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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Grade Level/Subject: 3rd Central Focus: Kannapolis History (community)

Essential Standard/Common Core Objective: 3.H.1.1 Explain key historical events that occurred in the Date submitted: 3/12/14 Date taught: local community and regions over time Daily Lesson Objective: Students will understand historical events often have effects on the local community or regions over time 21st Century Skills: Prior Knowledge: Academic Language Demand (Language Function and Vocabulary):


Description of Activities and Setting


1. Focus and Review

Last week we discussed some of the history of Kannapolis. We are discussing these things so we get a better picture of the historical events that occurred in 2 minutes the local community over time. Many families came to Kannapolis by horse and wagon, and made this city what it is today. Today we are going to explore a little more of the history of Kannapolis. We are going to explore the early 1930s to the 1960s! 1. 1 minute

2. Statement of Objective for Student

3. Teacher Input

Pg. 45 In 1921 a downturn in the textile industry resulted in an industry-wide strike i. What is a strike? b. J.W. Cannon was seeking treatment for a serious illness and when he died in 1921, his song, James Cannon continued what his dad had started and became its chief executive officer. 2. Pg. 50 In 1924 land on Rose Avenue was donated for a high school to be built upon. This high school was named first named Central High 15 minutes School and was later renamed, J.W. Cannon High School. It burnt down ten years later, but with the help of Cannon Mills Company, it was rebuilt. 3. Pg. 82 In the 1960s George Washington Carver High School and Kannapolis integrated and became Carver Middle School. The middle school burned down, and now this is where the Kannapolis Intermediate School was built and still stands. 4. Pg. 136 for Kannapolis high school students the weekly Friday night

football was the place to be during the fall of each school year. Their biggest rivalry was that with nearby Concord High School. In 1950 the first clash for the bell, the underdog Kannapolis team battled the heavily-favored spiders to a scoreless tie. 0 to 0!!! But in 1951, Concord High school lead the game, but the little scrappy Kannapolis players pulled off a huge upset, but lost 7-6. Concord High gained both the victory and the bell! 5. Pg. 148 in 1956the AL brown high school marching band attended the lions club international convention in Miami. They only had three buses and had 102 members! They were an absolute hit! Ask the students what they found interesting about todays mini lesson? Is there any particular part they found interesting? If so, have them share with a partner next to them. After a minute or so have the class come back together and discuss what they found interesting or what they learned today that they did not know before. Have students use their journals to write down things they had learned today that they had not previously known before. Encourage them to bring these notebooks to their walking tour field trip so that they can look at the facts they have written down so they could better understand the history of Kannapolis as they experience it in person!

4. Guided Practice

6 minutes

5. Independent Practice

5 minutes

6. Assessment Methods of all objectives/skills:

Discuss out loud with the class what they learned today. If the group can collectively explain to you the five main points above that you went over, they have full mastery and understanding of that section of history of Kannapolis. Explain that history influences how communities function, how they act, their culture, and how people live. Explain that even now, Kannapolis is making history. Encourage them to look out for these things during their walking tour in a month of downtown Kannapolis!

7. Closure

2 minutes

8. Assessment Results of all objectives/skills: Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations: Students who are slow learners will be assisted one on one since this lesson is a carpet lesson. I am able to walk around and help them. Materials/Technology:
(Include any instructional materials (e.g., worksheets, assessments PowerPoint/SmartBoard slides, etc.) needed to implement the lesson at the end of the lesson plan.)

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations: If students are struggling with remembering important and key facts, allow them to ask a partner or work cohesively in order to remember these facts.

Doc camera, Kannapolis history book (provided by CT), fact strips from time line. References: Christy Parker

Reflection on lesson: