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KOLAPUDI KARUNAKAR Phon : !"1-"#$#"%%#2&

Snapshot Education M.Tech77.50%B.Tech63.06 %Intermediate87.7%S.S.C 82.16% Strengths Gate qualified in 2011

Objective Seeking a position with a dynamic organization where I can learn as well as contribute to the growth of organization with my skills. Background M.Tech in Power Electronics from H ET! "#TUH B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from MITS, "#TUH. Technical su$$ar% O&erating s%ste$ : Ms- ffice !""# 'ang u a g e s : c

,onfidence, 8bility to work

alone and in team ;edication and perfectness on work =eal to learn new things

OTHERS: ;-TE >ualified

in !"??

E(&erience $ood in teaching, gi%en many seminars and paper presentations and has ability to con%ince others with good sub&ect knowledge.I worked in has%ita institute of engineering and technology as asst.professor in eee department, gained two years of e'perience in teaching. () *+,T TIT-+: 'ow)*ost +irect Tor,ue *ontrol -lgorith$ .or nduction Motor /ithout -* Phase *urrent Sensors Education 0122)0123 M.Tech 4Power Electronics. from /I+T,*0T1/ 2ith an aggregate of ##.3"4 0115)0121 B.Tech 4Electrical and Electronics Engineering6 5rom MITS , *0T1/. 2ith an aggregate of 67."64. 0117)0115 nter$ediate 4M.P.*6 8.(.S.2.).School 9 &rc :oard of Intermediate +ducation, /yderabad, 8.(, I0;I8, 2ith an aggregate of #<4. 80110)0113 S.S.* 49 *lass6

5rom ):/ School khammam. :oard of secondary education! 8.(, I0;I8, 2ith an aggregate of @!.?64

Title : Micro controller based distribution transformer monitoring and protection with scadaA +one at : ,hinmaya Micro Systems (%t.-td., +cil BCA )oads, /yderabad-6! Plot.or$ : +lectrical D;istribution . +escri&tion : Eprotecting the transformer from o%er load current, high temperature and input high %oltageF. Role in the &roject: (ro&ect -eader. In%ol%ed in the 8nalysis, ;esign and Testing of the pro&ect Mini &roject: Speed control of dc motor using matlab ntrested Subjects: Teached :++, (++, ,S Intrested in power systems D(ower +lectonics., +lectrical Machines D+M-?. <e% skills: Independent, ;edicated, Inno%ati%e and Self-Moti%ated. Moti%ator. rganized and well structured at work. ,ommitted to deadlines and schedules. Team player. *o)curricular activities 8cti%ely participated in all sports and cultural acti%ities conducted by the school, college and district authorities. (articipated in (aper (resentations, Seminars and ,on%entions conducted by %arious regional colleges and companies. Personal +etails #a$e =ather +ate o. Birth Martial Status #ationalit% 'anguages <nown Per$anent -ddress : G.G8)108G8) : H+0G8T8)8T08M : ?<-"6-?I@I : Single : Indian : +nglish and Telugu : /.0 .7-33, (ocharamD%., GusumanchiDm., GhammamDd..

+eclaration I hereby declare that the abo%e-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the abo%e-mentioned particulars.

(lace ;ate

: : DG.G8)108G8).