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Target market Market segmentation Vision mission statement Objectives Packeting Forecast

Finance department
2.1 Expected expenditure 2.2 Capital structure 2.3 source for procurement of fund

Manufacturing department
3.1 selecting the location 3.2 manufacturing process

Human resource department

4.1 man power 4.2 selection process 4.3 source of recruitment

Marketing department

5.1 distribution channel 5.2 transportation means 5.3 marketing strategy 5.4 medium of promotion


India is one of the largest producers of potato. Besides being used as a daily food item in various vegetable preparations, potato today increasingly finds use in the form of chips or wafers as snacks food. The potato chips and wafers are popular processed food items that give considerable value addition to potatoes. The main consumers of potato chips and wafers are families especially in urban and semiurban areas. Besides, hotels, restaurants, canteens, army establishments require potato chips in significant quantities.

Companys name:

Our company name suggests that our chip is very crispy and another meaning of crispp is chips.


Our tagline suggests that the product is very testy, crunchy and chocolaty which make the people crazy


Our logo suggests that a chip is made of potatoes. The background orange color suggests that warmth and happiness of the people. It also relates to adventure and risk taking, inspiring physical confidence, and independence.

Target market:
One of the major target markets of crispp is children and young audience of sports and entertainment such as consumer in theaters or stadium even at home. This people need snacks that will satisfy their hunger without interrupting their daily works.

The target market of crispp is the people who either are health conscious or weight conscious and people with health problem.

Children: Our chocolate flavor attracts the childrens and they will surely love this flavor. Youngsters: Our cheesy Chinese flavor is especially for the youngster because it is affordable and testy.

Market segmentation:
It means that they break the market into small pieces or segment where the consumers in each segment have similar characteristics . There are number of ways in which this can be done: Geographic segmentation Demographic segmentation Psychographic segmentation Behavioral segmentation

Our product is based on behavioral segmentation. In behavioral segmentation also it is based on age. As our flavors like Chocolate attracts childrens and flavor like Cheesy Chinese is little spicy so youngsters like it.

Our vision statement is to provide customer satisfaction and to provide different test of chips.

Our primary concern is that the snacks we produce are to the very highest standards using quality products and ingredients. To ensure these highest standards, we have developed a common set of behaviors and practices that will be conducted at our processing plant. These behaviors are based on sound science, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Profit maximization Customer satisfaction Provide different test Wealth maximization


Company designed different packets for different louvered potato chips. Our company have designed different types of lemon and orange color for cheese Chinese. colorfull packing to attract customers and specially for children .brown color for the chocolate, green color for

One packet is of 15 Rs.

Forecasting is the connecting link between an organization and environment. It is a process of estimating the occurrence of future event or levels of activities and is concern with timing, magnitude or effect of events. Methods of forecasting: Survey of experts opinion method Survey of buyers intension method sales-force opinion method Market test method Time series analysis method Statistical demand analysis method

Time series analysis method:

Time-series methods make forecasts based solely on historical patterns in the data. Time-series methods use time as independent variable to produce demand. In a time series, measurements are taken at successive points or over successive period. The measurement may be taken every hour day, week, month or year or at any other regular interval. According to the industry findings carried out the market mix in respect of the potato chips is as follows: Here in time-series analysis moving average is 3-years.


Actual sale (in cr)

Forecast(in cr)


2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

179 189 197 202 181

188 191

(179+189+197)/3 (189+197+202)/3

2012 2013

228 -

192 190

(197+202+181)/3 (188+191+192)/3

Finance department
Financial structure Expected expenditure 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Cost of land Purchase of raw material Machinery and materials Packaging and design cost Electricity cost Maintenance cost Stock Transportation cost Delivering and handling charges Advertisement expenditure Salary Worker(50) Manager(5) CEO 12 Training and development charges Total fund 300 per day 1 lac per month 1.5 lac per month 1 .34 lac 34.279cr Subject cost 13.5 cr(4500 Rs. Per sq. feet) 1 cr 9 cr 45 lac 50 lac 50 lac 10 lac 2 cr per month 50 lac 50 lac

