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a. Rationale of the Study

I had my own rationale behind selecting this topic. First of all from the management authority of the bank, I was placed in the general banking and loans section to work and gather experience during my internship period. Secondly, my supervisor from the bank also assured me that he can provide me with relevant information for this topic which will help me in completing the report. ost importantly my feeling is that, being a "eneral #anking and the $redit arketing ma!or student I want to know about the anagement system of a bank which will give me a diversified

knowledge. %he total functionally of this section should be understood upon completion of this report. So that if I have to work in any #ank in future, my knowledge of this sector can help me in my !ob. &lso, it can give a lot to the Faculty of #usiness &dministration. %hey can know and share valuable learning through the aid of this report. #esides, '#( will be benefitted by the findings and recommendations to plan future strategic action. So, on the whole this topic can certainly help all of us in various ways.

b. Background
'rime #ank started its )ourney in the *ear +,,- with the firm commitment of providing superior customer service with a difference. Its vision remained to be the best private $ommercial bank in #angladesh in terms of efficiency, $apital ade.uacy, asset .uality, sound management and profitability. /aving recorded progress in all areas '#( has now established itself as the leading and strongest bank among the private $ommercial banks in #angladesh. '#( was formally launched with one branch at oti!heel $ommercial &rea, 0haka. It started its Islamic #anking operation in 0ecember of the same year. It was listed with both $hittagong Stock 1xchange and 0haka Stock 1xchange in +,,, and 2333 respectively through initial public offering. It was registered as erchant #anker with the Securities and 1xchange $ommission, #angladesh in 2333 for starting its investment #anking and &dvisory services. In 2333 '#( become primary dealer for buying and selling securities under the license issued by #angladesh #ank. %he #ank has also expanded its services cross border with a view to providing banking service globally. It has opened its first fully owned subsidiary4 'rime 1xchange $o. 'te (td. In


Singapore, it started its operation from 5th )uly 2336 to offer remittance service to #angladeshi nationals living in Singapore. %his is the first #ank of #angladesh established in Singapore with the approval of #angladesh #ank and the onetary &uthority of Singapore. 7pening of a fully owned subsidiary in Singapore has added a new dimension to the #ank8s remittance operation widening its global reach for remittance activities. 9ith the aim to offer innovative banking service to the :on4resident $ustomers, '#( opened its first 7ffshore #anking ;nit in 233< at 01'=, Saver, a new dimension in its customer friendly business activities. %he bank has already received license from #angladesh bank for opening of three more 7#;s at $1'=, $hittagong and &dam!ee 1'=, :arayangon! and $omilla 1'=, which will be opened very soon. &t present, the #ank has 56 branches spread over the $ountry. It renders all types of commercial banking services to the $ustomer of all strata in the Society within the stipulations laid down in the #anking $ompanies &$% +,,+ and rules regulations framed by #angladesh bank from time to time. 0iversifications of 'roduct and Services and innovation of 'roducts Suited to the needs of the customers in keeping with relevant rules and laws have made it different from other local commercial banks of the $ountry.

Vision and


Vision! %o be the best 'rivate $ommercial #ank in terms of efficiency, capital ade.uacy, asset .uality, sound management and profitability having strong li.uidity.

ission! %o build 'rime #ank (imited into an efficient, market driven, customer focused institution with good corporate governance structure and continuous improvement in our business policies, procedure and efficiency through integration of technology at all level.


Core Values
"or Custo#ers$ %o become most caring #ank4by the most courteous and efficient service in every area of our business. "or %#&loyees$ #y promoting well4being of the members of the staff. "or Shareholders$ #y ensuring fair return on their investment through generating stable profit. "or Co##unity$ #y assuming our role as socially responsible corporate entity in a tangible manner through close adherence to national policies and ob!ectives.

Ob'ecti(es of the )ri#e Bank *i#ited

%he ob!ectives and goals of '#( are very specific and in accordance with its vision. %he ob!ectives are as follows> %o establish, maintain, carry on, transact and undertake all kinds of investment and financial businesses including underwriting, managing and distributing the issue of stocks, debentures, and other securities? %o finance international trade both in Import and 1xport? %o carry on foreign exchange business, including buying and selling of foreign currency, the issuance of traveler8s che.ue and international credit card etc. %o develop the standard of living of the limited income group by providing $onsumer $redit? %o finance the industry, trade and commerce in conventional way and also by offering customer friendly credit service? and %o participate in the industrial development of the country through encouraging the new and educated young entrepreneurs to undertake productive ventures.


