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the Spiritual Guy (or Woman)

by Jon Peniel

© 2001 Windsor-Hill, Inc.

First Printing

ISBN # 0-966015-6-7

About the Author…………………………...…………3

Sex and the Spiritual Guy (or Women)………………4
New and Improved (Sex)!……………………………..5
Question of Balance……………………………..……5
Defining a sexual outlook………………………..……7
My Early Views About Sex (and my mothers)…..…..7
The Big But……………………………………….….10
Opposites Attract……………………………….……12
The Fundamental Issue – Who Are We?…………..13
The Problem behind all the Problems………….…..14
Sex and the single guilt……………………………...19
A matter of conscience?…………………………….22
Selfishness, The Conflict, Guilt, and Repression Rips
Us Apart……………………………………………..25
The Various Methods People Have Used to Cope
with the Internal Sex Struggle………………………26
The Addiction Factor………………………………..27
“Johnny, men and women are ‘different’ from each
Male and Female Sexual Drives Come from”Different
Products that might Interest You………………...…31
About the author:

Jon Peniel is an American who spent years in a unique

pre-Buddhist monastery. His expertise covers all known
forms of tantra/tantric sex from various cultures. He has
personally mastered the forms of tantra taught at the
monastery (3 years of traditional training, then decades of
Jon Peniel entered the monastery while still a teenager.
There, he was also educated in the spiritual teachings
and practices of most of the world’s traditions and
cultures. He studied ancient teachings, and practiced tantra,
meditation, and yoga, eventually attaining their highest degree
of spiritual achievement by the age of 21.
Peniel wrote a book about the order’s ancient
teachings, in the late 1990’s. It became an independent press
best seller in the US and Israel. He is now the international
“head” of the order, and teaches, primarily in North America.

The monastery was located in an area of Tibet that was

considered "forbidden" by the people of Tibet and even
Tibetan Buddhists. It remained unknown to the outside world
until recently, when Peniel wrote a book about his experiences
there, revealing their teachings and ancestry.
Even the area where the monastery was located, was a
mystery and paradox - a sub-tropical valley, amidst the high
frozen Himalayas. It was a part of the world never before
documented by "outsiders" until explorers from National
Geographic finally made it there a few years ago.
The late, famous psychic, Edgar Cayce spoke many
times of the obscure spiritual order Peniel belongs to, during
the years of psychic readings he gave. Cayce, sometimes
called “the sleeping prophet” because he would give his
readings during an out of body experience or trance state, was
the most documented psychic in the world. Interestingly,
Cayce also prophesized the future "arrival" of a spiritual
messenger/teacher, named Peniel.
Sex and the Spiritual Guy (or Woman)

This book has two categories of readers. One is the

person who just wants to become a better lover, improve their
sex life, sexual abilities, and perhaps give it a deeper
dimension. The other is those who are on a spiritual path,
and either want to use sex as one more tool for spiritual
development, or find the best way to integrate sex into a
spiritually oriented lifestyle.
Since I’m having to write for both types of potential
readers, let me apologize in advance to each group, for the
parts of my writing that aren’t specific to your particular goals.
But, you will find what you are looking for here – regardless
of whether it is the ultimate in spiritual sexuality, or a new
understanding leading towards the best sex you’ve ever had.

In this first of the spiritual sexuality series, we’ll discuss

the fundamental biological, psychological, and spiritual issues
of sex, and the various attitudes and ways people have of
approaching it.
In the second book, we’ll cover the various methods of
tantric sex, the positives and negatives of each, and give
detailed instruction in what we’ve found to be the best method
(and give you the reasons why, so you can decide for yourself).

But first, a word from our sponsor (SEX).

New and Improved (sex)!
Gets your attention, doesn’t it? Of course it does – the
concept of sex is involved.
If you want someone to pay attention, watch
something, hear something, buy something, there’s no better
way to accomplish your goal than somehow tying “sex” into
it. And it isn’t by accident that we find it so alluring. In fact, it
is alluring whether we are “pro” sex, or “con”. Why?
Regardless of your opinion about sex (or anyone
else’s), the fact that it makes the “world go ‘round” is
inescapable. All of nature, plants, animals, humans, electricity,
magnetism, planets, stars - the Cosmos itself, follow “sex-like”
rules of behavior, and indeed, appear to be engaged in what
we could call sexual activity.
It is such an obviously important and fundamental
force, yet one that is often considered anywhere from merely
embarrassing, to sinful and bad. For those who are especially
concerned with living a spiritual life, or practicing the spiritual
sexual disciplines of tantric yoga/tantra yoga, known as tantra
or tantric sex, it is an even more important issue.
Thus our goal in this book is to consider if, where,
and/or how, sex “fits in” with “human” spirituality. But
before we can do that, we should probably define what a
human is, and what sex is. Wow, do we ever have a lot of
questions and “issues” to discuss.

Questions of Balance

Let’s start with these:

Is sex bad?
Is sex good?
Is sex spiritual or carnal?

Obviously you’ll get different answers to those

questions depending on whom you ask. For most of you,
your view of sex will be a mix of the above. Even those of
you who believe that sex is good, and/or spiritual, will
probably have a few “subconscious demons” running around
inside your head, saying “it’s bad and animalistic”.
Since I’m the only one here right now, and writing the
book, I guess I’ll give my answers. My answer to the first two
is the same - yes and no. My answer to the third question is,
The answers are a very simple, yet paradoxical truth,
based on a number of issues. The first one being, it all
“depends”. Sorry to go all “Zen” on you, but as with all
paradoxes, it will often seem confusing when you try to make
it all “left-brain logical”, “black & white” (a “yes” or “no”
answer to each question, for instance). But when you let go
of trying to take one side or the other, or trying to reconcile
the contradictions separately with your intellectual mind, then
you can intuitively understand it as a “whole”, as a “Oneness”.
Then you get to the real truth or reality of the matter.
Short of doing that, if you insist on more clearly
defined black and white logical answers, then we’d be forced
to say that basically, the answers to the above questions can
be: a) Any of the above; or, b) A mix of the above. What
does that mean?

