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Chiushun Dan(Dan)s Human Factors Research Portfolio

Who am I
I am a human factors/Usability researcher

My research experiences are very diverse, ranging from human performance in cockpit to usability research of websites and consumer products I enjoy collaborating with visual/interactive designers, engineers, PMs

My Research Philosophy-1
I am as strong as my data
Garbage in, garbage out Always plan studies carefully

My Research Philosophy-2
Triangulation of data collection
Qualitative & Quantitative


Subliminal & Conscious

Self Report & Behavior

My Research Philosophy-3
Be part of the big picture
Deliver evidence-based info to assist decision making

Respect all teams concerns


A brief history of mine

Thesis: The effects of time of automation failures and expectation on trust in automation.

Thesis: Visual attention allocation in a multi-tasking environment

Undergraduate Applied Psyc

Master in Aviation Human Factors@ Florida Tech

Master in HCI/PhD in Engineering Psyc@ Georgia Tech

Ebay China, Online Trust Research

Photo -grapher





Coop@GE Appliances


Research Assistant @GT Human Factors and Aging Lab

Achievements: Develop Multitasking Test platform: STEP 1 Usability Review of remote Mower control room design

Achievement: Modeling trust formation for Ebay users

Achievements Establish readability test procedure2 Redesign GE service website3 Usability Test remote control Appliance App4 Define touch interface specs

Note: 1,2,3,4 are Clickable Shortcut in MS Powerpoint

Research Example: Ebay China

EBay's business was stagnant in China.

Research questions:
What information do online shoppers look for? How do they develop trust in sellers?

Data Collection: Lab Experiment
Orthogonal Experimental Design

60, Convenient sampling with screening criteria

Subjective report trust questionnaire (Likert-scale)
Good reliability, Cronbach alpha>.80

Structured Interview

Thinking Process-Ebay
Why Lab experiment (instead of other methods such as web-analytics, interview )?
1. Establish a quantitative model 2. Explore causal relationship 3. Test hypothesized designs

Use orthogonal design

Large amount of treatment combinations(30+) of independent variables

Online Trust Development Model-Ebay

Early Trust Development

Follow-up Trust Development

History Institution Based Trust(i.e., Buyer Protection)



Relation Based Trust (i.e., Friendship)

Explanations: 1. Sellers History(feedbacks) accounted for little variance initially. 2. Institution based trust(i.e., Paypal) is the key to the early development of trust.


Relation based (emotional trust) trust gradually develops, which is reinforced by seller-buyer interaction and transactions.

Wrap-up: Ebay China

For Chinese buyers, history of sellers yields little trust
Stop creating complicated metrics of sellers history No need to highlight reputation data

Institution, buyer protection, is overwhelmingly important .

Paypal must be implemented quickly and successfully

Should allow communications between sellers and buyers

Stop blocking communication between buyers and sellers Encourage buyers-sellers interaction to boost trust

Research Example: Redesign of GE Service Website

High drop-off rate when scheduling service online (shown right) Objectives: Improve online scheduling completion rate
Reduce call center workload Improve dispatch efficiency

Thinking Process-GE service website

Four methods were used to collect usability data:
Qualitative Data

3. Interview
Objective Data

2. Eye tracking

Subjective Data

1. Web-analytics

4. Questionnaire

Quantitative Data

Methods: GE Service Website

3 Steps Approach:

Step-3: Usability test Evaluate original and redesigned Webpage with external participants Step-1: Web-analytics Identify specific pain-point in current design Step-2: Eye-tracking/interview Look into pages that identify In step-1 with internal participants

Results 1-GE Service Website



Improvements: 1. Reduce visual clutter by deleting meaningless image and inappropriate information 2. Linear scan pattern Rationales: Eye-tracking data shown a scattered scanpath 3. Provide phone no. across the whole scheduling process

Results 2-GE Service Website



Improvements: 1. Show availability in a Calendar instead of Radio buttons and Drop-down Menu Rationale: Web analytics data suggest a high drop-out rate when selecting date and time 2. Provide fee information upfront Rationale: Fee is shown as soon as the product info is entered

Results 3-GE Service Website



Improvements: 1. Users do not need to provide any information regarding the problem Rationale: Relieve users from technical terms and actions.

Wrap-up: GE Service Website

A wide variety of data collection methods was used to solve usability problems. System usability score(SUS) improved by 25 points.

Completion rate significantly improved.

Research Example: Establish Readability Test Procedures

Engineers want:
Current 7- Segments Display

Designers want:
Dot Matrix Display

Cost Tooling Time Product Manager want: (Decision Maker)

Modern Sleek Aha

Profit Usability Safety

Background-2: Readability
Users want:
Displays should be visible across a room at a glance

Thinking process- Goal of Usability Research

We want (usability team):
Facilitate data-driven decision making
Not to simply offer a result of Winner/Loser A test method that benefits similar studies in future

Take considerations for all scenarios/Users

Close-up view Vs. Distal view Numbers, Letters(Both UPPER and lowercase) Users with different visual acuity

Research Design
Inspired by the visual acuity test, I create a series of revised eye charts Instead of testing eyes, they test readability

Why resemble visual acuity test

Standard test procedure
Quick Inexpensive

Comprehensible Results
20/20 Vs. Image size on retina

Quantitative in nature
High granularity Comparable between tests

Research Design
Within subjects design, 9 conditions
Fully randomized eye chart, no learning/carryover Maximize test stats power

Research Design
Maximum legiblility rating (e.g., 20/20,20/40) Comfortable legibility rating
At which line you are still able to read effortlessly and comfortably at a glance?

Subjective preference(ranking order)

Dots Vs. 7 Segments Vs. Solid(LCD)

The Dot matrix requires XX%1 larger size to achieve equivalent readability of 7 segs. Or 7 segs can provide X2 feet more visible range for people with 20/20 vision

Note: 1,2 Non-disclosure data

Wrap-up: Establish Readability Test Procedures

A detailed, quantitative, and easy to understand result for all teams. A new testing methods for evaluating display and typography

Research example- Usability review of GE Brillion App

Brief: GE Brillion app allows users to control appliances with smart phone What I did? Define info architecture

Heuristic evaluation
1-on-1 verbal protocol test

Manage external consulting service

Research Example-Persona:
A couple of Millennium Generation

Research Example: STEP for John Deere

STEP: Simultaneous Task Environment Platform (Youtube Demo)
A test platform contains basic cognitive tasks that are essential for machine operators.

What I did?
Identify related tasks Prototype Debug Manage development

Due to non disclosure agreement, some materials are selectively presented. Feel free to contact me @
Mobile: 321-474-9633 to discuss projects in more details

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