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Application for the selection of a study programme For Accreditation within the TEMPUS QUAEM project Name of University

Short general information on the University Universitatea de Stat din Moldova Universitatea de Stat din Moldova (USM), fondat la 1 octombrie 1946, este na din cele mai im!ortante instit "ii de #nv$m%nt &i de cercetare din "ar de ti! clasic' USM are misi nea de( formarea cadrelor de #nalt calificare !entr economia na"ional, ca!abile s active)e #n condi"iile, #n schimbare ale vie"ii &i economiei de !ia"* organi)area &i desf& rarea de cercetri &tiin"ifice f ndamentale &i a!licative, orientate s!re sol "ionarea !roblemelor act ale socio+economice &i reali)area transfer l i tehnologic al re) ltatelor cercetrii &tiin"ifice niversitare' ,e la fondare USM a !regtit !este 1-- de mii de s!eciali.ti de #nalt calificare !entr economia na$ional' /n !re)ent, USM are n contingent de cca' 10 --- de st den"i, care #&i fac st diile la !este o s t de s!ecialit"i, #n cadr l a 14 fac lt"i' USM este c nosc t #n areal l #nv"m%nt l i niversitar interna"ional &i este integrat #ntr+o ! ternic re"ea de colaborare interna"ional' 1olaborea) c instit "ii de #nv"m%nt s !erior din 23 de "ri #n ba)a celor 11acord ri de colaborare f nc$ionale la moment)' /n mai 2--4 USM ader la 5roces l de la 6ologna &i 1onven"ia de la 7isabona' 8ste membr al 9socia"iei :nterna"ionale a Universit"ilor (:9U) din 1969, 9gen"iei Universitar a ;rancofonei (9U;), 9socia"iei 8 rasiatic a Universit"ilor (98U)' <edefinirea !oliticii niversit"ii #n concordan" c constr c"ia declan&at !rin !roces l de la 6ologna a favori)at de)voltarea de !rograme de st dii c o str ct r adecvat cerin"elor !ie"ei m ncii &i care s rs! nd #ntr+o mai mare ms r obiectivelor de integrare e ro!ean a <e! blicii Moldova' ,irec"ia manistic #n ed ca"ia niversitar este na !rioritar, astfel !rogram l de st dii la s!ecialitatea Istorie se integrea) !rofil l i general al USM' Misi nea s!ecialit$ii Istorie este de a rs! nde nevoilor s!ecifice de ed ca"ie &i de formare !rofesional de ba) ale economiei na$ionale #n domeni l .tiin$elor manistice .i ed ca$iei' :storia este totodat na dintre disci!linele care st la ba)a formrii com!eten"elor generale ale s!eciali.tilor din ma=oritatea domeniilor sociale &i manitare( Relaiile internaionale, tiine politice, Antropologie, Educaie Civic, Jurnalism i Comunicare, Limba i literatura rom n etc! "pecialitatea # 224'1 :storie $omeniul de %ormare pro%esional & 224' :storie $omeniul general de studiu & 22 >tiin"e manistice Aitl l ob"in t B 7icen"iat #n &tiin"e manistice 7a USM st diile la 5rogram l storie s nt organi)ate !e C cicl ri de formare( !iclul licen"#$ cores! nde n n mr de 13- de credite transferabile (81AS) B 6- credite @ C ani, d rata st diilor este C ani, 6 semestre' !iclul masterat% 5rograme de master la domeni l 224' :storie de 12- credite( 9rheologie &i istorie antic* St dii istorice com!arate( 8!oca medie &i modern* :storie contem!oran * St dii etnologice avansate* :storie &i civili)a"ie s d+est e ro!ean* M )eografie &i doc mentare #n m )ee* :storia &i c lt ra religiilor' !iclul doctorat' ,octorat la s!ecialit$ile( :storia Moldovei* :storia <om%nilor* :storia Universal* 8tnologie* M )eografie* 9rheologie* 7a an l : a !rogram l i 224'1 istorie s nt #nscri&i 41 de st den"i' /n ltimii trei a absolvit 1C0( an l 2-11 + 66( 2-12 B C2 * 2-1C B C9* N mr l de !romo"ii ce a absolvit acest !rogram de st dii este de cca 6C de !romo"ii' <ata de anga=are #n ltimii doi ani constit ie n !rocent de 9C,2 E' 5roces l didactic la s!ecialitatea Istorie este asig rat de CC cadre &tiin"ifico+didactice' ,intre care 23 de"in grade &tiin"ifice .i &tiin"ifico+didactice, incl siv 9 !rofesori, doctori habilita"i &i 19 doctori, conferen$iari' 5e l%ng !rofesorii tit lari care asig r !roces l didactic la :storie, !eriodic s nt invita$i s!eciali&ti c ren me #n domeni din alte niversit$i c care colaborea) USM #n general .i ;ac ltatea de :storie .i ;ilo)ofie, #n s!ecial'

