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1 Interview Questions for Banking Bank interviews are basically based on four areas. 1. Bio-data 2. Subject 3.

Bank Terms 4. GK (Current Affairs) 5. Computers (Basics) 1. Bio-data: About your family, About your town, About your studies, About your achievements, About your father s working department, About your hobby, and any pa st work experience if you have. 2. Subject: Candidate must have complete knowledge of the subject what he has st udied. Any question can be asked in the subject. Prepare your subject especially basics . 3. Bank Terms: If you are going for bank interviews basic banking knowledge is necessary. The following basic banking terms will help the candidate. 4. GK: Be thorough with current affairs from past three months. Recent awards, Major issues, Sports related questions, State Governors and Chief ministers, Countries, Capitals, Currencies etc..,. 5. Computers: Be thorough with basic computer terminology. Example: What is DOS, What is WWW, What is LAN, etc.., If you have any certificate, it will be an added advantage to the candidate. 1. What is bank? Ans. Bank is financial institution which accepts deposits from the public for th e purpose of lending. 2. Types of banks? Ans. Nationalized banks Private Banks Foreign banks Regional rural banks 2 Co-operative banks Industrial banks etc.., 3. What is a nationalized bank? Banks which are owned and run by government of India are called as nationalized banks. Example: Canara bank, syndicate bank, Vijaya bank, etc.., There are total 20 nationalized banks. State bank of India has got 7 subsidiaries they are State bank of Hyderabad, Sta te bank of Mysore, State bank of Travancore, State bank of Indore, State bank of Sourashtra , State bank of Bikaner, state bank of Jaipur. 4. When banks are nationalized? Ans. In 1969 : 14 banks were nationalized. In 1980: 6 banks were nationalized.

5. What is a Private bank? Ans. Banks which are owned and run by individuals are called private banks. Example: karnataka bank, karurvysya bank, lakshmivilas bank etc.., 6. What are foreign banks? Ans. Banks which are foreign originated [based] are called foreign banks Example: Citi bank, YES bank etc.., 7. What is RBI [Reserve Bank of India], when it is established and what are its functions? Ans: RBI established in 1935, its head office in Mumbai. Present Governor of RBI D. Subba Rao . Its functions: 1. Issues currency notes 2. Acts as bankers bank 3. Maintains foreign exchange reserves 4. Maintains CRR and SLR 3 RBI is also called as "bankers bank", because all banks will have a/c's with RBI . It provides funds to all banks hence it is called as BANKERS BANK. 8. What is RRB'S (regional rural banks)? Ans. Main purpose of RRBs is to improve banking habit in rural areas and save fo rmers from money lenders. RRBs works under supervision of NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). NABARD head office is at MUMBAI. Example of RRB'S: Pragathi grameena bank, Rayalaseema grameena bank etc. Every grameena bank is soponsered by a nationalised bank. Example: Pragathi grameena bank is sponsored by "Canara bank". Share capital in RRB s: Central government: 50% Sponsored bank: 35% State government: 15% 9.What are co-operative banks? Ans. The main purpose of co-operative banks is to co-operate small scale industr ies, and to provide small loans. Example: Bellary dist co-op bank etc. 10. What are industrial banks? Ans. The main purpose of industrial banks is to provide big loans to large scale industries. Examples: IDBI bank, Industrial bank of India etc.., 11. Types of accounts in banks? Ans. Saving s bank account [SB a/c]: The main purpose of SB a/c is to encourage sm all savings from the public. Interest paid on SB a/c is 3 percent. Any individual ca n open SB a/c. An Indian residing at abroad can open a NRI a/c. NRI represents non-resident Indian s. 4 Current account: It s a running and active account. No interest is paid on current a/c. Current accounts can be opened on firm names. Even individuals can also open cur rent a/cs. But

