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April 2014 Complimentary

Drop the Top!

Spring is Here!
Painting by Kim Arre-Gerber, Animal Laughter Studio
Animal LiferApril 2014 3
The Chinese developed four branches
of TCVM to treat disease and maintain
health. The first is acupuncture, which
involves the insertion of hair-thin, ster-
ile needles in specialized points along
the meridians to increase the transfer
Qi/energy throughout the body. Recent
scientific evidence indicates that en-
dorphins are released in the body as a
result of acupuncture. The second is
herbal medicine, which uses Chinese
herbs in combination to treat diseases.
Third is food therapy, which uses con-
cepts of food energetics to counteract
imbalances within the body. The fourth
branch is Chinese massage called Tui-na.
These four modalities of TCVM can
be used in combinations to treat a wide
variety of conditions and diseases, in-
cluding, but not limited to: muscu-
loskeletal problems such as hip and
elbow dysplasia, arthritis, and ligament
problems; heart, liver, kidney, and gas-
trointestinal disease; behavioral issues
such as separation anxiety and thun-
derstorm phobias. TCVM is also used
to speed recovery after surgery and can
be in integral part of hospice care.
The goals of TCVM and Western
medicine are identical - both aim to
promote the good health of your pet,
and to prevent disease. Each system
has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Western medicine deals well with acute
cases such as broken bones, perform-
ing x-rays and blood testing, and treat-
ing infections. TCVM works well on
chronic diseases, especially those that
Western medicine can only control and
not cure. TCVM treatments also cause
very little unwanted side effects. Inte-
grating Western medicine and TCVM
provides the most complete care for
your pet.
So how does all of this relate to your
pet? Lets say you have a 10-year-old
lab who is currently being treated for
arthritis. She is on anti-inflammatory
and pain medications, which are giving
her some relief, but she remains less ac-
tive than in the past. You and your vet-
erinarian decide acupuncture may offer
her additional relief. Your TCVM vet-
erinarian will spend some time with
you discussing your dogs personality,
her behavioral traits, and her clinical
signs in order to understand her as an
individual with unique needs. With this
knowledge, your TCVM practitioner
can then perform the appropriate
acupuncture treatment, which usually
lasts between 10-20 minutes. Most
likely, your dog will doze off during
this period, especially if she is in the
comfort of her own home. Over time,
your dog will be getting up easier, will
be able to go on longer walks, will gen-
erally be feeling better. The addition
of herbal therapy, proper diet, and Chi-
nese massage can bring additional
long-term relief. TCVM cannot cure
your dogs arthritis, but it can improve
her quality of life.
If you would like more information
about acupuncture or TCVM, you can
contact Dr. Stephanie James or Marcia
Arland at Berkshire Veterinary
Acupuncture LLC, which provides in-
home TCVM care. They service Berk-
shire County, northwestern CT and
northeastern NY. Dr. James also works
at Sand Road Animal Hospital in Falls
Village, CT
This article and previous articles
can be viewed at
Acupuncture and Traditional
Chinese Veterinary Medicine
raditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) has been
around for nearly 2000 years. Long before Western medicine
developed any of its current diagnostic and treatment modalities, the
Chinese were able to diagnose and treat pain, internal diseases, and
behavioral issues in animals. At the foundation of TCVM is the
concept of Qi (pronounced chee), which is the vital force or energy
within the body, and it travels through pathways or meridians to sup-
ply the body with energy for everyday life. A second significant
concept is that of the YinYang, which describes opposing forces
that are interconnected and work together to create a balance. When
the Yin-Yang of the body is in balance and the Qi is strong, the
animal is healthy. When the Qi becomes weak or the flow of Qi is
blocked, and the Yin-Yang is not in balance, disease occurs.
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The goals of TCVM & Western medicine are
identical - both aim to promote the good health
of your pet, and to prevent disease. team.

Looking for a new

best friend?

Dog & Cat Adoptions Lost & Found

Open Tues-Fri 12pm-6pm, Sat & Sun 12pm-5pm
Monduys by uppt. Downtng Industrtul Purk PtttsIteld
e invite you to come visit and meet our wonderful
dogs and cats available for adoption. We are
Pittsfields municipal shelter and are dedicated to giving
animals who have been abandoned, neglected or abused
a second chance to find a loving new home.
Lost & Found
4 Animal Life rApril 2014
We are an in-home practice dedicated to your pets health and comfort,
offering acupuncture, herbal therapy, and diet consultation.
Serving Western MA, Northeast NY & Northwest CT.
We work with your primary veterinarian to
provide an integrative approach to difficult
medical conditions, such as:
arthritis seizures paralysis
diarrhea/constipation liver disease
kidney disease heart disease hospice care
CHILL Photography
On-Location or In-Studio
Prints Canvas Metals
Deb Cahill
ncczY NooK
PcT CncmATonium, LTo.
Where your feelings are understood and
your presence is always welcome.'
Established in 1997
452 Presbyterian Hill Road
Stephentown, New York, 12168
Georgi Beebe 518-733-9896
Now Open
in Sheffield
Lawn & Garden Accents,
Cedar Frniture & More!
Commercial Residential Industrial FREE ESTIMATES
Paul Brown
(413) 443-4515 (413) 229-9900
1625 West Housatonic St. 560 South Main St.
Pittsfield, MA 01201 Sheffield, MA 01257 Credit Cards Accepted
Lisa Betkoski,
Contributing Writers
Iris Bass Kayla Fuller
Carol Lew Yoanna Y. Maitre
Sheryle Bauer Mary Koncel
Kim Arre-Gerber, Graphic Designer/Artist
For advertising rates or information call 413-212-9445
Come & Join Us for a
Satellite Adoption
& Food Donation Fund Drive
for Berkshire Humane Society, Saturday, April 26th
Berkshire Humane Society
Pet Adoption
11am to 2pm
Come adopt a new furry friend!
Paws for a Cause
11am to 2pm
Nicholas Boardman is asking for donations
for the Berkshire Humane Society. Dog &
Cat food, Paper Towels, Dog Collars, Small
litter pans, ziploc baggies.
Learn about hummingbirds,
Hummingbird migration, and
SAVE10% on hummingbird
feeders &birdbaths, & yard art.
Faith Connoly,
Director of Pet Partners, Licensed
Wildlife Rehabilitator working with
endangered turtles &tortoises will
be here to answer your questions!
Wild Birds Country Store
783 Main St., Great Barrington 413-644-9007
11am to 1pm
The Pittsfield Co-op not only shares a business
relationship with the Berkshire Humane Society
we're big fans of their work. And, our customers
can get pet insurance as a perk through their

