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Marked: A House of Night Novel Study Guide & Plot Summary

Plot Summary
Zoey Montgomery is a 16 year old girl that attends roken Arro!"s South #ntermediate High
S$hool% Zoey has an almost&relationshi' !ith foot(all star Heath and is (est friends !ith the fast
talking and rarely silent )ayla% *hings $hange for Zoey !hen she is Marked (y a +am'yre *ra$ker
at s$hool% *his means that Zoey is going to (e$ome a vam'yre% Suddenly, Zoey"s entire !orld
Zoey is re-e$ted (y her ultra $onservative religious mother and ste'&father .Ste'&/oser0% Zoey
runs a!ay to her Grandmother 1ed(ird"s lavender farm% Zoey is mu$h more like her grandmother
than her mother% Zoey"s grandmother is 2herokee% Zoey em(odies the 2herokee $ulture and their
(eliefs% Zoey is 'o!erful and !ise (eyond her years%
Although Zoey is a uni3ue girl that ra'idly develo's vam'yre 'o!ers and $ravings, Zoey is also a
teenage girl !ith all of the usual issues in$luding hatred of tests, fear of (eing re-e$ted,
un$ertainty a(out herself, and the desire to have a ni$e grou' of friends as !ell as a hot
4hen Zoey enters the House of Night, she $hanges her name to Zoey 1ed(ird% Zoey must
immediately $ome to terms !ith the fa$t that she is different from the other fledgling students and
must learn to em(ra$e her emerging 'o!ers%
Zoey learns that there are many levels of 5fledgling5 vam'yres% Sin$e she has -ust (een Marked,
she is a 6irst 6ormer% *he House of Night has si7 levels of fledglings, ending !ith Si7th 6ormers%
8a$h year has their o!n level of edu$ation and skill% +am'yre (ehaviors do not a''ear until the
fifth or si7th year% Ho!ever, Zoey feels the $ravings almost immediately%
9'on arriving at House of Night, Zoey meets her ne! mentor, Neferet, the High Priestess at the
House of Night% Neferet is a (eautiful, tall !oman !ith a $ommanding 'resen$e% /ike all adult
vam's, Neferet (ears her mark as !ell as an ela(orate tattoo on her fa$e that only serves to
in$rease her (eauty% Shortly after, Zoey meets A'hrodite, the /eader of a grou' kno!n as the
:ark :aughters and Sons and the High Priestess in training% Zoey and A'hrodite dislike ea$h
other immediately% A'hrodite 'roves to (e a mean girl !ho (ullies the others and uses her 'o!er
to intimidate%
Zoey goes to a ritual of the :ark :aughters and Sons% She kno!s that she must take over as
A'hrodite a(uses her 'o!er and does not honor the goddess Ny7% Neferet is una!are of
A'hrodite"s lies and de$eit as !ell as the a(use of 'o!er% Zoey enlists the aid of her ne! friends
as !ell as the aid of 8rik Night, the hot (oy in s$hool !ho is also A'hrodite"s e7&(oyfriend% After a
disastrous ritual, Zoey is gifted !ith great 'o!er !hi$h allo!s her to take over the :ark :aughters
and Sons and (e$omes the ne! High Priestess in training%