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Mary Magdalene 7D Initiation

Channelled through Michelle Eloff 25 February 2005

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings, of integration, of upliftment, the blessings of re-juvination and realignment. Greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may be together with you upon this day as we hold each one of you, firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved sisters, as we gather with you in the presence of the Christed energy, we embrace each one of you, within a powerful coning of protection, to assist you in the ascension of light that you as individuals have chosen to experience upon this day. Your journey into the seventh dimension, will be facilitated by Mary Magdalene, for the purpose of awakening the inner qualities of light and sound, of love and wisdom, of power and knowledge in the seventh point of truth, in each and every core cell of your being. This process is also meant to activate all the levels of consciousness within your chromosonal structure, to filter into the energetic patterns of light, for the future generations, to come through your direct genetic lineage, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. This is also extended into your multidimensional selves, as well as those aspects of you currently embodied in parallel realities. Beloved ones, these initiations penetrate all levels of your consciousness, therefore, it will filter into those aspects of you currently experiencing any form of consciousness. This means you, as a collective soul, are undergoing change upon levels and within dimensions that you are currently unaware of. This does not mean that you are not feeling the effects of it. Mother Earth has very recently undergone a massive shift in her consciousness, this is filtered through all the aspects of herself, experiencing any kind of consciousness. You beloved ones are part of that. You are organic matter, like she is. You are also super-consciousness, God/Goddess mind, like she is. Therefore what she experiences so do you and visa-versa. Mary Magdalene comes forward today for the purpose of activating within your body the tools necessary to assist you as a facilitator of manifestation of light and sound, of love and wisdom, of power and knowledge and truth, awakening in the hearts of humanity these tools will serve you personally as well, and assist you in seeing light within yourself, hear sound within your soul, connecting with love and wisdom inherent within your being, assisting you in understanding the power of knowledge. That knowledge is power. That truth makes this possible. I shall now step back for Mary Magdalene to deliver her transmission to you and I shall re-transmit when she is complete. Therefore, adonai for now. MARY MAGDALENE I am Mary Magdalene, greetings. I welcome you sisters into the ashram of light held by Master Jesus, supported by Lord Sananda and overlit by Lord Maitreya, integrated through the realms of higher wisdom by the beloved Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Your presence is of great value to your world and the worlds of light. I have come to welcome you into the role of catalyst of light. I welcome you into the world of transformation. The story of my life has been sorely misunderstood. The representation of Mother/Father God was always meant to be the core understanding of the life that I, Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus experienced. The distortions were for the purpose of ensuring that humanity remained dis-empowered. I am sure most of you know that when the Scriptures were written they were not taken verbatim. A group of people in power changed the teachings for the purpose of maintaining their powerful positions. The majority

of society at that time was unable to read or write. This ensured these elitists could maintain their power and control over humanity. One of the most important parts of the initiation that we will conduct today is breaking the full matrixes that took root when the Scriptures were deliberately altered to keep humanity trapped in an illusion. Lust consciousness, victim consciousness, poverty and conditional love consciousness have ruled your world for aeons of time. The sixth ray of devotion has been one of the most misinterpreted and abused rays of all the seven major rays of your earthly realm. Christianity has been responsible for this, not the Christians who follow the faith, but the original powers who deliberately distorted the teachings. They believed that if humanity could be convinced of their worthlessness, of their powerlessness, of their incapacity to communicate with God directly, there would never be any threat of rebellion from humanity. From this perspective it guaranteed their positions of power for all eternity. They did not anticipate that humanities inbred compass of light would eventually result in their downfall. It has taken time, but it most certainly has come into being. I am extremely honoured to be present with you today sisters, your presence is assisting our process of reactivating the codings and compasses within the consciousness of your world. All of you here experienced the life of Master Jesus. You met him face-to-face, interacted with him, as you did with me. It has been vital that we make this connection so that you can remember what you saw and what you heard. That memory is what will be the catalyst in the world. We are beginning to join the dots in a manner of speaking, bringing all the souls together who were there, who had first hand experience. We are actively working to help you remember, you will become the teachers, the scribes, the communicators and the deliverers of information that will not be able to be denied any longer, because people will resonate with the truth. They will remember the truth, the real truth. They will begin to remember what they forgot and they will forget what they were forced to remember to keep them dis-empowered. Over the next six years, I, Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus will work with all of you. You are one part of many groups around the world, who we are now working actively within awakening, and this ascension is not only for your personal progress, in fact this ascension is one of the most vital for the children of your planet. You see it has become extremely important that the old ways of communicating and developing relationships with God do not be passed on to the other generations. Simply, because it keeps humans in a state of debilitation, of paralysis and forgetfulness. The faith within the hearts of people who follow their faith is pure and authentic. We are referring to the basis of the teachings that people have adopted as truth. Each one of you are instruments in bringing the true Truth of the necessity of universal spirituality, to the hearts and minds of men, women and children. Hearts and minds are uniting, they are no longer separate. Your world is moving away from polarity and duality, and I am responsible for ensuring that the ancient gods and goddesses remember who they are, remember their roles. You are a god or goddess because you are a part of Mother/Father God. Mother Goddess and Father God are one, as are you. The role of awakening humanity to the fact that duality is an illusion is a mighty task, but all of you have the capability to make this reality. You have already been doing it, so it is not something that is going to be totally new to you. You will find that the amount of people you attract will increase in number, and people searching for their inner Goddess or God will also increase in number, and will find you sometimes in mysterious ways, or you may find yourself in places and situations that you did not consciously plan to be in. However, whoever is with you will be there for a purpose. Currently the changes taking place within the inner planes and around the systems and bodies of energy of Mother Earth are profound. You are all already feeling the influence and side effects of the changes that she is undergoing. The first level of the sacred unnatural seals of light have been broken. The reason why I have said sacred is because had humanity known a little while ago that the

original seals were in fact not active, it would have interfered with the plan that we have successfully brought into activation. The unnatural seven seals of Jehovah are in the process of being dismantled through all 144 dimensions of experience that humanity has the ability to draw consciousness from. The 12 sacred star crystal seals are beginning to vibrate and eminate a new force of life for the purpose of uplifting humanities consciousness. The more this happens the faster corruption and heinous crimes will be revealed. It is not often we suggest people watch the news bulletins or read newspapers, in this case however, we suggested it so that you can monitor the effects the new energy is having and how quickly it is revealing the hell that all have been living in so far. When the religious worlds can accept that hell is not a place in the core of the earth that they will go to, or that heaven is not up in sky, a place that they will go to, they will realise that their state of mind and heart is in fact the place where heaven or hell resides. The gates to heaven are on earth and Im sure you have heard this a number of times already, but I shall reiterate what Kuthumi has said on a number of occasions, and that is, you have to find the kingdom of heaven on earth before you can enter it in the other dimensions. Earth is a school of higher learning, it is one of the most intensive programmes of awakening available in your universe. By being on earth you have volunteered to take a collective consciousness into a new world, this in itself has been an immense task. You personally are also undergoing the release of cellular imprints and memories that go all the way back to the very beginning of the dark ages. You are tapping into the timelines where some of the most traumatic wounds were inflicted relating to being either slain or incarcerated for your belief systems and some of you were kept as slaves to be punished on a regular basis for your belief systems. You were considered the spawn of Satan. These people believed that you were of the seed of the dark one. You could see where the core of their belief systems had taken root but there was no way of proving your innocence. You now have the chance, all of you to do this, not so much your innocence, rather than your inner sense, that sense is what will show others that common sense should be that we are all one regardless of where you are physically or energetically. Common