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good adjective adjective: good; comparative adjective: better; superlative adjective: best 1. 1. to be desired or approved of.

"we live at peace with each other, which is good" synonyms: healthy, fine, sound, tip-top, hale and hearty, fit, robust, sturdy, strong,vigorous "the dogs are in good condition" fine, very well, all right, right, all right then, yes, agreed; informalokay, OK, okey-dokey "good, that's settled" antonyms: poor, ill pleasing and welcome. "she was pleased to hear good news about him" expressing approval. "the play had good reviews" 2. 2. having the qualities required for a particular role. "the schools here are good" synony fine, superior, quality; ms: excellent, superb, outstanding, magnificent, exceptional, marvelous,wonderful, first-rate, first-class, sterling; satisfactory, acceptable, not bad, all right; informalgreat, OK, A1, jake, hunkydory, ace, terrific,fantastic, fabulous, fab, top-notch, blue-chip, blueribbon, bang-up,killer, class, awesome, wicked; smashing, brilliant "a good product" capable, able, proficient, adept, adroit, accomplished, skillful, skilled,talented, masterly, virtuoso, expert; informalgreat, mean, wicked, nifty, ace, crackerjack "a good driver" delicious, tasty, mouthwatering, appetizing, flavorful, delectable,toothsome, pal atable; succulent, luscious; informalscrumptious, delish, yummy, lip-smacking, finger-licking,nummy, meltin-your-mouth "good food" valid, genuine, authentic, legitimate, sound, bona fide; convincing, persuasive, telling, potent, cogent, compelling "a good reason"

antony bad, inept, unconvincing ms: appropriate to a particular purpose. "this is a good month for planting seeds" synonym convenient, suitable, appropriate, fitting, fit; s: opportune, timely,favorable, advantageous, expedient, felicitous, happy, provi dential "a good time to call" antonyms inconvenient : (of language) with correct grammar and pronunciation. "she speaks good English" strictly adhering to or fulfilling all the principles of a particular cause, religion, or party. "a good Catholic girl" synony close, intimate, dear, bosom, special, best, firm, valued, treasured; ms: loving, devoted, loyal, faithful, constant, reliable, dependable,trustworthy, trusty , true, unfailing, staunch "a good friend" (of a ticket) valid. "the ticket is good for travel from May to September" 3. 3. possessing or displaying moral virtue. "I've met many good people who made me feel ashamed of my own shortcomings" synon virtuous, righteous, upright, upstanding, moral, ethical, high-minded,principled; yms: exemplary, lawabiding, irreproachable, blameless, guiltless,unimpeachable, honorable, scrupulo us, reputable, decent, respectable,noble, trustworthy; meritorious, praiseworthy, admirable; whiter than white, saintly, saintlike, angelic; informalsqueaky clean "a good person" anton wicked yms: showing kindness. "you are goodthank you" synonyms: kind, kindhearted, goodhearted, thoughtful, generous, charitable,magnanimous, gracious; More antonyms: unkind, thoughtless obedient to rules or conventions. "accustom the child to being rewarded for good behavior" synonyms: wellbehaved, obedient, dutiful, polite, courteous, respectful,deferential, compliant "the children are good at school" right, correct, proper, decorous, seemly; appropriate, fitting, apt, suitable; convenient, expedient, favorable, opportune, felicitous, timely;

archaicmeet "a good thing to do" antonyms: naughty used to address or refer to people, esp. in a patronizing or humorous way. "the good people of the city were disconcerted" commanding respect. "he was concerned with establishing and maintaining his good name" belonging or relating to a high social class. "he comes from a good family" 4. 4. giving pleasure; enjoyable or satisfying. "the streets fill up with people looking for a good time" synonyms enjoyable, pleasant, agreeable, pleasurable, delightful, great, nice,lovely; : amusing, diverting, jolly, merry, lively; informalsuper, fantastic,fabulous, fab, terrific, grand, brilliant, killer, peachy, d ucky "a good time was had by all" fine, fair, dry; bright, clear, sunny, cloudless; calm, windless; warm, mild, balmy, clement, pleasant, nice "good weather" antonyms unpleasant, terrible, bad, inclement : pleasant to look at; attractive. "you're looking pretty good" (of clothes) smart and suitable for formal wear. "he went upstairs to change out of his good suit" synonyms: best, finest, nicest; special, party, Sunday, formal, dressy, smart,smartest "wear your good clothes" antonyms: casual, everyday 5. 5. thorough. "the attic needed a good cleaning" used to emphasize that a number is at least as great as one claims. "they're a good twenty years younger" synonyms: whole, full, entire, complete, solid "we waited a good hour" used to emphasize a following adjective. "we had a good long hug" fairly large. "a good crowd" synonyms: considerable, sizable, substantial, appreciable, significant; goodly, fair, reasonable; plentiful, abundant, great, large, generous;





informaltidy "a good number of them" antonyms: small 6. used in conjunction with the name of God or a related expression as an exclamation of extreme surprise or anger. "good heavens!" noun noun: good; plural noun: goods 1. that which is morally right; righteousness. "a mysterious balance of good and evil" synonyms: virtue, righteousness, goodness, morality, integrity, rectitude; honesty, truth, honor, probity; propriety, worthiness, merit; blamelessness, purity "issues of good and evil" antonyms: wickedness 2. benefit or advantage to someone or something. "he is too clever for his own good" synonyms: benefit, advantage, profit, gain, interest, welfare, well-being; enjoyment, comfort, ease, convenience; help, aid, assistance, service; behalf "it's all for your good" antonyms: disadvantage 3. merchandise or possessions. "imports of luxury goods" synonyms: merchandise, wares, stock, commodities, produce, products, articles; imports, exports "he dispatched the goods" property, possessions, worldly possessions, effects, chattels,valuables; informalthings, stuff, junk, gear, bits and pieces "the dead woman's goods"