)ri#e Bank+s Organi,ational Structure

Sl. No. +. 2. 3. 4. -. 6. <. 5. ,. +3. ++. +2. +3. +4. +-. +6. Designation anaging 0irector 0eputy anaging 0irector

Senior 1xecutive @ice 'resident 1xecutive @ice 'resident Senior @ice 'resident @ice 'resident Senior &ssistant @ice 'resident &ssistant @ice 'resident First &ssistant @ice 'resident Senior 1xecutive 7fficer 1xecutive 7fficer 'rincipal 7fficer Senior 7fficer anagement %rainee 7fficer )unior 7fficer &ssistant 7fficer %rainee &ssistant

Fig +> 7rganiAational Structure

anagerial -ierarchy of )ri#e Bank *td

$hairman %op anagement #oard of 0irectors


1xecutive $ommittee anaging 0irector

&dditional 0eputy 1xecutive (evel anagement

anaging 0irector

anaging 0irector

Senior 1xecutive @ice 'resident 1xecutive @ice 'resident Senior @ice 'resident @ice 'resident Senior &ssistant @ice 'resident &ssistant @ice 'resident

First &ssistant @ice 'resident id (evel anagement Senior 1xecutive 7fficer 1xecutive 7fficer 'rincipal 7fficer

anagement %rainee 7fficer )unior (evel anagement Senior officer )unior 7fficer

Role of )ri#e Bank in Bangladesh %cono#y

Fig 2> anagerial /ierarchy

'resent world is changing rapidly to face the challenge of competitive free market economy. #angladesh is no exception of this trend. #anking sector in #angladesh is facing challenges from different angles though its prospect is bright in the future. #angladesh economy is expected to


grow during the next fiscal year due to good harvest, recovery of agricultural output, stable manufacturing growth supported by strong export demand of knit garments, robust service sector growth and steady flows of remittances. odern #anking system plays a vital role for a nation8s economic development. 7ver the last few years the #anking world has been undergoing a lot of change due to deregulation, technological innovations, globaliAation etc. %hese changes also made revolutionary changes of a country8s economy. Import #usiness of 'rime #ank has spread its invisible wings throughout every sector of the economic development of our country. Some of the ma!or development areas are as follows4

%hrough facilitating the import of various accessories, raw materials, fabrics, and yarn, 'rime #ank is playing a key role in the backward integration of our garments industry, which is holding the base of our economic developments. Import of different garment machinery, textile machinery as well as printing, medical and pharmaceuticals e.uipments is working as a fuel to ensure our economic mobility. Import of electronics like %@, FreeAe, mobile and other e.uipments has enormously improved the meaning of our life and our living standards. Import of various food and food grains like 7il, Bice, 9heat, Sugar, growth. %he bank is also spreading its invisible hand of development toward the improvement of our agricultural industry through the import of fertiliAer and insecticides. aster Seeds, and

Soybean Seeds is one of the key factors to satisfy the need of our high level of population

c. Ob'ecti(es
%he ob!ectives of doing this study are the following> %o have an idea of the services provided by general banking section.


%o know the credit recovery procedure of the bank. %o identify the shortcomings of 'rime #ank (imited. %o apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field. %o study existing banker4customer relationship of the bank.




.cti(ities Undertaken! a. 0ork Related

I took part in the following activities of 'rime #ank (td during my Internship period4

.cti(ities Undertaken

1eneral Banking

Credit Section

.2C O&ening "or# )rocessing Che3ue Re3uisition 4 Issuing

)rocessing CCS .&&lication

In&utting Sanction Details

Debit2 aster Card Re3uisition

*oan Reco(ery

0riting Debit Voucher )rocessing Re#ittance

Fig 3> &ctivities ;ndertaken C9ork relatedD


1eneral Banking
.2C O&ening "or# )rocessing! I used to maintain and process the Savings #ank &ccount forms mainly where the following papersEdocuments were re.uired4

+. %wo copies of passport siAe photograph of the account holderCsD who will operate the &E$ duly attested by the introducer. 2. &E$ to be introduced by currentEsavings account holder. 3. 'hotocopy of valid passportE driving licenseE :ational I0E nationality certificate issued by ward commissioner or chairman etc. 4. 'aper related to source of income. -. 7ne copy passport siAe photograph of the nominee. 6. %I: $ertificate Cif applicableD

Che3ue Re3uisition 4 Issuing! I used to collect the che.ue re.uisition forms from the customers and issue them the che.ue books after registering the che.ue number in the che.ue register book along with their valid signature. I$B

Debit2 aster Card Re3uisition! %he application for IssuingE Beplacement of a new &% form.