The “goodness” or “badness” of sex, all depends on

how sex is used (or not used), the circumstances, and the
consciousness of the person or people involved.

For instance, a car can be used to travel to good

places/do good things, or travel to bad places, and do bad
things. A car can get someone to a hospital, or run someone
over. So can you say a car is good or bad in and of itself
(other than environmental issues)? No. Isn’t the real issue who
is driving, what their intent is, and what they do with the car?
So asking whether a car is bad, or good, isn’t even asking the
right question. And the first step towards any solution, is
defining the problem – asking the right question.
So asking whether sex is good or bad, is also, not the
right question.
Defining your sexual outlook

Some think of a body as a “temple”, vessel or vehicle

for the spirit/soul. To others, it is something to be used as a
vehicle for the self, for selfish pursuits.
In either case though, we do use our bodies as vehicles,
just like we use a car. We are the “drivers”, controlling our
brain and body.
So when we think about whether sex is good or bad,
we need to think of it “in context” so to speak - consider
“who’s driving” at the time, why, what’s going to be done,
and what the consequences will be.
Here’s a list of some questions to help you define your
sexual outlook further:

1. If you believe/feel that sex is “bad”, “sinful” or

“spiritual”, what exactly is your definition of those things?
2. If you think it’s bad or sinful, what makes it so?
3. If you believe/feel that sex is a positive, spiritual
thing, what makes it so?
4. Is your idea of sex, physically, mentally, emotionally,
or spiritually constructive? Or Destructive?

I’ll discuss those topics in more depth later, but let me

start by telling you a personal story from my past, regarding
how I related to spirituality and sexuality when I was young.

My Early Views About Sex

(and my mother’s)
I was an unusual teenager. My primary focus was
searching to answer my questions about creation, life, death,
and the existence of the Universe and God. I spent most of
my spare time looking for truth, and answers that really made
At that time, I believed so strongly that sex, even sexual
feelings, were so “NOT spiritual”, that it destroyed my
relationships. Yet I was strongly driven towards sex, and also
masturbated a great deal (until I found my path). It was
obviously quite an internal conflict.
Why did I believe and behave that way? There were a
number of reasons.
The religion I was raised with considered sex highly
sinful – it was only OK for procreation within marriage (within
certain bounds), and even then, it wasn’t supposed to be
enjoyed. Obviously, that influenced me and I received
“programming” from it. Plus, at the time, I believed in the
teachings of my church, and accepted them blindly. So a
“guilt trip” started developing from that programming.
My mother, who was also of the same religion (but had
her own prudishness on top of that), also affected my
programming. The “silent programming” I received from her
was even greater, because she never spoke about the subject
of sex - ever. Since sex was something SO awful, so bad,
that it was “never even to be talked about”, that sent a very
strong message. She did, however, give me a “sex education”
book when I was 14. She gave it to me silently (and with
great embarrassment), and just turned away and walked off.
The book was called “A doctor talks to a 12 to 13 year old”.
For all the good it did, and how little about sex you could get
out of it, it may have just as well been a motorcycle repair
manual written in Japanese rather than a “sex education”
Some of you got similar “messages” from your parents
or churches to varying degrees, and some did not.
Next, society itself was sending me messages about
sex, by making a myriad of laws that essentially tell us that sex
is a bad thing, and children must especially be protected from
hearing about it, seeing it, even KNOWING about it. You
could watch someone violently killed on television – but MY
But at the same time, other messages contradicted
that, and made it clear that sex was a VERY desirable thing.
Sex was everywhere. It was used and promoted to sell
everything from dishwashers to magazines. It was also used to
increase the attraction and popularity of TV shows, movies,
live shows and comedy acts.
So our society sends us mixed messages that sex is both
bad, and good.

While laws against saying certain words, nudity, certain

types of sex, prostitution, sexual literature, magazines,
photographs, or anything else that involved sex, sent me
messages that it was bad, real life and my own bodily urges,
sent messages that it was extremely good and desirable.
The mixed messages were everywhere, leaving
everyone, including me, at least inwardly confused and with
internal conflicts to varying degrees.
Just one of many examples of the results of this
confusion and conflict, is that most people want to have sex,
and most people have sex, yet they “hide” when they have
sex (they don’t want anyone to see or hear them doing the
disgusting deed they so enjoy). And they generally feel bad
about having sex in some way or another (even if it is just
subconsciously). No animal has such conflict or guilt.

What is the worst thing you can say to someone you are
angry with or hate? - “Fuck You!”

How can something so desirable, and something that

can be so wonderful, be considered so horrible that it would
become the worst cuss word? Why is one of the favorite
things adults enjoy, derive pleasure from, and like to do,
hidden so intensely from children - as if it would destroy them?
Clearly something is wrong. Once when I was a kid, a
guy was trying to pick a fight with me, and said “I fucked your
mother!” Fortunately, I didn’t let it get my goat (or even my
cow), and just said back to him, “That’s your problem”. He
was so confused by my response, he just left me alone and
went on his way.
But even without my mind being shaped by all the
social messages and family/religious programming, I also
made my own observations, which further reinforced a
feeling/belief that sex was a negative force. I noticed that
when men got “lusty”, it often brought out something
unpleasant in them. It felt “sleazy”, “guttural”, and even felt
like it could be dangerous or on the edge of some sort of
violent behavior. It definitely stimulated their selfish nature
and diminished their spiritual and caring nature. It seemed
similar to the subtle effects of alcohol, or even getting flat out
drunk. And of course, rape, child abuse, and other horrible
things were all related to sexual urges and/or violence also.
I even had a teenage friend, who was sexually abused
as a child, and when she turned 18, she got a job as a topless
cocktail waitress in a bar. There she met a “nice” guy who
she started dating. He gave her free drugs, and nice things.
Eventually he introduced her to heroin, which he also gave her
for “free”. Before she knew it, he put her out on the streets
working as a prostitute for him. That was the last I ever heard
of her.
So the greatest weight of my personal experiences and
programming, left me feeling quite strongly that sex was bad,
and sex and spirituality definitely did not go hand in hand.
Yet, there was a big “but” that was waiting in the wings.

