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MT Card Professional & Official Resller www.4CoolDay.


USB Ver1.3 Pro ram U!da"e #ns"r$c"ion

MT card Ver1.3 supports Eshop game super mario bros.deluxe, and fixes the problem withlow speed Micro ! card which causes animal crossing and po"emon #$% games can not be pla&ed.

'e need Ver1.( )auncher.dat to run Eshop games. *o matter which +ersion &ou use, ,ust directl& update &our MT card to Ver1.3. -f &ou once updated MT card to Ver1.( on &our computer, and want to update the card to Ver1.3, when &ou connect the MT card to the computer, &our computer will search and use the dri+er &ou installed last time, no need to install dri+er again. .or computer without Ver1.( program update, to update &our MT card to Ver1.3, &ou need to install dri+er. 'hile updating, ma"e sure the / 0 cable is connected, don1t disconnect.

!ownload the / 0 Ver1.3 from http2$$$download$MT45ard4/pdater41.3.rar *otice2 please ma"e sure the / 0 is connected, don1t disconnect. 6nd ma"e sure &our computer is connected to the internet. 'hile updating, the computer will automaticall& install the dri+er twice. -f the dri+er has not been installed, &ou can open the computer de+ice manager, chec" other de+ice, clic" un"nown de+ice, right clic" the /pdate !ri+er, wait till installation finished. ince computer s&stem comes with dri+er, no need to pro+ide dri+er.

'ww.75ool!a&.com 8 MT 5ard 9fficial :eseller 1. /n;ip the file, run the program file MT45ard4/pdater +1.3.exe

(. /se a micro / 0 cable to connect MT card to the computer. 3. 6fter connecting , the computer will automaticall& install the dri+ce, and then shows &ou a picture as below, update is a+ailable.

7. 5lic" update, it will detect the dri+er installation of MT card.

<. -f all 9=, comfirm the update, clic" %es to update.

>. /pdating, start writing data to MT card.

?. 'hen the first progress bar is finished, &our computer indicates .ound *ew @ardware, clic" it

A. -t will show an interface as below, wait till the .BC6 update finished, about >Dseconds

E. Fust wait

1D. 6fter installation, &our computer will as" &ou to restart, clic" :estart )ater.

11. 0ac" to the MT card update interface, the second progress bar begins, start writing data to the .BC6 chip, it will ta"e longer time, about 3 minutes

1(. The third progress bar begins, writing data to 5B/

www.75ool!a&.com US& MT'Card official Reseller 13. 'hen the third progress bar is finished, it will show &ou update success, &ou can disconnect the / 0 connecting

EndGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGG 62 -f &ou got an error as below

-t means the installation has not been finished in 3DD seconds from step ?

9pen the computer de+ice manager, chec" other de+ices, clic" un"nown de+ice

:ight clic" the de+ice, manuall& install the dri+er

'hen it is done, tr& to update the Ver1.3 program again, all will be 9=, step ?3step 1D will not appear, directl& to step 11. 02 -f &ou got error as below

5omfirm 9= and rerun the update program according to the instruction.

0u& MT35ard from BrofessionalH9fficial :eseller, stoc"s local in / 6H ingapore, fast to worldwide.