on firm names you cannot open SB a/c. Fixed Deposit account: Amount is kept for a fixed period. Higher rate of interes t will be paid on this a/c. Recurring deposit [RD a/c]: A fixed amount can be deposited in monthly installme nts. Interest rate is same as fixed deposits. 12. What is Cheque? Ans. Cheque is a negotiable instrument containing conditional order to pay sum o f money to the person mentioned on it or to the bearer of the instrument. 13. What is crossing? Ans. Two parallel lines drawn on the top left corner of the cheque. 14. What is account payee cheque? Ans. Account payee cheques can be routed only through accounts. 15. What is a post dated cheque? Ans. The date on the cheque beyond today s date then cheque becomes post dated. 16. What is stale cheque? Ans. Cheque is valid for six months. If the date on the cheque is before six mon ths, then the cheque becomes stale cheque. 17. What is a mutilated cheque? Ans. It is a damaged cheque. 18. What is At Par cheque? Ans. It is payable anywhere in India. 19. What is Multi city cheque? Ans. A cheque which is payable in any branch of a particular bank. 20. What is Repo rate? Ans. The rate at which RBI lends money to other banks. 21. What is Reverse Repo rate? Ans. The rate at which RBI pays interest to the banks. 22. Which bank is called as Central bank? Ans. RBI is also called as Central bank. 23. What is Internet banking? Ans. Banking through internet. 24. What is Inflation? Ans. It is a state where money looses the value hence prices will go up (or) Dec reasing the value of money. 25. What is Deflation? Ans. It is opposite to inflation. Money will have more value. Here the products looses the value. 26. What is Debit cum ATM card? Ans. The customer can deposit and withdraw cash by means of magnetic ATM card.

27. What is ATM? Ans. Automatic Teller Machine. 28. What is PLR and BPLR? Ans. PLR - Prime Lending Rate. BPLR - Basic Prime Lending Rate. 29. What is Credit card? Ans. Credit card is a plastic instrument that can be used for the purchase of go ods and services. You can buy the services and then pay the cash to the bank. Limits will be fixed based on the net worth of the customer. Leading credit cards: VISA, MASTER. 30. What is an NRI a/c? Ans. NRI stands for Non Resident Indian . An Indian who is residing in abroad can o pen an SB a/c in Indian banks. These accounts are called NRI a/cs. 31. What is CRR and SLR? Ans. CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio It is the ratio of physical cash that every bank ha s to keep with RBI. SLR: Statutory Liquidity Ratio It is the ratio of liquid assets that every bank has to keep with RBI. 32. What is RTGS and NEFT? Ans. RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement. NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer. These two are the two methods through which funds can be transferred from one ba nk to another bank. 33. What is NPA? Ans. NPA: Non Performing Asset: When a loan becomes bad then it becomes NPA. 34. What is online banking? Ans. Nothing but any where banking. A customer can operate his account from any branch of a particular bank. Some general questions: 1. Why do you choose banking as your career? 2. Are you ready to work in rural place? 3. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 4. Ten years down the line where would you see yourself? 5. Do you read news paper? What is today s news? 6. Why should we give this job to you?

Hi all, so I have these 6 books, all of them are about how to prepare for interv iew so I can write little summary and you can decide which one to buy! 1: Some 250 pages, price is Rs 110, this book is okay, just average, yeah it has

everything like glossary of computer and banking terms and stuff, but it does n ot have those 'Questions & answers' or sample interviews, good one but I know a better book! 2 : This one is really slim, just 170 pages at Rs 100 or so, nicely designed, be tter print, short and sweet question followed by answer format, I em lovin' it! It mainly includes info about all the banks and banking related terms, ummm wort h it :/ 3: This one looks like made in UK or US, I bout, this one is not made for banking for eally nice job, a high end one, you should lien languages, why did I get this one? Oh have no idea what they keep talking a sure, but if you are MBA and want a r totally grab it! And yes, beware of a God why?

4: Totally worth it, and guess who wrote it? Our famous S N Prasad, he writes ea ch and every book under Kiran Publications eh? Yeah so, this one is good, it has some 20 odd sample interviews and glossary and just everything you need, presen tation is not that attractive but if you guys want to buy just one book then you should grab it. 5: This one is good but not for banking, so I would not recommend it :/ 6: UPKAR! So this is like all in one, this book has sample interviews of almost everything, SSC, bank, UPSC, no way dude... and I can only see conversations eve rywhere, a definite BORE! My recommendation : Book No.2, SAP INTERVIEW CRACKER - Rakesh Kumar, red backgro und and a Nokia handshake, okay whatever but this book is just awesome, a real s hort and sweet deal :) Hope you guys are able to buy this online, I got it from HomeShop18.

