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How can you communicate data between the S7-200 and the S7-300 via PROFIBUS DP Display part


In!t"uction! The S7-200 can be incorporated as slave in a PROFI !S DP net"or# "ith the $%277 module& The process is described belo" ta#in' the e(ample o) an S7-22* +slave, connected to an S7-./0-2 DP +master,& The )i'ure belo" sho"s the sample con)i'uration1

Fi'& 0. #on$i%u"ation o$ the !&ave 'S7-200( The activities here are limited to settin' the PROFI !S DP address that must match the con)i'uration in the master&

)o* P"ocedu"e . 2 S"itch o)) the module2s po"er supply& Set the de)ined PROFI !S DP address on the $%277& To do this you turn the lo"er address s"itch so that the arro" points to the desired number +3 33 in the sample con)i'uration,&

Fi'& 02 )ote S"itch the module2s po"er supply on a'ain&

4 ne"ly set PROFI !S DP is reco'ni5ed only a)ter turnin' the po"er supply on& #on$i%u"ation o$ the ma!te" 'S7-300( 6ere you inte'rate the $%277 module in your S7--00 con)i'uration7 connect it to the PROFI !S DP and con)i'ure the data communication bet"een master and slave&

)o* P"ocedu"e . 2 0reate a ne" pro8ect in the SI%4TI0 %ana'er& Insert an S7--00 station and a PROFI !S DP net"or# in the ne" pro8ect& Open the 369 0on)i'3 editor and insert a channel7 po"er supply and a 0P! -./0-2 DP& 0onnect the 0P! to the PROFI !S DP se'ment&

Fi'& 0/ :ou must inte'rate the $%277 in the hard"are catalo' o) ST$P 7 a)ter"ards usin' a ;SD )ile7 because it is not included by de)ault& The ;SD )ile )or the $%277 is located in the Internet on the SI%4TI0 0ustomer Support "ebsite in $ntry ID1 ..-*<2& Detailed instructions on ho" to import a ;SD )ile in ST$P 7 are available in $ntry ID1 2-=-*-0& < To )ind the ne" module >uic#ly you can use the Find )unction in the hard"are catalo'&

Fi'& 0/ * 7 Shi)t the +,277 module to the PROFI !S DP se'ment and set the address o) the slave& The address is 333 in the sample con)i'uration& For data communication bet"een master and slave you must de)ine the address areas )or receive and send data on both sides& In the S7-200 these areas are in the variable memory&

For the sample con)i'uration "e have de)ined a data len'th o) 2 bytes )or receive and send data& The )ollo"in' address areas have been selected1 Receive area S7--001 +B-0 and +B-Send area S7--001 .B-0 and .B-Receive area S7-2001 /B-00 and /B-0Send area S7-2001 /B-02 and /B-03

Fi'& 0< 4dd the relevant input?output module +2 Byte! Out 0 2 Byte! In, )rom the hard"are catalo' accordin' to the receive and send areas selected& = 0han'e the addresses )or the receive area +input, and send area +output, o) the S7--00 appropriately& 4lso speci)y the type o) data consistency to be used )or data communication accordin' to the input?output module selected&

Fi'& 0* @ Open the Properties "indo" o) the +,277 module and speci)y the start address o) the receive area "ith the parameter I0O O$$!et in the / ,emo"y& A .00 has been chosen as address in the sample con)i'uration& The system automatically attaches the send area behind the receive area so you do not have to do this manually&

Fi'& 07 .0 Save and compile the con)i'uration and load it in the 0P! -./0-2 DP&

)ote In the case o) data communication the data sent by the master is stored in the receive area o) the slave +variables memory,& The user pro'ram o) the S7-200 0P! must 3save3 this data to another data area7 because other"ise it "ill be over"ritten at the ne(t send procedure& 9hile the user pro'ram is processin' the data in the variable memory cannot be over"ritten& This is possible at the ne(t update o) the process ima'e o) the inputs +PIB, and outputs +PII,& )ote The data consistency set in Step = must match the data volume used& I)7 )or e(ample7 "ith a data len'th o) )our data "ords you use a "ord consistency7 this does not ensure that the "ords are received by the slave in the order in "hich they "ere sent by the master& The consistency here is only )or individual "ords& To ensure consistent order o) the "ords7 you must use a bu))er consistency in this e(ample& Detailed in)ormation about this topic is available in the section entitled 3 +, 277 PROFIBUS-DP ,odu&e S1eci$ication!3 o) the S7-200 system manual in $ntry ID1 ..0@<=2&