Name of the 5rogramme ,egree a?arded N mber of Semesters 8@istence of cycle : and cycle :: !rogrammes

Drad ates N mber of first year st dents N mber of Drad ates over the last C years N mber of !romotions of grad ates 8m!loyment rate of grad ates (2 years, if !ossible) N mber of lect rers ?ith a scientific degree ens ring the ed cation !rocess

Aims of the Programme

Short description of the curriculum

Sco! l general !rogram l i de st dii F:storiaG este de a forma istorici + s!eciali&ti de #nalt calificare !entr economia na"ional' &'iectivele programului sunt( S forme)e s!eciali.ti com!eten"i, c c no&tin"e !rof nde #n domeni l istoriei .i ed ca$iei care im!lic #n"elegerea critic a teoriilor &i !rinci!iilor de ba) a .tiin$ei istorice* S cree)e de!rinderi de tili)are adecvat a c nostin$elor de ba) !rivind evol $ia general a istoriografiei, !eriodi)area istoriei, !rinci!alele l crri de referin$e si ba)e de date referitoare la diferitele e!oci, !robleme, !rocese si fenomene istorice, !rec m si c !rivire la organi)area .i f nc$ionarea !rinci!alelor instit $ii de informare si doc mentare ! blic' S forme)e abilit"i, care denot control &i inova"ie, necesare !entr a re)olva !robleme com!le@e &i controversate #n domeni l istoriei* S de)volte com!eten"e de gestionare a activit"iiH!roiectelor !rofesionale com!le@e, !rin as marea res!onsabilit"ii !entr l area deci)iilor #n sit a"ii im!revi)ibile de m nc sa de st di * S de)volte com!eten"e de eval are a eficacit"ii act l i de com nicare a c no&tin"elor de s!ecialitate #n ra!ort c stadi l c noasterii stiin$ifice si #n ra!ort c ca!acitatea de asimilare a rece!torilor' S de)volte com!eten"e de as mare a res!onsabilit"ii !entr gestionarea de)voltrii !rofesionale !ersonale, a indivi)ilor &i gr ! rilor' !ontent of the !urriculum( Ahe c rric l m is designed to achieve the mission and ob=ectives and a I alitative ed cation according to 8 ro!ean standards' )uration of program( 13- credits (C years of st dy), 446- ho rs total, incl ding the : year( C?eeJs, total + 136- ho rs, :: year( C- ?eeJs, total + 13-- ho rs, ::: year C- ?eeJs total 13-ho rs' Aotal n mber of direct contact ho rs B 24-4 ho rs* individ al activity + 2944 ho rs, C s!eciality !ractical internshi!s + 44- ho rs' Ahe c rric l m com!rises *+ course units that are gro !ed into( a) Fundamental su'ject matters (9 co rse nits K 41 credits) aimed to acc m late Jno?ledge and basic sJills that are integrated in sJills enabling the scientific a!!roach of the field, as ?ell as nderstanding and creating ne? Jno?ledge' :t is !rovided in a mandatory regime' b) Su'ject matters to form general and socio,humanistic s-ills for orientation ./ course units 0 1/ credits2 + forming research sJills, !rofessional oral and ?ritten comm nication sJills in <omanian lang age and in a foreign lang age, incl ding thro gh information technologies , to ada!t to different c lt ral conte@ts, and the formation of a broad hori)on of legal c lt re, !olitical science, sociological, !sychological and economic, allo?ing the s!ecialist to taJe res!onsibility in a free society and to ada!t !rom!tly and efficiently to the changes of society' a) Speciali3ed orientation su'ject matters ( 12 nits K 4- credits ), aimed to form s!ecific sJills to a !artic lar field, ens re assimilation of Jno?ledge at a scientific and creative contem!orary level that is oriented to the formation of !rofessional identity of the st dent and it is !rovided mandatory and o!tional' b ) 8ach st dent can organi)e his individ al educational path of study and !re!aration, so the !rogram offers st dents the !ossibility to choose different subject matters oriented to other field in the cycle II (4 nits K 2- credits)' :t is offered o!tionally, as ?ell as psycho, pedagogical module, ?hich o!ens ne? !ossibilities for em!loyment as a teacher in secondary ed cation' Student support( 9ll s b=ect matters com!rised in the c rric l m are !rovided ?ith learning aid, ?hich incl des te@tbooJs, monogra!hs, lect re notes, methodological g idance for achieving !ractical and laboratory ?orJs, etc' Ahe fac lty has a technical and material basis, a ditory s!aces, laboratories, an archaeological m se m and base !ractices' Ne? technology reso rces are sed in the !rocess of ed cation and st dent eval ation( MLL,78 ed cational !latform (???'moodle' sm'md), e+mail comm nication, ?eb !ages, blogs, ed cational soft?are, and technical a @iliary s !!ort (blacJboard, !ro=ector, interactive ?hiteboard, etc' :n the c rric l m are incl ded s b=ect matters that ens re the develo!ment of sing :A sJills and modern technologies( com! teri)ed archaeology* :nformation and 1omm nication Aechnology' nternships( :nternshi!s (initiation (4 credits)* s!eciality (C credits) 7icense (4 credits)) !rovides !rofessional sJills training' :nternshi!s are made at !ractical training !laces (archaeological sites, m se ms, archives, schools, etc'') nder the g idance of teachers and !ractitioners' 9n embodiment of this is the se of the latest technologies d ring the internshi!(

