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Please do not specify yourself in any manner Your answer will be treated with strictest confidentiality Filling out this questionnaire will help us ensure high quality education This Form has following three parts. o Part-1 Q 1 to 2 is for !ourse "#aluation o Part-2 Q 2$ to $% is for Teacher "#aluation o Part-& Q $1 to $2 for !ourse !ode ' Teacher !ode "ach Question has a field in front of it. You should answer it with $( (&(2(1 mar)s *nything not applicable may be indicated by a +ero as in Q1, ' Q2% Tab )ey will ta)e you to the ne-t field

PART-1 COURSE EVALUATION 1. !ourse ob.ecti#es were clear 2. /or)load was manageable &. !ourse was well organi+ed 0e(g timely access to material( notification of changes1 . *ppropriate length of course $. !ourse was well structured 0i.e. good balance of lectures( tutorials and practical1 2. Teaching 3ethodology encouraged participation 4. 3aterial taught was commensurate with teaching ob.ecti#es 5. 6esson Plans and !ourse 7otes were rele#ant and useful ,. 8ecommended reading boo)s were appropriate and rele#ant 1%. !ourse stimulated my thought and interest in the sub.ect 11. 9 understood the lectures 12. Pace of course was appropriate 1&. 3ethods of assessment were reasonable 1 . Feedbac) on assessment was timely 1$. Feedbac) on assessment was helpful 12. *s a result of the course my interest and curiosity about the issues and questions in it has grown $ $ & $ $ $ &

14. *s a result of ta)ing this course my thin)ing is more focused and systematic( at least in the sub.ect area 15. 9n the course 9 impro#ed my ability to gi#e sound reasons for my beliefs and opinions regarding issues in it. 1,. 3aterial in the practical was useful 09f not applicable place a +ero1 2%. :emonstrator dealt effecti#ely with my problems 09f not applicable place a +ero1 21. *ppro-imate le#el of my own attendance during the whole course 0;<51= <$ 21-5%=< 1-2%=<& 21- 1=<2 <>2%=<11 22. The amount of effort 9 put into this course was? 2&. 3y in#ol#ement in this course 0doing assignments etc1 was? 2 . 9 thin) 9 ha#e made progress in this course. PART-2 TEACHER EVALUATION 2$. The 9nstructor is prepared for each class 22. The 9nstructor demonstrates )nowledge of the sub.ect 24. The 9nstructor has completed the whole course 25. The 9nstructor pro#ides additional material apart from the te-tboo) 2,. The 9nstructor gi#es citations regarding current situations with reference to Pa)istani conte-t 09f required1. $ &%. The 9nstructor communicates the sub.ect matter effecti#ely &1. The 9nstructor shows respect towards students and encourages class participation &2. The 9nstructor maintains an en#ironment that is conduci#e to learning &&. The 9nstructor arri#es on time & . The 9nstructor lea#es on time &$. The 9nstructor is fair in e-amination &2. The instructor returns the graded scripts and assignments etc. in a reasonable amount of time $ & & $ $ $ $ $ $

&4. 9nstructor communicates effecti#ely in terms of #oice( eye contact( professional use of "nglish or target language &5. 9nstructor plans creati#e and inno#ati#e acti#ities appropriate to ob.ecti#es( including the use of technology &,. 9nstructor relates current lesson content to pre#ious and future lesson contents

%. 9nstructor uses #ariety of appropriate assessment methods and instruments 1. 9nstructor establishes classroom rules and procedures cooperati#ely with students when appropriate 2. The 9nstructor insures equitable participation &. The 9nstructor encourages students to help each other and share ideas . The 9nstructor accepts and uses student ideas( questions and responses $. The 9nstructor engages students in generating )nowledge and testing hypotheses. 2. The 9nstructor presents difficult course material clearly 4. The 9nstructor indicates confidence in students@ ability to learn 5. The 9nstructor a#oids personal criticism of students ,. The 9nstructor uses #ocabulary and style appropriate to le#el of students $%. The 9nstructor Pronounces and spells words correctly and uses correct grammar PART-3 COURSE & TEACHER CODE $1. !ourse !ode. $2. Teacher !ode. 2&% 2 $ $ $ $ $ $ & &