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The Passion that is of the Christ Jesus - the Easter Feeling

Say, On the Joy of Easter - Missive from Archbishop Denis Hart. I suspect that Eric has mistaken the meaning of 'joy' of Easter used here by Archbishop Hart of Melbourne and Pope Francis. It is OK, as I love the fact that Eric is drawn to the Church, and he is still very young in spiritual terms. Wisdom, spiritual or otherwise does come with age! 'Joy' is in the sense of feeling 'blessed' from the whole phantasmagoria of the Easter spiritual experience, that we have now called the Passion of the Christ Jesus. In that sense there is nothing to feel happy and joyful and celebratory about Easter. Conversely, there is nothing to 'continue' to be forever 'solemn' about. In the whole phantasmagoria there is the feeling of 'trepidation' by Jesus at the starting point of his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, his 'frustration' by Peter's 'dereliction' of duty to stay awake till dawn, his sense of being 'betrayed' by one's own personal friend Judas for 30 silver coins, his 'stoic acceptance' of being 'denied' and 'disowned' 3 times in public by one's main disciple (who was like a son), his sense of 'fait accompli' being falsely 'accused' and 'charged and framed' by the 'corrupt' and 'powerful' and 'jealous' in one's 'own people', his sense of 'hopelessness' and having to take what comes (que sera sera) being 'let down' by 'corruption' and 'politics' i.e. not being provided with or served by a true and just and fair legal system, and even moments before death wondering whether one has been 'forsaken' by God the Spirit Father. Throughout the horrendous ordeal, trial and tribulation and torture and torment, one is still 'totally forgiving' to one's enemies, accusers, despisers, tormentors and would be killers. Not forgetting that it is at the end that one really finds out what 'true love and devotion' is and those who are one's 'true friends'! One finds out that 'mother's love' is the most beautiful poignant love of all on Earth, and what 'filial piety' is both in the worldly as well as the spirit sense. One also finds out that all these are revealed only when one practises and is in a position of total 'humility', when you just a piece of dog meat dragged to be thrown out in the rubbish heap i.e. when you being thrown to the dogs. One also finds out that the 'greatest love of all' is to give your life away for the service of general public good. You see, we cannot see the profound meaning of Easter unless we are in a position of humility; when and where we have lost or have no sense of 'self' or 'ego'. We spiritually see only when we do not have an 'I' or indeed any 'eye' i.e. worldly eyes. We must be worldly blind ( I do not mean physically blind!) to spiritually see! Our worldly 'eyes' lead us into lust and temptation, for flesh, money and power and greatness. With our 'flesh', like Shylock the Jew, we want our pound of 'flesh'. We must see Jesus from a position of humility. Think of all the relationships where we humbled ourselves to others? See Jesus as a father or mother, teacher, brother, friend, benefactor or someone who has saved your life. When someone who is one of the above dies we start off with grief and sorrow and anguish, but when they are long gone, we feel 'blessed' for having experienced them in their special relationship with us; what they have taught or done for and with us, and how they have loved or touch us personally and intimately in their special unique way. We are 'joyful' because once 'blind' we now 'see', was 'lost' to but now 'found' the meaning of life, and we are forever 'saved' by the 'blessing' received and experienced from ever again being a 'wretched soul'. Happy Easter!

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Love and God Bless! Chuan 20/4/14

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