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2 2,985
Porv/arding Agent:
South African Church of Christ Mission
Carroll Pulford

Mr & Mrs, Gene Monaghan Routo 2, Box 72-A Pendleton, Oregon

7 Silvertrees Bayviow Road

Union of South Africa

August 10,1960
Dear Brethren in Christ,

In order to keep you up to date on our work here in South Africa we are planning to send you our news letter every
month. Last month Brother Alvin Uieholson arrived "back in South

Africa and the six missionary families of South African Church of

Christ Mission gathered in Cape Town for a Conference. They are: Alvin Nicholson, Lynn Stanley, A1 Zimmem".n, John Kernan, A1 H.ajnilton
ourselves. Because of the gx'eat need here all the missionaries are limiting themselves to a "basic salary and giving all the rost into an intensive program of evangelism. Last week our Volhsivagen hoaded out to Wor

cester, the scene of one of the worst riots in South Africa, and the
site of one of our now Native Churches, A1 Zimmerman, Don Bell and

1 were going to rapaj..;pth^-^irndows of our "building.

one of the few churches still standing ASBESTOSI

The churches

and official "buildings looked like a tornado had hit them.

Ours was

it had hoen built of

n p a a n d the Builders' class meeting for this month was held

he re V My "brother John, who hitoh-hikod to the Rhodesian Mission Stations with Titus Solomon, showed slides of the v/ork there. On Monday the Bible School Teachers met to

Nancy and I have recently moved into otit own

discuss prograiriS', matorials and plans for calling on absontoos.

class is Advanced Youth.


The nov/ Senior Youth group was formed on

Tuesday with yours truly as president and Nancy as secretary.

following is our financial statoment for August,

RECEIPTS Previous balance

Mountain,WiseD,V,Bo S.
Insurance refund

13 5 2 5 20

Church Groceries Rent



7 3 9 1 113 8 139 16 1

Household Sxipplies Dining.Room Set Payment to John Pulford


2 2U 2 5 11 1 17 20 19 10



( 1 = ^2,80 )
Total Receipts 139 I6 1
Total Disburs, 138 3 9 Balance on hand: 1 12 U



Oar payment & expenses Postage and writing mat,


27 17 3
10 2

138 3

Tomorrow we are going oixt to Bellville to help pack some clothes for the native Christians, They have so little, and really appreciate all that is sent, One- .the-languagG--Qf--a. peop! e w1 th out becoming somewhat aware of their culture and the way they think. In my Xhosn studies I am beginning to realii^e that. _the African peonle are living under a shadov/ which only the light of Christ can remove.
Yours in His service.

For.'rarding Agent:
South African Church of Christ Mission Mr. & Mrs. Gene Monaghan

Carroll Pulford

7 Silvertrees

Route 2, Box 72-A

Pendleton, Oregon

Bayview Road Wynherg, Cape

Union of South Africa


September 10, i960

Dear Christian Brethren,


Greetings again in the name of our Lord Jesus This past month has gone "by so quickly it seems like only We want you to know how much v/e appreciate and Th,is and how we do need His

yesterday I was standing at the Post Office sticking stamps on our last
newsletter to you.

need your prayers.

Spirit to guide us.

Nancy and I have "begun Bible Reading Sessions in

On Sunday we will be going with others from

our home with the hope of forming a nucleas for a church in this suburb.
There were eight at our first meeting on Monday.

Cape Town to the Native Location near Worcester (80 miles away over the
mountains) for the dedication of our new building there.
At the University of Cape Town I have been con-

finuing my studies in the Xhosa language in preparation for teaching in

'the Native Ministerial School with Brother Lynn Stanley near Port Shep-

stone next year.

I also have a Bible in that language which X am study-

tg" along with my other language exerciser.

of South Africa so we joined in and had a lovely day at a beach near us.

Monday of this week was a holiday for the pebple

We roasted "Hot Dogs" over an open fire, American Style, and Alandra Jb had a good time running in the waves of the Atlantic and building castles in the white sand. Naturally she v/asn't alone in her playing, we couldnt resist joining her in the water and in the building of sand castles.
At the Polo Road Church of Christ here I am

us are typing and editing the church magazine,"The Christian Challenge".