S!ace and Deomagnetic 9rchaeology' Scientific Activity Aeachers ens re the c rric l m are involved in research nits, national and international scientific !ro=ects, academic mobilities , according to their s!eciali)ation ( in the research instit tes of the 9cademy of Sciences of the <e! blic Moldova, the National M se m of Mistory , National 9rchives of the <e! blic of Moldova, A8M5US, S1L58S, ,99,, M mboldt 8<9SMUS MUN,US !ro=ects etc ' Scientific achievements are ! blished ( 2-1C year ) in ( 61 articles), ( C booJs) and ( 1C st dies), ( C collections of doc ments) recogni)ed nationally and internationally' Lnly in 2-1C, 64 teachers ?as attended and held si@ national and international scientific conferences' Ahere are in the instit tion C laboratories, science centers and research instit tes ( Ahracology* St dies of Aotalitarianism , :m!erial St dies, :nterdisci!linary <esearch 1enter, :nstit te of Social Mistory, etc' ' 1 rric la and c rric l m s b=ect matters are contin ally !graded and ada!ted to the obtained scientific achievements, incl ding teacher + researchers' St dents are trained by teachers in the research thro gh seminars and scientific circles( 1ircle of 9rchaeology, N mismatics 1ircle, scientific seminar of the st dents FMitro!olit NarlaamG by dra?ing ?ritten comm nications for scientific st dent conferences (2-1C+4) instit tional , (4) re! blican and (2) international, the res lts of ?hich are ! blished in a s mmary' Ahe scientific research of st dents s ally evolves ndergrad ate thesis, master cycle and some of them in 5h, !ro=ects' Aeachers are at the same time research advisers of the doctoral thesis (2-1C +10) in several s!ecialties in the history field by training highly I alified s!ecialists for niversities and research instit tes in the co ntry' 4easoning why this programme should 'e selected Mistory St dies 5rogram is eligible for accreditation beca se ( 1 ' it forms highly I alified historians for vario s sectors of the national economy * 2' it is the only !rogram in the co ntry that forms teachers for scientific research instit tions in the field of history' C' the !rogram res!ects the reI irements of the national and normative doc ments of 6ologna 5rocess 5rogram' 4' Ahe !rogram is !rovided ?ith com!lete c rric l m !acJage, contin o sly ada!ted to scientific achievements in the field and labor marJet reI irements ' 4' it has an o!tional contin o s academic ro te ( bachelor +master + doctorate degree or bachelor +master + contin o s training' 6' it has scientific and didactic !otential by !roviding training for highly I alified s!ecialists* 0 ' it has technical and material !otential and !ractical training reI isite* 3' the !rogram is ad= sted to ens re internal and e@ternal academic mobility of st dents and teachers * 9 ' !rogram grad ates have am!le o!!ort nities of em!loyment ( scientists, teachers in secondary ed cation and niversities, !olitical analysts, social and !olitical advisors, m seogra!hs, archivists, m seologists, ! blic officials, =o rnalists, re!orters, etc' ' ) are forming ! blic o!inion' 1- ' by giving !sycho + !edagogical mod le, grad ates may engage in secondary ed cation and !rofessional' 11 ' em!loyability rate of grad ates of the !rogram demonstrates their demand on the national labor marJet '