bad/ adjective adjective: bad; comparative adjective: worse; superlative adjective: worst; comparative adjective: badder; superlative adjective: baddest 1. 1. of poor quality; inferior or defective. "a bad diet" synony substandard, poor, inferior, second-rate, secondms: class, unsatisfactory,inadequate, unacceptable, not up to scratch, not up to par, deficient,imperfect, defective, faulty, shoddy, amateurish, careless, n egligent,miserable, sorry; incompetent, inept, inexpert, ineffectual; awful, atrocious, appalling,execrable, deplorable, terrible, abysmal; informalcrummy, rotten,godawful, pathetic, useless, woeful, bum, lousy, not up to snuff "bad workmanship" antony good, excellent, skilled ms: o (of a person) not able to do something well; incompetent. "I'm so bad at names" 2. 2. not such as to be hoped for or desired; unpleasant or unwelcome. "bad weather" synonyms: unpleasant, disagreeable, unwelcome; unfortunate, unlucky, unfavorable; terrible, dreadful, awful, grim,distressing "bad news" antonyms: good o (of an unwelcome thing) serious; severe. "bad headaches" synonyms: severe, serious, grave, critical, acute; formalgrievous "a bad accident" antonyms: minor, slight o unfavorable; adverse. "bad reviews" o harmful. "soap was bad for his face" synony harmful, damaging, detrimental, injurious, hurtful, inimical, destructive,r ms: uinous, deleterious; unhealthy, unwholesome

"the alcohol had a really bad effect on me" antony good, beneficial ms: o not suitable. "morning was a bad time to ask Andy about anything" syno inauspicious, unfavorable, inopportune, unpropitious, unfortunate,disadva nyms ntageous, adverse, inappropriate, unsuitable, untoward More : anton good, auspicious yms: 3. (of food) decayed; putrid. "everything in the fridge would go bad" synonyms rotten, decayed, decomposed, decomposing, putrid, putrefied, off,mol : dy; sour, spoiled, rancid, rank, unfit for human consumption; addled; skunky "the meat's bad" antonyms: fresh o (of the atmosphere) polluted; unhealthy. "bad air" 4. (of parts of the body) injured, diseased, or causing pain. "a bad back" synonyms: injured, wounded, diseased; datedgame "a bad knee" o (of a person) unwell. "I feel bad" 5. regretful, guilty, or ashamed about something. "working mothers who feel bad about leaving their children" synonyms: guilty, conscience-stricken, remorseful, guiltridden, ashamed, contrite,sorry, full of regret, regretful, shamefaced "I felt bad about leaving them" antonyms: unrepentant 6. morally depraved; wicked. "the bad guys" o naughty; badly behaved. "what a bad girl" synony wicked, evil, sinful, immoral, morally wrong, corrupt, base, blackms: hearted, reprobate, amoral; criminal, villainous, nefarious, iniquitous, dishonest, dishonorable,unscr upulous, unprincipled;





informalcrooked, dirty; dateddastardly "the bad guys" antony virtuous ms: 7. 7. worthless; not valid. "he ran up 87 bad checks" synonyms: invalid, worthless; counterfeit, fake, false, bogus, fraudulent; informalphony, dud "a bad check" antonyms: valid 8. 8. informal good; excellent. "they want the baddest, best-looking Corvette there is" adverb informal adverb: bad 1. 1. badly. "he beat her up real bad"

Weak adjective adjective: weak; comparative adjective: weaker; superlative adjective: weakest 1. 1. lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; lacking physical strength and energy. "she was recovering from the flu and was very weak" synonyms: frail, feeble, delicate, fragile; infirm, sick, sickly, debilitated, incapacitated, ailing, indisposed,decrepit; tired, fatigued, exhausted, anemic; informalweedy "they are too weak to move" antonyms: strong o lacking political or social power or influence. "the central government had grown too weak to impose order" o (of a crew, team, or army) containing too few members or members of insufficient quality. o (of a faculty or part of the body) not able to fulfill its functions properly. "he had a weak stomach" synonyms: inadequate, poor, feeble; defective, faulty, deficient, imperfect,substandard "weak eyesight" antonyms: strong, powerful, keen o of a low standard; performing or performed badly. "the choruses on this recording are weak" synonyms: inadequate, poor, feeble; defective, faulty, deficient, imperfect,substandard "weak eyesight" antonyms: strong, powerful, keen o not convincing or logically forceful. "the argument is an extremely weak one" synony unconvincing, untenable, tenuous, implausible, unsatisfactory, poor,inadequate, fe ms: eble, flimsy, lame, hollow; informalpathetic "a weak excuse" antony strong, convincing ms: o exerting only a small force. "a weak magnetic field" 2. 2. liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged. "the salamander's tail may be broken off at a weak spot near the base" o lacking the force of character to hold to one's own decisions, beliefs, or principles; irresolute. synonym spineless, craven, cowardly, pusillanimous, timid;


irresolute, indecisive, ineffectual, inept, effete, meek, tame, ineffective,impotent, s oft, faint-hearted; informalyellow, weak-kneed, gutless,chicken "I was too weak to be a rebel"

antonym strong, resolute s: o (of a belief, emotion, or attitude) not held or felt with such conviction or intensity as to prevent its being abandoned or dispelled. "their commitment to the project is weak" o not in a secure financial position. "people have no faith in weak banks" o (of prices or a market) having a downward tendency. 3. 3. lacking intensity or brightness. "a weak light from a single street lamp" synonyms: dim, pale, wan, faint, feeble, muted "a weak light" antonyms: strong, bright o (of a liquid or solution) heavily diluted. "a cup of weak coffee" synonyms: watery, diluted, dilute, watered down, thin, tasteless, flavorless, bland,insipid, wishy-washy "weak coffee" antonyms: strong, powerful o (of an acid) only slightly ionized. o displaying or characterized by a lack of enthusiasm or energy. "she managed a weak, nervous smile" synonyms: unenthusiastic, feeble, halfhearted, lame "a weak smile" o (of features) not striking or strongly marked. "his beard covered a weak chin" o (of a syllable) unstressed. 4. 4. GRAMMAR denoting a class of verbs in Germanic languages that form the past tense and past participle by addition of a suffix (in English, typically -ed ); contrasted withstrong. 5. 5. PHYSICS of, relating to, or denoting the weakest of the known kinds of force between particles, which acts only at distances less than about 10-15 cm, is very much weaker than the electromagnetic and the strong interactions, and conserves neither strangeness, parity, nor isospin.