The Big But (not Big Butt – get your head out of the

But… one day when I was meditating, something

wonderful happened. My “eyes” were suddenly opened to the
“workings of the Universe” – of all creation. I deeply realized
how it was all related to things like “attraction” and “energy
exchange”, in one form or another. Sex drives the Universe.

Why is a planet attracted to a Sun?

Gravity, they say. And what is gravity? “Good
question”, they say. But few venture an answer. Could it be
something similar to why humans are attracted to each other,
but on some “grand cosmic scheme of things” level of some
kind? Yes. This attraction and energy exchange between
things like stars and planets, is the way new life, new levels of
vibration/existence are created. And why does the union and
interaction of the forces of planets and the Sun, create new
life? It is all basically about “sex” (in some form that most
people don’t necessarily see as sex). But it is sex, procreation,
“love making” on various levels of vibration. All the life
forms within what we call “nature”, are but the children of the
relationship and interaction between the Earth and Sun. You
can take a so-called “scientific viewpoint” and use fancy terms
– like gravity, inertia, photosynthesis, etc., etc., but the
bottom line is there is attraction, “linking up”, and energy
exchange. And then the birth of new life, and other octaves of
What is gravity after all? What is photosynthesis and
why does it exist? It is all about the essence of life, the driving
forces in the workings and harmony of the entire Universe.
Thus, it is something that all life experiences. And humans
are part of the entirety of life.

Virtually all creation, including everything in nature (what

we call life forms like plants and animals), has sex in some
way (and without shame).

Even coral reefs have sex once a year during a special

full moon! Even life forms that you might call mono-sexual
(those that can self-reproduce), are still doing so because they
have both opposite sexual elements within one “body”. And
as I just mentioned, depending on how you look at it, the Sun
and planets, countless solar systems, and the very Universe
itself, are all “having sex” – all the time.
All things share this in common. Their existence,
functions, actions, and pro-creation are based on polarity
interactions – sex - both on micro-cosmic levels, and macro-
cosmic levels.
Why do you think scientists call the popular theory of
the origin of the universe, “the big bang” (sorry, couldn’t resist
the joke). But it may not be so far from the truth – they
understand part of the picture, but not the whole thing
(because it can’t be fully understood just by using the
intellectual ability of our limited brains – it takes the ability to
go beyond that).
Unfortunately, even that revelation I received during
meditation, didn’t get rid of my negative programming about
sex. I wasn’t free of that, until I was finally free of my “selfish
separate self” and all the subconscious programming that was
attached to it.
Even the great physicist, Albert Einstein, had things to
say that relate to this issue. I read a book of quotes by him,
and about his spiritual beliefs, many, many years ago. I’m a
bit foggy on it now, but I think that his final words were:

“The greatest power in the Universe, is love.”

If they weren’t, someone should say it.

Einstein also said, “You never need to count over the
number 4”. That cryptic comment led me to believe that he
understood the meta-physics principle of “Yod He Vau He”.
Which interestingly enough, brings us back to sex.
According to ancient teachings, Yod He Vau He is the
oldest known name for God, and is “the key to understanding
creation and the Universe”. It symbolically & mathematically
represents the actual process of all creation. And yep, it
represents sex and procreation, and the spiritual process
behind it all – from a frog to the galaxy. (For a full explanation
of this “word/name of God”/concept/key, read “The
Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of

Opposites attract, but when Not in balance…

Electricity, atoms, magnets, etc., all involve
positive/negative charges – which are what’s behind their
attraction, energy exchange, etc. Planets, stars and humans
essentially function the same way, but not in such a “clear
cut”, easily provable or definable way. But it’s pretty obvious
if you open your mind.
So for our purposes in this discussion, let’s just agree
that the essence of a male is the opposite polarity of what a
female essence is. They are essentially “oppositely charged”,
and thus opposite in certain ways. And those essentially
“opposite” internal things that make them different, cause
many external differences also. It’s those opposite
characteristics that are behind both the attraction between
sexes, and the problems – like the lack of one sex being able
to understand the feelings, thinking and behavior of the
opposite sex (you know, the “Men are from Mars, Women are
from Venus” bit).

At this point some gay readers are probably asking,

“Then how do gays fit into this?” I can’t really get into detail
about that here because it’s far too complex and would take
another book to address properly. But basically, it depends
on your inner polarity - and determining that gets into
reincarnation, motivation, karma, use of the mind, etc. You
can’t really generalize. For instance, I believe in reincarnation.
I know some gay people who are actually crossing over
sexuality in various lifetimes, to experience one thing or
another, for various reasons. I know one person who, on the
inner level, is a gay man in a woman’s body - think about that
for a while if you want a brain-teaser or headache. Like I said,
too complex to deal with here.
Getting back to the male/female “opposites” issue -
why isn’t there intellectual, emotional, and mental harmony
between the sexes? And why is there so much guilt and
condemnation around sex?

The Fundamental Issue – Who ARE We?

If you believe we are spirits - have souls (as I assume
most reading this do) - here’s the big staggering truth that
affects the human race in ALL things (including sex), and
makes it what it is, so you may want to remember it, or post it
on your wall.

We are spiritual beings inhabiting animal bodies.

Humans aren’t just animals. So we don’t have the

natural innocence and instincts that they have. Humans also
aren’t just angelic light beings consciously connected to the
Universal Spirit/God. So we don’t have the freedom, crystal-
clear intuition, and inner peace of that package either. We
are a “mutt”, a mix of the two, and unfortunately, the mix is a
bad one. It brings us many different problems – of which sex
is only one.

The Problem Behind All The Problems

Some of you have read my other books, and thus are
already familiar with the overall metaphysical concepts about
life, existence, etc., found in the ancient teachings our spiritual
order is based on. But for those who haven’t, I’ll give a brief
summary to aid in understanding what is really behind the
sex/guilt problem.
The ancient teachings (and now much of modern
science) say that all things in the Universe are vibrating at
different frequencies, which create different “levels” of
existence. A gross example is water – at different vibration
levels, it can exist as a vapor (humidity/steam), a liquid (water),
or a solid (water ice). The teachings also say:

The essence of a human being, is a soul/spiritual

being who vibrationally belongs in the high vibration (fast
vibration) spiritual realms, and is caught up living in an
animal body in the slow vibration physical realms.