Capital structure
Amount Equity capital(owners own fund) Borrowed fund(Loan) Total Initial Investment Required 2.45 cr 9 cr


Sources for procurement of funds

Borrowing loan from bank: Name of the bank: Reserve bank of India (RBI) Type of loan to be borrowed: Business loan We are medium enterprenuer so we borrw between more than 5cr and less than 10cr. Borrowing loan: 9cr Prevailing interest rate: 30%

Issue of share: Which kind of share will be issued: At what amount: 1000/- per share

At what dividend rate and maturity period: per week increasing 1000/- per share

Production department:
Selecting the location for production:
Company name: CRISPP CHIPS PVT LTD Location of company: CRISPP CHIPS PVT LTD Vajayi (vad), kalaved road, Taluka Lodhika, Rajkot, 360003 Gujarat. Location factor: Every entrepreneur faces the problem of deciding the best site for location of his plant or factory. Location palace and important role establishment of a new unit every business entrepreneur of business unit must give full consideration to the suitable location for enterprise because success of failure is highly dependent on the location of unit optimum location point is expected to give the lowest unit cost of production as well as distribution and hence it can be most profitable for the business an entrepreneur must be choosing an

ideal location at the time of launching the enterprise in other words all the permanent factors influencing location will have to be taken in to account and weighed very carefully. Ideal location is one where the cost of the product is kept to minimum, with a large market share. The least risk and maximum social gain. It the place of maximum net advantage or which gives lowest unit cost of production and distribution. For achieving this objective small scale entrepreneur can make use of location analysis for this purpose. So for as CRISPP CHIPS PVT LTD is concerned it requires potatoes, addible oil, iodized salt, chocolate, lemon, cheese etc.

In the production of various type of product such row material available of Rajkot very easily such reason for the location of unit are as follow:

Availability of raw materials:

The most important factor which is directly affected to the product is the availability of raw material for producing the product. Product Chocolate chips Cheesy Chinese Lemon chips row material Chocolate Cheese ,Chinese masala Lemon

In addition to these iodized salt addible oil, chili powder, black pepper etc. all the row material required whichever material is easily available at nearest place. Potatoes are purchase from Disa, Ahmadabad and Surat through dealers as per requirement.

The availability of electricity power is essential for any unit where production is done 24 hour continuously. CRISPP PVT LTD gets electricity from TORRENT and in absence of TORRENT light it can be operated by their own generator.


For running industry main essentially is the laborer because without man any work not start without man any work is not start so. Man is focus of any industry essential supply of laborer is in required quantity is also taken into consideration while establishing an industry if the company can find skilled and experience labor at minimum wage rate it can reach to its organizational goals in time in Rajkot city both skilled and semiskilled laborer are available the level of education also high in Rajkot.

For every industry transportation facility have much important to run their work regularly and smoothly as to get raw material quickly as well as to supply their finished goods to the market.

Rajkot has an all weather port so that is a no problem of transportation for CRISPP
CHIPS PVT LTD moreover Rajkot has all the facility of transportation except seaway like railway, airway and roadway etc. it is well known that railway of Rajkot has a direct connection with the national railway line.