sense should be, that all understand that God is present in every divine manifestation regardless of its form, this unites the kingdoms of life that give birth to light and sound which manifest love and wisdom and give birth to further power and knowledge, that was always held within the central core of truth. Universal spirituality is made up of these seven pillars. Imagine the Star of David and the central point, is the point of truth. The Star of David vibrates with light and sound and this manifests a three dimensional structure, which eventually becomes a star tetrahedron, which in fact all of you have manifested around your body over the past months. This is the first level of your Merkabah bodies, often referred to as your light body. This is the body that you travel in when you visit interdimensionally, when you travel to the higher ashrams and mystery schools to receive your training on the inner planes, because everything is happening at such an accelerated rate it is important to do this, there is insufficient time to do this in a physical way. Another reason why many of you are experiencing accelerated lessons, extremely intense experiences within your life, and for many of you it feels as if there is no breathing space between issues. I would like to ask you to attempt to view your life as a celebration. Celebrating the fact that you are honoured by the higher worlds, therefore, the experience of such challenges is certainly not for the purpose of punishment, but rather showing you how capable you are and how much you are able to integrate and release at any given time. So rather than fear your process rejoice in the fact that you have been blessed with the honour of accelerated growth. Accept that Spirit has heard your call for Ascension, and it has been granted. You are climbing the stairway to inner heaven, most certainly a cause for celebration The sixth ray of devotion is a path all of you are walking already. Master Jesus stands on your feminine side, your left side, and I, Mary Magdalene stand on your masculine side, youre right side. Jesus and I are facilitating the reunion of your inner Mother Goddess as well as your inner Father God. The emerging of the Mother God in you raises your consciousness to the highest levels of

universal Mother and nurturer. This brings you into another level of power as a creator, as a nurturer, and as an alchemist. Each of you is drawing upon the cycles of the sun as well as the cycles of the moon. If your natural cycle as a woman has been unpredictable, you will notice within a period of approximately 3 moon cycles, your menstrual cycle will come into full balance. Any woman working with the programme we are currently presenting to your planet who is no longer of age to menstruate, will find that her inner power and wisdom manifests a new cycle of expression, one that she can rely on in a more comfortable way. Those of you who still experience a menstrual cycle will find yourself moving deeper into the sensuality of mother Goddess. Not solely of a sexual nature, but the true sensuousness of the Goddess. This raises humanities vibration out of the lower base aspects of base chakra and sacral chakra, governed mainly by lust consciousness, and the world can come to embrace the sensuality of the true Goddess who gives, and who receives, who creates the goddess who moves through Hades yet merges even more powerful, rather than broken or attracting victim consciousness. You will see womens power arise like never before. She will come to take a stand in her rightful place in all sectors of society. Each of you ladies here today have a role to play in different sectors of society, to stand your ground and to root the Mother Goddesses fully empowered goddess energy, in that environment. Q: Can I interjected and ask for he truth about female disciples be given to us? MM: Kuthumi says you are very sharp today sister, well-done, well donethat is where Jesus and I came together, there were female and male disciples. Are you happy with this? Q: So were there 24 disciples? MM: All together yes. Q: .female aspects as well as male aspects? MM: Kuthumis favourite saying, for him to know and you to find out MM: The reason why it has been done in this manner is because this is part of the memory inside of you, all of you. This is the information that you will present, these are the memories you will have regarding your interactions during that time. This information is already written and there are certain powers, as you well know, who have access to this information, but because the system of revealing the information is constantly sabotaged we had to find another way to do it. And this is how it is being done. By the information coming from the core of your truth, it comes untainted. It comes from the memory banks of your true experience. You may find memories coming through your sleep state. You may even find yourself inspired to write a story. You may find yourself inspired to create different mediums that symbolise the expression of Mother Goddess and Father God working in union to bring humanity back to light and therefore life. Easter is around the corner, another reason why we chose to bring the ladies together. By Easter all of the disciples will have been contacted in a conscious manner. On the day of resurrection your cells will