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Usage examples for "announcement" in Romanian

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. Read more here. We are looking forward to welcoming positive announcements on the ceasefire. Ateptm cu nerbdare s salutm declaraiile pozitive privind ncetarea focului.

Sales are down, stocks are increasing, and redundancy announcements are multiplying. Vnzrile scad, stocurile cresc i anunurile de concedieri se multiplic.

Could you please tell us if the Commission will be making an announcement soon? Ai putea, v rog, s ne spunei dac Comisia va face n curnd un anun?

I think that this element of your announcement today is very important. Cred c acest element al anunului dvs. de astzi este foarte important.

Announcement of proposals by the Conference of Presidents: see Minutes Comunicarea propunerilor Conferinei preedinilor: consultai procesul-verbal

I await a comparable announcement from the Commission or, indeed, from President Barroso. Atept o declaraie similar din partea Comisiei sau chiar din partea preedintelui Barroso.

When the announcement on possible 2008 funds for Belarus issued by the European Commission? Cnd au fost comunicate de ctre Comisie fondurile eventuale pentru Belarus pe anul 2008?

I would refer Members to the announcement made by the Prime Minister on state television. A dori s reamintesc deputailor de anunul fcut de prim-ministrul la televiziunea de stat.

After the announcements last night, there was real hope that the situation would ease. Dup anunurile transmise noaptea trecut, existau sperane reale ca situaia s se amelioreze.

President Bsescu's announcement on passports also added to tensions. Anunul preedintelui Bsescu cu privire la paapoarte nu a fcut dect s sporeasc tensiunile.

Unfortunately, the US Government was not able to follow up on its announcement. Din nefericire, guvernul SUA nu a putut s i urmeze anunul.

An announcement today in that direction would certainly be helpful for Egypt and for the Egyptians. Un anun astzi n aceast direcie ar fi cu siguran util pentru Egipt i pentru egipteni.

To hear an announcement when the screen scrolls, select the Announce Scroll Notifications check box. Pentru a auzi anunuri la defilarea ecranului, bifai caseta de selectare Anun notificri defilare.

5. in order to induce very strict rules regarding announcements; 5. pentru a impune reguli foarte stricte privind anunurile;

I understand the concerns caused by the announcement of thousands of job losses at that plant. neleg preocuparea cauzat de anunul privind pierderea a mii de locuri de munc de la acea fabric.

In addition to the Commissioner's recent announcement, I welcome the recommendations made by the GFCM. Pe lng anunul fcut recent de ctre dna comisar, salut i recomandrile fcute de CGPM.

I have talked about attaching as much importance to the monitoring effect as to the announcement effect. Am vorbit despre acordarea aceleiai importane efectului de monitorizare ca i efectului de anunare.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make the following announcement. Doamnelor i domnilor, a dori s fac urmtorul anun.

I consider your announcement of active measures to tackle the crisis to be especially important. Consider c anunul dumneavoastr privind msurile active de abordare a crizei este deosebit de important.

Here again, the announcement of a substantial increase in funds for peacebuilding is to be welcomed. i n acest caz, anunarea unei creteri substaniale a fondurilor pentru consolidarea pcii este salutat.