So what happened to us? Why are we living here in

the slow, gross physical matter levels of vibration/existence?
The reasons are complex, and if you want to understand it,
you should read the “Lost Teachings of Atlantis”, because I
can’t cover the topic thoroughly enough in this spiritual
sexuality booklet.
In any case, it makes it easier to grasp the idea, if you
think of it this way - we were once something like Angels who
contained both polarities within us – male and female. We
were a “balanced” being. For whatever reason (which we
don’t have time for here), we “fell” from our higher (rapid)
vibration state of existence of energy and light, into the
slower/lower vibration existence of physical matter. We had a
“vibratory and consciousness fall” from a spiritual state of
existence, into the physical state that is predominant here on
Earth. Who we really are, a “soul”/a “spirit”, is now
inhabiting, and “merged” with, animal bodies.
Unfortunately, there’s more to it. In the state of high
vibration energy that we once existed, all is “One” in the
Universe. Because, the fact is, everything in the universe is
energy, and it is all One. This is a fact of physics,
metaphysics, and a common premise of spirituality. But the
physical plane is a realm of dualities and separateness, not
unity. So “male” and “female” polarities, exist as separate
things in this realm. And unless they are working together, as
One, there is disharmony and strife.
Furthermore, this lowering of vibration caused a serious
loss of awareness. The consciousness of oneness with the
universe, with ALL, with universal spirit, was suddenly gone
when we entered the physical plane. We were “separate”.
Thus we thought, and acted, as separate. Self-centeredness
was born. Selfishness was born. And that, is THE BIG
Think of anything bad, anything wrong on Earth that
involves humans. Then trace it back to it’s source. It is
always “selfishness”. And selfishness is simply the natural
outcome of thinking and believing you are “separate” from
everything/everyone else. There would be NO war, no
hurting, no environmental problems, no male/female
disharmony, if everyone simply realized we are all one, and
cared for each other accordingly, with unselfish love. There
you have the big answer to all problems, including sex. But
back to sex, and the unfortunate reality of the “human
So humans retain a sense of, or internal memory of
their spiritual legacy. It gives us a “conscience” too. Humans
are thus an enigma. The only life-form that is part “angel”
and part animal. Which is why humans don’t seem to fit well
into the order of things here.
And that’s also where many of our sexuality, and
spirituality “issues” begin. A spiritual being inhabiting what is
essentially an animal body, has a built-in battle - an eternal
struggle between the two natures.
The animal, wants to be an animal. It instinctually
wants to have sex to procreate. It has no shame, nor even
consideration about it, outside of it’s instinctual urges.
For instance, male animals will sometimes fight a rival
to have sex or have a mate. We see that reflected in human
male urges, right? But it is complicated with moral and guilt
issues springing from conscience, social programming, and
ego pressures of various kinds. Yet for a simple, pure animal,
in its own realm, it’s not only natural, and part of its survival,
it’s part of the way the ongoing process of creation functions.
Most of us intellectually “know” and accept that. Yet
because we have our inner conflict between our animal and
spiritual natures, many of us find such animal behavior
disturbing somehow – even if it is just “under the surface”, “in
the back of our mind”, or subconsciously. Why? Because of
our own issues - our internal “animal/angel” confusion. It can
even make us feel “embarrassed” to see animals have sex.
Even so, we still don’t consider it evil, or even bad. And the
animals are totally unashamed, totally in harmony with nature
and God.
So what are the mechanisms that make it so different
with we human beings? There are so many, where do we
start? We could get into the metaphor of eating the fruit of
the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (which animals
didn’t do), etc., but instead, let’s examine repression and
Repression and denial of what? Of BOTH the animal
part of us by the spiritual part, and the spiritual part of us by
the animal nature. Boy does that leave us being a bunch of
confused puppies (or should I say, confused humans). We
don’t fit in anywhere.
Regardless of whether you see us as “Angels” who
manifested on Earth, or you’re a “Darwinian”, or a
“creationist” – there is one inescapable fact - our bodies have
all the sex “parts”, instincts, and drives to have sex, that
animals have.
If we weren’t meant to have sex, why the parts? Why
the animal urges? Why do human teenagers start being able
to reproduce in their early teens? A mistake of nature, or of
God, like the Avocado pit (joke)? And why as teens do we
start having the strongest urges we’ve ever had about anything
in our lives, and those urges just happen to be urges to have
sex? Did nature make a mistake? I don’t think so. What
arrogance to think so, or to even “second guess” nature’s
design & plan for our human bodies (of course, arrogance in
the face of nature and the cosmos is a common selfish human
The hormonal animal urges are so strong in young
pubescent humans, that attempts at forcing abstinence, even
in “well raised”, “moral” teens, frequently result in unwanted
children, abortions, diseases, etc. And it isn’t just teenagers
who have such strong desires. The animal and “separate
selfish self” drive for sex is so strong, that people are often
willing to “trash” the body if that’s the price they have to pay.
In fact, it’s so strong that it’s often not even given a second
thought. Even though we KNOW the serious risks we’re
taking, including nasty diseases and death, many people will
go into “denial” mode to have sex.
Yet humans are expected to suppress these
overwhelming drives. Everyone, whether teen or adult, is
faced with our social mores and taboos. And these
“restriction rules” are in incredible conflict with the “drives”.
The result? The birth of a whole new set of problems we
must deal with... repression and denial.
As if having super strong animal and selfish drives to
deal with isn’t enough, to make matters more complicated,
our spiritual side is also inclined towards sexuality. The
natural energy sexuality that makes everything in the Universe
“go ‘round”. But while it isn’t the animal kind of sexual
attraction/urges, it still does involve attraction, energy
exchange, and procreation nonetheless. Remember our
earlier discussion of the workings of the entire universe?
Look out at the stars and planets. They all have
“relationships”. All in Harmony and Oneness.
One thing orbits another. All attraction based, all
giving, all taking, all exchanging energy, all creating new life.
Now look at everything you can see or find that is not a star
or planet in the universe. Let’s start with furniture. What is
that dining table made of? Nothing but space and tiny little
micro-cosmic stars and planets we call atoms – planets
(electrons), attracted to and orbiting a nucleus (star). Our true
nature in the spiritual realms is no different. That’s what
soulmates are all about – polarities of one being, that
separated, and oft got lost from each other when we entered
this lower vibratory plane of duality and separateness. But…