0ebit $ard re.uires &E$ holderFs one copy passport siAe photograph, valid signature

and hisEher contact information which I used to collect from them and process the application

0riting Debit Voucher! & 0ebit @oucher contains Issuing date, &E$ number, 'articulars with amount which I used to fill up and get it signed by the respective authority.


)rocessing Re#ittance! 'rime #ank (td entertains the customers coming for collecting foreign remittance through various exchanges like4 9estern ;nion, I 1, Gpress oney, %ransfast, '#( 1xchange etc which re.uires an intensive verification of the 'I:, amount of remittance and customer information. I have maintained this process in proper way and served the customers during my internship.

Credit Section

)rocessing CCS .&&lication! '#( maintains a 363 degree profile of the customer applying for loan from the #ank which re.uires following papers and information4

+. 'assport siAe photograph of the applicant and two guarantors. 2. 0emographic data of applicant and guarantors along with mailing address and contact number. 3. &pplication form 4. %he applicant must be a savings &E$ holder the respective branch of '#(. -. 0ocuments related to source of income etc.

I used to collect all those information from the customer and transfer the file to the authority.

In&utting Sanction Details! If the head office grants the application they send a sanction letter to the respective branch against it which mentions the exact amount sanctioned,


duration, installment amount and other repayment re.uirements. 0uring my internship period I helped the $redit officer to fill up these information in the customer profiles.

*oan Reco(ery! I went out with the $redit 7fficer as a part of loan recovery process to meet a client directly who was not giving the repayment installment properly and stayed out of contact with the bank for long time.

b. Organi,ation 5ide
#esides my work related activities, '#( also performs the following activities in their organiAation4

1eneral Banking
"eneral #anking department performs the ma!ority functions of a bank. It is the core department of any bank. %he activities of "# of '#( are mainly divided into the following categories>

.2C O&ening Section

&E$ opening section of '#( #arlekha #ranch mainly and fre.uently opens and offers the following types of accounts for the customers4

Sa(ings .ccount! 'rime #ank brings customer the ultimate trust, security and convenience in Savings &ccount. &ny #angladeshi national with an age of +5 years or above can open this. It can also be opened !ointly.


Current .ccount! In $urrent &ccount money can be freely deposited and withdrawn. &t the time of opening, this account is also accompanied by a Special :otice 0eposit CS:0D account. %his &E$ is generally opened on behalf of any organiAation.

y "irst .ccount! 'rime #ank (imited, in its endeavor to establish itself as a forerunner in 1ducation Support Service has launched a new landmark product. %his new product lets students exercise responsibility in habits. %his encourages the growth of confidence regarding their future ambitions? H y First &ccountI compels them to take inspired steps for a lifetime of success. %his account is especially designed for the student under +5 years of age. %his account can be maintained by parentsElegal guardians on behalf of the students.

&ccount opening section also issue the che.ue book and following procedures are maintained for issuing of a check book> &t first the customer will fill up the check re.uisition form. %he leaves of the check book under issue shall be counted to ensure that all the leaves and the bank re.uisition slip are intact and the name and account number shall be written on the cover page of check book. %he account number of the customers shall be entered on all the leaves of the check book and its re.uisition slip. %he name and account number of the customers shall be entered in the check book register against the particular check book series. %hen the register check book and the re.uisition slip are signed by the officer in charge of the deposit department. %hen the check book is handed over to the customer after taking acknowledgement on the re.uisition slip and the register book. & cover file containing the re.uisition slip shall be effectively preserved as vouchers. If the ledger keeper notices any defect, he will make a remark to that effect on the re.uisition slip and forward it to the cancellation officer to decide whether a new check book should be issued or not.


Internet Banking Section

Internet #anking of '#( offers a host of services and facilities that gives customer real4time access to their account. %hrough Internet banking, a customer can4

(ink #ank &ccounts, (oans and 0eposit Schemes to a single ;ser I0. @iew J download #ank &ccount Statement since opening of the &ccount. %ransfer funds to any 'rime #ank &ccount in real time. %ransfer funds to any non4'rime #ank &ccount in fastest possible time. 'ay 'rime #ank $redit $ard #ill. 'ay 7ther #ankFs $redit $ard #ill.