Checking account.
We don't want to sound catty,
but ... why would you bank
anywhere else?
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Lee, Nk 01238
8us: 413-243-2651
kes: 413-243-2896
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Carpet Cleaning
Window washing
Residential and
Commercial cleaning
Glenn Harpin
PO Box 2341, Pittsfield, MA 01202
413.442.2115 office
413.448.6067 fax 413.770.1796 direct
arl Kronberg had been taking care
of a cat he calls "Feral" for months
without ever having seen him close up.
"We have a meadow behind us. I had
been seeing the cat there, so I decided
to start feeding it, and I built it a shel-
ter," Carl told us. "I knew it would be a
good thing to get the cat fixed, so I
called Animal D.R.E.A.M.S. Animal
D.R.E.A.M.S. trapper Renee DeSantis
agreed to take on the project, and set a
date for the trapping. It was her first
time trapping a feral cat all by herself.
Imagine her surprise when the first suc-
cessful solo trapping was a skunk, not a
cat! Fortunately, Renee and the skunk
were respectful of each other the skunk
exited the trap without leaving an odor
behind. "Mr. Kronberg was such a nice
man," Renee said. "He invited me to
stay for a pot roast supper, but when I
told him I couldn't stay, plus I was a
vegetarian, he sent me home with a
bowl of vegetables." He sent Feral's
special food too so that the cat would
have something familiar to eat while in
the care of Animal D.R.E.A.M.S. After
being neutered, vaccinated and treated
for parasites, it was time for Feral to go
home, and Renee brought him back to
the Kronberg's property. Carl was glad
to have the chance to see Feral up
close and personal while he was in the
trap ,and that's also when he
found out that the cat was a male. Now
they have resumed their more
distant relationship, which is more to
Feral's liking.
Carol Lew
TNR Coordinator,
Animal D.R.E.A.M.S
This article and previous articles
can be viewed at
I knew it would be a good
thing to get the cat fixed,
so I called
Animal D.R.E.A.M.S.

