUS? Answer: You have been graced with the most awesome thing since the invention of held items, the Pokerus. Pokerus is shown as PKRS on the Summary Screen (and only there), and you can find it where a status effect would normally be shown (it'll only appear if there is no status). What it does is double EV points given from a particular battle. For example, for every Electrike your Pokemon slaughters, it gets 1 point in Speed. If the slaughterer is infected with PKRS, it would receive double the points, or 2. Now let's say that this certain Pokemon is equipped with the Macho Brace for double points again, or 4. This means that Electrike will give you 4 Speed points every time you kill it. Assuming all you run into is Electrike, and you always kill it in one shot, it would take you about 20-30 minutes to complete Speed EV training. Question: POKERUS IS AWESOME! CAN I KEEP IT FOREVER? Answer: All good things must come to an end. The same holds true for PKRS. After a random amount of time (a few days at most, usually) the PKRS will vanish. Those that were already infected with PKRS will have a small black dot appear between the Ball that was used to catch it and

their Level. Those with the dot cannot be infected again. However, there is a way to preserve your PKRS: Simply get someone you generally don't really care about (in my case, a Lv.5 Azurill, which will be how I refer to the sucker you infect), and infect them with PKRS. Drop it in the Box (mark it with all four marks so you can easily find it) and let it sit there forever. It won't infect your Box Pokemon, but the PKRS won't leave, either. Whenever you have someone new to infect, bring out Azurill and infect the new guy. Once that's done, drop it off again. It's usually helpful to infect multiple Azurill so you don't ever have to worry about the PKRS mysteriously running out on you. Question: MY GAME IS GLITCHED, SHEDINJA HAS ONLY 1 HP! Answer: Nope. Whether you're Lv.1 or Lv.100, good ol' Sheddy will always have 1 HP. This is to counter the fact that Shedinja's Ability prevents all damage except that done by one of its five weaknesses. Question: WHAT ARE SHEDINJA'S WEAKNESSES? Answer: Fire, Flying, Rock, Dark, and Ghost. Question: CAN SHEDINJA BE KILLED BY SPECIAL CONDITIONS AND EVIL STATUS EFFECTS? Answer: Yes, but only if there's no damage involved (like Poisonpowder instead of Poison Sting). Shedinja can also be killed by weather and Struggle. Question: I CAUGHT A SHINY POKEMON! WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT? Answer: Nothing. It's a normal pokemon with a different color. ^_^ Question: HOW DID YOU GET YOUR COOL TEAM SO EARLY? Answer: Can't you read? I traded them from my Ruby game. It says that! More as I think of them... x_x ================ 2j. Game Options ================ [howto]

When you're on the file select screen, as well as when you open the main menu, the Options menu is available. This is an explanation of what everything does. 1. Text Speed. Cycle left or right to change how fast text appears. The default choice is Mid speed. To choose anything but 'Fast' is insanity. Use this to decide if you want to see the attacks' animation (on) or not (off). 'On' is default. If you turn this option off, the Pokemon will not animate. You can choose to be able to switch out when you faint one of your foe's Pokemon (Switch) or sit there and wait, like in Colosseum and Link Battles (Set). The Switch option is default. You can choose to hear the sound through one speaker

2. Battle Scene.

3. Battle Style.

4. Sound.

(Monaural) or two (Stereo). Of course, unless you're wearing headphones, this option's useless. 5. Button Mode. Have L and R function as left and right, respectively, in menu screens and boxes (LR), or have the L button function as A (L=A). 'Normal' is default, which makes both buttons do nothing. Choose one of 20 borders to be used for all text boxes and menus. Type 1 is default.

6. Frame.

The very last option is Cancel. Use that or press B to exit. =================== 3. Welcome to Hoenn =================== Major Objectives ---------------* * * * Meet the locals. Have your first battle with your first Pokemon. "Practice" with your rival. Gain the ability to run and leave home. [wasup]

Watch the brand-new introduction. Press Start on the title screen to come to the main menu. Once there, you can choose to start now and customize later, or just go into your options right now. If there is no save file, or you wish to start a new game to overwrite a previously saved game, select "New Game." Professor Birch will appear and he will introduce himself and Pokemon. You will then be asked to choose your character's gender. There's no law that says men have to play as Brendan and women are stuck being May, so pick whichever character you like, decked out in their spiffy new outfits. After that, you will need to name yourself. Whoever you don't choose will end up being your rival. Professor Birch will finish his little speech, and let you get started. You start the game in the back of your moving truck. You're the new kid in town! After a few seconds, the truck will stop. Before we get going, let's get acquainted with the main menu. Bring it up by pressing Start. The first option is for your pack. Since this is the start of your adventure, it's empty. You'll be filling it up throughout your journey. The choice below that is your name. This is where you go to see your Trainer ID, how many Poke Dollars (referred to henceforth as 'money') you currently have, and how many Badges you've earned. Press A to see the back - the entire thing's blank... for now. Press B Button to flip it back to the front, or press A or Start to exit. The next selection is the most important one - Save. Use this to save your progress. If you don't, you'll regret it. Below Save is Options. You can change the various options of the game. We've already covered that area, but if you go back to the top of this document, you can find the Game Options section shortcut. Use that to review the options and their different uses.

When the truck stops, leave by moving right. Your mother greets you and takes you inside, where two Vigoroth are helping you move in. Go upstairs and examine the clock. Set the time, and make sure you're accurate; you can't reset it. After that, go to your PC. Select "Withdraw Item," then take the Potion. Go downstairs and your mother will tell you to quickly come to the television. It's a news report on Petalburg Gym, and maybe your father, the Gym Leader there, will be on! Oh, nope. Guess we're too late. Your mom will suggest you go next door to meet one of your dad's friends, Professor Birch. You're not one to refuse the requests of your mother, so get moving. Upon entry, May's mother will welcome you and tell you that her daughter is upstairs, or so she thinks. Well, let's investigate. Go up the steps and you will find a lone Poke Ball on the floor. Examine it, and May will enter from downstairs. She'll introduce herself and explain that she heard about you from dear old Dad. Well, that's fantastic. You've already made a name for yourself and you've only been in Hoenn for five minutes. She'll remember that she needed to go help Professor Birch out, and she'll go to her PC to prepare. ================ 3a. Pokemon, Go! ================ [chsds]

You are free to leave May's house. There's nothing left to do, so why not check out the surrounding area? But wait, what's this? Something's happening just off in the distance - oh, it's just Professor Birch doing laps. Wait, doing laps? No, that's not it. A closer look reveals that the good professor is being chased by a wild Pokemon! It's a Zigzagoon, and it has the professor cornered. He begs you to take a Pokemon from his bag to battle the fearsome beast with the cute little tail and adorable raccoon eyes. The Pokemon you choose here will eventually become your first Pokemon. As such, we are presented with a difficult choice - who to pick? Treecko is Grass in type, and remains that way throughout its evolutions. It works wonders against the first Gym, and once it evolves into its final form, gains some crazy speed bonuses, making it one of the fastest Grass-types in the game. However, due to the many types that resist Grass, and the equally abundant types Grass is weak to, Treecko's use is limited for most of the game. Torchic is a Fire-type, but gains a Fighting-type when it evolves into Combusken. Torchic is the #1 choice for most players, and is the recommended choice for beginners, in this writer's opinion. While Torchic has the hardest time fighting alone against the first Gym, it has type advantages against a variety of types, making it easy to clear the game. Mudkip is pure Water, and gets a Ground-type upon evolution. Mudkip also has an easy time against the first Gym. Only three of 17 types resist Water, so that gives it a good edge against opponents, almost always being able to do at least normal damage. Each of these Pokemon evolve at Lv.16, and again at Lv.36. Make your choice and start your battle against Zigzagoon, Lv.2. Zigzagoon is Lv.2, so it should die in two hits or so. If your Pokemon would die from Zigzagoon's attack, it will flee, so don't worry about losing. Select "Attack," then Pound (if you have Treecko), Tackle (Mudkip), or Scratch (Torchic). Gain experience points.

======================== 3b. The Adventure Begins ========================


Birch will take you back to his lab, and will allow you to keep the Pokemon you used earlier. Give it a nickname if you wish (ten characters maximum). He'll force you to go visit May on Route 103, so she can teach you what it means to be a Pokemon Trainer. Sweet. Let's get going, shall we? You have unlocked the Pokemon sub-menu. Use this menu to view your Pokemon's status or command one of them to use an out-of-battle technique. o---------------------------o | ROUTE 101 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Zigzagoon (Rare) | | Wurmple (Common) | | Poochyena (Common) | o---------------------------o There are no Trainers on this short route to the next town, and few Pokemon. Kill your fair share of them and continue.

o----------------------------------------------o / Wurmple evolves by gender, but not entirely. / / Most females will turn into Silcoon, and / o------------------------o likewise, most males will turn into Cascoon. / / However, this isn't an absolute rule. Wurmple's evolution is set when / / you catch it, so no soft resetting if you get the one you don't want. / o-----------------------------------------------------------------------o =============== 3c. Oldale Town =============== [wtsos]

o-----------------------o Oldale Town isn't far from Littleroot, and there's | OLDALE TOWN SHOP LIST | not a whole lot to do here. If you speak to the man o-----------------------o donned in an apron, he will escort you to the Poke | Potion...........$300 | Mart and give you a free Potion. If you fill out the | Antidote.........$100 | questionnaire on the counter with "LINK TOGETHER | Parlyz Heal......$200 | WITH ALL," you will activate Mystery Gift. Not sure | Awakening........$250 | how that ties in with Emerald, but hey. It's there. o-----------------------o One last thing - if at any time you ever buy exactly ten Poke Balls, the shopkeeper will give you a free Premier Ball. This has the same catch rate as a Poke Ball, but it looks prettier. Eleven Poke Balls for the price of ten! Not a bad deal. Remember, you have to buy _exactly_ ten, not multiples of it. You can't leave west because some yahoo is sketching the footprints of a rare Pokemon. Whatever. Go north instead, to Route 103. o---------------------------o | ROUTE 103 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Poochyena (Common) | | Zigzagoon (Uncommon) | | Wingull (Rare) | o---------------------------o If you go up a little, you not be wise to talk to her she's itching for a fight. is at full HP and isn't in restoration. will see May. It may just yet, because Make sure your friend any need of PP

When you're ready, save your game and talk to May. ================ 3d. May Battle 1 ================ [mf103]

My Pokemon: o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o | Mudkip | 6 | o------------o-----o May's Pokemon: Find your starter. May's team is in the column below it. o---------------o---------------o---------------o | Treecko | Torchic | Mudkip | <- Which one's your starter? o---------------o---------------o---------------o |Torchic.......5|Mudkip........5|Treecko.......5| Money: 300 o---------------o---------------o---------------o Practice, nothing. This is the real deal. If you lose, say bye to half your money. People with Torchic can use Focus Energy (learned at Lv.6) to raise the critical hit ratio, making it slightly easier to inflict critical hits. Scratch, Scratch, and Scratch some more. Mudkip-users need to be wary of Treecko's Leer attack. It lowers Defense, which will make Pound do major damage. To somewhat counter Leer, use Growl. Treecko-havers can use Leer to help increase Pound's damage. If Torchic uses Growl, continue using Leer so your attacks don't do piddle damage. Remember, you have Potions at your disposal. Don't hesitate to use them! ================ 3e. Leaving Home ================ [psout]

May will tell you to go home. Follow her through Route 103, Oldale Town, and Route 101. Get to the Pokemon Lab, and Professor Birch will bestow the Pokedex upon you. In a nutshell, the Pokedex records Pokemon data. You have unlocked the Pokedex sub-menu. Use this menu to view information (owned Pokemon only), compare sizes (owned Pokemon only), hear cries, and see the location of all Pokemon you've encountered. May will also give you five Poke Balls so you can catch Pokemon of your own. Oldale Town's Poke Mart will now carry Poke Balls. You're free to go, but wait! One last thing. Whether you talk to her or she talks to you, your mom will give you the Running Shoes. Press and hold B Button to dash. Be careful, though! If your Pokemon are weak and you're trying to sneak past a Trainer who isn't facing you, be sure to walk, not run! If you run past a Trainer, the Trainer will face you, catch you, and fight you if you haven't defeated them already. Now go! Get out of this miserable town! ================== 4. The First Badge [stbaj]

================== Major Objectives ---------------* * * * Make it to Petalburg City. Watch how a Pokemon is caught. Get through the woods and enter Rustboro City. Earn your first Badge.

You can catch Pokemon of your own, now that you have Poke Balls! The general strategy for catching any Pokemon is to use your Pokemon's moves to knock the HP of the wild Pokemon to a low level (shown by a red HP bar). Once there, you can use different types of Poke Balls to try to catch the Pokemon. Easy, huh? Of course, better Poke Balls make it easier to catch Pokemon that are normally easy to catch. For example, if you tried to catch a Zigzagoon at full HP with a Poke Ball, you would probably fail. If you tried to catch that same Zigzagoon with an Ultra Ball, chances are you will succeed. Level matters, but not a lot. Unless you cheat to get 1000 Master Balls, low-level legendaries are still just as hard to catch as their legitimate counterparts. On with the adventure. Run, run, run through Route 101, and head west out of Oldale, now that that guy's done sketching his feet. All that time, wasted. Bah. You'll find your first real Trainer battles here. o---------------------------o Youngster Calvin | ROUTE 102 POKEMON LISTING | Poochyena, Lv.5 o---------------------------o Money: 80 | Wurmple (Common) | | Zigzagoon (Uncommon) | Bug Catcher Rick | Poochyena (Uncommon) | Wurmple, Lv.4 (x2) | Lotad (Rare) | Money: 64 | Ralts (Rare) | | Seedot (Rare) | Ralts evolves into a very good Psychic-type, and o---------------------------o if you have the patience, be sure to catch one. They take a small amount of work to level, since they don't learn a damaging attack until Lv.6. Let Ralts lead a battle, then switch it out immediately so it will gain experience. Youngster Allen Zigzagoon, Lv. 5; Taillow, Lv.3 Money: 48 To Allen's left lie some berries. You can pick these berries, plant and water some more, and come back later to get more berries. You don't have a watering device yet, so just pick them and be on your way. Lass Tiana Zigzagoon, Lv.4; Shroomish, Lv.4 Money: 64 There's a Potion south of Tiana. Don't leave it there. ================== 4a. Petalburg City ================== [dadeo]

o--------------------------o Welcome. There isn't a whole lot to do except try | PETALBURG CITY SHOP LIST | to leave via the west exit, but a person there o--------------------------o will stop you. He tells you that all new Trainers

| Poke Ball...........$200 | | Potion..............$300 | | Antidote............$100 | | Parlyz Heal.........$200 | | Awakening...........$250 | | Escape Rope.........$550 | | Repel...............$350 | | X Speed.............$350 | | X Attack............$500 | | X Defend............$550 | | Orange Mail..........$50 | o--------------------------o Don't we get a say in this?

first check if a town or city has a Gym. It just so happens that Petalburg City does have its very own Gym, so he will escort you to the Gym's door. Head inside and you will meet the Gym Leader, who is also your father. He'll say a few words before a boy named Wally enters. Wally's a rather lonely boy who would like a Pokemon of his own to accompany him on his way home, for the sake of pure companionship. Your dad, Norman, is more than happy to help. He will lend Wally a Lv.7 Zigzagoon and your services.

Yeah, sure, whatever. Follow Wally back onto Route 102, where he will encounter a Ralts. Watch him battle and capture the Ralts. Overjoyed, he will take you back to the Gym and return the Zigzagoon to Norman. He will then leave, and you are free to do the same after a few more words from Dad. You two will battle someday, but not at this time. On your way out of the city, a guy in sunglasses will come up to you and promptly diss you. We'd love to throttle this punk who dares to belittle the future Champion, but he takes off before we get a chance to. Leave west to the first part of Route 104. o---------------------------o | ROUTE 104 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Poochyena (Common) | | Taillow (Common) | | Marill (Common) | | Wingull (Common) | | Wurmple (Uncommon) | o---------------------------o All the Pokemon here appear at relatively the same rate. If you want Wurmple that bad, go to Route 102 and catch all the Wurmple you want. Trainer fights. Youngster Billy Zigzagoon, Lv.5; Seedot, Lv.7 Money: 112

Go north of Billy and talk to the upper fisherman for a battle, then go past the house and challenge the girl. Fisherman Darian Magikarp, Lv.9 Money: 360 Lady Cindy Zigzagoon, Lv.7 Money: 1400

That wasn't so hard, was it? Go back to Petalburg and heal. Buy a couple Parlyz Heals and then get your butt into the woods near Cindy. Don't forget to grab the berries on your way in if you haven't done so already. ================== 4b. Into the Woods ================== o---------------------------------o | PETALBURG WOODS POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------------o | Poochyena (Common) | | Taillow (Common) | | Shroomish (Uncommon) | | Wurmple (Uncommon) | | Cascoon (Uncommon) | | Silcoon (Rare) | [bugsy]

Before you go anywhere, you need to go to the right. You'll see an empty patch in the grass. Stand next to it, face it, and press A to get a free Potion. Exit the woods and go south a bit. Get the Poke Ball, then re-enter the woods and go west. North of there lies a battle.

| Slakoth (Rare) | o---------------------------------o Bug Catcher Lyle Wurmple, Lv.3 (x4) Money: 48 Get the Parlyz Heal, then follow the linear path. You'll see a guy, Devon Researcher, wandering around, looking for a Shroomish. We're going to be on our way, now... Just kidding. An impatient Team Aqua Grunt feels like ambushing the Devon Researcher right here in the woods and stealing some very important stuff! The Devon Researcher hides behind you and asks you to step up and lay the smackdown on this guy. Let's do it. Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena, Lv.9 Money: 180 After being defeated, Great Ball as thanks. a little while before gift - or free money. Bug Catcher James Nincada, Lv.6 (x2) Money: 96 Grab the Ether and leave through the north exit. Ah, sunshine! =============== 4c. To Rustboro =============== [scysf] the grunt will flee. Devon Researcher will give you a These babies are a step up from Poke Balls, and it'll be you can buy these in a store, so you can consider this a Continue on your journey.

We're almost there, but we still have to take on the other half of Route 104. Pick up the berries next to where you emerged, then go behind the building. There, face the first empty patch you should see and press A for a Poke Ball. Pick up the visible Potion, then stand next to the empty patch two squares northeast of the Potion. Press A for a Super Potion. o------------------------------------o | PRETTY PETAL FLOWER SHOP SHOP LIST | o------------------------------------o | Red Plant....................$3000 | | Tropical Plant...............$3000 | | Pretty Flowers...............$3000 | | Colorful Plant...............$5000 | | Big Plant....................$5000 | | Gorgeous Plant...............$5000 | o------------------------------------o What she has in stock: Go back and go in the building. This is the Pretty Petal Flower Shop, but it isn't open yet. It will open once you get your third Badge. Talk to the girl at the top and she'll give you the Wailmer Pail, which is what you need to water berries and make them grow. If you talk to the girl on the right, she will give you a berry. You can talk to this girl once a day to get a berry.

Cheri - Pecha - Aspear - Persim Funny how I failed to mention this before, but there's a guy standing right outside this shop who will give you TM09, Bullet Seed, for free. Time to get down to business - massacring Trainers.

Rich Boy Winston Zigzagoon, Lv.7 Money: 1400 Twins Gia & Mia Lotad/Seedot, Lv.6 Money: 144

Lass Haley Lotad, Lv.6; Shroomish, Lv.6 Money: 96 Fisherman Ivan Magikarp, Lv.5 (x2); Magikarp, Lv.7 Money: 280

o-------------------------------------------o / Gia & Mia won't fight you unless you have / / two able-to-battle Pokemon on your team. / o-------------------------------------------o Talk to the old lady next to Ivan and she will give you a Chesto Berry. When you get near the city, instead go right and get into the area between the fence and the trees. Follow this path to get an X Defend, then backtrack and enter the city. ================= 4d. Rustboro City ================= o-------------------------o | RUSTBORO CITY SHOP LIST | o-------------------------o | Poke Ball..........$200 | | Potion.............$300 | | Super Potion.......$700 | | Antidote...........$100 | | Parlyz Heal........$200 | | Escape Rope........$550 | | Repel..............$350 | | X Speed............$350 | | X Attack...........$500 | | X Defend...........$550 | o-------------------------o [grfbo] We can finally buy Super Potions now, but you may not necessarily need to purchase them over Potions because of low HP. Go into the first building on your left. Go to the second floor and talk to the boy to get a Premier Ball. Go into the house west of the Pokemon Center and speak with the guy there for HM01, Cut. You can't use it out of battle yet, but get it anyway. Go into the Pokemon Trainer's School and talk to the teacher at the front to get a Quick Claw.

A little north of there you'll find Rustboro's Gym. To the right of that is a house containing a guy who will trade you his Seedot for your Ralts. You can find your own Seedot much later, so only do this trade if you're really that desperate to have one right now. Now we're ready to head into the Gym. ================= 4e. Boss: Roxanne ================= [oleem]

Before we actually tackle Roxanne, we need to get past her wall of lowly Gym Trainers. There are only three of them, and the first one is right in front of you. Youngster Josh Geodude, Lv.10 Money: 160 Now here's the fun part. A new feature in Pokemon Emerald is that if you enter the sight of two Trainers, they will both challenge you for a Double Battle.

If you only have one able-bodied Pokemon to battle with, though, you'll just fight one Trainer, then the other one immediately. These team battles will be pointed out like it is below. Youngster Tommy Geodude, Lv.8 (x2) <- Team Battle! -> Money: 428 Hiker Marc Geodude, Lv.8 (x2)

Also, you can also choose to just fight one Trainer at a time by directly speaking to that Trainer. Once you've blazed through this yawn-fest, heal if you need to, then come back and save your game. Ready to fight your first boss? My Pokemon: o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o | Marshtomp | 16 | o------------o-----o Roxanne's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Geodude | 12 | Geodude | 12 | Nosepass | 15 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 1500

If you have a Water-type attack at your disposal (Water Gun more than likely), use that and kill off the Geodude in one shot. Nosepass is pure Rock, so no easy pickings there. It has an Oran Berry attached to it, and Roxanne has two Potions at her disposal. Each of her Pokemon know Rock Tomb, a Rock-type attack that will lower Speed by 1 level with each hit. Defeat Roxanne to earn the Stone Badge, the ability to use Cut out of battle, and TM39, Rock Tomb. =================== 5. The Second Badge =================== Major Objectives ---------------* Save the Devon Researcher... again. * Earn your second Badge. Not a whole lot to do... Now that you can use Cut out of battle, teach it to one of your Pokemon, or just get a Cut slave. Nincada's a good bet, and we can get one in about 30 seconds. Leaving the Gym, we find that a Team Aqua Grunt is making off with some Goods. Devon Researcher begs him not to, but by then, the grunt is long gone. Follow the Devon Researcher to the end of Rustboro City, but go right instead (you can't explore Route 115 right now). Devon Researcher will ask you to retrieve the stolen goods, and you have no choice but to agree. Head right to Route 116. [nkbaj]

====================== 5a. Brendan the Savior ====================== o---------------------------o | ROUTE 116 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Taillow (Common) | | Whismur (Common) | | Abra (Uncommon) | | Nincada (Uncommon) | | Poochyena (Rare) | | Skitty (Rare) | o---------------------------o

[pekoh] Here's our Nincada. Catch one and teach it Cut if no one else can learn it. Abra's a tricky one to catch, since all it knows is Teleport. Use a Great Ball if you still have any to increase your chances of catching it. Route 116 is also the location of many Trainers that are more than willing to take half your money.

Start by going through the bottom path. Get the Repel and fight. Keep going. Bug Catcher Jose Wurmple, Lv.8; Nincada, Lv.8 Money: 128 Youngster Johnson <- Team Battle! - > Shroomish, Lv.8; Lotad, Lv.8 Money: 448 Hiker Clark Geodude, Lv.8 Money: 320 When you get to the cave, continue right and pick up the X Special from the plateau. Then return to the entrance and hear about this old guy, Briney, and his darling little Wingull, Peeko. Turns out that the grunt we're after also ganked Peeko. Everyone's lucky we're so nice. Go into Rusturf Tunnel. o--------------------------------o | RUSTURF TUNNEL POKEMON LISTING | o--------------------------------o | Whismur (Always) | o--------------------------------o Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena, Lv.11 Money: 220 Afterwards, he forks over the goods, and Mr. Briney will take Peeko. You can't go right because some rocks are in your way, so leave from where you came. This time, on your way back, use Cut and take the upper path. There are more Trainers and items for you. Lady Sarah Lotad/Zigzagoon, Lv.8 School Kid Jerry Ralts, Lv.9 <- Team Battle! -> Rich Boy Dawson Money: 3200 Zigzagoon/Poochyena, Lv.8 <- Team Battle! -> Lass Janice Money: 324 Marill, Lv.9 Yep, the only Pokemon here is Whismur. Pick up the Poke Ball. The grunt will back off a little, but when you talk to him, he'll start a fight. School Kid Karen Shroomish, Lv.9 Money: 180 Hiker Devan Geodude, Lv.8 (x2)

Pick up the berries and the Ether west of Jerry and Janice. Hop the ledge. Youngster Joey Machop, Lv.9

Money: 144 When you get back into the city, the Devon Researcher will give you another Great Ball as thanks. He'll also take you to see the president of Devon Corporation, but not before asking you to deliver those goods yourself to a Captain Stern in Slateport City. The president will ask you to deliver a letter to one Steven in Dewford Town. He'll also heal your Pokemon and give you the PokeNav as an incentive to be his errand boy. Leave Devon Corporation and a worker will stop you. He'll take the PokeNav and tweak on it a little, then tell you about the new thing he added - Match Call. Match Call is similar to the phone function of the PokeNav in the metal games. When you beat certain Trainers, you will register them in Match Call. They'll call you periodically to either ask for a rematch or just spill random banter. From this point on, Trainers whose names have an asterisk next to them mean that they will be registered in Match Call upon defeat. Go back to Route 116 and register Karen and Jerry. To get to Dewford Town, our first destination, you'll need access to a boat. Mr. Briney used to be a sailor, so we need to visit him in his house by Petalburg City. Let's get going. ================ 5b. May Battle 2 ================ [mfrbc]

On your way out of Rustboro City, you'll see May standing there. Talk to her, and you'll register her in Match Call. She'll then ask if you want to fight. If you tell her no, she'll just babble at you and leave you be. If you talk to her again, she'll ask if you want to fight. Say yes and get ready for free EXP. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o | Marshtomp | 19 | o------------o-----o May's Pokemon: Find your starter. May's team is in the column below it. o---------------o---------------o---------------o | Treecko | Torchic | Mudkip | <- Which one's your starter? o---------------o---------------o---------------o |Lotad........13|Slugma.......13|Wingull......13| Money: 900 |Torchic......15|Mudkip.......15|Treecko......15| o---------------o---------------o---------------o Lotad has only two weaknesses, and you should already have one of them at your disposal. A Wing Attack or two should do the job. No problems at all. Torkoal is easily taken care of because it is horrendously

slow. Water Gun will make short work of it. Unless you traded a Pokemon in from Ruby or Sapphire, you don't have any Electric-type moves at your disposal. You can use Bide and pay back Wingull's damage if you like, or just stick with Tackle (if you still have it). Torchic's no threat, use Water Gun. Water-types mean Ember does no damage. Mudkip is easy, too. It doesn't have that double weakness thing going on, but if you have a Shroomish, Absorb means you win. Treecko can also easily be taken care of with a Wingull of your own, should you have one. Wing Attack is strong and will OHKO it if your Wingull is a high enough level. =========================== 5c. Mr. Briney's Compassion =========================== [87/97]

Okay, now we're ready to hitch a ride south. There are a few things to do on your way to Mr. Briney's place, so listen up. On Route 104, register Haley in Match Call. Cut the tree next to her and get an X Accuracy. In Petalburg Woods, go left and register James. Cut the trees to your right and talk to the girl there. She will give you the Miracle Seed, Grass's power-up item. Each type has at least one hold item that raises the power of its respective type's moves. Don't equip them. They're just a waste of time, because the amount it does increase the damage by is so insignificant that you'd barely, if ever, notice a difference. Throw them in your PC and don't let them see the light of day. There's a visible Great Ball to the right of her. Jump the ledges and examine the empty patch in the grass, found in the lower left corner. It's a Tinymushroom. Left of that is a visible X Attack. And a tip from Zach Asselstine: " And, in the 5c. Mr. Brineys Compassion, in the Petalburg Woods, there are 2 tinymushrooms, once you cut down the 2 trees, the first patch of grass has an arch 2 tiles up. Examine the last tile there for the second(or in my case, first) mushroom." When you emerge, register Cindy and Winston. Mr. Briney's house is here, but continue right. Pass through Petalburg City and register Calvin on Route 102. Go home and register your mom. Now go back to Mr. Briney's house and speak with him. Tell him yes and you'll start sailing. On the way to Dewford, Norman will call, and you will register him in Match Call. After that, you will make land in Dewford. ================ 5d. Dewford Town ================ [tinpm]

Dewford Town has no Poke Mart. Enter the house in front of you and talk to the guy on the right to get a Silk Scarf, one of Normal's power-up items.

If you talk to the young man between the Pokemon Center and Dewford Hall, you will hear the trendy saying. You can pick two words or phrases and change this saying anytime you like. Doing so will change the six tiles on which Feebas will appear on Route 119. The tiles are not set with each phrase, so if you and your friend have the same trendy phrase, you won't necessarily find Feebas on the same tiles. Of course, I find it infinitely easier to trade a Feebas or Milotic from Ruby or Sapphire into Emerald and breed to get more. No point in suffering needlessly, right? Talk to the fisherman next to the Gym and tell him yes to get the Old Rod. ================ 5e. Boss: Brawly ================ [rochf]

When you get into this Gym, you will find that the entire place is pitch dark, with the exception of you and your immediate surrounding area. The Gym will get brighter when you defeat the Trainers inside, so let's get crackin'. Hug the east wall and go right. When you can go down, do it. Battle Girl Laura Meditite, Lv.13 Money: 312 Four steps up and to the right. Then go up. Battle Girl Lilith Meditite, Lv.13 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 728 Sailor Brendan Machop, Lv.13

Go back down and left, then go up and left. Down and left. Black Belt Takao Machop, Lv.13 Money: 416 Now go right and up. Black Belt Cristian Makuhita, Lv.13 Money: 416 Simply go right and up a little, then right. Battle Girl Jocelyn Meditite, Lv.13 Money: 312 Go left, taking the upper path, to reach Brawly. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o | Marshtomp | 21 | o------------o-----o

Brawly's* Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Machop | 16 | Meditite | 16 | Makuhita | 19 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 1900

Machop isn't that much of a threat; dispose of it quickly. Meditite knows Focus Punch, which will murder your Pokemon if it hits. When fighting Meditite, do not use any moves that do not cause damage, unless you want to die. Makuhita has Vital Throw, which never misses, but goes second. If you have a Kirlia, use Confusion to put Makuhita in its place. Defeat Brawly to earn the Knuckle Badge, the ability to use Flash out of battle, and TM08, Bulk Up. ================== 6. The Third Badge ================== Major Objectives ---------------* * * * Hand over the president's letter. Deliver the Devon Goods to Captain Stern. Trek to Mauville City. Earn your third Badge. [dybaj]

The path to badge number three is fairly long. There are tons of Trainers for you to decimate and lots of Pokemon to be caught. Let's not waste any time. ================ 6a. Granite Cave ================ [dltss]

Get a Pokemon that can learn Flash. Abra, Nincada, and Skitty on Route 116 are good choices, as well as Ralts on Route 102. Head out to Route 106. There are two Trainers for you to battle here. Fisherman Ned Tentacool, Lv.11 Money: 440 Fisherman Elliot Magikarp, Lv.10 (x2); Tentacool, Lv.7 Money: 400

Follow the shore on the path above Elliot to the last square. Press A to become one Poke Ball richer. Enter Granite Cave. o------------------------------o | GRANITE CAVE POKEMON LISTING | o------------------------------o | Zubat (Common) | | Makuhita (Common) | | Aron (Common) | | Abra (Uncommon) | | Geodude (Uncommon) | | Sableye (Rare) | | Nosepass (Rare) | o------------------------------o Talk to the Hiker near the entrance and he will give you HM05, Flash. Flash is arguably the most horrible move in existence. Teach it to a garbage Pokemon you don't care about. I don't care what anyone says, Flash has no business being anywhere on anyone's team. Aron will not appear on the ground floor, so you'll have to go down the ladder to find it. Make sure you pick up the Escape Rope first.

Use Flash. If you go up and right a little, you'll see an odd thing. This is a sandy slope, and you'll find that you can't go up it. To do that, you will need

the Mach Bike. You will have a bicycle by the time you get the third badge, so fret not. Go straight down from here and you'll find a Poke Ball. Get back on the path and go down the ladder at its end. This is the only spot where you can find Sableye. You'll also see rocks that can be smashed. Breaking them is the only way to get Nosepass, but right now you can't do that yet - you'll have to come back once you've earned the right. Follow the path until you are going right again. You'll see an odd-shaped rock on a plateau. Examine this rock to get an Everstone. Go to the end of the path and go up the ladder. Then go up the ladder to your left. You will be back on the ground floor. Go all the way left and into the lighted door. A man is standing in this room. Speak to him, and he will introduce himself. My name is STEVEN. I'm interested in rare stones, so I travel here and there. Oh? A LETTER for me? [Name] handed over the LETTER. STEVEN: Okay, thank you. You went through all this trouble to deliver that. I need to thank you. Let me see... I'll give you this TM. It contains my favorite move, STEEL WING. Obtained the TM47! [Name] put away the TM47 in the TMs & HMs POCKET. STEVEN: Your POKEMON appear quite capable. If you keep training, you could even become the CHAMPION of the POKEMON LEAGUE one day. That's what I think. I know, since we've gotten to know each other, let's register one another in our POKENAVS. ... ... ... ... ... ... Registered STEVEN in the POKENAV. Now, I've got to hurry along. He will leave, and you should do the same. Leave this room and jump the ledge to the right. Leave via the entrance. ================== 6b. Life's a Beach ================== [dnudy]

I'm almost willing to bet money that it's time-based, or step-based, but shortly after emerging from Granite Cave, Roxanne called me and told me she'd like to fight me once she trains her Pokemon some more. If you want, you can tell Mr. Briney to take you back to Petalburg. Walk back to Rustboro City and go see Devon Corporation's president. As thanks for delivering his letter, he will fork over the Experience Share. This item, when

held, will automatically take half the experience points earned and give them to the holder of this item. The other half is evenly distributed between the rest of the battlers, even if the holder of Exp. Share participated. Or you could do it later. It's up to you, really. Go back to Mr. Briney and have him take you to Slateport. If you went back to Rustboro, you'll have to sail to Dewford Town before sailing to Slateport. Just talk to him again. When you get to Slateport Beach, start by going to the right. Talk to the little girl and she'll give you the Soft Sand, Ground's power-up item. Go left and battle the sailor. Sailor Huey Wingull, Lv.12; Machop, Lv.12 Money: 384 If you enter the sailor's and the tuber's shared tile of sight, you will get jumped... by another tuber hiding under the umbrella! Sneaky kids! Tuber Ricky <- Team Battle! -> Tuber Hailey Zigzagoon, Lv.13 Money: 104 Marill, Lv.13 o-------------------------------o / Ricky's Zigzagoon knows Surf! / o-------------------------------o But wait! What would happen if you picked off Hailey, then entered Ricky's and the sailor's shared tile of sight? Yep. That's right. Another Double Battle. Tuber Ricky* <- Team Battle! -> Sailor Edmond Zigzagoon, Lv.13 Money: 468 Wingull, Lv.13 Hm... third possibility. If you took Ricky out, and then entered Hailey and Edmond's shared tile of sight, would you fight them both? Yes. Sailor Edmond Wingull, Lv.13 <- Team Battle! -> Tuber Hailey Money: 468 Marill, Lv.13

Defeat them in any order you wish. It is possible that you will fight Edmond and Hailey first, and then Ricky if you didn't defeat him. Pick up the Potion near the old man and his Zigzagoon to your right, then go left and enter the Seashore House. Mr. Sea, the owner, will reward you if you can manage to defeat the three Trainers inside. Seems easy enough. Let's get crackin'! Start with the tuber to your right upon entrance. Tuber Simon Azurill, Lv.12; Marill, Lv.12 Money: 48 Go straight up and take on the lady. Beauty Johanna Goldeen, Lv.13 Money: 1040

Two down, one to go! Sailor Dwayne Wingull, Lv.11; Machop, Lv.11; Tentacool, Lv.11 Money: 352 That was easy. Talk to Mr. Sea and he'll reward you with six bottles of Soda Pop. Not a bad prize... he could have just shown you the door. He'll sell you Soda Pop at $300 a bottle after this. Soda Pop heals 10 HP more than Super Potions do, and it costs less than half the cost of a Super Potion! Buy them! Right, you're done here. Get out and go north into Slateport City. ================== 6c. Slateport City ================== o----------------------------o | SLATEPORT MARKET SHOPS | o----------------------------o [hsbc?]

o------------------o | Southernmost man | o------------------o---------o The southernmost man | Azurill Doll.........$3000 | has three dolls for | Marill Doll..........$3000 | sale. You can't sell | Skitty Doll..........$3000 | them back to him, so o----------------------------o make sure you know what you want to buy before you buy them. These are items for your Secret Base. What's a Secret Base, you ask? You'll find out... later. Buy them if you want, or come back once you have more spare cash. o------------------o | Northernmost man | <o------------------o------o | Red Brick..........$500 | | Blue Brick.........$500 | | Yellow Brick.......$500 | | Red Balloon........$500 | | Blue Balloon.......$500 | | Yellow Balloon.....$500 | | C Low Note Mat.....$500 | | D Note Mat.........$500 | | E Note Mat.........$500 | | F Note Mat.........$500 | | G Note Mat.........$500 | | A Note Mat.........$500 | | B Note Mat.........$500 | | C High Note Mat....$500 | o-------------------------o

o--------------------o | Energy Guru | o--o--------------------o | Protein.........$9800 | | Iron............$9800 | | Carbos..........$9800 | | Zinc............$9800 | | Calcium.........$9800 | | HP Up...........$9800 | o-----------------------o

This guy only starts selling you stuff after you have received TM43, Secret Power. They're all items for your Secret Base. The Bricks are used to hold one small doll. The Balloons pop when you step on them, and water comes out. Just leave your base and they will be fixed again. o-------------------o This guy will also start -> | Easternmost man | selling to you once you o--o-------------------o get TM43. | TM10...........$3000 | | TM43...........$3000 | o----------------------o

At the northern end of Slateport Market, you'll see a woman satanding near another guy in an apron. Talk to her, and she'll give you the Powder Jar so you can crush berries. Berry Crush can only be done with FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald, and the Wireless Adapter is necessary to do so. o--------------------------o | SLATEPORT CITY SHOP LIST | o--------------------------o | Poke Ball...........$200 | | Great Ball..........$600 | Get a Harbor Mail. Buy one, right now. Do it. You'll want one later, and you'll hate yourself if you don't do it right now! Great Balls are finally available to be bought,

| Potion..............$300 | | Super Potion........$700 | | Antidote............$100 | | Parlyz Heal.........$200 | | Escape Rope.........$550 | | Repel...............$350 | | Harbor Mail..........$50 | o--------------------------o Wait, what?

so if you plan on catching the wild Pokemon on the upcoming routes, you'll definitely want to buy a few. The Pokemon Fan Club is west of the Poke Mart. The man next to the Azumarill will offer to teach one of your Pokemon how to use Swagger.

This is a Move Tutor, one of several in Hoenn. Each Move Tutor will offer to teach one of your Pokemon a certain move... once. In comparison, they are living, breathing TMs. It's suggested to never use Move Tutors until you are finished with the game, because these moves cannot be passed on via breeding unless the Pokemon has the move listed as an Egg Move. If you plan on doing some leveling in the next area, you're going to want to pick up some Parlyz Heals. Enough about that. Time to actually progress. By now I'm sure you've noticed the long line of Team Aqua members in front of the museum (they, being the manly (sexy where applicable), respectable villains they are, are each paying the fee to get in the museum). We need to go to the building just south of that, to Stern's Shipyard. Enter and go straight up, you'll see a guy. This is Dock. He's designing a ferry... but who cares about him, where's Captain Stern? Dock has no clue. Thanks for nothing. Get out of this place. Oh, look. The Team Aqua members are inside the museum now, so you can enter! ================== 6d. Oceanic Museum ================== It costs $50 to get in. Pay it, you have no choice. If you talk to the grunt who's closest to the entrance, he will recognize you. Who is this guy? He's the goon "you thumped before, remember?" In an effort to gain your forgiveness, he will fork over TM46, Thief. Then he takes off. Go upstairs, save, and talk to the guy. Sweet, we meet Capt. Stern at last. But wait! Two Team Aqua Grunts come upstairs and demand the Devon Goods! Fight! Team Aqua Grunt Carvanha, Lv.15 Money: 300 Fight again! Team Aqua Grunt Zubat, Lv.14; Carvanha, Lv.14 Money: 280 After you boss will upstairs, the Devon thrash the second grunt, they will start worrying about what their do to them. As if on cue, Archie, leader of Team Aqua, will come talk some smack, then vanish. Then, at long last, you will deliver Goods. Free healing! [fmtgi]

You can leave at anytime, so go - oh, what? It's that guy in sunglasses, the

guy that dissed you earlier! Time to show this guy what for. Er... no, apparently not. He introduces himself as Scott, and you will register him in your PokeNav. He wants to look at the talents of other Trainers, so he takes off. Pfft. At least he didn't diss you this time. If you didn't go to the Battle Tent before coming to the Oceanic Museum, Scott will come out of the Battle Tent if you try to go in and urge you to take the challenge. Even if you don't want to, go inside and talk to the sailor. He, like, will give you TM41, Torment. For more information on Battle Tents in general, see section 16. Okay. You're finished with Slateport City. Did you get a Harbor Mail? If you didn't, get your butt to the Poke Mart and buy one. ====================== 6e. Route 110 (1 of 2) ====================== o---------------------------o | ROUTE 110 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Poochyena (Common) | | Gulpin (Common) | | Electrike (Common) | | Minun (Uncommon) | | Plusle (Rare) | | Wingull (Rare) | | Oddish (Rare) | o---------------------------o Pokefan Isabel* Plusle/Minun, Lv.14 [tvlc1]

This route's huge. It splits off onto a smaller route, and it is also home to Cycling Road, which you cannot access yet. If you go north a bit, Professor Birch will appear. You will register him in your PokeNav, so now you can get your Pokedex rated any time! Time to beat on the Trainers. Pokefan Kaleb Minun/Plusle, Lv.14

<- Team Battle! -> Money: 2240

Head west onto Route 103. Talk to the lady to continue your training. Aroma Lady Daisy Shroomish, Lv.14; Roselia, Lv.14 Money: 560 Keep going left, battle the twins, then the guy. Twins Amy & Liv* Plusle/Minun, Lv.15 Money: 360 Pokefan Miguel* Skitty, Lv.15 Money: 1200

Now give the angry fisherman another reason to be angry. Fisherman Andrew Magikarp, Lv.5; Magikarp, Lv.15; Tentacool, Lv.10 Money: 600 Go back to where Daisy's standing. Cut the tree there and walk into the middle. Black Belt Rhett Makuhita, Lv.15 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 960 Guitarist Marcos Voltorb, Lv.15

Pick up the PP Up. Go behind the trees and get the berries, then continue left and get the Guard Special.

