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May 11, 2014

Faithbuilders (E. Hall)
OK Corral (N. Room)

9:00 Sanctuary Worship
Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)
Salt, Adult Class (N. Room)
Youth Bells: 8:45 (Bell Room)
Youth Choir: 9:20 (Choir Room)

10:30 Watermark Worship
Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)
Youth Classes: (N. Forum)
Pathnders, Adult Class (N. Room)
High Flight, Adult Class (E. Hall)
CoreFit & More Tu & Th, 4:30 p ..............
Mens Bible Study Wednesday, 6:30 a ..........
*Womens Bible Study Wednesday, 7:00 p ....
Adult Choir Wednesday, 7:00 p .....................
Womens Bible Study Thursday, 6:45 a .....
Mens Bible Study Thursday, 7:00 a ..........
Roots (Young Adults) Thursday, 7:00 p ....
Womens Bible Study Friday, 9:30 a .....
KP Prayer Group Saturday, 6:30 a ...........
CrossFit ...........................
Chain Gang (Craft) 2
Monday 10 a .......
Reap What You Sew 2
& 4
Wed. 9 a .....
* on break
Regularly Scheduled Programs
Majesty - arr. Raney
Jean Spanko, piano Marion Hostetler, organ

Brethren, We Have Met to Worship

Opening Hymn
Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven
(No. 3, vs. 1, 2 & 4)

Praise Songs

Morning Prayer

Call to Communion
Requiem - Gilkyson


Frank Shirvinski

Hymn of Commitment
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (No.1, vs. 4)

Kassidy Johns & Samuel Ingram
Frank Shirvinski
Lead Pastor
Nick Stavlund
Executive Pastor
Katy Statler
Ministry Director: Youth
Nicole Moran
Preschool Director
Jenny Statler
Ministry Assistant: Crosst
Matt Vlahovich
Pastor: Watermark
Dr. Marion Hostetler
Minister, Music Sanctuary
Mary Cartwright
Minister, Pastoral Care
Dr. Larry Hostetler
Founding Minister
Sara Perrine
Minister, Missional Groups
Sharon Hostetler
Min. Director: Connections & Events
Stacy Shirvinski
Executive Director: Community
Impact, Families and Children
Helpful Info
Communion/Lords Supper
All followers of Christ are welcome to
participate in our Service of
Communion. If you have prepared
yourself for this very special moment
with our Savior, you are invited to His
table. (1 Corinthians 11:23-30) Please
take the emblems as they are passed
and partake when you are ready.
Some prefer to take it before passing
it along.

In all of our services, a special time
for giving is set aside. Participation is
an act of worship and voluntary.

We have a friendly, well-sta!ed and
impeccably clean nursery located on
the north side of the narthex. Please
see an usher for directions.
Prayer: Linda Brady, Elaine Carlson,
Wilfred Cross, Irv Ekelund, Paul Streich # 6451 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480-991-9878

5/14 7:00 p Jr. High Game Night E. Hall ..... .. ....
5/18 9:00 a Youth Group Class Forum ..... .. .......
5/19 6:30 p Haiti Mission Mtg Conf. Rm ..... .. ....
5/21 7:00 p Youth Year-End Party TBD ..... .. ......
5/27-31 Jr. High Camp UCYC ............ ..............
6/23-27 Kids Camp 456 UCYC ............ ............
7/7-11 9:00 a VBS Campus . .. ...........................
Join a small group
and nd YOUR
Register for
Camps now!
Kids camp for current 3rd-5th
graders will be June 23-27. Only
two spots left! Cost is $285. Please
contact Stacy or go online to the
events page to register.
Jr. High - May 27-31 (current 6th
and 7th graders) and Sr. High -
July 12-16 (current 8th-12th graders)
with both groups going to UCYC.
#Total cost is $311 per student. #If
you have any questions, comments,
concerns, or awesome super hero/
villain name suggestions, please let
Katy know.
The book orders are in.
Pick up yours in the narthex today!
Here are some
items we have:
Eyeglasses/sunglasses/eyeglass cases
Clothing: jackets, sweaters, hoodies,
shirts, sweat pants, shorts, belts,
scarves, hats, gloves, mittens
Cups/mugs/water bottles
Curling iron
Baby blanket/toys
Ceramic serving bowl
Camera lens case
Pocket mirror
May 18th the
youth group
will have
classes from
9-10 a.m.
in the Forum and will attend
Watermark either with the youth
or their families at 10:30. In the
fall, teen choir will meet during
the 10:30 a.m. hour.#
VBS Coming July 7-11th!!
We are in need of
lots of volunteers
for this AWESOME
week! See Stacy
to nd out more!
Registration will
begin soon!
Haiti Informational Meeting
Monday, May 19, 6:30 p.m. in the
Conference Room

Those planning or considering joining
us for our trip October 19-25, please
plan to attend this informative
meeting. This will prepare each
participant with information about
schedules, financing, and what
to expect on a mission trip to
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.
Thank you
to Larry &
Hostetler for
the many
years of
service to Chaparral and its
people. For the next two weeks
our Fill-More piggy bank will
be available for you to make a
contribution to Larry and
Marion. Please be sure to wish
them well and thank them for
their dedication to Chaparral.
Graduate Sunday
is May 25th.
Please let Katy
Statler or the
Front ofce know
of any graduates
from H.S., college or graduate
programs by next Sunday the 18th.