My interview experience in IBPS PO2 (it was pathetic) As I have previously posted my interview was held in IOB, HO Chennai and the peo ple there were very courteous, humble and were in fact treating us as officers.. . I did not have the complete printout of the initial application, which they help ed me in printing out from the IBPS portal....I also had issues with the charact er certificate which I took from 2 private individuals....they needed something like a letter from doctor or a gazetted officer....they said it's ok you can bri ng it at the time of joining (I felt that really I was becoming an officer) befo re the interview itself... After verifying the documents I was given my turn after 5-7 candidates....while I was waiting for my turn next, one of the officers very politely offered me to have a biscuit which I refused as I what getting nervous....but he persuaded me to take I did not have water along with me and I thought if I go out to drink water and if they call my name and I'm not there the condition would wo rse....

so with my dried throat after having that biscuit I entered the interview room.. heart was pumping heavily and blood was pushing to my head (i was really ne rvous) The panel had 4 gentlemen (1 was from IOB who was a North Indian and was also sp eaking to me in Hindi at times but not sure which bank the others were from).... Due to the nervousness I even did not ask for the permission to be seated and wa s about to be seated before that one of them asked me sit, I was a bit relieved that I did not sit without asking their permission.... Two members from the panel were sitting outside the threshold of the desk and th eir main intention was to see my body language, how were my legs and hands place d..... They had my interview sheet ready and come you're in Chennai (they h opefully guessed it by name - I'm from North India...Bihar).....I replied that I was working in an the MNC which I'm working is a very big company, the y asked me why do you want to leave that MNC as they are one of the pioneers in the industry and they pay good as was my 1st mistake....I said I'm working in a BPO and due to night shifts, I wanted to join the banking sector w hich has a huge growth prospect....they caught me here....they screwed me here.. . They understood that I was getting nervous, so asked me, I replied that this is because I'm attending the panel interview for the 1st a friendly mann er(was not sure if it was sarcasm but were polite) told me that you can ask any one of the 4 interviewers to ask questions...they asked me to calm down and be c omfortable (it was very kind of them) I took a deep breath and sir 's ok...I'm fine now (but I was lying ) they asked me about my hometown and places which are important in that is was kind of ok....again gave some details about my family... One of the 2 ppl who were sitting and observing me asked if I knew Tamil..i said ..i can talk and understand but cannot read and write...he asked me a question i n tamil..if I had my breakfast..i replied him es' back in english now about the hobbies, I said I like travelling, listening to songs...on travell ing they asked me few places I had visited...i named few in tamilnadu....then he asked outside TN, I said I have been once to kanpur, delhi and kolkata....again he asked me how many bridges are there is howrah.. I replied 1...i went there w hen I was around 10...and could see only 1 bridge..then he said there are 2 brid ges in Howrah...i was completely puzzled... then about songs...what kind of songs do u like...i replied hindi melodius...the n which was my favourite song...the one which came instantly in my mouth was 'tu jh me rab dikhta hai..yaara mai kya karoon.....he asked me who was the singer I was zeroed out...i said I completely dont remember...they discussed and said tha t it is sukhwinder singh and I felt like it was correct...i replied yeah, that's true (later I came to know it was roop kumar rathod) of them asked me a song of Mika (I'm not a great fan of Mika - no offences to Mika fans here) ain my answer was negative... He asked me if I did anything like mba or msc after my graduation...i said I had completed my PGDBA...again he asked what I had learnt in PGDBA...i replied few terminologies...and then he asked me about the balance sheet...what are the item s you find in the balance sheet and I gave few terms....again due to nervousness I replied that the Assets are on the right and liabilities on the left...OMG I

was caught again...he asked me again are you sure....again after recalling and s ome kind of probing from them...then I corrected it...assets - left, liabilities - right.. At last they asked me what are the topics which I had prepared...i gave few bank ing terms and they did not question much on those The mindset of all interviewers will not be same, so you cant expect every panel to be your luck also matters... I got 52/100 (i think each of 4 interviewers gave me 13) I'm an introvert so I my responses dont come this time I have to prepare well on all of the topics...So puys I would recommend you to attend any mock interviews and be very well prepared for the D'day They are not going to test your knowledge deeply again as you have already been's your confidence and how you present yourself....these words does n ot from my side....but this is what I learnt and wanted to share... All the best GUYS :)