Manufacturing process:


When the potatoes arrive at the plant, they are examined and tasted for quality. A half dozen or so buckets are randomly filled. Some are punched with holes in their cores so that

they can be tracked through the cooking process. The potatoes are examined for green edges and blemishes. The pile of defective potatoes is weighed; if the weight exceeds a company's preset allowance, the entire truckload can be rejected. The potatoes move along a conveyer belt to the various stages of manufacturing. The conveyer belts are powered by gentle vibrations to keep breakage to a minimum. Destoning and peeling The potatoes are loaded into a vertical helical screw conveyer which allows stones to fall to the bottom and pushes the potatoes up to a conveyer belt to the automatic peeling machine. After they have been peeled, the potatoes are washed with cold water. Slicing The potatoes pass through a revolving presser that cuts them into paper-thin slices, between 0.066-0.072 in (1.7-1.85 mm) in thickness. Straight blades produce regular chips while rippled blades produce ridged potato chips. The slices fall into a second cold-water wash that removes the starch released when the potatoes are cut. Some manufacturers, who market their chips as natural, do not wash the starch off the potatoes. Frying and flavoring The slices pass under air jets that remove excess water as they flow into 40-75 ft (12.223 m) troughs filled with oil. The oil temperature is kept at 350-375F (176.6-190.5C). Paddles gently push the slices along. As the slices tumble, flavor is sprinkled from receptacles positioned above the trough at the rate of about 1.75 lb (0.79 kg) of flavor to each 100 lb (45.4 kg) of chips. Potatoes arrive daily at manufacturing plants. After they are checked for quality, they are stored at a constant temperature until they are processed into potato chips. Some manufacturers treat the potatoes with chemicals to improve the color of the final product. To make the chips, potatoes are fried in either corn oil, cottonseed oil, or a blend of vegetable oils. Flake salt rather than crystal salt is used to season the chips.

Potato chips that are to be flavored pass through a drum filled with the desired powdered seasonings. Cooling and sorting At the end of the trough, a wire mesh belt pulls out the hot chips. As the chips move along the mesh conveyer belt, excess oil is drained off and the chips begin to cool. They then move under an optical sorter that picks out any burnt slices and removes them with puffs of air. Packaging The chips are conveyed to a packaging machine with a scale. As the pre-set weight of chips is measured, a metal detector checks the chips once more for any foreign matter such as metal pieces that could have come with the potatoes or been picked up in the frying process. The eco-friendly box flow down from a roll. A central processing unit (CPU) code on the bag tells the machine how many chips should be released into the box. As the box forms, (heat seals the top of the filled box and seals the bottom of the next box simultaneously) gates open and allow the proper amount of chips to fall into the box. The filling process must be accomplished without letting an overabundance of air into the box, while also preventing the chips from breaking. Many manufacturers use nitrogen to fill the space in the boxes. The sealed boxes are conveyed to a collator and hand-packed into cartons. Some companies pack potato chips in I O cans of various sizes. The chips flow down a chute into the cans. Workers weigh each can, make any necessary adjustments, and attach a top to the can. Quality Control Taste samples are made from each batch throughout the manufacturing process, usually at a rate of once per hour. The tasters check the chips for salt, seasoning, moisture, color, and overall flavor. Color is compared to charts that show acceptable chip colors. Preventing breakage is a primary goal for potato chip manufacturers. Companies have installed safeguards at various points in the manufacturing process to decrease the chances for breakage.

The heights that chips fall from conveyer belts to fryers have been decreased. Plastic conveyer belts have been replaced with wide mesh stainless steel belts. These allow only the larger chips to travel to the fryers and the smaller potato slivers to fall through the mesh. Byproducts/Waste Rejected potatoes and peelings are sent to farms to be used as animal feed. The starch that is removed in the rinsing process is sold to a starch processor.

Human resource department

Yes, our company needs manpower. We have 50 workers and 5 managers in every branch of our company. There are 4 levels of managers in our company. CEO(chief executive officer) is at top level . HR manager, financial manager and marketing manager are middle level manager. Production manager is low level manager. And workers are at the last level on organization.

