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Inasmuch as domestic-concerns [and hot-button foreign-policy events, such as the Malaysian-Aircraft, hijacked perhaps by Al-Qaeda Linked Terrorists emulating

the infamous '9/11 Style' Plane Hijacking] often obscure review of BHOs Foreign Policy Mishaps, it is desirable to initiate this blast by lamenting what BHO/Kerry have been doing to Israel, both with regard to the Palestinian Arabs and to Iran. Overall, Obama Doesnt Have Israels Back [By: Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn, president and chairman of the Philadelphia chapter of the Religious Zionists of America]. I bought [and am thrilled with] SodaStream, initially due to the reaction to its having been endorsed by Scarlett Johansson, about which she has No Regrets ['I stand behind that decision,' she says, hinting she was unaware of the intensity of anti-Israel British public opinion]; scarlett-johansson-slammed-oxfam-for its political-agenda [video] and even ignored concerns of ICCR Shareholders. {Note this revelatory debate between Oxfam's Ben Phillips and SodaStream CEO, which captures Oxfams attitude toward Israel.} It matters not-a-whit that Israel is a quality world-citizen [Israel Develops Groundbreaking Technology To Help Cure Cancer and joint-israeli-dutch-company-building-solar-plant-in-rwanda], nor does anyone care that Israelis celebrate religious holidays with aplomb [the-name-purim is explored and others provide a purim-guide-for-the-perplexed, while a Israeli-Canadian Singers New Single Seeks to Give Purim Miracle Everyday Relevance and a messianic-blood-moon-is rising-on-passover-seder-night]. Similarly, historical references are dismissed as they relate to the Israeli/Arab land struggle, even when The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem admitted in Testimony [many decades ago] that The Jews did not Steal Arab Land in Israel. The underlying force, unfortunately, is that Religion Trumps Economics in the Middle East. {Finally, golden jewels dating to the time of Solomon were unearthed ~50 yards south of the Kotel in Jerusalem, as Gush Katif Residents Took Another Step Towards Normalcy by relocating their school.} Islam [which has yet to experience a Reformation] animated and animates the culture, explaining why womens rights have diminished since 1960 in the-islamic-world; some Exploited the Quran to Target the Jews, while at least one muslim-scholar lamented the fact that Hitler hadnt finished-off Jewry. In reaction, a former-navy-seal-destroyedislam-and-obama, and a WOMAN BURNED THE QURAN [risking life/limb of self/family].


Anti-Semitism has deep roots, both overseas and domestic; the latter may be seen in a larger context [Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi (1943) - WW2 Animated Propaganda Film by Walt Disney] and may also be perceived more ominously [recalling that FDR didnt bomb the RR-trax to the camps]: Why FDR didnt Help European Jews is explained by his decision to Intern Japanese Americans. His view of Japanese dovetail with his privately-expressed opinions of Jews. He complained about Jews overcrowding certain professions in Germany, North Africa, and even in Oregon. He was one of the initiators of a quota on the admission of Jews to Harvard. He boasted to one frienda U.S. senatorthat we have no Jewish blood in our veins. He claimed anti-Semitism in Poland was a reaction to Jews dominating the local economy. He embraced an advisers proposal to spread the Jews thin around the world, lest they dominate their host countries. It has been mainstreamed, particularly in Europe, also in America; in the latter instance, it arises both subtly [facebook-fails-to-enforce-community-standards-for-vile-anti-semitic-page] and overtly [ISLAMIC JEW-HATING "MODERATE" MUSLIM HUSSEIN IBISH BASHES COLUMNIST JEFF JACOBY AS HE SEARCHES FOR MISSING SON]. And, American religions have promoted it, manifest most overtly, most recently, through the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s new "study guide," which describes Judaism's core beliefs as 'rooted' in 'intolerable human rights abuses.' This provoked composition of an open-letter-to-thepresbyterian-church-from-an-iraqi-jew and a Presbyterian Megachurch to Leave the Denomination, but the policy-statement has not been rescinded. [Also noted is a false-charge of anti-Semitism, which emerged as a Media Smear of General Boykin by inter alia the daily beast, which conjured a charge against a rightwing-ex-general by rejecting his claim that he was joking when he said [to an Israeli news service]: jews-are-the-problem.] Such is the atmosphere constantly created by the Libs. American Jewish Commitment to Israel & Judaism should be solid, but a NY Times column on anti-Zionism served as a reminder of its own publishers past; also, at the WaPo, only_israel-bashing_will_do. Exemplifying these tensions was a recent event, when Students at a prominent NY Jewish high school [Ramaz in Manhattan] expressed outrage over banning the appearance of a Palestinian academic [Middle East scholar Rashid Khalidi] before a student-run political society at; others expressed the view that anti-zionists-must-not-be-allowed-to-hijack-the-jewish-community, as angry-nyc-ultraliberal-jews-were told-to-stuff-it. More subtle manifestations of these attitudes arises from people such as Jeffrey Goldberg and Jackson Diehl, who were invoked to reveal Obamas Targeting of Israel; illustrating the overall dynamic were Two Letters sent to Bibi, one from Congress Welcoming him and the other from Jews Warning him. {Mutually exclusive, perhaps, was outrage over how the new-york-post covered the tragic-death-of-a kidnapped-chasidic-jew, an issue which I probed in some depth. Meanwhile, EU's Foreign Affairs Chief Initially 'Refused' to Rule Out EU Israel Boycott, perhaps wishing to cite the eu-report-that demonized-israel-as-threatening-regional-security; ignored, however, was the fact that the EU said PA 'squandered' 1.95 billion euros in aid. Countries within the EU also grappled with policies that carried anti-Semitic overtones, including Denmark [which bans halal and kosher slaughter because 'Animal rights come before religion'] scandinavians [where a circumcision controversy allegedly proved-europe-remains-the-darkcontinent], and France, where the Forward wrote [noting the inherently-negative characterization] that a holocaust-denier [from the far-right National Front party] was running for-paris-city-council. In England, Islamic Rules were to be Enshrined into English and Welsh Law