)ri#e Cash
'rime #ank (td. and 0ipon $onsultancy Services !ointly brings a banking service, a #iometric Smart $ard based alternate banking service in the brand name H'rime $ashI for the un4banked rural and urban people to address banking needs and payment needs of the broader #angladesh community. ost importantly, it will provide a fast, safe and simple mechanism for the un4 banked menEwomen across #angladesh in all municipalities and ;paAilas.

De&osit Sche#e Section

%his particular section of '#( offers different deposit schemes to the clients. %hey are4


No. Sl. Na#e of Sche#e of 6ear Instal#ent

Interest Ter#inal Benefit Rate 7


0ouble #enefit 0eposit Scheme



ultiple J %k. 2-.33 lac



0ouble of Initial 0eposit



%k. +.33 (ac

32. (akhopoti 0eposit Scheme +3



%k. +.33 (ac



%k. +.33 (ac




%k. +.33 (ac


%k. +3.33 (ac or %k. 2+,<45 will be paid in case of pension








%k. +3.33 (ac or %k. +<,+3< will be paid in case of pension



%k. +3.33 (ac or %k. +3,<56 will be paid in case of pension


$ontributory Savings Scheme



%k. 43,333


%k. 53,333


%k. +,63,333


%k. 2,43,333


%k. 3,23,333



%k. 4,3+,333


%k. 4,5+,333


%k. -,6+,333


%k. 6,4+,333


%k. <,22,333


%k. 5,32,333


%k. 5,52,333


%k. ,,62,333

Fig 4 > 0eposit Schemes of '#(

"oreign Re#ittance Section

'rime #ank has set the highest priority to mobiliAe inward foreign remittance of :on4Besident #angladeshi :ationals C:B#D living and working in different parts of the world. %heir remittance service is 1asy, Fast and Secured. It has existing network of ++3 locations throughout the country K,- branches and +- S 1 branchesL. %his section ensures a real time online connectivity with all the #ranches of 'rime #ank through $ore #anking Software allowing instant account4to4account credit, over the counter cash payment of Instant cash remittances J credit foreign remittance to customer accounts.


Cash De&art#ent
%he cash section of '#( deals with all types of negotiable instruments, cash and other instruments and treated as a sensitive section of the bank.. %his section performs the following functions> Cash Recei(ing! %he first work of cash receiving counter is examining deposit slips. 0epositor uses the prescribed deposit slip supplied by the bank for deposit cash, check, draft, pay order etc. In all types of deposits the teller must check the following things. +. %he slip has been properly filled up. 2. %he title of the account and in its number. 3. %he amounts in figure and in words are same. 4. Instrument signed by the depositor. -. 0ate of the instrument. &fter checking all these things the teller will accept cash, check, draft, pay order etc. against deposit sleep. %he teller will place the cash in drawer according to denominations and record in the cash received register book against the account number. &t the end of this procedure, the cash officer returns customer8s copy of the deposit slip. Cash )ay#ent )rocedure In order to safe guard the position the paying banker has to observe the following precaution before honoring a che.ue> +. & check must be looked whether it is an opened or crossed che.ue. 2. %he paying officer should see whether the check is drawn on hisEher branch. 3. /e must see if the check is post dated or pre dated. 4. %he officer must carefully see the apparent tenor of the che.ue.


-. %he officer must compare the signature of the che.ue with the signature on the specimen signature card. 6. %he officer must verify the regularity of the endorsement.

Credit Section
%he $redit section of '#( mainly deals with sanctioning different types of loan against the clientsF application and credit management.

Ty&es of *oan offered by )B*

%he 'rime #ank is offering the following loan and advance product to the client for financing different purpose that fulfill the re.uirements of the bank and have good return to the investment as well as satisfy the client. 0epending on the various nature of financing, all the credit facilities have been brought under two ma!or groups? +. :on4funded credit 2. Funded credit ;nder :on4funded credit, there are basically two ma!or products namely4 +. (etter of $redit 2. (etter of "uarantee ;nder Funded credit, there are the following products4 aD (oan C"eneralD bD /ousing (oan C$ommercialD cD /ome (oan CSwapna :eerD dD $onsumer $redit Scheme C$$SD eD S70 CFinancial 7bligation e.g. F0BD


Ste&s in *oan )rocessing

Re3uest for Credit fro# the Client

Scrutini,ing 4 Collection of Infor#ation

.&&raisal of Credit 4 )resentation of Credit )ro&osal for .&&ro(al

.&&ro(al of Credit by Branch2Credit Co##ittee2 %8ecuti(e Co##ittee2 Board of Directors

