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C|ass Assemb|y 4A have been busy
preparlng Lhelr class assembly for
lrlday May 2
. Assembly sLarLs aL
8.30am and wlll be flnlshed by 9.13am.
1hursday May 1
- lC1 Skllls arenLs
Workshop 2pm

!"#$%& (""%

Monday May 3
- !apanese Pollday-
Chlldrens day

Monday May 12
- loundaLlon sLage
Cpen Carden arLy

May 12
nursery neLwork- 3.13-4.13

1he wonderful Summer 1erm has arrlved and you cannoL
have falled Lo have noLlced the huge vegtrucks LhaL have
appeared around boLh schools slLes.
WhaL are Lhey for? Well Lhey are ICk CU!
as learnlng across Lhe currlculum for all puplls ln Lhe
lederaLlon has been creaLed wlLh Lhe LlLle of
Edibles. lor LhaL ls exacLly whaL
we are golng Lo be growlng. As you read Lhls we are growlng
amazlng edlble planLs for famllles and frlends of our school
communlLy Lo plck (for l8LL) and en[oy. So lL could be LhaL
you mlghL en[oy freshly plcked, organlc salad or new, new,
very new poLaLoes from our ploLs day afLer day. Perbs,
edlble flowers, beans, courgeLLes - we have lL all comlng up
soon in a vegLruck near you.
Sogreen flngered famllles and frlends please do offer us
any seedllngs you have Lo spare Lo help us along our way
all donaLlons welcome!
SLoke Plll lederaLlon sLaff are deeply concerned abouL Lhe
world we educaLe our chlldren Lo llve ln, Lhe global
economy, food mlles, susLalnablllLy, our carbon fooLprlnL,
healLhy eaLlng/llfesLyles and even more so whaL, as young
clLlzens, our chlldren can do Lo grow up Lo be worLhy
cusLodlans of our wonderful planeL.
So, slL back and leL us do Lhe hard work and Lhe amazlng
learnlng, waLch Lhlngs grow and please encourage us along
the way. Look out for the No icking and ICk NCW
signs in a few weeks of course!

Ch||dren's Day ( ?*0*.* 2* @4
) ls a !apanese naLlonal hollday whlch Lakes place annually on
May 3, Lhe flfLh day of Lhe flfLh monLh, and ls parL of Lhe Colden Week. lL ls a day seL aslde Lo respecL
chlldren's personallLles and Lo celebraLe Lhelr happlness. Carp kolnoborl, or carp klLes, are hung ouLslde
houses on Chlldren's uay. llnd ouL more abouL Lhls speclal day or [usL flnd Llme Lo fly a klLe Lhls long bank

We are very eggs-clLed Lo be geLLlng some
chlckens Lo care for aL Lhe !unlor school! 1he
Creen 1eam have been very keen Lo geL
Lhem. 8uby sald We canL walL Lo geL our
chlckens! Weve worked hard Lo geL Lhe blg
Ck from Mr SouLer. Lbony added We also
need volunLeers Lo look afLer our hens durlng
Lhe holldays. lease leL us know lf you can
help -1PAnk ?Cu
1he lnfanL school would llke Lo exLend a warm welcome Lo Pelen oLLer (2L), kaLherlne ApplegarLh (2C) and llona
ulwell (2). 1hey are [olnlng us as Lralnee Leachers, for Lhe Summer 1erm, from Lhe unlverslLy of LxeLer.
Summer Un|form LeLs hope Lhe sun shlnes warmly and LhaL summer unlform is needed soon
Across the Iederat|on Cuterwear: green sLrlped or checked summer dresses, whlLe cardlgans, grey shorLs/culoLLes, +
everyday grey unlform, whlLe/green Lops/school sweaLshlrL + named sunhaL. Iootwear 1he usual school shoes or
school-sLyle sandals, noL: fashion sandals/flip flops/crocks or deck shoes (please noLe LhaL we ask for sandals Lo be
worn wlLh socks Lo proLecL Loes).

10 to 9 on the playground now we are Lwo Lhlrds Lhrough Lhe school year we are confldenL LhaL our classes can come
ln from Lhe playground on Lhelr 10 Lo 9 advenLure playground days as below. lease encourage your chlldren Lo be as
lndependenL as Lhey posslbly can lL ls worLh lL for all Lhe lmporLanL Lhlngs Lhey learn abouL belng responslble!
loundaLlon SLage ?ear 1 ?ear 2
Llne up aL 8.33 on
arenLs accompany
chlldren |nto c|ass,
%21*)-'5% 1/4=0-%2
+* 3*-+ +/%4- +/4253
and say Lhelr
goodbyes Lhere.
Llne up aL 8.33 on advenLure
arenLs accompany chlldren to the
c|ass doors parenLs say goodbye
Lhere. Chlldren sorL Lhelr own
belonglngs ouL 420%$%20%2+=#.
Llne up aL 8.33 on Lhe
Lop playground and say
goodbye Lo parenLs on
the p|ayground.
1eacher leads class ln
wlLhouL parenLs,
chlldren 3*-+ +/%.3%=A%3

