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Final accounts may contain the following:1. Contract Sum. 2. Omission of Contingencies. 3. Adjustment of A. I. s to vary the work. 4. Adjustment of P. C. Sums. 5. Adjustment of Provisional Sums. 6. Re-measured work. 7. Day-works. 8. Fluctuations. 9. Direct Loss and Expense. 10. Adjustment of Insurance Premiums. 11. Correction of Bill Errors. 12. Adjustment of Profit. 13. Percentage adjustment. 14. Adjustment for Direct Payments. 15. Main Summary.

Final Accounts will not include:1. Liquidated and Ascertained Damages which are at the discretion of the Client. 2. VAT which is with as a separate matter between the Contractor and the Employer outside of the Contract.

Job No:- .. Heading:- Contract No:-.


Contract Sum DEDUCT Net Omissions .. .. .. ADD Net Additions DEDUCT Net Contract Payments to date. TOTAL BALANCE DUE. ================ . ================

We agree that this statement is correct and that the balance due represents full and final settlement in respect of this contract and have no further claim. For and on behalf of .. Date: .

EXTENTION: . REFERENCE: . DATE: ADDRESS: .. .. Dear Sirs, HEADING: .. I enclose for your attention a copy of the Final Account Statement. If you are in agreement with the statement please sign and return it as soon as possible. Final settlement of the account may then be made, pending issue of the Certificate of Making Good Defects. Thanking You, Yours faithfully,