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Application form VUFP scholarship 2014/2015

Please read this document carefully and follow the given instructions. Fill out this application form to apply for a VUFP scholarship. Note that only complete application forms will be taken into consideration. Enter the data in Word and save as a PDF-file. Name the document Studentnumber programme that applies to you. For example S2512345 Computer Science. You can email this form to State that you agree to the VUFP conditions Fill out the grey areas on this page. Provide the required information under appendixes A, B and C. I have read, understood and agree to the conditions of the VUFP scholarship (see Personal information Name Student number VU University (for example s2512345) Nationality Masters programme 2014-2015

Required documents Documents GPA or proof 10%

Insert copy under appendix A

Attached Yes No

Please add the GPA score here Motivation Letter

You can write this letter under appendix B

Yes No Yes No

Financial Plan
Fill out details at appendix C

Please add your calculated surplus budget (appendix C) here

Appendix A: GPA of the final year of the education with which you are seeking access to VU University. Do not forget to add this GPA score in the appropriate grey box on the first page of this document. Please insert a copy of the official document/statement of your university in English. Other documents will not be accepted. You can insert this document on this page by saving it into an image. For example a .jpg file. This .jpg file you can insert as a picture here.

Appendix B: Please add a motivation letter in English (1 or 2 pages) on this page.

Appendix C Financial plan The VUFP scholarship covers your tuition fee, and provides for an allowance towards study and living costs (paid out in 3 installments over the year). Please be aware that the scholarship does not cover all your living expenses. Please fill out this financial plan to show you have sufficient additional funds to cover all costs during your stay at VU University. Funds (full year) Personal funds Family contribution VUFP Scholarship - 5.000 to students paying the tuition fee for EEA students - 15.000 to students paying the tuition fee for non-EEA students Other scholarship/contribution Name: Total funds per year Amount

Expenses (per month) Rent Living expenses (food, clothing, travel, etc) Study materials Insurance Total (per month) Expenses (full year) Total per month x 12 (months) Tuition fee Visa fee (If applicable to you: 350) International travel costs Total expenses per year

Amount Amount

Total funds per year Total expenses per year Surplus budget


Do not forget to add the amount of the surplus budget in the appropriate grey box on the first page of this document.