Sanction of Credit

entioning Ter#s and Condition

Disburse#ent of Credit

Credit .d#inistration


onitoring and Classification of .ccounts

Taking )recaution2 *egal .ction against Delin3uent Clients


Fig -> Steps in (oan 'rocessing

Credit Re3uest
In general the client having an account approaches the bank official for financial help in the form of credit. %he client may directly go to the credit department or talk with the credit officer of the branch. 9hile talking with the client the officer try to find out the following cues>

Beputation in business circles, friends, and competitors and employees. 1ducational .ualifications, #usiness 1xperiences. 'hysical Fitness and 1agerness. 'urpose of the (oan, 'opularity and marketability of the product. &vailability of the raw materials, transport and communication. 1xpected terms of repayment. 0eclaration of the assets and liabilities. 9hether reason for credit facility seeking is !ustifiable.
/ere, this discussion is like preliminary screening of the client. %o do so the credit officers of '#( are cautious about the facility the client is seeking and the available fund in the bank.

Credit .&&lication for#

%he client is given a credit application form if and only if the credit officer is satisfied discussing with the client when he approached. %he '#( credit application re.uest form is said to be a standard one. %he client has to provide the following information in the credit application form4


ode of financing and amount of credit wanted.

'rimary information of the #usiness. 0irectors name along with their shareholding percentage of net worth and filled up net
worth statement.

Scrutini,ing and Collection of Infor#ation

In case of clients who have previous record of taking credit facilities, their in4file records are examined to see whether the client has a good record of payments in time.

Information gathered through direct in.uiry. Information gathered through in4file ledger fact.
'#( re.uest the client to provide the following documents when the complete credit application form is submitted. %hese documents are used to collect information for processing the loan proposal. %hese also help the credit analyst to appraise the client and to prepare proposal. %he information or documents that must be given by the clients are as follows. +. 'roperty 0ocument 2. $ertified copy or photo copy of the incorporation emorandum of &rticles of &ssociationEcertificate of

3. 'hotocopy of the directors duly attested. 4. 'ersonal net worth of the directors -. (ast three years audited balance sheet 6. "roup brochureE achinery listEstock reportElist of buyers <. Short description of the products of the company 5. 'ro!ect 'rofile Cif new pro!ectD ,. :ame address of the mother company and the sister concern +3. 'hotograph of the land from the three different sides. ++. 'hotograph of the owner of the land



arketing 0istribution SystemE1xport %arget

+3. Short 'rofile of the 0irectors mentioning their business experiences +4. #rief 0escription of the management of the company mentioning their educational and professional experiences.

Credit .&&raising 4 )resentation of Credit )ro&osal for .&&ro(al

Credibility .&&raisal! %he credit officer has to check the integrity and the honesty of the client that is the management and the other allied company as well. %he integrity is checked through different ways. %hey are as follows> 'ersonal interview Beport form '#( Beport from other #ank Beport from society "inancial strength analysis! &nalyAing the financial position is one of the main factors to be identified before financing any business. In the application form the client has to furnish the total investment made by him in the said pro!ect he is seeking loan facility. %he credit officer must find out4 %he :et4worth of the client. Investment in business $ash flow &llied deposit in '#(. %angible net4worth of the business for the lasts three years and pro!ected two years. %otal &sset4%otal 0ebt 7verall group strength Cif applicableD *iability &osition analysis! Facility from '#( J other banks taken by the client must be provided while applying for credit facility. %he credit officer looks for> 1xisting facility en!oying by the $lient $ompany from the '#( and other banks.


1xisting facilities for the sister concerns if applicable. 0ebt to &sset ratio. /ere the credit officers need to look for the :ature, limit, outstanding, overdue, security value of the credit facilities 9hether the amount outstanding are classified or not

.&&ro(al of Credit by -igher .uthority

#ranch $redit $ommittee and /ead 7ffice $redit committee take decision on approval of credit through and after 4 Beviewing, analyAing and approving extension of credit in accordance with authority established and delegated by the #oard of 0irectors. Becommending credit proposal to the 1xecutive $ommitteeE#oard of 0irectors which are beyond the delegated authority. 1nsuring, that all elements of $redit application have been obtained and are in order. $onfirming that the transaction is consistent with existing loan policy and #angladesh #ank guidelines J if not the $ommittee may prepare a recommendation from an exception to or change in policy for consideration by the 1xecutive $ommitteeE#oard of 0irectors.