ACTIVEadjective adjective: active 1. 1. (of a person) engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits. "I needed to change my lifestyle and become more active" synonyms: energetic, lively, sprightly, spry, mobile, vigorous, vital, dynamic,sporty; busy, occupied; informalon the go "despite her illness she remained active" antonyms: listless o moving or tending to move about vigorously or frequently. "active fish need a larger tank" o characterized by energetic activity. "they enjoyed an active social life" o (of a person's mind or imagination) alert and lively. 2. 2. doing things for an organization, cause, or campaign, rather than simply giving it one's support. "she was an active member of the church" o (of a person) participating or engaged in a particular sphere or activity. "a politically active student body" synon hardyms: working, busy, industrious, diligent, tireless, contributing,effective, enterprising, in volved, enthusiastic, keen, committed,devoted, zealous "an active member of the union" anton passive, indifferent yms: o (of a person or animal) pursuing their usual occupation or activity, typically at a particular place or time. "tigers are active mainly at night" 3. 3. working; operative. "the old mill was active until 1960" synonyms: operative, working, functioning, functional, operating, operational, in action, in operation, running; live; informalup and running "the mill was active until 1960" antonyms: inoperative o (of a bank account) in continuous use. o (of an electrical circuit) capable of modifying its state or characteristics automatically in response to input or feedback. o (of a volcano) currently erupting, or that has erupted within historical times. o (of a disease) in which the symptoms are manifest; not in remission or latent. "active colitis" o having a chemical or biological effect on something.

"350 active ingredients have been banned from pesticides" 4. 4. GRAMMAR relating to or denoting the voice that attributes the action of a verb to the person or thing from which it logically proceeds (e.g., of the verbs in guns kill and we saw him ). noun GRAMMAR noun: active; plural noun: actives 1. 1. an active form of a verb. o the active voice. noun: the active

adjective adjective: happy; comparative adjective: happier; superlative adjective: happiest; suffix:happy 1. 1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. "Melissa came in looking happy and excited" synony cheerful, cheery, merry, joyful, jovial, jolly, jocular, gleeful, carefree,untroubled, delighte ms: d, smiling, beaming, grinning, in good spirits, in a good mood, lighthearted, pleased, contented, content, satisfied,gratified, buoyant, radiant, su nny, blithe, joyous, beatific; thrilled, elated, exhilarated, ecstatic, blissful, euphoric, overjoyed,exultant, rapturous, in seventh heaven, on cloud nine, walking on air,jumping for joy, jubilant; informalchirpy, over the moon, on top of the world, tickled pink, on a high, as happy as a clam; formaljocund "Melissa looked happy and excited" antony sad ms: o having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation). "I was never very happy about the explanation" o satisfied with the quality or standard of. "I'm happy with his performance" o willing to do something. "we will be happy to advise you" synonyms: glad, pleased, delighted; willing, ready, disposed "we will be happy to advise you" antonyms: unwilling o (of an event or situation) characterized by happiness. "we had a very happy, relaxed time" o used in greetings. "happy birthday" 2. 2. fortunate and convenient. "he had the happy knack of making people like him" synonyms: fortunate, lucky, favorable, advantageous, opportune, timely, well-timed, convenient "a happy coincidence" antonyms: unfortunate 3. 3. informal inclined to use a specified thing excessively or at random. "our litigation-happy society"

SAD adjective adjective: sad; comparative adjective: sadder; superlative adjective: saddest 1. 1. feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy. "I was sad and subdued" syn unhappy, sorrowful, dejected, depressed, downcast, miserable, down,despondent, despairing ony , disconsolate, desolate, wretched, glum,gloomy, doleful, dismal, melancholy, mournful, wo ms: ebegone, forlorn,crestfallen, heartbroken, inconsolable; informalblue, down in/at the mouth, down in the dumps, blah "we felt sad when we left" ant ony happy, cheerful ms: o causing or characterized by sorrow or regret; unfortunate and regrettable. "he told her the sad story of his life" synony tragic, unhappy, unfortunate, awful, miserable, wretched, sorry, pitiful,pathetic, traumati ms: c, heartbreaking, heart-rending, harrowing "they knew her sad story" unfortunate, regrettable, sorry, deplorable, lamentable, pitiful, shameful,disgraceful "a sad state of affairs" antony cheerful, fortunate ms: 2. 2. informal pathetically inadequate or unfashionable. "the show is tongue-in-cheekanyone who takes it seriously is a bit sad" 3. 3. (of dough) heavy through having failed to rise.