Labors Production manager CEO Middle level Top level Workers Low level

HR manger, financial manager

Selection process
Resumes/cvs review

Initial scrinning interview

Analysis the application blank

Conducting tests and evaluation performance

Preliminary interview

References checks

Offer to the next suitable candidate Job offer

Medical examination

The selection process in an organization depend on the organizations strategies and objective. Most of the organization is specially the bigger once use a combination of selection instruments. The process of selection starts with the review of applications. This application can be either in companys specified format, or in the format submitted by individual applicants. At this stage company checks basic qualification and experience of the candidates. Applicants do not match the required basic criate area are rejected. The applicant are called for a test or an interview after the initial screening. Test are normally conducted to analyses the skill level of the candidate. Once the test results are analyze and the unsuccessful candidates rejected, usually the successful candidates are interviewed. The candidate might have to go thought one to one interview with representative from the department concerned and some of the other department which have to work in closed coordination with the position. Finally the applicant will have an interview with the manager concern. Based on this interviewed and the feedback received, the organization decides whether to offered the applicant job or not. A common selection process is describe as above step.

Source of recruitment:
Developing different sources of recruitment is essential for an organization. Different source of recruitment can be employed, depending on various factors like the level of position, number of people required, time available and the funds allocated for the recruitment.

Source of recruitment is mainly divided into two types which is as below: Internal sources: It is usually refers to filling open job with the current employees of the organization. It is a process design to create sufficient interest among the current employees to cause them to formally indicate and interest in a given position. The position applied for may represent a promotion, a transform, or even a demotion in a few cases. Their must be an active and voluntary participation of the existing employees in the process of recruitment to call it in internal recruitment. It is normally consist of : existing employees formal employees employees referrals external sources: It is refers to reaching out to the external labor market to meet the labor requirements. They are huge diverse, and important for recruitment. The following are important external sources: 1. employment exchanges 2. outsourced to recruitment agencies 3. advertisement 4. campus recruiting 5. internet recruiting

Marketing department
Distribution channel:
We can show the channel of distribution of the company as follow:

Company Consumer Retailer Distributer Carry and forward department

Set of institutions that perform all the activities required to move a product and its title from production to consumption. Distribution of products takes place by means of channels. Channels are sets of interdependent organizations (called intermediaries) involved in making the product available for consumption. Merchants are intermediaries that buy and resell products. Agents and brokers are intermediaries that act on behalf of the producer but do not take title to the products. A firm can design any number of channels. Channels are classified by the number of intermediaries between producer and consumer. A level zero channel has no intermediaries. This is typical of direct marketing. A level one channel has a single intermediary. This flow is typically from manufacturer to retailer to consumer.

Transportation means:
Marketers need to concern with their companys transportation decision transportation choice will affect the product pricing, on time delivery, performance and the condition of the goods when they arrive, all of which affect the consumer satisfaction so transportation policy of the company should be such which ministers the companies transportation cost which is included in the total product cost of the unit produced. so it should be such which minimize the total product cost at the same time able to maximize the customer satisfaction by providing right time delivery. There are many mode of transportation. Roadways Seaways Airways Railways

CRISPP CHIPS PVT LTD use only roadway transportation fot the movment of raw materials befor and after production process for transporting goods to company and to coustmer or its channel member and its altimate coustmor throught dealers.

Marketing strategy:
An organizations strategy that combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business. The marketing strategy is the foundation of a marketing plan. There are many concepts in marketing strategy. Our this product is societal marketing based.

SOCIETAL MARKETING CONCEPT: It is a marketing concept that holds that a company should make good marketing decisions by considering consumers wants, the companys requirement, and societys long term interest. It is closely linked with the principals of corporate social responsibility and of sustainable development. As our product is ECO FRIENDLY it will not affect the environment of the society. And 2% of our total profit will be donated to old age home and orphanages.

Medium of promotion
There are many products in our company, out of that 3 flours of our product are: Chocolate chips Cheesy Chinese chips Lemon chips

There are many ways to advertise our product, but we advertise in 2 ways: Hoardings T.V. ADV


We are offering a cartoon sticker or tattoo free in the packets of CRISPP potato chips so that children are attract. Price of our CRISPP potato chips is 15rs per packet.