Sanction of Credit
ost important step of providing credit facility is the sanctioning of credit #ecause sanctioning authority will be held responsible for any discrepancy. In this step all the documentation is completed and the customer is sent an advising letter for the credit facility along with all the terms and conditions.

Disburse#ent of Credit
0isbursement of credits presupposes observance of all norms and procedures, which are conveyed through different $irculars of /ead 7ffice, issued from time to time. "enerally the


amount of credit approved by the sanction letter is given to the S# &E$ of the applicant in this step and the applicant is informed to collect the money from bank.

Credit .d#inistration and "ile

Credit "ile


aintenance! %he credit file for each facility shall contain all information necessary

to facilitate ready monitoring of that facility. It should contain a through history of the customer relationship to help credit officerF> track any problems, assist a newly assigned credit officer in understanding the customer and make the lending process transparent. "acility %(idence aintenance! &ll charge documents should be maintained in a place of

utmost security. &ll charge documents as prescribed by the bank J local laws, for the relevant credit facility, Signed credit agreement, Signed guarantees or other evidence of credit security or collateral agreement shall be kept in fire proof safe under the custody of #ranch manager or his designate alternative and another officer. & register of charge and security documents should be maintained under the supervision of the #ranch anager.


onitoring and Re(ie5ing

anager to monitor the overall profile and risk aspect of the credit anager in monthly $allE@isit Beport and be kept

It is the responsibility of the

portfolio in accordance with the criteria set down in the #ank $redit 'olicy. Such monitoring shall be evidenced from the comments of the in the $redit File with a copy to the /ead 7ffice. %his Beview shall be formally performed at intervals prescribed by /ead 7ffice but it is the responsibility of the forth by the #ank. anger to ensure at all times that the credit portfolio meets the standard set


Credit Risk


$redit risk is one of the ma!or risks faced by the #ank. %his can be described as potential loss arising from the failure of a counter party to perform according to contractual arrangement with the bank. %he failure may arise due to unwillingness of the counter 'arty or decline in economic condition etc. %herefore '#(Fs risk management has been designed to address all these issues. In perspective of 'rime #ank (imited risk is defined as the possibility of Financial (osses. :ow a dayFs management plays a vital role to reduce uncertainty of assets and or else.

Credit Risk .ssess#ent

%he primary factor determining the .uality of the #ank8s credit portfolio is the ability of each borrower to honor, on timely basis, all credit commitments made to the bank. %he authoriAed credit officers prior to approval must accurately determine this. %herefore a thoroughly credit risk assessment shall be conducted prior to the sanction of any credit facilities. 9hile assessment a credit proposal '#( emphasiAes more on repayment potential of loans out of funds generated from borrower8s business Ccash flowD instead of realiAation potential of underlying securities.

c. Other Rele(ant .cti(ities

0uring my internship in '#(, I used to call different clients whoFs &E$ opening form or $redit application form was incomplete and ask them to come up with the missing documents. I helped the $redit officer to insert money in the &% booth vault.


I redesigned the 1xcel format to print an F0B. appendix.

y designed format is given in the

I helped the "# in4charge to keep the SS cards in the vault in an orderly manure.



a. Identified2 Obser(ed in the Organi,ation

.T ser(ice not ade3uate! '#( has only one &% booth in the entire #arlekha %hana

and IFve observed that almost in every working days there was complain coming from customers that the &% over charged or the &% is not working properly. Sometimes the customersF &E$ was screen shows misleading balance information.

*ess &ro#otional acti(ities! Financial organiAations, nowadays are facing tremendous competition where promotional activities play a vital role in survival, growth and retrenchment but '#( #arlekha #ranch pays very little attention to external promotional activities. %here is almost no existence of outdoor advertisement of the bank. *oan re3uire#ent and &rocedure! 'reviously, customers who has $0 &E$ in the bank could apply for loan but now the customer will have to have a Savings &E$ in order to apply for loan. #ecause of this regulation the existing clients with $0 &E$ are bound to open S# &E$ again which is embarrassing to them. Secondly, the $$S 'olicy states that


