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Seminar Queries Roll no: 18 Advantage & Feature of the PLC of the Energy meter Thiefing Solution

Automatic meter reading is a solution designed to automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from utility meters (electric, water and gas) and transferring the retrieved data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analysing etc. The solution has four components coupled with varied technologies to serve the customer. AMR solution is built essentially to monitor the energy usage and accessing the daily energy data which can result in better energy management. Enabling accurate data stored, analysed and presented to a customer on demand. Tracking the real-time consumption on a day to day basis in the most cost effective way to identify energy wastage coupled with analysis, can help both utility providers and customer's control the use and production of electric energy

Solution Components
Automatic Meter Reading Meter interface unit A Bidirectional interface with power supply, meter sensors, controlling electronics enabling data transmission to and from the central office systems. Automatic Meter Reading Communication System The technology adapted for the communication systems to transmit the data meter interface unit and central office system. The communication system can be of telephonic system, radio frequency (RF), power Line carrier (PLC) or cable television. Automatic Meter Reading Central office system The equipment including modems, receivers, data concentrators, controllers, host upload link and host computer which are used to receive data from the meter interface unit and utilize it for billing, troubleshooting and analysing the data.

Solution Features
Automatic collection of data with specified intervals Integration with web self-services as users can view on consumption, billing etc. Load control, Tamper and outage detection Monitoring of voltage, harmonics, and other power quality characteristics On-demand electric meter reading and time of use based meter reading Remote services for connection and disconnection Messaging to customers on real-time prices and the change in price information Automatic detection and reporting of power outages and restorations of service Automatic customer meter "connect" and "disconnect" through Interact (Total revenue management system) or (via AMR system) End-use load surveys of electric, gas, and water usage Integration with Interact - Total revenue management system for the utility industry