[despite the fact that integrating Islamic law into family law in European and North American societies poses a serious threat to womens' rights], an Islamic Charity Described by Cameron as a 'Front' for Extremism received annual state-funding of 70,000, and avowed anti-Semite Galloway allegedly lied when he denied having refused to share a stage with an Israeli. {Also, the Muslim population of the French city of Marseille has been estimated to be 30-40%, and this entity has been ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe.}

Iran Noting the [predictable] inaction with regard to the Nuke-talks, Israel has not been idle. Chorus of Israeli voices renews calls for strike Iran Nuclear Negotiations Drift from Dismantlement to Haggling over Future Reactors No Progress, but Iran says Nuclear Talks 'Very Successful' in Clarifying Issues Moscow Warns it May Change Stance on Iranian Nuke Talks Does Iran's Anti-Nuclear Fatwa Really Exist, as Claimed? american-pastor-jailed-iran-reportedly-shackled-denied-medical-treatment Iran Says Russia Will Build 2 More Nuclear Plants in Bushehr Iran says it foiled sabotage attempt on nuke reactor 'Israel, Prepare For Armageddon And Forget US Help' - EMPact America founder warns of Iran nuclear threat, says under Obama US has turned into an 'enemy of Israel.' ex-el-al-expert-iran-likely-involved-in-mh-370 Does Ukrainian Crisis Give Iran Breathing Room? World View: Does Iran's Anti-Nuclear Fatwa Really Exist, as Claimed? Iran-Backed Terror Group Launches 60 Rockets at Israel Lefties issue dire warnings [neocon-lies-could-trigger-nuclear-war] and proliferation appears to be global [Bolivian President Boasts Country 'Not Far' from Nuclear Program], but the necessary focus is Israeli: Netanyahu Allocated Almost $3 Billion for Iran Attack [per Newsmax]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon have reportedly ordered the military to continue preparing for a possible strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Three Knesset members who were present at Knesset joint committee hearings on Israel Defense Forces plans said that at least 10 billion shekels ($2.89 billion) of the defense budget would be allocated this year for preparations for the strike on Iran, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. After an interim accord between Iran and six world powers was reached, Netanyahu stressed that Israel will not consider itself bound by it. Netanyahu in fact is again making implied threats about a possible unilateral Israeli strike. "My friends, I believe that letting Iran enrich uranium would open up the floodgates," Netanyahu said at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington earlier this month. "That must not happen. And we will make sure it does not happen." Ya'alon said in a recent speech at Tel Aviv University that he is now likely to back a unilateral strike on Iran in light of his assessment that the Obama administration will not do so, according to Haaretz. "We think the United States should be the one leading the campaign against Iran," he said. "But the U.S. has entered talks with them and unfortunately, in the haggling in the Persian bazaar, the Iranians were better. "Therefore on this matter we have to behave as though we have nobody to look out for us but ourselves." The second round of nuclear talks opened in Vienna on Tuesday with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in attendance along with senior diplomats from the six powers the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and Germany. Zarif wrote in an opinion piece for Britain's Financial Times that the six powers have agreed to seek a "mutually acceptable agreement" after realizing that "coercion, pressure and sanctions only result in more centrifuges, more resentment and deeper mistrust."