True spiritual sexuality is not just an issue for soulmates,

or males and females – it is a matter of a bigger picture of
unselfish love, of having higher spiritual relationships with

That doesn’t mean animal sex. Except for your animal

body. In the spiritual realm, sex is not just like animal sex – it
is unselfishly loving, and being unselfishly loved. But that’s
not where we’re living. Yet, perhaps, that’s where we want to
So even our spiritual nature wants its version of sex,
but in a very different way than the animal. Our spiritual side
wants to be ONE again, whole again, to give, to receive, and
to constantly exchange higher energies between our polar
opposite parts, and all life. But unfortunately, something else
comes into that also - our spiritual side’s addiction to the lower
kingdom, addiction to selfishly getting energy and stimulation
(an aspect of, and result of, our “fall”). That must be dealt
with also. Rather than trying to repress & deny the grand
design, both for animals and “angels”, we need to figure out
how to work with it in a way that really works. It’s just a
matter of figuring out where it all fits in, where it all comes
from and why, how to best deal with our spiritual/animal
“schizophrenia”, and then apply it in our life.
As things are now in this world, most people lean
towards their animal nature, and tell their spiritual side to
“buzz off”. They don’t act like pure animals however. They
act like animals with spiritual/animal “schizophrenia” – which
is what they are.
Most people have varying levels of guilt & fear also,
and because of that, exercise varying levels of “control” over
their confused and warped animal urges. In more severe
cases of guilt, it gets twisted into it being thought of as “sinful”
to have sexual urges or participate in such acts. This results in
repression of the urges, or heavy condemnation of others who
have sex or even dare to discuss or enjoy it.
Ironically, such severe repression and condemnation is
the very thing that can contribute towards creating real harm,
or even “evil” deeds. Monsters are indeed created in, and can
come out of, the repression closet. Try to repress the natural
lava flow in a volcano, try to “cap” it, and the lava will either
find other ways to come out, or you could end up with a
“Mount St. Helens” type explosion. More about that later.

Sex and the Single Guilt

Why do some of us feel sex is wrong, or feel guilty
about it? They are two very different questions, and have very
different answers (which we will attempt to clarify in the next
several paragraphs).
First, feeling that it is wrong. Feeling that sex is
“dirty”, sinful or “not spiritual”? There are several reasons for
1) How and why we have sex;
2) Our personal experiences and observations of sex and
“sexual vibes” regarding others;
3) our programming;
4) Our “inner voice”.

All the above go into our overall feeling, outlook,

programming, thoughts & actions. Most of us have witnessed
selfish, degrading sex, and experienced the results. Self-
indulgence is generally self-destructive, and hurts others, as
well as being spiritually degenerating. Indulging in one type of
selfish self-indulgent behavior, usually stimulates other selfish
self-indulgent behaviors. Thus, self indulgent selfish sex, and
the behaviors that come with it, keep us further away from
our inner spiritual being, and getting back to the harmony of
Oneness, and the Universal Spirit. (As a side note,
relationships lacking common spiritual ideals, based on sex or
selfishness rather than REAL (unselfish) LOVE, will ALWAYS
result in living with anger, hate, and/or eventual bitter
Another reason we feel sex is wrong, is because our
own inner being, or spiritual side, tells us that selfish sex is
wrong, and that we should be experiencing unselfish sex on
the higher spiritual planes instead. More about that in just a
But most of us have sex anyway. So it becomes a
“now what?” issue.
The urges to have sex, both from the pure animal side,
and from the self-indulgent “get off” addiction to it that our
“consciousness fallen” spirits have developed, are very strong.
But why do we feel guilty about it, if we do it anyway, and
want to do it? And why do we do it anyway, if we feel guilty
about it? It’s enough to make Freud roll over in his grave and
use more cocaine!

When we do something that we feel or believe is “wrong”, we

experience guilt.

That’s true whether or not the feeling or belief is

coming from our spiritual side, or just programming. Of
course, those of us on a spiritual path, allegedly don’t want to
do things that are not spiritual, nevertheless, sometimes we
do. How we deal with things when we “slip up”, is critical.
Most everyone slips up now and then, and the way we react
to it makes the difference between learning (spiritual growth),
stagnation, or falling. And guilt isn’t one of the healthy
reactions. It isn’t healthy or helpful at all. It doesn’t change
anything for the better, make things right, or get us “back on
track” spiritually. In fact, guilt is a mechanism our selfish-
separate-self uses to keep us on a leash, and away from our
spiritual self.
Guilt is not just a self-generated individual thing with a
life of its own. There are “bigger” deeper monsters behind it,
and thus greater “core” issues we must deal with.
Sexual guilt is deeply rooted in many levels of society,
and has virtually become a “major industry”. As we’ve already
covered, we are all given guilt “programming”. We are
programmed that sex is bad and sinful, without being given a
true understanding of the whole issue. And misinterpreting
the feelings from our own spiritual inner voice can compound
the problem. That’s even part of where the negative
programming came from, and why it started in the first place.
Who originated all the programming of guilt and
taboos, and why? Part of it is just from the animal/angel
conflict – the guilt generated from the reaction of the selfish
self, to the inner voice “conscience” of the spiritual self.
Thus, all of we “humans” have created negative programming
for ourselves, which then contributed to overall social negative
programming, which passed all of it on, and on, and on.
Next, our weaknesses and programming were further
exploited, magnified, corrupted & abused (and continue to be)
by people in positions of social power. So additional
programming was created by religious or political power
mongers, who used our guilt and inner voice to manipulate us.
So more “stuff” was thrown into the big pot of negative
programming. It didn’t really matter whether the power
mongers really believed sex was sinful or not – some did,
some didn’t, some didn’t care – (many were having kinky sex
in secret). The purpose of making sex a taboo, was often to
control people, maintain power, or force their personal beliefs
on others (or a combination of the above).
“Sexual harassment” is considered a topical subject
these days. People are given “ultimatums” to force sex, using
threats of various kinds. And it has always been around in
various forms. It wasn’t long ago (historically speaking) that
someone in power might demand sex, in exchange for not
reporting someone as a witch or heretic.
Some of those in religious power positions didn’t have
such diabolical motives. However, they were still ignorant,
and still had the animal/angel conflict within themselves, so
they felt guilty about having any sexual feelings (even if they
were celibate) and truly believed sex was sinful. But does that
justify stoning someone to death, torturing them, or
barbecuing them at the stake (unless you’re really hungry and
you throw in some mixed veggies)?
Then there are those people who just mindlessly pass
along their own guilt and shame, both from their own
programming, and their own personal feelings of guilt.
To stop it, people need to get to the root of all this - to
what’s behind, what’s behind, what’s behind, the thing that’s
behind all our “issues” about sex, regardless of what form it
takes. And expose it in the light of day.
But even putting programming aside, many people still
feel or believe that sex is “bad”. Why? And again, how did
the taboos start in the first place?

