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Standard Chartered Priority Banking Celebrity Forum

Stephen Chan、Do Do Cheng、
Cho Yan Chiu、Chan Yan Chong
Shared Wealth Management Experience
with a Thousand Customers

[10 August, 2009, Hong Kong] – Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
(“Standard Chartered”)has recently gone through a complete revamp of its Priority
Banking and introduced a cross-region comprehensive approach in banking services. The
total banking relationship that Standard Chartered promises to offer to support customers’
priorities in life and family as well as pursuit of various ambitions is backed up by an abiding
philosophy of “professionalism” and anchored on three pillars of commitment, “Priority
Service”, “Priority Benefits” and “Priority Solutions”. To promote the introduction of this new
service approach, Standard Chartered “Priority Banking” held a “Celebrities’ Wealth
Management” Forum. Special guest speakers included renowned columnists in the Hong
Kong financial sector, Mr Cho Yan Chiu and Dr Chan Yan Chong, who were invited to
analyse the trends and prospects of investment markets. Besides, the famous talk show
host Stephen Chan continued with the format of his popular TV programme “Be My Guest”
by hosting a chat on investment tips and experience with Mr Cho Yan Chiu, Dr Chan Yan
Chong and the veteran TV host, Ms Do Do Cheng. Together, they presented an investment
and wealth management forum, professional as well as relaxed, for Priority Banking

Close to a thousand of Priority Banking” customers attended the forum, showing

enthusiastic support and responses. Ms Susanna Liew, General Manager, Premium
Banking, Standard Chartered presented gifts that were well-thought out for the four special
guests as a token of appreciation. The stock market superman Mr Cho Yan Chiu was given
a superman figurine that was modeled after him. To Dr Chan Yan Chong who has gained
much acclaim for coming up with his ingenious “Chan’s Channel for forecasting the stock
market’s trends, Standard Chartered prepared for him a Chinese paper fan with the four
Chinese characters “Chan’s Channel inscribed on it. Learnt that Ms Do Do Cheng has
recently started to learn painting, Standard Chartered showed thoughtfulness likewise by
presenting her a set of valuable painting tools, wishing that she is able to draw for herself a
colourful and gorgeous life. As for Mr Stephen Chan who likes to do jogging, Ms Susanna
Liew prepared especially for him a “Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon” jacket and
took the opportunity to invite him to take part in the next year’s “Standard Chartered Hong
Kong Marathon”.

With the “Priority Service” of Standard Chartered ”Priority Banking”, we place at our
customers’ service an experienced and professional team of Relationship Manager and
specialists along with a full range of exclusive and differentiated banking channels. We are
committed to delivering our customers a premium level of service and attention of a total
banking relationship, whether they are locally or overseas.

Standard Chartered ”Priority Banking” has also created the finest Priority Banking Credit
Card, offering our customers the exclusivity and priority that they deserve. They can earn
themselves Double Reward Points with no boundary. What’s more, they are granted Priority
PassTM membership which entitles them to complimentary access to over 500 airport
Priority Pass lounges all over the world.

By “Priority Benefits”, we introduce an exclusive, unique and differentiating total banking

rewards scheme which allows our customers to earn Bonus Points not only on their card
spend, but on all their banking accounts balance with us. With the Bonus Points which can
be accessed through the Priority Banking Credit Card, they can choose to redeem premium
gift items or cash vouchers.

“Priority Solutions” bring to our customers a suite of world-class wealth solutions. With
our wide range of banking account solutions, such as deposit, investment, insurance, loan,
etc, we will ensure that all the financial needs of our customers, from everyday banking to
long-term investing are well met. We also provide one-stop wealth management services,
allowing our customers to manage their finances with ease and convenience.
“Priority Banking” 24 hour service hotline: 2886 8866


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For media enquiries, please contact:

Cathy Kwong / Gabriel Kwan
Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
(Tel:2820 3083 / 2820 3036)
Fingertips Company Limited
Evon Yap Tel: 9257 4534 / 2851 7100
Ellis Law Tel: 9306 4189 / 2851 7100

Notes to Editor:
About Standard Chartered
Standard Chartered – leading the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East
The history of Standard Chartered in Hong Kong dates back to 1859. It is currently one of the SAR’s
three note-issuing banks. Standard Chartered incorporated its Hong Kong business on 1 July 2004,
and now operates as a licensed bank in Hong Kong under the name of Standard Chartered Bank
(Hong Kong) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered PLC.

Standard Chartered PLC, listed on both London and Hong Kong stock exchanges, ranks among the
top 25 companies in the FTSE-100 by market capitalisation.

The London-headquartered Group has operated for over 150 years in some of the world’s most
dynamic markets, leading the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Standard Chartered aspires to be the best international bank in its markets through leading by
example to be the right partner for its stakeholders. The group now employs around 70,000 people,
representing 125 nationalities, in more than 1,600 branches and outlets located in over 70

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited was named the “Employer of Choice” at the
prestigious Hong Kong HR Awards 2008, and also named by The Gallup Organisation as a winner
of the Gallup Great Workplace Award for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009.

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