CLEAN adjective adjective: clean; comparative adjective: cleaner; superlative adjective: cleanest 1. 1. free from dirt, marks, or stains. "the room was spotlessly clean" synonyms: washed, scrubbed, cleansed, cleaned; spotless, unsoiled, unstained, unsullied, unblemished, immaculate,pristine, dirt-free; hygienic, sanitary, disinfected, sterilized, sterile,aseptic, decontaminated; laundered; informalsqueaky clean, as clean as a whistle "keep the wound clean" antonyms: dirty o having been washed since last worn or used. "a clean blouse" o (of paper) not yet marked by writing or drawing. "he copied the directions onto a clean sheet of paper" synonyms: blank, empty, clear, plain; unused, new, pristine, fresh, unmarked "a clean sheet of paper" antonyms: used o (of a person) attentive to personal hygiene. "by nature he was clean and neat" o free from pollutants or unpleasant substances. "we will create a cleaner, safer environment" synonyms: pure, clear, fresh, crisp, refreshing; unpolluted, uncontaminated "clean air" antonyms: polluted o free from or producing relatively little radioactive contamination. 2. 2. morally uncontaminated; pure; innocent. "clean living" synonyms: virtuous, good, upright, upstanding; honorable, respectable, reputable, decent, righteous, moral,exemplary; innocent, pure, chaste; informalsqueaky clean "a clean life" innocent, guiltless, blameless, guilt-free, crime-free, above suspicion; informalsqueaky clean "the firm is clean" antonyms: guilty, dirty, polluted not sexually offensive or obscene. "it's all good clean fun" showing or having no record of offenses or crimes. "a clean driving license is essential for the job"

played or done according to the rules. "it was a good clean fight" synonyms: fair, honest, sporting, sportsmanlike, honorable, according to the rules; informalon the level "a good clean fight" antonyms: dirty, unfair informal not possessing or containing anything illegal, esp. drugs or stolen goods. "I searched him and his luggage, and he was clean" informal (of a person) not taking or having taken drugs or alcohol. synonyms: sober, teetotal, dry, nondrinking; drug-free, off drugs; informalon the wagon "they are trying to stay clean" free from ceremonial defilement, according to Mosaic Law and similar religious codes. 3. 3. free from irregularities; having a smooth edge or surface. "a clean fracture of the leg" having a simple, well-defined, and pleasing shape. "the clean lines and pared-down planes of modernism" synonyms: simple, elegant, graceful, streamlined, smooth "clean lines" antonyms: complex, elaborate (of an action) smoothly and skillfully done. "I still hadn't made a clean takeoff" synonyms: neat, smooth, crisp, straight, precise "a clean cut" antonyms: ragged (of a taste, sound, or smell) giving a clear and distinctive impression to the senses; sharp and fresh. "clean, fresh, natural flavors" (of timber) free from knots. adverb adverb: clean 1. 1. so as to be free from dirt, marks, or unwanted matter. "the room had been washed clean" 2. 2. informal used to emphasize the completeness of a reported action, condition, or experience. "he was knocked clean off his feet" synonyms: completely, entirely, totally, fully, quite, utterly, absolutely "I clean forgot" verb

verb: clean; 3rd person present: cleans; past tense: cleaned; past participle: cleaned; gerund or present participle: cleaning 1. 1. make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing. "clean your teeth properly after meals" synonyms: wash, cleanse, wipe, sponge, scrub, mop, rinse, scour, swab, hose down, sluice (down), disinfect; shampoo; literarylave "Dad cleaned the windows" launder, dry-clean "I got my clothes cleaned" antonyms: dirty, soil remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking. synonyms: gut, draw, dress; formaleviscerate "she cleaned the fish"

adjective adjective: dirty; comparative adjective: dirtier; superlative adjective: dirtiest 1. 1. covered or marked with an unclean substance. "a tray of dirty cups and saucers" synony soiled, grimy, grubby, filthy, mucky, stained, unwashed, greasy,smeared, smeary, spotted ms: , smudged, cloudy, muddy, dusty, sooty; unclean, sullied, impure, tarnished, polluted, contaminated, defiled,foul, unhygienic, unsa nitary; informalcruddy, yucky, icky, grotty,grungy; literarybefouled, besmirched, begrimed "a dirty sweatshirt" antony clean ms: o causing a person or environment to become unclean. "farming is a hard, dirty job" o (of a nuclear weapon) producing considerable radioactive fallout. o (of a color) not bright, clear, or pure. "the sea was a waste of dirty gray" o concerned with sex in an unpleasant or obscene way. "he told a stream of dirty jokes" synony indecent, obscene, rude, naughty, vulgar, smutty, coarse, crude, filthy,bawdy, suggestive, ms: ribald, racy, salacious, risqu, offensive, off-color,lewd, pornographic, explicit, X-rated; informalblue, triple-X, XXX; euphemisticadult

"a dirty joke" antony clean ms: o informal used to emphasize one's disgust for someone or something. "you dirty rat!" synonyms: despicable, contemptible, hateful, vile, low, mean, unworthy, worthless,beyond contempt, sordid; informalrotten; archaicscurvy "a dirty cheat" antonyms: trustworthy, decent o (of an activity) dishonest; dishonorable. "he had a reputation for dirty dealing" synonyms: dishonest, deceitful, unscrupulous, dishonorable, unsporting,ungentlemanly, below the belt, unfair, unethical, unprincipled; crooked,double-dealing, underhanded, sly, crafty, devious, sneaky "dirty tricks" antonyms: honest, decent o (of weather) rough, stormy, and unpleasant. "the yacht was ready for dirty weather" o (of popular music) having a distorted or rasping tone. "Nirvana's dirty guitar sound" verb verb: dirty; 3rd person present: dirties; past tense: dirtied; past participle: dirtied; gerund or present participle: dirtying 1. 1. make dirty. "she didn't like him dirtying her nice clean towels" synonyms: soil, stain, muddy, blacken, mess up, mark, spatter, bespatter,smudge, smear, splatter; sully, pollute, foul, defile; literarybefoul, besmirch, begrime "he dirtied her nice clean towels" antonyms: clean

