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aubergera je roen u porodici umara koji su se time bavili 400 godina;To je bila aristokratska porodica koja je ostala bez

zemlje, ali su nastavili taj tradicionalni posao; Viktor nije zavrio nikakvu kolu nego je kao deak provodio svo vreme u umi posmatraju i i otkrivaju i razne stvari u vezi vode, prirodni! materijala, naina kretanja "ivi! bi a itd#, i iako su ta posmatranja na prvi pogled $pseudo%nauka$ tj# deluju vie mistiki, jer posmatraju pojave celovito i u kontekstu, njegova otkri a su &0%struko poje'tinila transport balvana niz potoke, omogu ila transport vodom stvari te"i! od vode i jo gomile i gomile izuma koji su teorijski bili i ostali odbaeni ali su nali primenu itekako pogotovo tokom prvog i drugog svetskog rata, kada je Viktor bio primoran da radi za austrijance odn# (emce# injenice su nesporne da su njegova otkri a bila tako upotrebljiva da je momentalno bio unapreen i anga"ovan od strane dr"ave u najva"nijim projektima, dakle bio je u samom vr!u % do jue deak "umar"!? aubergerovi izumi i patenti 1885 30-6- Viktor Schauberger is born in Holzschlag Eastern Austria, had a ob as a !orester and is a soldier during the "irst #orld #ar $1%1&-1%18' ( 1%1% "irst he is a !orester, then he beco)es a !orest )aster and ga)e kee*er in +runnenthal,Ste-rling, under urisdiction o! .irchdor!, $on the .re)s ri/er, Eastern Austria' and o! 0ount Adol! zu Schau)burg( 1%11 Schauberger designes and builds the 2ater !lu)es at Ste-rling and reduces logging costs to one,tenth( He is *ro)oted to *ro*ert- !orest- and ga)e )anager( 1%1& He beco)es State 0onsultant !or logging !lu)e installations( 1%16 3he 45i/erbed !in4 is de/elo*ed and tested in 6euberg on the

ri/er 7urz in Steier)ark( 1%18 "urther 5i/erbed "inns in Austria- 8ugosla/ia and +ulgaria( 1%1% "irst *atent registration in the area o! 2ater technolog- and o! turbine technolog-( 1%30 "il) 40arr-ing #ater4 about the 6euberg installation( 1%31 "irst trials in generating electricit- !ro) 2ater $4#asser!aden 3rial4'( 1%31 Achie/ed the 4#under #asser4 and 2ater *o2ered engines, i)*losion )otor( 1%33 "irst and onl- book 49ur senseless toil4 a**ears in Vienna( 1%3& 7eeting 2ith Adol! Hitler on !orestr- and ri/er )anage)ent, re!uses to 2ork !or the 43rd 5eich4( 1%35 Air turbine *atents are registered and the 4li!ting4 o! li:uids and gasses into energ- is achie/ed( 1%3; 3he 4#ar)-0old Engine4 build b- Sie)ens )elts do2n a!ter unauthorised testing( 1%38 Viktor gi/es his son #alter authorit- to re*eat the 4#asser!aden4 E<*eri)ent= #alter achie/es currents o! u* to 10(000 Volt( 1%&0 3he 45e*ulsine4 to obtain the 4#under2asser4, is constructed in Vienna( 1%&1 >i!!iculties and intrigues 2ith the Vienna Engineering Association cul)inate, also increasing SS do)ination(