the loan application processing time will not exceed more than < days but practically it takes lot more than that in this branch. Inde&endent #arketing research cell is not a(ailable! %here is no independent marketing research team existing in this branch but it is essential for an organiAation to collect data by extensive marketing research to get customer insights. Con(entionalis#! &lthough they are using a world class banking software, there are some general activities Ci.e.> $he.ue Issue Begister, InwardE outward mail register etcD performed manually and conventionally which could be more easily done by developing new software. %hese activities are making the service slow. )oor Infrastructure and #aintenance! 9hile working at the front desk I found that all the computers were performing very slow and back dated which decreased the service performance and increased the lead time. #esides, the power back up of this branch is not ade.uate. %hey have no self start generator facility, every time the power fails they manually start the generator which results a total disconnection of internal and external server network and service become impossible to provide. Custo#ers9 kno5ledge lacking! &round <3M customers of this branch are from different rural areas having very limited banking knowledge. /elping them with writing the che.e or deposit slip for every transaction takes a lot of time from the employeeFs regular working hour. Security concern! & number of -E6 most valuable customers supports the '#( #arlekha #ranch with remarkable amount of deposits. %o hold these clients bank gives them highest priority. &nd so those clients can easily walk into highly secured and sensitive areas inside the bank without permission from bank authority. %he bank authority do not restrict them to do so. I think it is a security concern and a possible threat for them. *ack of &rofessionalis#! %he officers of '#( #arlekha branch welcome the clientsE guests with local language which shows a lack of professionalism in them. #ecause there


might be customers who are not used to it or coming from other districts who donFt understand this language properly. Centrali,ed authority causes bigger lead ti#e! Sometimes the centraliAed authority in '#( results a lengthy service delivery. For example4 If a customer come to receive foreign remittance through different exchanges, hisEher withdrawal voucher will be needed to pass by 2E3 different desks to be signed. It increase the lead time to provide the service.

b. .cade#ic )re&aration
0uring the whole internship program IFve faced many challenges related to my academic preparation. %he remarkable ones are stated below4

Irrele(ant to

a'or! #eing a marketing ma!or student it was a big challenge for me to do

the banking activities as I had no theoretical knowledge related to it. It took lots of my time


to learn the basics first and then work. I could not even apply my marketing knowledge due to lack of scope to do so.

Ti#e Constraint! &s it was Summer semester, I faced challenge with preparing the entire report because it re.uires diversified data to be collected and typed but the time I was given was too short.

Resource Constraint! In many cases the authority did not want to disclose internal information to me which was a challenge for me while I was collecting data.

Co##unication 1a&! &ll the employees were performing their scheduled !ob every day so It was tough for me to interrupt them and ask .uestion many time which created a communication gap between me and them.

*ocation Constraint! &s I was doing my internship in '#( Sylhet #ranch, I used to face great problem with physically meeting my ;niversity supervisor time to time because it took almost 64< hours to reach 0haka from Sylhet each time.


)ro&osed Course of .ction for I#&ro(e#ent

/ere IFm proposing some actions for '#( #arlekha #ranch against the constraints IFve observed in this organiAation4 %hey should increase the number of &% booth over the area and also upgrade their system so that it ensures proper transaction.

%hey should increase their promotional activities outdoor in order to educate the rural people about their service offerings.

%hey should be strictly maintaining the $$S policy and should not delay the loan disbursement procedure.

In order to know the local rural people and their demand very well, they should have their own marketing research team so that they can satisfy the customers with the desired service.

&s '#( is a top class #ank, they should develop new software to digitaliAe their entire system which will increase customer service .uality and decrease the lead time.

%o ensure proper service delivery '#( should develop and maintain updated I% infrastructure.

%hey should increase the number of employees in the front desk so that customers can get help with writing che.ue or deposit slip etc. and the actual service delivery doesnFt go slow.

%he front desk employees should give the greetings in proper #engali language in order to maintain their professionalism and then they should talk according to clientsF preference.


%hey should not allow any client to walk inside secured area like the cash room and be strict to the security policy.

& decentraliAed authority is an obvious need for the foreign remittance section of '#( #arlekha branch in order to increase the number and .uality of service delivery.




a. I#&lications to )ri#e Bank

0uring my whole internship program I have learned the following things from 'rime #ank (td. #arlekha #ranch4

:.;.; *oan Section

9ho can apply for a loan /ow to apply for a loan 9hat are the information needed to fill up the loan application /ow the application is assessed by higher authority /ow to input sanction letter details in the applicantsF directory /ow credit disbursement happen /ow risk management works

:.;.< 1eneral Banking Section

/ow to open an &ccount 9hat are the informationEpapers needed for a $0ES# account /ow to fill up a $he.ue re.uisition form /ow to issue a $0ES# $he.ue #ook /ow to check account balance in %emenous "lobus %24 software /ow to register inward mails


/ow to register despatch letters

:.;.= "oreign Re#ittance Section

/ow to use different international software made for 9estern ;nion, Gpress oney, $FB$, I 1, 'lacid 1xpress etc. oneygram,