Pet Grooming & Accessories
765 Tyler Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201
Full Service Salon
We groom them all big and small.
All our pets get the VIP
(very important pet) treatment!
Grooming is by appointment,
nail clipping as a walk in service.
Now at: 165 Water Street
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Staci A. Barrett, Owner 10 Years Experience
Do You Have the Ultimate Dog?
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Self Serve Bathing Station: All tools provided,
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59 Main Street
Lee, MA
call for date & times
$7 per cat or dog
Dog Wash Stations! SELF
Dirty Dogs
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Berkshire Countys only fully-loaded,
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Serving the area for over 10 years!
Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Wysong, Nutri
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Soul & Many More. Cat Food Too!
Come Sniff Us Out on Facebook
636 West Housatonic St. Pittsfield, MA (413)448-8240 Tues.-Sat. 9:30-5pm
Canine Clip Shop
Bubblebath, Nails, Cutting, De-flea, Ears, Eyes
Certified Professional Groomers since 1988
Also Pet first aid, CPR and Grooming teacher certified.
Oatmeal & Hypoallergenic Shampoo Frontline Advantix Available.
Off Complete Grooming
Expires May 13, 2014 10
Hours: Mon.-Sat. sometimes Sundays 7:30am - ?
some nights in the summer only
Janet Allen (Leave Message) 413-442-5542
1315 East Street, Pittsfield
Animal LiferApril 2014 7
by Joanne Kuskin
any people are animal lovers.
More and more people are pet
parents. The pet industry is blossom-
ing, as are diverse services for our ani-
mal friends. I did not know about
play care (off-leash play) for dogs.
Now I can hardly keep images like this
one out of my thoughts: a group of
dogs, diverse breeds and sizes, play ac-
tively together in a supervised, secure
group, happy to have the chance to be
the pack animals that they really are.
Finding someone to come into your
home to care for an animal when you
go away is one aspect of an owners re-
sponsibility (more later). But an en-
tirely different dimension of being a
good pet parent is discovering and
using facilities for your dog that are to-
tally animal oriented to the dogs best
interests. Grooming, boarding and
other services besides sitting are
available---you just need to know about
the possibilities. More and more places
are instituting dog parks where an
owner can bring a dog to play with
other dogs. The owner supervises the
Suppose you have a dog that needs
more active time than you can give it.
Even an hour walk may not be enough.
You can drop off your dog person to
play care/day care after the initial
carefully designed interviews and ini-
tial visits. Then it can enter into an
active group of dogs to play for the en-
tire day! Naps can be taken. Each fa-
cility has its own well-thought out
guidelines and regulations.
Owners of places like Bow Meow
and Love Us and Leave Us observe
that dogs play so hard they are ex-
hausted when they get home, and often
need to rest up the next day. Most own-
ers do not leave their dogs in play
care all week. Play care is distinct
from boarding or animal-sitting in
your home. It is a way to provide your
best friend with a chance to romp ac-
tively, engage with other dogs in a
friendly, supervised way, and play and
play and play. Many dogs have never
had such an opportunity, but once they
get into the swing of things, they par-
ticipate actively in playing and mess-
ing around, all under supervision that
guarantees high spirits do not slip over
safety lines. Just as with human chil-
dren, time outs are occasionally nec-
essary. The dogs often develop best
friends. Behavioral mentor dogs
help a newcomer learn whats OK and
whats not. Owners all too often inad-
vertently reward dogs undesired be-
havior---the mentors set good examples
and guide newcomers.
The application from Bow Meow
asks for information about the dogs
history, degree of socialization, possi-
ble issues particular to your dog, etc.
Honor Blume has been in business 18
years. Her facility is so popular she is
planning an addition. Dogs can play in-
doors and out, weather permitting. A
dogs day there could typically run
from 8 to 6:30. She notes that such
playgroups are not for every dog---.
some dogs are not social . She uses
some experienced dogs as mentor
dogs, who help introduce newcomers to
joining the group situation. (Honor no
longer boards cats, but she will groom
them, so she has not changed her busi-
ness name.) [Bow Meow Regency
Kennel 413 229 0035]
Renee DeRagon runs Love Us and
Leave Us. She describes her place as
dog vacation/day care [413 464 9200].
Both she and Honor sound so happy
when describing what they do that I
believe them when they say they love
their jobs!
Researching aspects of animal care
like day care, giving animals care in an
owner's home, and boarding reveal dif-
ferent needs and different concerns.
The latter two are designed to take over
when an owner cannot be there to pro-
vide regular food, routine and exercise.
The movement to dog day/play care
(and dog parks) reflects a growing
trend that emphasizes how important
dogs are as part of a human family---
They are family members now---and
therefore they deserve expanded op-
portunities. While they have long ac-
commodated humans by becoming
domesticated and willing to work at
jobs, their own nature is to be active
members of a pack. This growing play
movement is now giving them a
chance to enjoy their heritage.
Pet sitting provides a service that own-
ers need when they are unable to pro-
vide regular care. Maryann Hyatt of
Reliable Pets [415 243 3040] goes
into homes, of course, but also into
retirement facilities to help older peo-
ple manage their beloved animals. She
describes herself as heart based.
Owners must ask many questions.
What animals can be cared for? Some
people will sit for chickens, rabbits,
horses. Ask! Are the sitters insured,
bonded perhaps, etc? Many sitters will
also do minor housekeeping tasks like
watering plants, bringing in mail, etc.
Some will administer medications. Ask
your vet for recommendations. Some
take your animal into their own homes,
but the general feeling is that the ani-
mal will be less stressed if kept in its
own home when the owner must be
In this age of instant communication,
some animal care providers will send
videos and photos to the owners/par-
ent.. Watching a video of your dogs
playgroup while you work in your of-
fice would be a treat.
Mary Oliver, renowned as one of the
greatest American poets, says, What
would this world be like without
dogs? More and more people agree
with her, and are determined to provide
their best friends with the bes care they
can--- enrolling them in playgroups is
growing as a way to do just that.
Editors Note:
Bow Meow Regency will be holding
an Open House, June 1st 11am to
2pm. Tours, giveaways, games, a
photographer and a microchip
Love Us and Leave Us is holding a
Tags for Wags Tag Sale on May
17th. Proceeds to benefit Eleanor
Sonsini Shelter
This article and previous articles
can be viewed at
Play Care &Day Care
A day packed with fun
playgroups are not for every dog.
some dogs are not social

