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DMX-controlled winch for stage use

A simple solution when motorization and automation of the show is demanded!
The mini winch lifts props and small set pieces in and out of the stage sphere.
The winch is easily connected in chain, and a number of winches can easily bee con-
trolled, which enables an advanced and creative way of making dynamic movements.
The mini winch is controlled by the DMX channels from the lighting desk.
1 channel controls the wanted position, another controls the speed of the movement.
In other words, the winch finds the position applied on the lighting desk. The move-
ments are programmed like the light and in interaction with the light.
Power supply: 230 volt AC 50 Hz.
Power plug: Gst18 male/female
Power consumption: Max. 200 Watt
Control signal: DMX512. / 7 channels
DMX Connection: XLR 5 pole. DMX input // DMX Outout.
Positioning: Via DMX, 16 bit channel
Precision: Less than 1 mm
Lifting capacity: 10 kg
Lifting height: 10 meter, with the possibility of 15 meter
Lifting wire: 2 mm. Stainless, with 8mm. snaphook
Lifting speed: Variable via DMX, Min. 1cm/sek, Max 30cm/sek.
Mounting clamps: 50 mm halfcubler. Min 40mm - Max 60mm
Dimensions: H W L 32 * 22 * 30 cm.
Net weight: 4,5 kg

Please submit orders via email: or
Telephone: 86 18 14 20 / 40 52 20 88
Payment and delivery information can be found at
DMX WINCH 10 is equipped with fuse,
supply plugs with the possibility for
Daisy-chain connection,
plugs for DMX in/out
and switches for DMX addressing.
Jgergrdsgade 152, 05A
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Based in Aarhus, Denmark, Wahlberg is a creative company devoted to invention, design and production of specialized technical
solutions for theatres, art installations, promotion events and advertising.
We develop innovative solutions, often based on computer programmed devices, such as motors, winches, screens, carpets,
internet control systems, mechanical construction of sets, etc.
Among our customers worldwide are The new York Dance Company, The National Theater of Finland, The Royal Danish Theatre,
The Danish National Opera, Bud Blumenthal, Bang & Olufsen, House of Prince, Granhj Dance, Tin Box, La Fure Dels Baus, Roskilde
Festival, Bose Cooperation, Skanderborg Festival, Helsingborgs Stadsteater, Pressalit, The Place, Oldenburg Staatstheater,
Svalegangen, Dump Type and many more
Please visit or call +45 86 18 14 20 for further information on our projects and products.
DMX-controlled winch for stage use
Lifts with variable speed, accelerates and
decelerates, starts and stops in the wanted

Unique and robust for stage use

Full DMX-controlled position, speed and stop

Full control from the lighting desk
Full control
from the
lightning desk