Angry adjective adjective: angry; comparative adjective: angrier; superlative adjective: angriest 1. 1. having a strong feeling of or showing annoyance, displeasure, or hostility; full of anger. "why are you angry with me?" synonyms: irate, mad, annoyed, cross, vexed, irritated, indignant, irked; furious, enraged, infuriated, in a temper, incensed, raging, fuming,seething, beside oneself, choleric, outraged; livid, apoplectic; informalhot under the collar, up in arms, in high dudgeon, foaming at the mouth, doing a slow burn, steamed up, in a lather, fit to be tied,seeing red; sore, bent out of shape, ticked off, teed off, pissed off,PO'd; literarywrathful; archaicwroth "Vivienne got angry" heated, passionate, stormy, lively; bad-tempered, ill-tempered, ill-natured, acrimonious, bitter "an angry debate" antonyms: pleased, good-humored (of the sea or sky) stormy, turbulent, or threatening. "the wild, angry sea" (of a wound or sore) red and inflamed. "her skin was splotched with angry red burns"

BIG adjective
adjective: big; comparative adjective: bigger; superlative adjective: biggest 1. 1. of considerable size, extent, or intensity. "big hazel eyes" syn large, sizable, substantial, great, huge, immense, enormous,extensive, colossal, m ony assive, mammoth, vast, tremendous, gigantic,giant, monumental, mighty, gargantu ms: an, elephantine, titanic,mountainous, Brobdingnagian; towering, tall, high, lofty; outsize, oversized; goodly; capacious,voluminous, spacious; king-size(d), man-size, family-size(d), economy-size(d); informaljumbo, whopping, mega, humongous, monster,astronomical, ginormous; formalcommodious "a big building" well-built, sturdy, brawny, burly, broadshouldered, muscular, muscly,rugged, Herculean, bulky, hulking, strapping, heavily

built, thickset,stocky, solid, hefty, large; tall, huge, gigantic; fat, stout, portly, plump, fleshy, paunchy, corpulent, obese; full-figured, big-boned, buxom; roly-poly, rotund, well-fed; informalhunky, beefy, husky; literarythewy "clothing for big people" ant ony small, little, slight, diminutive ms: of a large or the largest size. "my big toe" grown up. "I'm a big girl now" synonyms: elder, older; grown-up, adult, mature, grown "my big sister" elder. "my big sister" informal doing a specified action very often or on a very large scale. "a big eater" informal on an ambitiously large scale. "a small company with big plans" synonyms: ambitious, far-reaching, grandiose, on a grand scale "she has big plans" antonyms: modest informal popular or exciting interest among the public. "Latino bands that are big in Los Angeles" synonyms: popular, successful, in demand, sought-after, all the rage; informalhot,in, cool, trendy, now, hip "East Coast bands are big across the country" showing great enthusiasm. "a big tennis fan" archaic advanced in pregnancy. "my wife was big with child" 2. 2. of considerable importance or seriousness. "it's a big decision" synonyms: important, significant, major, momentous, weighty, consequential, farreaching, impactful, key, vital, critical, crucial, life-and-death "a big decision"

antonyms: unimportant, minor, trivial informal holding an important position or playing an influential role. "as a senior in college, he was a big man on campus" synonyms: powerful, important, prominent, influential, highpowered, leading,preeminent; major-league "a big man in the government" antonyms: unimportant, obscure 3. 3. informalironic generous. "I'm inclined to take pity on you. That's big of you !" synonyms: generous, kind, kindly, caring, compassionate, loving "he's got a big heart" noun informal plural noun: bigs; noun: big 1. 1. the major league in a professional sport. "the day he made it to the bigs, he forgot every minor league ballpark he ever pl

adjective: small; comparative adjective: smaller; superlative adjective: smallest 1. 1. of a size that is less than normal or usual. "the room was small and quiet" synonyms: little, compact, bijou, tiny, miniature, mini; minute, microscopic, minuscule; toy, baby; poky, cramped, boxy; informalteeny, teensy, itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty, pocket-sized, half-pint,little-bitty; wee "a small apartment" short, little, petite, diminutive, elfin, tiny; puny, undersized, stunted, dwarfish, midget, pygmy, Lilliputian; wee; informalteeny, pint-sized "a very small man" inadequate, meager, insufficient, ungenerous; informalmeasly, stingy, mingy, pathetic "small helpings" antonyms: big, large, tall, heavily built, ample, generous not great in amount, number, strength, or power. "a small amount of money" not fully grown or developed; young. "as a small boy, he spent his days either reading or watching TV" used as the first letter of a word that has both a general and a specific use to show that in this case the general use is intended. "I meant catholic with a small c" insignificant; unimportant. "these are small points" synony slight, minor, unimportant, trifling, trivial, insignificant, inconsequential,negligible ms: , nugatory, infinitesimal; informalminuscule, piffling, piddling; de minimis "a few small changes" antony major, substantial ms: (of a voice) lacking strength and confidence. "I'm scared, she said in a small voice" little; hardly any. "the captain had been paying small attention" (of a business or its owner) operating on a modest scale. "a small farmer" synonyms: small-scale, modest, unpretentious, humble

"a small business" antonyms: big, large-scale, substantial archaic low or inferior in rank or position; socially undistinguished. "at dinner, some of the smaller neighbors were invited" noun BRIT.informal plural noun: smalls; plural noun: small 1. 1. small items of clothing, esp. underwear. adverb adverb: small 1. 1. into small pieces. "the okra cut up small" o in a small size. "you shouldn't write so small"

adjective adjective: clever; comparative adjective: cleverer; superlative adjective: cleverest 1. 1. quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent. "a clever and studious young woman" synonyms: intelligent, bright, smart, astute, sharp, quick-witted, shrewd; talented, gifted, brilliant, capable, able, competent, apt; educated,learned, knowledgeable, wise; informalbrainy, clueful, savvy "a clever young woman" antonyms: stupid o skilled at doing or achieving something; talented. "he was clever at getting what he wanted" synonyms: skillful, dexterous, adroit, adept, deft, nimble, handy; skilled, talented,gifted "she was clever with her hands" o showing intelligence or skill; ingenious. "a simple but clever idea for helping people learn computing" synonyms: ingenious, canny, cunning, crafty, artful, slick, neat "a clever scheme" antonyms: ill-advised, foolish o datedinformal sensible; well-advised. "it wasn't too clever, leaving Dolly alone"

