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Cheng Yi Chiao

+65 96369266 I am a strong negotiator with a win, win, win focus (client, client’s client and company). Have an in depth understanding of the markets in Asia Pacific: the culture, the people, the languages.


2010-2012 Masters of Science IC Design Electronics, Nanyang Technological University/ Technical University Munich 2006-2010 Bachelor of Engineering Electronics, Nanyang Technological University


IBM 2013-2014


Project based role

Industries: Banking, Shipping, Healthcare

Banking: Tester for G3 payment systems implementation

Shipping: PMO lead


Application maintenance support of SAP Finance and cost accounting systems


Offshore project management: Working with Indian team to deliver solutions to client


Process set up: Set up process and platform for knowledge base, central file storage and reporting criteria

Graduate program

o Independent stretch project to create a project/ resource matching platform

Mentoring: Mentoring execs on using social networks and connecting with others through valued content

Halliburton 2012-2013

Senior procurement specialist, PCBA lead

Stakeholder management: Present weekly reports to stakeholders and update them in a timely manner. This includes progress of first articles, risk assessment and ideas for mitigation

Project Management: In charge of PCBA sourcing and ensuring on time delivery of First Articles and pilots

Spend analysis: Analyze spend to determine high priority PCBA to maximize savings

Supplier Relation Management: Engage suppliers proactively to seek solutions and stamp out misunderstandings before they become unmanageable

Leonn Lim: +65 9657 5836

John Paul Marshall: jp. +65 8121 4562

Squirrel’s Little House LLP (Startup) 2010-2012

Main partner

Sourcing: In charge of sourcing for new products and securing exclusive distribution within Singapore and South East Asian region. Our most successful products include Smencils (US) and PostCarden (UK)

Import/ Export: Lias with freight forwarding companies to ship into Singapore. At the same time, familiarisation with import regulations

Business Development: Negotiate and secure accounts with buyers. Our biggest client was Popular Books Co. and they helped us to generate a revenue of SGD1.5k monthly average

Warehousing: Set up warehousing needs to ensure smooth logistical transition. Warehouse size was 100 sq ft. A vertical storage solution was implemented to save space as well as to have fast access to different items quickly for delivery

LEAN Implementation: Shelving was color coded like kanban for fast in fast out movement of goods

Social Media Advertising: Received 5000 likes on Facebook over a span of 6 months.

Point of Sale Materials: Design low cost Point of Sale Material for retail display

Motivational Psychology lab (Nanyang Technological University)

Lab Manager

Data Analysis: Compilation and analysis of data using SPSS

Planning and execution of experiments to test hypothesis

Planning and allocation of manpower for different experiments

Training: Training of new research assistants to standardize methodology of collection and documentation

Attended International Association for Cross Cultural Psychology (IACCP 2008) to present findings on Picture Story Exercise results

Coder for Chemogroup on behalf of Hay Group Consulting for Picture story exercise

Dr. Joyce Pang: +65 6790-6745

Military Service (Conscript)

Logistics Office 2004-2006 Finance Specialist

Member of the logistics office for Basic Military Training Camp II (BMTC II) (Strength of


Monetary Projection: Projection of unit’s monetary needs for the financial year

Make rounds with facilities engineers to access damage to barracks and ensure quotations and costing are accurate

Basic Accounts: Book keeping of unit’s account

Sourcing: Sourcing for civilian items i.e stationery, printers, industrial fans

Operations Planning: Liasing with suppliers for delivery within Pulau Tekong

(This military unit was located on an island and could only be accessed via the RPL)

Planning and execution of movement of goods for passing out parade. This involved indentation of vehicles and planning of man power to move equipment outfield

Warehousing: Organization of stores in a first in first out (FIFO) manner

Technical Skills

Statistical Tool

Matlab SPSS Cadence: Schematic, Spectre, Virtuoso, Allegro


Statistical Tool


IC Design




English, Chinese, Cantonese Japanese, French Russian