Now we're ready to tackle this long route. At the fork, you will see a house. This is the Trick House, a house where a strange, balding man will set up various challenges for you to beat, called Tricks. There are eight Tricks in all, and at present, you can only do the first one. You'll need Cut to do it. For more information regarding the Trick House, see section 16. Pick up the Dire Hit once you're back on Route 110, then beat the little kid. Youngster Timmy Aron, Lv.15; Electrike, Lv.13 Money: 208 Save your game. Head up and see a familiar face. ================ 6f. May Battle 3 ================ My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Kirlia | 20 | Koffing | 20 | Manectric | 26 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailmer | 25 | Trapinch | 20 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o May's Pokemon: Find your starter. May's team is in the column below it. o---------------o---------------o---------------o | Treecko | Torchic | Mudkip | <- Which one's your starter? o---------------o---------------o---------------o |Lombre.......18|Slugma.......18|Wingull......18| |Wingull......18|Lombre.......18|Slugma.......18| Money: 1200 |Combusken....20|Marshtomp....20|Grovyle......20| o---------------o---------------o---------------o I traded these winners from my Ruby game. Remember stomping the crap out of Lotad before? Same thing applies here. Bring out Wingull against Combusken or Marshtomp to pretty much ensure your victory against them. Water Gun the chicken and Wing Attack on the mud fish. Any Water-type will do against Slugma... No Fire-types yet, so you'll have to rely on Flying if you want to pick on Grovyle's weakness. After the fight, she will reward your training efforts with the Itemfinder. This nifty little doo-dah gives out a little sound if you use it and you're near an item on the ground. It also points you in the direction of the item. [mf110]

She'll get on a bike and ride away. I bet you want one, too, huh? ====================== 6g. Route 110 (2 of 2) ====================== Continue north and you'll see two guys who are... doing something. Walk between them, eh? Collector Edwin* Lombre/Nuzleaf, Lv.14 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1288 Guitarist Joseph Electrike/Voltorb, Lv.14 [tvlc2]

Head right and you'll see an item ball. If you go to take it, you get jumped. Psychic Edward Abra, Lv.15 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 960 Triathlete Alyssa Magnemite, Lv.15

Now you can take the item, which is an Elixir. Sweet. Keep going up and you'll see a dood by the water. Fight him, Fishermen are always easy. Fisherman Dale Tentacool, Lv.11 (x2); Wailmer, Lv.14 (x2) Money: 560 ================= 6h. Mauville City ================= [gfqlb]

o-------------------------o Mauville's Poke Mart is right near the southern | MAUVILLE CITY SHOP LIST | entrance to the city. Before going there, enter o-------------------------o the house that's to its left. Inside is a girl | Poke Ball..........$200 | who will give you the Coin Case if you have a | Great Ball.........$600 | Harbor Mail in your inventory. If you didn't get | Super Potion.......$700 | one back in Slateport, hit yourself on the face. | Antidote...........$100 | | Parlyz Heal........$200 | Below the house to the right of the Poke Mart is a | Awakening..........$250 | hole in the fence. Go in this hole and pick up the | Repel..............$350 | free X Speed. Now go into the house and talk to | X Speed............$350 | the guy - er, the dude - and he will fork over | X Attack...........$500 | HM06, Rock Smash. | X Defend...........$550 | | Guard Special......$700 | Now go up to the main road of the city and enter | Dire Hit...........$650 | the shop to the right of the bikes. This shop is | X Accuracy.........$950 | Rydel's Cycles, and it's where you're going to get o-------------------------o your bike. Tell him you came from far away, and he will generously offer to give you one of his bikes. You can choose between the Mach Bike and the Acro Bike. The Mach Bike is useful because you will travel extremely quickly, you can cross cracked floors, and you can go up sandy slopes (like the one in Granite Cave). The downside is that it's hard to turn corners because you're going so fast, you cannot do tricks like the Acro Bike can, and the Mach Bike is not terrain-friendly. The Acro Bike maintains a constant speed all the time. It's like running without holding B Button. You can do simple tricks by using B Button and the DPad. You can cross over white bars that you'll see later in the game using the Acro Bike, and you can also hop up small stones by bunny hopping (hold B while not moving).

You can change bikes at any time by simply talking to Rydel. Inside the Pokemon Center, you'll find a guy with funky-colored hair. This guy's hair color depends on the last digit of your Trainer ID, and he does different stuff with each hair style. If the last digit of your Trainr ID is... ...0 or 1, you'll have the Bard. This guy "sings." You will be able to change just one word of this song, and then he will sing it again. Once you change a word, you can't alter it any more. ...2 or 3, you'll have the Hipster. He will tell you a hip word or phrase to be put in the word bank. ...4 or 5, you'll have the Trader. He'll offer to swap a Secret Base decoration with you. Whatever you trade him will stay in his inventory, so when you mix records, whoever you mix records with will get what he had before plus your item. ...6 or 7, he will tell stories about different people. ...8 or 9, he will ramble and ask you questions. So what happens when you mix records? The person you mix records with gets the effects what you just did, and then they can do it themselves. For example, if you change a word to the song (0 or 1) and mix records with your friend, who has the hip phrase guy (2 or 3), you will get the hip phrase guy and your friend will get your altered song. Your friend can then edit the song and mix records again, so he will get the hip phrase guy back (plus another new word or phrase to use) and you will get the edited version of your altered song. What else changes when you mix records? See section 28. The fat man near the Gym is a Move Tutor who will teach the move Rollout to one of your Pokemon. Since we're near the Gym, let's head inside. No, wait, there's a small boy in the way. Could have sworn we've seen him before. White shirt... pea soup green hair... oh, it's Wally! He wants to challenge this Gym, but his uncle steps in to lay down the law. Wally desperately wants to prove himself to his uncle, so he asks you to have a battle with him. It's such an easy fight, I'm not even going to give him a section of his own. PKMN Trainer Wally Ralts, Lv.16 Money: 960 It should take no more than one hit to drop Ralts, two if you accidentally chose the wrong move. After the fight, Wally's uncle will ask you to visit Wally in Verdanturf Town to the west. We'll be doing that, but not right now. After they leave, Scott will show up and sing your praises. Yeah, after the stuff he pulled back in Petalburg, he had better. We're done as far as the story goes. If you want information on the Game Corner, check section 17.

There's just one small thing you should do before battling Wattson, and that's to open up Cycling Road. By 'open up,' I simply mean beat all the Trainers. Better to do it now when the experience is worth it. ================ 6i. Cycling Road ================ [vrum!]

To get on Cycling Road, you will need a bike. Either one will do, but you will need the Mach Bike if you want to do the time trial. Follow the path, fighting Trainers as you go. The first girl won't fight, but the second one will. Triathlete Abigail* Magnemite, Lv.16 Money: 640 Triathlete Benjamin* Magnemite, Lv.16 Money: 640 Triathlete Anthony Magnemite, Lv.14 (x2) Money: 560 Triathlete Jasmine Magnemite, Lv.14 (x2); Voltorb, Lv.6 Money: 240

Triathlete Jacob Voltorb, Lv.6 (x2); Magnemite, Lv.14 Money: 560 ================= 6j. Boss: Wattson ================= [pitaf]

There are electrical fields blocking your path. To change the locations of the field, you step on the bolt-shaped switches. Start by battling the two people to the left of the entrance. Battle Girl Vivian Meditite, Lv.17 (x2) <- Team Battle! -> Money: 952 Guitarist Kirk Elecktrike/Voltorb, Lv.17

Step on the switch. Go up and battle the little boy. Youngster Ben Zigzagoon, Lv.17; Gulpin, Lv.17 Money: 272 Step on the switch. Go down via the right side, right and up. Step on the switch and fight. Bug Maniac Angelo <- Team Battle! -> Illumise/Volbeat, Lv.17 Money: 1564 Guitarist Shawn Voltorb/Magnemite, Lv.17

Go up and battle Wattson. If you need to heal, do so. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Kirlia | 23 | Koffing | 23 | Manectric | 26 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailmer | 25 | Trapinch | 23 |

o------------o-----o------------o-----o Wattson's* Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Voltorb | 20 | Electrike | 20 | Magneton | 22 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Manectric | 24 | o------------o-----o

Money: 2400

If you want an automatic win, bring out a Ground-type with a Ground move, like Geodude with Magnitude. Sure, Wattson has a little bit of anti-Electric measures, but none of then step to the awesome of Ground. Each of Wattson's Pokemon know Shock Wave, which never misses as long as the foe is on screen. It may never miss, but immunity still applies, so just bust out your Ground-type. Easy like Sunday morning. Defeat Wattson to earn the Dynamo Badge, the ability to use Rock Smash out of battle, and TM34, Shock Wave. =================== 7. The Fourth Badge =================== Major Objectives ---------------* Complete Rusturf Tunnel. * Stop Team Magma! * Earn your fourth Badge. You will register Wattson in your PokeNav after the battle. Now that we have our third Badge, we're ready to get out of here, but which way? Mauville City has four different routes leading out of the city, one in each compass direction. If you so choose, you can visit the Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104. There's a girl outside who will give you a White Herb. The shop is also open. For now, we're going to head right, to Route 118. You can't explore most of it, but the battles here are designed to fight right now, while the experience is more valuable. Re-heal if you need to, then go to Route 118. Walk between the two Trainers. Aroma Lady Rose* <- Team Battle! -> Youngster Deandre Roselia (x2)/Shroomish, Lv.14 Money: 784 Zigzagoon/Aron/Electrike, Lv.14 Go right and fight the Trainers. Fisherman Wade Tentacool, Lv.16 Money: 640 Guitarist Dalton* Magnemite/Whismur, Lv.15 Money: 480 [htbaj]

Now we're going to Verdanturf Town to open up Rusturf Tunnel, so get moving. Wally should call shortly and you will register him. How did he register you in the first place? Whatever. Continue to Route 117. Make sure you have a Pokemon that knows Rock

Smash. =============================== 7a. Operation Tunnel Completion =============================== [mbltn]

o---------------------------o The first building you see is the Day-Care. If | ROUTE 117 POKEMON LISTING | you leave one of your Pokemon with the woman, it o---------------------------o will gain 1 experience point for every step you | Poochyena (Common) | take. If you leave two of your Pokemon with her, | Oddish (Common) | those two Pokemon are of different gender, and | Illumise (Uncommon) | are part of the same Egg Group (any group except | Marill (Uncommon) | the No Eggs group), you will get a Lv.5 baby of | Volbeat (Rare) | the female's lowest form. If you use Ditto, who | Seedot (Rare) | can breed with anyone, you'll get whichver one o---------------------------o isn't Ditto. If you make the female (or Ditto if the other parent is male) hold the Everstone, there is a 50% chance the baby will have the same nature as the other parent. This is Emerald only. Also Emerald only is the secret behind Volt Tackle. If you breed two Pikachu, two Raichu, one of each, or pair either Pikachu or Raichu with Ditto, and make something that isn't Ditto hold the Light Ball, then breed, the baby Pichu will know Volt Tackle. Pikachu isn't obtainable yet, so we're just going to wail on some Trainers now. Start with the top path. Fight the girls. Sr. And Jr. Anna & Meg* Zigzagoon, Lv.15/Makuhita, Lv.17 Money: 544 Now go back and take the bottom path this time. Pick the berries and fight your way left. Triathlete Dylan* Doduo, Lv.17 Money: 680 PKMN Breeder Isaac* Whismur/Zigzagoon/Aron/Poochyena/Taillow/Makuhita, Lv.11 Money: 440 Triathlete Maria* Doduo, Lv.17 Money: 680 Going left, you'll see a woman pacing between two others. If you walk between her and whoever she's facing, you'll fight a team battle between the two. Battle Girl Aisha Meditite, Lv.17 Psychic Brandi Ralts, Lv.17 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1088 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1088 Triathlete Melina Doduo, Lv.17 Triathlete Melina Doduo, Lv.17

There's a Revive past the tree you can cut down. Bug Maniac Derek Dustox, Lv.16; Beautifly, Lv.16 Money: 960

Walk through the flowers and pick up the Great Ball on the lower right side. Go all the way left and press A on the last square to get a Repel. Last Trainer! PKMN Breeder Lydia* Wingull/Marill/Goldeen/Shroomish/Roselia/Skitty, Lv.11 Money: 440 We have arrived at our destination! =================== 7b. Verdanturf Town =================== o---------------------------o | VERDANTURF TOWN SHOP LIST | o---------------------------o | Great Ball...........$600 | | Nest Ball...........$1000 | | Super Potion.........$700 | | Antidote.............$100 | | Parlyz Heal..........$200 | | Awakening............$250 | | Burn Heal............$250 | | Ice Heal.............$250 | | Repel................$350 | | X Special............$350 | | Fluffy Tail.........$1000 | o---------------------------o [tditl] For such a small town, Verdanturf has quite a huge selection. You can buy Nest Balls only in Verdanturf. Burn and Ice Heals make their debuts here, but each has limited use. Don't bother buying them. Fluffy Tails are not equip items. You use them in a wild battle and you will flee, at the cost of the Fluffy Tail. As you can see, there is another Battle Tent here. For information regarding Verdanturf's Battle Tent, see section 15b. Enter the cave to the left of the Poke Mart. This is the Verdanturf side of Rusturf Tunnel. We were here before, when we were saving Peeko.

Before we do some more saving, though, go left and outside. Stand two steps below the stairs and take one step left. Press A for the Blackglasses, Dark's power-up item. There's also an HP Up on the plateau, so get that, too. Go back to the entrance and go up. Someone wants to battle you. Hiker Mike Geodude, Lv.16 (x2); Machop, Lv.16 Money: 640 Go straight up and get the Max Ether. Bust the rock below the girl and her boyfriend will reward you with HM04, Strength. Leave through the west exit. Talk to the Devon Researcher and he'll give you a Repeat Ball. Rustboro City's Poke Mart will now carry Repeat and Timer Balls. Leave the cave. Inside the Battle Tent, if you talk to the girl in the upper left corner, she will give you TM45, Attract. There's a girl who will tell you how much your lead Pokemon likes you. She lives in the house in the southwest corner. Next to her is where Wally lives. Nothing of interest is there. All right! We're getting ready to progress. You can complete Trick 2 if you'd like, or you can come back later and do them all once you beat the Elite Four. You can also take the Mach Bike back to Granite Cave (bring an Escape Rope first) and ride up the sandy slope. You'll see a ladder, but it's easier to just fall down a hole to the left. Pick the Repel up, then go up the ladder. You need to cross all the cracks without stopping, and you need to do it while

accelerated. There's a point to stop in the middle, and the second patch of cracked floor has a rock in the middle of it to screw you up and make you fall. Make it to the end and go down the ladder to find a Rare Candy. You can also descend into the cave and break rocks to rarely find Nosepass. That's all. ============= 7c. Route 111 ============= Start things off by having the team battle north of Mauville. Camper Tyron Sandshrew, Lv.19 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1024 Aroma Lady Celina Roselia, Lv.18 [hm6fn]

To the right is Trainer Hill. It isn't open yet, and there is nothing of importance there. Instead, go left and fight the next team battle for an item. Yes, you can go around the trees and get it anyway, but what's the fun in that? Picnicker Bianca Shroomish, Lv.18 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 864 Kindler Hayden Numel, Lv.18

Your reward: an Elixir. If you're up for the challenge, you can talk to the guy in front of the house. He asks if you would like to challenge his family of four in a series of battles, but conveniently forgets to mention that all four battles must be done consecutively. The guy to his right says something on that note, but I'm telling you in case you didn't bother talking to him (and if you're following this walkthrough to the letter, you didn't). His family isn't all that hard, though. Just wait and see. Winstrate Victor Taillow, Lv.16; Zigzagoon, Lv.16 Money: 640 Winstrate Vivi Marill, Lv.15; Shroomish, Lv.15; Numel, Lv.15 Money: 600 Winstrate Victoria Roselia, Lv.17 Money: 680 Winstrate Vicky Meditite, Lv.18 Money: 720

When you're done, go in the house and talk to Victoria. She will give you the Macho Brace because you thwomped her entire family. Continue north and bust the rocks in your way. There's a TV crew just ahead that you should battle. Interviewer Gabby & Ty Whismur/Magnemite, Lv.17 Money: 1632 After the fight, Gabby will ask if you would like to be interviewed. You can tell her one word or phrase - any word or phrase. Doesn't matter. You'll see the interview on TV later. Keep on going. Picnicker Irene Shroomish, Lv.17; Marill, Lv.17 Money: 272 Camper Travis Sandshrew, Lv.18 Money: 288

You'll come to a fork in the road. One path leads up, one leads left. You can't go up, though, since there's a sandstorm and you don't have proper eye protection. Your only choice is to go west to Route 112. o---------------------------o Fifty Numel, one Marill, no lies. Keep fighting.

| ROUTE 112 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o Camper Larry | Numel (Common) | Nuzleaf, Lv.18 | Marill (Rare) | Money: 288 o---------------------------o Picnicker Carol Taillow, Lv.17; Lombre, Lv.17 Money: 272 Go up to the mountain base and fight the Hikers. Hiker Trent* Geodude, Lv.16 (x2)/17 Money: 640 Hiker Brice Numel, Lv.17; Machop, Lv.17 Money: 680

There are two Team Magma goons blocking the path, so you can't use the cable car. Your only option is to go through Fiery Path, entrance to the left. o----------------------------o | FIERY PATH POKEMON LISTING | o----------------------------o | Machop (Common) | | Numel (Common) | | Slugma (Uncommon) | | Koffing (Uncommon) | | Torkoal (Uncommon) | | Grimer (Rare) | o----------------------------o Kindler Bryant Numel/Slugma, Lv.18 There's a side path in this cave to take, but you can't take it because you need to use Strength out of battle, and you can't do that. Not yet. Soon, but not yet. For now, all you can do is just follow it to the end. You will end up on Route 112. Go to the right. These people turn, so you might not get them in a team battle. Aroma Lady Shayla Shroomish/Roselia, Lv.18

<- Team Battle! -> Money: 1296

Okay. Go right and you're back on Route 111, above the desert you can't cross. If you have the Mach Bike, you can gain speed above the desert and go up the sandy slope. A Trainer awaits you to the right. Black Belt Daisuke Machop, Lv.19 Money: 608 Now go back down the sandy slope and continue as normal on Route 111. Cooltrainer Wilton* Electrike, Lv.17; Wailmer, Lv.17; Makuhita, Lv.17 Money: 816 Above this guy is a guy who will give you TM43, Secret Power, if you agree to use it to make your own special room. This special room is called a Secret Base. Large trees like the one you're standing next to can be used for Secret Bases. Each side of the tree is a different Secret Base. The indents in the wall that you've been seeing for the entire game can also be used. Right, now continue on. The house in there contains a lady who will constantly tell you to rest. Just tell her no to continue. The girl next to the berries will give you a Razz Berry every day. Onward!

Cooltrainer Brooke* Wingull, Lv.17; Numel, Lv.17; Roselia, Lv.17 Money: 816 After that, you may proceed to Route 113, which has the best music in the game. ================ 7d. "Colorless?" ================ [tincg]

o---------------------------o Ignore the whiteness that covers the grass for | ROUTE 113 POKEMON LISTING | now. Continue left. o---------------------------o | Spinda (Common) | Youngster Jaylen | Slugma (Uncommon) | Trapinch, Lv.19 | Skarmory (Rare) | Money: 304 o---------------------------o Go up a little and examine the small ash pile for an Ether. Jump the ledge. There are three more yahoos for you to smoke. All three want a fight, and you can slaughter them in any order. All you need to do is walk between the ninja boy and the camper guy. Ninja Boy Lung Koffing/Ninjask, Lv.18 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1296 Pokemaniac Wyatt Aron, Lv.18 (x2)

If you go around, pick up the Super Repel, and take out Wyatt, you'll fight Lung and the camper guy. Ninja Boy Lung Koffing/Ninjask, Lv.18 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 504 Camper Lawrence Baltoy/Sandshrew, Lv.18

Step one step right of Lung and Lawrence and press A to get a Nugget. Now just keep going left. There isn't anything special on this route. Parasol Lady Madeline* Numel, Lv.19 Money: 760 Twins Tori & Tia Spinda/Spinda, Lv.19 Money: 456 Pick up the Max Ether and be on your way. Get in the house and talk to the guy at the top to get the Soot Sack. Now you can collect the ash that covers the grass on Route 113. Take the ash back to this guy and he will make you some flutes using the ash you collect. Each tile of grass counts for 1 ash. Leave the route to restore the grass to its ashy glory. Using Max Repel is helpful when collecting ash. I think the ash items suck big time. Most aren't worth making. o--------o------------o--------------------------------o | COLOR | ASH NEEDED | EFFECT | o--------o------------o--------------------------------o | Blue | 250 | Wakes a sleeping Pokemon. | o--------o------------o--------------------------------o | Yellow | 500 | Gets rid of confusion. | o--------o------------o--------------------------------o | Red | 500 | Destroys attraction. | See? Told you. All these items aren't even worth getting. You only need to buy one flute (they last forever), but if you really want to waste your hard-earned ash

o--------o------------o--------------------------------o | White | 1000 | Encounter rate goes up. | o--------o------------o--------------------------------o | Black | 1000 | Encounter rate goes down. | o--------o------------o--------------------------------o You can also make two items for your Secret Base. o------------------------o------------o | NAME | ASH NEEDED | o------------------------o------------o | PRETTY CHAIR | 6000 | o------------------------o------------o | PRETTY DESK | 8000 | o------------------------o------------o

that badly, at least save it for something a little less sucky (like the items that are listed below).

You might not want these items, either. The Pretty Desk is huge, and takes up a ton of room in your Secret Base. I don't care where it is, I just don't think that the Pretty Desk goes anywhere. The Pretty Chair doesn't even look cool. Phenomenal waste.

Anyway, get out of here and keep on going. See the little boy in the ash? Ninja Boy Lao* Koffing, Lv.17 (x3) Money: 204 Jump the ledge to the left and examine the ash pile for TM32, Double Team. One last fight before the next town. Youngster Dillon Aron, Lv.19 Money: 304 Okay, just kidding. Picnicker Sophie <- Team Battle! -> Bird Keeper Coby Marill, Lv.17; Lombre, Lv.19 Money: 912 Skarmory, Lv.17; Swellow, Lv.19 ================== 7e. Fallarbor Town ================== o--------------------------o | FALLARBOR TOWN SHOP LIST | o--------------------------o | Great Ball..........$600 | | Super Potion........$700 | | Antidote............$100 | | Parlyz Heal.........$200 | | Escape Rope.........$550 | | Super Repel.........$500 | | X Special...........$350 | | X Speed.............$350 | | X Attack............$500 | | X Defend............$550 | | Dire Hit............$650 | | Guard Special.......$700 | o--------------------------o [noghe]

Inside the Poke Mart is a Move Tutor who will teach your Pokemon the art of finger-waggling (Metronome). You can purchase Super Repels now! Sweet monkey. I suggest you pick up a few to keep the wimps at bay. If you go to the PC in the Pokemon Center, you'll find that a woman is in the way. Speak to her and she will introduce herself as Lanette, creator of the Pokemon Storage System on PC. She will invite you to her house on Route 114, then kindly get out of your way. You'll notice there's no Gym in this town.

Yeah, I told you the path was long. Fallarbor Town is about the halfway point between the third and fourth Badges. There's a Battle Tent here, and if you want more information on all the Battle Tents in Hoenn, see section 16.

One of the only houses in Fallarbor Town belongs to Professor Cozmo, and he isn't in at the moment. He went to Meteor Falls with Team Magma... could he be one of them? Who cares, take the invisible Nugget from the crater next to his house. The other house belongs to _the_ Move Tutor, who will teach one of your Pokemon a move it has forgotten that was already naturally learned. Of course, there's a price, albeit a small one - all he wants is a Heart Scale. You don't have any, and you shouldn't have any reason to want to relearn lost moves. Time to head on out. ================ 7f. Meteor Falls ================ [kexdr]

Our next destination is a short walk away, but there are a few Trainers who stand in our way. Silly Trainers, little do they know of the horrible, agonizing defeat that awaits them. Take this guy, for example. Fisherman Nolan Barboach, Lv.19 Money: 760 The guy standing next to a Poochyena will give you TM05, Roar. The house that's near Nolan is home to the Fossil Maniac. He loves fossils. He's in the back, digging a hole, but if you talk to his kid brother, he'll fork over TM28, Dig. o------------------------------------------------------o / Save it. There's only one, and you'll need it later! / o------------------------------------------------------o Don't use it. Not only is it bad in battle, but if you want some legendaries, you're going to need it later. Just leave it in the TMs & HMs Pocket. Okay. Keep on truckin'. There's a team battle on the right side of the water, but the Fisherman might turn and prevent you from doing it. Fisherman Kai Barboach, Lv.19 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1064 Picnicker Charlotte Nuzleaf, Lv.19

Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of a brand new Energypowder. It's really bitter, so your Pokemon will lose happiness points if you feed a bitter item (like the Energypowder) to it. There's a guy on the bridge. I'm not missing him this time. Fight him. Fisherman Claude Magikarp, Lv.16; Barboach, Lv.18; Goldeen, Lv.17 Money: 720 And now the girl just past the bridge. Picnicker Nancy

Marill, Lv.18; Lombre, Lv.18 Money: 288 o---------------------------o | ROUTE 114 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Lotad (Common) | | Swablu (Uncommon) | | Lombre (Rare) | | Seviper (Rare) | o---------------------------o Yeah, wild Pokemon. Go all the way to the left and press A on the last square for a Revive. If you go behind the house - see it? - you can pick up some berries. The guy next to the girls will give you one berry a day. His stock: Wepear - Pinap Challenge the girls. Sr. And Jr. Tyra & Ivy Roselia, Lv.18/Graveler, Lv.20 Money: 640 It's about time you get in that house, isn't it? This is Lanette's house. If you examine her computer, you will find an e-mail from Bill of Kanto. Talk to her and she will apologize for the mess. In exchange for you keeping your yap shut, she will give you a Lotad Doll. South of Lanette's house is a Camper that you may fight if you so wish. Camper Shane Sandshrew, Lv.18; Nuzleaf, Lv.18 Money: 288 And below him, a young man in half a dinosaur suit. Pokemaniac Steve* Aron, Lv.19 Money: 1140 Examine the rock behind him to get a free Carbos. Go up the steps to your left. Smash the rock and collect the Protein, then follow the path counter-clockwise until you get to the next Trainer. Kindler Bernie* Slugma, Lv.18; Wingull, Lv.18 Money: 576 Head south for a team battle. Watch out, the chick turns away occasionally. Run near her to get her attention. Hiker Lucas Geodude/Numel, Lv.18 Death to yodelers. Hiker Lenny Geodude, Lv.18; Machop, Lv.18 Money: 720 Meteor Falls off the port bow! o------------------------------o Go straight up for a Full Heal. <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1008 Picnicker Angelina Lombre/Marill, Lv.18

| METEOR FALLS POKEMON LISTING | o------------------------------o | Zubat (Common) | | Golbat* (Common) | | Solrock (Rare) | | Bagon* (Rare) | o------------------------------o

Go left and you'll see a scene in which Team Magma steals the Meteorite. They will also drop a hint that they're going to use it at Mt. Chimney. Then Team Aqua shows up, just as Team Magma takes off - to Mt. Chimney. Then Team Aqua will give chase to Team Magma, who ran to Mt. Chimney. If you talk to Prof. * - These Pokemon only appear in Cozmo, he will wonder what Team Magma's going Meteor Falls' upper area, which to do at Mt. Chimney. You know, it's the you need Waterfall to get to. oddest thing, but doesn't it sound like Not only do you not have everyone in Meteor Falls is trying to tell Waterfall, but you can't use it you to go somewhere? I wonder where that out of battle yet, either. place could be... Go all the way left and up the steps to find the _ONLY MOON STONE IN EMERALD_. Go south, jump the ledges, and get out. You'll be on Route 115. Fight the dooder guy. Black Belt Nob* Machop, Lv.19 Money: 608 Bust the rock next to him. A Great Ball is your prize. Some berries are south of it. Team battle, see it? Collector Hector Zangoose/Seviper, Lv.18 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1512 Psychic Marlene Meditite/Spoink, Lv.18

There's a PP Up south of them. Go up and west past Nob to a girl running on the beach. Fight her. Battle Girl Cyndy* Meditite, Lv.18; Makuhita, Lv.18 Money: 432 Now get back in Meteor Falls. Go up the stairs and out the door to the right. Do you remember where to go? ================== 7g. Maxie Battle 1 ================== [ffttg]

Okay. We've been to Mt. Chimney before, but we couldn't go to the summit because two Magma grunts were blocking the path. Those numbskulls are gone now, so we can get to the top and save the world. Backtrack. Yeah, that's right. Go backwards. All the way back to Route 112 backwards. That means past Fallarbor, through Route 113, down Route 111, and through Fiery Path. On your way out, push the boulder out of the way and follow the path to find a Fire Stone and TM06, Toxic. Once you're out, just get on the lift and ride to the top. Things aren't looking good for Team Aqua. They are outnumbered, and it's up to

you to assist. Feel free to go up the left side and walk between the two grunts who want a piece of the future Champion. Check out the hot (no pun intended) Team Magma symbol! Team Magma Grunt Zubat, Lv.20 Next? Magma Admin Tabitha Numel, Lv.18/22; Poochyena, Lv.20; Zubat, Lv.22 Money: 880 Boss Magma is right ahead. Heal and save. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 30 | Koffing | 29 | Manectric | 29 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailmer | 29 | Trapinch | 31 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o Maxie's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Mightyena | 24 | Zubat | 24 | Camerupt | 25 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o <- Team Battle! -> Money: 800 Team Magma Grunt Numel, Lv.20

Money: 2000

It's recommended to lead with a special attacker (Grass, Water, Fire, Dragon, Dark, Ice, Psychic, and Electric are classified as special attacks), since Mightyena's Intimidate Ability will hinder a physical attacker's ability to do what it does best: put the hurtin' on anything. Mightyena knows Sand-Attack, so you need to be quick about killing it. I wasted time trying to get my Pokemon some experience, and I almost had to worry about losing. Don't do that. Zubat? Are you kidding? Can you say "one hit KO?" Psychic with anything. Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, just stop reading and murder the thing. Camerupt is equally easy due to a double weakness to Water. Take out whatever Water-type attacks you've been using so far and get yourself a heapin' helpin' of wet camel. After the fight, Maxie and his Magma goons will take off. Archie comes in and thanks you, then he bolts too, leaving you with the Meteorite. Take it. Return it to Professor Cozmo and he'll give you TM27, Return. ================== 7h. Lavaridge Town ================== [y?ynt]

Yes! We are finally ready to take on the fourth of Hoenn's Gyms. We just have to get there first. On your way out, buy some Lava Cookies from the old lady. They function like Full Heals, but Lava Cookies cost you a third of the price.

As we hop down the path, you can see small rocks you can't jump on. If you have the Acro Bike, though, you can start bunny hopping up and down them! You will also notice ashy grass and a bunch of Trainers. Time to take 'em on! Hiker Eric Geodude, Lv.20; Baltoy, Lv.20 Money: 800 o-----------------------------o | JAGGED PASS POKEMON LISTING | o-----------------------------o | Numel (Common) | | Machop (Uncommon) | | Spoink (Rare) | o-----------------------------o Wait, is that a Team Magma Grunt? Let's check. ... Yep. Here comes the pain. Team Magma Grunt Poochyena, Lv.22; Numel, Lv.22 Money: 440

Hideout? What hideout? Where? He isn't talking... but he gives you props, so we can be kind enough to let him go - for now. Battle the unsuspecting girl. Picnicker Diana* Shroomish, Lv.19; Oddish, Lv.19; Swablu, Lv.19 Money: 304 Before you jump too far, pick up the Burn Heal to the right. Okay, now fight. Picnicker Autumn Shroomish, Lv.21 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1176 Triathlete Julio Magnemite, Lv.21

Camper Ethan Zigzagoon, Lv.20; Taillow, Lv.20 Money: 320 Leave via the exit and breathe some fresh air. Lavaridge Town is just ahead. If you accidentally jumped a ledge and do not have the Acro Bike to get back up, simply ride the cable car up to Mt. Chimney's summit and then leave again. There's a Nugget on a ledge that you jump from Lavaridge Town. Don't miss it. Time for actual Lavaridge stuff! o--------------------------o | LAVARIDGE TOWN SHOP LIST | o--------------------------o | Great Ball..........$600 | | Super Potion........$700 | | Antidote............$100 | | Parlyz Heal.........$200 | | Awakening...........$250 | | Burn Heal...........$250 | | Revive.............$1000 | | Super Repel.........$500 | | X Speed.............$350 | o--------------------------o Whoa, Revives! Score! Stock up on them, you're going to need them. Refill your stock of Super Potions if it needs refilling, or, if you're a penny pincher, you can buy the cheaper, more efficient Soda Pop way back on Slateport Beach. The lady to the left of the old man in the sand has an egg she's willing to give to you if you have an open space in your party. This is a Wynaut egg, and Wynaut evolves into Wobbuffet at Lv.15, where it will learn Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, and Destiny Bond at once. Wynaut's only natural moves are Charm, Splash, and Encore. o-----------------------------o | POKEMON HERB SHOP SHOP LIST | o-----------------------------o | Energypowder...........$500 | | Energy Root............$800 |

Cheap and effective medicine, my foot. This place, more or less, sucks. Energy Powder cures 50 HP and costs $200 less than Super Potions. Energy Root cures 200 HP and costs 3/5 the price of a Hyper Potion, which does

the same thing. Heal Powder is Full Heal, | Heal Powder............$450 | and you just bought some Lava Cookies, which | Revival Herb..........$2800 | win. Revival Herbs are Max Revives, but they o-----------------------------o eat your Pokemon's friendship for breakfast. Besides, no one sucks so bad that they can afford to keep feeding their Pokemon Revival Herbs in order to stay alive. Frustration (base damage up if user hates you) is harder to power up than Return (base damage up if user likes you), anyway. This place needs to go out of business. In this same shop is a fat old guy. Talk to him and he will give you Charcoal, Fire's power-up item. Next door is a Move Tutor (the kid) who teaches the move Mimic. Go in the Pokemon Center. Get in the hot springs via back entrance. Step in front of the old lady on the right. Face left. Feel around. Ice Heal. ...I hope it was on the ground. Quickly get out of there. Heal and get your butt in the Gym! It's go time! ================== 7i. Boss: Flannery ================== [jisth]

Flannery's right in front of you. You can see her if you go around the left ledge. She laughs because you can't get to her! Time to put her in her place, but we're not allowed to climb the ledge. Those that have played through Flannery's Gym in the gem games or Sabrina's Gym in the color/metal games already know the routine. For those who are new at this (e-mail me if Emerald is your first Pokemon game. That's pretty amazing.), or those who need a refresher, here it is: Every time you step on some water, you are either sucked in to the floor below or be thrown up to the floor above. You'll notice there are no Gym Trainers. Well, that's because they're all hiding. In the water. Flush them out, then take them out. I'll walk you through it. Fall in the water next to the entrance. Three steps right. See what I mean? Kindler Jeff Slugma, Lv.22 (x2) Money: 704 Now go back in the same water hole and get in the one above you. Go left and you'll see a bunch of holes. Walk between the two holes. Kindler Jace Slugma, Lv.23 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1656 Hiker Eli Numel, Lv.23

Of the three holes that remain, if you jump in the northwest one, you will be jumped by two very wet men. You can take it; go ahead and jump. Kindler Cole Numel, Lv.23 Next battle is straight up. Kindler Axle <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1840 Cooltrainer Gerald Kecleon, Lv.23

Numel, Lv.23 Money: 736 Go in the hole next to Axle. Trainer's in the upper right-side hole. Kindler Keegan Slugma, Lv.23 Money: 736 Jump in the remaining hole. Trainer is _still_ in the upper right hole. Battle Girl Danielle Meditite, Lv.23 Money: 552 She should go take over Roxanne's Gym and become Rustboro's Gym Leader. Your path out is again the left hole. Go in it. Go in the center hole. If you go in the far right hole, then go in the other hole in the room you emerge in, you'll have to start over! Now go in the right hole. If you go in the left hole, you have to start over! Heal and save. o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 30 | Koffing | 31 | Manectric | 30 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailmer | 31 | Trapinch | 31 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o Flannery's* Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Numel | 24 | Slugma | 24 | Camerupt | 26 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Torkoal | 29 | o------------o-----o

Money: 2900

Funny story, really. So I'm busting out Wailmer and I tell him to start sending Numel to a watery grave on the Surf Express, but Wailmer had a different plan in mind. He decided to ignore me and use Rollout instead. I started to yell at him, but he was all "Just watch, fool." And so I watched - watched Wailmer kill off Flannery's entire team with Rollout. Three hits for Numel, Slugma and Camerupt both get OHKOed. After that, I said, "Okay, you proved your point. Will you do Surf now?" To which Wailmer replied with a ten-foot wave of watery goodness intent on crashing down on the final target a fifth of its size. And crash it did, delivering swift and brutal justice, Ball Whale style. That, minus the ignoring and the Pokemon talking, should be your strategy. Numel and Camerupt both should die in one hit to any Water technique that's not Bubble or Water Gun. Slugma is just weak, use Ground or Rock to take care of it. The same goes for Torkoal. The thing you have to watch out for is Overheat. It hurts. Hurts like a rusty sword stabbed into your body several times, then having salt and lemon juice used to cure your wounds. And Sunny Day makes it worse. The good part for you is that it lowers the user's Special Attack by 2

levels. Flannery's too stupid to switch out, so with every Overheat she does, that's just one step closer to her defeat. Do so and earn the Heat Badge, the ability to use Strength out of battle, and TM50, Overheat! ================== 8. The Fifth Badge ================== Major Objectives ---------------* Get a fossil. * Earn your fifth Badge. Exit the Gym and May will see you. Aw, you missed her bathing in the hot springs. Poor Brendan. He keeps a pretty straight face about everything, so we're cool. May will almost diss you, but then Brendan gives her the evil eye and she quickly straightens up. Good girl. She'll give you the Go-Goggles, which will shield your eyes from the desert's raging sands. You can go there now! The desert has an everlasting Sandstorm effect when in battle, and some Pokemon here have the Sand Veil ability, which can prove quite annoying. ================ 8a. Mirage Tower ================ [nsind] [blbaj]

o------------------------------o Once in the desert, you should be able to see | MIRAGE TOWER POKEMON LISTING | this huge sand tower right in the middle of o------------------------------o the desert. If not, wait a while and come | Trapinch (Common) | back. You'll need the Mach Bike and Rock | Sandshrew (Rare) | Smash to ascend it. To get to the top, go o------------------------------o clockwise, then counterclockwise twice. You'll see two gnarly-shaped things. Break the rock and examine them. They are fossils, and if you take one, the tower will collapse. Which to take? Root Fossil becomes Lileep, a Rock/Grass Pokemon. As such, it is only weak to Steel, Bug, Ice, and Fighting, and that's hot. It learns a few annoyance attacks, but Cradily has the ability to sweep, too. Claw Fossil becomes Anorith, a Bug/Rock Pokemon. A lot of its natural moves are bad. Armaldo's strength lies in Egg Moves and TMs. Pick whichever one you like. Both evolve at Lv.40. After choosing, you will jump from the tower and watch as it and the other fossil sink into the sand. When you get time, take the fossil to Devon Corporation's second floor. Talk to the Devon Researcher on the bottom and he will offer to resurrect it. Then you are free to explore the desert as you see fit. ================== 8b. Whirling Heat! ================== [so3rg]

o------------------------o | DESERT POKEMON LISTING | Just past Mirage Tower is a Stardust on the upper

o------------------------o | Trapinch (Common) | | Sandshrew (Uncommon) | | Cacnea (Uncommon) | | Baltoy (Rare) | o------------------------o

left side. While you're in the neighborhood, why don't you slaughter the guy who's standing by it? Oh, nope. Guess he doesn't want to battle. Don't feel bad, there's a girl northeast of him who will.

