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Ana Gladis Martnez Ramrez English major Management of technological resources for TEFL The VARK Questionnaire Results

VARK is an acronym which stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic sensory modalities and is utilized in the learning information. These modalities were inferred by Fleming and Mills (1992) which are related with students and teachers skills. Knowing our own learning style we can choose the best strategies to get information and as teachers it is important to implement this type of tools to find out our students le arning styles and apply the best techniques and methodologies according to their learning styles.

My scores were:

Visual: 4 Aural: 3 Read/Write: 1 Kinesthetic: 8


This modality is related with the preference on the use of practice and experience, they can be real or simulated; which means learning by doing. I think the best teaching technique that can be used with this modality is the Total Physical Response (TPR) technique in which movements and the utilization of the body is emphasized. The experience, practice, examples, simulations, demonstrations, case studies, applications are examples on how we can learn better. It means, reality should be very tied to the learning process. One key with this type of learning is the opportunity to do the things, it is not enough just to see or hear how to do the things if not we need to do it, experience by ourselves.

Some study strategies that can be used are:


If it is possible, use all senses - sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. The use of laboratories can be beneficial. The incorporation of field trips and field tours. Utilization of examples of principles Tutoring with teachers, coaches and trainers who give real-life examples. Applications. Trial and error. The collection of things - rock types, plants, shells, grasses, case studies. Exhibits, samples, photographs. Recipes - solutions to problems, previous exam or test papers.

SWOT Reduced notes into packages. Notes are not very complete The things to be remembered are the real one. Use examples into the summaries as well as the use of case studies and applications. The use of pictures to illustrate an idea can be beneficial. Recall experiments, field trips, occasions.


Write practice answers, paragraphs. Role play the exam or test situation in your own room. Apply the question to an experience that you have had.

If we know our learning style we can use the adequate strategies to learn better, and as teachers to understand our students learning styles we can apply the adequate methodology and techniques when delivering content and in this way to make sure every student will acquire the necessary knowledge. Also, by knowing this kind of information we can realize everyone is different so that everyone learns by its own manner.