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IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE BENEFICENT, THE MOST MERCIFUL, LORD OF ALL THE WORLDS! ! "TEACHING FOR THE CIVILIZED LOST FOUND TRIBE IN THE WILDERNESS OF NORTH AMERICA! (In Ninety and One-Hundred and Twenty Degrees)! The completion of nine 33 degree cycles and the completion of Hell with the unit nine, is 1/2 way for the city of Los Angeles, in the providence of Kalife (California), in the Wilderness of the Northern Hemisphere, so says the Almighty God Himself...! The Wilderness of North America has completed itself with the teachings of Islam from the mouth of the Almighty God through its Messenger, so says the Almighty God," There is no more water - - the substance of life, to be found." There is no life in its branches - - nothing but death to be found." The water, (light, wisdom, knowledge) has been consumed, some by its ten percenters (10%ers), some by, and mostly taken away by Almighty God." To have the wisdom and the knowledge to survive Hell and the Doom that is creeping into its brain and the body, is to depend on the ve percenters (5%ers).! Within the Nation of Islam the 5% teachers of Righteousness, teaches the true meaning of the Supreme Wisdom that was brought here to the shores of North America by the Supreme Being, Master W.D. Fard Muhammad." Through different phases and complex cycles the true breakdown of its teachings and meaning, mainly those who have received different degrees of light; therefore within the Nation as it stands of present, this procedure has been undertaken with great strides." The rule of the 10% in the Nation of Islam has come to a head, which like any other force who do 10% in the Nation of Islam has come to a

head, which like any other force who do not obey its natural laws and mathematics, has produced its own destruction.! Certain breakdowns int he Supreme teachings tell of the catastrophe which has taken place." The poisonous uid which ows in the brains of those who participate in this unrighteous act against the Supreme God, and its people has deteriorated itself." This cancer which produced corruption within God's bounds are paying heavy prices for the goods they have purchased; therefore, righteousness has produced dissatisfaction against unrighteousness." Any opposition and disobedience or rebellion toward and throughout this 5% cycle results in expulsion and death from the Nation of Islam within the bounds or righteousness has been revealed.! """ 1) Q:" WHERE ARE THE FIVE PERCENTERS (5%ers)?! """""""" A:"" The ve percenters (5%ers) look like you and me, some are dressed bad, ! """"""""""""""" some are located in the Ghettos of Hell, the Government of the devils educational ! """"""""""""""" system, the law enforcement of the devils penal institutions, the high government of ! """"""""""""""" the devils civilization...! """ 2) Q:"" WHAT DO THE FIVE PERCENTERS (5%ers) LOOK LIKE?! """""""" A:"" They look like you and me." Some are disguised as high society type ! """"""""""""""" individuals and some are dressed bad...! """ 3) Q:"" WHEN WILL THEY MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN?! """""""" A:""" They are making themselves known every day through their people, mostly the deaf, ! """"""""""""""" dumb, and blind who the so-called righteous Muslims have not

taught; who have ! """"""""""""""" failed to do their duty, which is to teach the uncivilized." There is a punishment for ! """"""""""""""" such forgetful action, which the people will inict upon same for not telling the truth, ! """"""""""""""" the truth that was taught to them through the Messenger of Almighty God.! """ 4) Q:"" HOW WILL THIS PUNISHMENT COME ABOUT?! """""""" A:"" Through mental and physical ghting.! """ 5) Q:"" WHERE WILL MOST OF THIS FIGHTING TAKE PLACE?! """""""" A:"" Most of" this bloodshed will take place South, far North and far West." The West will ! """"""""""""""" be the fountain of dripping blood and insanity, murder, rape, 100% total violence.! """ 6) Q:""" HOW WILL MOST OF THE RIGHTEOUS MUSLIMS SURVIVE?! """""""" A:""" The only ones to survive this catastrophe will be the Muslims who have taken ! """""""""""""""" upon himself to learn, listen and are completely righteous." The 5% are not ! """""""""""""""" completely righteous." There is only one who is capable of holding such a position, ! """""""""""""""" your leader and teacher." The 5% are only righteous to the degree of and between ! """""""""""""""" 85 and 95%." They have enough wisdom and knowledge to control themselves and ! """""""""""""""" make up for the 10% or 5% of unrighteoueness lacking in them." Hell is built upon ! """""""""""""""" imperfection, or it would not be considered Hell." Things are

only right to a certain ! """""""""""""""" extent, due to the people who constructed it, having imperfect capabilities.! """ 7) Q:"""" HOW CAN WE SURVIVE THIS HELL THAT IS DUE SOON TO BREAK ! """""""""""""""" LOOSE?! """""""" A:""" Survival is through different aspects of light that has been given out; wisdom, ! """""""""""""""" knowledge and light has been given to t any and all occasions that would prevail ! """""""""""""""" itself at any given time; to recognize different segments of time has been given." If one ! """""""""""""""" fails to recognize it before it is upon you, is one's own fault." There is no amount of ! """""""""""""""" pity given out, only total suffereing when the time has been appointed, this happens ! """""""""""""""" individually and collectively due to certain circumstances prevailing.! """ 8) Q:""" WHAT SHOULD THE BROTHERS IN THE NATION OF ISLAM DO TO ! """"""""""""""" COUNTERACT THIS DOWNFALL THAT AWAITS?! """""""" A:""" As the Messenger of Allah has taught, one should study lessons, read the Holy ! """"""""""""""" Book, (certain passages that the Messenger has prescribed), so says the Almighty ! """"""""""""""" God." Keep the company of the so-called righteous, or brothers who are trying to ! """"""""""""""" sustain himself in Islam and most of all, brothers who will teach the brothers who are ! """"""""""""""" lacking in wisdom and knowledge, so says the Almighty God,

