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May / June 2014

Newsletter 11

Windy City Air
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Former Midwesterners making
a positive difference in our
adopted home of Nevada
We are now Las Vegans. We now know it can get hot during the summer. Not the
cutesy Lets have a picnic in the park kind of hot, more like the Im stranded in the
desert while the sun threatens to steal my life force kind of hot. After braving the Vegas
heat for a day, an air conditioning unit can be your best friend. Yet, in countless homes across
the desert see air conditioners that are overworked and under maintained, resulting in
ineffcient cooling or even malfunction. Air conditioning repair in Las Vegas can keep
your home properly cooled, and make the difference between enjoying your summer or
sweltering through it. An air conditioning unit works by taking hot air from inside the house,
cooling the air by blowing it across an evaporator coil and then redistributing it through the
air ducts in the house. When this process doesnt work smoothly, intense heat and frustration
ensue. For example, sometimes the unit itself may be working or showing signs or working,
but the house remains hot, leaving the average homeowner to wonder where the problem is.
Sure, you could Google some troubleshooting tips and maybe piece together a possible
problem in the distribution system, but then what? All of the parts are sealed inside the AC
unit, and tinkering with them can be confusing, not to mention dangerous. AC repair is not
for the average handyman, it requires a trained professional, whether the unit in ques-
tion is in home or commercial. Can you imagine going to a major casino on the Vegas strip
with no air conditioning during the peak of summer? Commercial AC repair in Las
Vegas is no joke; a malfunctioning air conditioning system could spell disaster of apocalyptic
proportions for casino management. While lives may not be at stake, the damage to
business would be devastating. Similarly, although your home may not be a business,
comfort, well-being and happiness are at stake, and simple
maintenance from trained professionals can keep things
running smoothly.
Vern Rettig is a licensed C21 HVAC Contractor in the
states of Nevada and Arizona. Vern and his family re-
located to Las Vegas from Naperville, Illinois in 1999 and
started Windy City Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC.
Windy City Air specializes in both residential & commer-
cial heating and cooling and also provides design build ser-
vices for new construction. Vern served in the Air Force
and was stationed in Altus, OK. After his discharge in
1979, Vern moved back to llinois and began his career in
the HVAC feld. He obtained his Masters Degree from
Dominican University in River Forest and has taught
HVAC at Triton College, also in River Grove, Illinois.
Chicagoans In the Desert, LLC is proud to announce that
Vern Rettig and Windy City Air Conditioning & Heating
have renewed their Business Membership for a 2nd year.

