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IGE 121HS - Winter 2013 Dennis Quinn Formal Essay I Prompt: The Human Condition Essay due Thursday,

February 7, 2012 The goal of this first formal essay is to help you e!elop an arti"ulate the i eas you gaine from "ourse rea ings an is"ussions on the first theme of the "ourse# Through su""essful "ompletion of the assignment$ you %ill impro!e your a&ility to' e(press your i eas in %riting ma)e "onne"tions &et%een "ourse materials an your o%n e(perien"es support your i eas %ith spe"ifi" e!i en"e an thoughtful reasoning i entify an "ontrast i!erse "ultural perspe"ti!es arti"ulate an e(plore !alues un erstan the relationship &et%een in i!i ual !alues an "i!i" !alues Instructions *hoose +,E of the follo%ing essay prompts# -espon in a type $ 12-point .rial$ Georgia$ or Times ,e% -oman font$ ou&le -spa"e $ an page-num&ere essay a&out / pages in length %ith 1-in"h margins$ no title page# .s in all IGE papers$ please esta&lish "on"rete "onne"tions &et%een the te(ts use an your o%n thoughts$ feelings$ an 0or !alues# Support your arguments$ reasoning an 0or refle"tions %ith at least 2 "ourse rea ings an materials unless ire"te other%ise in the prompt# 1Support2 means that you %ill is"uss an e(plain the e(ample$ usually in 3uotation$ interpreting its meaning an e!eloping its impli"ations as e!i en"e# .ll "itations must follo% an esta&lishe format 456.$ *hi"ago$ .7.$ see Ha")er8# 9ou must ha!e a "learly efine thesis statement %here appropriate an emonstrate to the rea er the essen"e of %hat your main points are# note about academic inte!rity .ll stu ents are e(pe"te to turn in their o%n original %or)# 9our paper shoul &e an e(pression of your o%n %or s an "on"lusions# Criteria "or E#aluation 9our paper %ill &e e!aluate on a :-point s"ale pro!i e on ;la");oar #

Prompts: 1# *ompare an "ontrast the !ie%s presente in the te(ts of this "lass a&out pro&lems in the %orl an their solutions %ith %hat you ha!e &een taught# Dra% on "on"epts0e(amples from at least t%o rea ings 4or one rea ing an one film8 to support your is"ussion an interpret your e(perien"es an !alues# 2# Prometheus Bound$ The ;oo) of <o&$ Gassires Lute an the film Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero all as) 3uestions a&out the relationship &et%een 1 i!ine =usti"e2 4if there is any8 an human suffering# What possi&le ans%ers to these three te(ts pro!i e an to %hat e(tent to they "hallenge your o%n notions a&out the reason for suffering in the %orl > 3# H# 7# 6o!e"raft?s story 1The *all of *thulhu2 is a fi"tionali@e "omment on the state of the %orl an our ultimate fate# E(amine ho% 6o!e"raft ra%s on "ommon motifs re!eale in some of the "lass te(ts an "on"lu e %ith a "omparison0"ontrast %ith your o%n un erstan ing of the relationship &et%een yourself$ humanity an the %orl # A# There are many other %ays to e(amine the te(ts an films from this "lass# *ome up %ith your o%n essay %hi"h analy@e at least t%o sour"es from "lass an ho% they "onne"t %ith you#