Peace Negotiations As Obama Whitewashed Abbas during his Low Expectations visitdespite his having absolutely rejected recognizing Israel as a Jewish State in any finalized Peace TreatyObama claimed Abbas Has Consistently Renounced Violence. Although some fear BHO may have set a Recognition Trap, most simply view the imminent collapse of U.S. Middle East Policy as having prompted the players to prep the blame-game [and BHO/Kerry will probably conclude (primarily) Israel wouldnt cooperate]. A Mass Prayer Rally was held At Kotel Against 'Kerry's Decrees,' as thousands joined prayers asking G-d to strengthen leaders and cancel Kerry plans to establish Arab capital in Jerusalem. Worriment was based upon BBs allegedly "clever plan" [offered with serious intent] to abandon 600,000 Jews to their fate under Palestinian Authority rule; the goal was to disabuse BB of the notion that an European Utopia could exist in Israel. America will blameIsrael? Between-barack-and a hard-place - Barack Obama and John Kerry are leading the charge to force Israel to relinquish land that would lead them to certain annihilation and hes once again considering inviting the EU on the bullying campaign by using economic sanctions. Israel is in a distinctly difficult position because if it gives up these strategic territories their most vulnerable populated areas become prime targets for terrorist attacks as well as the airport etc. with obvious dire consequences. Israel and the Terrorist Rug Merchant [Kerry, consistently incorrect] Washington Fears Collapse of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks OBAMA'S LATEST DILEMMA: HOW TO BLAME ISRAEL FOR PALESTINIAN'S REJECTION OF PEACE PLAN The-bitter-fruits-of-Bibis-Bar-Ilan-blunder Obama Abandoned Israel U.S. Wants Peace by End of 2014, Indyk Tells Jewish Leaders - Kerry's "framework" will include a Palestinian state and will leave 80% of "settlers" in their homes, say Jewish leaders who met Indyk. OBAMAS BIG BREAKTHROUGH COMING BY END OF YEAR. Leaked: Official declaration of Palestinian state

susan-rice-forbids-israel-from-criticizing-kerry peace-process-and-tony-blairs-forgotten-speech The Palestinian Arabs will blame BOTH satans! abbas-suggests-obama-promised-67-lines with e-jerusalem as capital obama-pressed-abbas-on-mideast-peace-at-white-house-meeting [but there was no implied threat leveled at Abbas, as there had been at Netanyahu, a few weeks ago.] Whose Recognition Does Israel Really Need? abbas-and-the-false-hope-of-peace Negotiation-failure is presaged by PA Incitement, which includes portraying Jews as 'Subhuman'; the annual incitement index during peace talks has increased. Israeli will articulate a range of reactions, although a consensus view is that Kerry erred. Obama Can't Handle Ya'alon's Truth Israel's defense chief says U.S. projecting 'weakness' Israels plain-speaking defence minister Moshe Yaalon said Monday that Tehran has the upper hand in nuclear negotiations, and dismissed the idea of Israeli dependence on the United States to lead an action against Irans nuclear program, saying that Israel can only rely on itself. Kerry: Not an equal opportunity threatener kerrys-uselessness-mocked-in-a-new-israeli-ad Israeli Opposition [across the political spectrum] Slammed Kerry over 'Jewish State' Refusal, namely, that it would be a "mistake" to pursue Palestinian recognition of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Israel's right-wing parties claimed the remark broke BHOs promises; Israel's left-wing said Palestinian Arabs would have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in a final deal [per Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog, who is also the leader of the opposition. {This prompted rocker-david-draiman to curse-john-kerry.} Was Israel's Defence Minister Right to Rip Obama? - Just weeks ago, Israel intercepted a ship, the Klos C, with a cargo of sophisticated Iranian weapons destined for Iranian proxy armies terrorizing Israel. Just days ago, those same Iranian proxies fired dozens of rockets at Israel. Was there even a word of serious American protest to the Iranians? Did it even slightly alter the American negotiating posture? {Despite this imbalance, Israeli Defense Minister Again Apologized for Hurting John Kerry's Feelings.} Pollard Former United States CIA Director James Woolsey said anti-Semitism could be part of the reason the U.S. has refused to release spy-for-Israel Jonathan Pollard, noting that Americans who spied for other countries were freed after much shorter sentences. Obama administration officials have not ruled out Netanyahus proposal that Pollard be released in exchange for Israels agreement to free Israeli Arabs convicted of terrorist acts. Daniel Pipes [prescient] opposed pardoning Pollard because it would only be done if a high-price were rendered regarding Palestinian-Arab and/or Iranian-Nuke policy.

