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Useful Expressions for Individual Presentation

Function Expression
To greet
- Good morning / afternoon / evening
- Welcome to
To state name and position
- Let me start by introducing myself
- Im in-charge of
- My name is
To give topic of discussion
- The topic of todays discussion is
- I would like to say about
To introduce first point
- As a start, I would like to suggest
- I would like to begin with / by
- Firstly, I would highlight
- First of all, I propose
To signal a main point
- The most important factor is
- One important reason is
- My main point is
- It is important to
To start a new point
- Im going to move on to the next point which is
- Another point that I would like to emphasize is
- Another reason / suggestion is
- Next, lets look at
To refer to a point you have
said earlier
- Let me now return to my first point just now
- I have pointed out earlier that
- I have mentioned earlier that
- As I said at the beginning
To signal a contrasting idea
- Looking at the other side of the argument
- From a different point of view
- On the other hand
- In contrast
To signal that you are
drawing a conclusion from
- I've come to the end of what I'm trying to say
- So, we can see that
what has been said earlier - As a result
- In short
To sum up
- Let me now summarize all the main points
- In summary, I would suggest
- As a conclusion, I would say
- Let me conclude by saying

Useful Expressions for Group Discussion

Function Expression
To start a discussion
- I would like to start the discussion by saying that
- Today we are going to discuss on
- We are gathered here to discuss
To ask for an opinion
- What do you think about
- What is your opinion?
- Would you like to share your opinion / view with us?
To give an opinion
- As far as Im concerned
- From my point of view
- Personally, I feel
To express strong
- I couldnt agree with you more.
- Thats certainly true!
- Exactly! I agree completely!
To express agreement
- Im glad you mentioned that.
- I suppose thats true.
- I share the same view.
To express partial
- I do not entirely agree with you
- Your suggestion is good but
- I see your point, but
To express strong
- Thats totally out of the question.
- No. I dont like that suggestion.
- Thats absolutely not true.
To express disagreement
- Im not convinced that your suggestion will work.
- I dont see it that way.
- I beg to differ.
To make a strong
- The only suggestion to this problem is
- There is no other way except
- There is no alternative but to
To make a suggestion
- It might be a good idea to
- I would suggest that
- I think we should
To make a tentative
- It might be a good idea if
- One solution would be
- Perhaps we should
To ask for a suggestion
- Is there anything you would like to say about this
- Would you like to comment on this?
- What is your opinion?
To accept ideas / opinions /
- I have no objection to that.
- I support your suggestion.
- That sounds great!
To reject ideas / opinions /
- Im afraid we dont share the same opinion.
- I appreciate your point of view but
- Im sorry I cant agree with you.
To ask for clarification
- Im sorry I missed your point. Could you please
- Could you please explain that to me again?
- What did you mean when you said?
To give clarification
- I was trying to emphasize that
- What I meant was
- Let me explain
To persuade
- I wonder if you have thought of
- Wouldnt it be a good idea to
- Maybe you should consider
To interrupt
- Excuse me, could you please repeat what you have
just said?
- Sorry to interrupt, but I have to say this
- May I add something here?
To summarize main points
- Lets sum up what has been mentioned so far
- Allow me to go over the key points
- To sum up
To conclude
- If there is no objection, I suggest that
- So, if all of us agree, we decide to
- In conclusion, we all agree that
To end the discussion
- Does anyone have anything to say? Otherwise, lets
bring this discussion to a close.
- If we have nothing more to add, we shall stop here.
- I guess its time to end our discussion.
To close a discussion
- I hope you have enjoyed this discussion. Thank you.
- Thank you for a fruitful and interesting discussion.
- Thank you for your attention and participation.