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Pran Mudra, Yoga

Pran Mudra, Yoga - Inform ative & researched article on Pran Mudra, Yoga

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Pran Mudra, Yoga

Pran Mudra, a type of Hand or Hatha Yoga, is the basic practice to elevate the root charka in an individual and enhance vitality.


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Share : Pran Mudra is said to activate the Root Chakra and improve vitality and vigour. In Root Chakra the elemental force of

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human entity resides. The finger position of this Mudra provokes the nourishing energy in the pelvic floor. Pran Mudra is practiced with both the hands. The tips of the thumbs, ring fingers and little fingers are placed together and the

other fingers remained extended. This Mudra is performed either five to thirty minutes per day or three times a day as a course of treatment. Pran Mudra can be practiced thrice a day for duration of 15 minutes or for around 30 minutes in a day. While performing Pran Mudra, the thumb can also be put onto the fingernails of the other two fingers, instead of on their tips. This leads to the left and the right brain hemispheres function effectively and leaves them active. Benefits of Pran Mudra * The Pran Mudra increases vitality and reduces weakness in a person through regular practice. * Practicing the Mudra can lead to diminution of fatigue and nervousness and improves vision. More over immunity system is also fortified. It also improves blood circulation. * Pran Mudra is effective in treating eye diseases. * On mental and emotional level, Pran Mudra elevates the staying power and assertiveness, self confidence and renders courage. * Pran Mudra promotes the mental outlook and advances structured thoughts and ideas. * Pran Mudra leads to conscious, slow and gentle way of breathing is effective in stabilising and calming the inner cognizance. * Pran Mudra is decreases ailments like leg aches and pains, Cervical Spondylosis, Sciatica and headache. It is also known to improve the nervous system and reduce cramps as well. * Practice of Pran Mudra improves problems related to physical weakness and exhaustion, and also eradicates insomnia, when practiced along with Gyan Mudra. * Pran Mudra enhances bone and cell reproduction and purifies the blood as well. * Pran Mudra is also known to provide much help to the people suffering from diabetes, paralysis, polio, Parkinson`s disease etc. * Pran Mudra is believed to be of great help to the patients suffering from aids or cancer, as the practice of this Mudra improves immunity in a person. Moreover it is also very useful to the elderly people. (Last Updated on : 03/08/2011)

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Pran Mudra, Yoga - Informative & researched article on Pran Mudra, Yoga
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