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Meditaia ca practic social.

Este meditaia o metod de relaxare sau contribuie i la rezolvarea problemelor?

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

Meditaia reprezint aciunea prin care o persoan se detaeaz la nivel mental de tot ce se afl fizic n jurul acesteia, dar i psihic de amalgamul de gnduri, concentrndu-i ntreaga atenie asupra unui anumit gnd, asupra contientului, subcontientului, incontientului sau, de cele mai multe ori, asupra a nimic. Termenul de meditaie provine din lat. meditatio i desemneaza procesul de reflectare, cugetare profund asupra unei idei, unei situaii.1 Aceasta, ns, este mai mult dect att, este un fenomen mental biofizic care descrie o stare de atenie asupra unui gnd i implic, de obicei, atenia spre gndirea nsi, fr a fi lsat dus de gnduri.2 Divsersitatea tipurilor de meditaie nu este foarte numeroas ns metodele prin care aceasta se practic da, motiv pentru care persoanele care se folosesc de aceast practic, au la dispoziie o palet larg din care pot alege, n funcie de personalitatea i preferinele fiecruia. Scopul meditaiei, indiferent de metod, este acelai: atingerea strii de pace i linite care conduc spre iluminare i eliberarea de stres.3 Printre tipurile de meditaie se numr: Meditaia Ateniei, Meditaia Budist, Meditaia Transcedental, Meditaia Taoist, Meditaia Vipassana, Meditaia Zen, Meditaia Yoga.4

n ultima vreme, meditaia a cptat o atenie destul de evident n rndul publicului larg de toate vrstele, date fiind circumstanele din zilele noastre. Oamenii sunt din ce n ce mai ocupai, totul este ntr-o schimbare continu i alert iar accentul se pune n principal pe munc. Stresul cu care ne confruntm zi de zi a cauzat ca omenirea s caute soluii pentru diminuarea acestuia i pentru convieuirea cu standardele timpurilor n care ne aflm, prin
1 2 (Accesat la 20.10.2013, 22:36) (Accesat la 20.10.2013, 23:27) 3 (Accesat la 20.10.2013, 23:44) 4 Idem 3

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea metode relaxante i plcute care s ne detaeze de cotidian i de rsunetul obositor al metropolelor. Problema se pune, ns, n felul urmtor: Este meditaia doar o simpl i accesibil metod de relaxare sau ajut i la rezolvarea problemelor? Printre cele mai simple i mai accesibile tehnici de meditat, dar, totodat i cea mai veche, se afl meditaia Vipassana. Termenul reliefeaz ideea de a vedea lucrurile aa cum sunt n realitate. Aceasta a fost predat prima oar acum mai bine de 2500 de ani, avndu-i originile n India i era considerat un remediu universal pentru orice tip de problem, un fel de art de a tri.5 Considerat meditaie pur, natural, Vipassana implic n principal observaia luntric a ego-ului, observarea contiinei, i distingerea ntre contient i propria minte. Adic, cu alte cuvinte, presupune observarea propriilor gnduri i idei din punct de vedere obiectiv, al unui spectator i contientizarea c acestea sunt rezultate involuntare ale minii noastre. Ceea ce se ncearc prin intermediul meditaiei Vipassana, este controlul total al propriei mini, al gndurilor i, prin urmare, controlul strilor de spirit pozitive sau negative. Ideea de la care pornete este c orice stare de spirit poate influena n mod direct sau indirect modul de a aciona al unei persoane i deciziile acesteia, precum i rezultatele care se continu deciziilor. De aici deducem faptul c exist un ntreg proces care se petrece la att la nivel fizic ct i mental, niveluri care, de altfel, se afl n interdependen. Noiuni asemntoare meditaiei Vipassana ntlnim n cartea lui Eckhart Tolle Puterea Prezentului, care promoveaz ideea de iluminare prin nelegerea faptului c noi, oamenii, suntem sursa propriilor dureri i faptul c durerea este rezultatul minii. Prin intermediul contientizrii acestor afirmaii ne putem elibera psihic de suferin, anxietate, nevroz, depresie.6 Prin intermediul acestei cri, Eckhart Tolle ne supune unor exerciii repetitive ale contientizrii momentului prezent i a propriilor gnduri care curg fr ca noi s le oprim. Aadar indivizii pe care i voi lua n calcul n aceast cercetare sunt persoanele care practic meditaia, n funcie de faptul c au avut sau nu probleme care s-i determine s gseasc n meditaie o soluie, precum i persoanele care au nceput s mediteze din pur curiozitate. Pentru asta am ales forumul,1711.0.html de unde am extras 50 de cazuri ale persoanelor care practic meditaia Vipassana, n funcie de diverse criterii pe care

5 6 (Accesat la 15.01.2014, 18:44) Puterea prezentului/ Eckhart Tolle trad.: Alexandra Bor Bucureti: Curtea Veche Publishing, 2004

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea le vom ntlni ulterior n baza de date. De asemenea, am ales dou persoane pentru interviu: unul dintre acetia practic meditaia de la 12 ani pn n prezent (27 ani), iar cellalt i dorete s practice meditaia i s fie iniiat n nceperea acesteia. (29 ani).

ETAPA a 2-a

1. Barrec Reply #1 on: Monday 24 October 2011, 02:31 AM Hello! My name is Everett and I recently began practicing meditation. I've been an avid reader of the forum for a while, and am excited to be a part of the community. I've always been interested in mediation and found a copy of Still The Mind at a book store this past Summer. After reading it, I committed myself to trying to meditate once and see how it goes. So far, I've been meditating for these few months and have noticed a few, albeit subtle, changes in my life, and have found the most trying part can be making the time for it every day ). I live near Portland, OR USA and have been happily married for almost two years now. My wife and I both work in education and have a beautiful black cat. In the Fall, I also play tuba in a polka band. I enjoy music, working out and laughing. Again, it's a pleasure to be part of the community! 2. Vincent L Reply #8 on: Tuesday 25 October 2011, 08:28 PM Hi guys,

I was surfing the net to find a forum to further my learning of the path to enlightenment and found this forum so decided to be part of the community.

I'm from Malaysia and having a dad that practices meditation for over 30 years I'm pretty much in believe of the Buddhism teachings and keen to learn more.

Hope to have some useful exchange here as I just started to meditate with a mantra and I find the benefits are limitless.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

Thank you once again 3. Kanoo Reply #13 on: Sunday 30 October 2011, 03:53 PM Hi Guys,

My first post here I am a Brit that has recently moved to Thailand and I have been dabbling with meditation / mindfulness and am keen to start learning more about now actively looking for a temple where I can visit where I can learn from English speaking monks (not mastered Thai just yet) I have only had a meditation routine for the past 6 weeks so I am very new, but have been fascinated by mindfulness for a long time before this through the books of Tolle.

I have been practicing a form of meditation called The Relaxation response and I must admit I'm pretty impressed with the results I have had.

I am normally quite a high strung, stressed and jittery person, easily swept away by my thoughts. But after a month I feel way better, more confident, calmer, relaxed just mentally more balanced than ever since I can ever remember really. I feel so lucky now as I feel this is going to have a massive positive impact on the quality of my life.

During my research though I came across something similar to the Relaxation Response (RR) called Natural Stress Relief (NSR) a TM imitator at a fraction of the price of TM and apparently claims to be 3 times as effective as the Relaxation Response? I know this is primarily a forum for Vipassana but I just wondered if anyone has any direct experience of using one or both of these methods? do you have a preference? what are the pro's / cons of each - as I have just switched to (NSR) in the past couple of days to try it out.

I have heard from one healer who says he was seeing some regular TM practitioners for stress problems that they only managed to conquer after switching to The Relaxation Response?.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Many thanks, looking forward to sharing information and hearing your views.

Kanoo 4. DarkNightOfNoSoul Reply #22 on: Sunday 20 November 2011, 09:21 AM Hi all! I've been interested in Buddhism since I was a kid, but only started studying it properly in my mid 30s when I found myself in the fortunate position to be able to take time out from my career. I attended a 10-day Goenka retreat in 2006, and have been to two others since then.

Following my last retreat (nearly three years ago), I started experiencing emotional difficulties, which to me seemed to arise from significant changes in my values and in the way that I experience the world (about which I'd like to ask the forum's advice in another thread). Consequently, I have not had a regular meditation practice for about two years now. However, I now suspect that giving away meditation altogether is not going to help me - it's almost as if the changes I've experienced are irreversible. So I've recently started meditating daily again, and plan to attend my fourth retreat after Christmas.

My experiences during the first retreat inspired me to make a radical career change so that I could try and explore the vipassana meditation technique from a scientific perspective. Next year I'll be attempting my masters thesis in neuroscience, and I plan to study the physiology of the "sensations" that one becomes attuned to in meditation. I hope to move on to a PhD after the masters, but it all depends on whether my masters project gets approved, and how it goes.

However, I'm still very much a novice in Buddhist meditation, so I'm hoping to learn from this forum and from others' experiences, whilst trying to re-establish my own meditation practice.

Looking forward to chatting!

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Cheers, Dark Night. 5. Admetus Reply #26 on: Sunday 27 November 2011, 11:43 AM Hello, my name is James.

I tried out meditation around 6 years ago, trying out a Guided Meditation CD led by Bodhipaksa. The quieting effect was impressive at the time and I meditated a few times before getting distracted by other things. I also had an opportunity at university to join a Shorinji Kempo club which apart from being a martial art, emphasises the (Buddhist) philosophical and technical aspects as practically half of the curriculum. The meditative aspect of this martial art has probably been invaluable to my development, for around this time I began to feel virtue manifesting itself from beneath the seams of my personality. Since then I have trawled through a few Eastern philosophical texts and recently took up meditation again to experiment with the benefits of meditating to a long routine.

I look forward to receiving your help! 6. Magenta Reply #27 on: Sunday 27 November 2011, 01:36 PM Hello to all-

As a new member I would like to introduce myself. I first became interested in meditation when I read krishnamurti but he kind of leaves you hanging there and so I moved on to joko Beck and Jon Kabbat Zinn. I think Beck really helped me understand what Krishnamurti was pointing to and Zinn also. I am now practicing everyday and not just when i sit-I practice virtually all day- living each moment and feeling the presence of it-it is much easier to do in the morning after good night of sleep-more trying later in the day or when I have too little sleep. my mind has always been one full of thought-racing and leaping into consciousness creating anxiety and depression issues-meditation has really awakened me to how sick our human minds can become when they become consumed with thought.

I am here because I want to learn, help, and participate

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

Bless you all 7. Nam_aRupa Reply #31 on: Monday 28 November 2011, 05:18 AM Hello everybody..

I am glad to find such a forum like this - and i agree its allways a beautiful experience meeting fellow vipassana students on the travel.. My name is Thomas and am from in California.. I have been on the path for over a year now with the main focus on Vipassana Meditation. I started practicing on my own, by reading about the teachings and listening to dharma talks. I then found a lovely Sangha very close from where i live which was a blessing - I had the chance to talk to a teacher the first time which took my practice to another level.

Last June i went to my first 10 day Goenka experience which was the most intense thing i ever did. I found that this practice was exactly what i was longing for all my life I surely hope to meet other fellas of the dhamma practice and know we can grow and create beautiful music together blessings to you 8. Frepie Reply #34 on: Tuesday 06 December 2011, 08:14 PM My name is Pierre. I have been a member of this forum for 2 years approx, but left 3 years ago because I was fed up with some of the opinions that were carried. I am making a comeback, knowing that my discomfort of then was not only the result of the opinions of others, but also of my own reactions to those opinions. I have been meditating for about 10 years now. I started with a 4 hour course where I was taught mantra based meditation and anapana. I prefered anapana, and my attention went naturally to the sensations at the nose area. In 2007, I went to a Goenka retreat, because this was the only that existed in my area. I have now been to 3 10 day retreats, and I also served for 5 days. I would like to do the 20 day retreat, so I need to do 2 more 10 day retreats and I must also serve a few times.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea I also went in California in feb. 2010 to study MBSR wit Jon Kabatt-Zinn and Saki Santorelli. I am currently trying to reorient my career to become an MBSR coach. Meditation has brought so many changes in my life that I thought it would be a good idea to try to share this experience. 9. Rob Reply #49 on: Tuesday 24 January 2012, 09:18 PM Hey all, just wanted to do my intro. My name is Rob (you're shocked) and I'm a meditation newbie. I'd wanted to try it for quite some time, and eventually got enrolled in a weekly intro class that runs 6 weeks. I'm also devouring every book, lecture, video and website I can get my hands on. Mostly centered around Thich Nhat Hahn, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Alan Watts, and soon to include Joseph Goldstein.

I'm very overwhelmed, and discouraged with my practice probably 50% of the time, but I've only been at it about 3 weeks. My natural tendency is to expect perfection immediately and beat myself up if I don't "excel" right away. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it... cursing myself when I notice my mind wandering and whatnot.

