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joy {noun}

joy {noun} (also: joyousness, joyfulness, cheerfulness, gladness) bucurie {f} Schadenfreude is the only true joy, says the cynic.

Schadenfreude este singura bucurie, spune cinicul. This is a small moment of joy in our Presidency.

Acesta este un mic moment de bucurie al preediniei noastre. That is a cause for great thanksgiving and joy.

Acesta este un prilej de mare recunotin i bucurie. There, too, I saw only solemnity and joy; there was no fanfare or ostentatious demonstrations.

Acolo, de asemenea, am observat doar solemnitate i bucurie; nu a existat nicio fanfar sau demonstraii ostentative. Many of the things that are happening are a reason for joy - in Egypt and Tunisia - but there are also a lot of concerns.

Multe dintre lucrurile care se ntmpl sunt motiv de bucurie - n Egipt i n Tunisia - dar exist, de asemenea, o mulime de ngrijorri. joy {noun} (also: joyousness, joyfulness, feast, jolly time) veselie {f} joy {noun} (also: happiness, felicity, blessedness, bliss)

fericire {f} That is why I am expressing my joy here today, Mr President, because, happily, justice is being done.

Din acest motiv m bucur azi aici, domnule preedinte, deoarece, din fericire, se face dreptate. joy {noun} mulumire (bucurie) {f} joy {noun} (also: glee) desftare (bucurie) {f}


Synonyms (English) for "joy":

Princeton Universitygladden rejoice delight pleasure joyousness joyfulness

Similar translations

Similar translations for "joy" in Romanian

great joy deliciu to beam with joy a luci, a radia to fill with joy a bucura to jump/leap with joy a slta to wish sb. joy of

a felicita

Usage examples

Usage examples for "joy" in Romanian

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. Read more here. Thank you, President Zatlers, it was a joy to welcome you here today. V mulumesc, domnule preedinte Zatlers, a fost o plcere s v primim aici astzi.

What a difference from the joy of the peoples in 2004, when the former Communist countries joined the Union! Ce diferen fa de bucuria oamenilor n 2004, cnd rile fost comuniste au aderat la Uniune!

The Mediterranean diet brings us health and the joy of living, and also prevents excessive weight gain. Dieta mediteranean ne aduce sntate i bucuria de a tri, prevenind, de asemenea, luarea excesiv n greutate.

See the joy on your parents faces as they watch their granddaughter take her first steps. Vedei bucuria pe feele prinilor dvs.

When preparations were being made regarding this issue, it was a joy to observe how well this work progressed. Atunci cnd se fceau pregtiri cu privire la aceast chestiune, era o plcere s observi ct de bine progresa aceast munc.

The Swedish Presidency shares your joy at seeing the Treaty of Lisbon finally ratified in the 27 countries. Preedinia suedez mprtete bucuria dumneavoastr pentru ratificarea n sfrit a Tratatului de la Lisabona n 27 de ri.

Today, we are happy with Cancn, but my joy is still slightly reserved, simply because I would like more. Astzi, suntem mulumii de rezultatele de la Cancun, dar bucuria mea este nc rezervat, pur i simplu fiindc a fi dorit mai mult.

Where was our joy? Unde a fost bucuria noastr?

It was a real joy for me to work on this report, and I hope that it will be followed up in separate reports for the individual western Balkan countries. A fost o real plcere pentru mine s elaborez acest raport i sper c va fi urmat de rapoarte individuale pentru fiecare din rile din Balcanii de Vest.

But, joy of joys, the wall came down and we finished up with 27 nations, and those people lived in democracy and 500 million people lived in peace... Dar, bucuria bucuriilor, zidul a czut i am terminat cu cele 27 naiuni iar acele popoare au trit n democraie i 500 milioane de oameni au trit n pace...

Last year, the European Union liberalised the visa regime for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro and their joy was indescribable. Anul trecut, Uniunea European a liberalizat regimul de vize pentru Fosta Republic Iugoslav a Macedoniei, Serbia i Muntenegru, iar bucuria lor a fost de nedescris.

However, our joy needs to be apparent, but one thing is also clear, and that is that, even with limited influence, it will certainly not be possible to build a state with Mr Mubarek. Totui, bucuria noastr trebuie s fie evident, ns un lucru este clar, i anume c, chiar i cu o influen limitat, nu se va putea construi desigur un stat cu domnul Mubarak.

I also want to reiterate my joy that you have reinforced the human rights aspects in this through the amendments made by the committee. Doresc, de asemenea, s menionez din nou c sunt bucuroas c ai introdus aspectele referitoare la drepturile omului n acest raport prin intermediul amendamentelor depuse de comisie.

Mr President, while the vote on seal hunting was so successful, something which fills me with joy, the vote on the Parish Report is particularly disappointing. Dle preedinte, n vreme ce votul pe marginea vntorii de foci s-a bucurat de un asemenea succes, ceea ce m mulumete, votul pe marginea raportului Parish este extrem de dezamgitor.