Picnicker Heidi Sandshrew, Lv.22; Baltoy, Lv.22 Money: 352 Follow the path north and beat on this other kid right here. Camper Beau Baltoy, Lv.21 (x2); Sandshrew, Lv.21 Money: 336 All the way up in the northeast corner is another fight. Camper Drew Sandshrew, Lv.23 Money: 368 Now head south for a while and you should see this girl. Picnicker Becky Sandshrew, Lv.22; Marill, Lv.22 Money: 352 Examine the rock near her for a Rare Candy. Southwest of her is a guy pacing around a rock. Examine the rock for a Stardust. Fight the guy. Ruin Maniac Dusty* Sandslash, Lv.23 Money: 1380 Three people again, walking between two of them will trigger a team battle. Make sure the guy in the middle is facing the partner you want him to have. Ruin Maniac Bryan Sandshrew/Sandslash, Lv.22 Ruin Maniac Bryan Sandshrew/Sandslash, Lv.22 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1672 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1672 Picnicker Celia Marill/Lombre, Lv.22 Camper Branden Taillow/Nuzleaf, Lv.22

Go as far south as you can to pick up TM37, Sandstorm. That's all. Leave south. ======================= 8c. Petalburg Revisited ======================= [ttsyd]

South from Route 111 to Mauville. Take Cycling Road to Slateport (you can complete Trick 3 now if you so choose). It might be wise to pick up some Soda Pop as long as you're here. Have Mr. Briney take you to Dewford, then tell him to take you to Petalburg. As long as you're in town, trek to Devon Corporation in Slateport City, go to the second floor, and get your fossil revived. Since you beat Flannery, Petalburg's Poke Mart now carries Great Balls and

Super Potions in addition to normal merchandise. Get in the Gym when ready. ================ 8d. Boss: Norman ================ Norman's Gym is separated into nine different rooms. G S 1 C D R SP A E = = = = = = = = = Key: Gym Leader's Room where Norman awaits. Strength Room. Swords Dance is used. 1-Hit KO Room. Slash is used to get critical hits. Confusion Room. Confusion is inflicted, then heavy damage is dealt while you kill yourself. Defense Room. Defense-increasing moves are used. Recovery Room. Recovery moves and items are used. Speed Room. Agility is used. Accuracy Room. Never-miss moves are used. Entrance [bptaf]

G / \ S 1 / \ / \ C D R \ / \ / SP A \ / E

Pick whatever rooms you like. Strength Room ------------Cooltrainer Jody Zangoose, Lv.26 Money: 1248 Confusion Room -------------Cooltrainer Parker Spinda, Lv.26 Money: 1248 1-Hit KO Room ------------Cooltrainer Berke Vigoroth, Lv.26 Money: 1248 Defense Room -----------Cooltrainer Alexia Wigglytuff, Lv.26 Money: 1248 Accuracy Room ------------Cooltrainer Mary Delcatty, Lv. 26 Money: 1248 Recovery Room ------------Cooltrainer George Slakoth, Lv.26 Money: 1248

Speed Room ---------Cooltrainer Randall Swellow, Lv.26 Money: 1248

o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 30 | Koffing | 31 | Manectric | 30 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailmer | 32 | Trapinch | 32 | Swellow | 29 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Norman's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Spinda | 27 | Vigoroth | 27 | Linoone | 29 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Slaking | 31 | o------------o-----o

Money: 3100

Norman dropped one of his Slaking for a Spinda and a Linoone. Let's see how well they fare... Spinda knows Teeter Dance, which will confuse your Pokemon. Spinda is fairly weak, and it should not take very much to kill. If you get confused, switch out. Spinda is a joke. Vigoroth is a lot stronger, though. Its Ability prevents it from being put to sleep, so don't try any of that. Linoone should start off with Belly Drum, so you should be able to kill it in one hit. If you don't, start praying. Belly Drum raises a Pokemon's Attack by 6 levels, and Linoone is already quick as it is. Slaking is Norman's strongest Pokemon, and it has way high Attack power. Its Truant Ability lets it only move every other turn, and Norman doesn't get to heal Slaking while Truant is taking effect. Use that to your advantage. Start with small-damage attacks to whittle down the HP. Slaking has a Sitrus Berry attached, so keep that in mind. When Truant is going to activate, strike Slaking down with a power hit. Each of Norman's Pokemon know Facade. Facade is normally somewhat weak, but it doubles in base power if the user is poisoned, burned, or paralyzed. Coming from a Normal-type, Facade can wreak havoc. Slaking doing it means death for most Pokemon. Good luck. Defeat Norman to earn the Balance Badge, the ability to use Surf out of battle, and TM42, Facade. ================== 9. The Sixth Badge ================== * Stop Team Aqua! * Earn your sixth Badge. Wally's father will drag you out of the Gym after the battle. He's really happy that Wally's been doing so well since he caught a Pokemon. As a reward for helping out his son, he gives you HM03, Surf. Ooh, yay. Teach it to a Water Pokemon of your choice. See how cool Surf looks by surfing on the water next to the Gym. A Max Revive needs some rescuing. Starting now, watch your Match Call. People will start to want rematches. I wouldn't honor their requests just yet, because you still can't use Fly. It won't be too long before you get it, however, so sit tight. Well, no, just ride. Go back home and talk to your mom. She will give you the Amulet Coin, a spiffy little item that doubles money earned from Trainer fights. Go up past Oldale Town to Route 103. Surf to the right and have a battle. SwimmerF Isabelle Marill, Lv.15 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 240 SwimmerM Pete Tentacool, Lv.15 [ftbaj]

As long as you're here, why not do Trick 4? On Route 110, you can see a small break in the wall where you can Surf. Get in the water and go up. A lone Rare Candy wants you. Go back down to the main Route and make your way to the city. You'll see Wattson standing in the middle of the city. He'll ask you if you will go into New Mauville to shut down the

Generator. He will give you the Basement Key so you can get in. Forget him. Do it later. If you really want to do it now, see section 17. Before going, make a quick stop north to the Winstrate house. Surf on the water and pick up the HP Up. Leave east out of Mauville. Surf across the water to Route 118. Examine the rock to get an Iron. Talk to the fisherman and tell him yes for the Good Rod. Fight the reporters. Interviewer Gabby & Ty Magnemite/Loudred, Lv.27 Money: 2592 ============================ 9a. The Very Taaaaaall Grass ============================ Onward! Fisherman Barny Tentacool, Lv.25; Carvanha, Lv.25 Money: 1000 If you try to progress, Steven will hop down and have a little chat with you. "STEVEN: Hi, [Name]! It's me, STEVEN! We met in the cave near DEWFORD. Have you met many kinds of POKEMON since I last saw you? There are many, many kinds of POKEMON in this wide world of ours. If you wanted to raise only your favorites, that's fine. Perhaps you find it more fun to raise all sorts of Pokemon. As a TRAINER of POKEMON, what do you think? Of course, it's not any of my business. It would be nice if we were to meet again somewhere." Then he'll take off. You should do the same. Go right first. o---------------------------o | ROUTE 118 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Electrike (Common) | | Zigzagoon (Common) | | Linoone (Uncommon) | | Manectric (Uncommon) | | Wingull (Rare) | | Kecleon (Rare) | o---------------------------o We're going to go to the right first. You can't explore all of Route 123 from this side, but there's a little bit of it that you can do. There's an item ball on a ledge, so go past the bird keeper and get it... or slaughter him. Bird Keeper Chester Taillow, Lv.25; Swellow, Lv.25 Money: 800 [yshil]

It's a Hyper Potion. Jump the ledge and take out the guy next to you. Bird Keeper Perry Wingull, Lv.26 Money: 832 A few steps right and you're on Route 123. The kid runs fast, so if you want to take both Trainers out simultaneously, I suggest walking directly in the path of the girl with no space between you. Cooltrainer Jazmyn Absol, Lv.27 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 972 Bug Catcher Davis Pinsir, Lv.27

There's a house, several berries for you to pick, and a fight to the right. Aroma Lady Violet Roselia, Lv.26; Gloom, Lv.26 Money: 1040 You may notice that at times, it will rain on routes between here and Fortree City. Battles fought here will have Rain Dance in effect. The house you see is the Berry Master's house. Inside, the man, the Berry Master, will give you two berries a day. His stock: Kelpsy - Qualot - Hondew - Grepa - Tamato - Cornn - Magost - Rabuta - Nomel His woman will give you one of the first ten berries when you tell her two words or phrases. If it isn't a special phrase listed below, you will randomly get one of the first ten berries. The best berries for PokeBlocks are made from berries 31-35, and she's got 'em. How to get one from her? Tell her these words: Spelon Berry - GREAT BATTLE. These words are in the bank by default. This Berry increases Cool and Beauty. Pamtre Berry - CHALLENGE CONTEST. To get CONTEST, beat the Elite Four. The word CHALLENGE is default. This Berry increases Beauty and Smart. Watmel Berry - OVERWHELMING LATIAS. OVERWHELMING is default. To get LATIAS, simply encounter her. This Berry increases Smart and Cute. Durin Berry - COOL LATIOS. COOL is default. To get LATIOS, simply encounter him. This Berry increases Cute and Tough. Belue Berry - SUPER HUSTLE. HUSTLE is default. Beat the Elite Four to get the word SUPER in your bank. This Berry increases Tough and Cool. You can tell her a good saying every day, but you can only get the five berries listed above ONCE from the Berry Master's wife. Telling her "Great Battle" after getting a Spelon Berry will yield one of the first ten berries. You can get Watmel and Durin Berries from the Quiz Lady in Lilycove City. If you don't have her, too bad, sucks to be you. Mix records with your friend who has one and you'll get her (and his quiz, so unless friend is going to part with a Watmel or Durin Berry, tell friend not to make a quiz). To get more of these rare berries, plant them. They all take three days to bear fruit once planted, so water them every 18 hours.

Leave and go behind the house. Behind the fence, examine the last tile to be one Revive richer. There's an Ultra Ball to the south, get it. Twins to the right, murder them. Twins Miu & Yuki Beautifly/Dustox, Lv.26 Money: 624 Go back to the spot by the two Bird Keepers and now go north to Route 119. o---------------------------o The extremely tall grass snares bike tires. | ROUTE 119 POKEMON LISTING | You won't be able to ride either bike through o---------------------------o here. This means you have to walk from Trainer | Linoone (Common) | to Trainer, fighting the wild Pokemon along the | Oddish (Uncommon) | way. | Zigzagoon (Rare) | | Kecleon (Rare) | Hope you brought some Super Repel. | Tropius (Rare) | o---------------------------o Inside the very tall grass is the Mimic Circle. The Trainers here will, to an extent, reverse mimic your movements. If you go left, they go right. If you go up, they go down. It isn't hard to catch one and knock them on their face. Start with the schmuck who's right near the beginning of the route. Bug Catcher Kent Ninjask, Lv.25 Money: 400 Now, go left. This guy's kinda hidden well because of the rain, but you can spot him no problem if you move near him. Bug Maniac Donald Wurmple, Lv.24; Silcoon, Lv.24; Beautifly, Lv.24 Money: 1440 There's a Super Repel a little north of Donald, next to a boy who exactly mimics your movements. Trap him so he can't move and then fight him. Bug Catcher Greg Volbeat, Lv.25; Illumise, Lv.25 Money: 400 Now trek over to the right side. Once you pass the big group of trees, go down. Bug Maniac Taylor Wurmple, Lv.27; Cascoon, Lv.27; Dustox, Lv.27 Money: 1620 Another bug bozo near the item ball northeast of Taylor. Bug Maniac Brent Surskit, Lv.26 Money: 1560 Pick up the Hyper Potion and fight the last Trainer in this mimicry cult. Bug Catcher Doug Nincada, Lv.28; Ninjask, Lv.28 Money: 448

Gah! I hate them almost as much as I hated fighting the Trainers in FRLG's Pattern Bush. Bug Pokemon evolve young; everyone here should have had a bunch of Lv.30 powerhouses. Instead, we get stuff like Lv.24 Wurmple. Look out. Get in the water. Surf to the fisherman, speak with him. Fisherman Chris Magikarp, Lv.29; Carvanha, Lv.29; Tentacool, Lv.20; Feebas, Lv.26 Money: 920 Get the Zinc in the corner and go back to the mainland. If you have the Acro Bike, you can cross those white bars. Press Up and B Button at the same time when you're parallel to the short bars and you will jump for them. Use Down and B Button to get back. The only things over there are a Calcium (examine the flowers to the north) and two Secret Base locations. On the mainland, go up the steps and continue north. Did you get jumped? PKMN Ranger Catherine* Gloom, Lv.26; Roselia, Lv.26 Money: 1248 Continue on the path. PKMN Ranger Jackson* Breloom, Lv.27 Money: 1296 Go through the grass. See the person hiding? Don't fight! Team battle above! Parasol Lady Rachel Goldeen, Lv.26 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1872 Bird Keeper Phil Swellow, Lv.26

Go north on the left side and pick up the Hyper Potion. If you have the Mach Bike, you can just ride up the sandy slope and continue. Even so, I suggest you cut through the grass. There's an Elixir to the far right. Go back and go up the stairs, from the _left_ side. Double battle time! Kindler Dayton Slugma/Numel, Lv.25 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1100 Ninja Boy Takashi Ninjask/Koffing, Lv.25

Go up and fight another Flying fanboy. Bird Keeper Hugh Wingull, Lv.25; Tropius, Lv.25 Money: 800 We're nearly there, but there's a required pit stop we have to make. ===================== 9b. Weather Institute ===================== [ctwtw]

Team Aqua's taken control of the Weather Institute, and you have to bust some heads. The bed serves as a Pokemon Center. It's incredibly straightforward. No side paths or anything like that. You'll see. Let's get started. Team Aqua Grunt Carvanha, Lv.28 Team Aqua Grunt Zubat, Lv.27; Poochyena, Lv.27

Money: 560 Go upstairs. Team Aqua Grunt <- Team Battle! -> Poochyena/Carvanha, Lv.27 Money: 1080 Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena, Lv.26; Zubat, Lv.26; Carvanha, Lv.26 Money: 520 Aqua Admin Shelly Carvanha, Lv.28; Mightyena, Lv.28 Money: 1120

Money: 540

Team Aqua Grunt Zubat/Poochyena, Lv.27

After the fight, you get a free Castform. It changes type depending on the current weather, but won't change if a sandstorm whips up. It's a very versatile Pokemon. Because there are three different weather transformations for Castform, that means you can use TMs and Move Tutors to customize your Castform to make it just how you want it to be. Its signature attack is Weather Ball, which changes type depending on the weather. Sounds like Castform, right? True, it is almost identical to Castform, but if there's a sandstorm in play, Weather Ball will become Rock-type. It is Lv.25 when you get it, and carries a Mystic Water (Water's power-up item). The bed will forever serve as a Pokemon Center. You can go east now, but before you do, save your game. ================ 9c. May Battle 4 ================ Cross the bridge and go down. Get the Elixir, then tall grass and an empty square in the middle. Land middle. Face up and press A for an Ultra Ball. Now go. Get the Leaf Stone, then come back to the land My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 34 | Koffing | 34 | Manectric | 34 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailmer | 34 | Vibrava | 35 | Swellow | 33 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o May's Pokemon: Find your starter. May's team is in the column below it. o---------------o---------------o---------------o | Treecko | Torchic | Mudkip | <- Which one's your starter? o---------------o---------------o---------------o |Pelipper.....29|Slugma.......29|Slugma.......29| |Lombre.......29|Pelipper.....29|Lombre.......29| Money: 1860 |Combusken....31|Marshtomp....31|Grovyle......31| o---------------o---------------o---------------o [mf119] surf down. You'll see some and go to the bottom in the go as far down as you can and go up.

Slugma, in the rain? Weak to Water? Why haven't you Surfed it yet? Lombre is only weak to Flying, Bug, and Poison. I didn't have Bug, but I had the other two. Electric works well, although it inflicts normal damage. Grovyle should be taken down by any Flying-type you have on your team, with the exception of maybe Pelipper. Not saying that Pelipper can't straight up kill Grovyle, but hey. Give it a try. Pelipper's double weak to Electric. Zzzap. For each starter, use the same strategy you've been using all game. YAWN. After the fight, she will reward you with HM02, Fly. You can't use it out of battle yet, and I'll bet you're itching to. You still have a little bit of stuff to do before you can, so too bad! Scott shows up when May leaves, spouts his usual useless babble, then leaves. ================ 9d. Fortree City ================ [mgcpw]

Don't get your hopes up yet! There are still a few more fights! You'll see the first one easy - yellow hair behind a tree. But if you hug the trees to the left and go up into the fake-looking one, you get a team battle! Guitarist Fabian Manectric, Lv.26 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1144 Ninja Boy Yasu Ninjask, Lv.26

North near some berries is the last fight. Ninja Boy Hideo Koffing, Lv.25 (x2) Money: 300 You may now enter the city. o------------------------o | FORTREE CITY SHOP LIST | o------------------------o | Great Ball........$600 | | Ultra Ball.......$1200 | | Super Potion......$700 | | Hyper Potion.....$1200 | | Antidote..........$100 | | Parlyz Heal.......$200 | | Awakening.........$250 | | Revive...........$1500 | | Super Repel.......$500 | | Wood Mail..........$50 | o------------------------o Ultra Balls: the other other white meat. These are a step up from Great Balls. Nothing in the game is better, except Master Balls. Hyper Potions heal 200 HP. Buy some for the Pokemon with at least 100 HP. There are two paths in the city to take. There are only two houses on the bottom path, and one is at the end, so take the top path. In the first house, the boy will trade you his Plusle, nickname, for your Volbeat. Both are fairly rare in Emerald, so this may be a fair trade.

In the next house, the old lady will give you a quiz. Answer "Right" twice and then "Left" and she'll give you TM10, Hidden Power. Her husband, next to her, is a Move Tutor that teaches the move Sleep Talk. Nothing's in the third house, but below it... yeah. You know what that is.

Fortree City's Gym. You want to get in, but something's blocking the way. Isn't that lovely? We're going to get to the bottom of these invisible obstacles in just a bit. In the last house, talk to the boy. He will his dispatch his Wingull, but won't tell you where. We'll find out later. Go down the ladder and enter the house on the bottom path. There are two shops here, each having items for a Secret Base: The two $3000 desks are 1 tile wide. The $6000 ones hold three tiny dolls, and the $9000 ones hold 9 tiny dolls or 1 big doll. o------------------------o-----------------------o | Left man | Right man | o------------------------o-----------------------o | Small Desk.......$3000 | Small Chair.....$2000 | | Pokemon Desk.....$3000 | Pokemon Chair...$2000 | | Heavy Desk.......$6000 | Heavy Chair.....$2000 | | Ragged Desk......$6000 | Ragged Chair....$2000 | | Comfort Desk.....$6000 | Comfort Chair...$2000 | | Brick Desk.......$9000 | Brick Chair.....$2000 | | Camp Desk........$9000 | Camp Chair......$2000 | | Hard Desk........$9000 | Hard Chair......$2000 | o------------------------o-----------------------o Each chair is one tile wide. There isn't a whole lot else to say about the chairs. I'm just trying to fill room so this side looks as full as the other side. :)

You may leave the city via the right exit. Hope you don't get jumped. ============================== 9e. Another Invention of Devon ============================== Did you get jumped? Parasol Lady Clarissa Roselia, Lv.28; Wailmer, Lv.28 Money: 1120 Go right. See the three empty squares in the very tall grass? The bottom one has a Revive. Get it. Fight the reporters. Interviewer Gabby & Ty Magneton/Loudred, Lv.30 Money: 2880 After you leave Route 120, Gabby & Ty will be found on Route 111. Then they'll move to Route 119, and then back here. You can do this repeatedly, but their levels will steadily increase until Ty's Loudred evolves. Now fight the guy near them. Bird Keeper Robert* Swablu, Lv.29 Money: 928 Cross the bridge and you'll see Steven. If you try to go past him, you'll get stopped by _another_ invisible thing. Talk to Steven to continue. STEVEN: Hm? [Name], hi. It's been a while. There's something here that you can't see, right? Now if I were to use this item on the invisible obstacle... [nwuh3]

No, no. Rather than describing it, I should just show you. That would be more fun. [Name], are your POKEMON ready for battle? Yes/No No STEVEN: No? I'll wait here, so you can get ready. (Talk again, asks you if you're ready) Yes STEVEN: [Name], show me your true power as a TRAINER! Steven will use the Devon Scope to see the invisible Kecleon standing nearby. Its Lv.30 self will attack you. Kecleon's Ability is Color Change. This Ability changes Kecleon's type to whatever move hit it last. For example, if I use Surf on Kecleon, and it lives, it changes from Normal to Water. Using Rock Smash on it next changes it from Water to Fight(ing). Moves that hit multiple times will trigger Color Change after the first hit. For example, if you use Bullet Seed on a Normal-type Kecleon, the first volley of seeds will change Kecleon's type to Grass. Any further seed shots will deal not-very-effective Grass-type damage. See? You can use this to your advantage, however, if you know moves that counter one another. Medicham is a perfect example. Hi Jump Kick to inflict serious damage and change Kecleon's type to Fighting, then Psychic it to inflict even more super-effective damage! Good stuff. I said I wouldn't say anything, but what the hey. You could have Vibrava or Altaria by now. You can use Dragon moves on Kecleon over and over for continuous super-effective damage. You can capture this Kecleon. It isn't one of a kind. You may have ran into a couple on the way here. Do what you will with it. STEVEN: I see... your battle style is intriguing. Your POKEMON have obviously grown since I first met you in DEWFORD. I'd like for you to have this DEVON SCOPE. Who knows, there may be other concealed POKEMON. Obtained the DEVON SCOPE! [Name] put away the DEVON SCOPE in the KEY ITEMS POCKET. STEVEN: [Name]. I enjoy seeing POKEMON and TRAINERS who strive together. I think you're doing great.

Well, let's meet again somewhere. Then he will fly away on his Pokemon. On your way back to Fortree City, go to the stairs by the water. Fight the Lv.30 Kecleon, pick up the Nest Ball, then use Surf. Enter the cave below and surf across the water to find TM11, Sunny Day. When you're back, get to the Gym. You don't want to do anything except stomp the life out of Winona's Pokemon and get yourself the ability to fly. The Kecleon blocking the way will run. Time to win. ================ 9f. Boss: Winona ================ [ctoam]

To get to the sexy Winona, you'll need to make your way through a series of rotating doors, like the one you see to the left. Walk through it. If you walk through the second one from the top, you can skip the Trainer. Bird Keeper Humberto Skarmory, Lv.30 Money: 960 If you want a team battle, walk through the third door from the right side. Then loop around and go straight up into the girl's line of sight. Bird Keeper Jared <- Team Battle! -> Picnicker Ashley Doduo/Tropius/Skarmory, Lv.27 Money: 1296 Swablu (x3), Lv.27 Continue on. Go through the long door from the top, step right. Go up through the doors and fight another double battle. Camper Flint Swellow/Xatu, Lv.29 <- Team Battle -> Money: 1392 Bird Keeper Edwardo Doduo/Pelipper, Lv.29

There's a fourth (sixth) fight to the left. Bird Keeper Darius Tropius, Lv.30 Money: 960 On the left side, walk through the doors from the left side. Now push the long door up. Go up and through the door. Go down the left side and push the long door to the right. Then push it up and continue. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 35 | Weezing | 35 | Manectric | 35 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailmer | 35 | Vibrava | 35 | Swellow | 36 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Winona's* Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o

| Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Swablu | 29 | Tropius | 29 | Pelipper | 30 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Skarmory | 31 | Altaria | 33 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 3300

Winona starts off small, using a Swablu. Your evolved Pokemon should have no trouble cutting Swablu's life short. Tropius knows Sunny Day, which will send its Speed through the roof. Also on Tropius' moveset is Solarbeam, which requires no charge now that it's sunny. Tropius has a double weakness to Ice, which is not hindered by the sun, so if you can use Ice Beam, then by all means, do it. Winona loves double weaknesses. Pelipper is double weak to Electric. If you have a Pokemon with Thunderbolt, bring it out and deliver the OHKO. Pelipper knows Protect, so you'll probably have to suffer through one or two before it goes down. Skarmory is just plain weak to Electric. Use whatever Pokemon you used to kill off Pelipper. Altaria is Winona's star Pokemon. If you couldn't tell, Altaria evolves from Swablu. It is Dragon/Flying in type, and Pokemon veterans know what that means. Hello, Ice Beam. All her Pokemon know Aerial Ace, a Flying-type move that will never miss. Don't bother using evasion tactics in this battle, or any battle for that matter. Evasion is cheap. :( Defeat Winona to earn the Feather Badge, the ability to use Fly out of battle, and TM40, Aerial Ace. ============ 10. Shoifin' ============ [brktm]

We're going to take a little break from our quest to boot out the Pokemon League Champion and take this time to explore Hoenn's watery side. Now that we can use Fly, moving about has gotten 100 times easier! Don't forget to do Trick 5! ============== 10a. Route 115 ============== [wbhb4]

Fly to Fallarbor Town. Head to Meteor Falls and get on Route 115 by leaving via the southern exit. Remember where Cindy is? Start surfing. Go down and get the Super Potion, then start surfing north. Once you're back on land, go up and you'll find four Trainers you can fight. The item ball contains a Heal Powder. Triathlete Kyra Doduo/Dodrio, Lv.26 Ninja Boy Jaiden Ninjask/Gulpin, Lv.26 Ninja Boy Jaiden Ninjask/Gulpin, Lv.26 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2120 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1392 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1352 Expert Timothy* Hariyama, Lv.27 Expert Timothy* Hariyama, Lv.27 Triathlete Kyra Doduo/Dodrio, Lv.26

Triathlete Kyra Doduo/Dodrio, Lv.26

<- Team Battle! -> Money: 1936

Black Belt Koichi Machop, Lv.24; Machoke, Lv.28

North are some berries and the wild Pokemon, but first, another fight! Battle Girl Helene Meditite/Makuhita, Lv.26 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1298 Psychic Alix Kadabra/Kirlia, Lv.26

o---------------------------o | ROUTE 115 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Swablu (Common) | | Taillow (Common) | | Swellow (Uncommon) | | Jigglypuff (Rare) | o---------------------------o ===================== 10b. Routes 105 & 106 =====================

Not too much here, but this is the only spot where you can find Jigglypuff. Up on the rocks you can easily spot TM01, Focus Punch. If you have the Mach Bike, you can go up the sandy slope and follow the path to get an Iron. That's all for Route 115. Next destination! [wsptr]

Fly to Petalburg City. Go west out of the city and get on the beach. Begin your journey southward, fight two Trainers. SwimmerF Imani Marill, Lv.26 Money: 208 Get on land and fight the guy. Ruin Maniac Foster Sandshrew, Lv.25; Sandslash, Lv.25 Money: 1500 Go left. Surf on the left side and go around the small island for a team battle. Bird Keeper Josue Taillow/Wingull, Lv.25 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2300 Ruin Maniac Andres* Sandshrew (x2), Lv.25 SwimmerM Dominik Tentacool, Lv.26 Money: 208

Now surf north of those two ding-a-lings and fight some more. SwimmerF Beverly Wingull, Lv.25; Wailmer, Lv.25 Money: 200 Get back on the main part of Route 105 and continue south. SwimmerM Luis Carvanha, Lv.26 Money: 208 See the small bit of sand to the left? Stand on the upper tile and face south. Press A and you're one Heart Scale richer. The Move Tutor in Fallarbor Town wants these, remember? Near that spot is an Iron. Feel free to take it. Route 106 is right ahead. SwimmerM Douglas Tentacool, Lv.24 (x2)

Money: 192 There's a Protein and a Trainer. Take them in whatever order you want. SwimmerF Kyla Wailmer, Lv.26 Money: 208 Stop in Dewford Town to heal. Go into Dewford Hall and talk to the guy in glasses. He will give you TM36, Sludge Bomb. =================== 10c. Routes 107-109 =================== [ddtas]

Surf east out of the city. Surf these routes, fighting the Trainers as you go. SwimmerF Denise Wingull, Lv.25; Goldeen Lv.25 Money: 200 Sis And Bro Lisa & Ray Goldeen, Lv.25/Tentacool, Lv.27 Money: 600 SwimmerF Beth Goldeen, Lv.26 SwimmerF Missy Goldeen, Lv.26 Money: 208 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1248 SwimmerM Tony* Carvanha, Lv.26 Money: 208 SwimmerM Darrin Tentacool, Lv.24 (x2); Wingull, Lv.24 Money: 192 Triathlete Camron Staryu, Lv.26 SwimmerM Matthew Carvanha, Lv.26 Money: 208

You will see the Abandoned Ship shortly after doing battle with Matthew. At this point in the game, you do not have the HM needed to completely explore it, nor do you have the Badge required to use it out of battle, so avoid it for now and come back once you do. Don't hesitate to fly back to Dewford for a quick heal if necessary. There are a lot of Trainers on these routes. They aren't hard, but your Pokemon's PP will get drained quickly. When ready, continue. SwimmerF Tara Horsea, Lv.25; Marill, Lv.25 Money: 200 Cooltrainer Carolina <- Team Battle! -> Sailor Cory* Manectric (x2)/Swellow, Lv.24 Money: 1920 Wingull/Machop/Tentacool, Lv.24 Collect the Star Piece and move on. SwimmerM Jerome Tentacruel, Lv.26 Money: 208 Onto Route 109. You're almost done. Bird Keeper Elijah Skarmory (x2), Lv.25 <- Team Battle! -> Fisherman Carter Money: 1800 Wailmer/Tentacruel, Lv.25

Surf northwest and fight the couple. Examine the area in front of the girl for another Heart Scale.

Young Couple Mel & Paul Dustox/Beautifly, Lv.27 Money: 1728 Just north of them is a guy who gave me the slip for six months (thanks to Ben Stanley (bstanley52 at gmail dot com) for showing me this guy's location). SwimmerM David Tentacool, Lv.25; Carvanha, Lv.25 Money: 200 Go southeast and pick up a PP Up. Get back in the water and fight the girl. SwimmerF Alice Goldeen, Lv.24 (x2); Wingull, Lv.24 Money: 192 North of her are two little girls. Show 'em what for. Tuber Austina Marill, Lv.26 Money: 104 Tuber Gwen Marill, Lv.26 Money: 104

That's all for aquatic side training. Defeat the Trainers in Match Call who have fooled themselves into thinking they can beat you, then fly to Fortree City to continue your quest. ===================== 11. The Seventh Badge ===================== Major Objectives ---------------* * * * Visit Hoenn's biggest city. Witness the awakening of an ancient Pokemon. Tail Team Aqua. Earn your seventh Badge. [mnbaj]

Leave Fortree City via the east exit to be on Route 120. Get moving. o---------------------------o | ROUTE 120 POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------o | Oddish (Common) | | Mightyena (Common) | | Marill (Common) | | Poochyena (Uncommon) | | Absol (Rare) | | Seedot (Rare) | o---------------------------o Parasol Lady Angelica Castform, Lv.30 Ninja Boy Riley Nincada/Koffing, Lv.28 A few of these Trainers you've fought already. Start with the guy just past the bridge. Note the rain. Bird Keeper Colin Wingull, Lv.28; Natu, Lv.28 Money: 896 There are two team battles next. Hooray. Cooltrainer Leonel Manectric, Lv.30 Battle Girl Callie Meditite/Makuhita, Lv.28

<- Team Battle! -> Money: 2640 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1008

Pick up the Revive and continue.

Cooltrainer Jennifer Sableye, Lv.30 Money: 1440 Cut the tree and you will find six Aspear Berries. Get them if you wish, Freeze is horrendously uncommon. Very tall grass time. Follow the cleared path down and then take a right. PKMN Ranger Jenna Lotad, Lv.28; Lombre, Lv.28; Nuzleaf, Lv.28 Money: 1344 If you go all the way left and down, you'll find another Kecleon. Kill it, flee from it, catch it, or ignore it. If you ignore it, you'll have to cut through the grass to fight the next Trainer. PKMN Ranger Lorenzo Seedot, Lv.28; Nuzleaf, Lv.28; Lombre, Lv.28 Money: 1344 There's a Nugget directly below where you fought Lorenzo if you fought him on the clearing. You should see it anyway, just get it. Go to the right and jump the ledge. Cross the bridge. Fight the bozo. Bug Maniac Jeffrey* Surskit, Lv.27 (x3) Money: 1620 Pick up the Hyper Potion and go to the lower left. Pick the berries and speak to the girl. She will give you one berry a day, and the berry she gives you depends on your Trainer ID. If the number ends in... ...0 ...1 ...2 ...3 ...4 or or or or or 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, you you you you you will will will will will get get get get get a Figy Berry. a Wiki Berry. a Mago Berry. an Aguav Berry. an Iapapa Berry.

Go up the steps and pick the whole mess of berries. Surf down and get the Full Heal. Go back up and have a fight. Ninja Boy Keigo Koffing, Lv.28; Ninjask, Lv.28 Money: 336 Continue up and have another fight. Ruin Maniac Chip Baltoy, Lv.27; Sandshrew, Lv.27; Sandslash, Lv.27 Money: 1620 Now go back to the main route and continue right. Hex Maniac Tammy Duskull/Shuppet, Lv.29 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2436 Bug Maniac Cale Dustox/Beautifly, Lv.29

o---------------------------o Follow the grass below the fence. Examine the | ROUTE 121 POKEMON LISTING | last square for an HP Up. Go back and straight o---------------------------o up for a mess of berries. Battle to the right.

| Mightyena (Common) | | Shuppet (Common) | Beauty Jessica* | Oddish (Common) | Kecleon, Lv.29; Seviper, Lv.29 | Gloom (Rare) | Money: 2320 | Poochyena (Rare) | | Wingull (Rare) | Continue right and you will see some Aqua goons | Kecleon (Rare) | head off to Mt. Pyre. This is normally where you o---------------------------o would follow them, but screw that idea. We're going to get another Fly location first. Ignore the goons and continue right. Pick up the Zinc and fight the girls. Sr. And Jr. Kate & Joy Spinda, Lv.30/Slaking, Lv.32 Money: 1024 The building you see is the entrance to the Safari Zone, but you won't be able to get in because you don't have a PokeBlock Case. We'll be getting one shortly, so don't you worry. Just move along. PKMN Breeder Myles Makuhita/Wingull/Tropius, Lv.25 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2000 PKMN Breeder Pat Poochyena/Shroomish/Electrike, Lv.25

Take the Revive. Go up and left to fight an old man. Gentleman Walter* Manectric, Lv.29 Money: 2320 The item ball contains a Carbos. Get it if you wish. Fight the woman. Pokefan Vanessa Pikachu, Lv.30 Money: 2400 The battle below her is a team battle, but both of the Trainers turn. Cooltrainer Marcel Manectric/Shiftry, Lv.29 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2734 Cooltrainer Cristin* Loudred/Vigoroth, Lv.29

Examine the empty square in the grass for a Max Revive. Pick the berries and enter Hoenn's largest city. ================== 11a. Lilycove City ================== [tpifh]

Inside the Pokemon Center, there is a lady. Like the man in Mauville Pokemon Center, this lady also changes with your Trainer ID. One choice is the Quiz Lady. She will ask you a horrendously easy question, and you answer it with an equally easy answer that she will provide. Tell her that and she gives you an item. She will also give you the chance to make your very own quiz with nine words or phrases. She will take an item of your choice from your inventory as the prize for answering the quiz correctly. You must be careful, though, because there's no way to get the item you select back. Another choice is the Favor Lady. She will ask for a certain type of item, and you need to make a wild guess as to what she wants. Think about what type of item she wants, and base your guess on that. If she wants a pointy item, don't

be tossing Poke Balls at her and expect to get anything except fake thanks. wham-ish: Max Repel: Protein slippery: Ice Heal When you mix records, the Quiz Lady will give your quiz to your friend, but only if the answer to your quiz is in your friend's word bank! If it isn't, the Quiz Lady will give your friend one of her quizzes and one of her items. The Favor Lady will tell your friend about the item you gave her and how [description] it was. Or wasn't. If you failed, then your friend gets to try his luck at pleasing her. If you got an item, friend gets to possibly have to give her another type of item. For such a large city, most of the buildings here don't mean anything. The Lilycove Department Store is north of the Pokemon Center, but May is standing in front of it, and we don't want to mess with her. Not yet, anyway. We're going to explore the rest of the city first. The house to the right of the Department Store is the Move Deleter's house. This is where you go if you want to delete HM moves from your Pokemon. Further right is a gentleman who will give you one berry a day. His stock: Pecha - Aspear - Persim - Leppa Jump the ledge and enter the house. Talk to the man for TM44, Rest. Now go down until you are on the beach. Go up the right side of the beach and you will see many rocks. Examine the lowest one in the middle for a PP Up. Go all the way down to where you can see the lighthouse (yeah, it's a lighthouse). See the rock? Examine it for a free Poke Ball. Now go all the way to the left and examine the lone rock for a Heart Scale. Back in the main part of the city, go to the center and then down to where the old couple is at. Follow this path right and take the Max Repel sitting in front of the lighthouse. The large red building is where the Pokemon Contests are held. If all players are playing Pokemon Emerald, you can do Pokemon Contests with 2-4 players. However, if a player using Ruby or Sapphire joins in, you must have 4 players. See section 22 for more information regarding Pokemon Contests. You can also Berry Blender with one, two, or three CPU players, or you can link up with 1-3 friends. It doesn't matter what game is being played. Head left past the Department Store and go into the Lilycove Museum. Go straight up and talk to the museum's curator. Tell him you "Saw it" and you are interested in paintings, and he'll take you upstairs where he will ask you to find awesome art. Little does he realize that this awesome art is going to come from you, but hey. Who cares? See section 22e for more information. ================= 11b. May Battle 5 ================= [mflcc]

My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 40 | Weezing | 40 | Manectric | 40 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailord | 40 | Vibrava | 40 | Swellow | 40 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o May's Pokemon: Find your starter. May's team is in the column below it. o---------------o---------------o---------------o | Treecko | Torchic | Mudkip | <- Which one's your starter? o---------------o---------------o---------------o |Pelipper.....32|Slugma.......32|Slugma.......32| |Ludicolo.....32|Ludicolo.....32|Pelipper.....32| |Tropius......31|Tropius......31|Tropius......31| Money: 2040 |Combusken....34|Marshtomp....34|Grovyle......34| o---------------o---------------o---------------o The only Pokemon May has this time as opposed to last time is Tropius, and it has a very awesome double weakness to Ice. May sure likes getting beaten easily. Don't have Ice moves at your disposal? Fire works wonders, too. ============================== 11c. Lilycove Department Store ============================== Yeah, that's right, this place is so huge it gets its own section. On the first floor, the only thing of interest here is the lady on the right. Once a day, you can talk to this lady and she will draw a Pokemon Loto Ticket. If the number on this ticket matches the ID numbers of _any_ Pokemon you have (on your team and in your Boxes), you will be the proud owner of a brand new Master Ball. There is only one Master Ball in the game, and if you either miss it or waste it, this is the _only_ other way to get a Master Ball in the game. On the rooftop, there is a Move Tutor who will teach Substitute to a Pokemon. Other than that, there are no other people of interest. Without further ado, the Lilycove Department Store Shop List: o------------------------o | SECOND FLOOR LEFT LADY | o------------------------o | Poke Ball.........$200 | | Great Ball........$600 | | Ultra Ball.......$1200 | | Escape Rope.......$550 | | Full Heal.........$600 | | Antidote..........$100 | | Parlyz Heal.......$200 | | Burn Heal.........$250 | | Ice Heal..........$250 | | Awakening.........$250 | | Fluffy Tail......$1000 | o-------------------------o | SECOND FLOOR RIGHT LADY | o-------------------------o | Potion.............$300 | | Super Potion.......$700 | | Hyper Potion......$1200 | | Max Potion........$2500 | | Revive............$1500 | | Repel..............$350 | | Super Repel........$500 | | Max Repel..........$700 | | Wave Mail...........$50 | | Mech Mail...........$50 | o-------------------------o As you can see, these two shops have every item for sale you've seen thus far, and some that make their debut here, like Max Repel & Full Heal. I suggest stocking up on both. Max Potions restore all HP, and your Pokemon do not have the HP to warrant the use of one. Don't buy Hyper Potions either. There's an item [tabpm]

o------------------------o that is better suited for that. It's on the roof. The third floor deals in Pokemon stats, both temporary and permanent. The X items aren't all that useful, in my opinion. I recommend against buying the $9800 stat boosters, at least at this point in time; by now, your EVs are already messed up anyway. o-----------------------o | THIRD FLOOR LEFT LADY | o-----------------------o | Protein.........$9800 | | Iron............$9800 | | Carbos..........$9800 | | Zinc............$9800 | | Calcium.........$9800 | | HP Up...........$9800 | o-----------------------o Do EV training later. o------------------------o | THIRD FLOOR RIGHT LADY | o------------------------o | X Speed...........$350 | | X Special.........$350 | | X Attack..........$500 | | X Defend..........$550 | | Dire Hit..........$650 | | Guard Special.....$700 | | X Accuracy........$950 | o------------------------o

(Fire Blast) (Thunder) (Blizzard) (Hyper Beam)

o------------------------o | FOURTH FLOOR LEFT LADY | o------------------------o | TM38.............$5500 | | TM25.............$5500 | | TM14.............$5500 | | TM15.............$7500 | o------------------------o o-------------------------o | FOURTH FLOOR RIGHT LADY | o-------------------------o | TM17..............$3000 | | TM20..............$3000 | | TM33..............$3000 | | TM16..............$3000 | o-------------------------o The four women on this floor will all sell you items for your Secret Base. The dolls are one tile large, and they can only be put on a table or desk. Same goes for cushions.