I'm currently on a host of mood stabilizers for moderate-to-severe bipolar disorder, and have been on no less than 15 antidepressants or antipsychotics in the last 10 years. I'm not a basket case or a victim of the pharma industry, but I kept hallucinating and getting violent and waking up driving my car with no recollection of how I got there or where I was going, etc etc. Most of my bipolar manifestations, though, are now related to anger issues and depression. I'd love to be able to drop the meds, but I'm not expecting miracles. Primarily I think I need to work on my anger and my feelings of insecurity/need for validation from others.

Looking forward to learning from and participating in the community here. 10. Cilla Reply #51 on: Saturday 11 February 2012, 12:33 AM Hello All.

I took up with buddhism last year in about August. I read a heap, got significantly inspired, found a local sangha that suits me, have done one 10 day goenka retreat (in january and before that a 2 day retreat with my zen teacher. My teacher has been

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea away since end of December for a few months and my practice is failing. Since he's been away i've lost momentum and am not meditating daily. I need to find a way back to that. The Goenka retreat while very good, did not help in this matter. I need to sort this out and get back to daily practice. I have done quite a lot of "work" on myself in the past and believe that i can make quite rapid progress in self development with buddhism. (ignore the word self here for me self development is not becoming good in your job, making a lot of money etc. Its development of the character, just like in buddhism - Sorry, i felt i had to clarify that as i have seen the term self development erroneously described in this way by buddhists before).

Aside from that, i lead a pretty simple lifestyle; spending quite a bit of time gardening and caring for a few animals. I live with my father but I'm middle aged. I don't work. Spiritually, i'm a total skeptic 11. Don Reply #57 on: Friday 17 February 2012, 12:38 PM Hi,

I'm a 31 yo M from Hawai'i and I just started practicing Vipassana starting January as a New Year's Resolution. I took an 6 week online course and during the process realized that I wanted to become a Buddhist so I asked my meditation teachers if they could help me to formally take Refuge in the Triple Gem. I am so happy to have finally found my true spiritual path after years of seeking. The online course was based on Sayadaw Mahasi style Vipassana. I have also signed up for my first retreats, one retreat that is 7 days long and another 10 days long. My goal is to be able to someday attend the 3 month retreat at Insight Meditation Center.

I've been looking for a forum to help me with my practice and also to meet some good online Dharma friends. I am a newbie so I'm not sure how much I can contribute in terms of knowledge but I will try to help out when I can. Looking forward to interacting with you all. Take care!

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea With Metta, Don 12. Inconditus Reply #59 on: Friday 17 February 2012, 04:15 PM Greetings,

I stumbled upon Vipassana through a suggestion from a friend. I was ranting about how I was sick of "everything" on another forum and the only response I received was "Vipassana Meditation." A quick google search led me to main website for goenka retreats and I was facinated. My husband and I went on the January 25th-Feb 5th retreat and the whole time I felt like I was going bat shit crazy. Well, in hindsight I was/am crazy all the time but just didn't have the mindfulness to realize it let alone be o.k. with the reality that I created for myself. I really enjoyed the retreat but the one thing that just struck me is in one of the discourses Goenka said (and I'm am butchering this in a badly remembered paraphrase) that we dig many 10 foot holes searching for water and cry because this hole or that hole hasn't quenched our thirst yet. Rather than digging many holes it is wiser to pick one and continue digging.

This was/is hard for me because since highschool I've been a jack of all trades when it comes to spirituality. I've enjoyed mixing meditation techniques, doing chakra sometimes, visualization others, or simply practicing some self reiki to get out the negative junk.

I understand that Vipassana meditation is secular but it was my "hmmm..." moment where I decided to try Vipassana for at least a few months continuing the 1 hour morning and 1 hour in the evening schedule. I would like to commit a year but I'm commitment phobic Already I am having trouble with this. I try to at least sit

for the amount of time whether I do vipassana or anapana or even fall asleep after working late. Hopefully I am creating a habit if nothing else ^_^

This brings me to joining this forum, to find a community of people that can help me and hopefully I can provide some words of wisdom also. Sorry if this post is hard to read. My brain gets jumbled up when it comes to introductions

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea 13. Pbzen Reply #61 on: Saturday 18 February 2012, 08:53 AM I've been meditating for about six months now (usually for about 20 minutes in the evening). I'm looking for other members to trade emails with and give each other support.

I really enjoy listening to gnostic lecturers like Alan Watts and Terence McKenna. Attempting to shed my ego is how I'm challenging myself every day. Meditation has given me a new perspective about my size and place in the universe.

I also have a strong interest in shamanistic rituals and their potential for allowing us to entering a more primal state of mind. Send me a message if you share some of my interests.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Peace, pbzen 14. Satipatthana Reply #71 on: Sunday 26 February 2012, 07:17 AM Greetings All,

Matthew, thanks for adding me. I was a little concerned when I read that "we're now taking new members" that maybe you don't always and maybe I had missed the window of opportunity...

Other interest:

1. I'm an Internet security engineer. Have worked on servers in the pentagon, etc. Currently working for a company that runs fingerprints. 2. Married 16 years, 5 kids, 3 are adopted from Haiti. 3. Getting ready to launch several Internet Marketing ventures. 4. Meditating off-and-on for about a year now, read on meditating for many years, mostly focused on being mindful, then came across some Goenka recordings - 11 of them, I guess his nightly discourse. So I started sitting for a while. 5. I play chess - interested in some games?

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

At any rate, glad to be here. I'll be posting some of my questions out in the other areas of the forum. 15. Teacher Reply #74 on: Tuesday 28 February 2012, 08:20 AM Namaste everybody

Here is my little story about how i got into mindfulness

From past 5 years i was like identified by my ego

. My mind was a total

mess.Constant pressure of career has made my life like a hell.I was drifting through life.3 months back i suddenly got a mental shock thoughts and pain in my head .It was like uncontrolled

.My mind was creating thoughts about

reality,about suicide and everything bad and good. :angel:I was depressed and suicidal .Then i surfed internet to know what has happened to me.I then realized that my ego was collapsed. :)The situation was like spiritual emergency.I continued my research without taking medications.I realized lots of things about life and started to bring mindfulness.It was a great improvement.1 month back i consulted the physchiatrist because although a great improvement was there but i was little bit worried because i am not feeling completely normal. He prescribed me very

mild medication.i am still taking the drugs but continuously doing mindfulness throughout the day (from past 2 months ) and vipassana meditation at night (past 1 month) and really feeling good and lots and lots of improvement.Thoughts are still there but very very few .i have never stilled my mind to such a level from my childhood.So i understand that it will take some time to train my mind to deep stillness. i don't know what type of disorder has caught me in although i suspect it was borderline bipolar disorder . doctors say that there is nothing to worry without mentioning the disorder.Now i feel more or less normal. comments are welcome .... i am a funny guy and i like to make lots of friends. will share more if anybody is interested .i Know it is not a mental disorder forum .So sorry for describing my

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea illness but i now believe that after sufferring comes realization .I want to commit myself to meditation and dhamma .

enjoy and thanks for taking me into this community .My best wishes to all 16. KrAzEeSiK Reply #78 on: Friday 02 March 2012, 10:58 PM Hey everyone. My name is Jeremy. I am currently 22 years old. I was just until recently a Cavalry Scout in the Army for 3 years, now taking back to college and starting a new life yet again. Married for 1 1/2 years. No Children. I am an avid snowboarder and live in NC. I also play golf for the college team where I attend school. I have only studied on meditation for a few weeks now, and I have not actively began practicing it. Before I start I want to make sure I know my intentions, but I am very curious in learning what sort of opinions everyone has to offer me, and helping me with learning. I have PTSD, and I am seeking meditation not only for that reason, but as an open minded individual, I want to explore cultures and practices outside of my "home" nature. From the things I have read from you all I can see that you are most very experienced individuals and I hope to learn and grow in this practice along with anyone else who may be willing to help me on my way to finding myself again. I do have lots of questions and I have an extremely vivid mind and like to discuss out of this world things. I think out loud and have no shame in anyones opinions. Looking forward to hearing from you all and starting my walk down a more peaceful path. 17. Vidar Reply #83 on: Thursday 08 March 2012, 04:43 PM Hi, I'm Vidar. I'm 36. Originally from Norway but live in London. I'm a software developer and entrepeneur.

I'm an atheist, and so a lot of material on various forms of meditation is really offputting because of strong religious overtones. What's drawn me to vipassana is the combination of the tolerance and quite secular nature of buddhism in general, and coming across Mindfulness in Plain English as well as a bunch of podcasts about vipassana at Audio Dharma, in particular a series by Gil Fronsdal, that gave me a "gentle" introduction without the religious aspects.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea I don't consider myself a buddhist, though I consider it possible to be an atheist and a buddhist, but I do find that buddhism has a lot to contribute in terms of life lessons that are applicable whether or not you consider yourself religious. 18. 2cdod Reply #90 on: Thursday 22 March 2012, 09:11 AM Hello every one!

First I have to say that my first language is French so I apology right now for my future errors!

I'm a 21 boy, studying chemistry at the university. I first learn to increase and strengthen my body with running and musculation starting at about 16. But I feel that being balanced is really important in life, so why not cultivate your mind? That's why I'm here as a beginner meditator. An other reason that I'm really interested by meditation is that I'm a "baby polytoxicoman", have been addicted to GHB/GBL last year for 3 months, tried most of opiates, stims and really love MDMA and empathogens and I used these last one with parsimony. Right now I don't see this "experience" as bad as I saw it first: It put me in the most inattentive and confused state, and when I finally took conscience of that, a big desire of attention, peace, and freedom raised in me. My goals right now is to break craving for dugs, just do it for fun in a first time, increasing my meditation, and why not give up all intoxicants in the future. Don't want to suffer anhedonia any more.

I've just come back of a 10 day vipassana retreat (goenka style), but wasn't able to overcome pain and gave up at the end of the 4th day. I was really happy to feel myself progressing fast in these 4 days, but has a baby addict, face undesired pain was really difficult for me, but also very beneficial! I plan to try again this 10 day retreat in a few months, in this time I will develop my practice in my own (already started). I'm a beginner in meditation so I can be false, but these 10 days retreats feel as "dangerous" as psychedelics to me, because the mind is abruptly forced to behave in a way or an other. Dangerous doesn't mean that this can't be really beneficial! I'm passionate by all the interactions between chemical and the human body. Want to be a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, I feel that I can contribute to

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea humanity the most on my little scale by doing this (and become a skill full meditator), transcend my passion of drugs to make something real good for humanity (I don't want to save all humanity or other delusional things, but contribute to the happiness to my level). Help to create safe medicaments with less sides effects etc... According to me, we need antidepressants that balance really the body, not make the user addicted. After balance, meditation can begin! Peace and happiness for all (haha this sound a little "hippie", anyway )

Ho and I didn't read the rules yet, it will be done in a few minutes! 19. TranscenDentist Reply #93 on: Sunday 01 April 2012, 10:34 PM Namaste. Good Evening/Time you're reading this.

I hope your day is going swimmingly so far, if not then see if you can set a minute or so aside to switch off and do nothing.

I'm Chris in Manchester, UK. My principal activity at the moment is fiction writing - I have five projects on the boil.

I am from a performing arts background, mostly plays. I've also spent a lot of my working time as a salesperson.

I first got interested in meditation around 10 years ago when the characters used it in one of my books. I read a few books about meditation as well as using popular media images in TV & Film to write that.

I have been meditated daily for around 1 month as part of a complete overhaul I'm giving myself in 2012 which includes dieting, stop drinking alcohol and more. I have an addictive personality so when I put the brakes on, all these other 'addictions' quickly stepped up to try to replace the old ones including computer games and smoking cannabis. However, I spotted this fairly early on so I made a commitment to myself to replace the old addiction with a new positive regular action or event such as improving my handwriting, voluntary work and meditation.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

I have an incredibly inflated ego and this is something I'd look to work on/with/out with meditation as I feel it is getting in the way of my professional and personal relationships.

That's enough Me, Me, Me (struggling to type that with sincerity), what about You, You, You?

Chris x 20. Flowair Reply #99 on: Wednesday 25 April 2012, 08:13 PM Hello to you all,

I am a 28y librarian, programmer, story writer and too much of a auto-distracting deep thinker. Thinking, i.e. developing mental railways around various complicated concepts and theories is what I tend to do excessively, I often can't stop until I get completely tangled up in them. Some might consider that is quite autistic, they could be right but I don't bother too much. At last it is something I can deal with cool-headed as long I can manage to earn a living myself, which includes being capable of team-work and having enough social skills to contribute actively to a warm working athmosphere.

Started my meditation 2007 from five minutes with the aid of a german amateur meditation instruction podcast without any spiritual background, simply to get and keep the mind aware of the breath, and then at last to fit it for my diploma thesis project. I really like to remember those moments of overwhelming confidence passing along and finally I did succeed better than I ever expected. Still thereafter I slowly expanded my sessions up to an hour, however with long periods of not meditating at all lacking a valid reason.