1. adjective adjective: long; comparative adjective: longer; superlative adjective: longest 1. measuring a great distance from end to end. "a long corridor" o (after a measurement and in questions) measuring a specified distance from end to end. "a boat 150 feet long" o (of a journey) covering a great distance. "I went for a long walk" o (of a garment or sleeves on a garment) covering the whole of a person's legs or arms. "a sweater with long sleeves" o of elongated shape. "shaped like a torpedo, long and thin" o (of a ball in sports) traveling a great distance, or further than expected or intended. "he threw a long ball to the catcher" o informal (of a person) tall. 2. lasting or taking a great amount of time. "a long and distinguished career" synonyms: lengthy, extended, prolonged, extensive, protracted, long-lasting, long-drawnout, drawn-out, spun out, dragged out, seemingly endless,lingering, interminable "a long silence" antonyms: short, brief o (after a noun of duration and in questions) lasting or taking a specified amount of time. "the debates will be 90 minutes long" o seeming to last more time than is the case; lengthy or tedious. "serving long hours on the committee" o (of a person's memory) retaining things for a great amount of time. 3. relatively great in extent. "write a long report" o (after a noun of extent and in questions) having a specified extent. "the statement was three pages long" 4.




(of a vowel) categorized as long with regard to quality and length (e.g., in standard American English, the vowel u in food is long, as distinct from the short vowel ingood ).

(of a vowel or syllable) having the greater of the two recognized durations. 5. 5. (of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a low level of probability. "winning against long odds" 6. 6.





(of shares, bonds, or other assets) bought in advance, with the expectation of a rise in price. o (of a broker or their position in the market) buying or based on long stocks. o (of a security) maturing at a distant date. 7. informal well-supplied with. "an industry that seems long on ideas but short on cash" noun noun: long; plural noun: longs 1. a long interval or period. "see you before long" synonyms: soon, shortly, presently, in the near future, in a little while, by and by,in a minute, in a moment, in a second; informalanon, in a jiffy; dateddirectly; literaryere long "we'll be in Kentucky before long" 2. a long sound such as a long signal in Morse code or a long vowel or syllable. "two longs and a short" 3.

long-dated securities, esp. gilt-edged securities. assets held in a long position. adverb adverb: long; comparative adverb: longer; superlative adverb: longest 1. 1. for a long time. "we hadn't known them long" o in questions about a period of time. "how long have you been working?" o at a time distant from a specified event or point of time. "it was abandoned long ago" o after an implied point of time. "he could not wait any longer" o (after a noun of duration) throughout a specified period of time. "it rained all day long" 2. 2.

(with reference to the ball in sports) at, to, or over a great distance, or further than expected or intended. "the quarterback dropped back and threw the ball long" o beyond the point aimed at; too far. "he threw the ball long" Origin Old English lang, long (adjective), lange, longe (adverb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German lang . long2

verb verb: long; 3rd person present: longs; past tense: longed; past participle: longed; gerund or present participle: longing 1. 1. have a strong wish or desire. "she longed for a little more excitement" synonyms: yearn for, pine for, ache for, hanker for/after, hunger for, thirst for, itch for, be eager for, be desperate for; crave, dream of, set one's heart on; informalhave a yen for, be dying for "I longed for a vacation"

adjective adjective: stupid; comparative adjective: stupider; superlative adjective: stupidest 1. 1. lacking intelligence or common sense. "I was stupid enough to think she was perfect" synony unintelligent, ignorant, dense, foolish, dullms: witted, slow, simpleminded,vacuous, vapid, idiotic, imbecilic, imbecile, obtuse, doltish; informalthick, dim, dimwitted, slowwitted, dumb, dopey, dozy,moronic, cretinous, pea-brained, halfwitted, soft in the head, brain-dead, boneheaded, thickheaded, woodenheaded, muttonheaded, daft "they're rather stupid" foolish, silly, unintelligent, idiotic, scatterbrained, nonsensical,senseless, hareb rained, unthinking, ill-advised, ill-considered, unwise,injudicious; inane, absurd, ludicrous, ridiculous, laughable, risible, fatuous, asinine,mad, in sane, lunatic; informalcrazy, dopey, cracked, halfbaked, dimwitted, cockeyed,lamebrained, nutty, batty, cuckoo, loony, loopy "that was a really stupid thing to do" antony intelligent, sensible ms: dazed and unable to think clearly. "apprehension was numbing her brain and making her stupid" synonyms: into a stupor, into a daze, into oblivion; stupefied, dazed, unconscious "he drank himself stupid" antonyms: alert informal used to express exasperation or boredom. "she told him to stop messing with his stupid painting" noun informal noun: stupid; plural noun: stupids 1. 1. a stupid person (often used as a term of address). "you're not a coward, stupid!"