A matter of conscience?

Internally, our inner voice knows that the sexual act IN

AND OF ITSELF, isn’t sinful or “bad”.

I hate to beat a dead horse (although it’s better than

beating a live one), but the issue keeps coming back to that
unique, and quite incompatible, “angel/animal mix” that
humans have to cope with. For instance, “pure” animals
don’t have a conscience about killing, fighting for food,
territory, mates, or having sex. But humans do have a
Have you ever really thought about what a conscience
Part of what we call our conscience is just social
programming - for instance, if you were raised a head-hunter
you’d probably have no “pangs of conscience” about killing
someone from another tribe for lunch. Whereas the social
programming you and I have would make our conscience go
crazy (unless you were Ted Bundy or the like).
But the other part of our conscience has nothing to do
with programming - it is from that “spiritual being” side of us.
We all have “a silent inner voice”. It is the voice of our
spiritual side – which is also the voice of the One Spirit. When
we do something that is opposed to the nature and purposes
of our spiritual side, our “conscience” nags us. It lets us know
that self-indulgence of any kind is sort of “wrong” in a sense.
Not wrong because we are programmed that way, not wrong
because some book says it is, not wrong because our parents
said it was, not wrong because it is a “sin” by someone’s
definition, but simply wrong in the sense that it takes us in the
wrong direction from the spiritual essence of our being,
and that One “Great Spirit” that pervades All.
I know some people with certain new-age philosophies,
don’t like the term “wrong”, and don’t believe in “right or
wrong”. That can have to do with mere semantics - i.e.,
we’re not using the right words to communicate this idea. Or
it can come from someone being in denial – and that’s not
really our focus in this booklet. So please try and keep an
open mind to my point for a moment, so we don’t get hung
up in that issue, or a misunderstanding of that issue. Here’s
an example:
If my goal is to get to the local bookstore, and while
trying to get there I turn left at 10th street instead of right, I’ve
gone in the “wrong” direction for achieving my goal. It’s the
same with the life choices and mental choices we make, but
on a much bigger and more serious scale – especially when it
involves spirituality.
Let’s say your goal is to be an eternal spiritual being -
ONE with the Universal Spirit, rather than living a temporary
life of separateness, illusion and suffering in an animal body.
If that’s your goal, then behaving in ways that feed and
indulge a separate self, rather than ways that feed the spiritual
self, is “wrong”. “Wrong” because it takes us in the opposite
direction of our spiritual side and oneness with the Universal
Spirit. See what I’m trying to get at here?
Our spiritual conscience tries to constantly remind us
that keeping our attention on selfish pursuits, and giving
energy to/indulging that side of ourselves, keeps our
spirit/soul prisoner, and keeps us behaving in ways that create
negative effects. And that those negative effects come back to
us and further affect us negatively (because of the Universal
Law of cause and effect (creating “bad karma”).
Getting back to applying that to sex - our silent inner
voice nags us, trying to tell us that self-indulgent sex is
“wrong”. Our spiritual side wants us to constructively use that
inner voice info, and deal with sexuality in a spiritual way. Our
separate-self side on the other hand, wants to warp that
feeling from the inner voice into feelings of guilt.
If we aren’t practicing some form of spiritual sexuality that
leads to transcending the animal and transcending the
selfish desires that keep us prisoners of flesh, prisoners on
Earth, then our inner voice is always there to nag us
(unless we do things to drown it out).

The selfish-separate self prefers to make us feel guilty,

and keep us under its power, rather than to let us see the
issue clearly, and act upon it in a constructive manner.
Regarding sexuality, it prefers us to feel that sex is bad, selfish,
or “sinful” to some degree or another (even if it’s just
subconscious), and feel guilty about it to some degree or
another (even if it’s just subconscious). What it doesn’t
want, is for us to find a way to make sexuality unselfish and
spiritual – a scenario in which it loses control, and our spiritual
self gains control.
The bottom line is that inside, we know our true nature
is that of a spiritual being, and we will always feel wrong about
turning our backs on it. We also know that as long as we
allow selfishness to keep us from returning to our spiritual
state, returning to Oneness with the Universe/Spirit, we
create suffering for ourselves and others, and will never truly
be happy or have inner peace.
But guilt gets us nowhere good. So we need to find
positive ways to deal with all our issues, including sexuality.
And there are ways.
Transcending and transmuting selfish sexuality into a
higher vibration spiritual sexuality is the key (in the realm of
sexual issues). And unlike the selfish-self would like you to
believe, unselfish spiritual sexuality is far more ecstatic, far
more fun (in a non-self-indulgent way), than selfish sexuality.
Plus, it doesn’t create all the nasty problems that can come
with selfish sexuality, or repressing selfish sexuality. People
are much happier, healthier, kinder, and more spiritual, if they
don’t repress the natural sexual urges, but instead transcend
or channel them into the spiritual realms, making them a part
of a spiritual life.
Selfishness, The Conflict, Guilt, and Repression Rip
Us Apart

Look at just some of the problems caused by a guilt-

based sexuality, and repressing the natural sexual urges.
• Unwanted pregnancy (resulting in unwanted children,
abortion, infanticide, etc.)
• Children without fathers.
• Disease.
• Sexual Harassment.
• Violence.
• Cheating on spouses – which often includes lies,
violence, and emotional destruction of families.