A big challenge to me is to integrate awareness, mindfulness, calm abiding and equanimity in my every-day life. My meditation sessions are of varying duration and aren't very stable. I sometimes feel like I am better off declaring "begin to meditate" to a invariant feature of my life draft.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

Kind regards, flowair

21. Falkov Reply #102 on: Sunday 29 April 2012, 09:07 PM I guess I better introduce myself, since this place seems nice enough to hang out. Currently, live and work in Boca Raton FL USA. I am a tennis coach for the past 15 years, also do side study on ( CCNA) Wireless and IT stuff just in case I want out of tennis; before that worked for NASA for awhile, served as an Infantryman too. I have been doing meditation since thirteen- my own choosing- at the same time,making all kind of silly mistakes and facing pitfalls as mentioned in the teaching. I find it amusing that people sometimes expect me to be able to fly, do some exotic stuff or go to different dimensions- reason why I chose meditation in the first place.

Now I am over 40, I am still learning/ mastering even from the least inexperience person, and life goes on like usual whether a person has been meditating for one day, one year, 10 years. Man, woman, child, wealthy, medium income, poor- blah, blah, blah..... I see it's silly to attempt whatever which got me started in

meditation. After all, what good is living in a nice country club environment or having a super power, if one is always angry, fearful of one's own demons and never find peace w/ in oneself. I actually thought about entering a monastic life

long ago, spent some time there and realized that it wasn't the dead silent structures/ lifestyle that bothered me - but the never ending thoughts and restless mind was what I had to work on.

After many years w/ Samadhi, I felt restless even after a good session- it helped me to focus much better, at least-but still felt like I had to move on to something different that I wasn't on the right track. Then, I started mainly on Sati (mindfulness) which I had experienced somewhere, somehow before- through the study of Buddhism too, perhaps. And I discovered that I could really see w/ my own eyes. I wasn't seeing w/ my thought anymore. The trees were really green in color (as we describe it). And the real journey begins.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea 22. Hestorsisten Reply #113 on: Saturday 05 May 2012, 12:54 PM Hi. My name is Tarjei and I am a 22 year old student from Norway. Ive been studying sports and a little psychology, but will from August start studying music (no consistency and plan in my studies, I know:) I have always been interested in how the brain and the mind works and when I stumbled upon mindfulness and meditation I thought I would give it a try. I have been practicing for six months and my interest and curiosity for it is growing. My agenda by joining the community (witch is great btw!) is to learn more about meditation and mindfulness and maybe get some answers I am wondering about and will wonder about in the future. I have always had a busy mind that is always way ahead of me, and chasing the next "big fix" that undoubtedly will make me happy. The problem is it doesn't last. The concept of inner peace is compelling and I believe that is my main motivation for practicing mindfulness and joining this community:) 23. Chazara Reply #119 on: Wednesday 09 May 2012, 04:52 PM Hi there everyone, just had my confirmation email and very eager to join this, what seems to be, close community.

So a little about myself; My names Chester, 21 years of age, living near the coast of Wales and next to Snowdon mountain. I have an older brother who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and a single parent, mother.

I started practicing meditation last summer whilst hitch-hiking through Europe but drifted away from it. I had a bit of a cannabis smoking problem for a very long time too, and have recently re-discovered meditation. It seems to give me the high that I was constantly after but never quite being satisfied. Clean for almost a month now and feeling extremely positive with my mind state.

My reason for wanting to join this community is for a number of reasons. To learn about different methods of meditation, to help find methods of cleansing my ego, and to find like-minded people to share my life stories with (Facebook and like for like social networks just don't do it for me).

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

So, hello all, thanks for having me! If you would like to ask me anything, go right ahead, I have many questions to ask all of you!!Chaz (You can call me Chez, Chaz, Chester, Chestnut... well, anything begining with "Ch" will normally do 24. Shu Reply #125 on: Tuesday 26 June 2012, 01:04 PM Hi everybody! My name is Stefan, I'm 39 years old. )

Eight months ago I started to meditate after reading some books by Jon Kabat-Zinn about MBSR. I slowly developed a regular practice and for the last two months I meditate on a daily basis. I have a long history of depression, social anxiety and addictions as self-medication. Meditation, awareness, focussing on the moment help me to deal with this.

This is a great forum and I learned a lot by reading the old threads. Many inspiring thoughts by good people. Thanks for having me! 25. Redalert Reply #134 on: Friday 24 August 2012, 06:16 PM hello everyone, I've been meditating for 3 yrs. I practice vipassana (goenka tradition), this seems to be a really good fit with me at the present moment, but i am also involved with a temple near home that is sri lanken based and most of the devotees practice meditation in a similar tradition to bhante henepola gunaratana. i believe this practice places more emphasis on attaining jhana, and does not seem to work with sensations the way goenka vipassana does. This has led to some interesting discussions as we discuss the sutras, some disagreements occur when I seem to place emphasis on sensation. I've sat half a dozen goenka retreats including the satipatthana sutra course and served on a few others, no long courses as of yet, and I am aware that goenka probes into this technique deeper on the long courses. Most of my practise to date has been experiental (goenka retreats and retreats by different visiting monks at the temple), and I have only recently started discussing and reading the sutras (6 months). My knowledge is quite weak in this department, so bare with me. Meditation has changed my life for the better, and I openly encourage others to start sitting in whichever tradition fits them.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea I am very eager to learn from all of you and your particular traditions. metta, redalert 26. Liam Reply #163 on: Saturday 08 December 2012, 03:29 PM Hello, my name is Liam. I'm 25 years old, I'm from central Wisconsin, USA and I'm relatively new to meditation. I've always felt there was a deeper reality than what has been presented. I was born and raised Christian, but very early I realized something didn't quite add up, at least not the intreparation of the gospel I received. About 8 months ago, I came across "Mindfulness in Plain English". I found it very fascinating, I became enamoured with vipassana meditation and the Eastern school of thought in general. Unfortunately, there's a shortage of Teachers where I'm from and Buddhists in general so I started searching online to find a community I could come to with questions and concerns. Many thanks in advance! 27. Charlemagne Reply #170 on: Saturday 22 December 2012, 07:02 AM Hi. My name is Matt. I have been interested in meditation for a long time, but only earlier this year committed to a 10 day vipassana retreat in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. The feeling of peace was palpable, as it should be when you are focusing on your body 8 hours a day haha.

I am now in Changsha, Hunan province, China teaching English at a university. I have a lot of free time here - work a bit under 3 hrs a day at most, sometimes less than 2 - which I use to explore a lot of hobbies. I appreciate the mental aspect of these hobbies most of all - improvising until a good melody wobbles out of my mouth, penning gibberish until a good lyric leaks onto the page, inventing prospective memory exercises to practice on the (crowded) streets, studying nonverbal communication by consciously controlling them in myself, looking closely at the environment for aberrations which might cue me into a lucid dream, etc. It's getting more and more interesting.

I am having trouble with some parts of meditation, however. I am a novice, so I can't offer much advice. I am hoping that the members here can help.

Very glad to be here

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea 28. Mushtaq Ali Jindani Reply #176 on: Saturday 29 December 2012, 06:14 AM I have just finished a 10 day Vipassana program at Kaufman Texas from 05 to 16 December 2012. It was a phenomenal spiritually up lifting experience. I wish I would have learnt Vipassana long time ago. It is said that when a student is ready, the master arrives!

I have already started experiencing subtle spiritual benefits. My concentration has improved. Need for sleep has lessened. drowsiness during meditation is not worrisome. Duration to remain in the present time has increased.

I have been practicing TM for a long time. I learned it during the Beatles era, in 1967. Learning and practicing TM has been an amazing experience. I am immensely grateful to late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for the same. I have however, felt reaching plateau limiting my further progress.

Buddha has always fascinated me. Now I know that not only he was Enlightened one but also discovered a path to allow any serious seeker to discover enlightenment with in. 29. Naveen Reply #180 on: Sunday 06 January 2013, 06:40 PM Hi this is Naveen from shreveport, louisiana , USA. I'm a Chemical Engineer working for a refinery in shreveport as process engineer. I was introduced to Vipassana last year by my friend and I attended a 10-day course at Kaufman, TX. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and realized so much, the course has brought great changes to my life and I already see lot of happiness in continuum ever since I been there in december. I got a pay rise / bonus when i returned back, i won a lottery / got lots of expensive christmas gifts and made some many good friends in just one month after the course..and yes, the hardest part is to stay un-reactive to these positive sensation i'm encountering!! its really hard to remain un-baised to the money & happiness I'm receiving in my life. I continue to do Vipassana everday 2 hours and every day is a new experience. I see my body becoming fitter with y workout paying off more than ever. I'm starting to find happiness in everything i do..even the smallest things that i did not recognise before. I started to become more

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea humorous person and see everyone start to like me. I' being invited to many parties and find people talking to me. I see beautiful girls hitting on me. ans yes, yet again the hardest part for me is to stay calm and observe the great things that are happening to my life. Other greatest things i started to observe are my memory / attention & have improved significantly. i learn things faster and i can stay focused longer. I workout and m not tired for a long time. i feel i have so much energy and i run for 10 miles without gasping/panting much!! everyday i wake up fresh to office with lots of energy without having to drink coffee..another change i have made to my life is i drink 2 liters of water everyday with yogurt in my breakfast and it greatly changed my energy levels. Yes, absolutley I'm in love with my life and i can see lots of positive energy around me..thanks to vipassana, thanks to my teachers for the dhamma. thanks to everyone in my life for driving me to take this path. Sab ka mangal ho....and yes tera mangal ho.... 30. K33pitpg Reply #183 on: Sunday 20 January 2013, 04:58 PM Hello I have recently started meditating... within the last 2 months. Before I ever even attempted to meditate I did a decent amount of research and reading about meditation, compassion, kindness, benefits of helping others, the attempt of many people around the world to try and achieve happiness through obtaining materialistic things (the never-ending quest) etc... When I did decide to sit down and attempt to meditate I was extremely optimistic about it and I believe this is why I was able to start clearing my mind within the first week and, in fact, the most profound experience I have had was within the first week of meditation. Since then I have had many profound experiences, then again, to me just being able to clear ones mind is quite profound. None-the-less I have had some things happen to me that I have been extremely confused about. The thing that I have been the most confused about is involuntary movements that happen to me every time I meditate. The reason this is so confusing to me is because most of what I have read has lead me to believe that when you meditate the best way to do it is by staying completely still... that there is a direct correlation between keeping your body still and your mind.... with one comes the other or it at least helps. However, another thing that I have read is that you should not try and control or prevent any thoughts from happening... that when thoughts do happen you should just recognize them and let them go on their own. So... I have been under the assumption that this should be

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea true for movements of the body as well. And, in fact, by letting these movements happen I have felt more energetic and at times it is as if I am gathering energy from around me and inhaling it, which when I do this, it is quite a euphoric feeling. Anyways.... I apologize about the long post but just wondering if anyone has any insight to these things that I have been experiencing and if anyone has any advice so that I can fully benefit from these movements that occur every single day when I meditate. THANKS!! 31. Wintermute Reply #194 on: Wednesday 13 February 2013, 01:27 PM Hello Fellow Meditators,

I am from Hungary, I'm 35 and currently on a 10 month trip around India. I had my fair share of abuse as a child, which lead me to build walls that guarded me from my feelings as well as other people. Looking back at my life I can see a long streak of destruction paved with substance and humanoid abuse, wealth and talent wasted in abundance. However I was always accompanied by a touch of good humor and deep sensitivity that I mostly kept locked away.

My spiritual background is weak to say the least. My first brief ego-less moment came about ten years ago right at the beginning of Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now. They were a blissful few seconds that quickly faded into a dear memory, but never faded completely. My decision to start doing yoga and start searching for it again came at the (in)famous OZORA Festival in Hungary, where instead of partying with the crowds I chose to wander off and surrender to the curious perspective MDMA and LSD provide. It did not provide comprehensive answers, but it definitely asked the right questions and provided temporary libearion - something I strive for. So after 18 months of militant Iyengar yoga and another OZORA, I quit my job, sold my appartment and off to India I went.

It was quite clear I will be doing a Vipassana course during these 10 months, and the time came on the 16th of January, in the wonderful facility of Dhamma Setu, in Chennai. I had no idea what it really was, I didn't even know it was a meditation technique. When my friends told me to go and do it and I just said fine, they refused to say another word about it.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea I sat around for one day, watching my breath patiently and diligently. The next morning around 9 in the morning I had a terrible drug flashback which lasted about 2 scary hours filled with nausea, paranoia and utmost misery. And at around half past eleven the crying started. And it lasted seven days. Meditating, scanning, improving my sight inwards, nausea, crying. My soul was torn open, all the pain pouring out. From that first powerful experience I put all I had into it and knew that this is it. This is what I have been looking for. So ever since, I practice 50 minutes every morning and night. I have had the "resolution" of my sight make a leap twice with some light and now familiar sickness following. I feel my feelings, can name them, see them wash over me and fade away and I spend at least some of my day being aware of it all. I have some hard, physical determination sessions and some matrix flashes where I just concentrate not to be swept away by the awesomeness of the moment, but mostly I just sit, scan up and down, working patiently and diligently.