Schauberger 2orks near Augsburg !or 7essersch)idt on engine cooling s-ste)s( 3here 2as so)e corres*ondence 2ith Heinkel about aero*lane turbine dri/e engines( 1%&1 3he le/itation de/ice is started and crashes against the ceiling o! the !actor-( 1%&3 0o))ence)ent o! !urther design, research and de/elo*)ent on the 5e*ulsine at a ca)* near 7authausen( 3he ai) 2as de/elo*ing a sub)arine dri/e engine( 1%&& "urther de/elo*)ent on the 45e*ulsator4 in Vienna, at the SS engineering college at 5osenhugel( 1%&5 Start on the 40li)ator4( ?SA troo*s seize /arious de/ices and )aterials( 3rans!er to @eonstein( 1%&; "urther 2ater *uri!ication de/ices are build in Salzburg( 1%&8 0o-o*eration 2ith the 5osenberger 0o)*an- in Austria, agricultural tools and the 432ister Ai*e4 are in/ented( 1%50 Aatent registration !or agricultural tools )ade 2ith co**er( 1%51 3he 4>ouble 32ister Ai*e4 is tested at the 3echnical 0ollege in Stuttgart( SchaubergerBs theories on altered !riction in !luids are con!ir)ed( 3he !irst co**er *lated *lough is tested at @inz Agricultural 0ollege( 1%5& 3he )ain *art o! the ho)e *o2er generator is de/elo*ed, di!!iculties 2ith !irst tests( 1%55 +ook b- @eo*old +randstatter 4C)*losion or E<*losion4 co)es out( 1%5; 0o-o*eration 2ith the "ir) 4S2aro/ski4 in 3irol= !urther

ho)e *o2er generators are build( 1%58 An A)erican consortiu) o!!ers Schauberger !inancial )eans to research i)*losion technolog-( Dourne- to the ?SA 2ith son #alter( A!ter hardshi* and di!!iculties Viktor lea/es the ?SA( A!ter he had been !orced to sign a contract 2hich *rohibited hi) !ro) doing an- !urther research and )aking an- state)ents( Various de/ices and technical dra2ings are also to sta- in ?SA( Viktor dies on the 15th o! Se*te)ber in @inz, !i/e da-s a!ter his return !ro) the ?SA( Czu)i He in/ented and build /arious de/icesE !or cleaning 2ater and !or electric *o2er generation, as 2ell as le/itation de/ices( He designed da) 2alls and outlets !or electric *o2er *lants, agricultural tools, s*ecial 4t2ister4 *i*es, nozzles, distillation *lants, as 2ell as 4!lo2 regulators4 o! /arious sorts !or ri/ers, the turbine engine and )ore( He did not ho2e/er, ha/e the gi!t o! dealing 2ith the establish)ent 2ith tact or )uch *atience( He 2as continuall- anno-ed and !rustrated b- acade)ics, h-drologists and engineers and !re:uentl- lost his te)*er, conse:uentl- his articles 2ere banned !ro) *ublication !or a ti)e( +rie! descri*tion o! the Schauberger in/entionsE 1( #ater healingE 3he *rinci*leE Enhance)ent o! the le/itational *ro*erties o! 2ater( - 3he S*ring 2ater *roducerE @arge 2ater restorer created so called 4#under #asser4( - 3he E)*hore 2ater containerE Egg sha*ed 2ater /essel to )aintain stored 2ater :ualit-( 1( "lo2 regulationE 3he *rinci*leE utilising te)*erature di!!erences and gradients( - 3he 5i/er "lu)eE 7eandering 2ooden log trans*ort canal build do2n )ountain slo*es( - H-dro da)sE >esigns !or da) 2alls to reduce *ressure and

