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1.) Excellence in the Classroom engaging instructional practices/lessons that advance scholars to higher
levels of academic achievement.

Mrs. Ruvalcaba-Gutierrez has done an exceptional job with her scholars. She is constantly searching for
and learning new things that can be implemented into her classroom. She has used knowledge and
creativity in facilitating successful UA groups within the classroom. She has high expectations of her
scholars; they have been challenged and continue to exceed expectations. She does an excellent job with
differentiated instruction.

2.) Motivation having the ability to motivate and encourage scholars to advance past their expectations both
academically and socially. Motivated to grow professionally.

Mrs. Ruvalcaba-Gutierrez is highly self-motivated, exceeds ALL expectations, yet is constantly looking for
ways to grow and improve as an educator. She always challenges her scholars with a problem of the day.
Continues to seek and use resources to challenge her scholars on a daily basis.

3.) Leadership serving as a positive role model for scholars in the classroom, and throughout the school.
Great attitude.

Mrs. Ruvalcaba-Gutierrez-Has taken on the role of the grade level leader. She has taken on the
responsibility of helping, mentoring and taking new teacher leaders under her wing. She always has a
positive attitude, and even though she stays to herself most of the time, she is willing and able to work
with her coworkers.

4.) Creativity and Imagination demonstrating creativity and imagination and teaching in a way that
inspires scholars to learn.

Mrs. Ruvalcaba-Gutierrez has done an exceptional job in teaching through arts and crafts and especially
through music. She often chants directions, and has her scholars join in to gain their attention and keep
them engaged.

5.) Dedication showing excellent attendance, punctuality and a desire to see scholars advance.

Ruvalcaba-Gutierrez is always on time and prepared, she holds herself to the same standard that she
holds her scholars.

6.) Communication communicating articulately to his/her scholars, colleagues and beyond. A great TEAM

Ruvalcaba-Gutierrez always has a respectful tone when speaking to her scholars and has developed a
magnificent level of respect in her classroom. She is well respected by colleagues and staff.

Congratulations Mrs. Ruvalcaba-Gutierrez!!
Thank you for showing excellence both in and outside of the classroom. You are an exemplary model of the vision
for Hardy Brown College Prep.
Teacher of the Month May 2014