I come from a strong nerd background, having been a gamer most all my life, so I had to dig up a forum. Any EVE players here maybe?

Metta to all of you! 32. Tomontheway Reply #197 on: Tuesday 19 February 2013, 11:38 AM Hello everyone

My name is Thomas. 10 years ago I had an experience which made me start meditating. Since then I've been meditating on and off. Never longer than 4 weeks in one go. But also never off for more than 4-8 weeks except when I was living in Florida for two years learning to fly and caught up in the Tom Cruise lifestyle.

Looking back I feel as though I've been on a mental journey that has taken me nowhere, pure disillusionment. BUT, this is why I'm here. I need help and I need to be in contact with other meditators. I believe now that a sustained practice is the number one priority for me. I'm not sure how I can help others, but I have made many mistakes and repeated them many times.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

Thank you 33. Windaub Reply #207 on: Sunday 14 April 2013, 10:02 PM Hi, my name is Vincent, I'm french, I found this forum looking for a place to talk and ask questions about my Vipassana experiences and learn from others experiences. I've always been interested in spirituality, and in september 2011 I took a Vipassana course in Dhamma Mahi in France. I praticed very irregularly since then because I was smoking a lot and I couldn't meditate seriously. But eventually, and I think mostly thanks to vipassana, I became more aware of the mecanism of my addiction and I finally stopped smoking 2 weeks ago.

Now I'm ready to begin to work seriously and that's why I'm here! Glad to be among you! 34. J0rrit Reply #209 on: Wednesday 17 April 2013, 08:33 AM Hello,

My name is Jorrit, and I'm Dutch. I'm practicing mindfulness-meditation for 8 months now, from which 4,5 month everyday. I'm practicing Vipassana a now for a month daily (every morning 45 minutes) and I did a weekend meditation (not a real retraite, but meditating from 10.00-18.00 saturday and sunday). Since a month I notice great effects from the meditation, before this I never came to good acceptions from my thoughts and feelings, and now I look back at it I think I practised more Samatha than actual Mindfulness till a month ago (that's when I started at a Vipassana meditation centre in Amsterdam). I have a question; in one topic someone posted that there are neurophysiology topics/posts on this forum about meditation, but I can't find these....Can someone help me with this? Thanks in advance, greets 35. Bram Reply #219 on: Monday 13 May 2013, 03:38 AM Hi all,

I just found this site while I was surfing, and liked what I saw, so here I am!

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

I am 61 years old, semi-retired, from the north of England originally, now living in Malaysia. After a youth spent engulfed in psychedelia, I originally learned to meditate in my early 20's through the Divine Light Mission (Guru Maharaji).

Then I did nothing about it for several decades whilst engaged in the chores of a householder, raising a family, having a successful and highly stressful career. I rediscovered meditation through Buddhism, specifically through buddhist chanting music on the internet, and started meditating seriously about 2.5 years ago.

I have been overstrenuously applying myself to samadhi meditation, and letting my expectations block my progress. After much frustration, I discovered equanimity and I am finally finding some joy in practice.

I am going on my first 10-day vipassana retreat here in Penang at the end of this month, and I am looking forward to this very much (but without expectations of course!)

Love to all,

Bram 36. KenB Reply #230 on: Wednesday 29 May 2013, 03:41 AM Greetings! I'm not sure how to begin to introduce myself. I've meditated off and on for about 10 years and, after a long "off" period, I'm back with a renewed motivation. I am struggling/coping/dealing with depression and am incorporating meditation as a primary method. I'm also investigating MBCT and MBSR as my life is quite stressful now -- I've got about another foot of rope left but then I'm at the end (there is no relevant choice of "smiley face" for my situation -- they are all so cheerful!). I've meditated in several different ways but never adhering to a particular school. I've studied the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I'm currently going through "Insight Meditation" by Salzberg and Goldstein. And I'm reading some books my the MBCT crew -- "The Mindful Way Through Depression," &c.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea I've studied Carl Jung's work and other Jungians quite a bit. I'm the president of the local Jung Society -- The Kansas City Friends of Jung -- and try to apply analytical psychology to my work and practice. I've tried some of the meditation technologies: Holosync and HeartMath. I've used Holosync for a while but the cost is prohibitive (especially since I'm currently unemployed). I've just begun using HeartMath's Inner Balance and find it an interesting tool -- more use will reveal it's longstanding utility. I guess that's it for now. I hope to contribute to ongoing discussions and start some new ones. I find interacting with people a bit draining (I'm an extreme introvert) and so often can't find the energy to formulate a comment or initial posting. But I'm working on that. We'll see how successful I am. This looks like an amazing and supportive and very sincere group here and I'm very glad I've found you. Most of the meditation forums I've found have been quite ... well, let's just say "insincere" and leave it at that. Looking forward to interacting with you and sharing my experiences along my journey. Ken 37. Hottyicecat Reply #233 on: Wednesday 29 May 2013, 05:12 PM Hello~ My name is Aivars 21 male from Latvia I started recently practicing meditation, hope i don't do it wrong. I kinda got interested in a lot of things, because of meditation and I'm reading lots of stuff in Access to Insight not sure whats right or wrong there, but i like it. There have been some few things to which I cant find answers there and neither on google, so after im done checking this forum i probably gonna post some questions, but I'm not sure what questions i might ask and which one i cant. Is it only about a specify thing like meditation or a belief or not really,this forum? 38. Dimeo Reply #235 on: Thursday 13 June 2013, 02:22 AM Hello everyone, I've been getting back into meditation again lately the past few months, and I'm starting to mediate daily now.

I was first introduced to mediation when a friend asked if I wanted to go check out an introductory session to mahamudra. I really liked it and continued returning

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea every week for a while after that. Then off and on again for the past ten years.

I've found mediation to be very helpful in so many ways lately. I get far better sleep than ever and fall asleep faster without as much tossing and turning. I find I keep returning to this inner refuge, no matter how crazy my day at work has been, or how painful life at home can be. It really is amazing in so many ways, and keeps getting more so as I practice more.

I'm looking forward to sharing many great conversations here with everyone. 39. Tomek Reply #236 on: Thursday 13 June 2013, 01:04 PM Hi All,

Came here to further my meditation practice. I kind of played with it fot the last couple of years but never became as serious about it as I wish. Now I want to start meditating daily and share my experience. Why am I doing this? To make it short: I discovered that meditation (and yoga) make me calm, focus better, be more empathetic, creative and egoless. It's also great tool for fighting other things that I am fed up with, especially procastrination. 40. Princekakarot Reply #238 on: Monday 17 June 2013, 08:23 AM Hi to all! My name is vivek,28yr old male from mumbai,india.Have been quite irregular with meditation as well as gathering knowledge. Had ups and downs so far in life which just added to my experience,hopefully i learn to use them. I was really elated to see this forum and topics posted on it,which solves mainly the common doubts which one has,including me! Hope i learn more from the posts as well as get regular on my meditation. Thank you! 41. Eklavya Reply #240 on: Sunday 23 June 2013, 06:48 PM Hello to all !

I am an ordinary student of meditation from India. For the past 10 years, I have been practicing meditation. There has been some spiritual progress but still lot of

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea improvement is required.

I hope to learn/deepen my knowledge of meditation here.


Eklavya 42. Tirui Reply #244 on: Friday 12 July 2013, 02:54 PM Hi everyone,

I started my buddhist journey in 2011 (starting to listen to Audiodharma and Dharmaseed podcasts and read informative online documents) and after giving it a break for six months, noticed that this was a big mistake. So, I'm learning, reading, listening and meditating with great faith (and hopefully some wisdom). My biggest wish is to be able to go on retreat some day (probably somewhere in Europe, where I live). Married, three adult sons, two big dogs and three cats can make it - uhm challenging to meditate, but I've become an expert in just meditating when I can and no story making when I'm interrupted or when a cat decides to lovingly dig some nails in my leg

Metta 43. Cascade Reply #246 on: Wednesday 17 July 2013, 08:15 AM Hello! Another Dharma fellow here. I've been practicing meditation for the past 8 years or so off and on. Like many people these days I find it difficult to find the time to meditate appropriately but love to do it when I can. One of the largest distractions happens to be my profession. I'm a beer brewer by trade and as I'm sure many of you know intoxicants have a mostly negative effect when trying to achieve meditation however, I still try to get some time in every morning before tasting panels at 10 am. Furthermore, I too, am the proud father of 3 felines so I definitely know where your coming from Tiruri.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

I joined this forum because lately I have hit a new level in my practice and I'm beginning to feel secluded as I am the only person that I know who meditates regularly. Lately I can't seem to stop reading Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha located in the library and have found it useful as an inspiration tool to get my butt out of bed early and get it done. Cheers! Cas 44. JaRoD Reply #250 on: Thursday 25 July 2013, 08:57 AM Hello everyone

A bit of something about me:

I started meditating about 4 years after realising I had to do something about my life or I'd go insane or something. Have been shy most of my life and always feeling I was worthless and addicted to movies and computergames for a very long time. And just generally being scared of changes in my life. At first sitting just 5 minutes was about what I could manage without getting extremely restless. Over the years there have been ups and downs but on slowly I've noticed changes in myself.

And the past 6 months the changes have started going faster since gaming and movies have less of a grip on me, meaning I have more time to meditate. And 2 weeks ago I asked a friend out on a date and got yes but only as friends. And I took that harder than I imagined. Then a few days later she didn't even feel comfortable going to a movie as friends. Of course I thought I had lost her as a friend and took it extremely hard... I actually lost all feelings about her and what had happened for over a day.

It's been an interesting 2 weeks to say the least, extremely emotional. And I'm extremely grateful for it happening this way since I've had to be ok with that's been coming up all the time. And I'm not quite the same man as I was 2 weeks ago and now I just wish her love and happiness. And for the first time in as far as I can remember I can actually smile and feel happy about myself and life.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

And my practice is counting breath and labeling according to Shinzen Young. 45. Reply #252 on: Tuesday 30 July 2013, 10:33 AM Namaste (Hello Everyone)!

I am an old Goenka student, started meditation around eleven years back. I wish I had come across this forum much earlier! I have been pretty much with anicca after the first 10-day course though it was a long haul to adjust to the new life and still requires a great deal of effort, it would have been great to learn about other people who meditate. Since college I felt strange and different since I knew no one else with a regular Vipassana practise. I try to sit regularly but still struggle with being disciplined and tend to sit at varying times during the day. I still struggle with sleep ... Work as a technical writer on and off. I am from India and this year completed pilgrimage to the place of birth and enlightenment of Gautama, the Buddha, I also visited Savatthi - my favorite place to meditate. May all be safe, happy and healthy, may all progress on the path of Dhamma. Metta, Pooja 46. Ckjojo Reply #254 on: Wednesday 14 August 2013, 08:12 AM Hi all,

I am Cheryl and new to meditation, have only been practicing regularly for 2 months. I have not properly attended any meditation retreats before even though I did spent two 4-days personal retreat at Watt Chom Thong in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Based on what I heard and read, the short period I spent there even though is good for a start but not enough for me to experience anything substantial.

I have just recently moved back to Jakarta, Indonesia and would be keen to connect with fellow meditators who live here or maybe to get some guidance on any good centers around here, the only one I know is the Goenka's vipassana center in Bogor, which is an hour away from Jakarta, but still undecided about it. Growing up with a

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea different religion, I do not know many people who practice meditation. I still keep in touch with my teacher from Watt Chom Thong but it will be good to exchange experiences as well with others as I don't want to disturb my teacher with too many small questions.

With kindness, C 47. Catsquotl Reply #258 on: Wednesday 21 August 2013, 04:51 PM Hi,

I have been on and off the spiritual path for the last 20 years. Always on the sidelines. After having gone through what looked like some sort of midlife crises period a winter ago I slowly got back into what feels important.

About 2 months ago I decided no more tv, books or any external stimulus appart from what my family, wife, 6 children and a full time job can provide.. Which looking at it like that should be plenty shouldn't it. I figured I had enough bagage to start meditating again more regularly. After a month of slowly getting into meditation once a day i noticed I had some more need for mental information on practice, purpose, goal etc.

I found this place and looked at the book section. Found mastering the core teachings of the buddha by D Ingram and found it to be very enlightning... from that listened to a few dharma books by Jack Kornfield and am slowly preparing for a first 15 day retreat in germany at

Being dutch myself I was wondering if anyone here knows of theravada based vipassana teachers in holland, preferably dana based near the north east of the country.. I think I could benifit from sitting with someone for a while....