8 Animal Life rApril 2014

pet sitting &day care
Walk In The Park
Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Services In Te Berkshires
Member Pet Sitters International
American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certifed
Member Berkshire Chamber of Commerce
Certifed Professional Pet Sitter
Insured & Bonded Lynn Pfeiler @ 413-655-8721
References 413-446-0684
Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Certified Professional Pet Sitter
Certified Pet Tech Instructor #1497
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
413-243-3040 D
Professional Services With A Personal Touch
Serving Central & Southern Berkshire County, MA
DPet Sitting DPet Taxi
DDog Walking DPet Supplies
DPrivate Boarding DPrivate Daycare
The Berkshire County Pet Sitters Network (BCPSN) is a group
of independently owned pet sitting businesses and individu-
als who provide professional pet sitting services to residents
of Berkshire County. We provide professional and educational
support for pet sitters and serve as a valuable resource for pet
owners and animal lovers. We participate in local community
events and hold fundraisers for local pet-related charities.
We are an all-volunteer, membership-based non-profit
organization. Our members are committed to providing ex-
ceptional professional pet sitting services, community
outreach and promoting responsible pet ownership in our
Animal LiferApril 2014 9
t Berkshire Humane Society
(BHS), were so appreciative of all
our adopters who lovingly bring ani-
mals into both their homes and hearts.
With the number of homeless animals
in shelter and rescues across the coun-
try reaching an estimated 4-5 million,
we believe giving any of these animals
a new life is an act of immense com-
passion and kindness. Every once in a
while, though, we have some special
adopters who made a special commit-
ment to some special animals, and wed
like to share their stories.
Kyra came into Nicole and Erics life
15 years ago as a one-year-old sheltie
mix with soft floppy ears and a long
tail. Nicole, who had never lived with
an animal before, was hesitant about
having a dog, but Eric, who was a long-
time animal lover, was persistent.
When they received a call from Diane
Briggs, administrative assistant at BHS
and a family friend, about the perfect
pooch, the young couple hurried down
to the shelter. Unfortunately, Kyra did-
nt make a good first impression. As
Nicole explained, She was very shy
and skittish, and there was no informa-
tion about her as far as her temperament
or training. Concerned that she
wouldnt be a good fit for the family,
Nicole and Eric left without her.
But Diane was convinced that Kyra be-
longed with Eric and Kyra. And another
phone call and visit later, Kyra did find
her way into their hearts. We decided
that no animal would be perfect, and we
had to take a leap of faith, said Nicole.
As she was signing the adoption papers,
Nicole remembered Kyra jumping up on
her as if to say Mom, lets go home.
According to Nicole, Kyra proved to
be a challenge for quite some time. On
the stormy afternoon that Kyra came
home, she refused to go inside the
house and then spent several weeks hid-
ing behind furniture. Eventually Kyra
relaxed and became what Nicole called
The Queen of Country Club Avenue
the couples first neighborhood For
the next few
years, though,
Nicole ac-
knowl edged
that Kyra had
lots of puppy
in her
meaning many
chewed shoes,
holes in the
backyard, and
other puppy
no-nos. But
Nicole and
Eric were un-
fazed. In our
minds, said
Nicole, she
wasnt just an
animal, she
was part of our
family, our
first baby. In
fact, when I
was pregnant, I
told Kyra she
was going to have a little sister!
And Kyra was the perfect big sister
to Kelsey as well as a source of great
joy and comfort to Nicole and Eric.
She went through so many life
changes with us, recalled Nicole,
adding that We were made so much
better by having her.
Recently, the family lost Kyra to liver
and kidney complications. Always a
trooper, she let Kelsey pet and hug her
until her last hours. At some point, the
family will invite another dog into their
lives because they cant imagine not
having another one. But just not now.
Fifteen years is a long time to love
something, explained Nicole. Kyra
was a gift well never forget.
Thanks to Ruth and Fred, Ellies life
gets better and better every day. Shes
one of the sweetest cats Ive ever had,
said Ruth, who has shared her life with
a variety of other cats.
In so many ways, Ellie epitomizes the
resilient and forgiving nature of ani-
mals. After being neglected and then
surrendered to BHS last year as a mor-
bidly obese 8-year-old, staff placed her
on a strict diet and exercise routine for
several months. Although she dropped
almost 5 pounds, her
mobility was im-
paired, and she
had to have
extensive sur-
gery includ-
ing over 100
sutures to re-
move folds of
loose skin that re-
sulted from her huge
weight loss.
When Fred, who is vice
president of BHSs
Board of Directors, was
first introduced to Ellie
at the shelter, he imme-
diately knew his and
Ruths home would be a
good place for her.
Some animals come
and go quickly, but Ellie
could have been there
forever, he said.
After her surgery, she
was not a cover girl. But
I saw a sense of alert-
ness and a desire for comfort and com-
panionship in her.
And Ellie has, indeed, become a won-
derful companion. Shes committed to
us in the same way that were commit-
ted to her, explained Ruth. According
to her, Ellies routine often consists of
following Ruth around the house, find-
ing new spots to nap and sunbathe, and
watching birds. Despite concerns about
her ability to navigate the three-story
house, she runs up and down the stair-
well several times a day an excellent
form of exercise.
Since living with her new family, Ellie
has continued to lose weight. Despite
her often persistent demands for extra
portions, Ruth and Fred keep her on a
strict diet. Once weighing 23 pounds,
shes now slimmed down to 16 pounds
and has even developed a small waistline.
As Fred explained, All animals are in-
teresting and wondering beings. For
him and Ruth, theyre not that different
from humans in that they need to be
cared for and respected. Therefore,
when special ones such as Ellie come
into their lives, Ruth and Fred do what
they consider right assume responsi-
bility for them.
He had my heart, explained Monica
after her first meeting with James. He
had the sweetest look on his face, and
he came right up to me. It seemed so
simple, especially considering that
James was an 18-year-old cat who had
been at the shelter for several months
after he and an assortment of other cats
and dogs were abandoned in an apartment.
Last spring, Monica and her family had
come to BHS to visit with Thomas, a
younger cat, and ended up adopting
him. But neither she nor the rest of her
family could forget about James. So a
few weeks later, they returned to bring
him home too. We have three kids, so
I considered that this might not be the
best place for him, said Monica. But
I saw his age and thought poor thing
he needs a home. Plus you cant just
leave with one!
James easily became part of the fam-
ily, even getting along with their other
cats. A very senior citizen, he spent
much of his day sleeping. But he had
bursts of energy, jumping in sinks and
romping up and down the stairs. He
was more active than I ever imagined,
remembered Monica. And he was
quite a character for being an 18-year-
old cat. (A post-adoption photo that
Monica sent to BHS staff shows James
napping in her daughters doll bed its
one of our all-time favorites!)
According to Monica, adopting a sen-
ior animal required a certain dedication
and a willingness to provide a little
extra care and attention. Important,
too, was helping her children, Josiah,
Samuel, and Mabel, understand that
James would not be with the family for
a long time. I explained to them that
we were taking on the job of giving him
a loving home for the rest of his life
no matter how short or long that was,
said Monica.
Last summer, James passed away sur-
rounded by his family. Because their
time with him was so meaningful, they
decided to continue their commitment
to other senior cats in need of homes.
Not long ago, Monica and her family
adopted Gizo, a 16-year-old cat who
was surrendered to BHS flea ridden and
terribly underweight. Now named
Tuukka, hes healthy and happy.
Theyre such loving animals, especially
given what some of them have been
through, said Monica. I cant imagine
them not being a part of our family.
Mary A. Koncel is the Humane
Educator at Berkshire Humane Society.
Making That Special