Meanwhile, All Else is Static Terrorism Again illustrating the fact that the Sunni/Shiite divide is bridged whenever the opportunity arises to attack Israel and/or America, the muslim-brotherhood-signed-pact-with-al-qaeda; nevertheless, obama rejected the muslim-brotherhoods-terrorist-designation, despite its many Islamist activities. To obama, islamic-terrorists Against Israel are driven by western-injustice. The Murdoch Doctrine projects 50 years of Peace and Victorious Counter-Terrorism Terrorist Leader of Eilat Attack Dies in 'Work Accident' muslim-terrorists-still-having-trouble-figuring-out-how-bombs-work Arab Motorist Wounds Soldiers in Suspected Terror Attack ISRAEL PREPARES FOR POSSIBLE ATTACK BY HIJACKED MALAYSIAN PLANE Significant Threat to Millions of Israelis Averted wanted-16-years, top-hamas-operative-arrested in hebron [to which Jews return] arab-terror-becoming-a-shabbat-routine IDF Prevented Terror Attack by arresting four terrorists with knives in Gush Etzion before they could enter the community of Migdal Oz. Gaza Militants Fired the Largest Rocket Barrage Into Israel Since 2012, perceived possibly as a probe, a test for Iran to gauge ISRAELs reactive MISSILE DEFENSE CAPABILITIES. At least 60 rockets fired concurrently from the Gaza Strip at Israeli southern cities early Wednesday evening, in the heaviest barrage of rockets since Israel's 2012 Hamas War. Apparently, this was a page from Iranian IRGC Mosaic military doctrine [Asymmetrical Rocket Warfare], designed to ensure secondary strikes reach their objectives unimpeded. [1]Fire a simultaneously volley of lesser-quality rockets to overwhelm Israels air defense net, and [2] Measure IDFs response time and counter air & ground tactics (types of counter battery fire). Gathering such intelligence would allow Irans military planners to open a pathway for a subsequent far-more-deadly heavy rocket & cruise missile assault. {As a direct result, reportedly, the US Provided $429 Million in Immediate Funding for Iron Dome.}

Hamas Palestinian Terrorists Complain: Jews Love Jerusalem More than We Do Hamas Chairman: We Live for Death and Destruction of Israel hamas-un-agency-proposed-textbooks-for-gaza-too-peaceful UNRWA Curriculum Content that does not exist PA schools named after terrorists raise generation of terror-admiring youth

al-Qaeda al-qaeda-inc-on-the-rise special-forces-operative-reveals-the-osama-bin-laden-raid-was-a-lie al-Qaeda Group APOLOGISES for Suicide Bombing indonesian-terror-group-close-zawahiri-ally-previously-plotted-regional-hijackings

FBI fired the only FBI Agent (before 9/11) tracking Bin Laden

Anti-Christian Islamists murder in Nigeria and Elsewhere Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Murder at Least 100 Nigerian Christians in Nighttime Raid Islamist Terrorism Expert: State Dept Funding Madrasas in Nigeria Over 100 Killed in Nigeria Attacks Targeting Christians African Muslim mob slits throat of Christian walking by Iran: Evangelical Christians Are a 'Threat to National Security' Muslim Extremists Forced Christian Girls to Watch as their Mother was Beheaded Muslims Force Christian To Convert To Islam, Then Brutally Behead Him Christians Slaughtered by Muslims in Human Sacrifice Rituals