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea From just sitting and trying to be mindfull of the breath. I have been experimenting a bit with noting, and walking. Got up to sitting about 40 to 45 minutes twice a day and switched to 25 minutes walking and 25 minutes sitting per session twice a day.. The sits I start in sort of burmese position.(can't get my knees on the floor just yet) and usualy switch over to seiza after 15 to 20 minutes.. Seiza is a bit easier for me I gues having had to sit in prolonged seiza often during 18 years of aikido practise . Stil I am grasping at the idea that croslegged or burmese is a more stable position.. experientally I notice that i tend to drift more easily when sitting seiza causing my body to sway back and forth. like falling asleep and the jerking awake again... With Love Eelco 48. Yossarian Reply #261 on: Monday 07 October 2013, 11:44 PM Hi everybody, I've been lurking around here for a while and finally decided to introduce myself. I've been meditating sporadically for roughly five years. I initially became interested in meditation while stationed in Korea (formerly USAF) I used it as a means to combat what I perceived to be an attention deficit after reading scientific literature demonstrating its utility. During my first 4.5 years I occasionally practiced only nasal anapana with in/out labeling and had some remarkable experiences early on. some very similar to this: And others that were much more significant (sat down at chow one day and realized that what was on my plate was not a sloppy joe but rather dead cow on a bun. Trust me, there's a difference) In late May I completed my first Goenka retreat. It was good if a bit Cult-y. I almost had a nervous breakdown in the process but I also got IT so the pain was ultimately worthwhile. I look forward to engaging some of the concepts bounced around here and being more involved generally. Nice to meet you all! 49. DK Reply #263 on: Tuesday 08 October 2013, 06:56 AM Hello everyone, and thank you for allowing me to join the community.

My name is Dominic, and I don't really know what to say about myself that won't

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea be revealed more accurately in my posting and the way I communicate. Perhaps most relevant is that I highly value meditation as a tool and for its instrumental benefits: so I will explain why I wanted to join and my interest here.

There is a quote attributed to Siddhartha Gautama that goes "I teach one thing and one thing only - suffering and the end of suffering". This is a very precise explanation for why I do what I do, why I study, why I practice, why I act in the way's I act - something feels "off", and all my drives are toward remedying that. "How can I find comfort in my own skin?", "How can I come to terms with things as they are?", and "What if I'm wrong?" Many questions of this nature: some more subtle, some more easily explained. To use another example, I feel like the wheel that doesn't quite fit its axle. Not necessarily a horrible thing, but a something...a something that calls to be addressed.

My meditation practice has been a blessing to help me cultivate a mind that can work more efficiently in this direction. It has helped me identify some of my habitual responses and work to decondition them; promotes calm which allows for more use of intelligent action during what would normally be times of emotional turmoil; gives a mental clarity that makes rigorous investigation into my own mind less egotistical and what I want it to be and more realistic and what is; develops a command of concentration that can be used in a multitude of situations; there is much for me to be thankful for.

All in all, I want to communicate with others who take up this invaluable practice, because there is so much I can learn from those who are more versed or experienced, or simply think differently from myself. This is the only community I've found where people look within themselves rather than look around them, which was the step I had to take before I really felt I was heading towards what I am looking for.

This feels to me the right direction for my life at this time, so here I am; thankful for this place and all those who do as they do for their own reasons.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

Thank you for allowing me to be here. 50. Ramat Reply #267 on: Wednesday 16 October 2013, 10:45 PM Hello Everyone

My name is Rama. I am 50 years old. I am practicing meditation from last 10 years. I do meditation everyday in the morning for about an hour. I follow a system called Pranahuti Aided meditation. I am very happy with my inner changes. I am leading a peaceful happy life. My goal is to reach the Ultimate Reality behind all existence which is within all of us. This is same as realizing inner true self or finding your place in this creation/universe.

I joined this forum to make more friends , have meaningful discussions, gain from others experiences/insights and also to share my own experiences.

I see the need to spread spirituality in this world which is above religion to make this world a better place to live. I think that all the people in this forum are already making difference that way. I am happy about that. I am more interested in people having a clear goal and doing meditation or some practices to achieve the goal rather than just talking.

Please share your opinions.

Namasthe. (this means salutations to divinity in you all) Reply With Quote

Surs comentarii:,1711.0.html7

Din aceste comentarii am selectat informaiile pe baza a 7 variabile, dup cum urmeaz:,1711.0.html (Accesat la 20.10.2013, 14:27)

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea *Sexul persoanei F=0, M=1 **Vrsta, ca variabil nominal unde tnr=sub 40 ani, n vrst=peste 40 ani, tnr=0, n vrst=1 ***Problemele i dac le-au ntmpinat sau nu pe parcursul vieii, ca motiv pentru a ncepe practica meditaiei, DA/NU ****Informarea, dac aceasta a avut loc sau nu naintea nceperii practicii de meditaie *****Momentul n care s-a nceput practica meditaiei, unde recent=mai puin de 1 an, de o anumit perioad=peste 1 an, recent=0, de o anumit perioad=1 ******Dificulti i dac acestea au existat n ceea ce privete practica meditaiei DA/NU *******Rezultatele n urma practicii meditaiei i dac acestea au fost pozitive sau nu DA/NU

Nr. Crt.

* Femeie=0 Brbat=1

** Tnr=0 n vrst=1

*** Probleme DA/NU

**** Informare DA/NU

***** Recent=0 De o anumit perioad=1

****** Dificulti DA/NU

******* Rezultate Pozitive DA/NU

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0

0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0



0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0



Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 NU DA DA NU DA DA NU DA DA DA DA NU NU NU NU NU DA DA DA DA NU DA DA NU NU DA DA NU DA NU DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA NU DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA NU NU DA DA DA DA NU DA NU DA DA DA NU DA 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 NU DA NU NU DA DA NU DA NU NU NU NU NU DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA NU DA NU NU DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA NU DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea
46 47 48 49 50 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 NU DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA 0 1 1 1 1 DA DA DA NU NU DA DA DA DA DA

n urma acestei baze de date am elaborat urmtorul tabel de concluzii:

Numr persoane care practic meditaia Brbai Care au avut probleme dea lungul vieii. Care nu au avut probleme de-a lungul vieii. Femei Care au avut probleme dea lungul vieii. Care nu au avut probleme de-a lungul vieii. 5 10 5 17 40 33

Procentaj din numrul total de persoane 80% 66%


20% 10%


66% Dintre brbaii care practic meditaia au avut probleme de-a lungul vieii care s i determine s nceap practica meditaiei. 34% Nu au avut Procentajul de femei care practic meditaia este egal n ceea ce privete faptul c au avut sau nu probleme de-a lungul vieii, i anume 10%.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Graficul urmtor descrie numrul de persoane care au obinut rezultate pozitive n urma meditaiei, n funcie de momentul n care au decis s practice meditaia, recent sau de o anumit perioad de timp.

Nr persoane = 50

1=2% 2=2% 3=52% 4=44%

2% Dintre persoanele care practic recent meditaia nu au observat schimbri benefice n urma acesteia. 2% Dintre persoanele care practic de o perioad de vreme meditaia nu au observat schimbri benefice n urma acesteia. 52% Dintre persoanele care practic recent meditaia au observat schimbri benefice n urma acesteia. 44% Dintre persoanele care practic de o perioad de vreme meditaia au observat schimbri benefice n urma acesteia.

Prin urmare, concluzia la care am ajuns este c majoritatea persoanelor (96%) care practic meditaia au observat schimbri benefice n urma acesteia. De asemenea, att tabelul, ct i graficul ne rspund la ntrebarea de cercetare, i anume dac meditaia este doar o simpl metod de relaxare sau contribuie la rezolvarea problemelor.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

ETAPA a 3-a
Interviurile (transcript):
Primul interviu mi-a fost acordat de ctre un prieten care locuiete n Petersborough, Anglia i practic meditaia de la vrsta de 12 ani. A avut diverse probleme pe care nu a dorit s le mprteasc n amnunt, ns care l-au marcat i l-au determinat s continue pe aceast cale. Interviul l-am realizat via Skype, dar am reuit s parcurg toate ntrebrile pn la sfrit.

Transcript interviu 1 Eu: Spune-mi cum te-ai autocaracteriza, zi-mi trsturi de caracter ale tale. Participant: Pi...lintit, persoan calm, mm... nu am foarte foarte neah.. calm n general. :) Eu: Zi-mi un personaj preferat, un idol, cineva cu care te asemeni, cineva cu care te identifici. P: Dalai Lama! Eu: De ce? P: E un om extraordinar, un om cu o putere de-aia mental foarte mare, i bineneles un lider spiritual pentru toi tibetanii. Eu: i tu vrei s fii un lider spiritual la rndul tu? P: m nu, nu, nu ,nu, vreau doar s fiu... s ajung la punctul la care a ajuns el. Eu: Adic...explic-mi. P: Stabilitate mental foarte foarte bun, foarte puternic n care poi s judeci totul la rece i foarte, foarte bine.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Eu: Exista cineva care te-a influenat sau care te-a determinat s te apuci s meditezi? P: nu, nu, nu ,nu, eu din simpl i pur curiozitate, am zis s caut ceva diferit de normala i banala religie, poate ceva mai interesant, ceva mai frumos i am gsit budismul, printre care i meditaia, care te ajut foarte mult. Eu: Povestete-mi un moment sau o ntmplare care te-a determinat s tiu...c bnuiesc c a fost o ntmplare care te-a determinat s te apuci de meditat. P: ...da, mai multe, una dintre ele a fost decesul strbunicii fost o perioad mai nasoal pentru familie, a trebuit s am linite, s m regsesc ntr-un fel i am zis s ncep cu meditaie. i a mers. Eu: Aa, detaliaz, spune-mi. P: Pi..meditaia am nceput-o undeva la o perioad, la vreo 14-15 ani cnd am ncercat s studiez mult, mult mai mult i mai n amnunt ce se ntmpl i care-s detaliile i am reuit s...s nv exact ce trebuie, baza de la care am dezvoltat totul i am ajuns unde sunt acum. Eu: Ce fel de meditaie practici? P: Aaah :D, pi o meditaie personal a putea spune, care se aseamn cu una dintre cele mai vechi meditaii budiste.., cred c se numete Vipsana, dac nu greesc... Eu: Vipassana am citit undeva.. P: Vipassana sau Vipsana, nu mai tiu... oricum, e un nume foarte, foarte greu de pronunat, e o meditaie simpl, fr foarte multe de.....implicaii, tehnici, foarte multe lucruri de fcut, se axeaz foarte mult pe calmitate, pe concentraie i...abilitatea de a-i elibera mintea de gnduri. Eu: Am neles! :) De ct timp practici meditaia? Momentul n care te-ai apucat.. P: Aaaah...12 ani..uu (rde) Eu: (rde) Cam devreme! E bine, ai ceva ani n spate! P: (rde) Da, acum am realizat i eu!