adjective adjective: short; comparative adjective: shorter; superlative adjective: shortest 1. 1. measuring a small distance from end to end. "short, dark hair" synonyms: small, little, tiny; informalteeny "a short piece of string" antonyms: long o (of a journey) covering a small distance. "the hotel is a short walk from the sea" o (of a garment or sleeves on a garment) only covering the top part of a person's arms or legs. "a short skirt" o (of a person) small in height. "he is short and tubby" synony small, little, petite, tiny, diminutive, stubby, elfin, dwarfish, midget,pygmy, Lilliput ms: ian, minuscule, miniature; informalpint-sized, vertically challenged, teeny, knee-high to a grasshopper; wee "short people" antony tall ms: o (of a ball in cricket, a shot in tennis, etc.) traveling only a small distance before bouncing. "he uses his opportunities to attack every short ball" o short for shortstop. 2. 2. lasting or taking a small amount of time. "visiting London for a short break" synony brief, momentary, temporary, shortms: lived, impermanent, cursory,fleeting, passing, fugitive, lightning, transitory, tran sient, ephemeral,quick "a short time" antony long ms: o seeming to last less time than is the case; passing quickly. "in 10 short years all this changed" o (of a person's memory) retaining things for only a small amount of time. "he has a short memory for past misdeeds" o STOCK MARKET (of stocks or other securities or commodities) sold in advance of being acquired, with reliance on the price falling so that a profit can be made. o STOCK MARKET





(of a broker, position in the market, etc.) buying or based on stocks or other securities or commodities sold short. o denoting or having a relatively early date for the maturing of a bill of exchange. 3. relatively small in extent. "a short speech" syn concise, brief, succinct, compact, summary, economical, crisp, pithy,epigrammatic, ony laconic, thumbnail, capsule, abridged, abbreviated,condensed, synoptic, summari ms: zed, contracted, truncated; formalcompendious "a short report" anto nym long, verbose s: o not having enough of (something); lacking or deficient in. "they were short of provisions" synonyms: deficient in, lacking, wanting, in need of, low on, short on, missing; informalstrapped for, pushed for, minus "we are short of nurses" o in insufficient supply. "food is short" synonym scarce, in short s: supply, scant, meager, sparse, insufficient, deficient,inadequate, lacking, want ing, tight; rareexiguous "money is a bit short" antonym plentiful s: o (of a person) terse; uncivil. "he was often sharp and rather short with her" synonyms curt, sharp, abrupt, blunt, brusque, terse, offhand, gruff, surly, testy,rude, unc : ivil; informalsnappy, snappish "he was rather short with her" antonyms patient, courteous : 4. PHONETICS (of a vowel) categorized as short with regard to quality and length (e.g., in standard British English the vowel in good is short as distinct from the long vowel u in food ). o PROSODY (of a vowel or syllable) having the lesser of the two recognized durations. 5. (of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a high level of probability. "they have been backed at short odds to win thousands" 6.








(of pastry) containing a high proportion of fat to flour and therefore crumbly. o (of clay) having poor plasticity. adverb adverb: short 1. (chiefly in sports) at, to, or over a relatively small distance. "you go deep and you go short" o not as far as the point aimed at; not far enough. "all too often you pitch the ball short" noun noun: short; plural noun: shorts 1. BRIT. a drink of spirits served in a small measure. 2. a short film as opposed to a feature film. o a short sound such as a short signal in Morse code or a short vowel or syllable. "her call was two longs and a short" o a short circuit. 3. STOCK MARKET a person who sells short. o STOCK MARKET short-dated stocks. 4. a mixture of bran and coarse flour. verb verb: short; 3rd person present: shorts; past tense: shorted; past participle: shorted; gerund or present participle: shorting 1. short-circuit or cause to short-circuit. "the electrical circuit had shorted out" 2. STOCK EXCHANGE sell (stocks or other securities or commodities) in advance of acquiring them, with the aim of making a profit when the price falls.

sft/ adjective adjective: soft; comparative adjective: softer; superlative adjective: softest 1. 1. easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch. "soft margarine" synonym mushy, squashy, pulpy, pappy, slushy, squishy, doughy; s: informalgooey "soft fruit" swampy, marshy, boggy, miry, oozy; heavy, squelchy "soft ground" squashy, spongy, compressible, supple, springy, pliable, pliant,resilient , malleable "a soft cushion" antonym hard, firm s:

having a smooth surface or texture that is pleasant to touch; not rough or coarse. "soft crushed velvet" synonyms: velvety, smooth, fleecy, downy, furry, silky, silken, satiny; plush,plushy "soft fabric" antonyms: rough, harsh

rounded; not angular. "the soft edges of their adobe home"

2. 2. having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition. "the soft glow of the lamps" synonym dim, low, faint, subdued, muted, mellow s: "soft light" pale, pastel, muted, understated, restrained, subdued, subtle "soft colors" blurred, vague, hazy, misty, foggy, nebulous, fuzzy, blurry, indistinct,u nclear "soft outlines" antonyms harsh, lurid, sharp :

(of a voice or sound) quiet and gentle. "they spoke in soft whispers" synony quiet, low, faint, muted, subdued, muffled, hushed, whispered, stifled,mu ms: rmured, gentle, dulcet; indistinct, inaudible "soft voices" antony strident, clear ms:

(of rain, wind, or other natural force) not strong or violent. "a soft breeze rustled the trees" synonyms: gentle, light, mild, moderate "a soft wind" antonyms: strong

(of a consonant) pronounced as a fricative (as c in ice ). (of a market, currency, or commodity) falling or likely to fall in value. 3. 3.

sympathetic, lenient, or compassionate, esp. to a degree perceived as excessive; not strict or sufficiently strict. "the administration is not becoming soft on crime" synony lenient, easygoing, tolerant, forgiving, forbearing, indulgent, clement,per ms: missive, liberal, lax "she's too soft with her students" antonym strict s:

(of words or language) not harsh or angry; conciliatory; soothing. "he was no good with soft words, gentle phrases" synon kind, gentle, sympathetic, soothing, tender, sensitive, affectionate,loving, yms: amorous, warm, sweet, sentimental, pretty; informalmushy,slushy, schmaltzy, sappy "he seduced her with soft words" antony harsh ms:

not strong or robust. "soft, out-of-shape executives in a computer company" informal (of a job or way of life) requiring little effort. (of news or other journalism) regarded more as entertainment than as basic news. "fashion is regarded as soft news" willing to compromise in political matters; moderate. "candidates ranging from far right to soft left" informal foolish; silly. "he must be going soft in the head" synonyms: foolish, stupid, simple, brainless, mindless; mad, scatterbrained, featherbrained;

slow, weak, feeble; informaldopey, dippy, scatty, loopy, flaky "he's soft in the head" antonyms: sensible

informal infatuated with. "was Brendan soft on her?"