have manifested more than 65% of its memory. Memory does not always manifest visually or mentally. Therefore it will be very important to acknowledge your feelings, to acknowledge your body, she will be your loudest teacher and guide. At times you many even find yourself living those experiences again, you may find yourself observing your life and insights and revelations ignite in your heart and mind, and you understand what is going on in your life because you will have remembered the teachings that Jesus and I gave you. It will be truly miraculous at times, because of how the puzzle will fit together and how the dots in your life will join seemingly unexpectedly. These revelations are keys to what you learnt and what you taught the other people. One of the reasons why things got out of hand is because all of you who were taking the teachings to the general people were giving them too much power. People began to rise out of their victim consciousness and were demanding certain systems of support be brought into power and this scared the living daylights out of those in power at that time. The females were hunted down first. You were considered the easiest prey to keep quiet. I am

not going into too much detail regarding that, some of you are already feeling it in your bodies, and this is what eventually also manifested the importance of keeping women quiet, keeping their mouths shut. Women are the voice of Mother Goddess. Women were considered, more in touch with God than men for the simple reason they could carry and give birth to life therefore they were honoured in that manner. Men seeded it, but did not have the capacity to nurture the life. Mother Goddess is considered to be the bringer of all life. Many have also seen Mother Goddess to be above Father God, that is not true, they are One. Your world needs to remember for the sake of your children, for the sake of the future of your planet. I do however, have faith in all of your abilities to do precisely what you need to do. Q: .your experience and training as a sex priestess in the order of Isis I read a book I have a strong resonance with this. I was wondering if you could share more with us.with your work as a sex priestess? MM: Certainly. As I said earlier on, the emerging of the Goddess as a sensual being is about giving life. A sex priest or priestess rather, is about tapping into the powerful forces of sexual energy. Sexual energy can bring about the manifestation of what you would consider miracles. It brings powerful healing into the body and also dismantles any forces or formations of negative energy. This is one of the reasons why sex is abused to the degree it is because internally humans are aware to a degree of just how powerful that energy is. They have forgotten how to utilise it. However, darker levels of consciousness have always used it as a system of control. Men are controlled by their baser instincts, because there was a time where woman who were sex priestesses abused the power that they had been granted and tapped into and made men slaves for this energy. It is vital to understand that the sexual energy I am referring to is not limited to what humans experience currently. This energy, focused properly, opened dimensions of access to individuals. One was able to enter dimensions of profound power and draw that energy to earth. The manifestation of this energy brought about incredible experiences of ecstasy, experiences which could be likened to merging with the consciousness of Mother/Father God where all is revealed. Your modern-day is working towards accessing the original power of sexual energy. The sexual energy was not always used with men present and women would use this energy in groups, working individually as well as collectively to open dimensions, which would raise their consciousness to levels you cannot even comprehend at this time. This brought about the emergence of new races, the emergence of spiritual technology as well as highly advanced technology of a more technical nature as well as medically, to draw worlds together. This was how the United Universes, often worked together in the manifestation of Wisdom, Power and of Love and Light. Because none of you have true memory recall of the extent and intensity of this power, it may not make much sense to you other than, comparing it to whatever sexual experience you have had until this point. What you have experienced is truly a pinpoint in comparison to the full power of the combination, of the kundalini in-breath (infinite?) expression of sexual energy in its full manifestation of power of raising the consciousness, into dimensions you could not imagine, bringing that power into the space of earth, and projecting it into the environment. The beauty it manifested, would take your breath away. The energy and power and light it brings into the body, would probably cause you to dissolve. But you have the power to retap the sensuality of the goddess, to draw that power into the world, you see, only females have the ability to use the sexual power in that nature, to open the dimensions of the other worlds, and bringing into a lower dimension, such as the earth plane, and use it Do you understand this?..Yes Does that answer your question? Yes At this point we can add that one of the core reasons why abuse is at the level that it is, is because of religious belief systems. If you have to peel back all the layers, right in the very core, right at the very beginning, you will find it was linked to the falsification of the original teachings of Master Jesus. The belief around my origins, being a prostitute, being considered filthy and of lowly nature,

