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On See @oamllscng NL sont COSPEI s FOREWORD ... Some call it “southern gospel.” Others think of it as “‘shaped-note music." The younger generation may identify it as “the Nashville sound.” We've chosen to label it ‘country and western.” Whatever the name, the overall style is unmis- takable, for in recent years it has swept across our country to capture the attention and the devotion of millions of Americans from all walks of life. You hear it not only in the deep south, or on the midwestern prairies, or in isolated mountain com: munities, but just as frequently in the great urban centers from coast to coast. Harmonically it is simple and unsophisti- cated; poetically it is direct and down-to-earth. It is the music of the common people, music of the heart, with roots buried deep in the musical traditions of the past hundred-and-fifty years. Here, for your inspiration and blessing, is a selection of 117 of the finest and most popular of these hymns and gospel songs. Some are old, and some are contemporary. Some are by unknown writers, and others have been penned. by your favorite gospel artists. But each, in its own way, contains the gospel and the great truths of the Christian experience. » a The assignment of compiling this hymnal was given to an eminent young west-coast composer, arranger and publisher, Fred Bock, whose familiarity with the total scope of American musical life qualified him im a unique way for the task. Over a period of many weeks, with the assistance of members of the Singspiration staff, a careful review was conducted to de- termine the most popular, the most practical, and the most singable of the thousands of available songs. The more we have worked with the material, the more sure we have felt that this volume is one destined to meet not only your musical approval but also your spiritual needs. « . < . ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Many will select this book for use with a choir. Often it will serve as a resource for solo or quartet performance. But it is primarily designed as a hymnal — perhaps as a supplementary hymnbook in your church for use in Sunday evening song services or for sing-alongs in the home ar smaller church gatherings. Whenever and wherever you use it, we are hopeful it will be a means of enrichment and blessing to your soul! Sincerely, THE PUBLISHERS Sing along with this ‘‘one million copy bestseller” now available. Record ZLP3140 Cassette 2103140 ; ; , VOLUME ONE Compiled by Fred Bock (© Copysaht 1972 by Singrpintion, Divo of The Zondervan Crpration. Al iets served a SINGSPIRATION MUSIC WARNING! This compilation is pr tected by copyright law. Violators subject to prosecution.