We are now well settled in our apartment, and our freight has arrived from the States. The following is our financial statement for September.

teaching the Toung Adult class, and K^ancy the Beginners Class.

Both of

Previous balance Polo Rd.Church



1 10

Zimmerman(Worcester gas)
Gifts from family


DISBURSEPNTS Church Rent and lease


17 7 30


Freight charges Car payment & expenses


Mission (for postage)

Living-link September

5 113

10 3


Household supplies

Washing Machine payment

Writing mat. & postage

13 19

2 9 16 h 9 15 11 16 h 7


( 1 = ^2.80 )
Total Receipts
Total Disburs.

10 3




lU 1

._Nancy..,ha^t),e^Ji-dQing a great deal...Q.f.-typing for

/-^rother K"|^nan in hrs wo"rk bf producing literature fo"r"the^ork hei-e.

^'THus"we""'ar0 striving by every means possible to bring the people of South Africa face to face with the gospel of Christ and his message of s.yf3Mdrion and life eternal. We cannot stress-too strongly the need for workers

"ahd'lTK^'Xfrican people are stumbling between paganism and communism, the

vast majority of them v/ithout the light of Christ.

^in this nart of, the, pord^'eyard.

The eyes of the world are on Africa,

Today the cry

Now is^ the acGej^abJ.e time, today is the day of

salvation for the African, Tofnorrov/ niay bb Too^ate, goes out: "Come over to Africa and help us".

Yours in the Master's Ifame,

Carroll,. Nancy and/Alandra Jo

m^i Z 8 SS60

Forwarding Agentj

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Fulford

7 SilvertreeB

Mri and Mrs, Gene Monaghan Route 2, Box IZk Pendleton., Oregon.

Bayview Road Wynberg, Cape

Union of South Africa

November 18, I960.

Dear ChrlBtian. Brethren,

Greetings again in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Viie are thank-

full for your continued interest in the Lord's work in Africa, and are happy for this another opportunity of passing some of our news on to you. This past month has been an.especially eventful one for us. It has greatly encouraged us to have seen, firsihand much of the Lord's work hero in Southern Africa.

Together with Ken and Pauline Norman of the Polo Road Church: of Christ we have just returned from, a mile trip visiting all our Mission
Centres both in the Union of South Africa and in Rhodesia. the country. It was thrilling to see

the progress that is being made, and to fellowship with our co-laborers throughout
Our first stop was Kimberley where wo visited Brother Bob Mills in charge of our Postal Mission, and Brother A1 Hamilton currently preaching at the Kimberley Church of Christ. In order to present the message of Christ more effectively Brother Hamilton is using a series of colored slides on Christian

At Beit Bridge we crossed the Limpopo River into Southern


There we visited the Nfeshoko Mission some ^0 miles off the "highway"
Here Dr. Pruett is supervising the building of the largest

east of Fort Victoria.

Mission Haspital in. the Federation.

offerings to this Mission..

Our new church in Wynberg is giving half its

Our trip then took us to the Ladbrook family working in the Lundi Reserve and the Dadaya Mission School west of Shabani. At Bulawayo we stayed with the Hadfields, and I preached at the Barham Green. Church of Christ.
Monday saw us at the Victoria Falls, and then on northward
to the shores of the Kariba Dam and the Zambesi Mission Church of Christ. Our W

took us all the way through 12 miles of rough and sandy track cut through solid
bush to the home of Rod Cameron. How good it was to have sweet Christian fellowship

with these so many miles from civilization.

We pray God's blessing and strength for

all these His laborers as they hold aloft the Word of Life.

On the way back we stopped at Port Shepstone where I spoke for

chapel at our Native Ministerial School in the hills a few milos out of Umzumbi. We were happy to renew fellowship again with the Stanleys and the Nicholsons aa well as
Brother Nick Qwemesha our Native Evangelist and interpreter. It was an especial joy
to meet the students of the school who have devoted their lives to the preaching of the gospel among their own people.

