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Christopher Williams ENC 4260 Assignment 1

Full Encompass Healthcare Inc. Vito Meter TM Health Care Aid for the Health Conscious

Background Dr. Margaret Brown is a Harvard-educated health practitioner who has worked in the industry for over three decades. During her many years in the field, she has spent a large amount of her career focused on the many health benefits associated with eating organic and unprocessed foods. Her many years of collaborative research with her colleagues have allowed her to develop many innovative systems which she prescribes to her patients. Her systems typically are related to diet plans that supply a measured amount of nutritional foods to the patients in a myriad of different ways. Dr. Margret Brown has practiced vegetarianism herself for over forty years and contributes to her own research with her own lifestyle. Dr. Margaret Brown is at the forefront of bring health aids to the market in a manner that is safe and reliable. The healthcare industry is currently in a major growth period as millions of people are becoming more and more concerned with their well-being. Many of these people are of the baby boomer generation between 49 and 68 years old. Baby boomers were the most ambitious generation during their youth and now many are focused on their current and future well-being as they age both physically and financially. The healthcare trend will propel Full Encompass Healthcare to new heights. Dr. Margaret Brown and her collogues have created Full Encompass Healthcare to take advantage of these trends.

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Investment Opportunity The Vito Meter is a small portable vial that can range from 2 inches in length and 1 inch in circumference to 6 inches in length and 4 inches in circumference that contains a series of nontoxic organic substances that were synthetically created with fruit and vegetable abstract that react with various substances. The Vito Meter is used to test the nutritional densities of food by users sacrificing a piece of their meals in order to perform the test on portions of their food. Profit is expected within the first year of release of the product. Our profit margin estimates predict a return of about 35% in the first year which would produce a return of 18%. The next 7 years will have the same profit margin and return. New versions of the product are already in developmental phases and will allow investment potential to stabilize over 7 years. The Vito Meter container is constructed out of recycles materials to create a small jar with a plastic lid. The complexity of creating the Vito Meter comes from the extraction of liquids from the various organic ingredients which is done directly by people using small tools to avoid the contaminations of manufacturing. The product has passed the first nine phases of testing by the FDA and is expected to be full approved in August 2014. So this is the time to strategically invest into Full Encompass Healthcare in order for the product to maximize profit opportunities. Packaged with the Vito Meter will be detailed information of how to read and interpret the results of the Vito Meter.

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Marketing and Manufacturing The Vito Meter is aimed towards those who pursue healthy lifestyles who desire to know the nutritional benefits of foods after foods have changed state somehow, either by being cooked or raw. The major appeal is that the portions of foods that are tested are not consumed, nullifying any possible health concerns. This strategy will ensure that many who are not extremely strict about their diet would be willing to buy the product as they do not have to consume the test products.. Dr. Margaret Brown, being a health activist, would try to implement health education alongside the Vito Meter so a larger audience can understand the benefits of eating nutritious foods. In fact, a large majority of the marketing will and is being spent on educating people to make them conscious of their food intake decisions; the Vito Meter is meant to be an aid for those who are having difficulties balancing their diet and its entry into the market will be economically beneficial. Invest Now Taking personal health interest out of the equation is important from a business standpoint as the Vito Meter will turn into a very lucrative revenue source if we invest in the product right now. For health-conscious investors, it is encouraged that you invest not just for business growth, but for the overall well-being of society. The risk for the investment is very low as we will certainly sell what we create by marketing and branding the product in specialty sectors in which the demand will be high. Your investment will affect the scale and quantity of

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