that automatically tainted the sacred act of sexuality, the sacred integration of sexuality. Sexuality is power, so you can understand why it was necessary to ensure that the power was put to rest. What better way to do it than make people feel repulsed by it? Another truth, is that sex workers, you know them as prostitutes, have come about because the base and sacral chakras have been turned down, to the degree they currently are. The distortion of the base and sacral charka resulted in deep inner dis-ease, therefore disease. All diseases related to that are linked to the inner hate, to the inner repulsion yet comflict of desire and extreme need to explore ones sexual power. Everything you can see is out of balance that comes as a result of the distortion of the original truth, and as more and more people make peace with their sexuality in a healthy and constructive way, all will come into balance again. Women will eradicate diseases such as endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cysts and cancers of the reproductive system. Many of these diseases are rooted in lifetimes where they have been persecuted simply for the fact that they were female. When people can make peace with God and embrace their Goddess selves and allow their faith to accept and trust God to be their inner motivation, to follow a calling of authenticity which takes them Home, the world will come into balance. Therefore do it for yourselves, be that, and each one of you here, follow the calling of your heart. God speaks through the heart. The intellect of man sits in the third eye centre, which is directly beneath the crown chakra, the throne of Mother/Father God if we can call it this, therefore the two are meant to be together. The intellect of Mother/Father God and the intellect of men are of one mind, the universal mind. The infiltration of the conditionings of the old world will take time, patience and perseverance always pays off. That is what the powers of the old world did. Now it is time for the powers of the New World to apply the same principles, accepting the essence of the application but of a completely different nature. Q: At the moment I am researching the truth about you and your life and I am not having much success, so I wonder if you could share something of the truth with us? MM: I am permitted to reveal that I most certainly was the female partner of Master Jesus. We were lovers and we had children together. Our children were meant to carry with the disciples the original plans of the blueprint of Mother Earth into the Golden Age. We lived harmoniously amongst the Essenes. The Essenes would be the Great White Brotherhood in physical body, having brought many of the manuscripts of Light, as created by Lord Maitreya and the Grand Elohim of all levels of light and light consciousness. It was meant to be a time of the greatest awakening ever witnessed, within any plane of consciousness. The awakening would have re-established all the original levels of consciousness that were originally in place and beyond; prior to the fall of mans consciousness. It appeared as if all the work to raise mans consciousness had been successful and the plan was on its way to completion. I worked within many schools, with children and with women, healing was taught, most of the modalities that are currently in effect at this time were available quite freely during that time. People were in touch with what they were creating inside themselves and outside themselves. The stories that you were taught in your Sunday school and your religious classes at school are not even the tip of the iceberg of what the true teachings were and this is why we are here with you all today. You are the voices, you will bring the stories. It may seem surreal and out of this world. It is out of this world, because you are moving out of it into the new paradigm, into the New World of Light, therefore you have to trust. What you sense is part of the truth. There is no surprise that you cannot find much about my life. Many dread the day the truth is revealed, that Jesus was a man of flesh, that he was a lover and a father of children that he seeded. This certainly will change the course of humanities evolution. One of the reasons why it has been delayed is because there were great concerns regarding humanities reaction to finding out that what we are proposing is in fact the truth. But there are sufficient people actively conscious to hold the systems in balance so that the truth can be known. There will to a degree still be ones who will absolutely not accept it as