Since we have just qtarted church services at Wynberg the missionaries have deemed it wise for us to continue in Cape Town until the middle of 1961 before coming to the Native Ministerial School. Since our return the Wynberg Church has been able to purchase its own Communion. Sot and Song Books, and to send the equivalent of ^28 to the I%ehoko Mission.
At the Polo Road Church in Obsorvatory Nancy and I are at

present assisting in. the "I.P. play "Ho Came to a Village". We rejoice that Valerie Barclay, one of the Young People in my Bible School class, has been baptized into
Christ. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as we labor together for the on going of the Kingdom of God. May the grace of our Lord be with you.
Your servants in Christ,



Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Fulford 2 Lancaster Court

Lancaster Road

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Monaghan Route 2, Box 72k PendLleton, Oregon.

Kenilworth, Cape
Union of South Africa.

r- 1


December l6, 1^60.

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Vie thank our Lord for your faithfulness and your support which enable us to continue His work here in South Africa. At the last meeting of

the Board of the Polo Road church

have an additional 20 on our prospect list who have not yet come to the meet ings^,/"''^
We are continuing to chock on a building for our meetings,

our list of those who have attended, with our average attendance at 20. We also J

of the work at Vynberg. At present we have 20 Christians and 2k Non-Christians ovr\U^

in Cape Town I gave a report of the development

There is one on Broad Road which is at present being rented by the


However they have just erected a new building, and are thinking of using the other one for storage. I suggested that it could be put to far better use as the meeting
place for a church. Please pray for God's guidance in this matter.
Its the Christmas Season here in sunny South Africa at the

time of writing, and we have just had our Sunday School Anniversary and Christmas

Party at the Polo Road Church. Brother Kernan, in charge of our Literature Service, printed the programs; and Brother Zimmerman, our minister at Polo Road, led in the opening prayer. The theme was SERVICE, and my Advanced Youth class gave a radio
presentation of the Service of Paul.
We had hflre last Sunday. While I

was bringing two of our members to the evening service a car swerved in front of
me and we crashed. Fortunately there were no serious injuries, but we wil.l be with
We have added a Midweek Bible Study to our Sunday Gospel
out the use of a car for a few weeks.

Services and Monday Bible Readings in the home. At present we are presenting a iiiBturicsrl'^scnd'^GeographicaT survey of -the -Bibles Later we plan to-have- studios
on the individual Bible books.

As you know we will be staying in Cape Town for a while in order to build up the work here in Wynb.erg. By the time you get this we will be in our new apartment at the above address. It is more centrally located for
our work, and has an extra room for Alandra Jo, our 2 year old daughter.

Sunday afternoon wo drove out to the Nyanga Location to

assist in the Bible School services for the native boys and girls there. This was

for their Christmas Program. I brought an object lesson on God's Plan of Salvation, and Nancy gave a flannelgraph presentation on the Birth of Jesus. Afterwards the

children were given toys and fruit as well as "The Life of Christ Visualised.
had been printed in the Xhosa language by Brother Kernan.


Conradie Hospital has a Chronic Tuberculosis Ward. We visited the men there with the Young People on Tuesday. Nancy read a poem, and

I preached on "Jesus Christ the Word made Flesh."

We stand at the entrance to a New Year. Here in South Africa

the potential is great, but we can only advance as your prayers and support con
tinue and increase. We are starting a new church in Port Elizabeth. There are openings in Durban, in Pietermaritzburg, in Johannesburg; not to mention; the

"^^^^^'^owing^eed for more churches in the Cape Town area.

Brethren, pray for us.

Let us enter this year with a heart of full assurance

the promises of God, confident of His faithfulness. As you enter through the portals of this New Year may you be drawn near to the heart of God, and may you grow in the grace and knowledge of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.
I asked the man who stood at the gate of the New Year,

"That I may go through, grant to me a light, lest I should fall by the way.
He said to mo, "Put your hand into the hand of God,

That shall be to thee better than a light, and safer than a known way."

Your co-laborers in Christ,