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Uday Email : uday.dba3@gmail.

DB2 Database Administrator Cont No : + 91-8861433487

Have around 3 years 2 months of exerience in suorting and administering !"2 #!"
!atabases on $%&' (inux' )olaris and *indo+s latforms +ith good rocess ,no+ledge.
Work E!erien"e
Currently *or,ing as a System En#ineer in $E "angalore through E%&'S S()*
Ban#a+ore' since -anuary 2../.
%"0 ,erti-ied Database Administrator !"2 #niversal !atabase 1/.x for (inux' #N%& and
+indo+s. 23.. and 3.45

A"ademi" Detai+s
".6ech from -a+aharlal Nehru 6echnological #niversity.
Ski++s Summary
Databases . !"2 #!" 17.8 9:3' !"2 #!" 17.4 9ixac, /.
(!eratin# System . $%& 8.4' *indo+s 2; <2;3< &:' )#)E (inux' =HE(.
S"ri!ts . #N%& shell scriting.
Project Summary :
Company Project Designation Duration
GE GMI System Support
Engineer (DBA)
Sep 2009 Till Date
GE SCM Dataase A!ministrator "an 200# August 2009
0aintaining /emedy >ueue and resonding to user?s re>uests that comes as remedy
=ich exerience +ith DB2 UDB 9010 and 8020 'nsta++ations' ,on-i#urations and
Administration +ith strong database rogramming s,ills.
*or,ed heavily +ith data movement utilities li,e '23(/*4 %(AD4 and E53(/* under high
volume conditions.
6a,ing database Ba"ku!s and re"o6erin# the database from "ac,u images.
)cheduling database bac,us in Ba"ku! s"ri!ts using ,ron 7obs on $%&' (inux and
)cheduled -obs on +indo+s.
Exertise in creating 'nstan"es' !"2 databases' bu--er!oo+s4 *ab+es!a"es as er client
Exertise in generating data definition language using DB2%((8 command from existing
database and creating the same ob@ects in ne+ly created databases.
*or,ed heavily on !atabase restores including /edire"ted restores +ithin roduction'
stage and develoment environment as er user re>uest.
#sed /U9S*A*S4 /E(/$,:8 and /E(/$ to enhance alication erformance.
=aise 32/ and interacting +ith 'B2 su!!ort team to resolve various database issues.
0onitoring Dai+y and Week+y $uto system @obs and ta,es reventive measures against
:art of Alobal UDB DBA team to rovide 2Bx3 suort using follo+CtheCsun suort.
%nstalled DB2 &901 and $lied )i !a"k 3 on (inux and $%& environments.
)D( 6uning using db2ad6isor and db2e!+ain tools.
!atabase erformance tuning by configuring database and instan"e 3arameters0
(n+ine and (--+ine ba"ku! of database and table sace level bac,u and restore.
!atabase caacity lanning and management li,e tab+es!a"e si;e estimation
2a<or Assi#nments
10 $2'
6itle : )ystem )uort Engineer 2!"$5
Environment : !"2 #!" 17.8 9:3' !"2 17.4 9: /.
6eam )iEe : B
Ferating )ystem : $%& 8.4
(ocation : "angalore
!uration : )etember 2..7 G 6ill date.
A0% +as founded in 4777 +ith one goal in mind that +as ma,e it easier' faster and cheaer for
mar,et research rofessionals to conduct global research. *ith global consumer and secialty
anels in over 2.. countries and territories and a +ide range of technologyCenabled mar,et research
services' A0% is the artner of choice for mar,et research any+here in the +orld. *ith talented
rofessionals in the $mericas' E0E$ and $siaC:acific' A0% serves many of the largest and most
successful enterrises and mar,et research firms in the +orld.
/o+es and /es!onsibi+ities
=esolved !"2 !"$ issues in the =emedy 6ic,eting )ystem based on the riority.
*or,ed on !ata movement utilities for exorting and imorting data from database tables to
flat files and flat files to database tables.
Created bufferools and 6ablesaces for a database. $nd also altered the tablesace
containers for increasing the tablesace siEe.
$utomated the "ac,us 2Fffline5' =eorg' =unstats' )ace monitoring' moving the
db2diag.logs and etcH
:reared scrits to automate bac,u and monitoring database activities.
%nstall' #grade' Configure and manage over 1/.2 E)E instances in (inux and $%&
%nvolved +ith the develoment team' and resolving roblems related to the database
rivileges' etc.
$dministration of more than 3. !"2 #!" database servers on $%&' (inux and )olaris.
0onitoring >uery erformance by using db2 advisor and exlain lan.
#sed =#N)6$6)' =EF=ACH; and =EF=A to enhance alication erformance.
=esolution of user >ueries: =esolution for the user >ueries for all above tas,s and alication
errors +hich are affected due to database level issues in day to day basis.
:reared scrits for moving db2 diag.logs and notification logs from server location to
mounted sna file systems.
2a<or Assi#nments
20 S,2
6itle : !"$
Environment : !"2 #!" 1/.x
6eam )iEe : 3
Ferating )ystem : =ed Hat (inux' )#)E (inux.
(ocation : "angalore
!uration : -anuary 2../ G $ugust 2..7
E6: )uly Chain is the online retail suly chain bac,bone of the E6: 1& enterrise solution. E6:
)uly Chain is a multiCcomany' multiCcurrency' and multiClingual sulyC chain solution. 6he
solution ta,es care of very secific retail industry re>uirements. )C0 is being designed I develoed
+ith )ervice Friented $rchitecture.
/o+es and /es!onsibi+ities
:rovide )econd (evel database suort for #!" environment.
:art of Alobal #!" !"$ team to rovide 2Bx3 suort using follo+CtheCsun suort.
Ne+ %nstance creation:
Create instance according to user re>uest li,eJ F(6:<mixed. %t mainly
includes tas,s' dis, grou creation' user id creation follo+ed by setting u
the environmental values' !"0 arameters.
!atabase creation:
Creation of database as er the user re>uest 2roduction<develoment5
includes tas,sJ creating file system' tablesace' setting u the !"
arameters' db catalog' user grou creation.
6uning of database and instance level configuration arameters.
!aily and +ee,ly database 0aintenance activities such as bac,u 'runstats'reorg and all
related activities for F(6: database
6uning for better erformance of database and alication.
Aood +or, exerience on Exort<%mort<(oad.
Chec,ing !" erformance bottlenec,s and fixing the same.
=aise :0= and interacting +ith %"0 suort team to resolve various database issues
0onitoring daily and +ee,ly $utosys @obs and ta,es reventive measures against failures.
Caacity lanning.
*or,ing +ith user grou for any alication change or maintenance or release.