1.Magical Book Series :Money ,banking and Finance Authored by N.k Sinha (BSC Pub lications ) 2. R.Gupta Authored latest books for Interview(choose updated series ) 3.Arihant publications latest series 4. Guide to Bank Interviews" Book Authored by M.B.Sivaramakrishna (Buzzingstoc Pu blishing House ) 5. Upkar s Publications (check for latest series )

allotment will be done on "preferential merit list" basis....!! Explanation of Preferential Merit List... Suppose there are 500 candidates who have secured 50/100 (final marks - post int erview). and there are 6 banks to choose from namely A, B, C, D, E, F. Each of t hese 6 banks has 50 vacancies. Hence, total vacancies 300. 1. First Step: IBPS will compile a list of all candidates who have given first p reference to bank A. This step will be repeated for all the banks wherein the ca ndidates have given first preference to that particular bank. 2. Second Step: Once the compiled list of candidates is ready (suppose the numbe r of candidates giving first preference to bank A are 100), a merit list of thes e 100 candidates will be created. 3. Third Step: Out of the 100 candidates from step 2, who had given first prefer ence to Bank A, top 50 candidates on the merit list will be allotted Bank A in f

irst list. NOTE: step 2 and step 3 will be repeated for other banks as well (bank B-F). 4. Fourth Step: For the remaining 50 candidates from step 3, their second prefer ence bank will be taken into consideration and steps 1-3 will be repeated. Steps 1-4 will be repeated till allotment is done for all vacancies. These allotments will be for first list. Any dropouts, no-shows, will result in creation of second list for pending vacan cies.Steps 1-4 will again be followed for compiling second list. NOTE: if u don't like ur allotted bank, allotted branch, or don't report to your branch in will be considered as ur rejection of IBPS's offered bank & branch......ATB !!

The main Advantage of Engineering is that my Thought Process has been channelize d to meet the Optimum Results with Minimum consumption . The same skill a good B anker and a good Economist should have. For sustainable development, every Organ ization needs men who can think economically and who can use the very tactics of Technical knowledge for maximum efficiency. (Now, to support your fact, State a n example were you actually used your technical skill and your Bankers-Brain. or Tell a suggestion for the future. like, if the dash and dash technology are red esigned to some other technology, we can increase the customer Base or something like that.) For every Lie u tell, Convince them with a good example. They are n ot to check what is lie or what is truth but to check your convincing power.

U can begin in the following way: 1. Revising ur banking awareness concepts which u had studied for IBPS po exam. 2. Update ur banking knowledge from Oct till date. 3. Read a good national newspaper daily for Current Affairs or follow a good new s channel (at least till ur interview date). 4. Keep urself abreast of latest developments happening in our financial sector. 5. Read up about ur city of birth, city of schooling/graduation (if its differen t from city of birth and city of job. 6. Basic Economics and Accounts. 7. Prepare 1-2 subjects from engineering....(preferably those which will be usef ul in banking like DBMS, mainframes, networking, etc) Prepare answers to following interview questions: 1. Self Introduction (2-3 mins) 2.Why banking after engineering?----> 99.99% sure shot question. (Also a make or break questions for engineering background candidates) 3. Why PO instead of SO especially with ur education? 4. What r ur goals? How do u plan to achieve them? 5. Why should we (IBPS/banks) hire you? 6. Where do you see urself 5 years from now? 7. Which banks do u prefer to work for? 8. Why these banks in particular? 9. On what basis did u give ur preference to banks in ur IBPS PO application? 10. Ur favorite sport? Who is the current world champion in that sport and India n champion (if Indian person is not the world champ) ? 11. Ur hobbies and Interests? (Hobbies and Interests are two different things) 12. Ur role model? Why this person?

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. ?

Various departments in a bank? Why do u wish to leave ur current job? Why content writing after after engineering? How will ur experience as a content writer prove useful in ur role as a PO? Current political scenario of of the country? If ur state has undergone election recently.....then state cabinet ministers

::DISCLAIMER:: These are only indicative questions. More questions can be framed from other areas as well. PLEASE DO NOT TREAT THE ABOVE MENTIONED QUESTIONS AS THE FINAL CONSOLIDATED LIST OF PROBABLE QUESTIONS FOR IBPS COMMON INTERVIEW. Revert back with ur doubts in any particular questions or in general.