Technical Machine time! The lady on the left sells you some pretty sweet TMs, like Fire Blast. I think Fire Blast is a better move than Flamethrower, but only for linkplay. In game, Flamethrower is better because it has three times the PP of Fire Blast. This lady deals in defensive TMs. Protect can be learned by any Pokemon that can learn a TM. Safeguard isn't learned by a lot of Pokemon, and it isn't very useful anyway. Reflect and Light Screen are boss moves. I suggest having at least one on your team. o----------------------------o | FIFTH FLOOR TOP RIGHT LADY | o----------------------------o | Pika Cushion.........$2000 | | Round Cushion........$2000 | | Zigzag Cushion.......$2000 | | Spin Cushion.........$2000 | | Diamond Cushion......$2000 | | Ball Cushion.........$2000 | | Grass Cushion........$2000 | | Fire Cushion.........$2000 | | Water Cushion........$2000 | o----------------------------o

(Protect) (Safeguard) (Reflect) (Light Screen)

o---------------------------o | FIFTH FLOOR TOP LEFT LADY | o---------------------------o | Pichu Doll..........$3000 | | Pikachu Doll........$3000 | | Marill Doll.........$3000 | | Jigglypuff Doll.....$3000 | | Duskull Doll........$3000 | | Wynaut Doll.........$3000 | | Baltoy Doll.........$3000 | | Kecleon Doll........$3000 | | Azurill Doll........$3000 | | Skitty Doll.........$3000 | | Swablu Doll.........$3000 | | Gulpin Doll.........$3000 | o---------------------------o

I love Secret Bases! Space filler, hooray! Posters go on walls. Mats are large and circular, and they go on the floor. The Glitter, Jump, and Spin Mats o-------------------------------o | FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM RIGHT LADY | o-------------------------------o | Surf Mat................$4000 | | Thunder Mat.............$4000 | | Fire Blast Mat..........$4000 | | Powder Snow Mat.........$4000 | | Attract Mat.............$4000 | | Fissure Mat.............$4000 | | Spikes Mat..............$4000 | | Glitter Mat.............$4000 | | Jump Mat................$4000 |

o------------------------------o | FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM LEFT LADY | o------------------------------o | Ball Poster............$1000 | | Green Poster...........$1000 | | Red Poster.............$1000 | | Blue Poster............$1000 | | Cute Poster............$1000 | | Pika Poster............$1000 | | Long Poster............$1500 | | Sea Poster.............$1500 |

| Sky Poster.............$1500 | are the | Spin Mat................$4000 | o------------------------------o exception. o-------------------------------o o-------------------------o | ROOFTOP VENDING MACHINE | o-------------------------o | Fresh Water........$200 | | Soda Pop...........$300 | | Lemonade...........$350 | o-------------------------o Behold one of the best healing items in Lemonade. For a mere 350 money, you can wonder drink that restores HP by 80. It Super Potion hands down and gives Hyper a run for their money. Buy several. the game buy this beats Potions

You may be wondering where in the world you're supposed to find this clear-out sale. The answer: TV. Yes, in order to be a part of this fabulous event, you will need to watch TV. It will usually about the sale two or 3 days before the event. Every day, watch them count down until the day of the sale. Head up to the rooftop and speak to the shopkeeper by the vending machine. Buy multiples of everything; this event is very rare. Solid Board is what you'll need so you can cover the holes in your Secret Base. The Stand and Slide are huge; they take up about 8 tiles. Rhydon Doll is as large as a Wailmer Doll, and goes on a large mat or huge desk. ============= 11d. Mt. Pyre =============

o-------------------------------------o | LILYCOVE DEPT. STORE CLEAR-OUT SALE | o-------------------------------------o | Mud Ball.......................$200 | | Fence Length...................$500 | | Fence Width....................$500 | | Tire...........................$800 | | Breakable Door................$3000 | | Solid Board...................$3000 | | Sand Ornament.................$3000 | | Stand.........................$7000 | | Slide.........................$8000 | | TV............................$3000 | | Round TV......................$4000 | | Cute TV.......................$4000 | | Wailmer Doll.................$10000 | | Rhydon Doll..................$10000 | o-------------------------------------o [gosty]

We're ready to continue. The only reason we visited Lilycove City was so we could Fly back to Lilycove City. Yeah, it's close to here, but we're going to be going far away shortly. I know you don't want to walk from Fortree to Lilycove all over again. Go to where you saw the Aqua grunts before and surf south. It doesn't matter if you go right or left, your goal is the bottom center... sort of. Get inside. o--------------------------o | MT. PYRE POKEMON LISTING | o--------------------------o | Shuppet (Common) | | Duskull (Rare) | o--------------------------o first. Talk to the person in It's a hold item that lowers upstairs. Pokemaniac Mark Rhyhorn, Lv.31 Black Belt Zander Hariyama, Lv.31 Young Couple Dez & Luke Delcatty/Manectric, Lv.31 Please don't waste time looking for Duskull here. They are extremely rare. You're supposed to go out the side door found on the first floor, but there are Trainers to defeat and items to collect on higher floors. Do that the upper right corner to get the Cleanse Tag. the general encounter rate. That's all here, go

<- Team Battle! -> Hex Maniac Leah Money: 2604 Spoink, Lv.31 <- Team Battle! -> Hex Maniac Leah Money: 1736 Spoink, Lv.31

Money: 1984 Pick up the Ultra Ball and move to the next floor. This next fight's a team fight, but both girls look away. It's hard to catch them together. Psychic Kayla <- Team Battle! -> PKMN Breeder Gabrielle* Wobbuffet/Natu/Kadabra, Money: 1664 Skitty/Poochyena/Zigzagoon, Lv.26 Lv.26 o-------------------------------------------o / Be careful! Shadow Tag forbids switching! / o-------------------------------------------o Should you decide to take out Kayla first, you can do another team battle if you manage to sneak past Gabrielle and keep the guy's attention. The item ball contains a Super Repel; get it before or after the battle, it doesn't matter. Psychic William Ralts (x2)/Kirlia, Lv.26 <- Team Battle! -> PKMN Breeder Gabrielle* Money: 1664 Skitty/Poochyena/Zigzagoon, Lv.26

Next floor. One fight, then next floor. One more fight, then next floor. Hex Maniac Tasha Shuppet, Lv.32 Money: 768 Black Belt Atsushi Hariyama, Lv.32 Money: 1024

On the next floor, there's a team battle. They both spin in opposite directions, so it's easy to put yourself between them. Hex Maniac Valerie* Sableye, Lv.32 <- Team Battle! -> Psychic Cedric Money: 1536 Wobbuffet, Lv.32

The item ball contains TM30, Shadow Ball. Pick it up and fall down the hole. Pick up the Lax Incense and fall down the bottom hole. Don't forget to pick up the Sea Incense before falling down the holes. Now go down the stairs and out the side door. o---------------------------------o The path to the top is surprisingly | MT. PYRE SUMMIT POKEMON LISTING | straightforward. Vulpix can only be found o---------------------------------o here; make sure you get one before you go. | Shuppet (Common) | | Vulpix (Rare) | Not too far in and you will see an item | Duskull (Rare) | ball that contains TM48, Skill Swap. | Wingull (Rare) | | Chimecho (Rare) | Soon you'll see the path get all misty. o---------------------------------o Straight up from this point is a Max Potion. Go all the way to the left and follow the small path up to the end. Examine the... thing... and you will be rewarded with an Ultra Ball. Back on the main path, you will see another thing blocked off by a wall and some grass. Examine this thing for a Max Ether. Head up the center into the next area, where a few Aqua grunts lie in wait. Turns out they laid the smackdown on Team Magma, who turned tail and fled (as it should be). Now you have to beat _them_. Still easy. Here we go. Team Aqua Grunt Carvanha, Lv.32 Money: 640 Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena/Wailmer, Lv.30 Team Aqua Grunt Zubat, Lv.32 Money: 640 <- Team Battle! -> Team Aqua Grunt Money: 1200 Wailmer/Zubat, Lv.30

After that, go up and Archie will tell you that even though Maxie beat him to the top of Mt. Pyre, he still got what he wanted - the Red Orb. Grandma over here will tell you how disastrous it is now that the Orbs have been separated. Looks like someone's going to be a high-class errand boy... oh, but first, take this. Turns out someone from Team Magma dropped it... it's the Magma Emblem! Now you can... do... what? Where to go from here? Well... let's see. We've been everywhere we can go so far except east of Lilycove. Going there, we see that Team Aqua is still training their Wailmer. Can't leave yet. There's a cave that we can go inside. Oh, this is the Aqua Hideout. Two grunts won't let us in, but one says that Team Magma is trying to awaken an awesome Pokemon at their hideout. Where is it, though? This grunt doesn't know. The other one says that Team Magma is trying to awaken an awesome Pokemon at Mt. Chimney. Could Mt. Chimney be their hideout? I didn't see any secret entrances before... ================== 11e. Magma Hideout ================== To get through this dungeon, you're going to need Strength. So we're up on Mt. Chimney. Doesn't look like Team Magma's here, but there are civilian Trainers for you to battle. Let's take care of them first - no sense in wasting the experience! Beauty Shirley Numel, Lv.21 Money: 1680 Beauty Melissa Marill, Lv.21 Beauty Sheila Shroomish, Lv.21 Money: 1680 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2520 Expert Shelby* Meditite, Lv.21; Makuhita, Lv.21 Money: 840 Hiker Sawyer* Geodude, Lv.21 [mghdt]

Jump down Jagged Pass, and the ground will shake because of the Magma Emblem. Another shake, and a cave opens up! So that's where they've been hiding... o-------------------------------o Activate Strength. Push the bottom boulder | MAGMA HIDEOUT POKEMON LISTING | to the left, then push the one above it to o-------------------------------o the left. Follow the path. | Geodude (Common) | | Torkoal (Common) | Team Magma Grunt | Graveler (Rare) | Poochyena, Lv.29 o-------------------------------o Money: 580 This place is way too straightforward. Just keep following the path. Team Magma Grunt Numel, Lv.29 Money: 580 Team Magma Grunt Mightyena, Lv.29 Money: 580

Fight the next two grunts. I don't care if you can make them team you; it's way too much hassle to even try. Team Magma Grunt Baltoy, Lv.28; Numel, Lv.28 Money: 560 Team Magma Grunt Baltoy, Lv.28; Zubat, Lv.28 Money: 560

Finally, some diverging paths! Go down the steps, to the left, and up into the door. Go straight up and battle someone who regrets joining Team Magma. Mwahaha. Finally, someone's seeing the light. Join us, friend... Team Magma Grunt Numel, Lv.29 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1160 Team Magma Grunt Mightyena, Lv.29

Pick up the Full Restore and continue on the main path. Head up on this second path for more battles. Team Magma Grunt Zubat, Lv.29 Money: 580 Team Magma Grunt Poochyena, Lv.29 Money: 580

Obtain the Max Elixir and follow the main path again. Go through the door and follow this new path. Fight a lonesome grunt. Team Magma Grunt Zubat, Lv.29 Money: 580 Continue on and you'll find a Rare Candy. Awesome. Now go back to where you found the first fork in the road and take the bottom door. Keep going. Team Magma Grunt Zubat, Lv.29 Money: 580 I love it! So many Team Magma Grunts questioning the ways of Team Magma!...oh hey, look. A fork in the road. Get in the door. Go up the left side and pick up a PP Max. That's gotta be awesome. There's a rather lonely grunt at the top of this room, so let's go keep him company. Chalk one up for the "Magma Grunts who Regret Joining Team Magma" team! Team Magma Grunt Mightyena, Lv.29 Money: 580 Now leave this room. Time to finish this room off, so go down and fight this one chick. Team Magma Grunt Baltoy, Lv.29 Money: 580 Pick up the Nugget and go through the door. Another fight isn't too far off, and I'll bet he has a single Lv.29 Zubat. Team Magma Grunt Baltoy, Lv.29 Money: 580 Team Magma needs a little more diversity. At least increase the levels as you get deeper in. Use different Pokemon. This is so boring! Team Magma Grunt Numel, Lv.29 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1160 Team Magma Grunt Zubat, Lv.29

Magma Admin Tabitha Numel, Lv.26; Zubat, Lv.30; Mightyena, Lv.28; Camerupt, Lv.33 Money: 1320 We're fighting administrators now... we must be getting close to the end. Pick up the Max Revive, dead ahead. A little more and you'll see Maxie standing near a rather large beast surrounded by magma. I think a heal and save is in order. =================== 11f. Maxie Battle 2 =================== [rghlm]

Maxie will chant off some cheesy lines, expecting this Blue Orb to put Groudon under his command, but Groudon isn't going to have any part of that. He takes off, leaving Maxie stupefied. He blames it on you and commences attack. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 41 | Weezing | 42 | Manectric | 40 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailord | 40 | Vibrava | 43 | Swellow | 42 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Maxie's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Mightyena | 37 | Crobat | 38 | Camerupt | 39 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 3120

Not much has changed about Mightyena since the last time you met. Treat it the same as you've treated every other Mightyena you've come across. Thank the gods that Maxie's pathetic Zubat has evolved into the much more fearsome Crobat. It's wicked fast and its Attack isn't too shabby. Even though it isn't the highest level, this is Maxie's best Pokemon. You're probably best using an Electric-type if you have one, or something that knows Electric moves. Camerupt means Surf, the end. Team Magma will vanish after Maxie says a few more words. Go in the door and pick up the Escape Rope. Use it to leave this dungeon. Whew. That was long. I wonder what Team Aqua's up to? Let's pay them a visit. ================= 11g. Aqua Hideout ================= No HMs needed to get through this dungeon. The two Team Aqua grunts are still blocking the way. Good job, men; they give away Archie's location. Fly to Slateport City and go up to the harbor at the north end of the city. Talk to Captain Stern. After Gabby & Ty leave, Archie will speak through a megaphone from inside. He's going to take the Submarine Explorer 1 (henceforth referred to as 'the sub')! As we get inside, near Archie [fafft]

and he will commend you for chasing him this far, but, as always, it's too late to do anything. He will dare you to visit his hideout in Lilycove, then jump in the water and take off in the sub. Fly back to Lilycove City and enter the hideout. The two grunts who blocked the way are gone, so we now have access to the main part of the dungeon. Fight the grunt circling around near the entrance. Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena, Lv.32 Money: 640 Go down the stairs. Step on the right teleporter. Pick up the Max Elixir and warp back. Now step on the left teleporter and head to the right. Team Aqua Grunt Carvanha, Lv.32 Money: 640 Go down and left. Step on the teleporter. Step on the teleporter on the far right. Step on the teleporter to the right of that one. Now step on the teleporter to the _left_. Now step on the teleporter on the far left. Go left, and you will see four item balls: Master Ball -> * * <- Lv.30 Electrode Nugget -> * * <- Lv.30 Electrode Yeah. You can run or catch the Electrode, if you want. Don't leave the Master Ball behind. You will eventually be shut off from this dungeon forever, so don't forget it! Warp back to the teleporters and take the middle one, then the left one, then the upper one. Now go right and have a team battle. Team Aqua Grunt Zubat/Carvanha, Lv.31 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1240 Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena/Zubat, Lv.31

Take the teleporter, go downstairs. One grunt to fight. Team Aqua Grunt Carvanha, Lv.32 Money: 640 Take the bottom teleporter, pick up the Nest Ball. Go back and take the teleporter on the right. Up the steps. Team Aqua Grunt Zubat, Lv.32 Money: 640 Now go down the stairs on the right for a team battle. Team Aqua Grunt Zubat, Lv.32 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1280 Team Aqua Grunt Carvanha, Lv.32

Step on the teleporter. Time for me to stop you right in your tracks! Aqua Admin Matt Mightyena, Lv.34; Golbat, Lv.34 Money: 1360

Argh, I've been defeated. Oh well. After a few words, step on the bottom teleporter, go up the stairs, and get out. ============= 11h. Eastward ============= [124n5]

This is the last little bit we have to do before attempting the 7th Gym. Heal your Pokemon and leave east out of the city. First fight's a team battle. SwimmerF Grace Marill, Lv.34 Moving along SwimmerM Spencer Tentacool, Lv.33; Wingull, Lv.33 Money: 264 Now go southwest from him. Sis And Bro Lila & Roy* Chinchou, Lv.34/Carvanha, Lv.33 Money: 792 Now head east. SwimmerF Jenny Wailmer, Lv.34 Money: 272 Southeast of her. SwimmerM Chad Tentacool, Lv.33; Wailmer, Lv.33 Money: 264 The house you'll see is the shard master's house. Take any colored shards you find to this guy and he will, depending on the color of the shard, give you an appropriate-colored evolution stone. Before we actually make land in the city, though, continue northeast onto Route 125. Go straight north to the land and start your beatdown. Sailor Ernest* Wingull, Lv.33; Machoke, Lv.33 Money: 1056 Now go to the right. SwimmerF Sharon Seaking, Lv.34 Money: 272 North and east a little bit. SwimmerF Tanya Luvdisc, Lv.34 Money: 272 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 544 SwimmerM Declan Gyarados, Lv.34

Go up some and you'll see two dudes walking back and forth. If they're walking in the same direction, surf around so only one of them is visible. The other one won't move, so you can make it so you can Double Battle them. Bird Keeper Presley Tropius/Xatu, Lv.33 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2376 Expert Auron Manectric/Machamp, Lv.33

The item is a Big Pearl. Go left for another Double Battle. Sr. And Jr. Kim & Iris Swablu, Lv.32/Numel, Lv.35 Money: 1120 o------------------------------------------o / The cave next to them is Shoal Cave. You / / can explore it now if you want, but it / o---o isn't covered in this section. If you / Now go down a little bit / want to explore Shoal Cave, see section 19. / and then you're done. o----------------------------------------------o SwimmerM Nolen Tentacruel, Lv.34 Money: 136 Now go south until you hit land. Welcome! ================== 11i. Mossdeep City ================== o-------------------------o | MOSSDEEP CITY SHOP LIST | o-------------------------o | Ultra Ball........$1200 | | Net Ball..........$1000 | | Dive Ball.........$1000 | | Hyper Potion......$1200 | | Full Heal..........$600 | | Revive............$1500 | | Max Repel..........$700 | | X Attack...........$500 | | X Defend...........$550 | o-------------------------o it to you. Take it, yes. [sctof] The first person you'll see is a Move Tutor that will teach Dynamicpunch to one of your Pokemon. In the house to the left of the Pokemon there lives a boy who will tell you the your Secret Base is on. He's there as a precaution so you can find your base in ever forget where it's at (like I did). Center, route safety case you

Between this house and the Pokemon Center is a guy who will tell you Steven gave him some wack item called... King's Rock, was it? Yeah. Anyway, this is a really stupid item, so he offers to give

Northwest of the Pokemon Center is an empty house. Above the Pokemon Center is a house. In it is a guy who will tell you what color PokeBlocks your lead Pokemon likes. The Poke Mart is to the east of the Pokemon Center. Below that is a house where you can play Wireless Adapter mini-games. All players must be using the Wireless Adapter in order to play. Now go to the right and down the stairs. Go to the right and pick up the Net Ball. Back up the stairs, to the right, up more stairs, go in the house and talk to the Wingull. It will go away. Where did we see a Wingull in town before? Oh, yeah, that's right. That boy in Fortree City had one. If you pay him a visit now, he will give you a Mental Herb. Now go left and up into the house. Agree with the fisherman and he'll give you

a Super Rod. Now go back to the Wingull house and up into the Space Center. Talk to the sailor and he'll give you a Sun Stone. How nice. Steven's here. He's standing on the left side next to... an intent-to-steal notice? It reads: To the staff How are you? We will soon rocket fuel. Please don't We will take Let there be of the SPACE CENTER: We are doing fine. visit you to take your try to stop us. the fuel no matter what. more land! TEAM MAGMA

They're such nice criminals. What does Steven have to say? STEVEN: [Name], have you read that proclamation already? TEAM MAGMA is coming after the rocket fuel on this island. I don't know what they'd need it for, but they can't be allowed to take it. I'll keep an eye on things for a while longer. In the meantime, why don't you go check out the town? That's code for "go beat the Gym." But are you prepared? There's nothing else to do, so you can enter the Gym at any time. Clear out the Match Call first to make sure you've fought all the Trainers. When you think you're ready, enter the Gym. ====================== 11j. Boss: Liza & Tate ====================== [b2tpt]

Wow. Supreme Gym facelift. This is completely different from the Ruby & Sapphire version. There's a square, some statues, what looks like switches, and Trainers. Moving on to this square... holy crap! Psychic Preston Kirlia, Lv.36 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1728 Psychic Maura Kadabra, Lv.36

Oh, so the squares are actually switches that rotate the Trainers, and these circular doohickeys aren't switches, but teleporters that transport you to a different area of the Gym. Let's step on the one up top. Step on the switch and fight the psychics. Psychic Blake Girafarig, Lv.36 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1728 Psychic Samantha Xatu, Lv.36

Now go back to the beginning and step on the left teleporter. Gentleman Clifford Girafarig, Lv.36 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 3744 Hex Maniac Kathleen Kadabra, Lv.36

Step on the switch and fight the girl. Step on the switch and fight the guy. Psychic Macey Natu, Lv.36 Money: 864 Psychic Nicholas Wobbuffet, Lv.36 Money: 864

Go down and step on the switch twice. Now go up and step on the top teleporter. You already fought the Trainers here, so continue left to the other teleporter. Step on the switch and fight the pair. Psychic Virgil Ralts, Lv.36 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 3744 Gentleman Nate Spoink, Lv.36

Step on the switch two more times. But wait... why isn't the girl up on top moving? Oh, I get it. The switches only activate the arrows of the appropriate color, so stepping on a blue switch won't activate red arrows. Okay. Yep, as I thought. Step on the red switch and fight the two girls. Hex Maniac Sylvia Meditite, Lv.36 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1728 Psychic Hannah Kirlia, Lv.36

Step on the red switch twice. Go around and step on the blue switch four times. Make sure when you're stepping off the switch, you step to the right. Now go down and step on the bottom blue switch once. Go right and up into the teleporter. If you didn't step on the green switch earlier to clear a path, you'll have to go back and do that. Advance forward, heal and save. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 45 | Weezing | 45 | Manectric | 44 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailord | 45 | Flygon | 45 | Swellow | 46 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Liza & Tate's* Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Claydol | 41 | Xatu | 41 | Solrock | 42 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Lunatone | 42 | o------------o-----o

Money: 8400 (!)

Holy crap! Tate's a guy! I found this out when I watched the episode where Ash defeated them... wow. Talk about a shock. I'm totally serious, I had NO CLUE Tate was male. Did you? I don't care _what_ the game says, it's Liza & Tate. It's Nintendo's fault for not putting enough characters for names. "Tate&Liza" my left foot. If you've ever done competitive Double Battles, you can see right away where this battle is leading. Claydol knows Earthquake, and Earthquake hits all other

battlers in 2-on-2. The good thing about this (at least for your opponents) is that Xatu happens to be part Flying-type, and is therefore immune to Ground, making the full blast of the attack done to your Pokemon. Solrock and Lunatone both sport the Levitate Ability, so they are also immune the Ground-based Earthquake. This is why you're going to want to eliminate Claydol as fast as you can. Claydol's weaknesses are Bug, Dark, Water, Grass, and Ghost. Grassand Bug-type Pokemon are resistant to Ground, so if you have any of those, feel free to use them. Of course, I annihilated these girls so quickly, I'm not sure who else on their team has Earthquake. It was like this: Manectric + Wailord. Manectric Thunderbolts Xatu, Xatu dies. Go Solrock. Wailord Surfs. Claydol Earthquakes. Manectric Thunderbolts Solrock, Solrock dies. Go Lunatone. Wailord Surfs, Claydol dies. Manectric Thunderbolts Lunatone, I win. That's all that happened, I didn't feel like having them pimp themselves out and rape me with Calm Mind. I suppose her Pokemon know that, too, but I think they get too much a kick out of using Earthquake to do that. It raises Special Attack and Special Defense, so it's pretty useful for Psychic-type Pokemon. Most, if not all, can learn it. If her Pokemon start to use it, focus your attention on that one. If both Pokemon start to use it, you had better get to steppin' or face a world of hurt from special techniques. And Earthquake. Defeat Liza & Tate to earn the Mind Badge, the ability to use Dive out of battle, and TM04, Calm Mind. ==================== 12. The Eighth Badge ==================== Major Objectives ---------------* Be a part of Pokemon history. * Witness the awakening of two ancient Pokemon. * Earn your final Badge. The last Gym lies in Sootopolis City, but there aren't any paths to get in. You see, Sootopolis City lies inside an inactive volcano filled with water, so we need to enter from below. We can use Dive out of battle, but we don't _have_ the HM for it. We'll need it to progress, so we better get our hands on one. Let's go visit Steven. Maybe he knows what to do. Head to the Space Center andWhat's this? Maxie and four Team Magma Grunts walk towards the Space Center. Oh, yeah, that's right, they're going to steal rocket fuel. At least they gave the people at the Space Center fair warning. Enter the Space Center, and turns out that Team Magma has everybody piled on one side. Time to clean house. ================= 12a. Space Center ================= Walk to the right and start massacring. Team Magma Grunt Zubat, Lv.31; Poochyena, Lv.31 Money: 620 Move up and battle the Grunt. See? He agrees with me. Team Magma Grunt Numel, Lv.32 Money: 640 [mgagn] [rnbaj]

Keep going. Team Magma Grunt Baltoy, Lv.32 Money: 640 You'll have to talk to this next Grunt. Apparently, he's blind. Team Magma Grunt Mightyena, Lv.26/28; Numel, Lv.30 Money: 600 Go upstairs and you'll be face to face... to face to face with 3 Magma Grunts. They all want a piece of you. Far be it from us to withhold it from them. Team Magma Grunt Zubat, Lv.32 Money: 640 Team Magma Grunt Mightyena, Lv.32 Money: 640 Team Magma Grunt Baltoy, Lv.32 Money: 640

Go down and to the left, and you'll see Steven being harrassed by Maxie and Tabitha. Talk to Steven to continue. STEVEN: TEAM MAGMA... What's the point of stealing rocket fuel? MAXIE: Fufufu... Since you're so curious, you deserve an explanation. We're going to jettison the entire load into MT. CHIMNEY! With GROUDON gone, we have no need for that slag heap of a mountain! So we'll use the fuel's power to make the volcano erupt! It will be savage! Steven'll be taken aback by this statement. You will get two chances to heal and save. This is one of them. Heal and save. Talk to Steven again. STEVEN: [Name]! You're going to help me? Let's go into battle together! Are you ready? No: STEVEN: Then, hurry! Get ready quickly! (asks if you'll help if you talk to him again) This is the other one. If you didn't heal and save before, do it now. =============================== 12b. Fiery Fury! Magma Showdown =============================== Yes: You'll have to choose up to three Pokemon to enter. Do so and select Confirm. [huxly]

Pokemon I used: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 45 | Wailord | 45 | Manectric | 45 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Steven will use these Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Metang | 42 | Skarmory | 43 | Aggron | 44 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Reflect Aerial Ace Thunder Psychic Toxic Protect Metal Claw Protect Solarbeam Light Screen Steel Wing Dragon Claw Maxie's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Mightyena | 42 | Crobat | 43 | Camerupt | 44 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Tabitha's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Camerupt | 36 | Mightyena | 38 | Golbat | 40 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Steven's Metang is Steel/Psychic, and as such resists many types. Its Clear Body Ability also stops Intimidate from working... on Metang. Your Pokemon still get hit with it. It's doubtful Steven's Metang will die unless you yourself kill it. Steven's Aggron probably knows the worst moveset in the universe. Aggron is Steel/Rock, the evolution of Lairon, evolution of Aron. It's double weak to Fighting and Ground. It's doubtful it will die if it ever sees play. I just killed it because I'm greedy and want all the experience to myself. Hahaha. Steven's Skarmory has better moves, but it's just as easy to kill. I made that bird eat Fire Blast so fast it wasn't even funny. Most of the time, though, Steven will either kill one of their Pokemon or you will die trying to eliminate Steven. Chin up and take it like a real man. Does this situation look familiar? It's the Earthquake/Flying combination we just got done seeing in Mossdeep's Gym. If a Camerupt gets paired up with a Golbat or a Crobat, you know an Earthquake's on its way. Of course, since we all know that Camerupt means Surf, that should never happen. The fact that the damage is split won't make it live. It still dies. Money: 5120

Since Maxie and Tabitha both have a Mightyena, that means a potential -2 Attack for your leader. Lead with a special attacker so Intimidate doesn't hurt it. Don't bother with weaknesses for the Mightyena. They are weak. Power hits will do you good. If they use Scary Face on you, switch out. One Scary Face will make you slower than Camerupt, and having a Camerupt of ANY level be faster than your Pokemon is something to be ashamed of. Crobat and Golbat can be treated the same way. Special hits are the way to go. After the battle, Maxie will realize how much of a putz he's been this entire time and wonder if Archie is a putz, too. He and Team Magma will leave to examine "more important matters." STEVEN: Whew, that was too tense. [Name], thank you. I have something to give you as thanks for your support. Please come see me at home after this. Oh, yes, I don't live in RUSTBORO CITY. I live right here on this island. Steven just so happens to inhabit that empty house northwest of the Pokemon Center. That's why it was empty when we visited it before - he wasn't home! Upon entering, Steven will spot you. STEVEN: [Name]... As you can see, there's not much here, but this is my home. Thank you for all that you've done. This is my token of appreciation. It's the HIDDEN MACHINE DIVE. No need to be shy--you've earned this HM. Obtained the HM08! [Name] put away the HM08 in the TMs & HMs POCKET. STEVEN: While you're using SURF, you should notice dark patches of water. Use DIVE if you come to deep water like it. You'll drop to the seafloor. When you want to come back up, use DIVE again. In some places, it won't be possible for you to surface, though. He'll go back to a chair and chill there for the rest of the game. Well, yeah, Steven, that's real nice, but what the Whismur am I supposed to do now? STEVEN: Apparently, there's an underwater cavern between MOSSDEEP and SOOTOPOLIS. You know, the one that CAPT. STERN found in his submarine. Oh yeah! I forgot about that... thanks, man.

===================== 12c. Treasure Hunting ===================== Before you forget, go do Trick 6. Your Pokemon could use the experience.


There aren't very many Trainers left in Hoenn for us to battle, and there's plenty of awesome treasure to be had at the bottom of the ocean. Start in Lilycove City. Buy lots of Max Repel so the wild Pokemon stay away. o----------------------------o Doesn't matter what route you're on, this is | UNDERWATER POKEMON LISTING | what you're going to find when underwater. o----------------------------o | Clamperl (Common) | The exception to this is Relicanth; that can | Chinchou (Uncommon) | only be found outside of Sootopolis City. | Relicanth (Rare) | The first patch of dark water can be found by o----------------------------o Grace & Declan, the first battle you can fight when leaving through Lilycove's east exit. Go straight down and examine the empty patch in the seaweed for a Green Shard. Swim back to the light-colored area and surface. Go to the right to find some more dark water. Go under and swim the path. When you get to the fork, go right and examine the empty patch for a Carbos. Continue let when you get to the bottom. Surface and go northeast. A Blue Shard waits for you. Right, now just a little bit to the right and you'll find more dark water. Go under, and you'll see a discolored spot in the light area. Examine this spot for a Heart Scale. Go up until you find another spot like the one when you first dove down. Examine this dark area for a Calcium. Go all the way left and surface. Go right and pick up the Red Shard. Backtrack to the beginning and get back in the main part of the ocean. Southeast of there is another dive spot, but there's nothing there. To the right of there is yet another dive spot, and you can pick up a free Big Pearl if you can find the discolored area. A short distance southwest yields another dive spot. Get down and start swimming. Surface, follow the path, and go under again. Follow the path and surface. Your reward is a Green Shard. Go north between the lands and you will see two dive spots. The bottom one has nothing, but the top one has a Pearl in a discolored area. Go up some more. You will find some more dark water. Go under, follow the path, and surface. A Yellow Shard lies to the left. So now go around the house on the left side and then straight down for more dark water. Go down and you'll find a Heart Scale in a discolored spot. To get more treasure, we'll have to fight our way through Route 124. Go west of Mossdeep and then begin southward. Ready? Fight! Triathlete Isabella Staryu, Lv.34 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1632 SwimmerM Roland Carvanha, Lv.34

Go south and weave through the rocks. This next fight is optional, but fight 'em anyway. Triathlete Isobel Staryu, Lv.34 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1632 SwimmerM Leonardo Carvanha, Lv.34

You're going to see _lots_ of dark water after this. Surf left and dive in the thin strip of dark water on the left side. You should be able to see a discolored spot; examine it for an Ultra Ball. Surface and follow the dark water to the right, where you see a male swimmer swimming around. Dive at the "corner" of the dark water and you'll see another discolored spot. Pick up the Stardust, surface, and smite the boy. SwimmerM Dean Carvanha, Lv.31 (x2) Wingull, Lv.31 Money: 248 Surf down until you get to the white rock structure's southeast corner. Dive near the spot between two small rocks and you'll be able to clearly see a discolored area. Examine it for a Big Pearl. Stay underwater. Surf clockwise and go straight up when you can turn right. Follow this path to a dead-end with a Heart Scale. Now you can surface. You're on the other side of the rocks! Go left and straight down for more dark water. Before you dive under, fight the girl just below that. SwimmerF Brenda Goldeen, Lv.34 Money: 272 Underwater, there are three different discolored splotches. From top to bottom, they are Yellow Shard, Pearl, Iron. Get them all and go back until you're underwater on the dead-end path. Go all the way down and surface. See the girl? Go to her left. SwimmerF Sienna Luvdisc, Lv.33 (x2) <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1534 Triathlete Pablo* Staryu, Lv.33 (x2)

Dive in the dark water below them. Follow this path. Empty patch, see it? Blue Shard's there. Surface and stay above water. There's a swimmer dood to the right. SwimmerM Barry Gyarados, Lv.34 Money: 272 Follow the city's structure in a counterclockwise direction. Fight the mermaid. SwimmerF Nikki Marill, Lv.33; Spheal, Lv.33 Money: 264 Go right. As soon as you get on Route 127, go right until you find the dark water. Dive here and examine the lonely rock for a Star Piece. Resurface and go down. Fight the lady. Triathlete Donny Wingull, Lv.26; Staryu, Lv.34 Money: 1360 Go straight up, making sure to stay on the left side of the rocks. Bird Keeper Aidan Swellow/Skarmory, Lv.32 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2560 Cooltrainer Athena Manectric/Linoone, Lv.32

A Rare Candy needs a home. Feel free to give it one. Surf around the trees to

the north and continue up to find a Zinc. Go right until you can't anymore, then start going down. You'll find a break in the rocks to the right. Get in this little area. Stay off the land for now; surf all the way around this island and you'll find some dark water. Dive down and you'll see a rock in the middle or so. Examine it for a Red Shard. Now surface and start wasting the Trainers, starting with the fishing buff. Fisherman Roger Magikarp, Lv.15/25; Gyarados, Lv.35 Money: 1400 Move now in a counterclockwise direction. Fight the two fishermen. Fisherman Henry Carvanha, Lv.31; Tentacruel, Lv.34 Money: 1360 Fisherman Jonah Wailmer, Lv.30; Tentacool, Lv.31; Sharpedo, Lv.32 Money: 1220 Now leave, but on the right side of the rocks you came through before. Dive underwater and you'll see a rock. Examine it for an HP Up. Surface, go down, and fight the dooder guy. Triathlete Camden Staryu, Lv.33 (x2) Money: 1320 Straight down from here, you'll find another break in the rocks to the right. Go in here and to the right, you'll see deep water. Dive in and surface over there. Go up and get the Carbos. Dive, go over, surface. While you're here, fight the lone Trainer. Black Belt Koji* Machoke, Lv.34 Money: 1588 Back on the main route, continue south. You will see a big rock on the right. just as you pass onto Route 128. Dive down here and then go up (or go up and dive down). You'll see a rock. Examine it for a Heart Scale. Resurface and get back on Route 128. Go down and left a bit, you'll see a girl. She wants to fight you. Cooltrainer Alexa Gloom, Lv.34; Azumarill, Lv.34 Money: 1632 Go to the right and you'll see a guy, let's fight him. Cooltrainer Ruben Shiftry, Lv.34; Nosepass, Lv.34 Money: 1632 Below him and to the left you will find a rather large squareish patch of shallow water. Inside this squareish is deep water. Dive down and collect the Protein, then surface. Make it so you're on the outside of the squareish box and get in front of it as if you were going to continue south. You'll see a

man, fight him. Triathlete Isaiah* Staryu, Lv.35 Money: 1400 "But what about the right? There's a huge path there!" Yeah, but that leads to Ever Grande City, and you can't even get in yet. Dive down here, and you'll see the entrance to a cave. Welcome to your next stop. ==================== 12d. Seafloor Cavern ==================== [wihlc]

To get through this dungeon, you will need Strength and Rock Smash. If you do not have both on your team, return to Mossdeep and pick up Pokemon until you have them both. You're going to want to pick up a few Max Repels if you're short on them. I'd say you'll want at least 3 or 4, unless you plan on fighting the wild Pokemon. Then surf straight south to Route 128, to the large square. Dive in front and enter the cavern. The sub is here. Looks like Team Aqua's here. Surface and go up into the cave. o---------------------------------o | SEAFLOOR CAVERN POKEMON LISTING | o---------------------------------o | Golbat (Common) | | Zubat (Common) | | Wailmer (Common) | | Tentacool (Common) | o---------------------------------o Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena, Lv.36 Money: 720 Go up and activate Strength. Crush the small rock and push the boulder either up or down - NOT right. Go right and push the boulder. You'll see a copule of Team Aqua Grunts. You can skip them both, but what's the fun in that?

o---------------------------------------o / This dungeon can get very confusing. / / There are doors that take you to two / \ different rooms, and you may feel \ Up the steps, fight the other one. \ like I'm skipping a lot, but I'm just \ \ saving you a LOT of wasted time. \ Team Aqua Grunt o---------------------------------------o Carvanha, Lv.36 Money: 720 I'm sure you can see the team battle down there. If you don't want to fight them, skip the next paragraph. and start after the words "Right here!" There are no items to be obtained. Go down into the room. Go down and activate Strength. Of the upper two boulders, push the top one to the wall. Then push the bottom one down and smash the rock. Go in the door and jump the ledge. See the grunt? There's another one below him to team battle - sneak around get between them if you want. Team Aqua Grunt Zubat, Lv.36 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1440 Team Aqua Grunt Carvanha, Lv.36

Jump the ledge and go all the way to the bottom. Go in the door. You're back at the beginning. Now you start all over. Activate Strength from the left, smash the rock, push the boulder up or down, go right, push the boulder right. ***Right here!***

Go left and up through the door. Go up and activate Strength. Smash the rock near the door you just came out of. Go push the upper left boulder up and go in the door. Enter any of the water currents, you will end up at the same spot. Go either down or right. Now go right. IGNORE THE CAVE. GO LEFT. Now go up, land, and into the cave. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 There's a Double Battle here. It's much easier to fight them, but for the wimps out there, there's a ridiculously easy boulder puzzle to figure out. Imagine the boulders are numbered like I have them numbered to the left. Activate Strength and push #7 to the left. Push #4 up, then push #3 up twice. Push #1 left and you're done.

For those who don't feel like wasting their time doing that, here's the fight. Aqua Admin Shelly Sharpedo/Mightyena, Lv.37 12 34 567 8 9 0+x <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2180 Team Aqua Grunt Mightyena/Golbat, Lv.35

In the next room, you'll find another battle, but this time it's forced. It isn't all that hard. Push boulder + up. Boulder 0 goes left, x goes right. Boulder + goes left/right, 6 goes up. Boulder 5 goes left, 7 goes right, 2 and 3 both go up, + goes off to the side.

The path is misty. Pick up the item ball for TM26, Earthquake. We've seen this somewhere before... following a path to a large beast thing. This time, there's no one there, but a heal and save is still recommended. When you're ready, step in front of the creature. ================================ 12e. Watery Wrath! Aqua Showdown ================================ [ttrrs]

Archie will appear and introduce you to the beast - Kyogre. Unfortunately, he still thinks you're his enemy, and so he will begin his assault. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 47 | Weezing | 47 | Manectric | 47 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailord | 47 | Flygon | 46 | Swellow | 47 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Archie's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Mightyena | 41 | Crobat | 41 | Sharpedo | 43 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 3440

Sadly, Archie is a joke. Your levels should tower over his. You know how to handle Mightyena and Crobat. Sharpedo is Water/Dark, use Electric or Grass to take it out. After the battle, Archie will compliment you on getting as far as you did. He will also say that it still doesn't mean a thing that you are here, because

with the Red Orb, he can... Oh. Wait, just a moment. Kyogre must have gotten the memo from Groudon that there's no way that some lowly _human_ (that isn't the Hoenn Pokemon League Champion) is gonna control it, because Kyogre does the same thing Groudon did when we fought and owned Maxie: books out of the cave. Uh-oh, poor Archie. He'll get a call from his grunts saying that it's raining... _really_ hard. Maxie will rush in and scold Archie for being a dink (although he admits he was one himself, which you can't help but respect the guy for), and after some more crying from Archie, the three of you will go outside. Yeah. It's raining pretty hard out, thunder and lightning and - the sun? Yeah, that's right. Because both Kyogre and Groudon are loose in the world, the weather has gone haywire. One minute it will be raining, and the next it will turn into scorching heat. Maxie and Archie go off-screen, and Steven pops in. STEVEN: [Name]! What is happening? This is terrible... After the scorching heat wave ended, this deluge began. If this doesn't stop, all of HOENN... No, the whole world will drown. This huge rain cloud is spreading from above SOOTOPOLIS... What in the world is taking place there? There's no point arguing here... SOOTOPOLIS might provide answers... [Name]... I don't know what you intend do to, but don't do anything reckless. Okay. I'm going to SOOTOPOLIS. If you've been following this walkthrough to the letter, you didn't set foot in Sootopolis like I told you not to. To get there, go left until you hit the rocks. Go up until you can go left, then go left until you see the white structure of Sootopolis City. Follow the structure clockwise until you get to the bottom. Dive down and enter. Save your game if you'd like, because a onetime event is going to happen. Surface and you will see Kyogre and Groudon "doing battle" with one another. It will shift to a cut scene where you will see detailed pictures of Kyogre and Groudon... wiggling... in the rain. Yeeeah. Yep, that's about all they do. Wiggle. At any rate, they will start ramming towards each other, with zero progress. If you swim around the beasts (funny, two colossus Pokemon are fighting each other and you're all "hey, you guys, just let me get around ya real quick, I need to heal"), you'll see the Pokemon Center to the right, and the Gym straight ahead. Archie's blocking your way, so you can't get in right now. Archie will wave the Red Orb around like a ding-dong and be all "HEY!!!! LOOK!!! U BOW 2 DIS!!!1!!" Maxie, on the other hand, simply calls to Groudon, saying that he finally knows the extent of its power and cannot control it, then begs forgiveness. Ha, puny mortals. Luckily, your butts are about to be saved by a kid. Steven's to your left. See him? Talk to him. STEVEN: Those POKEMON fighting...

GROUDON... And KYOGRE... The two super-ancient POKEMON were awakened from a long sleep... And now they are smashing each other with their uncontrollable energy... ...[Name]. You being here now I'll take to mean that you're prepared to become involved in this crisis. Well, then, there's someone that I'd like you to meet. Come with me, please. You guys will walk a little, but Steven stops and runs his mouth some more. STEVEN: Listen, [Name]. Does seeing GROUDON and KYOGRE make you think POKEMON are to be feared? But that's not true. POKEMON are really more... ...Why am I asking you this? You already know. Now you guys will walk to the entrance of a cave that an old man is guarding. Steven will say a few words to him, and the old guy will step aside. STEVEN: Okay, here we are! Inside here you'll find someone named WALLACE. I think you have what's needed to help him... Then you get shoved into the Cave of Origin. o--------------------------------o | CAVE OF ORIGIN POKEMON LISTING | o--------------------------------o | Zubat (Common) | | Golbat (Uncommon) | | Sableye (Uncommon) | o--------------------------------o Players of Ruby and Sapphire will notice straight away that you no longer need Flash to see your way. In fact, they will also notice that the cave is one room long. Yep. Follow the path, down the stairs.

In Ruby and Sapphire, this is where the player would find Groudon or Kyogre, respectively, and a battle between the Lv.45 colossus would start. Not so in Emerald, as it's been drained of all liquid. Note the spiffy red and blue rocks on either side. At the bottom of this room is a guy. I take it this is Wallace. Guess so. Wallace will explain that he _used_ to be Sootopolis' Gym Leader, but "something came up." He doesn't go into detail, but he does say that he left his mentor, Juan, in charge of the Gym. So that's who he is. He says that a third super-ancient Pokemon, Rayquaza, is what becalmed Kyogre and Groudon back in the day. Where is Rayquaza, though? Not like you have a choice, but tell him "Sky Pillar." Like you've ever been there, how'd you know it exists? Wallace will have a startling revelation, and you will be left alone. Leave the cave. Hey, Steven, where's Sky Pillar?

STEVEN: The SKY PILLAR... I've never been there. I wonder where it could be? ...thanks, Steve. Way to let us down. =============== 12f. Sky Pillar =============== [gggrn]

It's up to us to go fetch Rayquaza and ask it nicely to send Kyogre and Groudon back to where they came from. If that doesn't work, it's more than welcome to come home in a Poke Ball. Either one works for me. Now, the thing is that you've never been to Sky Pillar. Wallace knows where it is, but he conveniently left before you could ask him where it is (or how you knew about it in the first place). Steven doesn't know, either, and no one else cares. Their attention is all focused on the two gargantuans doing battle in the middle of the city, as it should be. Can't have some other kid playing hero at the last second, can we? Now, I know I told you not to go east past Route 128. You'll be doing that soon enough, don't get your knickers in a bundle. The only other place we can go is south, so let's get going! Go back to Seafloor Cavern. If you can't get there from Sootopolis, Fly to Mossdeep and surf south until you get there. Route 129 is a short surf away. On the left side is your first Trainer. o------------------------------------------------------------------o / When you challenge a Trainer, you can sit and wait until the / / weather is what YOU want it to be! If you want it sunny, wait / / until the sun starts shining and then press A on the final / / dialogue screen (there's no red arrow)! / o------------------------------------------------------------------o SwimmerM Reed Spheal, Lv.33; Sharpedo, Lv.33 Money: 264 Dead end lies more south, so go south and left. Triathlete Chase Wingull, Lv.26; Staryu, Lv.34 Money: 1360 You have two choices, top path or bottom path. Top path has a swimmy girl... Triathlete Allison Wingull, Lv.27; Staryu, Lv.33 Money: 1320 ...bottom path has a Double Battle. Do 'em both, it's practically free exp. SwimmerF Tisha Chinchou, Lv.34 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 544 SwimmerM Clarence Sharpedo, Lv.34

And now we're on Route 130.