And when sex is repressed, it’s like putting a lid on a

pressure cooker with no release valve. The natural urges try to
find expression and release, and if they aren’t channeled in a
healthy way, they turn perverse, and the problems can be
even worse than mere guilt-based sexuality, such as:
• Rape.
• Sexual abuse of children.
• Bestiality.
• Spouse and child beatings.
• Torture.
• Sexual coercion.

Historically, this repressive/guilt approach to sex,

made it a religious “evil sin” issue, simply condemning it
rather than understanding where it was truly coming from,
and dealing with it in a constructive way. So rather than
finding ways to heal our internal conflict, it fed societies that
would “brand” or kill an adulteress, while some preachers
living in their evil deception would be cheating, raping,
secretly having sex with prostitutes or those they sexually
harass or threaten. And of course, they’d be condemning
everyone else.
The more repressed or in denial someone is, the more
perverse the sexual appetite (usually). I’m not talking about
“kinky” necessarily, but truly sick harmful stuff.
People need to understand the real truth about sex,
and channel it appropriately for both the animal and angel,
rather than operating on negative programming.

The Various Methods People Have Used

to Cope with the internal SEX struggle
Here’s a brief review of the various ways people have
tried to deal with our sexual/spiritual dichotomy, and the
results of each:
1) Let the separate selfish self run with the
animal. This results in spiritual and moral degeneration, lack
of compassion and caring about others, and can feed other
“animal behaviors” and self-indulgent behaviors that are
harmful, dangerous, or just plain inappropriate for
2) Denial. Pretending urges don’t exist can either
manifest in repression (and its manifestations), or the opposite
- promiscuous behavior (and its manifestations, including
“cheating”, disease, “accidental” pregnancy, or worse).
3) Repression. The urges are felt, and are strong,
and somewhere down the line, the pressure is too much and
finds its way out. It can either find its way out through normal
sex, or perversities and violence (see above).
4) Abstinence/Celibacy. If this is truly practiced
without repression (not usually the case), it can work, and be
part of a spiritual path. But the individual must truly transcend
the animal and selfish urges, replacing them with pure
unselfish love for all. Unfortunately, some practitioners may
create emotional barriers and feelings of “coldness” or
distance from others. That’s the result of a “Throwing the
baby out with the bathwater” syndrome. In other words,
along with cutting off the lower emotions/lusts, the higher
emotions and healthy passions get cut off too. To prevent
this, constant vigilance is necessary, and the development of
compassion/unselfish love for others must be persistently
worked on. [Note: If there is repression involved though, see
5) Tantra-tantric Sex. There are many forms of
what is called tantra or tantric sex, and they are all different.
Some are constructive, and some are destructive. More about
that later, and in the second book in this series (see below).
6) The best soul-ution. “Primal power tantra” tantric
sex. This is the form of tantra that we consider the highest
form of spiritual sexuality, and what has been traditionally
practiced by our order for many thousands of years. We’ll
give more details as to why it is the most beneficial form of
tantra later, and in the second part of this series of books -
“Primal Power Tantra”.

The Addiction Factor

All these sexual issues/problems don’t just stem from
the selfish separate self. We mentioned earlier that the
spiritual sides of most “human beings” are also “addicted” in a
way, to their animal selves and their separate selfish selves.
That means they are also addicted to animal sex. That keeps
them a slave to their animal desires, their separate-self desires,
and prevents the development & growth of the “higher”,
more “evolved” or refined qualities (including our spirituality).
That’s why some people have turned to celibacy and
other forms of self-discipline. They hope to conquer their
addiction to the animal, and animal sex, thus focusing all their
energies on the spiritual. But “primal power tantra” tantric
sex may be even better for many people. I’ll get to that in a
moment. First, since it is very pertinent to spiritual sexuality,
let’s examine addictions in general a bit more.
Whether they’re hooked on cigarettes, alcohol, drugs,
sex, or whatever, it is easier for addicts to quit “cold turkey”
(stopping completely), than it is to simply exercise moderation
in controlling their indulgences. For instance, the standard
way to deal with alcoholism, is to never touch the stuff – not
even one drink. Because in general, once an alcoholic has
that one drink, they lose control and keep drinking. This is
true, and the appropriate way to deal with such problems for
regular people. Yet while it takes a tremendous amount of
self-discipline to do even that, it still indicates a lack of control,
a lack of self-discipline to some degree. The addiction still
has some control.
Who would you say has conquered their urges and
transcended their “lower self” more – a person who has
managed to quit their addiction cold turkey, or one who has
managed to control themselves and restrict their indulgence to
whatever they’ve set for themselves as a reasonable healthy
limit? For instance, would a gambling addict who can drop
one nickel in a slot machine, and leave it at that (win or lose),
have transcended their addiction more than one who must
stay out of casinos entirely? Would it not take more self-
discipline to eat one potato chip, and stop, than to not even
open the bag in the first place, or avoid having a bag in the
house? It is the same with sex.
Anyone who has chosen to transcend their “lower
self”, must work on giving their spiritual self total control –
and any addiction is an impediment to that. Thus they must
eventually develop total self-discipline. Carrying that concept
over into sex, which one of the following people has
transcended their addiction more? One who has sex, yet has
total control over it, and has totally transcended any lower self
urges, or one who must totally refrain from sex, and deny the
animal body they live in the sex it needs to be healthy? Which
person has actually shifted more towards their spiritual nature?
What are the earmarks of total transcension and
control? It depends on whether you’re male of female. For
males, one of the big earmarks is orgasm control. Not just
“lasting longer”, but total transcension of it being necessary
every time you have sex, and being able to indefinitely delay
an orgasm. That doesn’t mean never having one. But it does
mean changing from the typical male approach that orgasm is
the “whole point of sex”. Can (or would) most men have sex,
and not have an orgasm? This is where “primal power
tantra” tantric sex comes in – i.e., being able to taste the fruit,
without losing control and eating it. Or, as a twist on the old
saying, “You can’t eat your cake and have it too”, you will be
able to “eat your cake, and still have it”.
“Johnny, men and women are ‘different’ from each

