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Submitted In Partial Fulfillment for the Award of the Degree of



Submitted By:Lakshay Rathore BBA Part IIIrdYear Enrollment No

Submitted to:Dr. Ghanshayam Saini (H.O.D)



The B.B.A. curriculum is so designed that student get enough practical knowledge of business world which helps them to explore their skills in the corporate world in future.

This project work has been done by me for practical and partial fulfillment of the in Bachelor of Business Administration, doing specialization in marketing from Alwar Management Studies, Alwar (Raj.) and is being submitted for examination on as one of my subject.

The project is all about Coca-Cola cold drink through this we come to know soft drink channel in India and its comparison study to pepsi which is second largest brand in the world.

I am confident that Marketing is one of the most dynamic fields with in the management area to justify my objectives.


I express my sincere thanks to my project guide Dr. Ghanshayam Saini (H.O.D)for guiding me right from the inception till the successful completion of the project. I sincerely acknowledge him for extending their valuable guidance, support for literature, critical review of project and the report and above all the moral support he provided to me with all stages of this project.

I would like to thank the supporting staff members of Management Department, for their help and cooperative throughout our project.

Lastly, I am indebted to the friends and will-wishers who have extended their support to me during the project.

Lakshay Rathore

BBA IIIth Year.

I Lakshay Rathore Student of Master of Business Management, LORDS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, ALWAR (RAJ.), and here by that the project report entitled MARKET STUDY OF MANGO JUICE Has been carried out at Hindusthan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd submitted in partial fulfillment for the Masters Degree in Business Administration in the result of my own work and is original.

I have not submitted this project to any other university or college for the award of any other degree of BBA.

Lakshay Rathore

BBA IIIth Year.


This report is a summary of the project work done at Hindusthan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. The Coca-Cola is a tale of fast paced growth in beverages sector. The company started with a modest beginning in 1886. The first few pages of the Report talk about an introduction to the Industry and about a company profile of Coca-Cola and other activity of company, Top management and the details about advertising are also stated here in. Here after the Report talk about the project i.e. MARKET STUDY OF MANGO JUICE ". In the next few pages an attempt has been made to clarify the research objective, scope and research limitation. The project also contains finding and observation on market strategies. Special efforts on snaps and charts have been made to systematically analysis the finding and observation. The project also covers conclusion and recommendation on observation and finding. In the last in Annexure efforts have been made to show questionnaires contain the format on which details from strategies and plans is collected. Details of books and web sites are clearly mentioned in bibliography from which help is taken to made project completion and successful.

I am highly indebted to my faculty, seniors and friends for providing the necessary help for preparing this projects report. I am grateful to all those employees of Hindusthan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd whose support and their guidelines have helped me in the preparation of this project report.

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1. INTRODUCTION TO THE INDUSTRY 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION 3. INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC 4. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4.1 Title of the study 4.2 Objective of the study 4.3 Types of research 4.4 Sample size and methods 4.5 Scope of the study 4.6 Limitations of the study 5. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONS 6. FACTS AND FINDINGS 7. SWOT ANALYSIS 8. CONCLUSION 9. RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS 10. QUESTIONAIRES 11. BIBLIOGRAPHY 49-60 61 62-64 65 66 67-69 70 1-5 6-32 33-42 43-48