SwimmerM Rodney Gyarados, Lv.34 Money: 272

o----------------------------o / Giant island in your way? / / Lucky you! See section 27. / o-----------------------------o

Go left some more and you will see two Trainers swimming up and down. They are supposed to be swimming towards and away from each other, so you can catch them in 2-on-2. Remember fighting Presley and Auron? Same thing. SwimmerF Katie Goldeen/Spheal, Lv.33 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 528 SwimmerM Santiago Tentacruel/Wailmer, Lv.33

Continue on. Great information? Sounds awesome. SwimmerM Kevin Spheal, Lv.34 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1632 Triathlete Talia Staryu, Lv.34

If you speak with Talia after the fight, she will tell you that there's an odd tower nearby, and you should check it out. Odd tower? Could it be Sky Pillar? Hmm. Continue left and you'll see a boy Trainer. Fight him. SwimmerM Richard Pelipper, Lv.34 Money: 272 Go straight up from him and you'll see a break in the rocks. Follow this path and enter... hey, Sky Pillar! If we enter, go up and out the door, Wallace will show up. He left you behind. Oops, he says. Psh. Whatever. He says he's taken the liberty of unlocking Sky Pillar, so you guys can get to the top. An earthquake occurs, and now you've got to hurry. I couldn't help but laugh as the two of you start walking towards the entrance. Walked. Oh, but as soon as you get to the entrance, there's another earthquake, and the wacky weather will start to be in effect here. He will become worried about Sootopolis and leave, leaving you in charge. Enter the body of Sky Pillar. o----------------------------o | SKY PILLAR POKEMON LISTING | o----------------------------o | Golbat (Common) | | Claydol (Uncommon) | | Sableye (Rare) | | Banette (Rare) | | Altaria (Ultra-Rare) | o----------------------------o Have fun walking up the stairs and such. Encounters here are really low. When you get to the top and leave to the outside, go up the steps and you will find Rayquaza, fast asleep. Step near it and it will awaken and instantly fly away.

You might know where it's going. I'm pretty sure you do. But wait! Don't fly away just yet! Leave Sky Pillar on foot. You're just a short swim away from another town! Continue west. SwimmerF Kara Seaking, Lv.34 Money: 272 SwimmerF Susie Luvdisc, Lv.34 SwimmerM Herman Wingull, Lv.33; Tentacruel, Lv.33 Money: 264 Sis And Bro Reli & Ian Azumarill, Lv.35/Wingull, Lv.33

Money: 272 Welcome to Pacifidlog! ==================== 12g. Pacifidlog Town ====================

Money: 792


This town is arguably the most pointless in Hoenn, because it serves zero purpose in the main game. This town, however, is the starting point for getting your hands on a few Pokemon, which you may do any time after earning the seventh Badge. For more information, see section 15f. As for now, this town is pretty much worthless. There's a guy in the southeasternmost house that will tell you if he sees Mirage Island. For more information on that, check section 27. In the house next to him, the guy will trade his Horsea for your Bagon. This is a terrible deal, as Horsea is much more common in this game (and oh, say FRLG). In the Pokemon Center is a Move Tutor who teaches Explosion! Woohoo! ==================== 12h. Protractor Path ==================== [rntig]

I call this next part Protractor Path because we're going to Slateport City, using the currents. It's a straight line from here to there, and we're going be abusing Fly - a lot. Because of this constant half-circle we're doing, it resembles a protractor, hence the name. Heal your Pokemon and get ready to take on these Trainers. Go to the top of the current, and get in. You'll be swept to an open area. SwimmerM Gilbert Sharpedo, Lv.34 Money: 272 Swim into the upper current. Fight the girl. SwimmerF Dana Azumarill, Lv.34 Money: 272 Swim into the current. Swim into the current again, doesn't matter where. You'll end up in the same spot. Fight the girl. SwimmerF Linda Horsea, Lv.33; Seadra, Lv.33 Money: 264 Swim into the current, fight the girl. SwimmerF Laurel Luvdisc, Lv.33 (x2) Money: 264 Fight the guy. SwimmerM Jack

Gyarados, Lv.34 Money: 272 Go left and you're back in Slateport. Fly back to Pacifidlog. Begin surfing straight left. Swim into the current between the rocks. You will be where Gilbert is. Swim down into the current and you'll be swept to a Rare Candy. Fly back to Pacifidlog. Go back to where you swam into the current before, but this time swim just below the bottom rock. You'll get swept into a battle. Fisherman Ronald Magikarp, Lv.19; Gyarados, Lv.21/23/26/30/35 Money: 1400 Go to the left edge and you'll be able to see shallow water. Surf so you land on it. You'll see a girl walking up and down. She's actually part of a Double Battle with an old geezer. Expert Paxton Swellow/Breloom, Lv.33 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2904 Cooltrainer Darcy Pelipper/Camerupt, Lv.33

Another Double Battle is to your left. Expert Makayla Roselia/Medicham, Lv.33 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2904 Cooltrainer Jonathan Kecleon/Loudred, Lv.33

Pick up the Protein and surf left from the upper left side. Go up and fight the guy. Cooltrainer Warren Graveler, Lv.33; Ludicolo, Lv.33 Money: 1534 Swim left into the current. You will get caught by a rock. MOVE DOWN. Now you can move up. Swim down into calm waters. Swim through the rocks on the side and jump in between the two people. Dragon Tamer Aaron Bagon, Lv.34 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 3264 Cooltrainer Marley Manectric, Lv.34

Swim back down and go through the path on the other side. Swim into the current and fight the guys. Sailor Kelvin Machoke/Spheal, Lv.33 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2112 Bird Keeper Alex Natu/Swellow, Lv.33

The item next to them is Star Piece. Get it and fly back to Pacifidlog. Go back to where Ronald is, but instead of surfing left, go to the bottom and surf down into the current. When you land, do it again. Fight the peoples. SwimmerF Debra Seaking, Lv.34 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 544 SwimmerM Franklin Sealeo, Lv.34

Swim left and you'll find a Max Revive. That's all for Protractor Path. ==================== 12i. Sootopolis City [cttap]

==================== Fly back to Sootopolis City. You'll see a cut scene in which Kyogre and Groudon wiggle again, and then it shows Rayquaza flying towards you. A beam of light emerges from the cloudy sky, and Rayquaza descends. It gets all in Kyogre and Groudon's wheezy and it's all... "NO." in Rayquaza-speak. That's all it takes one cry, and Kyogre and Groudon start frantically apologizing as if they've just invoked the wrath of an ancient Pokemon awakened from its slumber. Oh wait. The two losers retreat to the depths. Rayquaza, job done, flies back home. Talk to Archie and Maxie, and they will vanish. That leaves Steven and Wallace, so let's talk with our buddy Steven first. STEVEN: It looks like both MAXIE and ARCHIE have gone away somewhere. Perhaps they've gone to MT. PYRE to return those ORBS... o---------------------------o | SOOTOPOLIS CITY SHOP LIST | o---------------------------o | Ultra Ball..........$1200 | | Hyper Potion........$1200 | | Max Potion..........$2500 | | Full Heal............$600 | | Revive..............$1500 | | Max Repel............$700 | | X Attack.............$500 | | X Defend.............$550 | | Shadow Mail...........$50 | o---------------------------o =============== 12j. Boss: Juan ===============

Maybe. We'll see later. Okay, Wallace time. Yeah, he's grateful, sure, whatever. Just reward us already. Yeah, we like that. Wallace gives you HM07, Waterfall, as thanks. He steps out of the way so you can throttle Hoenn's strongest Gym Leader and all his underlings. You're going to have to if you want to access the rest of this city, so let's get going.


The final Gym. Ready? To get to Juan, you will need to go past three separate levels of ice. All you need to do is step on each tile of ice once to get the ladder to appear. If you step on any tile more than once, you will fall to the layer below, where all the Trainers await. Because it is possible to fight Juan without fighting any Trainers, I will first list how to get to him, then each one of the Gym Trainers, starting with the ones on the topmost level. Directions begin from the top of the stairs. First level ----------Up, left, up, right x2, up, left Second level -----------Up, left x3, up x2, right x2, down, right x2, down, right x2, up x2, left x2, down, left, up Third level -----------

Up, left x2, up, left, down, left x2, up x3, right, down, right x2, up, right, down, right, down, right, down, right, up, right x2, down, right, up x3, left x2, down, left, up, left x2 o--------------o | Gym Trainers | o--------------o Third level ----------Lass Crissy Goldeen, Lv.39; Wailmer, Lv.39 Money: 624 Pokefan Bethany Azurill, Lv.35; Marill, Lv.37; Azumarill, Lv.39 Money: 3120 Beauty Olivia Clamperl, Lv.35; Corphish, Lv.37; Lombre, Lv.39 Money: 3120 Lady Brianna Seaking, Lv.40 Second level -----------Lady Daphne Luvidsc (x2), Lv.39 First level ----------Lass Andrea Luvdisc, Lv.40 Money: 640 Heal and save before fighting against Juan. My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 50 | Weezing | 49 | Manectric | 49 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailord | 49 | Flygon | 49 | Swellow | 49 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Juan's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Luvdisc | 41 | Sealeo | 43 | Whiscash | 41 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Beauty Connie Goldeen, Lv.40 Money: 3200 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 10920 Pokefan Annika Feebas (x2), Lv.39 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 11200 Beauty Bridget Azumarill, Lv.40 Beauty Tiffany Carvanha, Lv.39; Sharpedo, Lv.39 Money: 3120 Trainers are listed starting from the far left.

Money: 4600

| Crawdaunt | 43 | Kingdra | 46 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o Each of Juan's Pokemon know Water Pulse. This obviously Water-based attack has a 30% chance of confusing the opponent. Confusion isn't too fun, but it can be healed by use of Yellow Flute, Full Heal, Lum Berry, or Persim Berry. As much as you want to use Rain Dance and Thunder, try not to. Luvdisc and Kingdra both have Swift Swim, which sends their Speed through the roof and pumps up Water Pulse's power, which all his Pokemon get STAB for, I might add. Luvdisc is a joke, one or two hits will take it down. Sealeo is Spheal's evolved form, and is Water/Ice in type. It has Aurora Beam, but remember that it can't freeze your Pokemon. Electric moves will work best here, as Grass is weak to Ice. Whiscash is Water/Ground, so it is immune to Electric. A strong Grass-type move will quickly dispose of it, but if you don't have any, then feel free to use Water instead. Crawdaunt evolves from Corphish, and is Water/Dark in type. Same Electric attacks from before will do here, or you could use Fighting to pick on Dark's weakness. Kingdra, the big papa. Its types mean it is only weak to Dragon. It knows Double Team, which many players know can be one of the most annoying moves in existence. You must be fast in killing off Kingdra. Shock Wave, Aerial Ace, and other moves that never miss will definitely help here. If you have none at your disposal, you'll need to hit Kingdra hard and fast. Big power moves like Thunder and Hyper Beam will help. Beware, as Thunder has only 70 accuracy. Defeat Juan to earn the Rain Badge, the ability to use Waterfall out of battle, and TM03, Water Pulse. ====================== 13. The Pokemon League ====================== Major Objectives ---------------* * * * Collect the remainder of Defeat the last Trainers Pass the ultimate test Become the Hoenn Pokemon Hoenn's treasures. on the world map. Victory Road. League Champion. [t2wef]

Now that we've defeated Juan and earned the final Badge, we're ready to take on the Pokemon League and knock out the Elite Four. But first, there's exploring to do and people to fight, now that we have the right to use Waterfall out of battle. However, Sootopolis City is now open to you, so let's check it out. From the Gym, go right. In a building to the right of the Pokemon Center is a very lonely lady. Instead of giving Brendan some lovin', she offers a Wailmer Doll instead. This doll is giant, and can only fit on a mat or large desk. The house above that contains two dudes arguing over which Pokemon is bigger: Lotad or Seedot. The left one wants to see your Lotad, the other, your Seedot. On the far left side of Sootopolis City is a young lady by the name of Kiri.

She will give you two berries a day. Her stock: Tamato - Figy - Kelpsy - Iapapa Up past the Poke Mart, in the upper left corner of the city, is a house with a guy in it who will bequeath upon you TM31, Brick Break. It busts down the opponent's Light Screen and Reflect, base power 75. That's all for Sootopolis City. Before you forget, go do Trick 7. ================== 13a. Explore Hoenn ================== [sgdlk]

Now that we can use Waterfall out of battle, we can access every area of Hoenn. Before going to the final dungeon, we'll go back to any place I didn't write about and get any items and battle any Trainers there. There aren't very many waterfalls in Hoenn, so that part will be quick. First one's near Fallarbor Town. Go west onto Route 114. Surf and go up the waterfall. Pick up the Rare Candy. Go into Meteor Falls. There's a waterfall near the entrance. Ascend it and get in the cave. Go right and down the ladder. Go down, left, up the stairs, up the ladder. Get TM23, Iron Tail. Now go back and take the path above this ladder. The old fogeys want to whoop themselves a young'un. Old Couple John & Jay* Medicham/Hariyama, Lv.39 Money: 3120 "Up the steps, wicked clowns..." Dragon Tamer Nicolas* Altaria, Lv.37 (x2) Money: 2776 Hop down the ledges, keeping to the left. Don't jump the last ledge, but instead go down the ladder to the left. Follow this path north into a small room. Want a Bagon? This is where to get it! Also in here is TM02, Dragon Claw. Wild Bagon will also rarely hold a Dragon Scale, needed to evolve Seadra. Use Thief or Covet to yoink it. You will steal it even if you kill Bagon. When you've had your fill, leave and go down the right path. Enter the door and pick up the PP Up. You're done here. Next one is near Fortree City. Bring the Acro Bike. Leave west onto Route 119, and go down to the water. Surf left and up, get up the waterfall. You get a few free berries, and if you have the Acro Bike, you can cross the white bars by using D-Pad + B in the direction of the bar while parallel to the bar. Jump to the other side and go all the way up to find a Nugget. Cross the bars on top and then the ones below that. Get the Rare Candy. Two areas left. Now we're going to explore the right half of Route 123, found south of Mt. Pyre. Bring a Pokemon that knows Cut, and make sure you have a Grass-type on your team. When you get to Route 123, you'll see some berries to pick.

There's a girl standing next to them that loves Grass-type Pokemon. If you're carrying a Grass-type on your team, she will give you TM19, Giga Drain. Cut the tree to the right. There are three small paths. Bottom one has a Rare Candy, middle one has a Double Battle, and the top one is a lone Trainer. Psychic Cameron* Solrock, Lv.31 Money: 744 Ninja Boy Jonas Koffing, Lv.31 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1612 Parasol Lady Kayley Castform, Lv.31

Take the hidden PP Up and go left. You can either cut the tree and go around, or just go through the grass and fight the Double Battle. Hex Maniac Kindra Duskull/Shuppet, Lv.30 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 2520 Collector Ed Zangoose/Seviper, Lv.30

Again, either cut the tree or through the grass. Jump the ledge and pick up the Elixir. Then go up and examine the empty spot in the grass for a Super Repel. Jump the ledge and fight the girl. Cooltrainer Wendy Mawile, Lv.29; Roselia, Lv.29; Pelipper, Lv.29 Money: 1392 Jump the ledge, go left, and fight. Cooltrainer Braxton Swellow/Magneton/Shiftry/Wailmer/Trapinch, Lv.28 Money: 1344 Jump the ledge going down and fight the two Trainers. Guitarist Fernando* Electrike/Loudred, Lv.30 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1920 Bird Keeper Alberto Pelipper/Xatu, Lv.30

There is a Revival Herb next to ledge you have to jump. Another Double Battle. Psychic Jacki* Kadabra/Lunatone, Lv.30 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1920 Expert Fredrick Makuhita/Machoke, Lv.30

Fly back to Lilycove and come to Route 123 again. This time, take the upper path instead of jumping the ledges at the bottom. There is a Calcium waiting. The last place in Hoenn that you have never fully explored is the Abandoned Ship, found east of Dewford Town. Fly there, and surf right until you get there. Enter. ==================== 13a1. Abandoned Ship ==================== To complete this dungeon, you will need Dive. Go up the stairs and enter the door. Go in the door and fight the Trainers. Beauty Thalia* <- Team Battle! -> Youngster Demetrius [ntssa]

Wailmer/Horsea, Lv.25

Money: 2400

Zigzagoon/Electrike, Lv.25

Go up into the next room. Out the door, enter the door to the left. Pick up a free Harbor Mail and get out. Go down the stairs, fight the sailor. Sailor Duncan Spheal, Lv.25; Machoke, Lv.25 Money: 800 Go into the broken door and get a Dive Ball. Leave and enter the door on the far left. Get the Escape Rope and enter the middle room. Dive down, go left, enter the room, surface. This room has six cabins in it. Enter the bottom right one. You will see a tile flash; examine it and you will get the Rm. 1 Key. Don't forget the Water Stone on your way out. Room 1 is the lower left room. Enter and two tiles will flash. Examine the tile above the hole for the Rm. 4 Key (the other one is literally just trash). The other item in here is TM18, Rain Dance. As you would suspect, Room 4 is the upper left room. Enter it and examine the trash can for the Rm. 6 Key. Room 6 is on the far right, top side. Enter and get the Luxury Ball, then go into Room 5 to the left. You'll see a door you can't get to from here, and a bunch of nothing. To get the tiles to flash, you'll need to enter Room 5 from outside. Never fear, as there is only one item here. Stand two tiles below the bottom trash can, face left, and press A to get the Rm. 2 Key. Room 2 is the middle room on the bottom. Go in there and you'll find just one item, the Scanner. That's all there is to do here, so now go back to the main part of the ship. Go up the left flight of stairs. Stand still and fight the kid. Tuber Charlie Marill, Lv.26 Money: 104 If you enter the room from the back, you will be jumped by two people. Ruin Maniac Garrison Sandslash, Lv.26 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1664 Tuber Jani Marill, Lv.26

A Revive is south of them. At the bottom of the room is another Double Battle. Young Couple Kira & Dan* Volbeat/Illumise, Lv.25 Money: 1600 Leave the room and go out the door. Go up the steps and into the door. There's a guy here along with a Storage Key. The guy will ask you to take the Scanner and deliver it to Captain Stern (where have we heard that before?), but before we do that, we have to see what's in the storage room. Remember how to get there? Out the door, down the stairs, in the door, down the stairs, all the way to the right next to Duncan. The only thing in here is TM13, Ice Beam.

Use the Escape Rope you found to get out of here. Fly to Slateport City. The captain is in Slateport Harbor. Talk to him, and he'll offer you either a Deepseatooth or a Deepseascale in exchange for the Scanner. So what do these things do? Well, both are used to increase Clamperl's special stats (the tooth boosts Special Attack, the scale jacks up Special Defense). Coincidentally, equipping either of these items to Clamperl and then trading it causes it to evolve: Deepseatooth -> Huntail Deepseascale -> Gorebyss Both are pure Water in type. Which one's better? I hate when people ask me that, because then they follow my word like it's gospel. If you're looking for a Baton Passer, Gorebyss isn't a bad choice. It gets Iron Defense from Clamperl and Amnesia through... level-up, I believe. That's all for Abandoned Ship. Fly to Mossdeep City! ===================== 13b. Ever Grande City ===================== [gplhx]

Now we're ready to get to Ever Grande City. Still have Pokemon that know Dive and Waterfall? Fly to Mossdeep City if you haven't already and surf south until you get on Rout 128. Then, immediately turn right. Past the dark water you will see more dark water. Dive down and get the Pearl from the rock. Surface, go down, and fight. Fisherman Wayne Tentacool, Lv.31 (x2); Wailmer, Lv.36 Money: 1440 Go east and fight the girl. Triathlete Katelyn* Staryu, Lv.35 Money: 1400 Continue east. SwimmerF Carlee Seaking, Lv.35 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 560 SwimmerM Harrison Tentacruel, Lv.35

Nothing left to do but get to the end and scale the waterfall. There's a Pokemon Center outside of Victory Road. Now you can Fly here, if you ever need to leave for any reason. ==================== 13c. Duel of Friends ==================== [syipe]

Enter Victory Road. Go up, up the stairs, and across the bridge, and a certain young man with pea soup green hair will come up to you... yeah. It's Wally. He credits you with him being able to get this far, and now that he's gotten much stronger, he wants to beat you into the ground. Yeah, sure, man. Whatever you say, Wally.

My Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Gardevoir | 51 | Weezing | 53 | Manectric | 51 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailord | 52 | Flygon | 51 | Swellow | 51 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o Wally's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Altaria | 44 | Delcatty | 43 | Magneton | 41 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Roselia | 44 | Gardevoir | 45 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o Quite the improvement from a Lv.16 Ralts, don't you think? Altaria screams Ice Beam, give it what it wants. Delcatty has virtually no vitality, so a good power hit or two should take it down. Magneton wants a Pokemon to use Ground moves on it. Roselia... fry it. That or use Flying, or power hits. It's weak, too. Gardevoir is Ralts' final form. It knows Double Team like Juan's Kingdra, so be swift and be brutal. Faint Attack is your best friend. ================= 13d. Victory Road ================= o------------------------------o | VICTORY ROAD POKEMON LISTING | o------------------------------o | Hariyama (Common) | | Golbat (Common) | | Lairon (Uncommon) | | Makuhita (Uncommon) | | Loudred (Uncommon) | | Zubat (Uncommon) | | Mawile (Rare) | o------------------------------o [wiate] To get through this dungeon, you will need Surf, Strength, Flash, and Rock Smash. This is it. The final dungeon, where Trainers who have earned the eight Badges of Hoenn go to test whether or not they are worthy enough to do battle against the Elite Four, strongest Trainers in Hoenn. The task: get to the end. Quite simple, really. Standing around won't do us any good. Time to get this wagon train a-movin'.

Money: 2700

Side note: Mawile is only found in the deepest part of this dungeon (where you need Surf). Bring a pokemon with Magnet Pull to make her come out. Go back across the bridge down the stairs, left, down, up the stairs, across the bridge. Fight your first Trainer in the last dungeon. Cooltrainer Albert Magneton, Lv.43; Muk, Lv.43 Money: 2064

Go up, then up the stairs. Follow the path and pick up the Max Elixir. Go back to where you fought Wally and continue. Cooltrainer Hope Roselia, Lv.45 Money: 2160 Go down the ladder and activate Flash and Strength. Go down, left, push the boulder left. Go down, right, push the boulder right. Go down, right, up. Break the two rocks, then push the left boulder down and the right boulder up. Keep going and battle the girl. Cooltrainer Shannon Claydol, Lv.45 Money: 2160 Follow the path to the end. Go up the ladder, get the PP Up. Jump the ledge and go straight up. Cooltrainer Samuel Swellow, Lv.42; Mawile, Lv.42; Kadabra, Lv.42 Money: 2016 Continue north and push the boulder one square up and one square left. Push the other boulder left as well, bust the rock, pick up Full Restore. Now go down to the bottom and down the ladder. Fight the girl. Cooltrainer Julie Sandslash, Lv.42; Ninetales, Lv.42; Tropius, Lv.42 Money: 2016 Get in the water and simply surf to the other side. Go up the steps and hug the north wall for just a bit. See that spot where it dips into the wall? Examine the spot furthest north for a Max Repel, whoo hoo. Continue right, go up, up the ladder. Only thing here is an item ball containing TM29, Psychic. Go back down, continue south. Cooltrainer Owen Kecleon, Lv.42; Graveler, Lv.42; Wailord, Lv.42 Money: 2016 Now cross the bridge and prepare for a Double Battle. Cooltrainer Dianne Claydol/Lanturn, Lv.43 Keep going. Cooltrainer Caroline Skarmory, Lv.43; Sableye, Lv.43 Money: 2064 Up, to the right. Get in the water and surf right. Fight the guy if you wish. The item ball he's blocking is a Full Heal. Cooltrainer Vito Dodrio, Lv.42; Kadabra, Lv.42; Electrode, Lv.42; Shiftry, Lv.42 Money: 2016 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 4128 Cooltrainer Felix Medicham/Claydol, Lv.43

Go to the right. You'll see two squares you can stand on, on the right side. Stand on the bottom one, face up, pick up the Elixir. Now surf back to the left side and go down the waterfall. Ignore the ladder; go south and continue. Cooltrainer Michelle Torkoal, Lv.42; Medicham, Lv.42; Ludicolo, Lv.42 Money: 2016 Cooltrainer Mitchell Lunatone/Solrock, Lv.43 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 4118 Cooltrainer Halle Sableye/Absol, Lv.43

Ignore the ladder, it leads to that ladder I told you to ignore. Go south. Smash the rock, push the boulder down. Smash the rock, go around the boulder and up the ladder. Continue and fight. Cooltrainer Edgar Cacturne, Lv.43; Pelipper, Lv.43 Heal and save. In Ruby and Sapphire, this is where players fought Wally. In Emerald, we've already wasted him. The good folks at The Nintendo Company decided to grace us with a potentially incredibly hard Double Battle, quite possibly the hardest you've faced thus far. Cooltrainer Katelynn Gardevoir/Slaking, Lv.43 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 4128 Cooltrainer Quincy Slaking/Dusclops, Lv.43

o--------------------------------------------------------------------o / The first attack Gardevoir will do is Skill Swap, and Quincy's / / Slaking is its target. Remember Norman's Slaking? Remember how it / / had Truant, so it didn't beat you _that_ badly? Yeah, well now / / Slaking doesn't have it anymore. Now Truant is on Gardevoir, / \ leaving Slaking to beat you to death every turn. If Katelynn's \ \ Slaking and Quincy's Dusclops are paired together, guess what's \ \ going to happen? Yeah, Skill Swap. Truant Dusclops. That's not so \ / bad, but it gets a lot worse considering Dusclops knows Toxic and / / Protect, has the Pressure Ability that will double PP used when / / attacked, and has phenomenal stats in both defenses. The only good / / way you benefit is that Dusclops gives Pressure to Slaking. If you / \ kill Gardevoir or Dusclops before either has a chance to Skill \ / Swap a Slaking, you're in for Shmooth Shailing. / o--------------------------------------------------------------------o After these two, it is the exit. Once inside the Pokemon Center, you'll find a shop on the right side.SHOP. Talk to the guys blocking the door and they will move if you have eight Badges. The Pokemon of the Elite Four are, of course, the toughest Trainers you can fight. Your Pokemon should be, at the very least, Lv.45 if you want to stand a chance. All of them, not just your Lv.60 Blaziken, it'll get wiped out. The Elite Four has changed from Ruby and Sapphire; no longer can Blaziken clean house like it did a couple years ago. Do not e-mail me asking why you can't beat the Elite Four if the first digits of ANY of your battle squad's levels is below 40. I'll just ignore it. Pokemon range from 46 at the lowest to 58 at the highest. Don't let the levels fool you, however. If you type match wisely, you can still come out on top. On

the flip side, you shouldn't be too cocky, either. Type matching alone won't save you. Like I said, Lv.45 is BARE MINIMAL to survive. Should you need more leveling, bust out Match Call and see who wants to die. If no one fears you and you still need levels, your only hope is to kill the Pokemon in Victory Road; sadly, they're the strongest defeatable wild Pokemon in Hoenn. Except for three. And you can't have them yet. Overload on Revives and Full Restores. They're expensive, but you should have enough money for at least 20, maybe 30, of each. That'll run you a little over 100,000 money. The strongest Pokemon on each person's team has a Sitrus Berry equipped that restores 30 HP when HP drop into the yellow. Each of the Elite Four has two Full Restores to be used at their discretion. The Champion has four. Make sure your Pokemon know the following attacks. Not all on one Pokemon, just make sure that these attacks find their way onto your roster if they haven't already. * Ice Beam * Thunderbolt * Thunder (only if you have room. Thunderbolt may do the job) There. Only three spots taken up out of a potential 24. If you're doing something silly like One Pokemon Challenge, psh, fine, don't use them. You're probably high enough level to kill them off anyway (make sure you have a healthy supply of PP restoration). o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | If you're really having trouble against the Elite Four, spend every last | | bit of money you've got on Revives and Full Restores. Continue to fight to | | your last breath to level up; you should at LEAST get past the first boss, | | because frankly, he's a joke. Once you die, buy more items and repeat until | | you emerge victorious. Thanks to calmsoldier at aol dot com for this tip | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o When you're finished preparing, heal your Pokemon and enter the door. Go up the stairs, save, and challenge Sidney. ======================== 13e. Elite Four - Sidney ======================== [sidip]

Sidney is a self-proclaimed master of the Dark type. While the majority of Dark beasts aren't part of the Hoenn Pokedex, he doesn't do too bad a job covering types. Sidney relies on status changes in order to get the upper hand, so the main strategy here is, as always, a quick assault. Sidney's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Mightyena | 46 | Shiftry | 48 | Cacturne | 46 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Crawdaunt | 48 | Absol | 49 |

Money: 4900

o------------o-----o------------o-----o o-----------o Moveset: Roar, Double-Edge, Sand-Attack, Crunch | Mightyena | Type: Dark o-----------o Ability: Intimidate (Each foe's ATK-1 upon entry) To start, we have Mightyena. We've been seeing these things for the entire game, and I'm willing to bet you're sick of everybody and their grandma using one. If you let Sand-Attack pile up, you will obviously not hit very much. Anything you've ever done to counter a Mightyena can be used here. o---------o Moveset: Torment, Double Team, Swagger, Extrasensory | Shiftry | Type: Grass/Dark o---------o Ability: Chlorophyll (Speed increase while sunny) No Sunny Day, I'm surprised. Sidney's Shiftry had Fake Out instead of Torment in Ruby & Sapphire; they should have replaced it with Sunny Day. It wouldn't have been the first time a Grass-type had Sunny Day (Gary's Venusaur). Oh well. Double Team/Swagger is a common combo. Confuse, then lower chances of hitting if they break through. This is probably your first time seeing Extrasensory in the game; it is a strong Psychic-type attack that may make the foe flinch. If you get confused, bust out that Yellow Flute for a free ATK+2. If you want, you can stall until you get Swaggered three times, curing with Yellow Flute each time. Then feel free to sweep the rest of Sidney's team. My strategies for the rest of Sidney's Pokemon are going to assume you didn't. Got Aerial Ace? It gets around Double Team and picks on weakness. o----------o Moveset: Leech Seed, Faint Attack, Needle Arm, Cotton Spore | Cacturne | Type: Grass/Dark o----------o Ability: Sand Veil (Evasion+ in sandstorm, no sandstorm damage) You may or may not have seen Needle Arm before. It's a Grass-type move with 60 base power with a 30% chance to make the foe flinch. It also does double damage on Pokemon that have used Minimize. Cotton Spore drops the foe's Speed by 2. The strategy here should be more than adequately obvious: Cotton Spore to slow your Pokemon way down, Needle Arm to make you flinch and sit there, and Leech Seed to suck your HP away while you sit and do nothing. Faint Attack is only there for STAB. If you battle Cacturne with a speedy Pokemon, he should waste all his time trying to slow you down with Cotton Spore. Once Cacturne dies, simply switch out. o-----------o Moveset: Surf, Swords Dance, Strength, Facade | Crawdaunt | Type: Water/Dark o-----------o Ability: Hyper Cutter (Prevents Attack loss) Not quite the same set as Juan's Crawdaunt, but it'll do. Swords Dance will beef up Crawdaunt's respectable Attack by 2, then leaves it free to massacre you with Strength and Facade, should he need to. That means no poison, burn, or paralysis! Remember! Surf is there for STAB and your friendly neighborhood Ghost-types. Electric or Grass attacks will work nicely, as will Sidney's universal weakness to Fighting. o-------o Moveset: Aerial Ace, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Slash | Absol | Type: Dark o-------o Ability: Pressure (When attacked, foe's PP usage is doubled) Ah, the backbone of Sidney's team, Absol. As you can see, Absol sports only physical attacks, one of which can easily make short work of your Fighting-

types. You'll want a strong Pokemon with good Defense to withstand Absol's physical attacks. The good part is that Absol doesn't get STAB for anything, but Swords Dance _will_ make them hurt like no one's business. Keep in mind that Absol's Pressure Ability will take two PP away if you launch an attack against it. If you target yourself, like with Calm Mind or Recover, only 1 PP will be used, however. Remember that, and hate going against Pressure Pokemon. When you win, heal, but don't save unless you're confident. ======================== 13f. Elite Four - Phoebe ======================== [fiebs]

In the next room we find Phoebe, a Ghost-type Trainer who wants to make a team of five out of three different Ghost Pokemon. She does okay, but it's a little boring seeing the same thing over and over. Phoebe's strategy is kind of hard to figure out, since she tries to do everything at once. Phoebe's Pokemon: o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Dusclops | 48 | Banette | 49 | Banette | 49 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Dusclops | 51 | Sableye | 50 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 5100

o-------------o Moveset: Shadow Punch, Confuse Ray, Curse, Protect | Dusclops 48 | Type: Ghost o-------------o Ability: Pressure (When attacked, foe's PP usage is doubled) Annoyer of sorts. Dusclops has Pressure, too. Curse on a Ghost-type means at a one-time cost of half the user's max HP, the foe's HP get chopped by 1/4 the foe's _maximum_ HP a turn. Protect is there for sheer annoyance. Expect it to be Dusclops' first attack, followed by Curse. Your job is to hit Dusclops hard as soon as you can. This will hopefully make Dusclops kill itself with Curse, which means you can switch out to avoid the devastating effect. o---------o Moveset: Shadow Ball, Grudge, Will-o-Wisp, Faint Attack | Banette | Type: Ghost o---------o Ability: Insomnia (Prevents sleep) Another annoyer. Both Phoebe's Banette are identical in level, so there isn't any way to know which one you're going up against, until it uses something other than Shadow Ball. Power hits are again key here, as Banette's defenses are mediocre. If Banette uses Grudge, and you kill it on the same turn or the turn directly after Grudge's use, the move you used to kill it will have its PP dropped to 0. o---------o Moveset: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Facade | Banette | Type: Ghost o---------o Ability: Insomnia (Prevents sleep) Mixed sweeper. Toxic and Skill Swap (Ruby & Sapphire only) have been replaced with the more useful Thunderbolt and Facade. Thunderbolt is simply a strong special attack that can be used in a pinch (or if you put Pokemon weak to Electric against it, in which case you'll find out real fast that you're fighting this Banette). We all know what Facade does.

Do you have a Banette, Dusclops, or Sableye of your own? Or anything at all that knows Shadow Ball? Some Normal-types can learn it. Should you have one of those, go ahead and use it. Doing so renders Banette's best attack useless. o-------------o Moveset: Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Rock Slide, Earthquake | Dusclops 51 | Type: Ghost o-------------o Ability: Pressure (When attacked, foe's PP usage is doubled) Woo woo! Here comes the Pressure Train, come to steal your Pokemon's power points away. Another mixed sweeper. See what I meant? Phoebe tries to do everything and then goes and fails. Good thing the people at The Nintendo Company didn't copy the standard linkplay Dusclops, or anything remotely close to it; it's the epitome of annoyance, worse than Serene Grace Dunsparce. Back to slaughtering this thing. This thing rapes Flying-types something fierce, so leave them out. Dusclops' attack stats are horrible, but weakness and the occasional critical hit will get you. Just stick with power hits. o---------o Moveset: Shadow Ball, Double Team, Night Shade, Faint Attack | Sableye | Type: Dark/Ghost o---------o Ability: Keen Eye (Prevents accuracy loss) Sableye has no weaknesses. Unless you use Foresight to make Normal vs. Ghost a normal attack, no type is super effective against Sableye. However, it comes at a huge price - defense stats fit for the crapper. Use this to your advantage and hit Sableye hard and fast. Chances are it will die. When you win, heal, but don't save unless you're confident. ======================== 13g. Elite Four - Glacia ======================== The third of your five Trainers you must defeat is Glacia. She's getting on in years, but she's not ready to plan the retirement party just yet. Like her name suggests, Glacia uses Ice-type Pokemon. Sadly, there are only two final form Ice-type Pokemon in Hoenn. Five Pokemon, two different Pokemon... ew. If you ask me, I say she should have dumped one of her Sealeo for an ice-based Castform. Eh? Eh? o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Sealeo | 50 | Glalie | 50 | Glalie | 52 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Sealeo | 52 | Walrein | 53 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o o-----------o Moveset: Encore, Body Slam, Hail, Ice Ball | Sealeo 50 | Type: Water/Ice o-----------o Ability: Thick Fat (Fire and Ice damage halved) If you even consider throwing ANY Ice attack except Sheer Cold against Sealeo, delete your game immediately. Yeah, nothing like 12.5% your normal damage. Sealeo's first attack will probably be Hail. No Water-type moves mean Firetypes can have fun burning Sealeo while doing half damage. Thunderbolt. Because of Encore, stay on the offensive at all times. o-----------o Moveset: Light Screen, Crunch, Icy Wind, Ice Beam | Glalie 50 | Type: Ice o-----------o Ability: Inner Focus (Prevents flinching)

Money: 5300

Light Screen is bad, very bad, for you. If she sets it up, and one of your Pokemon knows Brick Break, use it to break the barrier and deal super-effective damage. Gotta love that. Glalie doesn't have Thick Fat like Sealeo and its monster evolution, so feel free to roast the sucker. o-----------o Moveset: Shadow Ball, Explosion, Hail, Ice Beam | Glalie 52 | Type: Ice o-----------o Ability: Inner Focus (Prevents flinching) Ooh, ooh! Explosion! I _love_ Explosion! Explosion is a Normal-type attack with a whopping 250 base power. It has 100 accuracy. There's just one teensy little catch - the user dies. Unfortunately, your Pokemon is not the one blowing itself up. If Glacia thinks her precious Lv.52 Glalie is going to eat dirt, she's going to make you eat Glalie. If you are using the same Pokemon that fought the Lv.50 Glalie, and your Pokemon was hit by Icy Wind, immediately switch out if you normally go second. It is imperative that you are faster than Lv.52 Glalie at all times. If Glalie's HP get low, you can bet Explosion's on its way. Switch out to something that resists Normal - or better yet, a Ghost-type, if you've got one. Do whatever you did against the last Glalie. o-----------o Moveset: Attract, Double-Edge, Hail, Blizzard | Sealeo 52 | Type: Water/Ice o-----------o Ability: Thick Fat (Fire and Ice damage halved) It's hard to believe that Glacia's actually trying to win with a set like that. The only thing you need to worry about is Blizzard, a terribly inaccurate Icetype move that may freeze. On Sealeo, it has a base power of 180, which is near astronomical. Watch out for Attract. Kazow, Thunderbolt! o---------o Moveset: Surf, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Sheer Cold | Walrein | Type: Water/Ice o---------o Ability: Thick Fat (Fire and Ice damage halved) Yeah, that's more like it. Rest over Body Slam and Chesto Berry over Sitrus Berry would have been a much deadlier set. Seriously, for all the awesome stuff that you can do once you beat the Elite Four, they should make us sing for our supper! Who agrees with me? Right, yes. Sheer Cold is a one-hit KO move. The bigger the distance between your Pokemon's level and 53 (Walrein's level), the higher Sheer Cold's accuracy gets. If your levels match, it has 30 accuracy. I don't know how much it increases with every level below the user the foe is, but it will automatically fail if the foe is even one level above the user. To that extent, if any of your Pokemon are at least Lv.54, they will be immune to Glacia's Walrein's Sheer Cold attack. Surf is powerful, as is Ice Beam. Walrein gets STAB for both. It also has tons of HP. If you are packing Thunder, that would be your best bet. Power hits may not be enough, because Glacia will probably save both of her Full Restores for this beast. If you're packing Thunder, feel free to use it. Otherwise, Zzzap! Twenty damage to everyone with Pokemon Powers! When you win, heal, but don't save unless you're confident. ======================= 13h. Elite Four - Drake ======================= [abalr]

Drake the Dragon master is the final Trainer in the Elite Four. If any of your Pokemon know Ice Beam, you're in for such a fun time. It's almost like free experience. If they don't... eh. Hope they're strong. o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Shelgon | 52 | Altaria | 54 | Flygon | 53 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Kingdra | 53 | Salamence | 55 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 5500

o---------o Moveset: Rock Tomb, Dragon Claw, Protect, Double-Edge | Shelgon | Type: Dragon o---------o Ability: Rock Head (No recoil damage) Any AI-controlled Pokemon with Protect will abuse it. That's a fact. Shelgon's first attack will probably be Protect, followed by a possible Rock Tomb to drop your Pokemon's Speed. Once Shelgon is faster than your Pokemon, it will proceed to attempt to kill your Pokemon with a STABed Dragon Claw (80 power, Dragon type) or Double-Edge (120 power, Normal type). Rock Head prevents Double-Edge's recoil damage. Ice Beam will make short work of it, but not as short as 60% of Drake's team. o---------o Moveset: Double-Edge, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Aerial Ace | Altaria | Type: Dragon/Flying o---------o Ability: Natural Cure (Special Conditions cured when recalled) Dragon/Flying means double weakness to Ice. Hello, Ice Beam. o--------o Moveset: Flamethrower, Crunch, Dragonbreath, Earthquake | Flygon | Type: Ground/Dragon o--------o Ability: Levitate (Immune to Ground-type damage) Ground is weak to Ice, too. Hello, Ice Beam. o---------o Moveset: Smokescreen, Dragon Dance, Surf, Body Slam | Kingdra | Type: Water/Dragon o---------o Ability: Swift Swim (Speed increase while raining) Oh, wait, hold up. Water resists Ice, so Ice Beam is a normal attack. Smokescreen? Ew. Rain Dance would have made Kingdra so deadly. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but come on. Anyway, Smokescreen lowers accuracy, which I'm sure you already knew. Body Slam is stupid on Kingdra, but that's okay because Body Slam's damage gets pumped up by Dragon Dance's Attack boost. It also gives +1 Speed, so you'll have to find some way to quickly kill Kingdra. I suggest the tried and true method of normal attack power hits. o-----------o Moveset: Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, Crunch | Salamence | Type: Dragon/Flying o-----------o Ability: Intimidate (Each foe's ATK-1 upon entry) Remember Altaria? Same deal. When you defeat Drake, heal and save before entering the next room! ================= 13i. The Champion ================= [ntstv]

After ascending the extended flight of stairs (ooh, flashing lights), we enter the room to find ourselves face to face with... Wallace. Yep. There have been quite a few hints dropped about the Champion's identity. Did you pick up on any of them? For example, Wallace tells you that he unlocked Sky Pillar so you could get in. Who gave him permission to do that, and where did he get the key in the first place? He can't be some ordinary schmoe if he's got the key to the building where legendary Pokemon sleep. Have you ever noticed that, especially after you save the world from Groudon and Kyogre's wrath, you're told to become "as great as Wallace?" Why on earth would you want to be as great as some former Gym Leader who quit because of a reason he won't tell you of? He isn't part of the Mafia or the government, so there's no real reason he has to hide from you. And speaking of the mystery reason why he quit being a Gym Leader, that's something only Steven and Wallace know. What came up? The position of Champion, that's what. Steve had a good deal going for him, and he gives it up to some sissy Water-using nancy boy with a cape. Oh, enough chatter. Time to put this aquatic clown in his place! o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Wailord | 57 | Tentacruel | 55 | Ludicolo | 56 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Milotic | 58 | Gyarados | 56 | Whiscash | 56 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o

Money: 11600

o---------o Moveset: Rain Dance, Water Spout, Double-Edge, Blizzard | Wailord | Type: Water o---------o Ability: Water Veil (Prevents burns) Wallace starts things off with the big papa of Water-types, Wailord. Water Spout is definitely a move you've never seen before unless you have a Wailmer/Wailord of your own; it's a Water-type move with 150 base power and 100 accuracy. The catch? Base damage decreases as the user's HP do. Wailord is Lv.57, so you're going to have to be _quick_ in taking this guy down. If you haven't noticed already, Wailord sports Rain Dance. On the plus side, this pretty much sets you up to Thunderize nearly every Pokemon Wallace has; a winner is you. However, the huge downside is that it also greatly increases Water Spout's damage, enabling it to OHKO even when Wailord isn't near full health. Fortunately for you, the only Pokemon you should be using Thunder with should all be faster than Wailord and everyone else except Ludicolo as long as it's raining (and when it stops, you're faster). Don't have Thunder? Thunderbolt is almost as good, but its accuracy isn't affected by weather. Double-Edge is a power move, Normal-type, 120 power, 100 accuracy. A third of the damage is dealt to the user as recoil. Blizzard, arguably one of the worst moves ever, is another power move; 120 power, Ice-type, SEVENTY ACCURACY. If Wailord should be bothered to waste a turn using this monstrosity, consider yourself highly unlucky if it hits.

o------------o Moveset: Toxic, Hydro Pump, Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam | Tentacruel | Type: Water/Poison o------------o Ability: Clear Body (Prevents stat loss) I should note that Tentacruel is pretty fast... your pokemon could be in for some serious hurt if it's raining and he nails you with Hydro Pump. Be careful. If it's still raining, drop some Thunder and end it. If it isn't, Thunderbolt. Kerzap goes the Pokemon, down goes Tentacruel. You should be strong enough so that Toxic won't hinder you. When you kill Tentacruel, switch it, cure it. Hydro Pump is the best Water move known to mere mortal Water-types. Wailord, Kyogre, and Blastoise are the only exceptions. It hurts, and if you're too slow while raining, prepare to feel some watery fury. Sludge Bomb is only there for STAB. It's a powerful Poison-type attack with a 30% chance of poison. It isn't Toxic poison, but remember that anyway. Ice Beam is there for power only, possibly to cover the Grass-types you shouldn't be using against this guy. o----------o Moveset: Giga Drain, Surf, Leech Seed, Double Team | Ludicolo | Type: Water/Grass o----------o Ability: Swift Swim (Speed increase while raining) As long as it's raining, Ludicolo will be faster than all your Pokemon unless they're extremely high level, and even then, Ludi's probably got some of 'em beat. Having a powered-up ability to go first is absolute gold. Good thing Wallace is too stupid to use anything other than Leech Seed and Double Team. Also good thing Wallace is too stupid to remember that Thunder will always hit as long as it's raining. Zap that mofo down the john. Should your Pokemon die from Surf, shut your game off and go level up. o---------o Moveset: Recover, Surf, Ice Beam, Toxic | Milotic | Type: Water o---------o Ability: Marvel Scale (DEFx1.5 if affected by a Special Condition) Wallace's pride and joy. Milotic has very high Special Defense and an ability that boosts Defense when suffering, so you'll have to resort to power hits to take him down. The best of these is a STABed Thunder. Its Special Attack is very nice as well. Recover is there for sheer annoyance. o----------o Moveset: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Surf | Gyarados | Type: Water/Flying o----------o Ability: Intimidate (Each foe's ATK-1 upon entry) Man I love double weaknesses on my opponent. Thunderbolt! o----------o Moveset: Earthquake, Surf, Amnesia, Hyper Beam | Whiscash | Type: Water/Ground o----------o Ability: Oblivious (Prevents attraction) If you are using ANY Grass-type move on your team, use it against Whiscash to make it die (its Ground-type makes it immune to Thunder). When you defeat Wallace, you're done!