USA-Terrorism The BDS Movement persists. adl-upbraided kerry-for-making-it-more-likely-that-boycotts-will-ensue-if-peace-talks-fail boycotts-driven-by-hate-not-settlements LOYOLA CHICAGO STUDENTS PASS SURPRISE ANTI-ISRAEL DIVESTMENT RESOLUTION Some colleges-finally-are getting-tired-of-anti-israel-campus-antics Domestic Terrorism constitutes a ticking-timebomb. homeland-security-advisor-admitted-radical-islamic-tie congressmen talk-to-al-qaeda-terrorists epa-real-threat-power-grid al-Qaeda-Set-To-Attack-American-Cities-And-Abroad al-Qaeda Magazine Calls For Car Bombings In NYC, DC, LA, Chicago house-report-will-show-fbi-errors-in-boston-marathon-bombing-case Dearborn Man Arrested Trying to Join Hizballah Fighters in Syria California Convert Arrested Trying to Join Syrian Terrorists muslim-arrested-for-torching-seattle-gay-club-with-700-people-inside Virginia State Legislature Commends Mosque with Terror Links National Guard Reservist Charged with Attempting to Blow Up L.A. Subway Cabdriver Gets Six Years in Conspiracy to Aid Al-Shabaab Its called spying on muslims but its just sop for the rest of us CAIR tried to shut down briefing on American jihadi networks DOJ: Holy Land Foundation Bid to Vacate Trial Outcome 'Strains Credulity' prosecute-jihadists-not-travelers california-prof paints-usama-bin-laden-as-freedom-fighter Federal Emergency Alert System easily taken over by hackers Texas police double as Mahmoudbergs militia Attack on California electric grid near San Jose is wake-up call jihadist-training-camps are in-texas JUDGE: NYPD SURVEILLING NJ MUSLIMS DID NOT VIOLATE CIVIL RIGHTS Senators seek security review TSA Interrogated Jewish Author For Reading Conservative Newspaper 2013 Attack on California Power Station Was Likely Terrorist Rehearsal sharia-in-america-florida-man-job-in-jeopardy-for-911-facebook-post-about-islam

International Concerns The-world-needs-to-support-israel-the-jewish-state but, generally, doesnt. Syria here-are-the-lovable-syrian-rebels-that-your-tax-money-is-probably-supporting Syrian Jihadis Use Video to Recruit British Fighters U.S. needs new strategy for humanitarian aid to Syria Israeli Doctor Says Syrian Children Being Deliberately Paralyzed by Snipers

Egypt State Department acknowledged U.S. in 'Constant Contact' with Egypts Muslim Brotherhood notorious-egyptian-terrorist-accidentally-killed-bomb egypt-army-says-1370-smuggling-tunnels-to-gaza-now-closed muslim-brotherhood-declared-a-terrorist-organization-in-egypt Morsis Anti-Semitism IED explodes outside new church in Cairo as Muslims continue to target Christians interfaith-outreach-in-egypt: muslim-brotherhood and hamas-plot-to-attack-churches

Saudi Arabia joseph-puder/saudi-arabia-and-the-muslim-brotherhood uae-saudis-lash-out-us-govt-and-orgs-supporting-islamists new-york-pro-morsi-rally-blasts-saudis-as-dirtier-than-jews Saudi Arabia Overtakes UK as 4th Largest Military Spender Turkey Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet AfPak The pivotal issue, going forward, is that the Hoover Institution defined Limits of Drones Obama-regime-ordered-u-s-troops-in-afghanistan-to-carry-weapons-with-no-bullets Uncertainty about US future in Afghanistan forced Pentagon to explore Pakistan drone options ELECTION COVERAGE SHOWS GROWTH OF NEW AFGHAN MEDIA Taliban Capture British Dog of War Pakistan Will Sell Warplanes to Saudis, Denies Nuclear Cooperation Pakistan Negotiators Reach 'Taliban Den' to Discuss Peace pakistan-enraged-muslim-mob-burns-hindu-center-over-rumors-of-quran-desecration U.S. said to curtail drone strikes in Pakistan as officials there seek peace talks with Taliban Pakistan 'Peace Process' Collapses on First Day England BB WARNED BRITISH PM CAMERON: MISSILES will soon RAIN DOWN ON LONDON Camerons-knesset-speech-closer-to-australia-and-canada-than-obama Czech Republic Czech Officials: Explosion From Illegal Palestinian Weapons Cache Possible Tip of the Iceberg of Europe Weapon Smuggling Ring

Czech-expert: Palestinian Arabs-may-have-used-Czech-Republic-for-weapons-transit India [which supported the Crimean Invasion] India Imports Nearly Three Times More Weapons Than China and Pakistan