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Marco Cardoso
From: edwardtdixon []
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 4:28 AM
Subject: [fcb1010] Re: Controlling Volume on FCB

You generally have a number of options for volume control.

1. Default volume for each MIDI unit patch

2. Default volume range for FCB expression pedal for each patch
3. Use of FCB CC options for further control.

As you select a preset combo using an FCB button, it selects a preset

patch on one or more of your MIDI Units. Most MIDI units allow you
to program a default volume for each. This is usually the most basic
level of control.

Each patch on the FCB can have a different volume range for the
expression pedal. The default is 0 to 127, but can be set for say 85
to 127 (or some other range).

The G-Major has various options for volume. One very handy one is
the preset boost. Here you can easily program a 6 DB boost in volume
using CC values.

I use a POD Pro and G-Major together (other gear is also involved,
but no MIDI volume options). I use the expression to control overall
volume using CC7 for the POD Pro. I programmed the POD to have
approximately the same volume level for each patch combination.

I then program the expression pedal range for each FCB patch to about
85 to 127. This means that the full up position is the right volume
for rhythm and the full down position is always louder than the
loudest sound needed.

I then use the CC values for each FCB patch to control the G-Major
preset boost. When I first select a FCB patch, it sends the CC to
the G-Major to turn the preset boost off. If I select the same FCB
patch again, it turns the preset boost on. This way a newly selected
FCB patch (with corresponding changes in POD, G-Major and other gear)
has a default volume suitable for rhythm work. Hitting the same FCB
button again enables the G-Major preset boost, which is usually
enough volume for solo work. Hit same button again and you're back
to rhythm.

I then use the expression pedal to make minor adjustments during a


While there are many other combinations, this one works well for me.


Marco Cardoso
Marco Cardoso

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Marco Cardoso