====================== 14. Fit For a Champion ======================


After the fight, May will come in with advice on how to beat the Champion. Too bad she's way too late. Professor Birch shows up and he'll rate your Pokedex. Then you and Wallace will go into the next room and register your team into the Hall of Fame. When the credits start rolling, you can either watch them (after beating the Elite Four at least once, you can hold B to make the credits go faster) or just turn the game off. The game is saved already, so when you load game, you'll be in your room in Littleroot Town. Now that you're the Champion, a whole slew of new areas and Pokemon have been unlocked. This section is a list of all things you can only do when you're the Champion. Don't forget, you can do Trick 8 now! ========================= 14a. BZZT-Colored Dragons ========================= [mtrxy]

When you go downstairs from your room, Norman says he has a gift for you from a Mr. Briney: the S.S. Ticket. Now you can jump on the finished ferry S.S. Tidal. Examine the flashing TV and you'll see Pokemon. Your mom will ask which color will find Latios or Latias in the wild you tell her the Pokemon was blue, you as that. No tricks involved. a report on some BZZT-colored flying they said the Pokemon was. Whether you depends on the color you tell her. If get Latios. Red, you get Latias. Simple

Where's the other one? Southern Island, of course. You cannot get there unless you have the Eon Ticket from Ruby or Sapphire, DO NOT ASK ME HOW OR WHERE TO GET IT. =============== 14b. S.S. Tidal =============== [koppl]

Leave the house and Professor Birch will ambush you, knock you out, and take you to his lab. When you come to, he will explain some stuff about how he just found out that some of Hoenn is now home to exotic species. Because he's cool like that, he will take both your Pokedexes and upgrade them to National Mode. Congratulations! Now you can trade directly with FireRed and LeafGreen! You're free to go. Shortly after leaving home, you'll get a call from Scott. He tells you that he wants to take you somewhere, and you'll talk more on the S.S. Tidal. The ferry is currently in Slateport City, so fly there, go into the harbor, talk to the lady by the ferry, and tell her you want to go to Lilycove. Immediately after boarding, Scott will swarm you. He'll tell you that someone like you should visit the Battle Frontier, and he's already made arrangements with the ship's captain to let you visit there anytime. He will get off the

ship, and an announcement will be made that the ship is built for plowing through fast-moving currents. Yeah, it must be made for plowing through all those people, too. Your cabin is #2; if you want to instantly arrive in Lilycove, simply enter the middle room and rest. There are battles to be won here, and you aren't kicked off the ship immediately after resting, so feel free to heal as needed until you are done. Enter the first cabin. See the couple? Take 'em out. Young Couple Lea & Jed Luvdisc (x2), Lv.45 Money: 2880 The cabin next to that is yours. A battle awaits you in Cabin 3. Rich Boy Garret Azumarill, Lv.45 Money: 9000 Long live the Amulet Coin. Head to Cabin 4. Gentleman Micah Manectric, Lv.44 (x2) Money: 3520 Now circle around, say hey to Mr.- er, Captain Briney, and enter the back of Cabin 1. Fight the dood. Pokefan Colton Skitty, Lv.22/36/40/12/30; Delcatty, Lv.42 Money: 3160 I love ladies. Fight one in the room behind yours. Lady Naomi Roselia, Lv.45 Money: 9000 Gotta love double money. Barge into the next room and smack up an old guy. Gentleman Thomas Zangoose, Lv.45 Money: 3600 Interrogate the man in the room behind Cabin 4 and he'll give you TM49, Snatch. Leave and go down the stairs. There are two sailors walking around. Feel free to try to get them in a Double Battle, but it's not the end of the world if you can't. If you do, it may look like you're stuck, but you can step down so you're behind the crates. Sailor Phillip <- Team Battle! -> Tentacruel/Machoke, Lv.44 Money: 2784 Sailor Leonard Machop/Pelipper/Machoke, Lv.43

In the trash can in the upper left corner lies a Leftovers. That's all for the S.S. Tidal. When you're ready to leave, rest in bed and talk to the sailor blocking the entrance.

Turn your happy self around and talk to the lady. Battle Frontier, ho! For more information regarding the enormous Battle Frontier, see section 20. ================== 14c. Altering Cave ================== [woops]

Altering Cave is a useless cave that is found on Route something. I don't care. Go north from Oldale Town and Surf east. There you are. It only appears after you defeat the Elite Four. The only thing in there is Zubat. It used to have something to do with Mystery Gift, I think, but the pokemon that were to be found there were obtainable through other means, so The Nintendo Company sent it to the crapper. If Route 118 wasn't so rockin' for Speed EV training, this would be a good spot (Zubat gives 1 Speed). =================== 15. Special Pokemon =================== [wupsy]

There. This section exists now. Check out the nifty Pokemon, most of which you can't get until you defeat the Elite Four. ============================= 15a. Beldum - Take Down Sucks ============================= [yiduz]

Go to Steven's house in Mossdeep City and examine the Poke Ball. Inside is a Lv.5 Beldum. It evolves into Metang at Lv.20, and again into Metagross at Lv.45. Beldum only knows Take Down until it evolves, can't learn any TMs or HMs, and has no Egg Moves. Have fun. Fun tip: You can change Beldum's nature by saving before you examine the Poke Ball, then resetting if it isn't the one you want. :D ===================== 15b. Desert Underpass ===================== o----------------------------------o | DESERT UNDERPASS POKEMON LISTING | o----------------------------------o | Ditto (Common) | | Whismur (Uncommon) | | Loudred (Rare) | o----------------------------------o His loss. Get in there and travel the extremely long length (+Max Repel, good spot to hatch eggs) to the end. There, you will find the fossil you didn't get in Mirage Tower. If you didn't get a fossil from Mirage Tower, this cave will be empty. Mirage Tower is in the desert; if you can't see it, go visit the Fossil Maniac and he'll tell you about the tower. It should be there after that. ================ 15c. Marine Cave [korge] [dthoy]

After beating the Elite Four, visit the Fossil Maniac. Try to go behind him and he'll tell you that there's a huge cave, but he left it alone because he doubts there are fossils in there.

================ Visit the second floor of the Weather Institute and talk to the scientist at the far left end. He will tell you about heavy rainfall around such and such a route. If you visit that route, you will see the heavy rainfall. Now you just need to find a small dive square, and dive into it. Follow the path to the end and you'll find a Lv.70 Kyogre waiting for you. This is the only game in which you can flee from a stationary legendary and not have it follow suit. It'll still sit there and wait. However, if you kill it, it will obviously not be there anymore. Don't use your Master Ball on it. It is, after all, stationary. =============== 15d. Terra Cave =============== [crunk]

Same deal, visit the scientist on the Weather Institute's second floor and listen to him talk about a drought on route x. Terra Cave is the same as Marine Cave, except you'll find it on land as a cave (you'll need Waterfall for the Route 104 location). How do you tell it apart from other caves? The extreme sunlight, of course. You should know what other dungeons are simply because you've played through the game already. Bust out the Ultra Balls for this guy, too. ===================== 15e. Sky Pillar Redux ===================== [fstbk]

If you want to get back up Sky Pillar, you'll need the Mach Bike to cross the cracks in the floor. It may take a few tries, especially since the game will try to juke you by putting rocks in your path and having you go farther than you need to go (fourth or fifth floor, I think). Rayquaza is Lv.70. Again, save that Master Ball. ============== 15f. The Regis ============== [hsfww]

Once a player earns the Mind Badge and receives the Dive HM from Steven (or has traded in a Pokemon that already knows Dive), that player may choose to seek out and capture Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. This trio is collectively referred to as "the Regis" because the first half of their names is "Regi-." To begin, you will need to have been to Pacifidlog Town. If you've been following this walkthrough, you should have already. If you haven't, surf south from Mossdeep City until you can no longer go south, then head west until you hit the town. If there's a giant island in your way, see section 27. Otherwise, you're good to go. Unlike almost every Pokemon, you must work to be able to catch the Regis. This is a list of what you'll need to unlock and catch them all: * * * * * Relicanth, found underwater near Sootopolis City only Wailord, found by fishing with Super Rod on Route 129; evolve Wailmer (Lv.40) TM28, Dig. HM02, Fly. (Not required, but strongly recommended) HM03, Surf.

* HM05, Flash. (Yes, it's required, not optional, you must have it) * HM06, Rock Smash. * HM08, Dive. o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | SETUP | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Okay, now you're moves (Relicanth now, you'll only Pacifidlog Town. ready to begin. Teach some Pokemon the aforementioned six and Wailord can each learn Surf, Dive, and Rock Smash). Right need Relicanth, Wailord, Surf, Dive, and Dig. Fly to Surf west out of the city and head west to the currents.

Don't hit them yet! To reach where you'll need to go, the key is to stay as low as you possibly can. Go down and touch the current, and you'll end up in front of a fisherman. Go straight down and surf down, into the current. You'll be swept to a rock. Press up and again surf down into the current. This time you'll be taken to a pair of swimmers. Go past them and once again, swim down into the current, being careful to touch the very lowest spot. Once you land, go to the lowest point and surf downwards again. You will be taken to an empty patch of shallow water. Half of it is on Route 133, half of it is on Route 134. This is the most important part. Stand in the lower left corner of this empty patch (so you're on Route 134). Take exactly two steps up and surf left. Dive down and enter the cavern. Swim the path. At the end, you will see a large rock. On one side of this, you will see some markings. Examine these markings and you'll see a bunch of dots. This is Braille, language for the blind. Of course, raised dots would totally ruin your GBA, so this will have to do. The Braille reads, "GO UP HERE." Be on this exact spot and surface to find yourself in the Sealed Chamber. In here, you can find various bits and pieces of Braille: ABC GHI MNO TUV DEF . JKL , PQRS WXYZ <- period <- comma Yep. Pretty simple. They put it here so anyone that doesn't know Braille can learn it for the sake of capturing the Regis. Braille is used in all three caves.

Head to the back and you'll see some Braille that reads, "DIG HERE." Go into the menu and manually use Dig; instead of warping from the cave, you'll open up a path to another room. Enter this final room and you will see six stones, each reading something different. IN THIS CAVE WE HAVE LIVED. BUT, WE SEALED THE POKEMON AWAY. THOSE WITH COURAGE, THOSE WITH HOPE. WE OWE ALL TO THE POKEMON. WE FEARED IT. OPEN A DOOR. AN ETERNAL POKEMON WAITS.

The back of the room is what you're going for, though. Examine the Braille to find a message that reads, "FIRST COMES WAILORD. LAST COMES RELICANTH." How these two Pokemon are connected to the Regis, I'll never know. But if Wailord's at the lead of your party and Relicanth is in the rear, you will trigger a moving van - er, an earthquake of sorts, and three doors will open "somewhere far away." Shazam, you've unlocked the Regis. Now it's time to go catch them. Relicanth and Wailord are no longer needed; do with them what you will.

o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | DESERT RUINS - REGIROCK | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Fly to Lavaridge Town. Get the Pokemon that knows Rock Smash and head into the desert. Go south and you'll see the giant rock formation. The Braille at the back of the room reads, "LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN. THEN, USE ROCK SMASH." From that spot, do what it instructed you to and the door will open. Enter the room and save! Regirock (Rock-type) is Lv.40 when you attack it. Here's its moveset: Superpower - Fighting-type, base power 120. User's ATK-1, user's DEF-1 Curse - ???-type, no base power. User's SPEED-1. User's ATK+1, user's DEF+1. Ancientpower - Rock-type, base power 60. User's stats +1 (10% chance). Rock Throw - Rock-type, base power 50. No added effects. Ability: Clear Body (Prevents stat loss) Curse will make Regirock do humongous damage with all its attacks. Regirock excels in Defense; picking on special-type weaknesses is obviously recommended. When you drop Regirock's HP to a low amount, start attacking it with physical attacks. You will do little damage unless Regirock has been abusing Superpower. Once Regirock's HP is at a safe level, put it to sleep if you can and start throwing anything that's not called "Master Ball." That's all there is to it. o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o | ISLAND CAVE - REGICE | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Fly to Petalburg City. Go west out of the city and use Surf. Stay to the left and surf downwards until you come across some trees. Land and go around the trees, then surf north to find the cave. The Braille at the back of the room reads, "STAY ONE LAP." Simply do what it says. You can run in the way around the cave without moving away from back to the center of the Braille, the door will CLOSE TO THE WALL. RUN AROUND either direction, but run all the wall. Once you make it open. Enter and save.

Regice (Ice-type) is Lv.40 when you attack it. Here's its moveset: Superpower - Fighting-type, base power 120. User's ATK-1, user's DEF-1 Curse - ???-type, no base power. User's SPEED-1. User's ATK+1, user's DEF+1. Ancientpower - Rock-type, base power 60. User's stats +1 (10% chance). Icy Wind - Ice-type, base power 55. Foe's SPEED-1. Ability: Clear Body (Prevents stat loss) Regice sports monstrous Special Defense, which means physical attacks are the way to go. Ice has two physical weaknesses - Rock and Steel. It's somewhat unlikely you have either on your team, but Regice's Defense is nothing special. In fact, I wouldn't worry too much about using weakness; using regular physical attacks will do. Icy Wind will always make your speed go down, but if you start off faster than Regice, you'll stay that way because of Curse. Once its HP are down to a low level, start using weak special attacks so you'll do little damage. Put it to sleep if you can and chuck those Ultra Balls. o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o

| ANCIENT TOMB - REGISTEEL | o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Fly to Lilycove City. Get the Pokemon that knows Flash. Leave west out of the city and continue until you can no longer go west. Go up the stairs and straight up through the tall grass to another flight of stairs. Continue on and you'll find the cave. The Braille at the back of the room reads, "THOSE WHO INHERIT OUR WILL, SHINE IN THE MIDDLE." Take four steps down and use Flash to make the door open. Save. Regsteel (Steel-type) is Lv.40 when you attack it. Here's its moveset: Superpower - Fighting-type, base power 120. User's ATK-1, user's DEF-1 Curse - ???-type, no base power. User's SPEED-1. User's ATK+1, user's DEF+1. Ancientpower - Rock-type, base power 60. User's stats +1 (10% chance). Metal Claw - Steel-type, base power 50. User's ATK+1 (10% chance). Ability: Clear Body (Prevents stat loss) That's odd. I don't have a strategy for Registeel. Well... Registeel sucks. It's a half-baked attempt at a balance between Regirock and Regice. Metal Claw is a joke, it should do nothing to your beasts. Curse and Superpower cancel each other out... sleep it if you can. False Swipe helps too. ====================== 15g. Dances With Steel ====================== [wlvs2]

We all remember our buddy Steven, who failed us in our hour of need. I think its high time we paid him back. But where is he? To show Steven the consequences for failing you, you will need Waterfall... but unless you're sporting Flamethrower/Fire Blast with optional Sunny Day and Surf/Hydro Pump, your Pokemon should be no lower than Lv.65. Yeah, I'm serious. Can't find him? Give Wallace a call after defeating him. He will drop hints in your face that Steven's Pokemon are extremely powerful (Wallace would clean his clock, though), but ol' Steve would rather dig for rare stones than fight. "But what is a rare stone exactly? All I can think of is a METEORITE..." That's good enough for us. To Meteor Falls! Remember the waterfall that's right near the entrance? Go up it and enter the cave. Go right and down the ladder. Remember where the Iron Tail TM was? Down, left, up the steps, then up the ladder. Now that you've defeated the Elite Four, there's a cave you can go into. In the very back of this cave is Steven. Make sure you heal and save before you talk to him. He knows why we're here, and he won't give you any chances to think things over. STEVEN: Oh, wow, [Name]. I'm amazed you knew where to find me. Do you, uh...maybe think of me as just a rock maniac? No, that can't be right. We battled alongside each other at the SOOTOPOLIS SPACE CENTER. o-----------------------o / The Space Center's in / / Mossdeep, genius. /

You should have a very good idea about how good I am. Okay, [Name], if you're going to mount a serious challenge, expect the worst! Steven's Pokemon:


o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | Name | Lvl | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Skarmory | 77 | Claydol | 75 | Aggron | 76 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o | Armaldo | 76 | Metagross | 78 | Cradily | 76 | o------------o-----o------------o-----o------------o-----o o----------o Moveset: Toxic, Aerial Ace, Spikes, Steel Wing | Skarmory | Type: Steel/Flying o----------o Ability: Keen Eye (Prevents accuracy loss)

Money: 4680

If you are using an Electric-type, that would be your best bet against Skarmdog. Electric resists both of Skarmory's offensive attacks. Should that Electric-type be Magneton, you have immunity to Toxic as well. However, this means that Spikes is Skarmory's only option. If used the maximum three times, it will take 13% of your Pokemon's maximum HP every time you switch out, unless they are Flying-type or have the Levitate Ability. Should you not want to use Electric, Fire will do just as well - but you'll only have resistance to Steel Wing. o---------o Moveset: Reflect, Light Screen, Ancientpower, Earthquake | Claydol | Type: Ground/Psychic o---------o Ability: Levitate (Immune to Ground-type damage) Gross, Reflect and Light Screen! All your damage is cut in half. Claydol'll use whichever barrier blocks the type you currently have in play. Should you switch out, it'll bust out the other one. Ancientpower isn't really a power hit, but it has a 10% chance to raise all the user's stats by 1 level. Earthquake's for STAB. To counter Claydol, you could consider using Brick Break to get rid of Reflect _and_ Light Screen. o--------o Moveset: Thunder, Earthquake, Solarbeam, Dragon Claw | Aggron | Type: Steel/Rock o--------o Ability: Sturdy (Prevents one-hit KOs) Sick. Aggron's Special Attack is nothing to be proud of. The only thing you should fear about Steven's Aggron is its level. It has a very convenient double weakness to both Fighting and Ground. Solarbeam kills Ground-types, so if Aggron starts charging, switch out to something that resists Grass. o---------o Moveset: Water Pulse, Ancientpower, Aerial Ace, Slash | Armaldo | Type: Bug/Rock o---------o Ability: Battle Armor (Prevents critical hits) Armaldo would make a decent physical sweeper, but Steven's already got one of those. Steven's Armaldo is a joke. Ancientpower for STAB. Everything else... I don't know why. Water Pulse confuses, 30% chance, remember? Slash is a power hit, and a bad one at that. Aerial Ace is Flying-type Swift, from Winona fame. o-----------o Moveset: Earthquake, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball | Metagross | Type: Steel/Psychic

o-----------o Ability: Clear Body (Prevents stat loss) Oh yeah, the anchor of Steven's team. This is an okay physical sweeper. Come on, Steve, Agility over Psychic. Yes, anyway. Metagross covers a variety of types, most of which Metagross resists in the first place. Metagross' type combination means it's only weak to Fire and Ground. Unless you're packing Ho-oh, Moltres, or Charizard, Fire-types will get massacred by Earthquake. Do you have Sunny Day on your team? Use that to boost your Fire damage and get a kill. Ground-types are safe as far as weakness is concerned, but you still need to keep Meteor Mash's 100-turned-150by-STAB-power in mind. It hurts. o---------o Moveset: Giga Drain, Ancientpower, Ingrain, Confuse Ray | Cradily | Type: Rock/Grass o---------o Ability: Suction Cups (Prevents forced switching) Pseudo-annoyer. Ingrain, should you not have a Cacturne or Cradily of your own, buries roots into the ground. In addition to restoring 1/16 maximum HP between turns, it also prevents being forcefully switched out. Cradily can't be switched out by force, anyway, so... yeah. We all know what Confuse Ray does. Giga Drain is weak, but if used against weakness, it can become horrendously annoying because of Ingrain. Ancientpower is there for STAB and to help cover one of its weaknesses, Ice. A Steel-type resists both Cradily's offensive moves, but is still susceptible to confusion. In addition to Ice, Cradily is weak to Steel, Fighting, and Bug. Now that Steven finally knows who's the best in Hoenn, he will make a bad attempt at saving face by saying he's a psychic. STEVEN: Come to think of it, ever since our paths first crossed in GRANITE CAVE in DEWFORD, I had this feeling. I thought that you would eventually become the CHAMPION. My predictions usually come true. And where will you go from here? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Fufufu, even I couldn't tell you that. Ooh hoo, aren't we cool. Steve gives you nothing after beating him. Cheapskate. =============== 16. Battle Tent =============== [btltn]

Battle Tents are a new feature in Pokemon Emerald, and they can be found in Slateport City, Fallarbor Town, and Verdanturf Town, where the Hyper, Super, and Normal Rank Contests, respectively, were found in Ruby & Sapphire. Where are the Contests, you ask? Lilycove City. Every single one of them. Each Battle Tent has different challenges for you to overcome, and should you do so, you will win a prize. ==========================

16a. Slateport Battle Tent ==========================


This is the first Battle Tent you come across. The challenge is Battle Swap. In this challenge, you can only use three Pokemon, all of which are provided. Each one is Lv.30. You must participate in three Single Battles (1-on-1). After each battle, you may choose to swap one of your Pokemon with a Pokemon belonging to the Trainer you just defeated. You can't look at Summaries of Pokemon that you swap, so pay attention to your opponent's attacks. Most able-to-evolve Basic Pokemon possess killer movesets, so be on the lookout for them. For winning, you will receive a Full Heal. =========================== 16b. Verdanturf Battle Tent =========================== [vbtlt]

In this Battle Tent, you use three of your own Pokemon. Your opponent's Pokemon's levels will match those of your strongest Pokemon, but the lowest level they will have is Lv.30. If your Pokemon are below Lv.30, your opponent's Pokemon will still be Lv.30. What's different here is that you can't command your Pokemon. They will attack on their own based on their natures. Because of this, you will want to raise Pokemon designed specifically for this Tent. Normal battling Pokemon will usually fail miserably here. Should you manage to win, you'll be rewarded with a Nest Ball. ========================== 16c. Fallarbor Battle Tent ========================== [fbtlt]

This is an easy Battle Tent to win at. You are use three of your own Pokemon. Your opponent's Pokemon's levels will match those of your strongest Pokemon, but the lowest level they will have is Lv.30. If your Pokemon are below Lv.30, your opponent's Pokemon will still be Lv.30. Here, each match is only three turns long. A match is defined as one Pokemon against another. Trainers are not allowed to switch their Pokemon out, and the order you register them in is the order they will appear in the battle. If one Pokemon defeats another, a new match starts when the defeated Pokemon's player replaces the fainted Pokemon. At the end of three turns, if a Pokemon has not been defeated yet, the referee will decide the winner based on three criteria: Mind: Pokemon that battled with the most guts. You will earn more Mind points by telling your Pokemon to use an offensive attack. Skill: Pokemon that used moves well. Every time you order your Pokemon to use an offensive attack, and that attack is successful, Skill points will rise. If it fails, Skill points are lowered. If you attack their weakness, more Skill points are earned. Likewise, if you hit a Pokemon's resistance or immunity, Skill points are taken away. However, if a Pokemon uses Protect or Detect, and the other pokemon uses an attack and gets blocked by Protect or Detect, Skill points will not be deducted. Body: This one's easy. Whoever has the most HP at the end wins. Defeat three Trainers in a row and you will earn a Hyper Potion. =================== 17. The Trick House =================== [wlttm]

The Trick House is found straight north from Slateport City, on Route 110. Your job is to first find the Trick Master in his house, then go into the back room, find the scroll, and make it to the end. There are Trainers in each of the Tricks. Sometimes you will need to meet certain requirements before you can attempt to complete a new Trick, and you'll need to use different HMs to get around some of them. ============ 17a. Trick 1 ============ HMs Needed: Cut The Trick Master is hiding under the table. Examine the upper right corner and he will appear, and let you attempt the trick. Enter when ready. Go right and fight. Lass Sally Oddish, Lv.16 Money: 256 Cut the tree above her, then the one above that. Go up and left and cut the tree if you wish. Go down, cut the tree, and fight. Lass Robin Skitty, Lv.14; Shroomish, Lv.14; Marill, Lv.14 Money: 224 Read the scroll. If you want an Orange Mail, cut the trees leading to the upper path. Go right, cut, fight. Youngster Eddie Zigzagoon, Lv.14; Zigzagoon, Lv.16 Money: 256 Cut the last tree and press A on the door to complete the Trick. Code: "TRICK MASTER is fabulous." A Rare Candy and access to Trick 2 is your reward. ============ 17b. Trick 2 ============ Requirements: Dynamo Badge, Trick 1 completed HMs Needed: None The Trick Master is hiding behind the tree on the right side. Start by picking up the free Wave Mail in the space off to the right. Then take the bottom path and start a fight. School Kid Paul Numel/Oddish/Wingull, Lv.15 Money: 300 [butny] [cutty]

Follow the path and step on the switch. Go back to the beginning and go all the way up. Loop around and get the Harbor Mail, then go up and left and hit the switch. Use the newly accessible path and hit the switch. Fight the guy. School Kid Ted Ralts, Lv.17 Money: 340 Go back to the beginning and follow the path you just now opened to the right. Continue on this path and fight the girl. School Kid Georgia Shroomish, Lv.16; Beautifly, Lv.16 Money: 320 Hit the switch, read the scroll, go to the end. Code: "TRICK MASTER is smart." A Timer Ball and access to Trick 3 is your reward. ============ 17c. Trick 3 ============ Requirements: Heat Badge, Trick 2 completed HMs Needed: Rock Smash The Trick Master is hiding in the dresser. Bust up the rocks and go right. Camper Justin Kecleon, Lv.24 Money: 384 Weave your way north and fight the Hiker, you know you want to. Hiker Alan Geodude, Lv.22; Graveler, Lv.22; Nosepass, Lv.22 Money: 880 Go above Alan and step on the switch. Go down, left, then up. Get the Wood Mail on the left and fight the girl on the right. Picnicker Martha Skitty, Lv.23; Swablu, Lv.23 Money: 368 Take the Shadow Mail and go down. Hit the bottom of the two switches. Memorize the scroll. Go to the end. Code: "TRICK MASTER is coveted." The Hard Stone (Rock's power-up item) and access to Trick 4 is your reward. ============ 17d. Trick 4 ============ Requirements: Balance Badge, Trick 3 completed [musly] [smshy]

HMs required: Strength The Trick Master is hiding beyond the left window. Go up and activate Strength. Push the right boulder one square. Go up and fight the girl. Battle Girl Cora Meditite, Lv.27 Money: 648 Pick up the Mech Mail. Now go all the way right and down. Go below the boulder and push it up one square. Now go fight the fighter guy. Black Belt Yuji Makuhita, Lv.26; Machoke, Lv.26 Money: 832 Push the boulder near him out of the way and memorize the scroll. Push the boulder nearest you one square left. Weave your way back up and around and go all the way up. Push the boulder all the way down. Fight. Battle Girl Paula Breloom, Lv.27 Money: 648 Above Paula, push the boulder up one square. Go around and push that same boulder to the right. Now push the one above it to the right and press A on the door to complete the Trick. Code: "TRICK MASTER is cool." A Smoke Ball and access to Trick 5 is your reward. ============ 17e. Trick 5 ============ Requirements: Feather Badge, Trick 4 completed HMs Needed: None The Trick Master is hiding in the plant on the left side. This Trick's a little different. Instead of battling, you will answer a series of questions given to you by Trick Master Mechadolls. The first one is straight ahead. Mechadoll 1 ----------One of these Pokemon is not of the Water type. Which one is it? - Azurill One of these Pokemon does not use Leech Life. Which one is it? - Dustox One of these Pokemon is not found on Route 110. Which one is it? - Taillow Go up and answer the next question. Mechadoll 2 ----------[dalzy]

Which of these Pokemon did Team Aqua use in Petalburg Forest? - Poochyena Which of these Pokemon did Wally borrow from your father? - Zigzagoon Which of these Pokemon was chasing Prof. Birch? - Zigzagoon You'll see two Mechadolls to your right. Number three is south. Mechadoll 3 ----------Sell one Great Ball and buy one Potion. How much money remains? - Nothing Do one Repel and Soda Pop cost more than one Super Potion? - They will cost less. Which costs more? Three Harbor Mails or one Burn Heal? - Burn Heal Answer this question, then go to the next doll. Mechadoll 4 ----------In the Trainer's School, how many girl students were there? - 1 In Lavaridge Town, were there more elderly men or elderly women? - Elderly men In Seashore House, were there more men or women? - Male Memorize the scroll and go up to the last doll. Mechadoll 5 ----------On the Cycling Road, how many Triathletes were there? - 8 In Slateport's Pokemon Fan Club, how many Pokemon were there? - 3 In Fortree City, how many tree houses were there? - 6 Press A on the door to complete the Trick. Code: "TRICK MASTER is a genius." TM12, Taunt, and access to Trick 6 is your reward. ============ 17f. Trick 6 ============ Requirements: Mind Badge, Trick 5 completed HMs Needed: None The Trick Master is hiding in the cupboard, right side. Rotating doors from Winona's Gym, remember them? Of course you do, let's go. Push the bottom one from the right. Go up and walk through the door from the right, down through the first door, then continue north. Go right through the door. Continue right through another door. Fight the girl. [dorzy]

PKMN Ranger Sophia Swablu, Lv.38; Roselia, Lv.38 Money: 1824 Go up, left, down through the door. Go up, left, fight the guy. PKMN Ranger Sebastian Cacturne, Lv.39 Money: 1872 Go down and memorize the scroll. Go through the door to the right and go down. Push the middle door down, then push the right door down. Go left and into the path you just opened. Collect the Glitter Mail, go up, and fight. Bird Keeper Benny Swellow, Lv.36; Pelipper, Lv.36; Xatu, Lv.36 Money: 1152 Go up through the doors to complete the Trick. Code: "TRICK MASTER is my life." The Magnet (Electric's power-up item) and access to Trick 7 is your reward. ============ 17g. Trick 7 ============ Requirements: Rain Badge, Trick 6 completed HMs Needed: None The Trick Master is hiding behind the right window. Yeah, we love these things. Step on the yellow switch and fight the forced Double Battle. Psychic Joshua Kadabra.Solrock, Lv.41 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1918 Hex Maniac Patricia Banette/Lunatone, Lv.41 [warpy]

Go up and left. Step on the blue switch twice. Up and around, then up again. Step on the red, then green switch once. Go up and follow the teleporters' path. Fight the duo. Psychic Alexis Kirlia/Xatu, Lv.41 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 1918 Psychic Alvaro Banette/Kadabra, Lv.41

Go back to the green arrows and now go down. Step on the teleporter and memorize the scroll. Warp back and step on the switches, green, red, green. The left teleporter takes you to a forced Double Battle. Psychic Mariela Chimecho, Lv.41 <- Team Battle! -> Money: 4264 Gentleman Everett Wobbuffet, Lv.41

The right one takes you to a Tropic Mail. Step on the single teleporter near these two and complete the Trick. Code: "TRICK MASTER is huggable." A PP Max and access to the final Trick is your reward. ============

17h. Trick 8 ============ Requirements: Champion defeated, Trick 7 completed HMs Needed: None The Trick Master is hiding beneath the lower left cushion.


Are you ready for the funnest (yeah, funnest) Trick yet? Super polished floors mean we get to slide everywhere! Weeeeeeee! Okay. Start on the right side and go up, right, Trainer (forced). Cooltrainer Keira Lairon, Lv.45; Manectric, Lv.45 Money: 2160 Up, left, down. Memorize the scroll. Up, left, down, right. down. Go to the far right and go up, up, left, up, left, down. Step left, up, left, up. Get the Bead Mail. Now step left and go down. Fight. Cooltrainer Vincent Sableye, Lv.44; Medicham, Lv.44; Sharpedo, Lv.44 Money: 2112 While in front of him, go up, right, down, step left, up, Trainer (forced). Cooltrainer Leroy Mawile, Lv.46; Starmie, Lv.46 Money: 2208 Examine the door to complete the final Trick. Code: "TRICK MASTER I love." In Ruby, completing Trick 8 would yield the Red Tent, a super pimp-looking item for your Secret Base. In Sapphire, one gets the Blue Tent, an item with equal sweetness. In Emerald, you get to choose between the two. I chose the Blue Tent simply because I have one of my Ruby Secret Bases mixed into my Emerald game. That's all for the Trick House. ======================== 18. Mauville Game Corner ======================== [spdwl]

To play the games here, you need a Coin Case. Go to Slateport City and buy a Harbor Mail, then give it to the girl in the house to the left of the Mart in Mauville City. She will give you the Coin Case in return. There are only two games for you, unfortunately. One is the slots game we've been seeing since the color games. Press Select to see the payouts. The other game is a roulette game where you guess where the ball will land. More specific guesses yield bigger payouts. The table on the left is 1 Coin for 6 balls, and the table on the right is 3 Coins for six balls. Real men play on the three-Coin table. Everyone else plays there, too. The one-Coin table is just for show, and should do nothing but collect dust in the Game Corner. So what to do with the Coins you've earned? Well, right now, you've got no

Coins. If you talk to the young man in the upper right corner near the trash bin, he'll give you 20 coins. You'll need to buy the rest. The lady on the far left will sell you Coins in 50s and 500s. The two ladies on the right side are what you're after, because they sell you spiffy things. o-----------------o | LEFT LADY | o-----------------o | TM32......1,500 | | TM29......3,500 | | TM35......4,000 | | TM24......4,000 | | TM13......4,000 | o-----------------o ================= 18a. New Mauville ================= The dolls o------------------------o are items for | RIGHT LADY | a Secret Base. o------------------------o | Treecko Doll.....1,000 | | Torchic Doll.....1,000 | | Mudkip Doll......1,000 | o------------------------o

Double Team Psychic Flamethrower Thunderbolt Ice Beam


New Mauville can first be accessed after you earn the right to use Surf out of battle. In Mauville City, Wattson will ask you if you will go to New Mauville and shut down the Generator. Then he will give you the Basement Key to get into it. Leave the city via the south exit and go to the water. Surf down and to the right. Enter New Mauville. o------------------------------o | NEW MAUVILLE POKEMON LISTING | o------------------------------o | Magnemite (Common) | | Voltorb (Common) | | Magneton (Rare) | | Electrode (Rare) | o------------------------------o and examine the item ball, you'll Step on the switch and go left. Step on the switch and follow the path. Do not step on the third switch you see, because it closes the door in front of you. Pass through and pick up the Escape Rope, then go down and to the right. Pick up the Ultra Ball, then go back to where you got the Escape Rope. Step on the switch. If you go up and to the right fight a Lv.25 Voltorb. Go left to continue.

You will see two item balls. The left one is a Parlyz Heal; the other is a Lv.25 Voltorb. Continue on this path and you will see two more item balls. The left one is a Lv.25 Voltorb; the other, a Full Heal. Step on the switch. Go to the right and step on the red switch to shut the Generator down. Pick up the Thunderstone and make use of that Escape Rope you picked up earlier. Report back to Wattson and he'll give you TM24, Thunderbolt. ============== 19. Shoal Cave ============== [shlbl]

This here's a cave filled with wild Pokemon and items. Since Shoal Cave is so close to the sea, there are times when it is filled with water. This is high tide. Some items can only be obtained at high tide. The rest of the time, it is near bone dry with the exception of the deepest part of the cave. This is low tide. Like high tide, some items can only be obtained at low tide. Anyway, either time you enter, you'll find an old man if you head north from the entrance. He'll tell you that he can make you a spiffy item if you bring

him four Shoal Salt and four Shoal Shells. The item he makes you is called the Shell Bell, and it restores your HP based on the damage you inflict on your opponent. I find Leftovers to be infinitely more useful, as it heals your Pokemon by a set amount; you need to do big damage in order for Shell Bell to match the health that Leftovers recovers. The only thing Shell Bell has on Leftovers is that you can get these ingredients every day, so you can have an infinite amount. Leftovers is infinite, too, but it comes at a price you may want to pay. If you're doing this cave pre-Elite Four Since it's high tide right now, I'll post that little bit first. If you're having trouble finding the salts/shells, I'll write it in all caps so you can see better and use the surrounding context to figure out its location. Each salt/shell will also be spaced one line to read it easier, too. HIGH TIDE WALKTHROUGH: THE SEARCH FOR SHELLS -------------------------------------------o-----------------------------o | SHOAL CAVE POKEMON LISTING | o-----------------------------o | Zubat (Common) | | Spheal (Uncommon) | o-----------------------------o If you enter Shoal Cave and there's shallow water all around, it's high tide. To get the four Shoal Shells, you will obviously need Surf.

Get in the water and go straight up. Up the stairs, in the door. Go around and start surfing. Up about 3 steps and you'll see stairs, go up them to find the FIRST SHOAL SHELL. Back in the water, up a little. Go up the steps to find the SECOND SHOAL SHELL. Begin surfing again and go up and all the way right. Land and surf again, go up the steps to your right to find the THIRD SHOAL SHELL. Surf and go down. Surf and go up the steps to your left for a Rare Candy. Back in the water and go up the steps to the right for the FOURTH SHOAL SHELL. Go down from there, out the door, get the Big Pearl. That's all for high tide. If you still need the salts, wait six hours for the tide to go out, then come back. Check the low tide walkthrough found below. If you have four Shoal Salts and four Shoal Shells, talk to the man and he'll give you a Shell Bell in exchange. Come back in six hours and you'll be able to collect the items all over again. LOW TIDE WALKTHROUGH: SALTY GOODNESS -----------------------------------o-----------------------------o | SHOAL CAVE POKEMON LISTING | o-----------------------------o | Zubat (Common) | | Spheal (Uncommon) | | Snorunt (Rare) | | Golbat (Rare) | o-----------------------------o

If you enter Shoal Cave and there's barely any water around, it's low tide. To fully explore Shoal Cave at low tide, you will need Rock Smash and Strength.

