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TYL, LOL, 14 , 2!2, and "TT, with millions or billions of #eo#le texting 24$% or reg&larly, there's no do&bt that yo&'(e seen and read these )ry#ti) looking )odes* Yes, me, yo& and them, + know for s&re yo& &se these words for texting, !sing shorthand symbols for texting is &sed e(erywhere and it is wides#read, These sim#le abbre(iations or short)&ts are &sed by #eo#le to )omm&ni)ate with ea)h other, This )an be a fast and an effi)ient way to )omm&ni)ate with a short sim#le message to someone else, Texting is often referred as -.- whi)h stands for -hort .essage -er(i)e, +t is )alled short, sin)e yo& are &s&ally limited to 1/0 )hara)ters #er message, +t wo&ld be a great h&stle if yo& wo&ld &se the )orre)t and )om#lete s#elling of the word and of )o&rse it wo&ld be way too long for a limited )hara)ter #er message, 1hy &se that long word if yo& )an &se a short)&t, right2 -horthand symbols for texting is (ery m&)h hel#f&l, This has lead to a wides#read &se of short forms, 3)ronyms ha(e always been an essential #art of )om#&ter )&lt&re, and they ha(e sin)e set off a new lang&age in the internet and short message ser(i)es, 4&t little do we know that there is a distin)tion between a)ronym and shorthand, Yes there is, b&t how do they differ to ea)h other2 +n a)ronym, yo& #rono&n)ed the letters as a new word, for exam#le, 53635 is #rono&n)ed as 7raydar8, +n )ontrast, shorthand #ron&n)iation is like initialism in whi)h yo& say the letters one9 by9one, :or exam#le, TTYL is an initial for Talk to yo& later, That's how shorthand symbols for texting differ from a)ronyms, 4elow are some of the best text message initialisms with their )orres#onding meaning: "TT "are to text2 TYL Text yo& later +6K + don't know +K5 + know right 1!6 1hat yo& doing2 3 3ny#la)e, 3nywhere, 3nytime LOL La&gh o&t Lo&d This shorthand is not #rono&n)ed together b&t is #rono&n)ed indi(id&ally, -horthand )an also be a series of n&mbers too, not only in letters, ;ere are some exam#les: 14 + lo(e yo& 404 + ha(e not got a )l&e +t's not s&r#rising anymore that the yo&nger generations are more a))e#ting this #ra)ti)e, <(en the older ones are learning to &se these shorthand symbols for texting for them to stay informed and to kee# &# with the te)hnologi)al =&n)tion, -horthand )an easily be learned and &nderstand, it doesn't ha(e )onf&sing mangle letters and n&mbers, On)e yo& learned the r&les of shorthand in texting, sending message wo&ld be >&i)k, easy and effi)ient,