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Eu: Cum ai inceput s meditezi? Ai luat cursuri, te-ai informat? Ai practicat vreun curs, chiar aa? P: Nup, n-am practicat niciun fel de curs, am cutat doar pe internet, cri i am citit cri despre chestia asta, m, foarte foarte puine detalii despre meditaie pe internet, a trebuit s cumpr nite cri, m... i nici n cri nu am gsit foarte multe detalii. Eu: Explic-mi ce detalii, cum? P: Sunt foarte multe tipuri de meditaii, foarte multe tehnici, nite mici secrete pe care nu le tim noi, oamenii de rnd, sunt trimii prin meditaie, gen..m.. tehnicile yoga, de la yoghini care au o practic meditativ i prin..normal prin meditaie n poziia de lotus, dar i prin micri ale corpului, au i multe de genul, care trebuie s-i axezi fluxul energetic prin mai multe canale, prin mai multe pori, puncte energetice ale corpului care trebuiesc micate... Da, e un pic mai complicat. Eu am ales cea mai simpl, banal care s m ajute pe mine cel mai bine: poziia de lotus...bine, nu prea pot s o fac, dar m chinui i eu un pic (Eu: E bine i aa!) E bine i aa, bineneles! (zmbete) Eu: Deci, s neleg c tu ai ales i ai extras din mai multe cri i toate alea, tipul tu potrivit de meditaie, nu? P: Exact! Mi-am construit propriul stil. Eu: Descrie-mi o sesiune de meditaie, cum ncepi tu o sesiune de meditaie, ce simi n timpul acesteia, cum se desfoar? P: m..Eu unul, personal, ncep prin a-mi relaxa un pic corpul, prin micare fizica, un pic, , dup care mi iau poziia de lotus, poziie prin care ncerc s meditez, mi axez toat atenia spre respiraie la nceput, i ncerc s-mi reglez gndurile, s las totul s treac, s vizualizez, s analizez, s trecem mai departe, la urmtorul gnd, pn cnd gndurile se linitesc, ajungi la o stare n care eti linitit... respiri mult mai uor. Nu trebuie s ai o respiraie foarte rapid, asta trebuie tiut. Trebuie o respiraie calm, adnc, cu putere. Dup ce gndurile se elibereaz i nu mai e nimic, este o perioad foarte, foarte.., depinde ct meditezi, eu de obicei meditez undeva la o or, Perioada, s zicem ultimele 20 de minute sunt pur linite, n care nu ai niciun fel de gnd, nu te gndeti, nu te axezi, nu te concentrezi la ceva anume, atenia toat este pe respiraie i linitea pe care o aduni n timpul sta. Te

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea eliberezi de stres, te eliberezi de absolut orice, nu ai niciun fel de problem dup ce te-ai ???. Eti relaxat, relaxarea care i vine dup aia, musculatura, chiar i un efect asupra corpului, te linitete fizic, nu mai eti ncordat, nu mai ai probleme cu circulaia, de exemplu muli au folosit treaba asta pentru circulaie. Pulsul e mult mai stabil, mult mai uor, mult mai linitit. Sunt foarte multe beneficii pentru muli i prin meditaie poi sa ajungi la absolut orice. Eu, personal o folosesc pentru eliberarea stresului i bineneles pentru a aprofunda foarte, foarte mult cunoaterea de sine. Cunoaterea de sine este cea mai important i de-aia folosesc muli meditaia, s se cunoasc pe sine. n momentul n care termini cu linitea i nelegi c respiraia este totul i i dai gndul linitii, atunci ncepe analiza de sine: te analizezi fizic, te analizezi mental, psihic, care-s problemele, care nu sunt, care-s atuurile, care sunt defectele personale, dup care, dup ce ai nvat i te-ai cunoscut un pic pe tine ncepi i intri undeva n amnunt i ncerci s nelegi ce se ntmpl n jur i tot aa pn cnd ajungi la un punct n care poi s nelegi foarte, foarte multe. Eu: Am neles, deci intri ntr-un fel de trans cum s-ar spune. P: Da, putem s-i spunem i trans, sun un pic cam ciudat, dar ntr-adevr, poate fi numit trans. Dac pot s-o numesc aa. Da, sunt minute, ore, poate chiar i mai bine n care eti pur i simplu ntr-o diferit lume, ntr-un alt punct, ntr-o existen diferit n care ai totul la comun, totul este ntr-un singur punct, totul este n acelai element, ncepi i descifrezi elementul, l nelegi, i bineneles dup ce i revii din m...dup ce te trezeti din meditaie poi s spui c te-ai trezit din trans, pentru c totul revine la normal, persoanele de lng tine apar n peisaj, pereii camerelor i tot. Cam ar fi ceva, deci poi s-i spui i trans. Eu: Ce simi dup ce meditezi, starea de dup ce meditezi, n momentul n care tu te trezeti din acea trans de care vorbeti, spune-mi ce simi, cum te simi. P: La nceput...acum nu am niciun fel de problem, nu exist nicio diferen, nu exist nicio problem. La nceput, pentru primele 3-4 sesiuni de meditaie, dup ce te trezeti, dup ce te ridici e un pic cam greu, pentru c senzaiile ncearc s adune napoi informaia pe care o primesc, nu poa s asimileze imediat, dureaz ceva pn...eti un pic ameit cnd te trezeti atunci, e un pic mai greu i cu vederea, poate unii...depinde i de persoan cum mediteaz: poi s meditezi cu ochii deschii sau cu ochii nchii. De obicei cu ochii nchii, cnd te ridici, cnd te trezeti e un pic mai ai vederea perfect...m...un pic nceoat. Dup primele 3-4-5 sesiuni, atunci totul devine mai normal, dup ce te-ai trezit nu-

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea i trebuie dect cteva secunde n care pur i simplu trebuie s te trezeti. Chiar i dimineaa dup un somn, te-ai trezit, te-ai aranjat un pic,totul e n regul. Nu cred c poate fi considerat o problem faptul c eti un pic ameit atunci imediat dup primele sesiuni. Dup sesiunile 12-3, totul e ok, totul o sa fie perfect, nu mai ai niciun fel de stres, nu mai ai niciun fel de problem, totul se calmeaz i totul este super-super frumos. Eu: i asta te ajut n viaa de zi cu zi, ce efecte are n viaa de zi cu zi pentru tine? Cum te ajut n relaiile cu ceilali? P: Da, ajut foarte mult, Cel mai mult i cel mai mult m ajut pe mine s fiu o persoan mult mai bun, s recunosc elementele pozitive din cei din jur. M simt mult mai bine, mai fericit, mai optimist, analizez lucrurile mult mai uor, pot s neleg unele lucruri fr s m ataez de anumite elemente sau de anumite puncte. Eu: Explic-mi ce nseamn a te detaa sau de a te ataa de ceva elemente, ce nseamn a te ataa? P: De exemplu o situaie n care este implicat un prieten de-al tu, are o problem, dar problema este cauzat, n sine, de el. Dac el a cauzat problema, nu tre s te ataezi de faptul c el i este prieten, ci tu trebuie s o analizezi ntr-un mod ct mai corect, ct mai bun, clar (Eu: obiectiv) Exact! Fr niciun fel de ataament de punctul n care el i este prieten, punctul acela. Nu, trebuie totul analizat pur general, exact aa cum este, lucrul corect cum l ai n fa, fr s te gndeti el mi este prieten, domne, pe cellalt nu-l cunosc, poate s peasc orice nu e o problem pentru mine sau pe mine nu m afecteaz automat- perfect!- fizic sau poate cine tie, financiar sau psihic, nu, totul trebuie tratat aa cum este, nu trebuie s afecteze pe nimeni nimic, totul trebuie s fie o linie continu perfect. Eu: Care sunt avantajele i dezavantajele meditaiei din punctul tu de vedere? P: pot s-i enumr foarte, foarte multe, dar cele care sunt, sunt cele importante: lipsa stresului, o mentalitate mult, mult mai calm, mai deschis fa de lume, nu tiu...optimismul care te ajut s treci ziua mult mai uor, totul este super frumos, este roz vorba aia, interaciunea cu alte persoane din jur, cnd eti mult mai deschis, mult mai optimist, ai un zmbet pe fa, lumea te trateaz altfel, eti tratat pozitiv, exact cum i tu eti. m, pri negative n personal a spune c nu sunt, daaar tre s fie, n orice trebuie s fie i ceva negativ, poate lipsa meditaiei poas fie un punct negativ. Meditaia e

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea fcut doar aa pe jumtate, nu trebuie, mai mult complicm situaia, pentru c lucreaz la un nivel foarte, foarte, foarte subtil n psihic, dar i n energiile corpului, atunci dereglm ceva, micm un punct, l dm un pic mai ntr-o parte, nu mai are aceeai conexiune i devenim irascibili, poate mai stresai dect am fost la nceput, mai agresivi, putem s fim i oameni mai ri, nu? Cam astea ar fi i punctele negative. Eu: S-a ntmplat s ai i ntmplri nefericite din cauza meditaiei sau n urma meditaiei, sau n urma lipsei meditaiei, dac tot ai spus despre asta? P: Da, atta timp ct am practicat meditaia, nu am avut niciun fel de problem, niciun stres, poate faptul c eti un pic foarte optimist, poate asta e considerat de cineva, cei din jur poat ceva nu foarte bun, dar lipsa meditaiei pentru mine a fost un pic...un pic mai greu de nghiit pentru c s-a cunoscut lipsa ei, am devenit un pic mai stresat, mai negativist, mai agresiv, i verbal poate chiar i fizic, reaciile mele fa de cei din jur erau un pic mai dure, nu mai eram acelai om, nu mai eram la fel de sociabil cu cei din jur, poate chiar i cu familia ntr-un greit un pic, dar am revenit la meditaie i totul e n regula acum (rde). Eu: Ai ncercat i alte tipuri de meditaie nafar de cea pe care o practici? P: Nu am ncercat citit, m-am documentat...sunt mai multe tehnici, dar din pcate nu am avut ocazia s le nv n profunzime pentru c mi-a lipsit un maestru care s te nvee tehnici pe care nu le gseti nicieri. , nu am ncercat o alt tehnic dect cea pe care o am, am dezvoltat-o singur, asta este i ideea: am nvat din mai multe, am unit, am adunat, am mai scos ceva, am mai pus ceva, am construit ceva personal, dei tehnicile autohtone din zonele n care se practic cu adevrat budismul i meditaia de genul sunt foarte diferite, poate chiar 100% diferite i i dau un efect mult mai puternic. Dar chiar este ok, este bun, pentru o persoan care triete ntr-un mediu plin de stres i oameni ri, eu zic c est foarte bine. Eu: M bucur s aud asta! Ai avut vreodat intenia s renuni la meditaie? P: Da, de mai multe ori. (Eu: De ce?) Pentru c i ocup foarte, foarte mult timp. Dac vrei o meditaie puternic, bun, cel puin o or, dou pe zi trebuie s meditezi, i dac ai o via foarte aglomerat, foarte ocupat , servici, coal, poate i ceva evenimente sociale, e un pic mai greu s practici i n momentul acela cel mai uor e s renuni la ceva care nu faci practic nimic. Renuni la chestia asta zicnd: domne, asta e ok, i-aa pierd o or, dou din timp fr s fac nimic. E, astea dou ore pe care nu le meditezi, pe care nu le stai s te gseti pe tine, s

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea te liniteti, vor avea efecte negative, mai trziu cnd vei fi la bere cu prietenii iar unul i va spune o glum proasta i tu vei aciona agresiv asupra lui, pentru c nu i-ai luat ora aia s te relaxezi i s te liniteti. Eu: Mhm, am neles, te-ai gndit s iniiezi i pe alii n tehnica meditaiei, ai avut iniiativa? P: Da, m-am gndit de foarte multe ori, am i ncercat cu cteva persoane, din pcate, la ora actual o singur persoan a apucat s nvee mai mult dect trebuia (rde), da, i...restul nnu au avut puterea, tria, dorina, plcerea de a nva i de a studia, de a gsi ceva sau s am ncercat! Am ncercat mai mult lume s nv, s le i explic de ce e bine, de ce nu e bine, care sunt evenimentele care vor fi, cu ce se vor ntlni i aa mai departe, dar, din pcate, nu foarte muli au apucat calea asta. Dar totui o persoan a fcut-o i m bucur! Eu: Dup ce criterii i-ai ales ca s-i nvei? P: Cine prezint cel mai mare procentaj de interes fa de ceva de genul (se refer la meditaie) merit s fie nvat, s fie pregtit...s tiu... s tie. Singurul lucru pe care l fac este s-i dau omului care vrea s tie, care pune ntrebri, s-i dau rspunsul. E cel mai simplu. n momentul n care cineva vrea i dorete s practice ceva, meditaia, pentru c despre asta vorbim acum, da, e foarte uor i foarte bine, eu te voi ajuta, i voi da informaiile necesare, dar trebuie s-mi dovedeasc c dorete i s caute n acelai timp, s se intereseze personal, nu doar s cear informaiile fr s vin cu nimic din partea lui. Nu, n momentul n care prezint un interes adevrat, atunci ajut i eu, i dau ct mai multe informaii posibil. Eu: S neleg c tu caui ca cineva s-i ofere i efectele, ca s ari c munca ta n-a fost n zadar, nu? P: Exact, exact, exact, exact! Eu: Ce te-a fcut s vrei s-i nvei? P: Ce m-a fcut...m...pi, nu tiu, dorina de a vedea ali oameni fericii, de a vedea oameni linitii, de a crea o lume mai bun, am vzut foarte mult lume stresat n ultimul timp, oameni foarte, foarte, foarte ri tiu, cel mai mult mi-am dorit s vd oameni fericii, s zmbeasc, fr s aib niciun fel de stres, niciun fel de suprare, s nu aib nimic negativ n