pet sitting &day care
Pet Sitting
Serving Berkshire County Since 1997
Maryann Hyatt-Owner
413.443.0443 or 413.329.5127
PO Box 232, Pittsfield, MA 01202
Ginas K-9 Bed & Breakfast
Copake, New York
Fully Insured & Member of NAPPS-National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
Vet Recommended 15 Years of Experience
No cages or kennels
Dogs participate in family lifestyle
1/2 acre fenced-in exercise yard A creek to swim in
Quality Care Pet Sitting In My Safe, Comfortable Home
A Huge Tag Sale to benefit Eleanor Sonsini Shelter!
Do you have stuff that could use a better home? Could you use stuff for your home?
Participate by vending or buying on Saturday, May 17th at Love Us And Leave Us!
Many different vendors!
Held at Love Us and Leave Us 1525 W. Housatonic St., Pittsfield, MA
Rain date: May18th.
To be a Vendor, Please call Love Us and Leave Us 413-464-9200.
May 17
Call to set up your dogs interview
Canine lodging 365 days/year
Salon services for canine and feline Monday-Saturday
Serving area pets since 1995
92 Cook Road, Sheffield, MA
(413) 229-0035
Think Our Pet
Pictures Are Cute?
You can see many more at
Animal LiferApril 2014 11
y relationship with DREAMS
began in 2008. On Christmas
Day that year, I lost a friend to pancre-
atic cancer. Only 55 when she died,
Leslie Smallridge was an incredible
woman with a kind and gentle heart
who was also an avid animal lover. For
seven years, she cared daily for a group
of feral cats who lived at our local
transfer station (otherwise known as the
dump). All the cats were black or black
and white. Their numbers ranged from
four some years to just one or two. New
England has some severe winters but
because of Leslie's care, these cats lived
relatively well in a snug little igloo
packed with hay, and always had fresh-
thawed water and food.
Thanks to Berkshire Animal
DREAMS, all of the cats were trapped,
neutered or spayed, and had their basic
shots. Leslie worked closely with
DREAMS and together they made a
huge impact on the quality of life for
these stray or abandoned cats.
While Leslie was alive, I filled in for
her in caring for the cats on many oc-
casions-- once I got to actually stroke
the soft little head of one feral kitty.
After Leslie's passing, I became the
cats main caregiver. There are only two
beautiful black cats left. On many days
of bitter ice and cold, I must chip
through frozen water to make room for
fresh but I never miss a day because I
know I will be greeted by those soft
pale green eyes that become more trust-
ing every week. I promised myself Id
honor Leslies memory by continuing
to care for the last two feral cats for the
rest of their lives.
But I wanted to do more. As an artist,
I began contributing a portion of my art
sales to DREAMS while seeking a way
to make an even greater impact.
The inspiration for my Run For The
Critters came out of mourning for an-
other incredible woman. When my
mother passed away in February 2010
after a long slow "dwindling away," I
worked out my feelings of grief and
loss by running in earnest on our quiet
country roads. Having also lost my twin
sister, my older brother, my mother-in-
law and my father, grief was not foreign
to me but this loss hit me hard. My
friend Mark Hundley, in his book
Awaken to a Good Mourning, suggests
that we become a new person when we
begin to climb out of the dark valley of
grief and back into the light of living.
As I was out running one morning, a
month or so after mom passed away, I
began to feel like I was finally climb-
ing out of that dark valley. Then I was
suddenly bowled over by a strong sense
of gratitude. I was grateful that I could
still run at my age, that I could run in
such beautiful countryside like the
Berkshire Mountains, I felt grateful for
many things. I wanted to give back
somehow. Then an idea hit me: I would
run for the critters! I could set a goal of
running a six-mile race while raising
money for animal charity -- because,
aside from my family and art, animals
are what I love most. For as long as I
can remember I've had a special rapport
with critters so running to raise money
for animal charity seemed like the per-
fect challenge and the perfect way to
give back.
In September 2010 I ran in a 10 Kilo-
meter race. I won 2nd place in my class,
but felt I won even before I began the
race with $1,500 raised for animal char-
ity. Since 2010, I've done four more
Runs For The Critters and raised $6,568
for animals.
Please join me this year in raising
money for Berkshire Animal
DREAMS through my Sixth Run For
The Critters! Ill be running in a half
marathon (13.1miles) on May 25,
2014 and I hope to raise $10,000 for
feral cats and the memory of Leslie,
their original protector.
This article and previous articles
can be viewed at
For The
This year I am raising money for
Berkshire Animal DREAMS with my
Sixth Run For The Critters.
My goal is to raise $10,000 for DREAMS
by May 25, 2014.