No kidding? As we said earlier, males and females are

opposite polarities – like the plus and minus poles of electricity
and batteries. While both sexes have “sending” and
“receptive” poles, and do both send and receive, females are
primarily receptive and males are primarily sending. It’s like
the different ends of a water pipe. The water goes in one end
(receiving it from somewhere), and the water flows out the
other end (sending it to somewhere). Yet it is one pipe. And
the part that receives the water, must get it from somewhere -
the place that is sending it. Just as the part that sends it
somewhere, must have a receptive place to send it – otherwise
you have stagnation or backup.
As I was discussing earlier, in humans, the oneness
between our inner polarities, have split. Soul-mates are
separate from each other. We are no longer one pipe that
flows the one water in one direction simultaneously, we are
split into a receptive part of the one pipe, and a “sending”
part of the one pipe. And the whole pipe is separated from
the entire plumbing system (the Universe/Spirit).
The Sun and Earth function like the pipe too, but as
one. And they’re hooked up to, and one with, the Cosmic
plumbing. The Sun is receptive to something. It is orbiting
something in the center of this galaxy. Then in its own little
realm - this solar system, the Sun is outflowing (sending). The
Sun radiates its energy, the Earth is receptive to it, and the
two create new life. This again, can be seen in animal life, the
human animal, and the human spiritual natures. But with
humans, we primarily have the twisted, out-of-polarity
versions - which correspond to sexual addiction. The poles
are reversed, and are “chasing”, trying to flow the water in the
wrong directions.

Male and Female Sexual Drives Come From “Different

What drives human animal sexual addiction, is different
depending on whether it’s coming from the male or female
polarity. It operates deep in the background of the
subconscious, so whether you are conscious of it or not, it still
plays a role. The female, or receptive aspect, wants to
conceive, to nest, to take seed into its fertile soil, create new
life, and nurture it. Thus it has its uniquely female sexual
urges. The male, wants to “send” in order to create life. It
wants to spread its seed everywhere, anywhere, and as much
as possible, and thus it has its uniquely male sexual urges.
Each needs to understand the other. And when you really do
understand that, you also discover keys to a model of sexuality
that works best for both sides of our nature, animal, and
But remember, we aren’t just dealing with natural urges
from our animal side, and our spiritual side. The
spiritual/angelic side of us has also become addicted to
lust/“getting” energy instead of “giving” (giving being its true
nature). What a mess. So is there any hope, any real answer
to this dilemma?

What is obviously needed, is a way to deal with sexuality

that keeps the animal happy and healthy, while
transcending it, and feeding and strengthening the
spiritual side.

Males developing control over their animal nature is

where primal power tantra tantric sex training must start. As
we all know from experience, most males think with their
“little head” rather than their big one. It controls their life.
Most men are totally preoccupied and obsessed with sex.
Also, to most men, the entire point of sex, and often the
entire point of a relationship, is to have an orgasm. Females
don’t feel the same way at all (not that they don’t want or
enjoy orgasms!). One way for both genders to find oneness,
harmony, gain spiritual ground, and find happiness for both
their animal and spiritual natures, is sexual meditation, or
As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of
tantric sex, from many different cultures and religions. Some
bring spiritual closeness, bliss, and aid the process of
eventually returning to God and our spiritual state, while
others are actually selfish and destructive. The various
methods will be discussed and examined at length in the
“Primal Power Tantra” booklet, and instructions will be given.
But for now, let’s just look at what I consider to be the
fundamentals of the positive forms of tantra, and what we
consider to be the highest spiritual form of tantra, and why.
Primal power tantra involves allowing the body to have
sex, while mentally and spiritually transcending it, placing the
attention/consciousness in the higher emotional and spiritual
realms. Even the physical sexual passions and energies are
transmuted, drawing them up into the spiritual realms, where
they are put to good use. Once mastery is achieved, the
individuals are totally transformed, developing new emotional
and spiritual sensitivities, new abilities, and achieving oneness
with their mates and (if other aspects of a true spiritual path
are in place) oneness with the Universal Spirit. This form of
spiritual sexuality, is soooooo much more ecstatic and fulfilling
than regular sex, and on so many new levels, that going back
to regular sex would be like someone with sight, choosing to
be blind.
Plus, the benefits carry over into regular life – and
times when you aren’t having physical intercourse. In fact,
the physical act of sex eventually becomes irrelevant, and the
feelings of unselfish love, spiritual orgasmic ecstasy, etc., can
be experienced whether or not the body is involved. That is
after all, the point – to get free from our “trap”, and return to
the spiritual realm. No longer needing a body, we are free to
fly, to travel anywhere in the Universe with just a thought, to
create anything we imagine, to love and be loved for all
eternity, to live in light as a being of light, never again to
experience the pain, suffering, and loneliness of being in a
physical body that is separate from ALL, from the Universe,
from the Spirit.
Again, the same results can also be achieved with
celibacy, when combined with other spiritual practices like
meditation, yoga, and other methods of transcending the
illusion of separateness. But practicing primal power tantra
takes more self-discipline, thus it generally makes for faster
spiritual growth, greater transcension, and has its other
Again, please be careful in your choices about
tantra/tantric sex, because there are many different things
that are all being called that. Choose something positive, and
something that has a tradition. Think carefully, and let your
intuition, your silent inner voice, guide you. Then decide for
yourself what will bring harmony and spirituality into your life.
It is a very important decision.
For more details on tantra/tantric-sex, and actual
instruction in the training of our traditional style, please read
the second booklet in this series (available also via e-book),
titled “Primal Power Tantra” (ISBN# 0-9660015-7-5).
Also, we have produced music and guided visualization
CDs for sex and to help with and enhance tantra (see below).

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