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Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts HARRY: Gm Underneath these stairs I hear the sneers and feel glares of Eb my co sin!

my ncle and my a nt" Gm #an$t belie%e how cr el they are and it stings my lighting scar Eb to know that they$ll ne%er e%er gi%e me what I want" #m I know I don$t deser%e these & st 'id r les made by the ( rsleys Bb Bb)A Gm here on *ri%et dri%e" Eb #an$t take these st 'id m ggles! #m b t des'ite all of my str ggles! ( I$m still ali%e" Eb & Gm Im sick of s mmer and this waiting aro nd" & Eb & Gm +an! its ,e'tember! and Im ski''ing this town & Eb ( Gm # Hey Its no mystery! theres nothing here for me now Eb #m I gotta get back to Hogwarts! & Gm (m I gotta get back to school" Eb #m Gotta get myself to Hogwarts! & Bb Bbwhere e%erybody knows I$m cool" Eb Bb Gm Back to wi.ards and witches! and magical beasts! Eb Bb & Gm to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts" Eb Bb & Gm Its all that I lo%e! and it$s all that I need"


Ab Eb Ab Eb & Bb H/G0ART,! H/G0ART,! I think I$m going back111 Gm I$ll see my friends! gonna la gh $til we cry Eb take my &irebolt! gonna take to the sky #m Eb & 2/ 0AY this year anyone$s gonna die! and it$s gonna be totally awesome Bb Gm I$ll cast some s'ells! with a flick of my wand Ebdefeat the dark arts! yeah bring it on3 #m Eb & and do it all with my best friend ron! $c . together we$re totally awesome & G R/2: yeah! and it$s gonna be totally awesome3 (ialog e (id somebody say Ron Ron what are yo doing here4 Hey man! sorry it took so long for me to get here! I had to get some &loo 'owder! b t get e%erything yo need and let$s get going3 0here are we going4 To (iagon Alley of co rse3 #ool3 R/2: Am It$s been so long! b t we$re going back & don$t go for work! don$t go there for class HARRY: As long as were together11 R/2: & 11 gonna kick some ass HARRY 5 R/2: G """ and its gonna be totally awesome3 # Am # Bb

This year we$ll take e%erybody by storm! & stay ' all night! sneak o t of o r dorm HER+I/2E: (m & b t let$s not forget that we need to 'erform well in class G Ab if we want to 'ass o r /06,3 (ialog e Ah Hermione! why do yo ha%e to be s ch a b .. kill4 Beca se g ys! school$s not all abo t f n and games! we ha%e to st dy if we want to be good wi.ards and witches3 HER+I/2E: Ab &m I may be fr m'y! b t I$m s 'er smart check o t my what I lack and well g Ab this #7 grades! they$re 8A$s8 for a start #7 in looks well I make ' in heart! Eb ys! yeah! that$s totally awesome &m year I 'lan to st dy a lot""" R/2: that wo ld be cool if yo #7 were act ally hot

HARRY: Bbm Eb hey Ron! come on! we$re the only friends that she$s got3 R/2: and that$s cool""" HER+I/2E: Eb """ and that$s totally awesome HARRY! R/2! HER+I/2E: Eb & yeah it$s so cool! and it$s totally awesome3 Eb & Gm

& Eb

we$re sick of s mmer and this waiting aro nd & Eb & Gm it$s like we$re sitting in the lost and fo nd ( Gm don$t take no sorcery # for anyone to see how""" Eb #m 0e gotta get back to Hogwarts & Gm # we gotta get back to school Eb #m we gotta get back to Hogwarts & Bb Bbwhere e%erything is magic1cooooool E9ERY/2E: Eb Bb & Gm Back to wi.ards and witches! and magical beasts! Eb Bb & Gm to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts" Eb Bb & Gm Its all that I lo%e! and it$s all that I need at Ab Eb Ab Eb H/G0ART,! H/G0ART, HARRY! R/2! HER+I/2E: & Bb I think we$re going back"""

Ron! yo were s ''osed to take me to +adame +alcon$s and se those sickles +om ga%e yo for my robe fittings 0ho$s this4 Uh! this st 'id little d mb sister Ginny" Ginny! this is Harry: *otter /h:yo $re Harry *otter" Yo $re the boy who li%ed3 Yeah and yo $re Ginny It$s Ginegra I$ll ; st stick with Ginny ,t 'id sister3 (on$t crowd the famo s friend3 (o yo g ys hear m sic4 Yeah! someone$s coming3 #H/s */,,Y: & #ho #hang