this is the time for all ! """"""""""""""" single brothers who have not continued themselves on through their seed to merge ! """"""""""""""" and enjoin one another; come together with one another so says Almighty God ! """"""""""""""" Himself, for surely one will nd it very difcult from here on.! """ 9) Q:"" WHERE IS THIS WISDOM AND LIGHT THAT IS SO NEEDED?! """""""" A:"" There is no more light to be given; it is incumbent upon each individual to nd and ! """"""""""""""" search for what he or she does not have, for surely the time is not far off.! ISLAM IN NINETY DEGREES (90)! There are things faster than the speed of light that in this atmosphere it is possible for an object to travel on a magnetic wave at 282,000 miles per second, and that beyond the magnetic forces of this planet, travel at a million miles per second, is not only possible but routine.! MAGNETIC ANALYSIS:! The separation of a stream of electried particles, by a magnetic eld in accordance with their mass change of speed.! MAGNETIC FIELD:! A reactor eld magnetizing force as generally used in magnetic eld indicates the region throughout which the magnetizing force values are signicant magnitute with respect to the condition under consideration in effect a magnetic eld is in a region in which the magnetic force created by permanent magnet or current carrying conductor or coil can be detected.!

MAGNETIC FLUX:" The magnetic lines of force.! MAGNETIC EQUATOR:! An imaginary line through two points on the Earth's surface where angle of inclination equals zero, that's where the lines of force are horizontal." There is no thrust (push, attack) in regard to the Mother Ship, nor is there any need because what actually happens is that the ship, once in motion, moves forward at whatever speed is desired on magnetic lines of force, the ship, in other words, is trying to get out of its own way." Everything on the planet Earth and indeed in the Solar System operates on magnetic frequencies from a pencil to the human body." The Mother Ship can create a magnetic ux and move at any speed from 0 to 282,200" miles per second and once outside of this atmosphere of ours where no resistance operates, she can move at one million miles per second." The scout ships from the Mother Ship come and land and take off at will (refer to Zech. 5:1,2 and Ezekiel 1:8-26)." The atmosphere of the Earth extends to the height of 250 miles, but at forty miles the density is nearer vacuum.! PROBLEM NO. 11:" Magnetization disappears at high temperatures; the inverse-square Law." The effect on a point on the magnetic pole is due to follow the same laws." The force between the two point poles varies inversely as the square of their distance apart:! Thus The Force F = m1 m2 ! """""""""""""""""""""""""""""" d2! Between the poles varies directly as the product of their strength, m1 m2, follows from the factitis independent of the prescence of the other." Thus the unit magnetic pole may be dened as much as one when placed one centimeter for equal pole the force between them is one dyne." The poles being situated in the air." (ex.)" Magnetic J pole of strength 50 and 90 units are placed at the B and C of an equilatorial triangle A, B, C of

side 10ca." If S pole of strength SC is placed A nd the restlent force of A.! F equals m1 m2 for poles A and B! """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" d2! F equals 50" x" 80 equals 40 dynes! """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 102! """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" _____"""""""""""" 2 x"""""""""""""""""""""" 2! A and C" F/ (72)"" x"" (40)""" x" 27" x" 40 x 0" 6"" 60! """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" _____! = / 5184" +" 1600" +" 2880! """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" _____! = / 835"" +" =" 98 dynes! Such force enables the Mother Plane to run speed in excess of light lines in magnetic force.! Lines whose direction at each point is that of the magnetic eld at the point is called a magnetic line of force is free to travel or more lines of force arise on the N pole and end on S pole, also no two lines can meet or cross each, for if they did, it would mean an object would travel in two directions at the same time (which the Mother Plane is capable of doing).! We know the material in the chemical world are used in building all physical forms, are given life and the power of motion by forces at work in the etheric regions and some of those living forms are stirred into activity by means of the twin feelings of desire." (ex.)" When a person is drowning or falling from a height or freezing, or the vital body leaves the dense body, the atoms of which become temporarily inert in consequence, but at resuscitation it re-enters the dense body and the points are again inserted in the atoms." The inertia of the atoms causes

them to resist the resumption of vibration and that is the cause of the intense pain." Ordinarily we are not conscious of the starting or stopping of a clock, but we are obvious of its tick when running.! The lower the grade of intelligence of the evolving being, the more it is dependent upon outside help at the beginning, then the highest degree of unconsciousness later they turn them over to some of the less evolved, who are able to carry the work a little further." At last self conscious is awakened, then there is no need for outside teachers and the glory, power and splendor he may attain are limitless; the subsequent period of existence during omniscience is called evolution." The force within the evolving being which makes evolution, and makes each individual differ from that of every other, which provides the essence of originality and give shape to the creative skills to which the evolving being is to cultivate that he may become God (Black Man), that force is known as 'Genius.