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Speech and Presentation Grading Rubric

Public Speaking and Oral Presentation Component

(0-12 points)
(13-16 points)
(17-20 points)
1. Organization
(! points"
deas ma! not be "ocused or
de#eloped$ t%e main purpose is not
clear& '%e introduction is
unde#eloped& (ain points are
di""icult to identi"!& 'ransitions ma!
be needed& '%ere is no conclusion or
ma! not be clear t%e presentation %as
concluded& Conclusion does not tie
back to t%e introduction& )udience
cannot understand presentation
because t%ere is no se*uence o"
(ain idea is e#ident+ but t%e
organi,ational structure man! need to
be strengt%ened$ ideas ma! not
clearl! de#eloped or al-a!s "lo-
smoot%l! and t%e purpose is not
clearl! stated& '%e introduction ma!
not be -ell de#eloped& (ain points
are not clear& 'ransitions ma! be
a-k-ard& Supporting material ma!
lack in de#elopment& '%e conclusion
ma! need additional de#elopment&
)udience %as di""icult!
understanding t%e presentation
because t%e se*uence o" in"ormation
is unclear&
deas are clearl! organi,ed+
de#eloped+ and supported to ac%ie#e
a purpose$ t%e purpose is clear& '%e
introduction gets t%e attention o" t%e
audience and clearl! states t%e
speci"ic purpose o" t%e speec%& (ain
points are clear and organi,ed
e""ecti#el!& '%e conclusion is
satis"!ing and relates back to
introduction& (" t%e purpose o" t%e
presentation is to persuade+ t%ere is a
clear action step identi"ied and an
o#ert call to action&)
. #opic $no%ledge
(! points"
Student does not %a#e grasp o"
in"ormation$ student cannot ans-er
*uestions about t%e sub.ect& /e-+ i"
an!+ sources are cited& Citations are
attributed incorrectl!& naccurate+
generali,ed+ or inappropriate
supporting material ma! be used&
O#er dependence on notes ma! be
Student %as a partial grasp o" t%e
in"ormation& Supporting material
ma! lack in originalit!& Citations are
generall! introduced and attributed
appropriatel!& Student is at ease -it%
e0pected ans-ers to all *uestions but
"ails to elaborate& O#er dependence
on notes ma! be obser#ed&
Student %as a clear grasp o"
in"ormation& Citations are introduced
and attributed appropriatel! and
accuratel!& Supporting material is
original+ logical and rele#ant& Student
demonstrates "ull kno-ledge (more
t%an re*uired) b! ans-ering all class
*uestions -it% e0planations and
elaboration& Speaking outline or note
cards are used "or re"erence onl!&
&. Audience Adaptation
(! points"
'%e presenter is not able to keep t%e
audience engaged& '%e #erbal or
non#erbal "eedback "rom t%e
audience ma! suggest a lack o"
interest or con"usion& 'opic selection
does not relate to audience needs and
'%e presenter is able to keep t%e
audience engaged most o" t%e time&
1%en "eedback indicates a need "or
idea clari"ication+ t%e speaker makes
an attempt to clari"! or restate ideas&
2enerall!+ t%e speaker demonstrates
audience a-areness t%roug%
non#erbal and #erbal be%a#iors&
'opic selection and e0amples are
some-%at appropriate "or t%e
audience+ occasion+ or setting& Some
e""ort to make t%e material rele#ant
to audience needs and interests&
'%e presenter is able to e""ecti#el!
keep t%e audience engaged& (aterial
is modi"ied or clari"ied as needed
gi#en audience #erbal and non#erbal
"eedback& 3on#erbal be%a#iors are
used to keep t%e audience engaged&
4eli#er! st!le is modi"ied as needed&
'opic selection and e0amples are
interesting and rele#ant "or t%e
audience and occasion&
'. (anguage )se
(*erbal E++ectiveness"
(! points"
5anguage c%oices ma! be limited+
peppered -it% slang or .argon+ too
comple0+ or too dull& 5anguage is
*uestionable or inappropriate "or a
particular audience+ occasion+ or
setting& Some biased or unclear
language ma! be used&
5anguage used is mostl! respect"ul
or ino""ensi#e& 5anguage is
appropriate+ but -ord c%oices are not
particularl! #i#id or precise&
5anguage is "amiliar to t%e audience+
appropriate "or t%e setting+ and "ree
o" bias$ t%e presenter ma! 6code-
s-itc%7 (use a di""erent language
"orm) -%en appropriate& 5anguage
c%oices are #i#id and precise&
,. Deliver-
(.onverbal E++ectiveness"
(! points"
'%e deli#er! detracts "rom t%e
message$ e!e contact ma! be #er!
limited$ t%e presenter ma! tend to
look at t%e "loor+ mumble+ speak
inaudibl!+ "idget+ or read most o" t%e
speec%$ gestures and mo#ements ma!
be .erk! or e0cessi#e& '%e deli#er!
ma! appear inconsistent -it% t%e
message& 3on"luencies (6ums7) are
used e0cessi#el!& )rticulation and
pronunciation tend to be slopp!&
Poise o" composure is lost during an!
distractions& )udience members %a#e
di""icult! %earing t%e presentation&
'%e deli#er! generall! seems
e""ecti#e 8 %o-e#er+ e""ecti#e use o"
#olume+ e!e contact+ #ocal control+
etc& ma! not be consistent$ some
%esitanc! ma! be obser#ed& 9ocal
tone+ "acial e0pressions+ clot%ing and
ot%er non#erbal e0pressions do not
detract signi"icantl! "rom t%e
message& '%e deli#er! st!le+ tone o"
#oice+ and clot%ing c%oices do not
seem out-o"-place or disrespect"ul to
t%e audience or occasion& Some use
o" non"luencies are obser#ed&
2enerall!+ articulation and
pronunciation are clear& (ost
audience members can %ear t%e
'%e deli#er! is e0temporaneous --
natural+ con"ident+ and en%ances t%e
message 8 posture+ e!e contact+
smoot% gestures+ "acial e0pressions+
#olume+ pace+ etc& indicate
con"idence+ a commitment to t%e
topic+ and a -illingness to
communicate& '%e #ocal tone+
deli#er! st!le+ and clot%ing are
consistent -it% t%e message&
4eli#er! st!le and clot%ing c%oices
suggest an a-areness o" e0pectations
and norms& 5imited use o"
non"luencies is obser#ed&
)rticulation and pronunciation are
clear& )ll audience members can %ear
t%e presentation&
200:& )dapted -it% permission "rom 3ort%-est ;egional <ducational 5aborator! (1==>)&