/ow to verify receivers details 9hat are the documents needed to collect from the receiver /ow to write a debit voucher etc.


b. I#&lications to .IUB+s Internshi& )rogra#

&I;#Fs Internship program helped me with many personal developments through teaching me the following points4

&lways try to create and look for opportunity. %hink positive and find out opportunity in negativity. /elp others to get their support. %ry to en!oy the work, because if it was easy every one could do that. Inspiration and motivation is important. #e professional. #e punctual and have dedication. 9ork in a team rather working alone. %ake risk and be responsible. Find out the scope and apply theoretical knowledge in your work place. #e obedient to your supervisorEsuperior. $ope up with organiAational culture. #alance between your personal and professional life. 0evelop your strategy to keep both your supervisor and the client happy. 0evelop the power to read customersF mind to some extent. #e proactive.


Show empathy to the customer. 'ay attention and give importance to all the customers e.ually.

c. Others

%hrough this internship program I have learned how to organiAe official meetings and how to impress prospective clients by a sudden visit.



a. Reca&itulation
%his report is an obligatory part of completion of the #achelor of #usiness &dministration program resulted out of an Internship program for a short time. It has been prepared on the basis of two months work experience in #arlekha branch of 'rime #ank (imited, with the instruction and supervision of %ahsina Nhan, Internship supervisor from &I;#. 'rime #ank started its )ourney in the *ear +,,- with the firm commitment of providing superior customer service with a difference. Its vision remained to be the best private $ommercial bank in #angladesh in terms of efficiency, $apital ade.uacy, asset .uality, sound management and profitability. /aving recorded progress in all areas '#( has now established itself as the leading and strongest among private $ommercial banks in #angladesh. %he internship program had started at 4th )uly, 23+2 at #arlekha #ranch of 'rime #ank (imited. %his report actually describes the ma!or activities done by the #ank in their $redit department and "eneral #anking department. %he credit department of '#( mainly deals with receiving $$S application from various clients, scrutiniAing information, 0isbursement of sanctioned amount of loan and maintaining beneficiaryFs profile for risk management etc. whereas the "eneral #anking department mainly performs the activities related to &E$ opening, F0B, Foreign Bemittance, $ash receiveE 'ayment, $he.ueE aster $ard issuing, Internet #anking etc.

&lthough 'rime #ank is a top ranking bank in the banking industry, this internship report shows they have some lacking and constraints regarding their service delivery and performance. It also propose some course of actions to '#( which can be taken in order to ensure their service recovery and better service delivery. &t the end of the report it is mentioned that the entire Internship 'rogram was helpful for the intern to gain valuable learning and experiences which had implications both to 'rime #ank (td. #arlekha #ranch and to &I;#Fs internship program itself.


b. Reco##endations for "uture Strategic .ctions

For the betterment of &I;#Fs internship program IFd like to recommend the respective authority to look into and ensure the following things4 Internshi& 1roo#ing Session! &s Internship is something new for a student and a third party is involved with it, there should be a proper internship grooming session arranged for the interns to clarify how to manage an internship and what should be their 07s and 07:8%s while working in the organiAation. %his will help the intern to make the best use of internship period as well as it would be helpful to increase &I;#Fs brand image to the third party. &I;# tries to arrange this session every semester but sometimes they fail to do so. Co##unication bet5een Su&er(isors! In order to ensure ease of working for the intern, it is essential that the supervisor from university and the supervisor from the organiAation communicate between themselves about the internFs activity or performance over phoneE email or if possible by visit. It will be helpful to do an authenticated and accurate performance evaluation. #esides, it will decrease the rate of contradictory issues created by difference between the supervisorsF point of view. De(elo&ing .cti(ity *og! %here should be a practice of developing activity log by the intern where heEshe will make a list of hisEher daily activities and get it signed by the organiAational supervisor and submit it to the university supervisor on weekly basis. It will be useful for the university supervisor to evaluate the progress report as well as the internship report periodically. Internshi& Relating to a'or! %he 7ffice of 'lacement and &lumni C7'&D of &I;# should

try to help the interns to manage internship in such an organiAation where heEshe will be able to relate theoretical knowledge from the ma!or courses with the actual work. It will help the intern to apply his knowledge in practical field and turn it into a skill which will help in career development. #esides, it will help to come up with valuable output from the internship


program in the form of findings and recommendations which can be useful to take future strategic actions for the organiAation.


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