Succeed ls Lhe Lhlrd word ln our school moLLo and ls Lhe word we are golng Lo be focusslng upon Lhls Lerm.
uurlng Lhe AuLumn 1erm we were inspired ln loLs of waysB lasL Lerm we all spenL weeks and weeks 0431*A%-425
so aL Lhls polnL ln Lhe year we musL deflnlLely be on Lhe brlnk belng able Lo succeed.
1o help us Lo undersLand whaL lL means Lo succeed we are looklng for lmaglnaLlve acrosLlcs for Lhls word Lo
display around the two schools. With the letters of the word succeed in the middle or the letters aL Lhe sLarL,
whlch quallLles beglnnlng wlLh s, u, c, c, e, e, d are your cholce? Carry on for C? DeLermlnaLlon for D? WhaL do
you Lhlnk wlll brlng success for your chlld? 1here wlll a prlze for Lhe wlnnlng famlly and wlnnlng lndlvldual enLry
ln each yeargroup, so brlng your besL ldeas back Lo school by half Lerm. WrlLe your acrosLlc on any sheeL of
paper - dont forget to add your name and class and hand in to a member of staff. Hope you are successful
wlLh Lhls challenge!
Pere ls an acrosLlc for summer just so that you get the hang of it:
Sunshlney days
Umbrellas noL needed
Move along sprlng
Mornlng llghL
LaLlng lce creams
kelaxlng ouLslde

and here ls anoLher sLyle of acrostic for the word sport:

Swlmmlng Cala
Cnce agaln, we are enLered lnLo Lhe LxeLer Schools
Swlmmlng Cala. Chlldren from ?ears 4, 3 and 6 are
lnvlLed Lo submlL Llmes for a 23m lengLh swlm for
any or all of Lhe sLrokes-fronL crawl (freesLyle) back
crawl and breasLsLroke. 1lmes should be glven Lo
Mrs 8endell. We were dellghLed Lo come Lhlrd lasL
Nursery Network- Monday 12Lh May aL 3:13-4:13 (Creche provlded)
!oln us for a cup of Lea and a sllce of cake and meeL oLher parenLs and carers of chlldren ln Lhe nursery. AL Lhls meeLlng
we wlll be [olned by Allson kenney who ls Lhe uepuLy Pead of our school. Allson ls also Lhe numeracy coordlnaLor and
she wlll be avallable Lo dlscuss early maLhemaLlcs. 1hls ls a real passlon for Allson and she ls a greaL source of knowledge
and ldeas. An opporLunlLy noL Lo be mlssed!

We recelved a blg Lhank you from LxeLer
loodbank for Lhe klnd donaLlons. We senL ln an
amazlng 77.1kg! 1hls wlll make a blg dlfference Lo
some resldenLs of LxeLer.

8efore you puL your recycllng ouL Lhls week please could loundaLlon have any small boxes /
lLems? e.g. maLch boxes, yoghurL poLs or anyLhlng of a slmllar slze. 1he foundaLlon chlldren are
golng Lo be creaLlng mlnlaLure worlds and wlll be lnvlLlng Lhelr grandparenLs Lo an 'Cpen Carden
arLy' on Lhe afLernoon of 1hursday 13Lh May. More deLalls Lo follow.
Salnsbury's vouchers
lf you shop aL Sainsburys and have collecLed any of
Lhelr vouchers, Lhere ls a box ln Lhe fronL enLrance ln
whlch you can place Lhem! We really appreclaLe Lhe
donaLlon of Lhese vouchers whlch we use Lo buy sporLs
equlpmenL. LasL year we boughL a new seL of neLball
posLs, fooLballs, neLballs, Lennls balls and dlscus. 1hank
(.89(,% : +(8;#<%, : 8=;;%%+
lnfanL and nursery School !unlor School lollow us on 1wlLLer
01392 238894 01392 667830 SLokefed

Luncht|mes WlLh Lhe good weaLher upon us
and hopefully here Lo sLay, Lhe chlldren have
already loved geLLlng on Lhe grass aL playLlmes
and lunchLlmes. Cur MealLlme AsslsLanLs do a
wonderful [ob lnLeracLlng wlLh Lhe chlldren and
keeplng Lhem enLerLalned. 1hls week Lhey wlll
be aLLendlng some Lralnlng on lunchLlme play
and be uslng some brand new equlpmenL wlLh
Lhe chlldren. AL Lhls Llme of year loLs of
sweaLshlrLs geL lefL ouLslde. lease ensure all
Lhey are all named Lo help ln geLLlng Lhem back
Lo Lhelr rlghLful owners.

We|come We would llke Lo exLend a warm welcome
Lo Lwo lnLernaLlonal Lralnee Leachers LhaL are
spendlng some Llme wlLh us over Lhe nexL few weeks.
Mlss Annlka 8ader from Cermany wlll be asslsLlng ln
year 6, whllsL Mr ablo MerchanL, from Spaln, has
begun supporLlng 3M. Its great for them to learn
abouL Lhe Lngllsh sysLem and Lhey have been Lelllng
Lhe chlldren how schools are dlfferenL ln Lhelr

Workshops Its not too late to sign up for our ueveloplng
lC1 Skllls workshop for parenLs Lhls week on 1hursday,
May 1
. 1he course ls led by Mlss 8realy aL 2.00pm for an
hour aL Lhe [unlor school. LlLher see Mlss 8realy or requesL
a place aL Lhe fronL offlce wlLh Mrs Slnclalr.