4. 4. (of a drink) not alcoholic. "all they had was ginger ale and a few other soft drinks"

(of a drug) not likely to cause addiction. (of water) free from mineral salts that make lathering difficult. (of radiation) having little penetrating power. (of a detergent) biodegradable. (of pornography) suggestive or erotic but not explicit. adjective: soft-core adverb adverb: soft

1. 1. softly. "I can just speak soft and she'll hear me"

in a weak or foolish way. "don't talk soft"

adjective adjective: rough; comparative adjective: rougher; superlative adjective: roughest 1. 1. having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level. "take a square of sandpaper, rough side out" synony uneven, irregular, bumpy, lumpy, knobbly, stony, rocky, rugged, ru tted,pitted, rutty ms: "rough ground" coarse, bristly, scratchy, prickly; shaggy, hairy, bushy "the terrier's rough coat" dry, leathery, weather-beaten; chapped, calloused, scaly, scabrous "rough skin" antonym smooth, flat, sleek s:

(of ground or terrain) having many bumps or other obstacles; difficult to cross. "they had to carry the victim across the rough, stony ground" not soft to the touch. "her skin felt dry and rough" (of a voice) coming out with difficulty so as to sound harsh and rasping. "his voice was rough with barely suppressed fury"

synony gruff, hoarse, harsh, rasping, raspy, croaking, croaky, husky, throa ty,gravelly, guttural ms: "his voice was rough" antony soft ms:

(of wine or another alcoholic drink) sharp or harsh in taste. synonyms: sharp, sharp-tasting, sour, acidic, acid, vinegary, acidulous "rough red wine" antonyms: sweet, mellow

denoting the face of a tennis or squash racket from which the loops formed in the stringing process project (used as a call when the racket is spun to decide the right to serve first or to choose ends). 2. 2. (of a person or their behavior) not gentle; violent or boisterous.

"strollers should be capable of withstanding rough treatment" synon violent, brutal, vicious; yms: aggressive, belligerent, pugnacious, thuggish; boisterous, rowdy,disorderly, unruly, riotous "he gets rough when he's drunk" careless, clumsy, inept, unskillful "a machine that can take rough handling" boorish, loutish, oafish, brutish, coarse, crude, uncouth, vulgar,unrefi ned, unladylike, ungentlemanly, uncultured; unmannerly, impolite, discourteous, uncivil, ungracious, rude "rough manners"

anton gentle, passive, careful, cultured, refined, civilized yms:

(of an area or occasion) characterized by or notorious for the occurrence of violent behavior. "the workmen hate going to the rough areas of town" (of the sea) having large and dangerous waves. "the lifeboat crew braved rough seas to rescue a couple" synonyms: turbulent, stormy, tempestuous, violent, heavy, heaving, choppy "rough seas" antonyms: calm

(of weather) wild and stormy. informal difficult and unpleasant; hard; severe. "the teachers gave me a rough time because my image didn't fit" synonyms: difficult, hard, tough, bad, unpleasant; demanding, arduous "I've had a rough time" antonyms: easy, pleasant

informal unwell. "the altitude had hit her and she was feeling rough"

informal depressed and anxious. "when he's feeling rough, he comes and talks things over to calm him down"

3. 3. not finished tidily or decoratively; plain and basic.

"the customers sat at rough wooden tables" synonyms: plain, basic, simple, rough and ready, rude, crude, primitive, spartan "the accommodations are rather rough" antonyms: luxurious

put together without the proper materials or skill; makeshift. "he had one arm in a rough sling" (of hair or fur) not smooth; coarse. "the creature's body was covered with rough hair" lacking sophistication or refinement. "she took care of him in her rough, kindly way" not worked out or correct in every detail. "he had a rough draft of his new novel" synony preliminary, hasty, quick, sketchy, cursory, basic, crude, rudimenta ry,raw, unpolished; ms: incomplete, unfinished "a rough draft" antony finished, perfected ms: adverb informal adverb: rough

1. 1. in a manner that lacks gentleness; harshly or violently. "treat em rough but treat em fair" noun

noun: rough; plural noun: roughs 1. 1. BRIT. a disreputable and violent person. 2. 2. (on a golf course) longer grass around the fairway and the green. "his second shot was in the rough on the left" 3. 3. a preliminary sketch for a design. "I did a rough to work out the scale of the lettering" synonyms: sketch, draft, outline, mock-up "the artist's initial roughs" 4. 4. an uncut precious stone. verb verb: rough; 3rd person present: roughs; past tense: roughed; past participle:roughed; gerund or present participle: roughing 1. 1. work or shape (something) in a rough, preliminary fashion. "flat surfaces of wood are roughed down"

produce a preliminary and unfinished sketch or version of something. "the engineer roughed out a diagram on his notepad" synonyms: draft, sketch out, outline, block out, mock up "we roughed out a few drawings of the monument"

make uneven or ruffled. "rough up the icing with a palette knife"

synonyms: roughen, make rough "rough the surface with sandpaper" 2. 2. live in discomfort with only basic necessities. "she had had to rough it alone in a dive"