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place in the month ruled by the planet concerned. The Ascendant ruling at the time of intercourse can also become cause of miscarriage. If Saturn and Mars be in the said Ascendant, or the Moon be in a House of Mars, or Saturn, the results mentioned will come to pass.

34. Comfortable Carrying. Should the Adhana Ascendant be occupied by Moon, or should there be benefics in the 5 th , 9 th , 7 th , 2 nd , 10 th , 4 th and malefics relegated to 3 rd and 11 th aspected by the Sun, the carrying female is safe.

35-41. Adversities to the Pregnant Woman. If at the time of Adhana the Sun and the Moon are hemmed between two malefics, while the Ascendant has no benefic aspect, the female concerned dies. The same effect prevails, if the said Ascendant and the 7 th are occupied by malefics and be without benefic aspect, or, if the said Ascendant is occupied by Saturn and weak Moon aspected by Mars. Again similar effects shall come to pass, if weak Moon and the Sun are in 12 th , Mars in 4 th , while Venus is between two malefics. Both the child in the womb and its mother leave this world, if malefics occupy the 4 th from the said Ascendant, or from the Moon, while Mars is in the 7 th , or Lagna. The same result follows, if Mars is in 4 th , Sun in 12 th and the Moon be decreasing and be with malefic aspect. If the Sun is in Lagna, while the Moon is weak, or, if Mars is in Lagna, while malefics are in 12 th and 2 nd without benefics' aspect, death occurs of the mother along with child. The Sun in the 7 th at Adhana, while Mars is in Lagna, takes away the child along with its mother through instruments.

42-43. Progress of Pregnancy. Should there be aspects from Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or the Sun to the Lagna, the process of pregnancy goes on well. The embryo develops according to the state of the Lords of various months (in transit). In the third month the pregnant woman develops tastes to eat various things according to the disposition of the various monthly Lords and Lagna Lord and the Yogas caused to them.

44-45. Time of Delivery. If at the time of Nisheka (i.e. Adhana) the Sun is in a Movable Sign, delivery takes place in the 10 th month, if he is in a Fixed Sign, delivery in 11 th month is indicated and in a Dual