Go up, down the stairs. Go up and through the door in the back of the room. Go up the stairs, up, down the stairs, down the ladder. To the right you will find

an Ice Heal. That off-colored stuff near you is the FIRST SHOAL SALT. Now go up the mini flights of stairs and up the ladder. Follow this path until you get to a fork. Go up, and down the ladder. Talk to the guy there and he'll give you a Focus Band. To the right of him is the SECOND SHOAL SALT. Go right and push the boulder. Go down the ladder. Impressive, no? This icy section isn't _too_ large, but it's the _only place to find Snorunt._ I believe Golbat only appears down here, too. Go down. Stand anywhere four squares from the bottom and step left onto the ice. Go up, left, down. Down again onto the ice, right, up. Stand on the left of the rock and go left, down, right, up. Go down and pick up the Nevermeltice. Back on the ice, go up to the next section. Now go right and down. Step on the dry ground left, down twice, left. Step up onto the ice and go right, down, left, up, left, down, left, up, right, down. Last item here is TM07, Hail. Remember, Snorunt is only found here. When you're ready, go back up the ladder. Go up the ladder, then go all the way left and out the door. Go straight down and you'll find the THIRD SHOAL SALT. Go up the stairs and go all the way right to find the FOURTH SHOAL SALT. Now go back through the door, to the right, jump the ledge. Go out the door, then out the door. That's all for low tide. If you still need the shells, wait six hours for the tide to come in, then come back. Check the high tide walkthrough above. If you have four Shoal Salts and four Shoal Shells, talk to the man and he'll give you a Shell Bell in exchange. Come back in six hours and you'll be able to collect the items all over again. That's all for Shoal Cave. ======================= 20. The Battle Frontier ======================= [oatef]

The Battle Frontier can only be accessed after defeating the Elite Four. Shortly after starting your game up, Scott will ask to speak with you on the S.S. Tidal. Once there, Scott will tell you that he's made it so you can go to the Battle Frontier anytime when boarding a ferry. When you leave the ferry, talk to the lady and tell her to take you here. Welcome! Step into the building to your right. Is it your first time here? The lady on the left will issue to you a Frontier Pass, which we'll get to in just a bit. Scott pops in and invites you to his house, then leaves. If you want, you can talk to the woman on the right or the two men up top for a quick-and-dirty introduction to the Battle Frontier. When you're ready to set out into this absolutely huge place, leave through the door at the top. You'll be pleased to know that you can now fly here at any time. Right. It's very easy to get lost here, as this place is easily at least triple the size of Lilycove City. Before we get moving, open up the Frontier Pass by opening the main menu and selecting your name. In the upper left corner are seven spots to place Symbols that you earn from the masters of each area in the Battle Frontier, people you will learn that Scott calls "Frontier Brains." Lame name, but what can you do? Smite each and every one of them, that's what. The

key to fighting them? Consecutive wins in their respective areas. Don't ever lose, losing is shameful and bad! Well, not always. Some places are real tricky and they'll have you wanting to break your game because you get defeated just one fight before that Frontier Brain battle... but do try not to. Defeating Frontier Brains for the first time yields "Symbols" that get embossed on your Frontier Pass. Continue your winning streak and defeat the Frontier Brains _again_ and they will be upgraded. Your goal is to get and upgrade each of the seven Symbols. I'm not sure when I should mention this, but hey, as long as you haven't gone anywhere yet... In every area of the Battle Frontier, the staff will ask you which mode you wish to participate in - Lv.50 or Open Level. Lv.50 is just that; all your Pokemon must be Lv.50 to qualify. "Open Level" means that all your opponent's Pokemon will share the level of your strongest Pokemon (Battle Factory excluded, see section 19e for more info). Of course, not all Pokemon can participate. That's just plain cheap. Every area of the Battle Frontier also has the species clause, which means every Pokemon you select must be different. Below the Symbols, you will see "Battle Record." You can record any one battle that you do against any Trainer in the Battle Frontier and watch it whenever you want. Simple. "Battle Points" should be self-explanatory. For doing well in the Battle Frontier, you will earn Battle Points (henceforth referred to as 'BP'). It's like money you can only use here. Some of the items you can buy cost tons of BP, and so you will be spending even more time and effort trying to win some. The upper right corner holds a map of the Battle Frontier. If you ever get lost, consult this map. It shows you the seven main areas of the Battle Frontier, as well as your character's current location (shown by a small head). Below that is the Trainer Card we all know and love. From now on, when you click your name in the main menu, you will open the Frontier Pass instead of the Trainer Card. You can still flip back and forth between the front and back of the card; just press B to go back to the Frontier Pass. In this section, I will tell you about things you can find in the open area of the Battle Frontier. To the left you will find the Battle Factory. Head to the right and you will see some buildings. Only the Poke Mart, Pokemon Center, and the building above the Pokemon Center are of any interest, but when you see the first building, go straight up to find the Battle Pike. o---------------------------o | BATTLE FRONTIER SHOP LIST | o---------------------------o | Ultra Ball..........$1200 | | Hyper Potion........$1200 | | Max Potion..........$2500 | | Full Restore........$3000 | | Full Heal............$600 | | Revive..............$1500 | | Max Repel............$700 | | Protein.............$9800 | | Calcium.............$9800 | | Iron................$9800 | | Zinc................$9800 | | Carbos..............$9800 | In the building I listed above, there's an old man in there who will ask to see one of your Pokemon. Learn to love this guy, as he will become one of your best friends if you're trying to build a champion: the IV man. This guy will first tell you a rating of the average of your Pokemon's IVs. The second thing he tells you is which stat has the highest IV. The last thing he'll tell you is how high that stat is. You'll want a Pokemon with a flawless stat most of the time, but only if the flawless stat is one you're training in. ^_^

| HP Up...............$9800 | "Outstanding" stats are perfectly fine, too. o---------------------------o In the building to the right of the building to the right of the Pokemon Center, there is a girl on the far right side, who claims that she knows what Pokemon are thinking. She'll ask to see your Pokemon (just like the old guy from before) and she will tell you things about it. What she does exactly is tell you how the Pokemon you show her will react in the Battle Palace. If your Pokemon: Likes to battle - Likes using attacking moves Likes to be sneaky - Likes using status moves Looks after itself - Likes using recovery moves "Ouchies" is damage. With enough ouchies, if your Pokemon: Will battle - It will start using attack moves Will be sneaky - It will start using status moves Will look after itself - It will start using recovery moves Sometimes your Pokemon will do the same thing regardless of the amount of ouchies it has. Make sure your movesets are planned accordingly! Although I should have figured this stuff out myself, it was submitted to me by MegaZero Exe. Even more to the right is the Battle Palace. Go up from the aforementioned building and to the right. You'll see a gate leading to the Battle Arena. Move to the right until you hit a wall. Go down as far down as you can and you will see a thing that wiggles when you examine it. Yeah, those who played the metal games know exactly what that thing is. It's a Sudowoodo, and it's one of two in the advanced games (the other needs to be Snagged from Miror B. in Colosseum and purified). Save your game, then go into your Key Items menu and use the Wailmer Pail. Sudowoodo will freak out and attack. Sudowoodo (Rock-type) is Lv.40 when you attack it. Here's its moveset: Rock Slide - Rock-type, base power 75. May make the foe flinch. Flail - Normal-type, base power varies. Base power increases with low HP. Block - Normal-type, no base power. Prevents the foe from fleeing or switching. Low Kick - Fighting-type, base power varies. Power increases with heavier foes. Ability: Sturdy (Prevents one-hit KOs) Sudowoodo isn't all that hard to catch. To help whittle its HP down to a preferable level, fight it using its resistances - that is, Normal, Flying, or Fire. You may not want to use Fire, because you might burn Sudowoodo. If you do, you put yourself on a clock. Sudowoodo can't kill itself off (Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to commit vehicular homicide on some Trainers because their Pokemon killed themselves with Shadow Rush before you could catch them), so don't worry about that. When you catch or kill Sudowoodo, you'll notice that you can now get in the water. And go down the waterfall. And go west until you can't anymore. Welcome

to Artisan Cave. o------------------------------o | ARTISAN CAVE POKEMON LISTING | o------------------------------o | Smeargle (Always) | o------------------------------o Yep. The only Pokemon inhabiting this cave is Smeargle, and the only move Smeargle knows is Sketch. This move will copy the move that was just done to it - permanently. Sketch will be deleted in favor of the used move.

So how do you catch Smeargle with Sketch still intact? Well, first of all, no worries. Smeargle learns Sketch every 11 levels. If you're not willing to wait that long, there are three ways you can make it so Smeargle still has Sketch when you catch it: * Use any attack that takes you off screen (like Fly), or Protect/Detect. Sketch will fail. This will only work if you're faster than Smeargle. * Attempt to catch it immediately after encountering it. If you succeed, good. If you fail, Sketch will have no move to copy, and so it, too, will fail. * Don't let Smeargle use it. If you put it to sleep or freeze it and catch it before it wakes up, Sketch will still be there. How do you copy moves that would put your Pokemon out of play, like Explosion? Easy. Say you want Explosion. Put that wild Geodude to sleep somehow. Now take out Smeargle if you haven't already and use Sketch. If Geodude tried to use Explosion that turn or last turn, and couldn't because it was asleep, Sketch will still copy it. Use this method to give your Smeargle any moveset in the game. Careful, though. Since Sketch only has 1 PP, that means Smeargle gets to Struggle while you - get this - struggle to catch it. *rimshot* There are hidden items to be had. From the entrance, go up as far as you can. Examine the top rock for a Protein. Now go back to the entrance and head right. See the rocks on the right side? Examine the upper rock for an Iron. Backtrack now and you will see an item ball. In it is an HP Up. Above it is a Zinc. Now go up, up, up, until you can't anymore. Start going right, but examine the rock you'll see on the right for a Calcium. Go down the stairs and up the ladder in the upper right corner. Loop around and pick up the Carbos. Upon emerging from the cave, you will be next to the Ranking Hall. If you want back in the cave, don't jump the ledge or you'll have to go back to the entrance of Artisan Cave to get in. The Ranking Hall is where you can go and look at your Battle Frontier exploits. If you mix records, you will also get the Record Hall rankings of your friends, resulting in a top three kind of thing. To the right of the Ranking Hall is the Battle Pyramid. Below that is where we came from before, before we took a side path to catch Sudowoodo. Continue left. The building you will eventually see is the Battle Point Exchange Service Center, where you will go to redeem all those BP you've been earning. There are four ladies who sell you stuff, and here's the list.

o----------------------o | FAR LEFT | o----------------------o | Kiss Poster.......16 | | Kiss Cushion......32 | | Smoochum Doll.....32 | | Togepi Doll.......48 | | Meowth Doll.......48 | | Clefairy Doll.....48 | | Ditto Doll........48 | | Cyndaquil Doll....80 | | Chikorita Doll....80 | | Totodile Doll.....80 | o----------------------o

Oh yeah, this stuff is sweet. Brand new Secret Base items, yeah! Check out the five new giant dolls. Stat boosters for 1 BP? Yes please! Can this get any better? It sure can. You can buy all the best Hold Items from the girl on the far right. I love this place.

o-------------------------o | FAR RIGHT | o-------------------------o | Leftovers............48 | | White Herb...........48 | | Quick Claw...........48 | | Mental Herb..........48 | | Brightpowder.........64 | | Choice Band..........64 | | King's Rock..........64 | | Focus Band...........64 | | Scope Lens...........64 | o-------------------------o

o-------------------------o | MIDDLE LEFT | o-------------------------o | Lapras Doll.........128 | | Snorlax Doll........128 | | Venusaur Doll.......256 | | Charizard Doll......256 | | Blastoise Doll......256 | o-------------------------o North of this store is the Battle Tower.

o--------------o | MIDDLE RIGHT | o--------------o | Protein....1 | | Calcium....1 | | Iron.......1 | | Zinc.......1 | | Carbos.....1 | | HP Up......1 | o--------------o

There's a house to the left of the Battle Tower. In it is a woman who will trade her Meowth for your Skitty. Skitty are incredibly rare, and Meowth is not. Do not do this trade unless you're a completionist or don't have FireRed or LeafGreen. Continuing left, we find another house. This is Scott's house. He is so happy that he was able to realize his dream, he gives you 3 BP in commemoration of all the times you crossed paths on your journey. Cool. Leave and keep going left. You will see an egg-shaped building. This is the Battle Dome. In the house to the left of it, down the stairs and to the left, are two ladies. These are Move Tutors, but their services come not once, not twice, but infinity million bjillion times! As long as you have the BP to pay for the moves they teach, they will teach them! o---------------------o | LEFT LADY | o---------------------o | Softboiled.......16 | | Seismic Toss.....24 | | Dream Eater......24 | | Mega Punch.......24 | | Mega Kick........48 | | Body Slam........48 | | Rock Slide.......48 | | Counter..........48 | | Thunder Wave.....48 | | Swords Dance.....48 | o---------------------o | RIGHT WOMAN | o---------------------o | Defense Curl.....16 | | Snore............24 | | Mud-Slap.........24 | | Swift............24 | | Icy Wind.........24 | | Endure...........48 | | Psych Up.........48 | | Ice Punch........48 | | Thunderpunch.....48 | | Fire Punch.......48 |



That's all for the outer Battle Frontier. The real fun lies in each of the seven areas. Are you skilled enough to conquer them all? ================= 20a. Battle Tower ================= [povwe]

To get to the Battle Tower, go straight up from the entrance, past the Battle Dome. Go right and you'll run right into it. Here, there are four modes for you to battle in. If you're interested in battling the Frontier Brain here, you're interested in Single Battle more than anything else. There are four different modes you can choose from in the Battle Tower, and each one will be explained below. o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o SINGLE BATTLE ------------You choose three of your Pokemon to do 1-on-1 battles against seven Trainers and their three Pokemon. Should you defeat seven Trainers in a row, you will earn BP. DOUBLE BATTLE ------------You choose four of your Pokemon to do 2-on-2 battles against seven Trainers and their four Pokemon. Should you defeat seven Trainers in a row, you will earn BP. MULTI BATTLE -----------Enter the Battle Salon and choose your partner! This partner is controlled by the game's AI. You will choose two of your own Pokemon to be paired up with your partner's two Pokemon. You two then proceed to do 2-on-2 battles against seven teams, each having four Pokemon. Defeat all of them to win BP. LINK MULTI BATTLE ----------------Using Wireless Adapters or GBA Link Cables, two friends link up to tackle the Battle Tower, each using two of their own Pokemon. Then, you will slowly battle against seven teams, with four Pokemon each. Win against all of them to win some BP. *** You can't save and quit in this mode! *** o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------o Win six consecutive times in the Battle Tower's Single Mode. On your seventh try, your final opponent will be Salon Maiden Anabel. Defeat her for the silver Ability Symbol. Salon Maiden Anabel ------------------o----------o o----------o

| Battle 1 | o----------o---------------o | Alakazam, Snorlax, Entei | o--------------------------o Helpful Tips for Success -----------------------* Choice Band + STABed Earthquake = win * Latios is immune to Earthquake.

| Battle 2 | o----------o--------------o | Raikou, Latios, Snorlax | o-------------------------o

That should do it, really. Let me know if that strategy fails. ================ 20b. Battle Dome ================ [trney]

The Battle Dome is found directly north of the entrance of the Battle Frontier. When battling here, you participate in a four-round tournament. Before entering, you must select three of your Pokemon. Before the battle, you will be shown your opponent and his or her Pokemon. To see the Trainers that have been defeated, select "Tourney Tree." "Opponent" will let you see your next opponent again. The catch here is that you can only use two of your three Pokemon. The same goes for your opponent. When you start off, your opponents will be horrendously weak, requiring little to no strategy to win. As you win tournaments, however, they will get considerably harder. Your tactics will be tested. At the end of your fourth tournament, you will face off against the Frontier Brain. Six more and you'll fight him again. Dome Ace Tucker --------------o----------o | Battle 1 | o----------o---------------------o | Swampert, Salamence, Charizard | o--------------------------------o o----------o | Battle 2 | o----------o------------------o | Swampert, Latias, Metagross | o-----------------------------o

Plan for your fight against Tucker. Remember, you only get two pokemon to use. Swampert packs a double weakness to Grass, Salamence has one to Ice, and Charizard's got one to Rock. Pretty cool, huh? Latias and Metagross are dangerous. Choice Band Earthquake should be enough to take Metagross down should you see it... strong Special Defense is needed to withstand Latias' attacks. ================== 20c. Battle Palace ================== [ih8it]

The Battle Palace is my most hated area of the Battle Frontier, mainly because it is based entirely on nature. You're not allowed to command your pokemon at all; you have to rely on it having the correct moves.

Each of the 25 natures has specific tastes when it comes to using attacks. Attacks are put into three categories: attack, defense, and support. Attack moves are just that; moves that cause direct damage. Defense moves are moves like Sand-Attack; no direct damage, but may change status of the enemy one way or another. Support moves are buffer moves used to increase your stats or heal, like Rest. Pokemon of a certain nature prefer to use their liked style of attack. You will have better results when using these attacks in your pokemon's moveset. Having lots of moves of a hated style will make you lose very quickly. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however. Some natures have the same danger tactics as their hated style, so you may want to have just one in the event things get ugly. Some natures will switch tactics when their HP drop into the red, which I call danger tactics. This means that they will stop using their liked style and sometimes switch to a whole different style of attack. This chart lists every nature, its liked style, hated style, and danger tactics. If a nature has no preference toward an attack style, the style will be listed outside the chart. Note that danger tactics supersede all styles of attack and will be preferred until HP is no longer in the red. o---------o--------------------------------------------o | Nature | Liked Style / Hated Style / Danger Tactics | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | ADAMANT | No liked style / No hated style / Attack | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | BASHFUL | Defense / Support / No change | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | BOLD | Support / Defense / Defense | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | BRAVE | Attack / Defense & Support / Defense | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | CALM | Defense / Support / Support | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | CAREFUL | Defense / Support / Support | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | DOCILE | Attack / Defense & Support / No change | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | GENTLE | Defense / Support / Attack | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | HARDY | Attack / Defense / No change | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | HASTY | Attack / Support / Attack | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | IMPISH | Attack / Defense / Defense | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | JOLLY | Support / Defense / Defense | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | LAX | Support / Defense / Support | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | LONELY | Support / Attack / Attack | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | MILD | Defense / Support / Support | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | MODEST | Defense / Support / Defense |




o---------o--------------------------------------------o | NAIVE | Attack / Defense & Support / No change | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | NAUGHTY | Defense / Support / Attack | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | QUIET | Attack / Defense & Support / No change | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | QUIRKY | Attack / Defense & Support / No change | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | RASH | Support / Defense / Support | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | RELAXED | Support / Defense / Attack | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | SASSY | Attack / Defense & Support / Support | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | SERIOUS | Support / Defense / No change | o---------o--------------------------------------------o | TIMID | Attack / Defense / Support | o---------o--------------------------------------------o Three total wins for silver symbol, seven for the gold.



Palace Maven Spenser -------------------o----------o o----------o | Battle 1 | | Battle 2 | o----------o--------------o o----------o-----------------o | Crobat, Slaking, Lapras | | Arcanine, Slaking, Suicune | o-------------------------o o----------------------------o Keep in mind that Spenser's pokemon will appear _in that order._ Plan accordingly! Since moves are totally different here, it is hard to devise a strategy. You will likely end up using totally different pokemon the second time around. ================= 20d. Battle Arena ================= [stkao]

From the entrance of the Battle Frontier, go right until you come across a fork. On the upper path, you will see a large door thing leading north. The Battle Arena is just past that. This challenge is exactly the same as Fallarbor's Battle Tent. Using three of your own Pokemon, you do three-round matches against your opponent's Pokemon. A match is defined as one Pokemon against another. Trainers are not allowed to switch their Pokemon out, and the order you register them in is the order they will appear in the battle. If one Pokemon defeats another, a new match starts when the defeated Pokemon's player replaces the fainted Pokemon. At the end of three turns, if a Pokemon has not been defeated yet, the referee will decide the winner based on three criteria: Mind: Pokemon that battled with the most guts. You will earn more Mind points by telling your Pokemon to use an offensive attack. Skill: Pokemon that used moves well. Every time you order your Pokemon to use an offensive attack, and that attack is successful, Skill points will rise. If it fails, Skill points are lowered. If you attack their weakness, more Skill points are earned. Likewise, if you hit a Pokemon's

resistance or immunity, Skill points are taken away. However, if a Pokemon uses Protect or Detect, and the other pokemon uses an attack and gets blocked by Protect or Detect, Skill points will not be deducted. Body: This one's easy. Whoever has the most HP at the end wins. o-----------------------------------------------o / In the event of a tie, both Pokemon are KOed! / o-----------------------------------------------o Win 4 times in a row (a total of 28 Trainers defeated), and you will be asked to battle the Arena Tycoon, whom you must defeat in order to earn the Silver Guts Symbol. Arena Tycoon Greta -----------------o----------o | Battle 1 | o----------o-------------------o | Heracross, Umbreon, Shedinja | o------------------------------o Helpful Tips For Success -----------------------* Make sure that all three of your Pokemon have an attack that can take out Shedinja! Shedinja is weak to Fire, Flying, Rock, Dark, and Ghost. It can also faint from Struggle, as well as confusion, poison, burn, Spikes, Hail, or Sandstorm damage. * Remember, you only have three turns. You don't necessarily have to make your opponent faint; sometimes the referee will do that for you. If you want, try to use moves that will get you good points. * You may want to consider using Mind Reader and Sheer Cold for quick and easy kills, since the CPU is too stupid to know what's coming and switch out. Only Articuno and Smeargle can get both Mind Reader and Sheer Cold, though. * Leftovers can help you keep your HP up. * Keep in mind that you aren't allowed to switch out, ever. The order you register in is the order your Pokemon will come out in battle. Think about what your lead Pokemon is weak to; your second Pokemon should be able to pick on the weaknesses of the Pokemon your first Pokemon is weak to. Understand? Let's say I lead with Sceptile. Grass is weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, and Bug. If Sceptile goes up against any of that, I'm probably a dead man. This means that my second Pokemon should be something that can easily take care of any of those four types. Fire and Ice are the most common, so I'll probably want a Water/Ice Pokemon like Walrein for my second choice. For my third choice, I'll probably use a Ground-type such as Whiscash, for example, to pick on Walrein's weakness to Electric. It helps with Rock-types, too, and since Whiscash is part Water as well, I wouldn't even have to use Ground attacks. =================== 20e. Battle Factory =================== The Battle Factory is found west of the entrance to the Battle Frontier. [nalss] o----------o | Battle 2 | o----------o---------------o | Umbreon, Gengar, Breloom | o--------------------------o

This challenge is similar to the Battle Swap in Slateport City's Battle Tent. The more you swap, the better rentals you'll get to choose from when you begin a challenge. Choosing "Open Level" will yield Lv.100 rentals. Between rounds, you will be told your opponent's battle style, which will be one of the following: The favorite battle style appears to... o----------------------------------o | based on total perception. | o----------------------------------o Stat-boosting moves are used.

o-----------------------------------------------o | flexibility adaptable to the situation. | o-----------------------------------------------o

Weather moves are used.

o---------------------------------------o | free-spirited and unrestrained. | No specific pattern is followed. o---------------------------------------o o-------------------------------o | high risk, high return. | Moves are used to damage yourself. o-------------------------------o o------------------------------o | impossible to predict. | o------------------------------o o-------------------------o | one of endurance. | o-------------------------o Many different types of moves are used.

Healing and defensive moves are used.

o------------------------o | slow and steady. | Special Condition-inflicting attacks are used. o------------------------o o---------------------------------o | ...depend on the battle's flow. | o---------------------------------o Move combos are used.

o-----------------------------------------o | ...weaken the foe right from the start. | Moves used lower the foe's stats. o-----------------------------------------o I think that's it... After doing a battle, you will have the option to swap one of your current three rentals with one of your defeated opponent's Pokemon. You won't be able to look at any stats, moves, or items until you're in the next battle, so pay attention in battle! Win three consecutive runs. On your fourth visit, your final opponent will be Factory Head Nolan. Defeat him for the silver Knowledge Symbol. Noland's team is completely random, so I can't really give you any tips...

Win in the Battle Factory six total consecutive times. On your seventh visit, Noland will challenge you again. Good luck getting this far, as you will start seeing people use the birds and beasts... even Latios and Latias! Defeat Noland a second time for the gold Knowledge Symbol. ================ 20f. Battle Pike ================ [lsisx]

The Battle Pike is found northeast of the entrance to the Battle Frontier. This is a quite simple challenge. All you need to do is walk through one of three doors. What lies beyond, them, is somewhat random. There is no definite way to tell exactly what is in the next room (hence 'testing your luck'), but you can get an idea by talking to the woman standing in front of the three doors every time you enter a large room. Win twice in a row (a total of 14 large rooms entered) and the hint lady will tell you a horrible fate is to befall you, or whatever. She'll say she senses bad things from all three rooms. This is because in the next room you'll do battle against the Frontier Brain, but wait! In one of the doors, your Pokemon will be fully healed... and there's no way to tell which one. It's all luck. Pike Queen Lucy --------------o----------o | Battle 1 | o----------o----------------o | Seviper, Shuckle, Milotic | o---------------------------o o----------o | Battle 2 | o----------o-----------------o | Seviper, Gyarados, Steelix | o----------------------------o

Seviper isn't really all that dangerous. It knows Poison Fang, which can badly poison your Pokemon (Toxic). A quick Psychic attack can make short work of it. Shuckle is Lucy's most annoying Pokemon. It knows Sandstorm, Toxic, Rest, and Protect. This means that Taunt will force Shuckle to use Struggle, except on turns it uses Protect. Shuckle also has bragging rights for the biggest Defense _and_ Special Defense in the Pokemon universe, which means all your attacks do piddle damage. Even picking on weakness, you'll usually only take about 1/4 of Shuckle's HP away, which the Shuckmeister can quickly get rid of by use of Rest. Chesto Berry means it will wake up immediately. Wanna OHKO it? Too bad, Sturdy says no way. Milotic wasn't all that hard for me. Gyarados means Thunderbolt. Steelix says Surf. That's all for the Battle Pike. =================== 20g. Battle Pyramid =================== [gipih]

The Battle Pyramid is found in the northeastern corner of the Battle Frontier. In here, you must ascend the seven floors of the Pyramid using three of your own Pokemon, and none of them can hold an item. The staff will hold your bag

while you scale the Pyramid, and they will give you a tiny Battle Bag to hold any items you may find. This thing is really dinky; it only holds 10 items. If you talk to the girl to the right by the PC, she will tell you about the horrors that await you in the Pyramid (either poison, paralysis, or burn). Use her to plan your team accordingly. Abilities and types still apply, so if you pack your team full of Zangoose and/or Poison-types, you're safe from poisoning effects. However... ...the Trainers you encounter will have anti-Poison Pokemon. They will also find ways to get around your types. For example, in a paralysis-plagued Pyramid, you'll find lots of Plusle, Minun, Jolteon, Electabuzz, etc., all packing Thunder Wave. Higher up, you'll start seeing Manectric. Even higher up, you will start running into wild Vileplume that have Stun Spore (and will paralyze Ground-types). Make it up to the top four times and you will be challenged by the leader here. Pyramid King Brandon -------------------o----------o | Battle 1 | o----------o------------------o | Regirock, Regice, Registeel | o-----------------------------o Helpful Tips For Success -----------------------* You can't use Flash here, don't even try it. -_* It isn't wise to use Pokemon that have moves with low PP. You only get one Ether to start off with, and if you drain your PP early, you're in trouble. * Don't go overboard killing off wild Pokemon just to increase your field of vision. It isn't mandatory to see everything, you aren't being timed, and if you're thorough enough, you'll still find enough items to win. * Lead with your fastest Pokemon. Speed is everything, and you don't want to be trapped in a battle, begging to get Special Conditionized. * Once you find the tile to take you to the next floor, don't step on it unless you're absolutely sure you have all the items you want. * Talk to the Trainers after you defeat them. They'll give you tips, like how many undefeated Trainers are on the floor, the general direction of the exit, and how many items still need to be found. * Just because you're nearing the top, do not waste the items you find. Any items you don't use will stay in the Battle Bag, and they'll be there next time you take the Battle Quest challenge. * All the Trainers' Pokemon have Hold Items that you can steal. If you steal stat uppers (Mystic Water, Nevermeltice, etc.), just toss them after the battle. They are not important; save the room for other helpful items. * When battling against Brandon's Regis, you need to make absolute sure that o----------o | Battle 2 | o----------o----------------o | Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres | o---------------------------o

you lead with someone who can pick on their weaker defense stat. Regirock will fall to a Hydro Pump or two, or possibly Solarbeam; Regice falls to Rock Slide, Iron Tail, or even Cross Chop. Registeel has equally high defenses, so you're going to want to hit hard, preferably using Fire Blast. Typhlosion, Charizard, or Blaziken are great choices due to Blaze. =================== 21. The Safari Zone =================== [nohrt]

The Safari Zone is located west of Lilycove City and just above Mt. Pyre. You need to pay 500 moneys to get in each time, but that's chump change. Or at least... it should be. To find Pokemon easier, I've divided the Safari Zone into four sections, numbered one through four. Every time the "Safari Zone" sign appears, you will change sections. The main part of section 1 is only accessible with the Mach Bike, and you can only get to the main part of section 2 with the Acro Bike. You start in section 4. For the fishing and surfing tables, numbers in parentheses tell where to fish or surf. For example, (1) would mean section 1. o-------------------------o | SECTION 1 | o-------------------------o | Oddish (Common) | | Rhyhorn (Common) | | Doduo (Uncommon) | | Dodrio (Uncommon) | | Gloom (Uncommon) | | Pinsir (Rare) | o-------------------------o o-------------------------o | SECTION 3 | o-------------------------o | Natu (Common) | | Oddish (Common) | | Wobbuffet (Uncommon) | | Girafarig (Uncommon) | | Gloom (Uncommon) | | Doduo (Rare) | | Pikachu (Rare) | o-------------------------o o-------------------------o | FISHING | o-------------------------o | Goldeen (1,2: Common) | | Goldeen (3, Always) | | Magikarp (Always) * | | Seaking (Rare) | o-------------------------o +: Use Rock Smash *: Use Old/Good Rod o-------------------------o | SECTION 2 | o-------------------------o There are three items | Geodude (Always) + | for you to get here. | Oddish (Common) | | Natu (Common) | The first is found in | Phanpy (Common) | section 3. Surf on | Xatu (Uncommon) | the water and you | Gloom (Uncommon) | should be able to see | Heracross (Rare) | it, a Max Revive. o-------------------------o The second item is in section 2. In the upper left corner by the Rock Smash rocks you will find a Calcium. Item number three is in section 1. In the upper right corner you will find some water; Surf across the water and you'll see it. Pick it up to get TM22, Solarbeam. o-------------------------o | SECTION 4 | o-------------------------o | Oddish (Common) | | Girafarig (Common) | | Wobbuffet (Uncommon) | | Natu (Uncommon) | | Doduo (Uncommon) | | Gloom (Uncommon) | | Pikachu (Rare) | o-------------------------o o-------------------------o | SURFING | o-------------------------o | Psyduck (1,2: Common) | | Psyduck (3, Always) | | Golduck (1, Rare) | o-------------------------o

Pikachu has a 5% chance of holding a Light Ball (bring a Pokemon with the Compoundeyes Ability to raise this chance). Not only does it double Pikachu's (not Raichu's or Pichu's) Special Attack, but if you breed to get a Pichu while the Pikachu or Ditto holds the Light Ball, the Pichu will know Volt Tackle.

Scattered throughout the Safari Zone you will find various things you can set PokeBlocks on. Pokemon that have natures that like the flavor of PokeBlock that you put will be attracted more than ones that don't. If you're looking for a certain nature, use this to your advantage. After 500 steps or 30 Safari Balls used, you gotta leave. If you don't want to waste steps, go to the area you want to catch a Pokemon at, get in the grass, and then just tap the D-Pad in any direction except the one you're facing, and you'll turn. Turning will let you get into battles, but won't take away steps. One final note: You can find shinies here. You can't hurt them, so you had better hope they don't flee. That's all for the Safari Zone. ================================== 20a. Safari Zone Expansion Project ================================== [zpijd]

After beating the Elite Four, another area will open up in the Safari Zone. From the entrance, go straight up until you can go right. Do so and you will notice the Safari Zone sign will appear. Welcome to section 5. o-------------------------o | SECTION 5 | o-------------------------o | Sunkern (Common) | | Mareep (Common) | | Spinarak (Uncommon) | | Hoothoot (Uncommon) | | Snubbull (Uncommon) | | Aipom (Uncommon) | | Gligar (Rare) | | Stantler (Rare) | o-------------------------o o-------------------------o | SECTION 6 | o-------------------------o | Shuckle (Always) + | Once in section 5, | Aipom (Common) | continue right and go | Teddiursa (Common) | down the stairs. Go | Pineco (Uncommon) | examine the empty | Ledyba (Uncommon) | square below the | Hoothoot (Uncommon) | PokeBlock Feeder to | Sunkern (Uncommon) | find a PP Up. Go | Houndour (Rare) | right and examine the | Miltank (Rare) | upper of the two o-------------------------o o-------------------------o empty squares for a | FISHING | Full Restore. o-------------------------o o-------------------------o | SURFING | | Goldeen (5, Common) | Go up the stairs and o-------------------------o | Magikarp (5, Common) * | surf across the water | Marill (5, Common) | | Remoraid (5, Common) | to find a Big Pearl. | Wooper (5, Common) | | Octillery (5, Rare) @ | | Quagsire (5, Rare) | o-------------------------o Go north from here o-------------------------o and you will end up in section 6. See the 2x3 patch of light-colored grass? Examine the lower right one for a free Rare Candy. Now go north and up the three flights of stairs. When you're on the rock plateau, examine the one indented square for a Zinc. You won't always get a Pokemon when you bust rocks, but if you do, it'll always be Shuckle. Jump the ledge for a Nugget. That's all. ================ 22. Trainer Hill ================ o------------------------o | TRAINER HILL SHOP LIST | o------------------------o | Hyper Potion.....$1200 | [tagui] Trainer Hill doesn't open until after you trounce the Elite Four at least once. Your job is somewhat simple; fight and run your way from the counter on the base level to the owner on the roof, five +: Use Rock Smash *: Use Old/Good Rod @: Use Super Rod

| Max Potion.......$2500 | | Full Restore.....$3000 | | Full Heal.........$600 | | Revive...........$1500 | | X Speed...........$350 | | X Special.........$350 | | X Attack..........$500 | | X Defend..........$550 | | Dire Hit..........$650 | | Guard Special.....$700 | | X Accuracy........$950 | o------------------------o

stories up, as fast as you can. You use six of your own Pokemon, and the use of items is allowed. The shop, found on the right (the shop, not the list I've posted), changes when you beat the Elite Four. The list I've posted is the post-game shop list. There are four modes of play, called Tag Matches: Normal, Variety, Unique, and Expert. You will find find what awaits you in each mode below. Levels of your opponents will match the levels of your strongest Pokemon.

One last tip: While the point of Trainer Hill is to test your Double Battle prowess, some battles in some modes can be done in Single Battle fashion. Of course, the battles in anything but Expert Tag Match are easy beyond belief. NORMAL TAG MATCH ---------------The blue doo-dahs are ledges to jump. Jump the first two, then jump down the three on the right side. Go right and up. Jump the ledge on the left, then go up and left, around the ledges, fight the Double Battle. Triathlete Alfonso - Flareon, Pinsir, Magneton Hex Maniac Alaina - Misdreavus, Claydol, Solrock On the second floor, go down the left side, then up again. Slide across the floor, then follow the path. Stupid jumpy tiles. Enter the view of the two. Black Belt Theodore - Meditite, Heracross, Hitmontop PKMN Breeder Jayden - Mr. Mime, Plusle, Togepi On the third floor, go down. Step on the top arrow. Now alternate between stepping on arrows that point up and arrows that will take you to the other side of the obstacle in your way. Do this until you reach the top. PKMN Breeder Salvadore - Vaporeon, Dodrio, Omastar PKMN Breeder Veronica - Nidoqueen, Ninetales, Charizard On the fourth floor, position yourself above the fourth slidey tile from the left and step down, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, directly into a battle. Psychic Keenan - Alakazam, Blissey, Grumpig Aroma Lady Kristina - Tropius, Bellossom, Meganium Now go right, down, left, up, right, down, left, up, right, up. For winning this mode, you receive a Great Ball. Wahoo. VARIETY TAG MATCH ----------------The first thing you'll see are pink arrows pointing in various directions. Your job is to make it to the two Trainers in the middle, waste them, and continue. From the door, go straight down onto the arrow. Then go down, up, left, down. Gentleman Terrance - Delibird, Clefairy, Pikachu Lady Elizabeth - Corsola, Starmie, Clamperl

Next floor. Go all the way down, then all the way right. Straight up, then. Parasol Lady Annabell - Jigglypuff, Jynx, Exploud Collector Coleman - Illumise, Spheal, Vigoroth On the third floor, the blue things are ledges and the black tiles make you slide until you hit a tile that isn't black. Stand on the third yellow tile from the right and jump. Go right and jump down. Go right, then up, directly into a Double Battle. Rich Boy Enrique - Wooper, Poliwag, Psyduck Lady Colleen - Baltoy, Pineco, Voltorb Okay. For the final floor, you need to maneuver your way around the obstacles using the arrows. Start by standing between the up arrows on the left and the down arrows on the right, directly above one of the aforementioned obstacles. Now, step right, down twice, right twice, down four times, right twice, up five times, left, up, right, up. Have a ridiculously easy battle. Pokefan Kimberly - Unown K, Unown P, Unown G Pokefan Francisco - Unown O, Unown L, Unown N Win here, and you get a Great Ball. UNIQUE TAG MATCH ---------------When you get up to the first floor, you'll see two paths to go down. Go all the way down the one on the right, then go right on the bottom path. Go all the way right and then follow this path to the Trainers. Kindler Bernard - Magcargo, Rapidash, Moltres PKMN Ranger Meredith - Sunflora, Venusaur, Tangela Ascend to the next floor. You'll see pillars that you can walk behind, but no Trainers. They are hiding behind pillars towards the end. There are no side paths to take, so simply walk behind the pillars and around the obstacles to get to them. Ruin Maniac Abraham - Smeargle (x3) Tuber Luc - Cubone, Beedrill, Raticate On the next floor, follow the path. That's all you gotta do. Youngster Breyden - Charmeleon, Wartortle, Ivysaur Tuber Aniya - Cleffa, Wynaut, Magby (Side note: The first group of notes is the first 11 notes of Pallet Town's music, where you begin your adventure in the color games and new color games. Run to hear it correctly. The second batch is Route 101's music.) On the next floor, you'll see one of the two Trainers. You can fight him separate from the girl if you want. It's probably a lot easier. Triathlete Stephanie - Houndoom, Stantler, Articuno Bird Keeper Dane - Sudowoodo, Slowking, Entei EXPERT TAG MATCH

---------------Go down the path and up to the Trainers. Cooltrainer Alfred - Snorlax, Miltank, Ursaring Psychic Edie - Gengar, Alakazam, Gardevoir Up to the next floor. Ooh, music tiles! Cooltrainer Roderick - Swellow, Machamp, Ursaring Cooltrainer Alicia - Dusclops, Ninetales, Banette The music tiles play Gym Leader victory music. You'll have to do the next battle as a Double Battle. Expert Terrence - Wobbuffet, Exploud, Crobat Expert Carlotta - Dewgong, Politoed, Marowak Go around the old person you weren't next to and go to the next floor. Are you ready? PKMN Ranger Nora - Forretress, Electrode, Exeggutor PKMN Ranger Gav - Gengar, Dusclops, Misdreavus ==================== 23. Pokemon Contests ==================== [dudah]

The newest and probably best addition to the Pokemon world is the Pokemon Contest. Here, Trainers gather from all over Hoenn to show off their Pokemon's ability in various competitions. Should you want to join the fun, you will need a Contest Pass. The only problem is that it's given to you in the Contest Hall in Lilycove City, and you don't visit Lilycove until near the end of the game. Once you have it, though, you can have all the Contesty fun you want! First, you must select a Rank: Normal, Super, Hyper, or Master. You must complete them in that order; you can't skip around. Next, select the type of contest. Before you attempt a contest, make sure that the Pokemon you plan on entering will do well. Finally, choose the Pokemon to enter. You're always Entry No. 4, unless you're doing a Link Contest (more on that in a bit). See the sections below on how to raise a champion in each Contest. =================== 23a. PokeBlocks 101 =================== [goshp]

In order to do well in Pokemon Contests, you will need PokeBlocks. PokeBlocks are small candies that are used to improve your Pokemon's standing in a Contest. They are also used to lure wild Pokemon in the Safari Zone. If you've talked to the registration lady, you will have the PokeBlock Case, the item not only needed to carry Pokemon candy, but to get into the Safari Zone as well (section 20 for more information on the Safari Zone).

Once you know what Contest you want to enter, you'll want to feed your Pokemon good PokeBlocks to jack up its Contest stats. So, what to feed it? Beauty/Dry | Smart/Bitter | Tough/Sour | Cute/Sweet | Cool/Spicy There you go. "But Matt, what makes a good PokeBlock? There are tons of berries!" Yes, there are over 40 berries to use, and you should only be using five of them. That's right. If you really want to have godlike Contest stats, you should only be interested in berries 31-35. These are the best berries in the game to make your PokeBlocks, and if you want to have any chance of winning the Master Rank, you'll want to only use them. Just one problem, though. Most of them, you can only get once. A couple of them you can get if you have the Quiz Lady (check Lilycove's Pokemon Center) and a friend to mix records with, who hopefully will also have the Quiz Lady. Should this not be the case, you'll have to plant the one and grow more yourself. Oh, but that's not all. These babies need time to grow. How much time? Oh, not much... just three days. And you only get two berries if you water them enough. Water them every 18 hours and you will be fine. "Other than the growing part, that's awesome! Where do I get these berries?!" This information is posted in section 9a as well. These phrases are to be told to the Berry Master's wife, who lives on Route 123. Get there by surfing east from Mauville and then walking a short bit. She'll ask you for two words or phrases. Tell her the following phrases to get the baller berries: Spelon Berry - GREAT BATTLE. These words are in the bank by default. This Berry increases Cool and Beauty. Pamtre Berry - CHALLENGE CONTEST. To get CONTEST, beat the Elite Four. The word CHALLENGE is default. This Berry increases Beauty and Smart. Watmel Berry - OVERWHELMING LATIAS. OVERWHELMING is default. To get LATIAS, simply encounter her. This Berry increases Smart and Cute. Durin Berry - COOL LATIOS. COOL is default. To get LATIOS, simply encounter him. This Berry increases Cute and Tough. Belue Berry - SUPER HUSTLE. HUSTLE is default. Beat the Elite Four to get the word SUPER in your bank. This Berry increases Tough and Cool. Spelon, Pamtre, and Belue must be planted if you want more; those with the Quiz Lady and a friend to mix records with are fortunate enough to possibly get a question in which the Quiz Lady will fork over a Watmel or Durin Berry. Okay, so you've got your berries. How do you make a PokeBlock? Simple. East of the registration counter, you'll see four little squares. One's abandoned, one has one guy, one has two people, and one has three people. Those people are all Berry Blendering to turn their berries into PokeBlocks. To Berry Blender, you need at least two people. The blank Berry Blender machine

is for link blending. Ignore the lone man and the pair; only use the Berry Blender machine with three people at it. The reason for this is because the faster you spin the Berry Blender, the better the berry that comes out. Don't worry about losing your baller berry if you happen to suck. Everyone who participated in Berry Blendering will get the same PokeBlock. So how do you work this thing. Am I right? Easy. Everyone will ask if you know how to do it beforehand, but here you go again. Select a berry to put into the Berry Blender. Remember, unless you're blending with the Blend Master, don't bother using berries that aren't Spelon, Pamtre, Watmel, Durin, or Belue. And even then, don't use Starf Berries, they suck big time. When everyone's selected a berry, they will be placed into the machine, and the top will close. You will see a red arrow somewhat near your name (with another arrow that points towards the center). After a three count, the machine starts up. Your job is simple; press A when the rotating arrow in the center reaches your arrow. If you're perfectly accurate, you'll see a circle in a circle. That's what you want to shoot for. If you're not perfect, but reasonably close, you'll get a simple circle. Most of the time, you'll be getting those, and those are good. If you're way off the mark, you get an X. Try not to do that. As all players get circles [in circles], a red bar at the top will steadily fill. Once it is full, the machine stops, and all participants are one PokeBlock richer. That's all there is to it, really. Your PokeBlock Case can hold 40 PokeBlocks. Oh, one more thing. If the Blend Master comes to Hoenn (watch TV for details), forget everything I said about only using those five berries. Everything except Starf Berry makes very nice PokeBlocks (I think they're always Gold, but if they aren't, e-mail me) if you don't totally suck at blending. Still, don't use the reverse vitamin berries or berries 1-10. They're best used as berries, not as PokeBlocks. ======================= 23b. Commanding Round 1 ======================= [z;lkd]

During the first round of appeals, the audience will vote on the Pokemon they like best. When your Pokemon is introduced, hearts will appear over the audience's heads. The more hearts that appear, the more liked your Pokemon is. The higher your Pokemon's stat for the Contest you're entering is, the more hearts will appear. In Slateport City, inside the Pokemon Fan Club found west of the Poke Mart, if you have your Contest Pokemon in the front of your party and talk to the old guy sitting on the couch, he will give you a colored scarf hold item that will increase that Contest's stat by a little bit. Example. Jimmy Joe has a Claydol (like a smart person) and has maxed out its Smartness. He shows Claydol to the old fart in the Fan Club. Jimmy Joe gets a Green Scarf.