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea ei, pur i simplu s fie un zmbet tot. Pentru c nu are rost s...i-aa viaa e scurt, de ce s fim suprai? Mai bine s zmbim! Eu: Corect! Ct timp i acorzi ie pentru a medita, din timpul tu liber? P: m...o or n fiecare zi, cel puin n zilele n care sunt la servici, 4 din sptmn, cte o or, n general seara, dup ce mi-am fcut toaaat rutina de sear, am nchis calculatorul, m pun n pat, meditez 45 de minute, 20, 45 poate chiar i o or, dar n zilele n care sunt liber, automat o or o petrec n meditaie, trebuie neaprat o or. (Eu: Meditezi constant) Dap, n fiecare sptmn, n fiecare zi a putea spune. Sunt unele zile n care, ntr-adevr, mai i pierd sesiunea, dar nicio problema! Vine ziua liber, recuperm! Eu: Ai momente din timpul tu ocupat, ca s zic aa, n care i acorzi timp pentru meditaie? Spre exemplu la munc, n pauza de mas, oricnd. P: Da, dei...Da, in pauza de mas, pauza mare, bine, ca orice loc de munc, avem pauz mic, pauz mare, da, n pauza de mas, undeva 20 de minute, citesc ceva, mi pun o muzic specific meditaiei i ncerc s nu m mai gndesc la nimic, s m relaxez un pic, s-mi gsesc un pic linitea n momentul la, s m destresez, s am puterea s trec i peste cealalt jumtate din timp. Bine, asta a devenit mai mult un reflex, dup atta timp de meditaie nu mai e, cum s-ar zice, o necesitate, e un reflex. Eu: n faa cror tabieturi, lucruri sau obiceiuri consideri meditatul o prioritate? P: Nu cred c este ceva mai important dect meditaia, adic...da, pot s m duc n ora cu prietenii i dup ce am meditat cteva minute, o juma de or, o or, pot s m tiu, la o ntlnire, pot s meditez o or nainte, s fiu mai deschis, s fiu mai liber, s pot s m exprim mai uor. Nu, meditaia este pe primul plan, restul putem s le facem i dup. Eu: Ce prere ai despre societate i lume n general, mediul n care locuieti? P: (dezamgit) Da, societatea n ziua de azi, bineneles, ncepem aa c nah, nu tiu...s-a ntunecat, nu mai este o societate deschis, toat lumea ajut, dorete s fac ceva pentru cineva doar pentru a ctiga, cei care i urmresc interesul, nimeni nu mai face ceva n lume, nu mai ajut doar pentru c aa e frumos, aa e bine s ajui, respectul dispare, demult a disprut...Poate asta e problema tineretului, nu tiu ceilali dac sunt la fel sau nu. Societatea e un pic cam nchis la ora actual, nu tiu, frate, prea stresat, prea prins n lumea asta

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea economic, sistemul cred c ar fi cazul s ne nchidem cu toii acolo. Pentru asta sunt eu. Eu: Am neles! Un sfat pe care l-ai da oamenilor? P: Aaaah! S deschid ochii! S analizeze lucrurile din jurul lor, s nvee s citeasc, s nu mai piard foarte mult timp prini n gadgeturi, mnnc foarte mult timp! Internetul la felbun, dar utilizat nu chiar bine. Oamenii trebuie s practice ceva, un sport poate, sau poate chiar i meditaia. Ar fi bine ca s practice meditaia cel puin o or pe zi pentru c oamenii trebuie s se deschid, s se destreseze, uite aa vom fi o societate mai bun, mai cald, mult mai optimist, plin de iubire...

Transcript interviu 2
Sex: Masculin Vrst: 29 ani Dorete s practice meditaia Ocupaie: Operator baz de date la Vodafone

*Discuia a nceput destins prin rsete i glume. Eu: Spune-mi cum te-ai autocaracteriza, trsturi de caracter, caliti i defecte. Participant: Ok...bun ntrebarea...cea mai napa ntrebare ever (rde) Eu: Ok, spune-mi. P: un sim al umorului extraordinar...m...stai aa c am uitat iar pauz...caliti, tiu, am mai multe caliti dect defecte. Eu: Enumer-le

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea P: Cte tre s-i zic 3, 5? Eu: Nu trebuie neaprat s le i numeri (rdem) spune-mi! P: ce s zic... punctual, muncitor, onest...sper, cred, nu, da, sigur, plac interviurile, e defect sta, nu? (glumete) Eu: Cred c da, nu tiu. P: Aa......ce mai am prea sunt sociabil. Eu: Att? P: Da. Eu: Spune-mi un personaj preferat, un idol, cineva cu care consideri c te asemeni, sau un model de via. P: Model de via....model de via sntos (rde).. nu prea am neaprat un personaj cu care s m asemn sau s nu m asemn, dar..s zicem....cum l chema pe tipul la de la GeCad, tipul care a nfiinat GeCad, dac-l tii. Eu: Nu-l cunosc P: Nu-l cunoti? A fost a televizor, a aprut de cteva ori...foarte mito tipul, a pornit de la zero, dup revoluie s-a mprumutat, la toate rudele, toi cunoscuii, a strns toi banii pe care i-a avut i i-a investit ntr-o singur afacere. i putea s piard tot. i totui a reuit. Prima lui afacere de success, primul antivirus romnesc RAV a fost vndut la Microsoft, tehnologia din antivirusul ala e folosit i acum pe Windows 8. Eu: i cum consideri tu c te asemeni cu el, adic din ce privin? P: Hmmm...Bun ntrebare, a vrea s zic c sunt i eu muncitor pe-acolo i c am mai multe idei, dar evident c nu sunt la fel de muncitor sau s am aceeai ambiie ca s fac ce a fcut el. Plus c e mai greu s faci o afacere de la zero. Eu: Ce prere ai despre meditaie, ce crezi tu c reprezint? P: Am o prere bun, dac e s te uii aa puin, nu tiu, tehici de relaxare tiu, diferite culturi..tehnici de relaxare n principal i te loveti de meditaie.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Eu: Te-ai informat pn acum despre meditaie? P: Nu prea, doar din auzite, doar ce am vzut....cteva chestii pe care le-am citit, da pe internet, dar n-a vrea s zic c m-am informat n amnunt ca s m apuc de meditaie. Mi se pare o chestie interesant, a ncerca-o, dar deocamdat e la nivel de ide, nu prea am timp. Eu: Cum crezi tu c se desfoar o sesiune de meditaie? E un exerciiu de imaginaie, poi s zici! (rde) P: ...Nu pot s zic, s m gndesc... presupun c iei poziia lotusului, nu? i meditezi. Adic nu...m.. cum era...i goleti mintea, nu te gndeti la nimic, te concentrezi pe respiraie parc, nu? n fine, dac n-am ncercat niciodat. M gndesc c e foarte relaxant. Eu: Exist persoane n cercul tu de prieteni sau cunotine care practic meditaia? P: m, din cte tiu eu nu. Sau da! Da, tiu o persoan, s-ar putea s se afle n faa mea acum, care practic meditaia Eu: Ok, exceptnd eu? (zmbim) P: Exceptnd tu nu. Eu: Exist persoane care te-au influenat n a dori s practici meditaia? P: Persoane care m-au influenat direct? Eu: Direct, indirect, care s te determine... P: Mai mult ceea ce am citit i ce am vzut in filmulee...Nu, direct sau indirect, nu neaprat...dect ceea ce am citit pe net i...ceea ce am vazut i am crezut eu c ar fi benefic, cam att. Alte persoane nafar de tine, nu. i-am zis, dac nu am cunoscui care s practice meditaia, nu prea am avut timp de asta. Eu: Eu te-am influenat n vreun fel, atunci? P: , da! Mi-ai readus n prim plan meditaia. i a vrea s ncerc! Eu: Adic i-am remprosptat ideea, cum ar veni... P: Da, da, exact!

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Eu: Am neles. Consideri c practica meditaiei te ajut s-i rezolvi problemele? P: Speeer! ....da, ar trebui s te ajute, teoretic. Eu: n ce fel? P: Meditezi, mai eti att de stresat, poi s i pui gndurile n ordine i poi s ai alt perspectiv asupra problemelor de zi cu zi. Saaau, poate pe termen mediu, sau lung genul sta. Deci ar trebui s te ajute. Eu: n ce fel de situaii ai apela tu la meditaie. Ce fel de situaii te-ar determina s meditezi? P: Nu tiu, nu e ca o pastil s o iau repede, pac! i s m vindece. Eu: Ok, atunci spune-mi la ce persoane ai apela prima oar. Prima persoan la care ai apela pentru a te iniia n arta meditaiei? P: Un guru! (rde) sau cineva care a practicat deja meditaia, ca tine aa de exemplu! Care a care a practicat, care nc practic. nc practici, nu? Eu: Da, dar nu vorbim despre mine acum, vorbim despre tine. P: Care era ntrebarea? Eu: (M repet) P: Prima? Meet yourself! Eu: Spune-mi dac ai vreo ntmplare care te-a marcat i care te-a determinat s vrei s meditezi, negativ sau pozitiv. Povestete-mi! P: Ahem...negativ sau pozitiv....bine...ntmplri au fost mai multe, mai mult negative. Pozitivele nu pre ate determin s faci altceva, dac eti dj bine, o ii aa, c eti bine! ntmplri le-a spune. Eu: Una dintre ele, care doreti tu. Poi s-mi povesteti dac vrei. P: Au fost destule situaii negative i care m-au determinat s reflectez asupra situaiei mele, asupra a ce vreau s fac i s iau o decizie. Nu neaprat c a fost meditaia, dar a fost...s

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea ncerc s-mi schimb perspectiva, s-mi reorganizez prioritile. Are de-a face cu meditaia? Are? Eu: Dar nu trebuie neaprat s aib de-a face cu meditaia, tu trebuie s-mi spui, sau nu. P: Sau nu. (zmbim) Sun chestii mai..n fine...personale. Eu: Ce prere ai despre cei care mediteaz? P: Good for them! (rde) Keep doing it! O prere bun! Sper c le merge i obin ceea ce vor...sau pur i simplu o fac pentru c...cred n stilul sta de via, nu neaprat c urmresc foloase. Eu: Consideri c este un stil de via mai degrab dect o metod de a te relaxa i a te rupe de cotidian? P: Poate fi i un stil de via. Meditaie, yoga, s fii n echilibru, mpcat cu tine nsui, s ncerci s vezi restul lumii, nu neaprat prin tiu....avantaje, dezavantaje, cemi ofer la, ce nu-mi ofer la sau de genul sta. Eu: Ce factori sau condiii trebuie s fie ndeplinite pentru a ncepe s meditezi? Trebuie s ai o anumit pregtire n spate pentru a ncepe? P: Nu, cred c trebuie s ai o anumit stare de spirit, s fii determinat s...faci pasul sta. i s ai timp n primul rnd. Mnu, cred c timpul ar fi pe primul loc pentru c de cele mai multe ori timpul te preseaz. Tot timpul alegi ce s fac n momentul sta i meditaia pic oarecum pe locul 2, 3, 4, depinde ce faci. Eu: Ct timp consideri tu c i aloc o persoan pentru a medita? P: Mmm...chiar n-am tiu. Mult? Seara? Cam aa? Eu: Nu tiu, rmne la latitudinea ta, ct crezi tu. P: Habar n-am, se practic meditaia zi de zi, cnd ai nevoie, cnd simi nevoia. De exemplu, nu tiu, sunt la birou, mi iau o pauz de mas de o or i m duc s meditez juma de or, pot? Eu: Se poate. P: Ok, atunci, rspunsul e: ct de des ai nevoie.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Eu: Consideri c meditaia necesit experien? P: Experien n ce sens? Eu: Nu neaprat n sensul de..n momentul n care o ncepi, n general, la modul general. Experien i cunotine. P: Nu. Nu cred c necesit experien i cunotine. Odat ce, m gndesc c, ai deprins bazele meditaiei, meditezi? (rde) Pur i simplu. Bine, c, cu timpul probabil c i formezi un anumit reflex, un anumit tabiet, anumite etape. Eu: Dac ai avea cunotinele i timpul necesar, ai allege s-i nvei i pe alii? P: (rde) Da, dac ar fi interesai de chestia asta. Adic n-a vrea s....hai s-i art ce am nvat acum, tre s faci i tu neaprat. Eu: Cum ai face asta? Spune-mi! P: Cum a face asta? *pauz publicitar...cum a face asta...n primul rnd le-a da informaiile de baz: uite ce e meditaia, uite ce poate s-i ofere, cum poate s tea jute. De genul sta. i mai departe dac ar vrea, le-a arta cum se mediteaz. Eu: De ce criterii ai ine cont n a-i allege nvceii? P: Hmmm...pi n primul rnd cunoscui, tu te-ai referit mai devreme la ntrebarea anterioar, oricine, aa, nu tiu ce, s-mi deschid coal de meditaie? Eu: Nu cred, depinde de ce vrei tu, depinde de persoanele pe care i le alegi tu, adic poi s-i alegi i dintre necunoscui i dintre cunoscui. P: Nu a alege dintre necunoscui, cel puin aa gndesc eu, a alege dintre cunoscui, fie, na, colegi de la munc, sau prieteni i care cred eu c ar fi interesai de subiectul sta. Pentru c poi s duci o via foarte normal, cum au dus muli, i care o duc muli alii i care n-are nicio treab cu meditaia i de ce s-i stresezi? Dect dac simi c au nevoie, sau, nu tiu, l vezi pe un tip foarte stresat i i spui: calmeaz-te, mediteaz! Eu: Care sunt calitile pe care le-ai cpta n urma meditaiei?