their truth, in their time they will find the truth when they are ready. Those who are ready will be given it. Are you clear? Q: I have many more questions that are cropping up.can I asked what happened to your children and why the plane of light that was taking place then was not accepted? MM: Because of the threat it posed to people who were in power at that time there was corruption in governments, just like your modern day. The children, the identity of our children have had to be protected so that the lineage, the descendants, would be able to hold those codings genetically without interference. That lineage will be revealed in the not too distant future. You are clear? .Thank youyes Sister A..your role, as Im sure you are already aware of, is to bring the Goddess and her power into the medical world. There are a number of doctors such as yourself, who are remembering the true role of their lives, and you are responsible for regrounding the original plan of light for the healers of the world. Healers in specialist areas will find it very interesting, how the new technology of Light and Spirit impact on the body, physiologically and psychologically. Remembering the original plan will also show you new techniques which can be applied by individuals, very easily, in a personal space, towards having all-round health in their bodies physically, as well as the emotional and mental bodies. The challenge you will face is trusting that what you are receiving is authentic and that it will in fact work. The deeper the belief the more powerful the result. Im sure you have witnessed the power of ones belief systems and what it manifests, and the faith of many people following a specific path of religion, their faith is strong, many of them refuse to waive from the faith because they believe it is truth. That is a key example of true belief for everyone. It does not matter what you believe in, it is the power of the belief system that causes light or dark, constructive energy or destructive energy. One of the reasons why a dark energy can be so powerful or corrupt members in government are so powerful is because of the level of their belief in their power. Many people have asked, why is it that people in destructive positions and who do not believe in the powers of light are so successful and get away with what they do. It is very simple, they believe they can. So equal your level of belief and imagine what you will get right. It is very simple, not so? But perhaps easier said than done? So practice always makes perfect and remind yourself that you are building your belief system in you, in Mother/Father God, and in as much as you are building a relationship of trust with Mother/Father God you are building a relationship of trust with yourself. It will take time because the inner child is not used to this kind of relationship. Patience and perseverance always pay off. Make notes of your achievements and successes, and keep a journal of how things change as your faith grows in strength. Sisters, the light chamber in which we have held you in during this transmission has completed its infiltration into the core of yourselves, the activation is in its full expression and for the next few weeks you will feel the waves of energy moving through your body. Some of you may experience it in the form of hot flushes, some of you may experience it in the form of your skin itching, tape ends.. And you may from time to time find yourself needing to rest. Please listen to your body. The codings currently awakening inside of you will automatically present tools in your life in the form of books that you may come across, ideas that you will be inspired with, new modalities that you may find, all this is part of the journey. The map will be provided. It is within you, and we guarantee you the support to find your way. Your guides are there for a purpose, to guide you. Therefore remember to request intervention. When you forget to include your guides, as they are your teachers who work with you in your lifes deeds, you may find yourself at times feeling overwhelmed by the service you are a part of. You may feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with the responsibilities of your life.

Stop! Centre yourself and realign your connection with your guide. Tell them what you need, and ask them to intervene at different times. Ask them to assist you in manifesting, so that all your needs are met on all levels, so that you can harmoniously and gracefully do what needs to be done. Let them take care of the small details so that you can do what you must do. The Goddess force will be there for you. It will also be there to open mens hearts to their Goddess power. This too will heal many wounds within government, between countries, between families, because Girl Power and God Power are One Power. Divine sisters, please take a deep breath into your body, as you breathe in and out visualise a magnificent liquid gold energy entering the pores of your skin and moving into your physical body. Imagine your breath filtering this liquid gold energy into your bloodstream. Imagine it pumping through your heart until your whole body is glowing with this magnificent golden light. Imagine the gold energy raising your vibrations, feel your body becoming lighter.continue to breathe deeply into your belly and as you exhale release. what your body doesnt need. On your next inbreath imagine a magnificent amethyst energy entering your lungs and moving through your body. the deeper magnificent violet of Amethyst. clear and purebreath it in but as you exhale let go of what your body doesnt needguide the Amethyst light to penetrate your muscles, guide it to penetrate all your major organs until your bone marrow becomes a brilliant violet light remember to breathe in deeply