12 Animal Life rApril 2014
Open Mon-Thu 8am-8pm; Fri-Sat 8am-6pm
652 East Street, Pittsfield, MA
(413) 997-7272
Haddad Subaru . . .
Just Smell the Deals . . .
pet supplies
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5 Walker Street

Lenox, MA


open mon-fri 9-6

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You already trust our over-the-counter pet
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'Seamus' McAteer is all smiles in Caligari's
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Mon.-Sat. 7:30-5:30
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Animal LiferApril 2014 13
Monday - Friday 10am to 5:30pm, Saturdays 10am - 5pm
Lenox Commons 55 Pittsfield Road, Lenox, MA
The Place for everything you need
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Old-fashioned customer service.
Super-Premium Foods USA Made Treats
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14 Animal Life rApril 2014
Quality American Made
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Animal LiferApril 2014 15
by Sheila Heflin
or the past three years, sixth grader
Nicholas Boardman of Sheffield
has been celebrating his birthday by
helping his favorite cause: animals.
Nicholas will be at Wild Birds Country
Store in Great Barrington from 11 to 2
on Saturday, April 26, collecting dog
and cat food to be donated to the Berk-
shire Humane Society. (Donations for
Nicholas can also be dropped off at
Wild Birds Country Store at any time.)
Nicholas and Trigger, his golden retriever.
Nicholas 3rd Annual
Pet Food Drive
to Benefit the
Berkshire Humane Society
Rescue horses:
Home needed
for three elderly horses
ast fall, three horses Dusty, Poppet and Rusty had to leave their home in Adams,
Ma. after many years. The owner had passed away and the farm had changed
hands. The horses had to leave the farm. We had already been volunteering our
services to care for them for several years including all vet bills, grain, etc.. We
were able to secure two temporary homes for them, one last Fall, the other thru
the Winter months. Now the horses have to move a third time. We do not have the
funds for boarding them. If you know of anyone who might be willing to house
and share the care of these three elderly travelers, Please give us a call. Ideally the
location would have plenty of pasture, fencing, a water source and a run- in shed of
some kind. Adams, Cheshire or North Berkshire would be ideal, but would be open
to other possibilities.
Please contact Caroline Scully at
413-652-1549 or Robin Avery at 413-884-4344. Thank you!!
Photo 2014 Sheila Heflin.

00 N88l0 80M098l
from Shamrock Dog Waste Removal
leI s fleua Ieur Iurd
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Residential & Commercial
We Pick It Up & Take It Away
We Sanitize Our Equipment
SbamrocL Dog Waxtc HcmovaI
1050 South St., Pittseld, MA 413-443-9700
Berkshire Countys #1 Dog Waste Removal Service
at Fairview Hospital, 29 Lewis Ave., Great Barrington
OPEN: Monday - Friday 10:30am to 4:00pm
The Fairview Hospital Auxillary
Gift Shop
Mothers Day Gifts!
Jewelry Scarves
Blue Q Toys
Baby Gifts Books
Pet Gifts Picture Frames
Bird Houses
and so much more!
Banana - I have been house trained when I am on a reasonable
schedule. I am playful- tennis balls and soft toys are my favorites! I
am active,strong and energetic. I have been introduced to a gentle
leader to assist with my pulling on leash.

Please call
Berkshire Humane Society
Sponsored by:
Hi my name is Adrian! I am a 3 year old
American Shelter Dog. I am friendly and
athletic. I came to SCAC from a West
Virginia Shelter. I enjoy all interactions. If
I sound like I could be your next family
member, please come meet Adrian.
Second Chance
Animal Shelter
Route 7A, Shaftsbury, VT802-375-2898
Hi my name is Malibu! I am an 2 year old
American Shelter Dog. I am friendly and
athletic. I came to SCAC because my
guardians situation changed and they
wanted me in a home that had more time
for me. I love attention and please come
and meet me.
Second Chance
Animal Shelter
Route 7A, Shaftsbury, VT802-375-2898
and gets jealous of other dogs stealing her
owner's affection. She would do best in an
adult caring experienced home with a
fenced backyard and no competion (dogs
or other pets) so she could give and get all
the affection and attention. Julie loves to
play with toys and people. She likes some
male dogs but is "too bossy"
If you are interested in adopting or fostering Julie, Please contact
Harriet 917-670-3892 email:
PETEY is a beautiful 3-4 year old neutered male mix
of dalmatian and staffordshire terrier. He is the most
lovable affectionate boy to people and especially
children. The only thing he loves more than people is
his favorite toy . . . A red ball. Petey would do best as
the only dog in a loving home with a backyard and
some humans who like to throw that red ball.
If you are interested in adopting or fostering Petey, Please contact
Harriet 917-670-3892
in the tri-state area
16 Animal Life rApril 2014

Each week HADDAD SUARU will be sponsoring a
'Dog of the Week'. If that dog's adopted during that week,
Haddad Subaru will pay $50 towards the adoption fee!

