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English Test - 8th form - level 4

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Read the letter very carefully.
16 Satara Street,
New Zealand
Dear Filipa,
Let me tell you a bit about myself !"m 1# and ! li$e in the %apital %ity of New Zealand ! ha$e
got long dar& hair, green eyes and !"m about 16' m tall ! li$e with my parents (my father is a
lawyer and my mother used to be a tea%her) and !"m an only %hild !"$e got * %ats and * fish (! want
a dog too+)
! lo$e listening to musi% (,hristina -guilera, .ritney Spears/) -t wee&ends ! usually go to
the %inema, go shopping, see my friends and go to parties ! lo$e films with lots of a%tion, li&e
those by Ste$en Spielberg .ut ! also li&e Walt Disney and s%ien%e0fi%tion films ! usually go to the
%inema on Saturdays after dinner 1hat"s when ! meet my friends -fter that we go to a friend"s
%af2 whi%h is by the bea%h and whi%h is $ery ni%e Sometimes we stay there tal&ing for hours
! also play a lot of sports ! play %ri%&et for my s%hool ! lo$e sailing,
swimming and playing tennis ! go to a pri$ate all girls" s%hool, %alled 3ueen
4argaret ,ollege 4y fa$ourite sub5e%ts are -rt, 6istory, 7nglish and
8eography 4y fa$ourite food is %ho%olate+
!"m sending you a photo of me sailing at our bea%h house this
Well, !"$e written heaps, so !"d better stop ! hope you %an understand
it all (how good is your 7nglish9)
:lease write and tell me more about yourself Send a photo, too+
!t"s great to ha$e you as my pen friend
Lots of lo$e from,
. !atch the "ord on the left "ith its antonym on the right.
1 long a) seldom, rarely
* lo$e b) state, publi%
; usually %) hate, %an"t stand
< pri$ate d) awful, terrible
# great e) short
#. ns"er the follo"ing $uestions "ith com%lete ans"ers.
1 What is -nn li&e9
* Who does she li$e with9
; What does she do in her free time9
< Why does she li&e going to her friend"s %af29
# What &ind of s%hool does -nn attend9
6 !s her fa$ourite food fruit %a&e9 =ustify your answer
. Identify the hobbies& activities or s%orts.
1 * ; <
# 6 > ?
#. Com%lete "ith the 'im%le (resent of the verbs given.
@@@@@@@ (start) his day early in the morning 6e
@@@@@@@ (wa&e up) t >;' am and he
@@@@@@@@ (ha$e) his brea&fast 6e usually
@@@@@@@ (%hoose) %ho%olate mil& and toast for
@@@@@@@ (ta&e) the bus to go to s%hool ,lasses
@@@@@@@ (begin) at A'' 6e always
@@@@@@@ (go) to the s%hool %anteen for lun%h at 1*;' 6is fa$ourite lessons
@@@@@@@ (be) S%ien%e
and ,hemistry but he
@@@@@@@ (not B li&e) Fren%h so mu%h be%ause he
@@@@@@@ (thin&) it"s
6e sometimes
@@@@@@@ (wat%h) 1C before he
@@@@@@@ (ha$e) a shower, or he sometimes
@@@@@@@ (do) his homewor& :eter usually
@@@@@@@ (read) a bit until he
@@@@@@@ (fall) asleep
C. Com%lete "ith the correct verb tense: 'im%le (resent or (resent Continuous)
1 1he bus @@@@@@@@@@ (lea$e) for London at > am and @@@@@@@@@@ (return) at 1*<# pm
* =ames usually @@@@@@@@@@ (wear) 5eans and t0shirts, but while he @@@@@@@@@@ (wor&) for the ban&
now, he @@@@@@@@@@ (wear) a suit and a tie
; =enny often @@@@@@@@@@ (%y%le) to s%hool, but today she @@@@@@@@@@ (ta&e) the bus be%ause it
@@@@@@@@ (rain)
< What @@@@@@@@@@ (they B do) now9
# When Sally @@@@@@@@@@ (%ome) home in the e$ening, she @@@@@@@@@@ (ha$e) dinner and then she
@@@@@@@@@@ (wat%h) 1C
6 What @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (your fatherBdo) for a li$ing9 6e @@@@@@@@@@ (be) engineer
> @@@@@@@@ :aul often @@@@@@@@@@ (go) to musi% %on%erts9
*. (ut the verbs in the 'im%le (ast+
Last year !
@@@@@@@@@@ (go) to !reland on holiday !t
@@@@@@@@@@ (be) great !
(tra$el) around by %ar with two friends and we
@@@@@@@@@@ ($isit) lots of interesting pla%es !n the
e$enings we
@@@@@@@@@@ (not B go) out mu%h Dur hotel
@@@@@@@@@@ (ha$e) a ni%e pub
Dne night we e$en
@@@@@@@@@@ (try) some !rish dan%es We
@@@@@@@@@@ (be) $ery
lu%&y be%ause it
@@@@@@@@@@ (not B rain) a lot and the weather
@@@@@@@@@@ (not B be) too %old
E. Re"rite the sentences in the negative and interrogative forms in the 'im%le %ast+
1 1om dro$e a rented %ar in !reland
* 1hey were at home last night
; :eter and Ke$in studied Fren%h and maths yesterday
-rite a small te.t on it /80 to 10 "ords2.
3ili%a is nn4s %en friend. nd you) *o you have any %en friend)
Imagine you are nn4s %en friend as "ell and "rite her a letter tal5ing about yourself. *on4t
forget to mention:
personal information
physi%al des%ription
free time a%ti$ities
fa$ourite s%hool sub5e%ts
8ood wor&+
Eour tea%her,
Alexandra Soucasaux