To all 1,415 people who have
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New Offcial Social Members
Louise Baloun, Marc Peskin, John
Stremich & Sharon Wayne
Recently, I spent time on the strip with
a visiting high school friend, only to
hear her say with excitement, "take me
to some of your Chicago places!" Many
of our Offcial Social Members tell me
their visitors ask them the same thing.
They see our Facebook posts and see
us having fun and making new friends
and they want to experience it too. We
all concur, that it's a proud moment to
introduce our CITD Business Mem-
bers and their establishments to our
visitors. Former Chicagoan Pride...
it's a warm fuzzy feeling.
Mary Romano
One of the joys that
we experience from
living in Las Vegas is
when friends and rela-
tives visit, we get to be
on vacation with them.
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Welcome to Las Vegas Summer! Its hot out there!
And if your long-haired pet appears to suffer when the
temps rise, youve probably considered a full shave-
down. But please note that youll be doing your pet a
great disservice. While we humans would sweat to near
death wearing a fur coat in our desert heat, our pets
fur actually provides them with relief to the heat. Dogs
do not have pours like humans do. That is why they
pant and not sweat. Ill use this analogy. A dogs coat
works similar to a thermos bottle. It keeps hot in the
winter, yet also keeps our drinks from overheating in
the summer. Therefore, shaving the hair off is ir-
relevant for the heat. A dogs coat has several lay-
ers. These layers are essential to your dogs comfort
especially in the heat. A full shave down in the hot
desert summer compromises your dogs natural cool-
ing system, which can lead to discomfort and overheat-
ing. And keeping your dog cool isnt the only reason
to leave his coat intact. Dogs with thin coats and white
or light-colored coats are especially at risk for sun
damage. Trimming and brushing your dogs coat is
the best way to keep them cool. And remember,
hydration is the key to living in the desert... the same is
true for our pets.
blue (100c 46m 2y 0k)
From conception to implementation,
building your brand one stitch at a time.
Darcy A. Dougherty, MBA
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lave Bracelets &
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by Margie
In custody proceedings, the Family Courts in Nevada often have to address the issue of co-parenting. What is
co-parenting? Simply stated, co-parenting is the ability of the parents to work together; to civilly and amicably
communicate with each other in raising their child. It is in the child's best interest that parents be able to success-
fully co-parent. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. Too often, parents do not realize that the hostilities they
have with each other can detrimentally impact their child. Co-parenting works when both parents can separate the
hostilities between themselves from their on-going parental responsibilities and love for their child. Some examples
of the hostile conduct that attorneys and the Courts are constantly dealing with include, a parent who makes
disparaging comments about the other parent in the child's presence; parents who regularly argue, yell, make
negative remarks to each other; the parents' inability to agree to maintain a consistent, regular schedule for the
child at their respective households, i.e., bedtime schedule, curfew, nap times; involving the child in the custody
litigation; interrogating the child regarding what happens at the other parent's household; preventing the other
parent to be involved or participate in important decision making that affects the welfare of the child, such as
medical treatment or schooling issues; failing to notify the other parent of the child's school activities, parent/
teacher conferences, extracurricular activities, etc. the parents' inability to agree on what activities the child can
participate. Oftentimes, one parent will unreasonably withhold consent, mainly just out of spite for the other par-
ent; a parent who regularly disagrees or objects to a request made by the other parent (i.e., switching one day of
a custodial timeshare due to a special occasion); or even facial expressions can have a negative impact on a child,
i.e., whenever that child talks about what a great time he/she had at the other parent's house and a parent rolls his/
her eyes or gives a disapproving look. These are just a few examples, as the list is endless when it comes to issues of
co-parenting. Depending on the extent of the conduct, it can have a detrimental impact to your case if you choose to
behave in this manner. How do you deal with this behavior when you are the parent receiving the frequent hostilities,
taunts, belittlement or uncooperative behavior? First and foremost, DO NOT reciprocate the behavior or conduct.
Take the high road and be the better person (yes, as I stated before, this is much easier to say than do). Secondly,
document everything and try to keep your communication to emails and text messages. By doing this you can docu-
ment the inappropriate behavior. Please remember that your e-mails and text messages to the other parent need to
be civil without being accusatory, sarcastic or hostile. What you put in writing may be admissible in court. Although
it can be extremely diffcult and frustrating to deal with a parent who is unwilling to co-parent, it is important that
you not display or express your anger and frustration in front of your child. It is imperative that parents help their
children see the good qualities in each of their parents and that parents work toward the development of positive
relationships with each other. It is always in the best interest of your child to communicate with the other parent in a
productive and positive manner on all topics relating to the ongoing upbringing and care of your child. As a parent,
you must place the well-being of your child frst. During and after divorce and/ or separation, parents must fnd a
way to place the hostility, anger, hurt, pain, frustrations or resentment aside. This is not to say that your feelings are
in any way diminished nor am I saying your feelings don't matter. However, your love for your child and his/her best
interest must take priority over your animosity towards your ex-spouse or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. When parents
divorce or separate, the child has diffculty adjusting to the parents' separation, living at two separate households and
dealing with new family dynamics. A parent's inability to cooperate and co-parent only exacerbates the challenges
the child has to deal with. There are support tools that provide parents with the necessary skills to deal with co-par-
enting challenges. They include co-parenting classes such as the one offered by UNLV which I often refer my clients
to, counseling/therapy for the child or for the entire family, family mediation or retaining a parenting coordinator.
Michele L. Roberts ESQ is an active business member in her second year of Membership. To schedule a consultation with
Michele, please call 702-358-0620.
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