I came to find a new home because my family was moving and I was
not a part of the move. I am an active, alert, playful, and smart dog.
I am reliably house trained. I am not a fan of cats and I am selective
in my dog friends. I like some smaller sized dogs. I need regular vig-
orous exercise and activities to keep my mind and body healthy. I am
not a couch potato! I am working on being a bit more comfortable
with vet procedures. If you need action and adventure in your life,
then I am your man!
214 Barker Rd., Pittsfield, MA 314-447-7878
See these and other
pets for adoption on
our website.
Animal Life
Tri-State Berkshires Pet News
Animal LiferApril 2014 17
in the tri-state area

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On Saturday, May 17th, Love Us And Leave Us will be hosting
a multiple seller tag sale on their front lawn at 1525 West
Housatonic street in Pittsfield. Sellers will make a $20 donation to
the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter to be able to participate. The
Sonsini shelter will also be there selling items to benefit all the an-
imals they care for year after year. The sale will be from 10am-
2pm, and the rain date will be Sunday May18th. If you are
interested in selling your items at this sale, or would like to donate
any items to sell to benefit the shelter, please call Love Us And
Leave Us at 413-464-9200, we would love more people joining
us! Come out for a fun day- you never know what treasures
you'll find at a tag sale!
Dog Training Basics:
12 Essential Commands
Every Dog Should Know
Dogs that are highly trained such as service dogs for the blind and phys-
ically less able or professional show dogs often knows more than a dozen
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Come Sit Stay Wait
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Knowing these 12 voice commands will give you the basic fundamentals
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18 Animal Life rApril 2014
hen I stopped into Purradise on
March 21, the shelter was draped
in blackbut by no means in mourn-
ing! Instead, by happy coincidence, all
but one of its kitty residents was every
possible variation of black cat: all-
black, tuxedo, black with white
patches, and white with black patches...
and, no, most of these beautiful crea-
tures were not even related! It was just
one of those flukes of fate.
Twins Rosa and Ruby, who spent my
entire time there sprawled in identical
poses on their respective cat bed, were
nearly identical, but for a white patch
on Rubys chest. As often occurs when
the shelters cats are related or even just
good friends, the pair shared connected
condos that permitted them to each
have her own space, as well as to snug-
gle or play together as they pleased.
They would likewise find a new home
together just days after I met them:
when Sadie (pictured) and her family
came to Purradise on the 27th, they left
with the two sisters in tow.
Affectionate and chatty Mary, whose
tuxedo coloring extended to white all
the way through her belly and front
paws, has also since been adopted, hav-
ing captured the heart of a man who ar-
rived seeking a good companion of the
feline persuasion.
Interestingly, although the genetic
makeup that creates black cats is a little
more prevalent in males than in fe-
males, still other condos offered Beauty
and Charlotte, and the uniquely marked
Miss Flower, whose otherwise all-black
face was punctuated by an unusual
white spot on her chin (what in humans
might be called a soul patch or jazz
spot). Yet another girl, who was curled
up fast asleep the whole time I was
there, was Ash, whose mostly white fur
was patched only just occasionally with
black, including an adorable tiara-like
pattern on her forehead.
Over in the Sunshine Spa, large, mis-
chievous all-black Brutus made up for
the gender gap, cavorting to his own
delight from one cat tree to another
until a volunteer arrived to give him a
recess period on her lapeven big
guys like Brutus appreciate being cud-
dled and petted. (Earlier that day,
staffer Tracy informed me, he had also
spent time romping with Rosa and
Ruby in the sun porch, so he had not
lacked for kitty companionship, too.)
Brutuss profile card was already
marked adopted; he was basically
just biding his time in the spa, waiting
for his newly contracted human to re-
turn to the shelter to take him to his
new home.
Extending the black-cat theme,
Purradises windows, front and side,
were ornamented with still more black
catslarge metal silhouettes of the
kind that might be
hung in gardens.
These were unlikely
to fade in the light,
but they brought to
mind an interesting
fact about black cats
that I have observed
in my own adoptees:
Did you know that
sunlight can give
black cats a tan? In-
deed, it can: the rays
can have the curious
effect of turning their
fur a coppery brown,
a phenomenon called
rusting. If you no-
tice this happening to
your black cat, you
might consider en-
couraging Kitty to
change his or her po-
sition to face different
directions, to at least
even out the effect!
This series follows the special human-
feline bond at Purradise, the Berkshire
Humane Society Cat Adoption Center
at 301 Stockbridge Road, Great Bar-
rington, MA 01230 (413-717-4244).
Please note the new hours: Open Wed.,
Fri., & Sat. 104 p.m.; Thurs. 10 a.m.
6 p.m.; and Sun. noon4 p.m.
Iris Bass, coauthor of the Cat Lovers
Daily Companion, shares her Lee home
with five shelter cats.
This article and previous articles
can be viewed at
Small, Dark, and Handsome
this side of purradise
Iris Bass
Sadie, getting acquainted with one of the twins.
Photo 2014 Sheila Heflin.
simple, direct and personal banking
Animal LiferApril 2014 19
of Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter
Meet Cuba, this hand-
some 8 year old Lhasa is
looking for a home to live
out his golden years in.
He does well with other
dogs, kids, and could ad-
just to living with cats.
Sponsored by:
Meet Lexi, a 5 year old
girl that would prefer to
be alone than be with
people and other ani-
Sponsored by:
370 Pecks Rd.,
Joe Nichols, Owner
This is Andy, a handsome
boy at around 2 years of
age. He can be a sweet
boy 90% of the time, but
the other 10% he can be
a bit moody.
Sponsored by:
Keith Williams, LMT
A great massage at a wonderful price
152 North St., Pittsfield
Wednesday-Friday 12-6pm Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Call 413-448-9800
or email
875 Dalton Avenue, Pittsfield
Meet Heaven, a sweet,
loving three-year-old cat.
Heaven lived outside for
two years after presumably
being abandoned, and pro-
ceeded to have litter after
litter of kittens. While out-
side, she contracted Feline
Leukemia, a life-long
virus that is easily trans-
mitted between cats.
Meadow is a darling cat
with a ton of love to give,
but she needs a special
home that will take the
time to get to know her.
Meadow is painfully shy
when you first meet her,
but with some canned food
and treats, she'll warm
right up to you!
Meet Louie, a gorgeous
three-year-old neutered male.
Louie was living outside on
his own for several months
before Animal DREAMS
caught word of him. Thank-
fully, Louie was blessed with
a wonderful caretaker who
decided to feed him and give
him attention, and he was is
good health when he was
brought in.
Come in to Animal D.R.E.A.M.S. and visit Meadow,
Flower and all of the other
wonderful cats waiting for their human families 413-997-2287
Sponsored adoptions.
450 Pittsfield Rd., Lenox
289 Dalton Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Elizabeth Tullett
Certified in
Veterinary Acupuncture
Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat. 8-12
Washington State Road, Washington, MA 01223
Dr. Sharon Lynch, Veterinarian
Fred Davis III, CVT
Comprehensive Veterinary Services
Low Cost Individual Attention
Caring & Compassionate
8uJ /||oo, M.S., D.V.M. ko6io Kot|io, D.V.M.
99 Moin 5lreel
Hoydenville, MA 01039
Iorge & smoll onimol heol|h core clinic, housecolls,
lormcolls, onimol chiroproc|ic, ocupunc|ure &
homeopo|hy, physicol |heropy, boording & grooming.
|omiIg 0rtrrinorion |rntrr
199 RouIe 44
MillerIoh, NY 12546
(518) 789-3440
OPEN Mohday-SaIurday
5maII AnimaI Integrative Medicine & 5urgery
1he MillerIoh VeIerihary PracIice
carries a IradiIioh o! compassiohaIe
ahd ihdividualized care ih a
relaxed aImosphere. We emphasize
wellhess care ahd holisIic Iherapies
speci!c Io our cliehIs' heeds.
Small Animal Integrative Medicine & Surgery Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Laser Treatments
imar 8ma Anima Hospita
Dr. Claire Blanchard
Dr. Donald Gulick
Dr. Hanan Caine
776 Main St., Great Barrington, MA
Hours: 8:30-5 Mon-Fri, 8:30-Noon Sat
Call for appointment
Full Service Hospital
Drop Off Service
24 Hour Emergency Coverage
Early Evening Hours M-W-F
Looking for housecalls? Call Dr. Blanchard for details
4l328ll80 Fax 4l328l763
Jtrir Snxnx D.\.H.
Kivrrrrv Krrssr \.H.D
920 Plcasant St., lcc, HA
413-243-2414 413-243-077
Julie Shanahan, D.V.M.
Laura Aylesworth, D.V.M.

