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Examination Announcement 4 , s.


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announces the conduct of the competitive examination for the:

Date of Examination Deadline for Filing of Applications : : October 21, 2012 October 1, 2012

Acceptance of applications is on a first-come, first-served basis. Though deadline for filing of applications is set, the Commission may, at any time, declare it closed earlier, as soon as a sufficient number of applications have been received and accepted. A. Qualification Requirements Interested applicants must meet the following qualification requirements: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Holds a Bachelors Degree; Occupies a second level position; Holds a permanent appointment; With at least (2) years of continuous service; Has at least Very Satisfactory performance for the last two (2) rating periods; and 6. Has not earned any Masters Degree nor enrolled in any graduate course.
An applicant who has pending administrative case at the time of filing of application may apply for scholarship. However, should an applicant be later found guilty prior to his/her selection, prior to or at the time of the grant of scholarship or during the period of the scholarship, his/her selection to the scholarship or scholarship grant, as the case may be, shall be deemed automatically revoked.


Selection Procedures a. Application Applicant shall submit directly to the Head of Agency his/her application using CSC-LSP (FE) Application Form, s. June 2012. b. Agency Screening The Agency Human Resource Management Officer/Practitioner shall pre-screen the applicants and determine whether he/she meets the requirements set by the CSC. After pre-screening, the Agency Personnel Development Committee (PDC) shall conduct a screening and identify who will be recommended for nomination by the Head of Agency to the CSC for the grant of scholarship. c. CSC Screening The CSC screening shall be in two (2) phases, as follows: First Screening: Written Examination The CSC, through the Civil Service Regional Offices (CSCROs), shall conduct a written examination that will gauge the nominees analytical and numerical abilities. Second Screening: Technical Interview The CSC, through the CSCROs, shall conduct a Technical Interview to nominee/s who passed the written examination. The Technical Interview shall focus on the nominees research proposal and determine his/her capacity to undergo the rigors of graduate studies. d. Submission of Research Proposal Upon passing the written examination administered by the CSC, the nominee shall submit a Research Proposal to the Head of Agency for evaluation and approval. The nominees Research Proposal must address a development need of his/her agency.

The Head of Agency shall submit to the CSC the nominees Research Proposal certifying its approval and relevance to the agencys development goals. e. Medical Test Upon passing the Technical Interview, the nominee shall undergo a medical test in any government hospital to determine his/her physical fitness for graduate studies. C. Relevant Fields of Study The applicants Fields of Study should be aligned with the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan, as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Agriculture and Fisheries Energy and Water Environment and Natural Resources Good Governance Health Human Resource and Organizational Development Information and Communications Technology

The Courses to be taken should also be relevant to the mandate/thrust of the agency and should address development needs/issues. D. Benefits and Entitlement 1. Tuition fee, book allowance, thesis writing assistance, miscellaneous fees and other school related fees in the amount of One Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (Php 120,000.00); 2. Salaries, allowances, and other benefits provided by law; and 3. Completion of the scholarship would be considered a major factor/consideration for promotion of the scholar/s to a higher position in the scholars Agency or other government instrumentalities. E. Monitoring and Evaluation The CSC shall institute a monitoring and evaluation framework for the LSP (Modified). The scholars studies, particularly his/her work on the Research Proposal shall be strictly monitored. This shall be done with the engagement of the services of a school coach.


Application Requirements 1. 2. Fully and properly accomplished application form (CSC-LSP (FE) Application Form, s. June 2012); Letter of the Agency Head to CSC endorsing their nominee/s to the scholarship and that said nominee/s has/have undergone the screening of the Agency Personnel Development Committee; Four (4) copies of identical I.D. pictures with specifications, as follows: a. Philippine Passport size (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches) b. Colored, with white background c. Taken within three (3) months prior to filing of application d. Printed on good quality photo paper e. In standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up with the head and face occupying at least 80% of the picture and with the name tag positioned at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin) f. In bare face (with no eyeglasses or any accessories that may cover the facial features) g. Showing left and right ears h. Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera i. With neutral facial expression, and both eyes open j. With full and handwritten (not computer-generated) name tag in the format: First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name (if any), and signature over printed name


Shot must be from shoulder level up, with head and face occupying at least 80% of the picture

Name tag approx. 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin


Original and photocopy of any valid ID containing applicants clear picture, date of birth, signature, and signature of the authorized head of the issuing agency such as Drivers License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, Philhealth ID, current Company/Office ID, current School ID, Postal ID, BIR ID, Barangay ID, Voters ID, Valid Passport, or Police Clearance (Note: Any other ID not included in the list shall NOT be accepted)

IDs with lacking information, particularly the applicants date of birth, SHOULD be supported by Birth Certificate authenticated /issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Local Civil Registrar (LCR). 5. 6. Photocopy of performance rating for the last two (2) consecutive rating periods prior to application; Photocopy of diploma, or certificate of graduation in the baccalaureate degree from the school where the applicant graduated; and Government Service record.

7. G.

Examination Fees None. No application or examination fees shall be collected.


Where to Secure and File Application Forms Application forms are available at any CSC Regional or Field Office, or may be downloaded from the CSC website at Applicants may file their application forms at any of the CSC Regional/Field Offices. The CSC Central Office located at IBP Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City, shall not accept applications for the LSP written examination.


Regional Testing Centers Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Region 6 Region 7 Region 8 Region 9 Region 10 Region 11 Region 12 NCR CAR CARAGA ARMM San Fernando City, La Union Tuguegarao City City of San Fernando, Pampanga Quezon City Legazpi City Iloilo City Cebu City Tacloban City Zamboanga City Cagayan de Oro City Davao City Cotabato City Quezon City/Manila Baguio City Butuan City ARMM Complex, Cotabato City


What to Bring on Examination Day? 1. 2. 3. 4. Notice of Assignment / Application Receipt Blue or Black ballpen Lead (black) No. 2 pencil(s) and eraser(s) The same valid ID presented at the time of the filing of application, a photocopy of which was attached to the application form.

No Valid ID, No Examination. Failure to take the examination on your scheduled date shall mean forfeiture of your examination slot. No request for re-scheduling is allowed. All personal belongings including cellular phones, calculators, books, and all other electronic gadgets and printed materials must be surrendered to the Room Examiners. Firearms, if any, must also be surrendered to the security guard/designated firearm custodian at the entrance gate of the testing center. Proper attire should be worn during filing of application form, and on examination day. APPLICANTS/EXAMINEES SHOULD NOT BE IN SLEEVELESS SHIRT/BLOUSE, OR IN SHORT PANTS, OR IN SLIPPERS. The CSC uses a highly reliable system to detect cheats. Any form of cheating in any civil service examination shall be considered a violation of REPUBLIC ACT 9416 also known as the Anti-Cheating Law, and any person found guilty shall be administratively and criminally liable.

Date Issued: August 02, 2012

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