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PC Maintenance


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ore flexibility is the cornerstone of H e a t h k i t s new PC Maintenance. Heathkit has combined the best

features and components of our PC System and PC one System package Tro u b l e s h o o t i n g for an overall For

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4Provides an overall approach to computer maintenance 4Compatible with most hardware; thereby eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment 4Instructors may choose any commercially available text 4Flexible and Modular Curriculum

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classrooms already equipped with computers, instructors will find curriculum and hardware compatible with the need for most PCs. the This of

4EB-300-40 4EB300-50 4EB-300-30 4EB-300-90

S u p p o rt Materials and Consumables

Workbook (2) Instructors Guide (1) Student Parts Pack (1) Instructor Support Module (1)

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computer trainers.


instructors are able to choose any commercially available text to supplement PC Maintenance courseware. By augmenting the PC Maintenance with Heathkits A+ Test Prep package, you are able to create the most cost-efficient path to certification available today. The end result is a flexible, cost-effective computer maintenance course created by the industry s leading

4Material Required for Lecture 4Material Required for Each Lab Station 4Exercise Objectives 4PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt and .html versions)

Instructor Support Module (ISM)

4Appx. 70

Exerc i s e s

490 hours

Classroom Hours


P re requisites


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PC Maintenance
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Computer Hardware The Motherboard The Boot Process Using Edit Controlling the Boot Process Using MS-DOS Commands Using MS-DOS Help Files and their Attributes Executable Files Directories Organizing Directories Floppy Disk Drives Hard Disk Drives Examining Memory Usage Using the Upper Memory Usage Mapping Upper Memory Award Setup Managing Windows 98 Desktop Settings Using Windows 98 Desktop Organizing the Desktop Organizing Files and Folders Windows Explorer Windows 2000 File System Hard Disk Drive Setup Installing a Second Hard Disk Drive 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

PC Exercises*

PC Exercises*

PC Exercises*

Troubleshooting a Malfunctioning PC Removing and Reinstalling Front panel Drives Floppy Drive Installation and Troubleshooting System Maintenance Evaluating the Keyboard Evaluating the Mouse Universal Serial Bus Troubleshooting with the Monitor Troubleshooting without the Monitor Memory Malfunctions Software Installation and Removal Command Line Prompt Control Panel Managers, Look and Feel Control Panel Managers, Performance Control Panel Managers, Device Manager Control Panel Managers, Administrative Tools Displays and Resolutions Video System Troubleshooting Printing Configuring the Sound System Power Toys, Tweak UI
without notice.

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Virus Detection and Prevention Controlling Windows Access Windows Security Interface Card Installation and Removal using a NIC Peer-to-Peer Network, Crossover UTP Peer-to-Peer Network, Star Topology Troubleshooting Thinnet Sharing Resources, Files Sharing Resources, Printers Direct Cable Connect TCP-IP Accessing the Internet Backing-up the Registry Restoring the Registry Backing-up your Data Safe Mode Hard Disk Recovery Troubleshooting a Boot Failure Computer Management Microsoft Management Console System Information Troubleshooting the System The Troubleshooting Process

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* Please note that these exercises are a representation and are subject to change

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