Captain Obvious shows his super-Cool Magikarp to the man, and promptly receives a Red Scarf. Easy, no? Scarves will give you one extra heart during Round 1. No matter what, you will always want to max out the Contest stat of any Pokemon you plan on using for a Contest. The reason? Keep reading. ======================= 23c. Dominating Round 2 ======================= [rtios]

Round 2 is where your Pokemon's moves come into play (no pun intended). For five rounds, the four Pokemon will use their moves in order to please the Judge and the audience that's watching. There is no such thing as accuracy or power in Pokemon Contests, so chances are you won't want to use the Pokemon you use for battling for a Contest. Also, because there is no accuracy or power, you can come up with movesets that would be absolutely ridiculous for battle purposes, and you don't have to worry about having moves with low accuracy. You won't "miss," ever, mainly because missing does not exist. When you perform attacks, your Pokemon will earn hearts (called Appeal, but no one calls them that. They are hearts.). You'll notice that some moves cause black hearts (called Jam) on one or more opponents, depending on what the move is. Should you use a move that is the same type as the Contest you're in (Tail Whip in a Cuteness Contest, for example), you will earn one extra heart and +1 will be added to the audience's excitement meter. "Well, golly gee willikers, what in tarnation is that?" It's a five-point bar type thing that gets +1 for same-type moves, and -1 for different-type moves. The lucky Pokemon that puts the excitement meter to 5 will get an additional five (or is it six?) hearts. The meter is then set back to zero. No, you can't go into the negatives. Once it's at zero, it will stay at zero until a same-type appeal is made. For the first round, select an attack. Tra la la, all four Pokemon are finished. You will see a little bar at the end of each round go up a little for every heart a Pokemon had at the end of the round. The bar will go down, too, if your Pokemon's hearts drop into black. On the next turn, the move you selected on the previous round will be in gray. Use this move and lose half your hearts. Of course, there are exceptions. Most of the time, when Pokemon use their attacks, the judge will react with little bubbles over his head. Each response does something different: ! - You've just done the first move in a combo! If you have one of the second moves in that combo, it will be shown in red on your next turn. Do that move and get double hearts! !! - You've just done the second move in a combo! Way to go, double hearts for you! ? - The order of appeals is scrambled for next turn. Normally, whoever is

in the lead will go first, followed by second place, etc. Unless a Pokemon uses a move that forces it to go first or last after this move has been used, the order will be randomized for the turn immediately following the current one. Star - Fantastic. Now that you have this star, you get one extra heart for every appeal you make! Three stars means three extra hearts! Spiral - What's wrong with you? You just used the same move twice in a row! 1 - Great job, you're going first next turn! If you go first, you're subject to get jammed up the wazoo. However, you can never be nervous. 4 - Not necessarily a bad thing, but you're going last next turn! You have an advantage because you can't get jammed, but everyone has a chance to make you nervous. Circle - As long as you have this circle, your Pokemon can t be startled. X - As long as you have this X, your Pokemon can t make an appeal, gain hearts, lose hearts, or become nervous. All moves are classified into 31 different categories. Each one of them will be explained below. o--------------------------o Appeal: 4 | A highly appealing move. | o--------------------------o Jam: 0 A Contest's equivalent of a normal attack. They don't do anything special; just get you four hearts. Four out of eight seems like a lot... but depending on when you perform these moves, you could lose them all. Combo them correctly, and you can win big, however. o------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 3 | Affected by how well the appeal in front goes. | o------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 If the Pokemon who appealed directly before yours got 2 or less hearts, you will get six hearts. If they got three hearts, so do you. If they got 4 or more, you only get one. Going first yields three hearts. o------------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Startles the Pokemon that has the Judge's attention. | o------------------------------------------------------o Jam: 1 If a Pokemon used a move and got a ! reaction from the Judge, you'll see a small dot flash below the Pokemon's name. This means that it has the Judge's attention; it did the first move in a combo. Normally, all opponents who have already appealed will get one black heart. If they have that flashing white dot, however, they will lose three. o-----------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Works well if it's the same type as the one before. | o-----------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 If this move is, say, Tough-type, and the Pokemon who appealed directly in front of you used a Tough-type move, you will earn double hearts. o------------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1

| The appeal works best the more the crowd is excited. | o------------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 It's just as it says. The more filled the excitement meter is, the more hearts you will get. It isn't really worth using unless the meter is at 4. o--------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | Badly startles the Pokemon in front. | o--------------------------------------o Jam: 4 Yep. This move only affects the Pokemon that went directly in front of you. The unlucky recipient gets -4 hearts. o----------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 6 | After this move, the user is more easily startled. | o----------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Yeah, that's right, six hearts. Pretty sweet at first, but from that point on, the hearts you receive from jam will be twofold. o-----------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Startles the Pokemon that appealed before the user. | o-----------------------------------------------------o Jam: 3 This one's pretty self-explanatory. o--------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 4 | Jams the others, and misses one turn of appeals. | o--------------------------------------------------o Jam: 4 In exchange for dropping the -4 heart bomb on all Pokemon that have already appealed (remember that), you get to miss your next turn. These type of moves are best used on Round 5, when no more appeals can be made anyway. o----------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | Badly startles those that have made appeals. | o----------------------------------------------o Jam: 3 You read that right, -3 to all who made an appeal. Not much else to say. o------------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 8 | Makes a great appeal, but allows no more to the end. | o------------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 You get eight hearts in one round, but you can't make any more appeals. Ever. Don't be a moron and use this on any round except the last one. o----------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Badly startles all Pokemon that made good appeals. | o----------------------------------------------------o Jam: 1 Not sure how many hearts yields a good appeal, but if you have it, you're getting jammed, bad. o--------------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | The appeal works well if the user's condition is good. | o--------------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 More stars, more hearts. Three of them will get you six or seven, I think.

o---------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 3 | Worsens the condition of those that made appeals. | o---------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Any Pokemon who appealed before yours has all their stars taken away. o------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Startles Pokemon that made a same-type appeal. | o------------------------------------------------o Jam: 1 If any Pokemon who appealed before you used a move that is the same type as the one you're using, they get jammed worse. o------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Can avoid being startled by others once. | o------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 If a Pokemon attempts to startle your Pokemon, it will fail one time. o-------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | Can avoid being startled by others. | o-------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Your Pokemon is safe from being startled for the rest of the round. o------------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | Ups the user's condition. Helps prevent nervousness. | o------------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Hooray, +1 star for you. I think that the last bit is a bunch of horse hockey. I've been startled with three stars before... o----------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Startles all Pokemon that have done their appeals. | o----------------------------------------------------o Jam: 2 In exchange for getting a small boost in hearts, you won't startle everyone else so bad. o--------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 3 | Scrambles the order of appeals on the next turn. | o--------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Self-explanatory, really. o--------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | The appeal works great if performed first. | o--------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 If you go first and use this move, you get triple hearts. o-------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | The appeal works great if performed last. | o-------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 If you go last and use this move, you get triple hearts. o-------------------------------------------o Appeal: 2 | Makes all Pokemon after the user nervous. | o-------------------------------------------o Jam: 0

Any Pokemon who hasn't appealed yet may become nervous. This means they will cower in fear, and not make an appeal. Sucks to be them. o------------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | The appeal's quality varies depending on its timing. | o------------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 I have no idea what this means... do you? o------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 3 | The next appeal can be made earlier next turn. | o------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Using this move makes your Pokemon go first next round. o----------------------------------------------o Appeal: 3 | The next appeal can be made later next turn. | o----------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Using this move makes your Pokemon go last next round. o-----------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | An appeal that excites the audience in any Contest. | o-----------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Yep. You can use these moves and no matter what contest it's in, the excitment meter will go up. o------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | Makes the appeal as good as the one before it. | o------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 I love these. Copy their hearts and paste them onto your Pokemon! o--------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 3 | Temporarily stop the crowd from growing excited. | o--------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 The excitement meter will not increase nor decrease for the rest of the round. o--------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 3 | Can be repeatedly used without boring the Judge. | o--------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 Here's the exception. These types of moves are the only moves you can do in succession and not be penalized for it. o----------------------------------------------------o Appeal: 1 | The appeal works better the later it is performed. | o----------------------------------------------------o Jam: 0 The further back you are in the turn order, the more hearts you'll get. I think that's all of them. Did I miss one? Some of these are pretty rare. After five rounds of appealing, the Judge will announce the winner. You will now see each of the four contestants, and flashing stars and hearts to be awarded. Whoever has the most stars and hearts is the winner, you can

already tell. Hearts on this screen are not hearts that you received during Round 2, but a relative gauge of how well you did. Stars are obtained by getting a good score in Round 1. After all is counted, whoever's bar reaches the end is the winner! =================== 23d. Contest Combos =================== And now, a list of every combo you can possibly do in Contests. o--------o | Move 1 | o--------o <- First, use the move in the box. <- Then, use a move listed after it. o-----------o | CALM MIND | o-----------o Confusion, Dream Eater, Future Sight, Light Screen, Luster Purge, Meditate, Mist Ball, Psybeam, Psychic, Psywave, Reflect o-------o | CHARM | o-------o Flatter, Growl, Rest, Tail Whip [tjcki]

Move 2 (Move 3, Move 4, etc) o------------o | BELLY DRUM | o------------o Rest

o--------o | CHARGE | o--------o Shock Wave, Spark, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Thunderpunch, Thundershock, Volt Tackle o-----------o | CONFUSION | o-----------o Future Sight, Kinesis, Psychic, Teleport o--------------o | DEFENSE CURL | o--------------o Rollout, Tackle o-------------o | DOUBLE TEAM | o-------------o Agility, Quick Attack, Teleport o-------------o | DRAGON RAGE | o-------------o Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance,

o-------o | CURSE | o-------o Destiny Bond, Grudge, Mean Look, Spite o------o | DIVE | o------o Surf o--------------o | DRAGON DANCE | o--------------o Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, Dragonbreath o--------------o | DRAGONBREATH | o--------------o Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rage

Dragonbreath o------------o | EARTHQUAKE | o------------o Eruption, Fissure o----------o | FAKE OUT | o----------o Arm Thrust, Faint Attack, Knock Off, Seismic Toss, Vital Throw o--------------o | FOCUS ENERGY | o--------------o Arm Thrust, Brick Break, Cross Chop, Double-Edge, Dynamicpunch, Focus Punch, Headbutt, Karate Chop, Sky Uppercut, Take Down o------o | HAIL | o------o Aurora Beam, Blizzard, Haze, Ice Ball, Ice Beam, Icicle Spear, Icy Wind, Powder Snow, Sheer Cold o-------------o | HORN ATTACK | o-------------o Fury Attack, Horn Drill o-----------o | ICE PUNCH | o-----------o Fire Punch, Thunderpunch o------o | LEER | o------o Bite, Faint Attack. Glare, Horn Attack, Scary Face, Scratch, Stomp, Tackle o-----------o | MEAN LOOK | o-----------o Destiny Bond, Perish Song o--------o | ENDURE | o--------o Flail, Reversal o------------o | FIRE PUNCH | o------------o Ice Punch, Thunderpunch o--------o | GROWTH | o--------o Absorb, Bullet Seed, Frenzy Plant, Giga Drain, Magical Leaf, Mega Drain, Petal Dance, Razor Leaf, Solarbeam o--------o | HARDEN | o--------o Double-Edge, Protect, Rollout, Tackle, Take Down

o----------o | HYPNOSIS | o----------o Dream Eater o---------o | KINESIS | o---------o Confusion, Future Sight, Psychic, Teleport o---------o | LOCK-ON | o---------o Superpower, Thunder, Tri Attack, Zap Cannon o-------------o | METAL SOUND | o-------------o Metal Claw

o-------------o | MIND READER | o-------------o Dynamicpunch, Hi Jump Kick, Submission, Superpower o----------o | MUD-SLAP | o----------o Mud Sport, Sand-Attack o-------o | POUND | o-------o Doubleslap, Faint Attack, Slam o---------o | PSYCHIC | o---------o Confusion, Future Sight, Kinesis, Teleport o------------o | RAIN DANCE | o------------o Weather Ball, Thunder, & all other Water moves except Rain Dance o------------o | ROCK THROW | o------------o Rock Slide, Rock Tomb o-----------o | SANDSTORM | o-----------o Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Sand Tomb, Sand-Attack, Weather Ball o---------o | SCRATCH | o---------o Fury Swipes, Slash o--------o | SLUDGE | o--------o Sludge Bomb o------o | SMOG |

o-----------o | MUD SPORT | o-----------o Mud-Slap, Water Gun, Water Sport o------o | PECK | o------o Drill Peck, Fury Attack o-------------o | POWDER SNOW | o-------------o Blizzard o------o | RAGE | o------o Leer, Scary Face, Thrash o------o | REST | o------o Sleep Talk, Snore o-------------o | SAND-ATTACK | o-------------o Mud-Slap o------------o | SCARY FACE | o------------o Bite, Crunch, Leer o------o | SING | o------o Perish Song, Refresh o-------------o | SLUDGE BOMB | o-------------o Sludge o-----------o | STOCKPILE |

o------o Smokescreen o-----------o | SUNNY DAY | o-----------o Moonlight, Morning Sun, Solarbeam, Weather Ball, and all other Fire moves except Sunny Day o-------------o | SWEET SCENT | o-------------o Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore o-------o | TAUNT | o-------o Counter, Detect, Mirror Coat o----------o | VICEGRIP | o----------o Bind, Guillotine o------o | YAWN | o------o Rest, Slack Off ============== 23e. Paint It! ==============

o-----------o Spit Up, Swallow o------o | SURF | o------o Dive

o--------------o | SWORDS DANCE | o--------------o Crabhammer, Crush Claw, Cut, False Swipe, Fury Cutter, Slash o--------------o | THUNDERPUNCH | o--------------o Fire Punch, Ice Punch o-------------o | WATER SPORT | o-------------o Mud Sport, Refresh, Water Gun


Before attempting any Contest, you should visit the Lilycove Museum. Head to the back and talk to the museum's curator, and tell him you "Saw it" and you're interested in paintings. He'll take you upstairs, where he will show you some blank canvases. He wants you to get out there and find some awesome art to put on display. This art will come from you. Should you win a Master a painter guy will show picture. Then he'll say agree and drop the hint will take it there, and Rank Contest with at least six stars _AND_ six hearts, up and tell you about how he painted your Pokemon's that it wouldn't look out of place in a museum, and you that the museum is looking for awesome paintings. He you can now go see it at any time.

Five canvases, five Contests. Gee, I wonder... get five paintings upstairs and you'll score a star for your Trainer Card, as well as a Glass Ornament for your Secret Base. They look like those bird statues you see in the museum. They look a lot like Pidgeot, but that's puzzling since Pidgeot isn't found in Hoenn.

Oh well. ============================== 23f. Claydol, Lord of Contests ============================== [ph33r]

I am here to share with all of you the secret to winning any Contest. All you need is a Claydol. You can catch one at Sky Pillar after you beat the Elite Four. If you have a Claydol of your own, and that Claydol has at least tried to learn Cosmic Power, you're in business. Otherwise, you'll have to raise it or stuff Rare Candies down one of its throats until it does. Alternatively, if you have a method to trade from Ruby & Sapphire, you could catch a Claydol in Sky Pillar there. The ones in R/S Sky Pillar are mid-50s and come with Cosmic Power and Explosion, while the Emerald ones are only high 30s and haven't learned Cosmic Power yet. Gross. Once you have a Claydol that knows Cosmic Power, use Heart Scales to make sure it knows Ancientpower and Selfdestruct. Explosion will work instead of Selfdestruct. Now get your hands on a Secret Power TM (buy them in Slateport Market, TM43) and teach it to Claydol, overwriting whatever move is left. Awesome, now you're ready. Note that this enough Contest have only lost appealed after moveset will work in _any_ Contest. As long as you have high stats, you will win every single time. Using this moveset, I one Contest. The reason was because two of the three Pokemon who me used those "Badly startles the Pokemon in front." appeals.

I figure that's enough for you. Surely you can figure out what it is you're supposed to do. If not, I'll have to add it to my FAQ, and then I'll be sad. UPDATE: One of my readers has told me about a rather nifty combo, but it involves work on your part. Breed a male Wobbuffet that knows Destiny Bond with a female Shuppet and you'll wind up with a Shuppet with Destiny Bond. Level Shuppet up until it learns Curse, and you re set! Use Curse on Round 4 followed by a comboed Destiny Bond on Round 5 for a whopping sixteen hearts! ================ 24. Pokemon News ================ [ontv7]

This is only news that matters. I don't care about the rest of the TV shows, or the trash "Pokemon News" that deals with other unimportant stuff. Screw that. Every time you beat the Elite Four, you'll get some TV show. It might be one of these, it might not. You can use the money and experience; go back and do it again. Mix records with your friends, and you will get any news they have! 1. Energy Guru When the day arrives, vitamins will be half price. If you need to EV train, you'll want to buy them in bulk. 2. Lilycove Clear-Out Sale The best items for your Secret Base are here; DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT. You'll want to bring at LEAST 60000 money to ensure you'll have enough for multiples of everything (only 2 Solid Boards though, any more is foolish).

3. Game Corner Service Day You're supposed to be extra lucky and win more, but I haven't noticed a real difference. I think that's how it works. Give it a try. 4. Blend Master In the Contest Hall, he's taken the spot of the lone old guy. He rules at PokeBlock making and gets perfects every time he presses A. You can use just about any berry you want, and you'll always get Gold PokeBlocks (I think). 5. Pokemon Outbreaks On occasion, you will hear about outbreaks of Seedot, Nuzleaf, and Skitty, on their respective routes. However, if you mix records with Ruby or Sapphire, you may hear about a Surskit outbreak on Route 117. Surskit is not found normally in Emerald, but if you hear about this outbreak, Surskit will be able to be found normally. (thanks to The Pikamaster for this info) ============== 25. Match Call ============== COMING SOON... STILL Real-life issues have prevented me from working much on this walkthrough, but I have not forgotten about it, not by any means. As far as this section goes, I have been working on rematching the Gym Leaders. Most normal Trainers have been done already. Please be patient. ================= 26. Effort Values ================= [trngi] [lrody]

Can I be more thorough? Probably. Do I care? No. Read it. Love it. Use it. To be a serious battler, one must know about the sometimes-not-so-wonderful world of effort values, or "EVs" for short. In a nutshell, EVs are part of what make your Pokemon unique. Each and every Pokemon that you capture starts with 0 effort points. At maximum, a Pokemon can earn 510 effort points. You can allocate these 510 points in almost any way you choose in each stat (HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense), with the max points for one stat being 255. However, since every four EVs equals one stat point, and four does not go equally into 255 (252 with 3 left over), the extra points (3) are worthless and best off put into another stat. The more EVs you put into one stat, the stronger that stat will be. Controlling effort values in Emerald is so easy it's ridiculous. I'll go step-by-step with you and help you create a Pokemon that's perfect for your style. The first thing you must do is decide on a good nature for your Pokemon. Some Pokemon have several good options for natures, and others are what one would call "duh" natures because there's usually only one decent choice. Each of the 25 natures can be found in section 2h, but for the sake of this section, I'll post them again: Hardy: Lonely: Brave: Adamant: (no change) +ATK, -DEF +ATK, -SPD +ATK, -SP.ATK Bold: Docile: Relaxed: Impish: +DEF, -ATK (no change) +DEF, -SPD +DEF, -SP.ATK Timid: Hasty: Serious: Jolly: +SPD, -ATK +SPD, -DEF (no change) +SPD, -SP.ATK

Naughty: +ATK, -SP.DEF Modest: Mild: Quiet: Bashful: Rash:

Lax: +DEF, -SP.DEF Calm: Gentle: Sassy: Careful: Quirky:

Naive: +SPD, -SP.DEF +SP.DEF, -ATK +SP.DEF, -DEF +SP.DEF, -SPD +SP.DEF, -SP.ATK (no change)

+SP.ATK, -ATK +SP.ATK, -DEF +SP.ATK, -SPD (no change) +SP.ATK, -SP.DEF

For my Emerald example, I will be using a Plusle. We catch one and find it has a Careful nature (+SP.DEF, -SP.ATK). Depending on what you want to use Plusle for, this nature could be good or bad. For this example, let's say we want Plusle to be a special attacker. This means that Careful is not the nature we want. What kind of nature would be good for a special attacking Plusle? We could use Modest (+SP.ATK, -ATK). Timid (+SPD, -ATK) would work well, too. Let's go for speed. Timid it is. Plusle is somewhat rare in Emerald, so we don't want to waste our time catching another one only to find that it might have some other bad nature, like Adamant (+ATK, -SP.ATK). Time to get breeding. The Day-Care is found on Route 117, just west of Mauville City. It's the only building on the route; you can't miss it. At any rate, inside this house you'll find a woman, the Day-Care Lady. She will raise two of your Pokemon for you for a base price of 100 money each, that will be paid later. While in her care, the Pokemon you leave will gain 1 experience point each for every step you take. When you want your Pokemon back, it will cost 100 money plus 100 more money for every level your Pokemon gained while in her care. However, if you put two Pokemon of the opposite gender, or any Pokemon and Ditto, in the day care, and those two Pokemon are part of the same Egg Group (Ditto can breed with any Pokemon that can breed), sooner or later the old guy outside will be standing in front of the fence rather than behind it. This means that your Pokemon just made an egg. Once you receive this egg, you're stuck with it forever until you hatch it. No releasing Eggs! You can trade it to a different version, but that egg will sit forever until it is hatched. To hatch an Egg, keep it with you in your party, then take steps. Every Pokemon has a set amount of steps to be hatched. The lowest is Magikarp Egg at 1280 steps. Legendary Eggs cannot be obtained by legit means, so they take _way_ more than normal; a Kyogre Egg takes over 30000 steps to hatch! Most are 5280 steps, or somewhere near there. The questions is: how do you hatch eggs quickly? Answer: find a Pokemon that has the Flame Body or Magma Armor Abilities. Putting them on your party will cut the time it takes to hatch an egg in half. Back to Plusle. Let's breed it with Ditto. Plusle in this example will be male. In Emerald, if you give the female of the two parents the Everstone, there's a 50% chance that the baby will inherit the mother's nature. If you're breeding a male Pokemon and Ditto, give the Everstone to Ditto. What luck! We just so happen to have a Ditto with a Timid nature! *holds it up* Everstone-holding Ditto placed with male Plusle. We now continue to hatch eggs (sped up using Flame Body or Magma Armor ability). Everything else gets released.

Timid Plusle, ta da! All that's left is to level it up to get ready for battle. Don't want to breed? There's an alternative. In Emerald only, there are five berries that say "Makes a Pokemon friendly but lowers base [stat]." I care not which berries they are, you're smart enough to find them in the list. Think of these berries as reverse vitamins. Vitamins, bought in Slateport Market, increase EVs by 10. The berries I was talking about reduce EVs for their respective stat by 10. Once EVs for a stat pass 100, you can't use vitamins for that stat anymore unless the EVs are manually dropped below 100. Example. Bob caught a Poochyena. It has no EVs in anything. Bob saves his game and feeds Poochyena 10 HP Ups, giving Poochyena 100 HP EVs. Bob resets his game and instead kills 10 Whismur using Poochyena, giving Poochyena 10 HP EVs. Bob can now only feed Poochyena 9 HP Ups out of the 10 he bought, as giving it a tenth would make its HP EVs 110, and he can't do that. Not to be discouraged, Bob forces 2 Pomeg Berries down Poochyena's throat. Now Poochyena's HP EVs are 80 instead of 100, and now Bob can feed Poochyena that tenth Protein. Most of your EV training will be done the old-fashioned way; murdering wild Pokemon. But wait! You can't just go around defeating any Pokemon you want. This is the difficult part, and it takes a long time to do if you're unlucky. Each Pokemon, when killed, gives the Pokemon that killed it one, two, or three points in one stat, a value you cannot see, that starts at zero when you catch or hatch the Pokemon. Some Pokemon give one point in multiple stats. These points are effort points, the things you're looking for. Pokemon holding the Experience Share will gain the base EVs your leader kills. You can use that to give EVs to Pokemon who are weak (probably the Lv.5 Eggs you'll be hatching). Example. Your Swampert kills a Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. You give a Pikachu on your team the Experience Share. Swampert kills another Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. Pikachu gets 1 EV point in Speed. Get it? Okay. The spots below offer the best training (in my opinion) for any given stat; feel free to utilize them or you can e-mail me a spot of your own. HIT POINTS (HP) --------------Head into Rusturf Tunnel. All you'll find is Whismur (1 point). Average level: 7 ATTACK -----Inside Mt. Pyre, you'll only find Shuppet (1 point). Average level: 23 If you're feeling lucky, you can go for Mightyena (2 points), found west of Lilycove. You will also encounter Shuppet (1 point) and Poochyena (1 point), as well as Wingull, Oddish, and Gloom. None of those give Attack, so just flee. Average level: 25

DEFENSE ------Team Magma s Hideout. Everything inside gives Defense EVs (Geodude gives 1, Graveler and Torkoal give 2). Average level: 22 SPEED ----Zigzagoon (1 point), at lower levels, on early routes. Average level: 3 Route 118, across the water east of Mauville. There you will find Zigzagoon, Wingull, Electrike (1 point each), Linoone, and Manectric (2 points each). Kecleon is very rare here, and does not give Speed EVs. Run away from it. Average level: 24 SPECIAL ATTACK -------------Spinda (1 point), Route 113. Average level: 13 SPECIAL DEFENSE --------------Abandoned Ship, fish with Super Rod to find Tentacool (1 point) and Tentacruel (2 points). Average level: Varies But wait! There's more! There are two ways to make EV training easier. The first is with the Macho Brace. This hold item doubles the effort points you get, but lowers the Speed of the Pokemon holding it for as long as the Pokemon holds it. Defeat the Winstrate family on Route 111, then enter the house and talk to Victoria (the old lady) and she'll give it to you). Example. Swampert kills a Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. You give a Pikachu on your team the Experience Share. Swampert kills another Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. Pikachu gets 1 EV point in Speed. Now you give a Natu on your team the Macho Brace. Swampert kills yet another Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. Pikachu gets 1 EV point in Speed. Natu gets 2 EV points in Speed (due to the Macho Brace). And then there's the Pokemon virus, or Pokerus for short. Pokerus is shown as PKRS on the Summary Screen (and only there), and you can find it where a Special Condition would normally be shown (it'll only appear if there is no Special Condition). This will also double effort points gained from a battle.

One more example. You heal at a Pokemon Center and find out that your Pokemon are infected. A look at your party reveals that at present, only your Natu and the brand new Golem you got in a trade are infected. Swampert kills a Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. You give a Pikachu on your team the Experience Share. Swampert kills another Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. Pikachu gets 1 EV point in Speed. Now you give a Natu on your team the Macho Brace. Swampert kills yet another Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. Pikachu gets 1 EV point in Speed. Natu gets 2 EV points in Speed (due to Macho Brace). You heal at a Pokemon Center and find out that your Pokemon are infected. A look at your party reveals that at present, only your Natu and the brand new Golem you got in a trade are infected. Swampert kills one more Zigzagoon. Swampert gets 1 EV point in Speed. Pikachu gets 1 EV point in Speed. Natu gets 4 EV points in Speed (due to PKRS (1x2=2) and Macho Brace (2x2=4)). Golem gets 2 EV points in Speed (due to PKRS). Quite easy. So how does one go about getting this PKRS? It's very hard to catch Pokerus (you have better chances of seeing a Shining Pokemon). The healer lady will tell you that your Pokemon have been infected after healing at a Pokemon Center, and it should go away shortly. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. Here's how to preserve it. When initially told you've been infected, there is a chance your entire party will be infected. At least one will be. Catch a Pokemon you don't care about (henceforth referred to as Pichu). PKRS spreads from the center of your team; let Pichu sit between two Pokemon that are infected (or next to one that is). Kill off a few wild Pokemon and wait for Pichu to become infected. Then all you do is deposit Pichu in the box (if you have more than one Pichu, mark the infected Pichu with all four marks so you know that's the one you want) and wait until you need to EV train someone else. As long as Pichu sits in the box, PKRS will never go away. You might want to infect multiple Pichu in the event your PKRS mysteriously vanishes from one before you get a chance to put it back, as a safeguard of sorts. To infect your team, put the Pichu in the center of your team (on the right side). It will eventually spread, starting with the middle, throughout your team. Like I said, it's _extremely_ rare to get Pokerus. Some people are just lucky, though, and get it almost right away. Others can have a box full of Shining Pokemon and still not have Pokerus. Don't waste your time trying to get it. That should do it. Any questions, comments, anything at all, e-mail me. UPDATE: I've decided to add a bit of information on EV training through Secret Bases, submitted to me by Aintaer. It's a somewhat time-consuming method, but it can greatly speed EV training if done. I find it easier just to slaughter enemies. "If you can manage it, obtain six pokemon of the species which give the highest EV for every stat. After a bit of research, I've determined the easiest

targets are: HP: Azumarill, evolve Marill at level 18 Attack: Shiftry, leaf stones are abundant in these games with the green shards, seedot may not be in Ruby though. Defense: Golem, catch and keep Gravelers at or above level 25 for the next step. Speed: Raichu, Pikachus come from the Safari Zone. You ought to have plenty after looking for that elusive light ball. Thunder stones are pretty common too with yellow shards. Sp. Att: Beautifly, Wurmple evolution at level 10 Sp. Def: Dustox, same as above A hint for catching pikachus in the Safari Zone. Bring an Acro Bike and do hops in one place. It won't waste your 500 steps. Now that you've collected your 36 pokemon, you either need 6 separate people to trade with or a very patient friend. Trade all six of one species to a friend (Gravelers will evolve at this point), then mix records. Rinse, repeat with all the other species. After you've traded all those pokemon, you should have the records of six trainers at their secret bases. (Try to make sure they don't have the same secret base.) Now take your EV training pokemon, stick it with the macho brace, PKRS if you're lucky, and go train the desired stat at the trainer with the corresponding pokemon. Doing so would give you 3 EV x 6 Pokemon x 2 from Macho Brace (x 2 from PKRS) a battle. Or 36 EVs without PKRS, 72 with. Unfortunately this can be done only once per day. I find it to be a good boost to the duller, more stir-crazy method of killing Spindas for hours." Author's Note: Seedot is in fact in Ruby, and Emerald as well. ================= 27. Mirage Island ================= [sikrt]

Mirage Island is a rather simple place found in the gigantic, wide open space on Route 130. It's horribly rare to find, but if you do, consider yourself truly lucky. Mirage Island is the rarest event in all of Pokemon. Under normal circumstances, Mirage Island will not be there. To conveniently check to see if Mirage Island has appeared without wasting your Pokemon repellant, fly to Pacifidlog Town and enter the easternmost house. You'll see an old guy staring at the wall. He is, in fact, looking for Mirage Island, and he's nice enough to tell you if he can see it or not. He won't lie; if he says he doesn't see it, it isn't there. However, should he see Mirage Island, get a Pokemon with Surf and start heading east. It won't take long to get there, and like I said, it's a rather simple place. All there is is a couple patches of grass that contain Wynaut ranging in level from 5 to 50, in multiples of 5. There's also a single Liechi Berry. This berry raises Attack by 1 level "in a pinch." This is the only way to get a Liechi Berry, so you MUST plant it if you want more. So the question remains: how do you make this guy see Mirage Island?

Mirage Island is triggered by a five-digit code, similar to your Trainer ID. This number is changed every day. Now, each and every single Pokemon you own also has its own five-digit code, which will never change. Duplicates will have different numbers; if I have five Minun in my Boxes, each one of those Minun will have their own five-digit number. If, when you talk to the old man in Pacifidlog Town, the hidden five-digit code of any Pokemon in your party EXACTLY matches the day's Mirage Island code, the man will see Mirage Island. Otherwise, you lose, bring some more and try again. And don't believe that "today" crap. If he says he doesn't see it, and you bring a Pokemon that will trigger him seeing it, he will miraculously see it. To increase your chances, simply catch Pokemon. It doesn't matter what you catch. Of course, even if your Boxes are maxed out, you'll still have horrendously low chances. It's what you gotta do, though, if you want to get your hands on the only Liechi Berry in the universe. That's all for Mirage Island. ================= 28. Record Corner ================= [mixit]

You can mix records as soon as you get the Pokedex. Mixing records is just that; your in-game records will be mixed with anyone you participate in record mixing with. Everyone goes to a Pokemon Center and talks to the far right lady. Selecting "Record Corner" will allow the lot of you to mix records. Here is everything your friends get when you mix records: 1. Your Lilycove Lady They get whatever lady you had. If you get the Quiz Lady, you'll get your friend's quiz if s/he made one; otherwise, Lady will give you one. Lady occasionally gives out two of the rarest Berries ever as prizes to her embarrassingly easy quizzes, so don't tell your friends to make a quiz unless they're willing to give you one of them. Favor Lady asks for a certain type of item. Give her an Ice Heal for slippery things, Max Repel for wham-ish things. She hasn t said anything else to me yet. Contest Lady asks for a PokeBlock. Give her one, and she ll end up on the news. 2. Your Secret Base Pretty self-explanatory here. If you have a Secret Base, your friends will be able to visit your Secret Base. Any friend that has the National Pokedex will be able to battle the team you had when you mixed records once a day. 3. Your Base Registry When you visit a friend's Secret Base, you have the option to register them in a Base Registry. Anyone in your Registry will have their Secret Base put into friend's game every time you mix records. Up to 10 bases can be registered. 4. Your Trendy Phrase Not Feebas locations... trendy phrase. Note the difference. 5. Your Mauville Man

Hipster will teach you a new word or phrase; Trader will trade you his items plus any items previous friends have traded him; Bard will give you the current song that previous friends may or may not have edited. 6. Your Battle Frontier Accomplishments Everything in Record Hall is mixed with the Record Halls of everyone you have ever mixed records with. The best three times of all will be posted in their Record Hall. 7. Your Day-Care Mail If the Pokemon in your Day-Care have Mail attached to them, and your friend s Pokemon do, too, the Mail might be swapped. =============== 29. Berry Crush =============== [lkhgz]

Once you get to Slateport City and talk to the girl at the far north end of Slateport Market (found on the west side of the city). She will say that she recently had machines installed at Pokemon Centers for crushing berries. Two to five people can do Berry Crush at one time, and all players must have the Wireless Adapter properly attached. Simply go to any Pokemon Center's second floor, talk to the lady on the far right, and select Berry Crush. Each player selects a berry and then mashes A as fast as they can once the machine starts. Use hard berries to get maximum powder. If players mash A in synchronization, you will get more powder. After the berries are fully crushed, everyone gets Berry Powder that you need to take back to the lady who informed you about the machines. She will trade your powder for stuff. Thanks to a reader, I now have Powder lists: o----------------o-------------------o | ITEM | POWDER REQUIRED | o----------------o-------------------o | ALL VITAMINS | 1000 | o----------------o-------------------o | HEAL POWDER | 50 | o----------------o-------------------o | ENERGYPOWDER | 50 | o----------------o-------------------o | ENERGY ROOT | 80 | o----------------o-------------------o | REVIVAL HERB | 300 | o----------------o-------------------o ================== 30. In-Game Trades ================== [tta43]

This is a list of all trades you can do with Trainers in Emerald. The Pokemon you receive in the trade will be an exact copy of the Pokemon you give, in regards to IVs and EVs. Moves will obviously not be the same, but the Pokemon you get will have the four latest moves it can learn by level up. In most cases, they will want your rare Pokemon for their sucky and/or common one. It may take you a little time to get the extra Pokemon that these people

want, but hey. You don't have to use them, and their ID numbers will help you win the Lilycove Lottery (best of luck). And now, the trade list. 1. RUSTBORO CITY To the right of the Gym is a dude who wants a Ralts. He's willing to give you his Seedot for one. Name: Ability: Nature: OT: ID No.: Item: DOTS Early Bird (Sleep lasts for half duration) Relaxed (+Defense, -Speed) KOBE 38726 Chesto Berry (cures Sleep)

2. FORTREE CITY In the first house on the upper path lives a boy who longs for a Volbeat. If you give him yours, he will gladly hand over his Plusle. Name: Ability: Nature: OT: ID No.: Item: PLUSES Plus (Sp.Atk x1.5 if Pokemon with Minus Ability is your partner) Hasty (+Speed, -Defense) RAMON 08460 Wood Mail (Message: BE NICE TO PLUSLE ! VOLBEAT WILL BE FANTASTIC)

3. PACIFIDLOG TOWN There's a guy in a house south of the Pokemon Center (a girl is standing next to it) who caught a Horsea to celebrate his birthday. He's willing to part ways with it, but only if you send a Bagon his way. Name: Ability: Nature: OT: ID No.: Item: SEASOR Swift Swim (Speed increase while raining) Brave (+Attack, -Speed) SKYLAR 46285 Wave Mail (Message: I WILL MAKE BAGON TOUGH PLEASE TRAIN HORSEA WELL)

4. BATTLE FRONTIER In the house to the left of the Battle Tower lives a girl who will trade her Meowth for your Skitty. Name: Ability: Nature: OT: ID No.: Item: MEOWOW Pickup (may pick up an item after a battle) Naive (+Speed, -Special Defense) ISIS 25945 Retro Mail (Message: THANK YOU FOR SKITTY MEOWTH CRIES IN A CUTE WAY) [wendi]

=================== 31. Version History =================== Version 0.1 - June 28, 2005 Walkthrough completed. Sorry it took so long. Find my errors!

Version 0.2 - August 12, 2005 Everyone that has submitted information has had their submissions added; thank you all very much. Continue to enjoy the walkthrough. On a final note, since I have lost the internet at home, I m forced to take TextPad s awesomeness and lower myself to using MS Word to submit the walkthrough. Because of this, you may find some screwy errors. I will fix these as soon as I can, so please bear with me. Thank you. Version 0.3 - September 14, 2005 Since I don't have internet at home, I need to go somewhere with internet, write down things that have been submitted to me, take it home, update the walkthrough, save it to a disk, take it somewhere with internet, and upload it to GameFAQs from there (which is why odd things may appear throughout the walkthrough). Well... the paper I wrote things on was accidentally washed. I could only remember one or two big things I definitely needed to add, so if you have told me something anytime between August 12 and September 14, please tell me again so that I may add it. Thank you. Version 0.4 - October 16, 2005 New section: 'In-Game Trades.' Version 0.41 - November 3, 2005 I've added a little more information regarding the Battle Frontier. The Match Call section is still incomplete and will probably stay that way for a very long time. It's huge. There's so much stuff to add. But I am working on it bit by bit, and when it's done, it will be great. <3 Version 0.42 - January 10, 2006 All right, you guys. I fixed up the random spaces, so they should be all gone... The Battle Frontier section is complete. At least, I think it is. It should be. :) And let me add something that will help you get your questions answered (and my inbox a lot cleaner); ACTUALLY READ THE WALKTHROUGH before emailing me. If I get an e-mail from you that has an answer that I know is in the walkthrough, I'll delete it. This is why a lot of you haven't received a reply from me. The reason is because a) I can't make sense of what you're saying or b) You asked a stupid question that has an answer in the walkthrough. They invented CTRL + F for a reason; use it! ==================== 32. Acknowledgements ==================== [helpr]

Me - I made this thing. I should think I deserve a substantial amount of credit. You - The faithful user of my walkthrough The Pokemon Company - Supplying us with another great RPG. Praise be to them. CJayC (GameFAQs) - Hosting this and an immeasurable amount of walkthroughs by my fellow authors NMF227 at aol dot com - Addition to Flinch effect Curtis Befus (curtisconrad at hotmail dot com) - Tips on how to find Steven post-Elite Four

MegaZero Exe (GameFAQs) - Battle Palace prediction girl tips TSPhoenix (GameFAQs) - Various minor changes The Pikamaster (from serebiiforums dot com) - Powder list; Record Corner additions; Pokemon News addition Tracy Smith (cherriebomber at yahoo dot com) - Contest additions Calvin Reedy (curler2oo2 at yahoo dot com) - The totally boss contest Shuppet suggestion Saud Zarouni (saudzarouni at gmail dot com) - Defense EV training suggestion Ben Stanley (bstanley52 at gmail dot com) - Trainer location Alex Lee (aintaer at aintaer dot com) - EV training tip Abhyasa Naradhipa (judicium_conscientia at yahoo dot co dot uk - Some Battle Frontier Brains' pokemon Melanie B (emsbabygurl5131991 at yahoo dot com) - Seafloor Cavern list Zach Asselstine (sweetsoleil at hotmail dot com) - Tons of minor fixes and changes calmsoldier at aol dot com - Elite Four tip This list is going to get even longer, I'm sure of it. This document is copyright (c)2005-2006 by Matt Johnson. E-mail: shika at mail dot com ** END OF DOCUMENT **

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