leaks( - Energ- +odiesE Egg sha*ed ri/er !lo2 regulators, regeneration o! longitudinal /ortices( - @ongitudinal Vorte< generatorsE 0onca/e- 2edge sha*ed !or)s, !or torrent con!ine)ent in ri/ers( 3( AgriculturalE 3he *rinci*leE utilising !lo2 d-na)ics, $also as radiation into the soil'( - #ooden 32ister *i*eE Arrange)ent o! little !ins inside *i*es, !or s*iral 2ater !lo2 !or consu)*tion 2ater !or *eo*le, ani)als and *lants( - "er)entation cha)berE Egg sha*ed /essel, *laced under ground to enhance energ- !lo2 to restore )ineral i)balances in the soil( - 7anure trans!or)erE Egg sha*ed underground /essel !or $aerobic' )aturation o! )anure( - S*iral *loughE 0o**er *lated *lough, !or )ini)al soil da)age and )ineral restoration( &( Feneral useE 3he *rinci*leE utilising electric charge and using !lo2 d-na)ics in design( - Ho)e *o2er *lantE Electric *o2er *lant !or do)estic use( - 0li)atorE 3o accli)atise a roo) or house both cold and 2ar) si)ultaneousl-( - Sterilisation unitE 9ne o! )an- s)all designs, the- illustrate the *rinci*les that Schauberger 2orked 2ith( - 6ozzlesE S*ecial !ish sha*ed gold- or sil/er *lated )iniature nozzles !or i)*losion )otor( 5( C)*losionE 3he *rinci*leE accessing the biological /acuu), utilising dia)agnetic !orce( - 5e*ulsatorE 3he second )odel 2ater restorer, !or break do2n o! our bod-Bs e<cess acidit-( - 5e*ulsineE Va*orises, *uri!ies and distils the 2ater through cold *rocesses( - 3ornado generatorE C)*losion )otor, !or electric *o2er generation, using s*iralled *i*es( - 3rout )otorE 4+iological sub)arine4, also i)*losion )otor design 2ith 2a/- *lates(

- "l-ing saucerE @e/itation de/ice using rotating 2a/- *lates and turbine technolog-( Historical de/elo*)ents 1%&0-1%51 3he de/elo*)ent o! the C)*losion technolog- takes *lace in a broader conte<t than Viktor Schauberger onl-( 9! *articular interest is the !act that during the Second #orld #ar scientists likeE 3hule, Schrie/er, Haber)ohl, +olenso, 7iethe, Schauberger and others, 2ere )ade to 2ork together or in tea)s at se/eral locations such asE engineering $2ar' !actories throughout 6azi Fer)an- like 4Aene)unde4, 47authausen4 $)ilitar- ca)* Aoland', and in laboratories, in Vienna-Austria and in +a/aria( +ig !ir)s such as +7#, 7essersch)idt and Sie)ens, also took *art in this technological de/elo*)ent( 3here 2as a ti)e s:ueeze the 2ar had alread- lasted three -ears, then there 2ere so)e real achie/e)ents( >uring that last -ear o! the 2ar, the !irst test !lights 2ith di!!erent sized discs 2ere taking *lace e(g( the 2ell kno2n 4Hanebu 14 abo/e Arague, $G seeE 40hronolog- 4and 4secret 2ea*ons4 in the )ain dossier'( Cn 1%&5 there 2ere the reasonabl2ell kno2n 4"oo "ighters4, )ounted 2ith a 4.l-stron4 )icro2a/e tube( 3hese 2ere s)all, se)i ball sha*ed, *ilotless, re)ote controlled !l-ing ob ects( At the sa)e ti)e the #orldBs !irst guided )ediu) range )issiles, the 4V14 and the 4V14, *lus the 4ad/anced4 $)odel' !ighter *lanes like the 4Horten Ho 11%4, looking like the recent 4Stealth4 bo)ber 2ere *roduced and used in HitlerBs 2ar!are )achine( 3he doors had been o*ened to e)*lo-ing /arious !or)s o! )agnetis) and electrical charge, as 2ell as le/it-, $rather than ha/ing to o/erco)e gra/it-H'( 0learlthe 6aziBs 2ere technologicall- ahead !ro) the rest o! the 2orld as )an- ne2 results 2ere achie/ed( 3he A)ericans 2ere keen to get on to this technolog- e/en during the 2ar and to beat the 5ussians and the +ritish to itH At the end o! the 2ar the 4+rains o! Euro*e4 2ere di/ided bet2een the 5ussians and the ?SA( 3he- 4co)bed4 Fer)an-, and )an- 6aziBs 2ent to the States( 3his technolog-

based on i)*losion conse:uentl- disa**eared and 2as not seen again !ollo2ing the Second #orld #ar and Viktor SchaubergerBs death( - 3here has there!ore been a ti)e ga* o! so)e 50 -ears, in the de/elo*)ent o! this C)*losion technolog-( htt*E,,222(tatt/a-/i/eka(de,/ictor,)enzo(ht)