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419 0(%% ; /+
<-) = 9>?

Dr. Mady Hoog-CreIIin! Dr. Mady Hoog-CreIIin!

. Mady Hoog-CreIIin!

8 # 933:

l us f
or more
l us f
ConventionaI & HoIistic
!"# #%% "&'()* #
Great Barrington, MA
440 Stockbridge Road
erinary Med Vet

#)(+&% ,-./(0&%
Great Barrington, MA
440 Stockbridge Road
icine erinary Med
ConventionaI & HoIistic
Animal LiferApril 2014 21
veterinarians veterinarians
A Complete Veterinary Hospital
Medical Surgical X-Ray Laboratory Services
Rt. 23, Hillsdale, NY
Discounts for Seniors & Two or More Animals
394 Under Mountain Rd. Lenox, MA 01240
Yoanna Y. Matre, DVM
Licensed & Accredited in MA & NY
Treating cattle, horses, goats,
sheep, llamas, alpacas, and the
occasional pig at your farm or home
Treating cattle, horses, goats, sheep, llamas
and alpacas at your farm or home
North County Veterinary Hospital
Dr. John C. Reynolds, Dr. Laura A. Eiszler
& Dr. Lindsay M. Cermak, DVMs
838 Curran Memorial Hwy, North Adams, MA
Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital
24 Hour Emergency care, animal chiropractic and dental care.
John C. Reynolds, DVM, Laura A. Eiszler, DVM,
Michelle P. Looney, DVM, Melinda M. Payson, DVM,
Carmen A. Swinson, DVM, , Lindsay M. Cermak, DVM
Hours: Daily Mon-Fri. 8am to 8pm,.Sat. & Sun 10am-5pm
Allen Heights Veterinary Hospital
Dog and Cat Grooming
Amanda Bevens
289 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, MA
Peacocks for sale
$150 413-528-2527
Whimsical Pet Portraits
Animal Laughter Studio
Kim Arre-Gerber, Artist
Call 413-464-5994 Arre-gerber

The Knowledge and Experience to Build Your Wealth
Investment in securities, mutual funds, involves the risk of loss. Historical performance is not indicative of future results.
392 Merrill Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201
Animal rescue actively supported by:

[pruh-tekt] To defend or guard from
loss; keep safe from harm or injury.
At Berkshire Money Management,
we strive to keep your moneysafe.