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea P: Caliti...ok, pi cred c pornind de la baz, de ce a medita i calitilea alea le-a urmri. Adic mai puin stress, vorbind, n present la noi, m, mai mult energie, o stare de calm, o alt perspectiv asupra lucrurilor. Eu: Care consideri c ar fi locul ideal, cel mai prielnic unei sesiuni de meditaie? P: n vrful unui munte! Eu: De ce? P: De ce? Pentru c ai fi doar tu. Tu cu tine i cu natura. Nimeni altcineva care s te ntrebe: Ce faci acolo, eti bine? Eti ok? Nu te-ai mai micat de juma de ora. Aha, ok! (rdem) Asta mi-a imagina, orice loc linitit sau...unde poi s fii doar tu cu tine nsui i nimic altceva, stimuli externi. Bine, exceptnd, na, sunetul naturii care presupun c ajut la meditaie, nu tiu sigur. Eu: Dac ai practica meditaia n mod constant, n faa cror lucruri sau situaii i-ai acorda prioritate? P: Tre s aleg ceva nociv, stai s m gndesc...s nu mai pierd timpul n faa calculatorului, c oricum l pierd 10h/zi, 12h, asta ar fi nociv, ca s zic aa, timp pierdut aiurea, pe care nu-i dai seama c-l pierzi. Acum se duce i te trezeti la sfritul zilei c nu tii ce ai fcut. m...altceva...m mai gndesc la chestia asta, revin! Eu: Crezi c practica meditaiei este corelat cu religia n vreun fel? P: Nu, nu cred c trebuie s ai o anumit religie ca s meditezi. Nu cred c dac meditezi ai o anumit religie sau o anumit nclinaie. Eu: Dar tii c meditaia ine de budism i.. P: Yeah, so what? Da, nu cred c te oblig neaprat s crezi n budism sau s adopi i alte chestii. Este o te ajut din ce am citit, s-a dovedit i medical c scade nivelul de stress, mbuntete circulaia sngelui etc, deci nu ine neaprat de o religie. Ok, religia aia are un lucru bun, te-a nvat s faci chestia asta. Super! Dar nu neaprat c tre s fii de religia respectiv. Sau c nu poi, nu tiu, depinde de religii...i interzic s meditezi.i interzic s citeti altceva. (se ntinde) dect religia lor, dect cartea lor sfnt.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea Eu: Ce prere ai despre societate n general? P: Asta, sau aia pe care mi-o imaginez? (rde) Local sau global? Eu: Refer-te la care vrei, i cea local i cea global i cea din Romnia mai ales pentru c la urma urmei este ara noastr. P: Societatea din Romnia este confuz. Nu tiu exact ce vrea s fac, au trecut atia ani de la revoluie, nu s-a realizat nimic concret. Tot ce a fost s-a vndut, s-a privatizat, s-a pierdut. Tot ce a fost valoros s-a scos din ar, tot ce mai e valoros n ar, ncearc s se distrug sau s se vnd n continuare, nu avem lideri. Politicienii sunt toi strict pentru ei. Corupia e la rang de...cum s-i zic... job description, a sputea spune! i nici mcar, nu tiu, modele nu mai avem n societate, pentru copii, pentru tia mici. nvmntul e la pmnt, tot corelat cu chestia asta, i noi ncercm s ne globalizm, s intrm n Europa, s intrm n Schengen, bravo noua! tiu, o s ajungem acolo i nu o s mai fim buni de nimic. Sau o s fim strict muncitori pentru restul. La nivel global, globalizarea nu cred c e un lucru neaprat bun, pentru c se pierde identitatea ca i naie, ca i popor, tiu, te duci n Anglia, ce mai au ia pe acolo? Vezi mai muli strini dect englezi, ei nu mai au niciun obicei de-al lor, nimic. La noi nc se mai pstreaz, noroc c sunt zone isolate, c altfel s-ar pierde i alea. i n rest ce obii? Obii McDonalds-uri globalizate, KFC, magazine, shopping, tmpenii, obii made in China la orice. e bun (ironic) Delicios! Eu: Consideri c meditaia, ca practic social, dac ar fi implementat ca practic, ar ajuta cu ceva? P: Dac ar fi implementat? Eu: Da, gen ca un sport, oarecum meditaia este i o mod, am neles. P: Da, probabil, nu tiu, ca i yoga, sau alte chestii? Ar putea s se acorde accente i mai mult dei, dac stau s m gndesc, n coli, nici educaia fizic nu se mai practic sau se chiulete de la ea. Dar ar fi un lucru bun, nu zic c ar fi ru. Mcar c ar fi alt opiune, nvei s meditezi sau mai dai nc dou ture de teren. Alegi tu. Eu: Un sfat ctre oameni?

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea P: Care oameni? Eu: Persoane, popor, naie. P: (rde) Meditai cu spor i drag! I dont know! cum zicea putiul la din clip: nvai s fii fericii i sntoi! Eu: Cam att, i mulumesc mult pentru interviu! P: i mulumesc i eu!

ETAPA a 4-a
Am ales ca tem de cercetare meditaia Vipassana vzut prin prisma indivizilor ca o metod de gestionare a problemelor de zi cu zi, de organizare i orientare a gndirii i de eliminare a stresului. n acest context am ncercat s aflu n ce msur este de util practica meditaiei i dac aceasta contribuie cu adevrat la rezolvarea mai rapid a problemelor, dat fiind faptul c meditaia, sub diversele ei forme, a ajuns o practic social destul de cunoscut (de exemplu yoga) n rndul persoanelor i al vedetelor (mai mult o mod) care o promoveaz i ncurajeaz populaiei. Concluzia la care am ajuns este c, ntr-adevr, meditaia ajut ntr-o foarte mare msur la rezolvarea mai rapid a problemelor, iar din comentarii reiese faptul c fiecare individ privete lucrurile n mod subiectiv prin propria-i prism, de aceea fiecare trebuie s-i adapteze stilul de meditat conform propriilor principii i s aleag din paleta larg de tipuri de meditaie, n funcie de ce i se potrivete mai bine. Termenul de Vipassana8 provine din sanskrit i reprezint vizualizarea ctre interior, adevrata natur a realitii, privirea realitii n mod obiectiv. Pentru a realiza baza de date, am recurs la cutarea de comentarii pe forumuri cu tematica Vipassana iar criteriile dup care le-am selectat au fost n funcie de mrime, de coninut, am selectat indivizii care practicau meditaia de puin sau mai mult vreme, indivizii cu comentariile al cror coninut corespundea cu variabilele din tabel. Pentru realizarea interviurilor am cutat, n principal, o persoan care mediteaz constant i care are o experien larg n ceea ce privete acest stil de via i care ar fi putut s-mi ofere
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Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea un rspuns ct mai apropiat de ntrebarea de cercetare, rspuns pe care l-am i gsit de altfel n primul interviu. Cel de-al doilea interviu am dorit s caut o persoan care nu a practicat meditaia, ns care i dorete s practice, pentru a observa, prin punctul de vedere al unui necunosctor, cum este vzut acest stil de via i care sunt convingerile care ar putea s stea la baza deciziei de a adopta un astfel de stil de via. Din tabel, surprinztor este faptul c majoritatea celor care practic meditaia sunt brbai, dac ar fi s dau o interpretare oarecum subiectiv a lucrurilor, brbaii tind s-i exteriorizeze mai puin problemele dect femeile, astfel apelnd la alte metode de relaxare i descrcare, precum, n cazul acesta, meditaia. Ceea ce se interpreteaz din primul interviu este faptul c meditaia este n mod cert mai mult dect o metod de relaxare sau de rezolvare a problemelor, este un stil de via care a avut la baz ntmplri negative, citez: Nu cred c este ceva mai important dect meditaia; dar lipsa meditaiei pentru mine a fost un pic...un pic mai greu de nghiit. Tehnica de meditaie pe care a dezvoltat-o este una personal, reiese faptul c este o persoan autodidact care i dezvolt singur abilitile de care are nevoie. Problemele peste care a reuit s treac cu ajutorul meditaiei sunt stresul, agresivitatea, strile negative, de tristee (n urma decesului strbunicii) iar n timpul liber practic meditaia pentru relaxare. Cel de-al doilea interviu reliefeaz o persoan dornic de cunoatere i informare pe tema meditaiei, ns nu a avut pn acum ocazia s dezvolte acest subiect deoarece, n cercul lui de prieteni nu se afl persoane care s practice meditaia, de aceea, aceast tem a rmas oarecum n umbr n faa prioritilor de zi cu zi. A avut parte de ntmplri negative pe care nu a dorit ns s mi le mprteasc dar care l-au determinat s repun n discuie aceast tem. Citez: Mi se pare o chestie interesant, a ncerca-o, dar deocamdat e la nivel de idee, nu prea am timp. Dei nu a practicat pn acum meditaia, consider c este o aciune pozitiv, care ar contribui la rezolvarea problemelor citez: nu mai eti att de stresat, poi s i pui gndurile n ordine i poi s ai alt perspectiv asupra problemelor de zi cu zi

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea

Ghid de interviu pentru Interviul 1: 1. Spune-mi cum te-ai autocaracteriza, trsturi de caracter, caliti, defecte. 2. Spune-mi un personaj preferat, un idol, cineva cu care te asemeni sau un model de via i din ce privine te asemeni cu acesta. 3. Exist cineva care te-a influenat sau te-a determinat s meditezi? Dac da, n ce fel? 4. Povestete-mi un moment sau o ntmplare care te-a determinat s meditezi. 5. De ct timp practici meditaia? 6. Ce fel de meditaie practici? 7. Cum ai nceput s meditezi? Ai luat cursuri sau te-ai informat? 8. Descrie-mi o sesiune de meditaie, n ce const aceasta i ce simi pe tot parcursul ei? 9. Ce simi dup ce meditezi? 10. Care sunt avantajele i dezavantajele meditaiei? 11. Ai avut ntmplri negative n urma meditaiei? 12. Ai ncercat i alte tipuri de meditaie? Dac da, care? 13. Ai avut vreodat intenia s renuni la a medita? De ce? 14. Te-ai gndit vreodat s i iniiezi i pe alii? De ce? 15. Spune-mi despre cei pe care ai ncercat s-i nvei, dup ce criteria i-ai ales? 16. Ce te-a determinat s vrei s-i nvei? 17. Ct timp i acorzi ie pentru a medita? 18. n faa cror tabieturi, lucruri, consideri meditatul o prioritate? 19. Ce prere ai despre societate i lume n general? Cum te afecteaz mediul n care trieti? 20. Un sfat pe care l-ai da oamenilor?

Ghid de interviu pentru Interviul 2: 1. Spune-mi cum te-ai autocaracteriza, trsturi de caracter, caliti, defecte.

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea 2. Spune-mi un personaj preferat, un idol, cineva cu care te asemeni sau un model de via i din ce privine te asemeni cu acesta. 3. Ce prere ai despre meditaie i ce crezi c reprezint? 4. Te-ai informat pn acum despre meditaie? 5. Cum crezi c se desfoar o sesiune de meditaie? 6. Exist persoane n cercul tu de prieteni, cunotine care practic meditaia? 7. Exist persoane care te-au influenat n a dori s practice meditaia? 8. Consideri c practica meditaiei te ajut n rezolvarea problemelor? n ce fel? 9. n ce circumstane, situaii ai apela la meditaie? 10. Care ar fi prima persoan la care ai apela pentru a te iniia n practica meditaiei? 11. Ai vreo ntmplare care te-a marcat i care te-a determinat s i doreti s meditezi? 12. Ce factori, condiii trebuie ndeplinite pentru a ncepe s practice meditaia? Crezi c necesit o pregtire n prealabil? 13. Ct timp consideri tu c i aloc o persoan pentru a medita? 14. Consideri c meditaia necesit experien? 15. Dac ai avea cunotinele i timpul necesar, ai allege s i nvei i pe alii? 16. De ce criterii ai ine cont n a-i allege nvceii? 17. Care sunt calitile pe care crezi c le-ai cpta n urma meditaiei? 18. Care consideri c ar fi locul ideal, cel mai prielnic unei sesiuni de meditaie? 19. Dac ai practica meditaia n mod constant, n faa cror lucruri, tabieturi i-ai acorda prioritate? 20. Crezi c practica meditaiei este corelat cu religia n vreun fel? 21. Ce prere ai despre societate i lume n general? 22. Un sfat ctre oameni?

Tabelul cu rezultate: Numr persoane care practic meditaia Brbai Care au avut probleme de40 33 Procentaj din numrul total de persoane 80% 66%

Universitatea Bucureti, Facultatea de Sociologie i Asisten Social Sociologie, Anul 2, Seria 2, Grupa 1 Student: Mitea Andreea a lungul vieii. Care nu au avut probleme de-a lungul vieii. Femei Care au avut probleme dea lungul vieii. Care nu au avut probleme de-a lungul vieii. 5 10% 10 5 20% 10% 17 34%

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