and exhale what your body no longer needsnow imagine yourself manifesting in the centre of the most exquisite opal you can imagine..filled with different colours, milky textures, and every colour of the opal feeds your body with life and lightyou need to breathe in deeply, and exhale from your body all that it no longer needsand imagine the opal energy merging and becoming one which youre auric field.manifesting a shield of protection around you with you held safely in the centre. Now imagine this opal energy penetrating all of your charkas and as you breathe in and out ..all its colours merge with your charkas forming a row of the rainbow vortexes of light spinning in a balanced and harmonious way..remember to breathe in and out..on your next in breath visualise a diamond manifesting in the centre of your third eye and imagine it extending into your crown you breathe in and out imagine the power and light of the diamond energy moving down your body until it reaches your toeseach in and out breath moves it further down your bodyand as it moves it fills your body with the energy of represent all facets of truth, Diamond light reveals illusion.and shows all facets of truthas this Diamond light fills your body you will be shown all the facets of your truth as the days and the weeks and months unfold for youwhen the diamond energy reaches your toes imagine expanding it beyond your physical body, so it too mergers with the opal and your auric need to breathe deeply in and out.your next in breathe manifests a magnificent emerald in the centre of your heart charka .imagine this emerald crystal expanding in size horizontally and vertically..and with each expansion it takes your knowledge and your wisdom, your consciousness and awareness expands with it.imagine your body beginning to bubble with energy..this bubbling of energy serves the purpose of dissolving any anxiety or tension, conflict or confusion, any dense energies, any stagnant and stuck energies in your physical or etheric bodies.imagine emerald light expanding beyond your physical body horizontally and vertically with each breath, take it beyond your opal shield..expand it beyond this room..horizontally and vertically continue to expand it until it embraces your entire planetthis emerald light embraces Mother Earth as much as it embraces you, Mother Earth has on occasions been referred to as the Emerald planet. the emerald light holds her in alignment with her divine print of golden consciousness..the golden consciousness is within you and her golden consciousness of emerald light is around you, around her and in the core of your heartstake another deep breath in and as you exhale we would like you to take a few moments to communicate with your guides and to set any intentions with them that you feel rise in your heart, these intentions will be added to the programme of light you have currently being initiated into. We shall give you some time to do this now.and as you exhale feel yourself grounding your energies on Mother Earth, imagining the

roots extending to the core of her being, and imagine yourself like a tree rooted to the earth your branches reaching to the heavens drawing energy and support and sustenance from both.sisters we welcome you into the seventh dimensional consciousness of the sixth ray of devotion. We are honoured to be able to share the wisdom and light of the higher worlds with you. I am Mary Magdalene may you be at peace, namaste. MASTER KUTHUMI I am Kuthumi and I return at this time to continue the process of holding your energy within the layers of light that you have activated within your subtle bodies. Sisters, all of your chakras have been raised within a vehicle of light and are being held within a spiral of energy on the seventh dimension. This spiral of energy is assisting you in raising your levels of awareness beyond the paradigms that you have become accustomed to regarding any levels of teaching around religion as well as spirituality. Your journey is to find your road to God. Your journey is to find the voice that will awaken the Goddess within you. The process of finding and manifesting, will manifest systems of expression, of exploration, and experience that others will come to utilise to define the same authentic truth within themselves. Universal spirituality is about the word of Mother/Father God resonating within the heart of every man, woman and child, regardless of their culture, gender or their race. That is what true common unity, communion is all about. Communion is the union of the common units of light within all. Holy communion is the union of all those spiritual units of light within you merging, rejoicing and experiencing the expression of that universal divine truth. The separation of the teachings and the word of Mother/Father God has now come to its end, and as Mary Magdalene steps fully into her role with Lord Jesus who will very soon be raising his vibration to another ray, one of the cosmic rays, so you will see humanity shifting another rung up the ladder. Great change is taking place within your world. This is the catalyst to the onset of the manifestation of peace to come. It is important however beloved sisters, that you do not become disturbed if the situation appears to get worse before it gets better. What appears to be a worsening situation will simply be the