Bb (omo arigato! #ho #hang & G ng Hey &at #hoy! #hang Bb Ha''y Ha''y 2ew Year! #ho #hang (ialog e 0hoa! who$s that4 That$s a""that$s #ho #hang Yeah! that$s the girl Harry$s totally been in lo%e with since freshmen year3 Yeah! b t he won$t say anything to her3 0ell! yeah! yo ne%er tell a girl yo like her" It makes yo look like an idiot" #onichiwa! #ho #hang" It is good to meet yo " I am Ginny 0easley Bitch I ain$t #ho #hang3 That 6a%ender Brown3 Racist sister3 /h that$s all right" I$m #ho #hang y$all3 ,he$s 'erfect" 0ell too bad she$s dating that #edric (igory tho gh" ,erio sly! who the hell is #edric (igory4 #E(RI#: & /h! #ho #hang Bb I am so in lo%e with #ho #hang & &rom Bangkok to (ing (ang Bb I sing my lo%e alo d for #ho #hang (ialog e God! I hate that g y3 (id someone say (raco +alfoy4 Ahh:malfoy what do yo want4 ,o *otter! back for another year at Hogwarts are yo 4+aybe this year yo $ll wise ' and hang o t with a higher caliber wi.ard 6isten (raco! Ron and Hermoine are my best friends in the whole world" I wo ldn$t trade them for anything" Ha%e it yo r way" 0ait! don$t tell me: red hair! hand1me1down clothes! and a st 'id com'le<ion" Yo m st be a 0easley3 Hey +alfoy! lay off my sister! ok4 ,he may be a 'ain in the ass: b t she$s my 'ain in the ass" /h! isn$t this c te4 It$s like a little loser family3 Hogwarts has really gone to the dogs" 6 ckily ne<t year! I$ll be

transferred to *igfarts3 +A6&/Y: #7 bet Im gonna get o tta here Bb The reign of +alfoy is drawing near # Ill ha%e the greatest wi.ard career! And its gonna be totally awesome &m #7 6ook o t world! for the dawn of the day Bb 0hen e%eryone will do whate%er I say &m And that *otter wont be in my way! and then # Ill be the one who is totally awesome3 G/Y6E: Bb # Yeah yo ll be the one who is totally awesome" HER+I/2E: #ome on g ys3 0ere gonna miss the train3 A66: # Am 0ho knows how fast this years gonna go4 & Hand me a glass! let the b tterbeer flow HARRY: (m & +aybe at last! Im gonna talk to #ho! R/2: G /h no! that be 0AY too awesome A66: Am 0ere back to learn e%erything that we can & Its great to come back to where we began (m & G And here we are! and alaka.am3 here we go! this is totally # &m This year yo

awesome3 & G Am #ome on and teach s e%erything yo know G & G Am The s mmers o%er and were itchin to go G & E I think were ready for 2E9I66E: Alb s ( mbledore3 Bb /ooooo G Ahhhhhh" (U+B6E(/RE: & (m 0elcome! all of yo to Hogwarts G Am ( I 0elcome back yo all to school & (m (id yo know that here at Hogwarts G # #0e$%e got a hidden swimming 'ool4 & (m 0elcome! welcome! welcome Hogwarts G Am ( 0elcome! all yo hotties! nerds! and tools & (m 2ow that I$%e got yo here at Hogwarts G # Id like to go o%er ; st a co 'le of r les: (ialog e +y name is Alb s ( mbledore! and I am headmaster of Hogwarts" Yo can all call me ( mbledore" I s ''ose yo co ld call me Alb s:if yo want a detention" 2o! I$m ; st kiddin$! I$ll e<'el yo if yo call me Alb s3 A66: & # G Am Back to wi.ards and witches! and magical beasts & # G Am To goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts & # G Am

It$s all that I lo%e! and all that i need" Bb & Bb & At H/G0ART,! H/G0ART,! G ( A Bm Back to s'ells and enchantments! 'otions and friends G To Gryffindors3 ( H ffle' ffs3 A Ra%enclaws3 Bm ,lytherins3 G ( A Bm Back to the 'lace where o r story begins # G # G Its Hogwarts! Howarts! (U+B6E(/RE: Im sorry! whats its name4 A66: # G # G Hogwarts! Hogwarts (U+B6E(/RE: I didnt hear yo kids3 A66: # G # G Hogwarts! Hogwarts HARRY: +an! Im glad Im back"