exposure of darkness that has always been practised. The acknowledgement of what has occurred will bring peace to being. But one must know what is out of balance in order to manifest true balance. Each of you will be assisted in finding that inner peace and balance in yourself, and therefore may I reiterate Mary Magdalene words of ensuring that you communicate with your guides regularly so you do not find yourself in a sense feeling separate from Mother/Father God, being abandoned in any way. The inner child is a master at feeling this, you as the adult, the initiate, have the responsibility to take your inner child out of the state of arrested development and to raise it as you would raise your own child within a structure of love, peace and harmony. This trans-parenting process will bring you into alignment with another level of liberation which will show you how to support and how to come into a process of being a guide for the children of your planet. All of you beloved ones, are way showers, for those to come and the masters who are reincarnating in physical body at this time are relying on you at this time to break through those barriers. You have willingly accepted the responsibility because it was part of your contract in coming to earth. You are simply now being reminded of what you need to do even if you dont remember agreeing. Beloved ones this is the final wakeup call, this is the awakening of the inner compass to put you on the universal path of the manifestation of your universal self and your universal truth. Are there any other questions at this time that we can assist you with before we end this transmission. Q: Lord Kuthumi recently I had been working with my inner child who seems to me to be very golden and loving and whenever I connect she seems extremely happy and light, it is particularly with the adult self that Im really struggling with, could you give me some guidance on this?

K: Certainly, sister just like a physical child can guide an adult through lessons, your inner child, that golden one can do the same, therefore we would suggest to you that you ask her to show you what she feels to be in your best interests as an adult to do next in order to bring your adult self into a state of peace and centreness.Thank youYou are welcome. Q: Religion has caused so much havoc, is religion going to actually die out? Will it be taken over by spirituality and consciousness in the new age? K: Beloved sister, yes it will, we have spoken before of groups moving away from the collective consciousness, which has chosen to move into the golden age, therefore the souls who have chosen awakening will certainly manifest that reality. It may take a while but it will most certainly happen. More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that even though there are a number of separate religions, that the message, the true core message, is in actual fact the same. The difficulty will lie with the more rigid conformist religions that will be locked within those ancient archaic systems of limited beliefs. Q: Especially those religions that believe that only they have the right answers? K: Yes, there is also another system of souls not on your physical plane who are in fact within another plane. These are the ones who have passed over into the other world with the firm belief that Jesus will come to resurrect them and take them to another world. The belief system behind it is what has kept them in a state of limbo for a very long time. With this new wave of life that is coming in a number of lightworkers will find that sometimes even consciously they may be transported into the dimensions where these souls lie to reveal the light to them at times. For some it may be a shock to see the density of the limbo energy, that is the only way we can describe it currently. It is important that you hold the light and space because then you will draw souls out of a state of limbo and back into the process of life. This offers them the opportunity to experience a level of ascension. Is this clear? Religion has been one of the greatest, if in fact not the greatest wound for Mother Earth, because the very core of the experiences of destruction have been maintained by the veil of religion. It was a very clever set up and it is now past its sell by date. And so it is then beloved ones that we embrace each one of you within the light and power, the love and sound, the knowledge and wisdom and the truth of all that is. We embrace you in your fully expressed Goddess and God self, we bless you with the divine insight, the foresight and the hindsight, the clarity, the courage, the patience and perseverance, to continue on your journey and to see it through to competition. Trust in those many invisible arms that hold you, know that not ever have you, or will you walk alone, for we are all one and we are with you always, in all ways. May the love and light of the Mother/Father God/Goddess be with you, embrace you and shine through you, so that at all times you can see clearly the direction you are to move in, the pathway ahead of you, and may all that your soul requires and desires manifest under grace in perfect and miraculous ways, through the abundance sources which Mother/Father God provide, may all, always be well in your world. I am Kuthumi Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai